The Nile belongs to Ethiopia too (Maaza Mengiste)


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11 Responses

  1. Gezaee says:

    The Nile belong to us too? wrong statement. The Nile is ours. No if, but ours. No need to seek permission from anyone. Neither woyane nor Egypt has right to tell us what belongs to us. We know what belongs to us. We will make sure Egypt pays for every cup of water when when expires.

    • Meron says:

      There is a saying in Tigrigna “Gurasya Frqi Hayli”. Is this what you have been currently doing? Azer Qozer!

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      @Gezaee if it wasn’t for WOYANE you wouldn’t have even spoken of ABAY at all, it wouldn’t’ve crossed your mind. Don’t pretend like you came up with the idea of the Dam. Why don’t you face it WOYANE did what many Ethiopians failed to do. Their Goal was clear ever since they started the armed struggle to the Day they Launched the GERD. ”The unthikable the impossible the no no way”…. I heard so many people say before MELES said we can do it. See the Quality of Woyane is not that it can do better things for this poor nation but its that it can do Extraordinary things that no one saw coming. This is what i call Beautiful leadership. Rest of you people stuck between hate and Love for Ethiopia, there is absolutely nothing you can do now. You can’t stop us now!!

    • ET says:

      @ Gezaee
      I don’t understand you? what is the point that you want to make? who are you referring by us and ours, you know what, you don’t represent any one but yourself so pleas stop writing in 3rd person. Egyptian have a mouth to feed too okay Mr Ethiopia is asking for fare share as per international law. In case you don’t know trimmest are not welcomed here in Awramba am sure you will be welcomed on ESAT and ER so head your way there.

    • ET says:

      @ Gezaee
      I don’t understand you? what is the point that you want to make? who are you referring by us and ours, you know what, you don’t represent any one but yourself so pleas stop writing in 3rd person. Egyptian have a mouth to feed too okay Mr Ethiopia is asking for fare share as per international law. In case you don’t know extremist are not welcomed here in Awramba am sure you will be welcomed on ESAT and ER so head your way there.

    • teshome says:

      @Gezaee aka Mr. know it all.
      It looks you are the most unfamiliar person about Nile politics and international laws. I advice you, this is not your territory, I am afraid every every comments of your on Nile will get fracture by combining ignorance and arrogance.
      Please why are you wasting billions of brain cells in non productive politics. We were blaming Egyptians, for having a backward thinking (thinking of 20 century), you are here the same having a similar thinking but a different positions.
      Would you please say no for living in a blissful ignorance and open your eyes and understand facts on Nile.

  2. Yoni says:

    Eritreans fought to make sure red sea belongs to only them and Egyptians fought to make sure Sinai desert and Suez canal belongs to only them. where as our insane woyanes are inviting Egyptians to be 50% stakeholders of our rivers?!! Shame on woyane

  3. Gezaee says:

    Mahlet; I understand in your eyes, woyane is what you said. But not in the eyes of other Ethiopians. you can not talk on behalf people. You remember 2005? That is the feeling of Ethiopians to woyane if you think right. Woyanes is not loved in Ethiopia. Woyanes rules Ethiopia by gun not by ballot. You can preach your whatever to your felas woyanes, not to me. Look at least all the antiwoyane websites across the globe. There is no website that is fond of woyane except Tigraionline and Aiga website. If you are rational person you would ask why? Why are Ethiopians against woyane but ruled by gun by woyane for this long? It is the gun. You must know the gun will last for sometimes, it will not keep you in Arat kilo forever.

    What is the point of talking about Abay if you are selling it? It is better not touch it than selling it killing generations unborn. I must tell you woyanes leaders evil and selfish. They are killing people animals.Did you hear the 12 people got murdered in Tigrai and buried without being known who they are ?

    It is all woyane dedebit style. I can tell you 100 times and your will never listen. Ethiopians second citizens in their country. Woyanes sell and does everything. Woyane is sodomizing Ethiopia. Woyane is the agent of Sodom. Woyane and Shabia dragged Ethiopia backward by 30 years serving agent of Egypt. And woyane and Shabia destroyed Ethiopia youth and Eritrean youth just for serving Egypt. Do you know how many lives perished in the 17 and 30 years war? Millions? the destruction they caused? if you do statistical analysis, what woyane destroyed 99% than what woyane contributed. But never mind indulge in your woyane world. You will only understand when the time arrives like the day of Gaddaffi. Never mind, everything has time; that day will come sooner or later. It is the law of nature change will come. Neither woyane nor you can stop change. Nature is dynamic and you can control it. It is a matter of time. People feel invincible but when that day comes, it will come and all the invincibility will dash away into a thin air. It is a matter of time. I hardly understand why guys even claim you are Ethiopia while your track record shows you are actually the number one enemy of Ethiopia. Woyane is enemy number one than any enemy. The Ethiopia people enemy is woyane and Shabia.

    Ethiopians must put aside their differences and say enough is enough and unite and remove this government before it is too late. Otherwise, the country will be gone soon. Ethiopia, poor people at the mercy of Arabs will not have any power to get rid of Arabs leave alone after 100 years even after 10 years. They will establish themselves.

    My appeal to Ethiopian is that we need to unite and support an opposition that is home grown and free from foreign influence. That is the only way to salvage Ethiopia. Waiting for woyane is going to work and waiting for Dr. Berhanu is just waiting for another dictator who believe in blood-shedding. it is possible to remove this government by public disobedience without killing each other. We do not need American or Egyptian sponsorship. We can do it in our time and space and with our own people.

    Look the Egptian government telling the people their stand on the Nile. But woyane never respect or consider the people have a stake on the issue. It is time to say go away to woyane. Yeleboch sbsb. Dedeboch. There is no international law that say Ethiopian does not own the blue Nile. There is none. Most countries are selling their water. Woyane stop printing your fingers for us. genuine Ethiopia must wake up. I will form now a civil movement. I am done with woyane. Thank you.

  4. Gezaee says:

    Message to all Ethiopians:

    Woyanes are sick people in Ethiopia. They tell us there is international law to landlock eHIOPIA and now they are telling us there is international law against Ethiopia.

    I assure you Ethiopians there is no law that says Ethiopia does not own the blue nile. International law is the fabrication of woyane to deny Ethiopia its water resources. Woyane is an evil organisation that is committed against Ethiopia.

    There is no any law that forces Ethiopia not to touch or use the Nile. If there was international law , Ethiopia would not have been blocked for 100 years from damming the dam by Egypt or UK. There was no international law that came to rescue our dying people by mass starvation.

    Never listen to woyane; woyane knows no international law that says Ethiopia cannot use its waters.

    Besides, woyane is wasting money building one big dam only for power generation. The Dam could have been built as multipurpose dam. This dam could have been used for power generation, irrigation, drinking, Aquaculture ( fish farm), for growing commercial fertilizer weeds and for recreation. Now it wasting a lot of money only to use it for one purpose.

    Ethiopian must stop giving fund until woyane stops any deal with Egypt.

    Woyane formed a panel of scientist and Egypt did not accept the findings. As it is read from Cairo University policy draft handed to Morsi. Egyptians wanted to use stop the dam and at the same time and wanted to make sure woyane will sign an agreement that will limit Ethiopia from using the Nile. In short Egypt wants Ethiopia to sign the 1929 and 1959 agreement because it did not sign. Woyane will not hesitate from signing the 1929 and 1959 agreement between the colony and colonizer. This is what Egyptian wanted.

    We Ethiopians must demand woyane to stop the dam than to sign another EEBC agreement. We do not want woyane to build anything for Ethiopia. Woyane win win theory is lose lose theory. Losing winning in woyanes world. you can discuss or convince woyane by saying wrong to woyane. Woyane is always right. Ethiopians are second citizens. you can see the woyane foreign minister telling us we sink together with Egypt. He is scared of Egypt. While international opinion is favouring Ethiopia and instead of exploiting international trends, woyane wants to make an Egyptian colony. Down to woyane bandas.

    • samuel d says:

      You are a true patriot for your country.
      political activities are first of all
      objects of thought. continue in like that…….

  5. Tazabi says:

    Dear Gezaee!

    I kind of understand your frustration with woyanes. I don’t seem to be help you with your problem either because I am not familiar with their selection process. You sound like a man whose membership application has been rejected for a reason that doesn’t make sense to him. I would be pissed too. Meron and Mahlet were considering helping you so your application can be reconsidered. But you keep making the same mistake repeatedly by pissing them off.
    Chill out a little bit,

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