President Obama nominates Patricia M. Haslach as a new U.S. ambassador to Ethiopia


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12 Responses

  1. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Thank you Mr Yamamoto for telling the world what great man Meles Zenawi was. Aside from the things you said there is narrowing political opportunity for opposition because I don’t believe a word of it. There is all the opportunities in the world for opposition if they could utilize it positively. And there are many good oppositions that are helping the democratization process working from within the parliament. But my question is, how is any Government supposed to work with blood sucking oppositions that only want the destruction of their own country??
    Where is the good in that, we all know what happened when disgraceful KINIJIT was allowed to run its hate propaganda out in the open. Public property got destroyed, people died and most of all the very purpose of democracy and election got skewed by the blood sucking Kinijit leaders. Now, why would we want that to happen again. I say our government is doing the right thing by involving peace loving and patriotic opposition and avoiding destructive and disgraceful opposition who prefer to work with other countries for the destruction of their own country. And we all know who they are.

  2. teshome says:

    We have been hearing such similar thing for the last two decayed and will be continuing to hear for the next three decayed. But It didn’t, it isn’t and it won’t change the dynamics of EPRDF politics.
    It is totally a hypocrisy, to discuss about Ethiopia while thousands and thousands of innocent people dying in Syria as we speak.
    How a sensible person ever think to bring political solution in Ethiopia in meeting which completely excludes the Ethiopian government officials and political partners.
    We will see if any political change will come from Americans to Ethiopian people…
    It seems that the American government had a conflict of interest in Ethiopian politics….Let the government itself first solve its problem before barking in Ethiopia.
    By the way Americans didn’t understand they are mushrooming terrorists in its own land. It is completely disheartening for Ethiopians to see Berhanu Nega aka Ramirez Sanchez of Ethiopia as partner for the solution of Ethiopian politics. The Americans distorted vision for bright Ethiopia starts from there…

    …I would say this to the participants of the hearing, why are you wasting billions of brains cells on speculation of Ethiopian politics, while Ethiopia is getting better and better every day.
    Remember, You were telling the death of Meles Zenawi could create a political vacuum in the Ethiopia and EPRDF party?
    We didn’t see an ounce of your political speculation happening in Ethiopia for a single second. Thank you political engineer of EPRDF, Ethiopia keeps on moving as one of the powerful country in ESAT Africa. Soon or later Ethiopia will the Tiger of Africa
    And now you came with a different song and Melodie, Ethiopian government is becoming more and more repressive and you demand our government to widen the political space. The answer is emphatic no, SIMPLY BECAUSE THE QUESTION COMES FROM NON ETHIOPIANS WHO ARE NOT STICK HOLDERS IN ETHIOPIAN POLITICS. PERIOD

  3. Mario says:

    These state department don’t what they are talking about at all! They only recognized a small portion of the success of the EPRDFites! Mostly, they are promoting the agendas of hate mongers & Ethiopia’s enemies,…! The information that they are talking about is based on individuals who are just hate mongers , former Dergists, & power greedy bunches! We heard the congress lady saying that she heard Ethiopian concerned about freedom consistently , but she doesn’t know who these individuals are! These individuals are entities holding Ethiopian community as a hostage for their evil political purpose….! From my understanding , I didn’t hear anything substantiated argument in their testimony!

    Nevertheless ,all in all they didn’t understand that democratic principles are flourishing in Ethiopia slowly , but surely!

    They are not concerned about Ethiopia , but china! We have lived long to know what the tricks are!

    This is not the first time that the State department accused Ethiopia in false basis , with help of informations collected from hate mongers & greedy bunches!

    The core & most important point to discuss here was, there is no viable opposition! The so called opposition we have is, remnants of Dergists & individuals who think Ethiopia if it is their own back yard garden!

    Finally, it is very sad that an institution as big as the state department is talking a nonsense!

    No one is going to stop the Ethiopian renaissance!
    There shouldn’t be any freedom for hate mongers & greedy bunches whatsoever!

    God bless Ethiopia !

    • sayint says:

      Cool down dude! Our present rulers are another derg for us-a derg replaced another derg! No difference-in fact far worst in a sense it is a minority junta sucking our blood through effort, its military apparatus, and the civil service…you have to be shame-we are tired of Tigray first policy! If the land need to be a land of peace and prosperity, there should be a genuine share of political power and economic benefit! No tigray first policy any more!

      • idris says:

        do not be narrow minded and are praising derg and condomning this government because it is minority. Who is leading the country? You do not belive that it is HE HD from the south. Each region is administering itself. If you are talking about Tigray, there are only two at minister level. can you compare this with derg? we remember 100% ministers were from one locality during the derge. we were used to call them ‘GOGO’
        But i am simply talking for nothing. you could be a beneficiary of the TYRANT DERG. You are hoping for a similar regime from fool verhanu.
        Continue dreaming! you will see it after your death! kkkkkkkkk….

  4. Mario says:


    You can’t mention if Ethiopia had anything better in the prewoyane times! Woyane is the best Ethiopia had to remove the butcher Derg, woyane has brought an all out development, woyane has brought security …! You just talking based on hate & you have seen it that hate will never get you anything in anyway ! We & everybody know that Ethiopia Ethiopia is better than ever!

    Anyways , if you are Ethiopian then you have no proof if you have anything better than woyane ,therefore to summarize in my own language ያንተ ነገር ኣህያ የሌለው በቅሎ ይንቃል ነው!

    If you are one if these anti Ethiopia , then you have nothing to proof whatsoever! You know the stick of woyane!

  5. galaxy says:

    what do the Americans need from Ethiopia?
    What do egyptians need from Ethiopia?
    Why both America, egypt and shabeya are supporting berhanu?
    Is it because they are so worried about the development and well being of Ethiopians?
    no no no …, not at all!
    Each of them have they own agendas
    -america needs to prevent both Ethiopia and Africa from collaborating with china. so, they need to use ‘human right’ as a pressurizing chip
    -egypt wants to keep Ethiopia busy on its internal affairs, they have officially told us they need to interfer into Ethiopia’s internal affairs
    -shabeya’s interest is obvious.

    so Ethiopians will not be intrapped into their trips.

  6. ssmuel ddd says:

    I do not trust the U.S. foreign policy.for example: Through the U.S. Congress held a law that will bring them to trial Tribunal teachers institutions that dare to criticize Israeli policies. America is still – well, very free country, they say, was 200 years ago, but remembered to this day.

    2)it really is:

    “American” party of the humanitarian mission “in Uganda, seized on the spot with arms and ammunition.” – Even under the Geneva Convention on prisoners of war, civilian with a weapon in your hands – it’s shot on the spot, and that the Americans – only charged with terrorism:

    In the Congo arrested 30 foreign nationals, including U.S. citizens. They were charged with organizing the coup government. All citizens, allegedly, employees of private security agencies – now a fashion among Western intelligence services who actually have a staff consisting only of persons of Jewish nationality approriate countries.стм

  7. teklay says:

    Too bad that the just leaked Berhanu’s secret plan for an act of terrorism in Ethiopia has just shot down his hope and prophecy that civil war was unfolding in Ethiopia. It won’t be too long before the US government knows who this guy is up to.

  8. Gezaee says:

    I believe woyane has to be removed due to the fact it is anti Ethiopia entity. We hoped woyane will transform and become wise government. However, woyane is as wicked as derg. Woyane does not respect Ethiopians, and it is selling the country in broad-day light. Woyane is an illegitimate political entity that is raping Ethiopia. Ethiopians are oppressed, suppressed, repressed and considered as second citizens in their own country. Woyanes believe they are more Ethiopians than other Ethiopians and they downtrode Ethiopians. Ethiopians are second citizen. Their land is taken from them and sold for 100 years water, land hungry Arabs. As history shows, we know how Egypt and Sudan has become an Arab countries now. Nubians are under colonies. If there people who did not get freedom from colonization in Africa, it is the Nubians citizens who are forced to become Arab. Their culture destroyed, their religion destroyed and they are Arab while they are genuine ancient Ethiopians

    Woyane inviting Arabs into Ethiopia and removing Ethiopians from their land and giving it to Arabs. Ethiopia is the new Nubia now.

    As such Woyane has to be removed before it is too late to save Ethiopia. Woyane is danger. Besides Woyane is an aethiest that does not respect culture, religion, values, norms, social fibers. It is An Albian communist party in Ethiopia. It has to be removed.

    However, we do not want USA. It is USA, Egypt, and others who brought us Woyane to power. We have to liberate ourselves from Woyane without sponsorship from outside interest groups. Americans must mind their business and leave Ethiopian affaires for Ethiopians only. We do not need American state department to tell us what to do and what not to do. Ethiopia is as sovereign nation as USA. We do not care how much money USA has. Ethiopia is Ethiopia. USA is USA. The fact Americans hunt and kill people by accusing them as terrorists but it is stupid to be double sided and you foster terrorism against other nations.

    We know American governments care about no one but about America and American interest only. We know 100% this. Why the hell they think they can put their hands everywhere?

    We will remove woyane, but we can do it without America. Americans,stop interfering in our culture, in our homes affaires and in our business.

    We beg you to leave us alone; If you for human rights? why u do not go or dare to go to Somalia now? Somalia has been without government for 23 years now? Are the Somalians not human being? What is that you wanted Ethiopia so much? I think know why? There is business there? kkk, business? There is a huge, untapped telecommunication business that is much more than oil and gold anywhere. The second is there is huge and untapped banking business. Americans gapping for it like a fish gapping for oxgen when it is hypothermal. It is not about Ethiopia. It is about American interest. Get the fuck of out of my country USA? We do not need your charity. Just get the fuck of my country.

  9. w.yilma says:

    To me the motive of the hearing is to prepare a good condition for Egypt. I said this because politics in America is about money. You can by politics if you have money. If any one from the Congress or from the senate get money from Egypt they stand for her. Be aware Ethiopians don’t be misleading and sell your country for foreign interest.America has never on the side of Ethiopia in time of hardship and external aggression. The way the American politicians are behaving in dealing foreign relation is very arrogant and unacceptable. We are a proud people and if no respect from the other side reply with the same! Ethiopia should ignore them if they crossed the line, and keep a close relation with those countries who respect our dignity and national interest. I wonder when the American politician will stop to be a police of the world. Their arrogance un diplomatic approaches to deal with foreign country is a source of war in many places. We need their genuine cooperation in all fields, including democracy, good governance, human right etc, but we don’t want their interference in the internal affairs. Because their interference will be a source of war.
    The hearing the congress man organized is one sided.How could a congress man expect all sided and balanced information when he invites those who venomously opposing the current government. I as I know the congress man he is also a sworn opponent of the Ethiopian government. Ethiopia and other African countries have a friends now. No more america or world financial institutions to dominate African countries national and economic interest. Thanks to China, Russia, Brazil, India, Japan. They are cooperating with many African countries with out political preconditions. To bring political change is up to the peoples of that specific country.External players are always a problem, and are a source of conflict and peoples miseries. We have seen this in the present world.We live with it and we had experienced. Therefore, the American politicians please look your steps before you jump in to one country internal affairs.It is up to the Ethiopian people to change their government, not the radical,naive and ignorant Diaspora who never hesitate to sell their country for foreign power!.

  10. Mario says:

    Democracy,freedom,Amnesty,international river watches…some NGOs, HRW…. Are our modern colonialists who are there to control the world ! They all Dammed their rivers & lit their country like the night sky stars, but we can’t ! They all took their time to put on their pants properly, but they are trying to force Ethiopia to put its pants through its head!

    I hope this new Ambassador will create an opportunity for Ethiopia to fulfill its development goals! She seems a well experienced lady,but we have to see as we go whether America is trying to start war on china in Ethiopia or it will do the right thing to promote American interest while respecting Ethiopia’s sovereignity as a Nation!

    Ethiopia was on America’s & the greate Britain side for over a century, but done nothing to help Ethiopia! They even abandoned Ethiopia during the invasion of fascist Italy & gave a deaf ears to Ethiopia’s plea against colonialism ! China have done better than the west in general to help Ethiopia move forward!

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