Do we need the help of the Egyptians to bring freedom and democracy? (Girma Kassa)


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72 Responses

  1. eden says:

    አቶ ግርማ
    ይሄ ፉስቶ ብቻ እኮ አይደለም: ESATም ገንዘብ ዎስዳልለች…የምን ዳርዳር ነው

    • Aba M. says:

      The main problem here isn’t the fact that he is willing to work with the most ardent and historical enemy of our motherland Ethiopia, since he explicitly said he will work with devil to get hold of power so many times in the past. The real issue here is,
      1) It clearly shows that his organisation is evidently infiltrated, so no wonder why he has been shooting himself in the foot for the last five years. This also means trust is nearly impossible to establish and only the ‘fools and idiots’ will work for such a man as Susan rise put it eloquently.
      2) He has clearly been misinforming and lying to the public claiming ESAT is independent while it is being funded by the Muslim brotherhood. So instead of ESAT being the ‘eye and ear of the Ethiopian people’, it is now the ‘eye and ear of the Muslim brotherhood and Shabia’.
      3) He has been advocating for civil war in Ethiopia while he and his family live in comfort and luxury here in the US. It stinks a tiny bit of duplicity and hypocrisy to ask those in Ethiopia to do something you clearly isn’t willing to do. He sends his kids to private schools while he wants to send other people kids to war so he can get the power he desperately craves.
      4) Above all he claimed that he is funding and using the peaceful opposition in Ethiopia, which is now going to make their life difficult. This clearly is going to be the lasting implication of the secret tape’s revelation.

      In conclusion, the political landscape in Ethiopia has been brutalised and tortured by a generation of egotistical, know it all, deceivers, fraudsters and cheats in all camps. So it is time for these none achiever generation to evacuate the political scene with their poison chalets, to the young generation. The young generation should also be forceful in its conviction to force the dead weight generation out of Ethiopian politics as their achievement is something to be embarrassed about. From overseeing the greatest loss of human life throughout the history of human beings due to famine, to ethnic polarisation and deep seated hatred etc… These are the legacy the dead generation is passing to the young generation. We should say, we are ashamed and embarrassed of you and now it is our turn to overturn and reverse your shameful legacy so we can pass, a prosperous, democratic and just Ethiopia to our kids.

      God bless Ethiopia!

      • marta says:

        Comletly true, we the people of Ethiopia cry out for peace. War has no place in Ethiopia,we had enough it for the past 3 mellinum

    • teshome says:

      ወየዘሮ ኤደን አልሰማሽም እንዴ
      የአይጥ ምስክራዋ ድምቢጥ እንዲሉ …አቶ ግርማ እኮ እንዲህ አሉ
      “ESAT ከሽዓቢያ ይሁን ከግብጽ ዱዲ አልተቀበለም”

  2. Solomon says:

    Girma Kassa’s questioning title sounds like “Can a Condom save a woman from being rapped?” and the answer is simple hell NOOOO! A condom is a tool to rape the woman and Birhanu is the ugliest condom. In the mean time have a good read here

  3. Gezaee says:

    Answer to your question:

    We do not need any sponsorship. Those who need help from Egypt are those who have no idea what they are doing. Otherwise, it does not make sense. I do not even think they know what doing. They are after money and their objective to be leaders or power thirst only. Fools destroy their houses while the wise build it.

    We know Woyane and Shabia have been destroying Ethiopia. Dr. Berhanu Nega says he will collect from anyone as long as it helps him to achieve his dream to Arat Kilo. How is that the good Doctor does not know he has to pay for the money he takes. There is free money anywhere. He knows he has to pay it back. Woyane has to landlock Ethiopia to pay its debts to Egypt. Dr.Berhanu Nega use the same argument and he has to do what woyane has done? At least the woyanes were not PHD then. They only drive was to get rid of Amhara rule even at the expense of land-locking Ethiopia. Woyane preferred Egytians over Amhara rules and it went extra miles to sell Ethiopian body part to Egypt. But we know woyane and Shabia were Egyptian agents, rather agent for Ethiopian freedom. So the good Dr. now the brand new woyane. The only difference is he speak Guragignea, not Tigrignea. He must know we tired of woyanes be it Tigrean woyane or amhara woyanes or oromo woyanes. We are fed up of bands who devoid of reasons and empty headed citizens like woyane and Dr. Nega.

    The old woyane is still doing its dirty job. It is resettling Egptians in Ethiopia in the name of investment. Actually the Egpytians now has the best opportunity to dismantle Ethiopia from within together with Arab people liberation front( APLF), not TPLF. Woyane is uprooting Gambelans and Amhara and handing our land to Egptians. There is no any crime much worse than this. Woyane ,Shabia, Dr. Birhanu must be taken to court one day for national crime and treason. We do not want bandas anymore. We must not tolerate bands after now. If you can liberate yourself, you can not liberate me. Get lost woyane, Shabia, G7. I hate you all bandas, Telalkiwoch, leboch, lksksoch, gmatamoch, afer bilu, hodachu ykedede, denezoch, dedeboch. you all tell me the other is bad and you are good. I see all of evil who do not respect my country men and women except money. The APLF is destroying Ethiopia by importing immorality, wickedness,corruption ,… you are sleeping with the devils.

    • dubale says:

      Can u say anything without mentioning Woyane and TPLF? It seems woyane and TPLF are occupying much of your head…moron. Every time you say anything, u start with woyane/TPLF.In order to curse Birhanu, U start cursing TPLF. what a hypocrite!! By cursing TPLF here and there, you are trying to get attention by the extremist elements. No No this doesn’t work. In whatever condition, you are labeled as woyane because you are from ‘Tigray’. Swallow it:)

      • Gezaee says:

        Dubale, dub yargeh enji, ante duba ras, I do not care what people think or say. I say whatever I think is right.You can me anything you want as long as you enjoy it. There is nothing that can stick on me. Who cares what you are primitive Habesha says? Ethiopia is poor for good reasons; Ethiopia is not poor for no reason. It is poor because the people, the leaders, politicians are poor minded. TPLF the company of looters is looting not only money, but land and selling it to Egypt. At least Berhanu Nega is not selling land to Egypt now? It is woyane who paying money to Egytians and giving them land for free? who is more criminal than Dr. Berhanu? Is it woyane who is removing Gambelans from their land and give the land to Arabs from Suadi Arabia to Egypt for free? did you read what the Egyptians investors said recently? they said they wanted to be involved in Ethiopian politics? kkka, they said also woyanes gives them money for free? No country on this planet gives free money for foreign citizens leave alone the poor of the poorest Ethiopia? Even America does not give a single penny unless it knows it will get double of it. Woyane is inviting Egyptians and giving land for free. Money for free? duty free import and export? I have never heard of stupid regime like this in my life. Woyanes Kehadi Hagere sheyach. Ethiopians bashing everyone who they perceive is a Tigrignea speaker because of the wickedness ,betrayal of woyane. You are the cause of the problem. Arab people liberation front, not TPLF. Ethiopians are hating for your evil anti Ethiopian agenda. you have no respect for the people, for the land, for the culture. All you wanted is too loo the country with every foreigners. you are robbing the country together with Chinese, Arab, Indians, … how do you think 11 billion dollar is stolen from the poor country? Leboch, you have been using your ethnic as shield to cover your crime. you are full engaged in destroying the country by callobarating with foreigners. Ethiopians are second citizens in their own country? do you blame them?

        • dubale says:

          bla bla bla…..u never have any concrete evidences for your endless claims. These allegations we heard them again and time in the extremist medias. NOTHING NEW in here….anyways keep on crying, hypocrite. Be faithful for yourself first. what do u get from blind allegation. Donot be emotional like layman. Be genuine and logical. empty rehotric does serve anything

      • axumawe says:

        @HI DUBALE i agree with you but i know why he haets woyane,b/ he is an old EPRP & woyane removed his right testickl and he have no wife ,childrend or girl friend
        as you sow the topic is about b,nega but
        like sike baby he keeps craing about woyen
        the guy is creazy by the way.
        he even clames to be tegraway,komal!

    • Hermi says:

      @ Gezaee,

      Aboy Sebhat the renowned TPLF leader is in Egypt leading Ethiopian delegates for discussing the Dam and other seurity issues. I thought you might want to hear that!

      Have you bought the Abay Dam Bond yet?

      • Gezaee says:


        I know Sibhat will sell the dam like Asseb. Then he will tell us again, he will for Egypt ? anyone says anything to Egypt? we will fight them. I heard Aboy Sibhat wanted money from Egypt to build the dam because Woyane does not actually have any money to build the dam? Woyane now asking Egypt to take over the dam? This is the end of the story. There is no doubt woyane will ever do good to Ethiopia. It is one betrayal after another and ,,, never ending betrayal of woyane

        • dubale says:

          seriously you are EPRP?? I donot blame you then for any allegations you and rumors u bring in to here. Anyways for sure you have personal problemw ith Woyane..

      • Dechas says:

        @ these of you pro tplf!
        Let me ask you a simple question? I am not the memebre of both, but work for the Ethiopian government

        1. Who is the really enemy of Ethiopia and us? TPLF or Dr Birhanu?-who sold Asseb, is it Dr Bernahu? didn’t Carter strongly recommend to Meles to own at least Asab as he is going to lead majority and that is rule in the world, and he refused it
        2. Who made decision to separate Ertriea before holding discussion with us? is it TFPL or Ginbot 7?
        3. Who created a sudo war between Ethiopia and Ertirea, talking behind the shadow and able to eat over 70,000 people? is it meles or Birhanu?
        4. Who insulted Ethiopia and Ethiopians…telling the history of Ethiopia is 100 years–diluting our unique history?
        5. Who killed over 200 in day light in Addis, and jailed over 100,000 tortured, bited raped…Berekete/Meles/Samora or Birnahu?
        6. Who is rapping Gambela, Afar and Somalians right now, is it the solders of Bereket/Samora or Birhanu?
        7. Who is selling the teritory of our mother Ethiopia to sudan and the inside to India, Arab world and China? is it not tplf?
        8. Who is the mother of corruption? isn’t it the first lady of your dead man?
        9. Who opened all the doors for the looters who came from one area, and also speak one language to make them financial above all—-let us hungry, and let our country hungry…keep their money abroad—just go and read the recently rleased names—-so that you can see all are Sbhats family
        10. Is Sbhat really feel Ethiopia? Oh my God! For get that, never even discuss that. Otherwsie you are foolish.

        i have several questions for you.
        I know you can’t answer my questions, as you pro tplf are illogical, irrational, never believe in argumentation, never see distant things, only your current belly…hodamoch!

        i know you are blind to truth, and i know who you are.

        You will pass, even your crony passed, but Ethiopia will live for ever. I know i will pass too, but i will never leave a stupid history behind me!

        • Baitewar says:

          Good response Dechase!! The questions you have posted really provoke an emotion in any true lovers of Ethiopia. It is a matter of time that Ethiopians will rise up against such mediocre governance. We still have hope against such anti Ethiopian government sitting on the top of Ethiopian interest by nothing other than their guns.

    • marta says:

      It is saddening to see our politicians care more about power than what the Ethiopian farmers and poor people need, that is peace, peace not another bullet

  4. Mario says:

    ፀሃፊው በከት ስምኦንን ይወቅሳል? ለፀሃፊው ኣንድ ጥያቄ ኣለኝ፤ በረከት ስምኦን ካንተ በምን እንደሚያንስ በዝርዝር ብታስረዳኝ? እኔ እንደማውቀው ከሆነ በረከት ስምኦን ከኣብዮቱ መባቻ ጀምሮ ለኢትዮጵያ የቆመ ፅኑ ኢትዮጵያዊ እንደሆነ ነው። ኢህኣፓ ፈርሶ ሲበታተን ምንም ቢከፋ ባገራችን ይሻለናል ብለው እንደኔና እንደሌሎች ሆዳቸውን ወደው ኣገር ጥለው ካልኮበለሉ ታጋዮች በረከት ስምኦን ኣንዱ ነው።በዚህ መሰረት ግምቦት7 የጎበዙ ጋዜጠኛ የዳዊት ከበደ ስም እያጎደፈ ነው ብለህ እየከሰስክ ነው እኔም አንተ ሁሉን ነገር ትቶ ኣገሩን ማገልገል የመረጠውን የበረከት ስምኦን ስም እያጎደፍክ ነው እላሎህ!ፅሁፍህ የጋዜጠኞች መብት እንዲቆምልህ ከፈለግህ ኣንዱን እየተከላከልክ ኣንዱን ማጥቃት ኣያስፈልግህም ነበር።

    በኔ ኣስተያየት ዳዊት ከበደ ከኢትዮጵያ ጋዜጠኞች ሁሉ ተሽሎና ጠርቶ እንደወጣው ሁሉ በተቃዋሚዎች በኩልም እንዲሁ ከጥላቻ ነፃ የሆነና ሃቅ ሃቁን የሚነግረን እንፈልጋለን! የበረከት ስምኦንን ስም ለይቶ ለማጉደፍ የወሰድከው ጥረት ግን ከጥላቻ ኣልፎ ሌላ ትርጉም የለውም!
    የሽግግር ሸንጎ ምንትሴ የምትለው ነገርም ምንም ትርጉም የለውም! ያኮረፉ ያንድ ሰፈር ልጆች ተሰባስበው የተወሳሰበውን የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ሊወክሉ ኣይችሉም!
    በመጨረሻም ሰው የሚገመገመው በስራው ነው እንጂ በኣፉ በሚናገረው ወይም በውስጡ በሚያስበው ኣይደለም! በኔ እምነት እንዳሻዋ ሲሰሩና ሲፈርሱ እያየን፣እርስ በራሳቸው የማይተማመኑ፣ ኣንዴ ከወደቁ የማይነሱና እርስ በርሳቸው የማይዋደዱ ተቃዋሚዎች ሌት ተቀን እየሰሩ ላሉት ኢህኣዴጎችን የመውቀስ ሞራልም የላቸውም!
    ያም ሆነ ይህ ብቻ ሳንሻል የተሻልን እየመሰለን ብዙ ጊዜ እያባከን ነው! እናንተ ብትሻሉ ለራሳቹም፣ለኛም ላገራቹም ትሻላላቹ!ሳትሻሉ ብትቀሩ ለሁላችንም ይቀርብናል! ለኢትዮጵያ ምንም ነገር የላቹም! በ22 ዓመታት ጠንካራ ተቃዋሚ መኖር ነበረበት!እስካሁን ያየነው ለስልጣን እንጂ ለመስዋእት ዝግጁ የሆነ ተቃዋሚ ኣላየንም! ያም ሆነ ይህ ብቻ ብንሻል ይሻለናል!

    • Helen says:

      Shame on you again!
      I read and re-read the writer’s message he just mentioned the name of your Saint passingly and yet you exploded like volcano.

      Now it seemed to me you are a paid EPRDF planted here among us. You must be under investigation. I will pass your name to ብሄራዊ የሽግግር ም ክር ቤት፣ ኦሮሞ ክር ቤት፣ ኦሮሞ
      ዴሞክራሲአይዊ ግንባር፣ ሸንጎ፣ እንዲሁም በአቶ ኦባንግ ከሚመራዉ የኢትዮጵያ ሶሊዳሪቲ ንቅናቄ


      • axumawe says:

        @ hi helen i read yours & i read marios comments,as you say among as i blive you are like me in exile.
        leat me ask you this q ?how long is the Ethiopian revolution ? since 1966 Et,that means 39 years. am i wright ? yes.
        look around you the so colled phds,like this writer,brhanu nega,al mariam,dr goshu welde,and so on.this is the one side .
        look the other side all the true Ethiopian heros who gave there life & those who lead the country,who do you pick ? & why ? just answer it as true your selfe.
        i am not saing Eprdf is perfect but remember our country have 85 million people & 80% of them are pesants they live in the country side of Ethiopia.
        changing a feudal system is so hard,but i blive you are young, i hope you are not poisend yet, if not you well be no deffrent than the other phds mind set,ones a laier is all ways a laier trust me i hope you are not paing monthly payment for b negas morgage.
        any ways to speak what we think doesn’t mean we are woyane cadres or we get lom some like b is b/c we can see. we blive our eyes, not our ears like most of you diasporas,i love woyane b/c they are
        gold who have been tested with fair,
        non of those your leaders are tested.
        there is a say in Ethiopia
        “k matawkew melak ymtawkew citan yeshalal”so no matter who is her in your side i prefer breket smon,and all the EPRDFS, THEY AREWELL GROOMED & TRAINED BY THE INTELCTUAL LEADER OF MELES ZENAWE LONG LIVE EPRDF.

      • Mario says:

        Helen, you don’t know what you are talking about! What do you mean by”…you are planted among us….” Who are you first if all? Where do I exploded like volcano? Relax & discuss! I know you guys don’t accommodate different opinions! In your term democrat mean some one who thinks like you! Anyways , all you can do here is write your opinion!

        Thanks to Awrambatimes though! We used to have two extremes, the supporters & the useless oppositions web sights! Now we have A.T which can accommodate every Ethiopian!

        Helen, Take it easy! I’m not in your bed room!

        • Tagash says:


          Helen is a prototype toxic diaspora who a deep rooted fascists of the feudal type, die hard refuse of history. Imagine what this scumbags ‘atelawoch’ would do if for some freak accident mange to attain the unimaginable, grab the power. They incessantly shade crocodile tears and claim to be ardent advocates of democracy and freedom.

          Look, you have already been labeled a paid egent of TPLF/Woyanne, and has been referred to the “most powerful” diaspora opposition groups for you to be dealt with.

          Oh especially, you Dawit, I feel so sorry for, they’ll definitely try to make your life a living hale. Especially the fact you are of Tigean decent you’re a natural target for this scumbags. But Dawit, I know you wouldn’t and shouldn’t have an iota of doubt that you are doing the right thing. Stay put buddy! And we are 100% behind you.

          But It is unimaginable and mind boggling to think how this scumbags are able to terrorize the silent majority in this land of democracy and rule of law.

          I think we allowed it; we should fight back!!!!

          • Mario says:


            That’s how they are! They have no idea what they are doing, they are just lost at sea & don’t know what to do !

          • marta says:

            Let us not assassinate people for their opinions, have the ultimate respect and dialog in intellectual ways even if they differ in their poletical views,

    • Idris says:

      Girma’s focus is Berehanu and Berhanu’s bad did along with error-free Dawit in reporting this story. Of all this, you were out there to guard Bereket under the guise of Ethiopia.

      I think Helen is right.

      You are a paid agent of Dictator Bereket!

      Great observation Helen.

    • zulu says:

      Berket was given Ethiopia wenet by TPLF looters. In case you forgot since all TPLFites are retarded, Berket is an Eritrean. You do not have the moral athority to call Berket pure Ethiopia n. Maferia.

    • EthioZena says:

      You said there is NO strong opposition party but it suppose to be. are you kidding? didn’t you know that every time when strong party formed they end up in jail? The other thing is Bereket Simon is Eritrean by blood so what is he doing in Ethiopia? to take our money!!

      • Mario says:

        As far as I’m concerned Bereket is an Ethiopian born & brought up in Gonder & he has fought for Ethiopia since the Ethiopian revolution!

        As far as I know , Eritrea was sold to the fascist Italy by Ngus Minilik for just simple reason of weakening Tigrians! The blood you are talking about is a Tigrian blood sold with its land to the fascist Italy! Therefore, From my understanding , you simply hate Tigrian blood in general ! By the way, EthioZena, how do people acquire their citizenship in your term?

        • Menen says:

          About Eritrea and Emperor Minilik, you statement is to simplistic. It was a result of historical evolution.
          1) Long before emperor minilik, Italians have controlled the kola region.
          2) There was also the disastrous power transfer culture of Ethiopia.

          You sound a street politician defending Bereket to maintain the your full benefits.

          • Mario says:


            God back in history & read when Ngus minilik started to friendly with the Egyptians , Mahdists(dervish) & Italian colonialist & read all letters that Ngus minilik exchanged with all Ethiopia’s enemies at that time & you will understand that Ngus Minilik sold Half of the Tigrai Tigrigni to Fascist Italy !

            I have no benefit here at all, but I’m just telling the truth! The mistake that Ngus Minilik did is still bleeding Ethiopia! We can not deny our past so we can learn from it!

            Menen, for your knowledge , I’m not a politician at all! a politician is a citizen like Meles, Bereket Simon…Redwan Hussein , Hailemariam Desalegn ….& all the EPRDFites & except these corrupted officials who are working day in day out to extract their country from poverty!

            Meneniye,Don’t you think so?

    • Helen says:

      You need to discuss the undiscussable fact!

      • Mario says:


        What are your facts? Can you elaborate ? Nothing is undiscussable in this 21st century in anyway!

        • Helen says:

          You are a hired flag waver of Bereket!

          • Mario says:

            Helen, if you think so , be it! But I’m telling you the truth & all you can do is , swallow the truth! You can’t escape from the truth!

            You see! I asked you to elaborate your facts, but you came up with labeling me as flag waver & shit! That’s all you can do so far, labeling people who oppose you! Anyways, This is how it is going:you the Dogs are barking , but the camel had kept on its own way scoring consecutive developments as you can see it!

  5. Tadeos says:

    It is indeed a train crash for this most spineless , slimiest of politicians on the Ethiopian political spectrum. His desperation to achieve in the tiniest bit 5 years since bragging to overthrow the regime in Addis Ababa in 6 months has driven him to arse-lick Arabs. Berhanu is a troubled person who has come to the realisation that despite his academic prowess he is but worthless opponent.
    His Shabia alliance said all that could be said about the potential in Berhanu to sell the country down the river. He talks about not taking lecture from the likes of Bereket Simon whom he knows is just as reviled as despised as him as if that would be enough to respond to the legitimate concerns of millions of Ethiopians who would be concerned about his alleged links to the country’s regional rivals.
    Is the ruling party’s historica betrayal over Eritrea and Assab the bench mark for him to justify his subservience to Egyptian Jihadis who openly speak of a willingness to embrace slimy dissidents like him.
    Isn’t assuring the Ethiopian people the least Berhanu ought to do that his party will not under any circumstances whatsoever work with states whose declared intention to our country is to weaken and destroy it ????? Isn’t that the least any political party must do if they ever have any ambition of having a say in the life of our nation ? How can a political party or politician who wilfully cooperates or is unwilling to openly dissociate himself from any reports of receiving help from the enemy have the audacity to declare their intentions to rule over us ????
    Berhanu has been hitting a new low in his supposed political opposition to the EPRDF but now it is official that he has hit rock bottom.
    Time to spit out this butt licker of a pseudo Ethiopian. There should be no place in any aspect of Ethiopian life for bandas like him.

  6. Gezaee says:

    Woyane fooled the entire Tigreans population; Shabia fooled the entire Eritrean population to serve Egypt. Now Prof. Berhanu Nega wanted to fool the entire Ethiopian population to serve Egypt?

    It is mind boggling how Egypt has managed to control Ethiopians in the past 100 years. They studied carefully our weakness and exploited like oil and minerals to keep the Nile flowing for them.

    This means Arabs are so smart and controlled Ethiopian mind for 100 years and kept us busy killing each other? They evil and smart. Eritreans were told they were colonized? Ethiopia colonized them? This was engineered at an Islamic university in Cairo to keep Ethiopia bleeding and weeping, dying. And here our educated doctor scavenging scrap from the enemy of his people? you tell me you wanted to liberate me? u did not even liberate yourself leave alone to liberate me? Every banda became a liberator? what a joke, Shabia , woyane called themselves liberators? while the truth they are bandas and mercenaries who by their own foolishness who have been destroying their own country?

    Woyane = Shabia = G7 = … bands, band plus band + … = is banda of all time.

  7. ftwi says:

    Shameless Birhanu,
    what moral ground do you have to lecture us about democracy, human rights and development? the minimum standard in national politics is patriotism. You have to be firm on the core national interests of the country. How can you tell me that you are fighting to bring democracy and development while you are conspiring with the sworn enemy of the country?

  8. Raza says:

    It seems Dawit and Ye’Awre-Amba website is too busy on a single individual and movement.
    There are a lot of issues to concentrate on.


  9. ftwi says:

    after all,the racist elements of the Egyptian elites, in other words your employers, do not respect to black Africans. One of the idiot politicians talking as to how they conspire against our dam, including the deployment of yourself said, “…Ethiopia is an African country…” the conotation was it is backward deserve to be punished so that she know her size. you are absolutely disgrace.

  10. Slick says:

    Woyane Binchacha be Awramba Mukecha! Keep barking

    • ftwi says:

      You are really sick. Why are you disturbing the genuine discussion of ideas among Ethiopians. If you are from those bankrupts hate mongers running out of idea, give those people who have ideas to exchange. An insult shows total bankrupcy. The least you can contribute here is just keep quit.

  11. Smith Sas says:

    Even the millions dollars they collect from Ereteria were enough to lobby ( bribe ) and to buy a hearing by American congress Chris Smith (NJ-04) on Ethiopian Affairs, otherwise if they were not lobbyed with hug sum of Arab Dollars then they would have invited opposition leaders in Ethiopia who are trying their best on the ground, instead of someone two guys who never put a foot on Ethiopian soil since decades let alone the passing away of the late Prime Minister. This is outrageous and shamful for the American congress to be instrumental for this financed by terror financing regims.Congress should sort out this scandal soon.FBI should sort out the terror financing networks too. This is serious.

  12. Zizu says:

    Neamin zeleken or yetegenetelewn G7 ayiteyikum ,endet Esat awo 200,000$ eredalehu yilal bilew yitebikal ,

  13. Dima Dimanco says:

    I am not surprised by Dr. Berhanu action I think it is a circle that repeats over and over again. from his install begging he betrayed his EPRP comrades and joined with weyane jest to get in to the power when he didn’t get his sinister objective. he join kenejet again he disrupt and dismantled the party by dividing it and get killed all those innocent kids and flee the country. If he don’t want to sacrifice for what he believe in why he want a poor fellows to do it for him. isn’t he the one how defected on his pant when weyane police come to get him. he is an ego-maniac how want to be on power by any mines. he don’t chair about his own mom a sick person covered by his only educational background. betraying his friends. Bertukan Mideksa, Debebe Eshetu, brhanu Sawel. A shameful person who needs to be on psychiatric ward instead of street.

  14. teshome says:

    Mr. Writer
    You said “….ESAT ከሽዓቢያ ይሁን ከግብጽ ዱዲ አልተቀበለም”
    Who are you to speak on be half of ESAT.
    Which organizational structure of ESAT allow you to do a business of PR.
    By the way the information of leverage came from the horse own mouth, (the owner of ESAT )
    it is up to ESAT to admit or drop the accusations.
    Had it not been this information were true, ESAT would have spoke million words to justify itself.
    Mr. writer you didn’t see right and left before you put your fingers on your computer key board.
    Let me say this, it is really difficult to take your words at face value, I am not saying you are lying but let ESAT itself comes out and speak its stand.
    This is a very serious accusation and ESAT shouldn’t have taken such long time to speak its position. ….
    Trust me some fishing going on there

  15. nunu says:

    You are unknowingly promoting Berhanu Nega. He was forgotten by many for long time but now he is regaining his popularity because of you and the likes. Wake up!

  16. w.yilma says:

    To me I do not see any difference between the righter and Birhanu. Both are out of the rails and they will never come back from their imagination world. If you are blind and opposing everything you will never achieve your goal. Because the people are more politically wiser and correct than the so called idiot, infantile and power mongering oppositions being in Diaspora and inside the country. If a politician as an individual or as a groups failed to look things objectively and come to a wise and workable conclusion, no matter what efforts they make the result will be unfruitful as we are witnessing in Ethiopian politics.opposing events for the sake of opposition does not need education. It need only writing talent. The writer is criticizing Berhanu but he never be objective when he criticize the government in power. He appreciating the solidarity movement chair person but who is that guy. This guy is opposing everything,without giving enough evidence about the issue he is opposing. Simply siting in Diaspora does not mean people are wise or know everything. people in Ethiopia are more wiser and educated than Diaspora at this time.they better understand the political process than the Diaspora. Diaspora should not be a police for every activities under taken in Ethiopia. We all can’t be politician. politics need knowledge, not simply mere opinion, based on pieces inefficient information. I read many articles wrote by many distinguished educated Ethiopian in different opposition websites. To be honest I am tired of reading them and except few the majority are counter productive, and out of the subject. this is because most of them are not honest about the subject they are writing. The more they are writing the more they become ignorant. Ethiopia have more than enough self claimed politician. I think that is this country problem! Last but not least, the problem with Birhanu is not only because he sleep with the enemy but his back ward ideology produced by moron mind set person. lastly why the writer for get the government media outlets when he appreciate ESAT? As far as know both are not credible. We have to be fair if we want a positive change in our beloved country. We have to have the courage to change our perception, a perception which is our own enemy.
    Long Live Ethiopia

  17. Ahadu says:

    Ato Girma,

    You stand on Bir Ahun is commendable. We support you on that!

    However, you based your conclusion about ESAT on ESAT’s own words. I can’t believe you failed to see that, your diagnosis is invalid.

    I understand your wish to see ESAT not involved in this scandal, but how can you ask a plaintiff (ESAT) if it admits to crimes (accepting money from G7), takes its words at face value, and conclude the accuser (Berhanu) must be wrong?

  18. Gezaee says:

    What piss me off honestly, the woyane dogs are here like everyone cursing Dr. Berhanu as if they they are flawless and immaculate. Woyanes, go away, zrkrk bandas. you are not better than Dr.Berhanu. You are much worse than him. Right now , now you resettling Egyptians in Ethiopia and even giving them money to start business? You are bona fide criminals. you have no moral ground to blame anyone. Balegiwoch, denkoroch. You landlocked the 94 million people and the poor country lost 11 billion dollars in the past 20 years? The poorest of the poor lost 11 billion dollars? And you are handing our land to your Arab sponsors even now. you Banda+ plus, if Dr. Berhanu is banda, you are banda plus plus or Banda+++. you have no moral ground to curse anyone because you are curse yourself. Gimatamoch, you fooled the entire Tigreans and Eritreans population and you destroyed millions of people for your so called liberation? you damn idiots.

    You are preaching about nation and nationalities, bla bla bla…. Mengistu Hailemariam addressed nationalities or ethnic problem. He addressed all those problems. Apparently you brought nothing new than landlocking Ethiopia and dividing people by ethnic as divide and conquer strategy( which you call it Koreta). Eghiabihr kurtrt yargachu enji

    • Gebre says:

      do you know the word DEMOCRACY? Are you really an Ethiopian? your manner seems rather different. Why do you waste to insult others? any way, it is good to yourself to exchange ideas and demonstrate a minimum level of emotional intelligence. you are rude. Trust me, you are only insulting yourself than Woyane. Look at your words, make judgement for yourself. This is not the culture that we should develop. I don’t care whether you are Egyptian or Eritrean, but we all have to develop a minimum level of civility.

      • Gezaee says:

        There are no civil in Ethiopia. What we have in Ethiopia are thugs or leboch. Woyane is yeleba sebseb. I can not be civil with the racist, ethnicist, savage woyane who treat Ethiopians their own citizens as second citizens and who hand the land of our people to foreigners and who give land to Arabs for cash.

        Woyane knows murder, assassination, repression, suppression, oppression, looting, lying, land-locking, land selling, killing, … how is civility possible with such savage people who promote wickedness in Ethiopia? Do you know Woyane cadres argue prostitution is development? Sodomy is development or civilization? How is possible to be civil with thieves who stole 11 billion dollar from the very poor people of Ethiopia? how is it possible to be civil with people who send their children to oversees while people are dying hunger in the country? I detest, abhor evil, greedy, selfish human being. These animals do not deserve any respect from Ethiopians. Because they have no respect for human but for money. Who would think people who were sleeping in the dust for 17 years become monsters and robe our people their dignity and their land. This is an insult man. I am venting my anger on the corrupt and rotten woyanes who betrayed those who gave their precious lives for good.

        You can call me anything you want. I will tell you the truth. Woyanes are wild beast who are hated by Ethiopians because they are selfish and greedy. You want me to be civil with people who take the land of citizens and sell it for 100 years to foreigners? You tell me development bla bla, … by down-trodding citizens? Development over my dead body. What are they going to do with the money after destroying the land , the forest, polluting the water? I am ashamed by woyane. They are criminals and traitors. Otherwise, they would not invite Egyptians give Ethiopians money to start busibess in Ethiopia. I do not understand why even woyanes call themselves Ethiopians? Shame woyane, you are the most shameful in Ethiopian history. This is the main reasons many Ethiopians hate you because you become wicked, selfish and greedy and hodamoch. I am insulting you but I am not shooting. You shoot and kill people. The worst thing I can do is insult only. I will not kill lives. Savage woyane must be removed.

        • Gebre says:

          you are not civil? is that what you are saying? Ok, then keep barking. The only thing you can do is barking. The good news is you don’t have any thing to do, just barking because all the tanks and the fighter jets are already out of your hand and for good. tough luck. But, if you are really an Ethiopian, my advice to you is please be civil. This is not the right time to say Aqaqi zeraf. Please try to learn civility. Even comrade Legesse Asfaw is pursuing civility. The other day, he voiced in support of the GERD. so, try to learn from your comrade. Good luck

    • axumawe says:

      @ geeeez,wowowow!calm down ,it is ok to get upset 1st take your dayly medicen ok,
      2nd take a deep breth,ok brith slowly calmly ok in & out slowley ok,
      know one thing is for shur what ever happen to you in acimba, when you are EPRP solder we can’t do any thing about it ,if you loost your rihgt testicl,or your hering,or your eye site we can’t help you .
      we can helpe you know to calm down.
      i clearly understand people like you the desapointment yous have,i have one good advaice for you & your likes.join colonel doctor goshu welde or tamrat yayne, there is money & free paster possiblity,i am just saying pouer is pouer any way political pouer you need to be breav,& worrior to be in it i don’t think any of this belongs to yous. or there is anther way gorge washington bridge if you are close to it, or I 90 or I 95 is not far either….. pic of.

  19. Betremo says:

    The Awash river is on the verge of being contaminated forever while the Ethiopian government is busy talking about damming Abay and exporting electricity. It is obvious the people who based their livelihood on farming around Awash river are not going to benefit from the foreign currency acquired by exporting electricity. If the Ethiopian government recognized the Ethiopian people living around the Awash river as human beings the officials would have prioritized damming the saline lake Lake Besekai that’s baffled scientists by its 15-fold growth threatens to spill into the nation’s longest river quickly without any delay before the Awash river becomes salty and useless forever. The Ethiopian people need to rise up and save mother Ethiopia from the irreversible damage that the country is headed into under this administration’s biased way of planing and prioritization of how to use the national resources of Ethiopia .

  20. Solomon Tebebu says:

    “The Bible says that true freedom begins in the heart. We act on our thoughts and behave according to our desires.
    Interestingly, the Bible likens the human heart to a tree, in which, “every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit…For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him.” (Matthew 7:17-18; 12:33-35). The source of our actions is the heart. If it’s diseased, the fruit (our actions) is rotten too.”
    Freedom is not a commodity that can be imported. Its seed needs to be ingrained in the minds and souls of the natives. It will blossom and comes to fruition only through a good and proper nurturing.
    It is amazing to witness two different personalities in a span of 3 decades. 35 years or so ago Dr. Tesfaye Debesai (EPRP) jumped out of a building after being surrounded by Derg security into his death so he won’t expose his comrades or his organization. @2013 Dr. Birhanu taking money from Ethiopia’s enemies won’t shy away from his action. Both claim to fight for freedom. While the former gave away his life the later is compromising away his country’s interest.
    “Do we need the help of the Egyptians to bring freedom and democracy?” I understand the author is trying to jump-start a discussion. But it’s still creepy just thinking that scenario of an ungrateful nation that deeply and wrongly believes its sole survival depends on the continuous misery of the other one, has a good will. It is very, very frustrating to witness that they just seem to find the next weak link time and again. Not as a shocking revelation, dr. Birhanu finds himself on the wrong side of history. Whether it was by design or mere mishaps or unfortunate circumstances, he will have some explanations to do.
    For how long has he been receiving the million dollars per annual donations? Ten, five, four years? Is the money IRS audited? Is it channeled through legal international money transfer rules? Is some or all this money used to destabilize the horn of Africa? Let us sum it cautiously while leaving the real technicality to the pros, he might face money laundering, terrorism, treason charges in the US and/or back home as well.
    You can dice and slice it any way you like but there is just no way that there is any rational to conspire with Ethiopia’s sworn enemies by claiming to be a freedom fighter. This is what happens when people ride their hate and place reason in the back seat. Freedom has many ingredients but hate is not one of them.
    All eyes are on the doctor. Is he going to dig the hole deeper by defending the indefensible or is there an ounce of decency left in him to do the right thing which begins with apologizing to the Ethiopian people?

  21. Mario says:

    ኡትዮጵያውያን ልብ በሉ!

    ግምቦት7 እና እሳት ከኢትዮጵያ ቀንደኛ ጠላቶች በማበር በከፍተኛ የሃገር ክህደት ተዘፍቀዋል! ድሮ ድሮ እሳትና ግምቦት7ትን ለመለየት እንሞክር ነበር ኣሁን ግን ግምቦት7 እና እሳት በኢትዮጵያ ቀንደኛ ጠላቶች በግብፅና በሻቢያ ገንዘብ የሚንቀሳቀሱ መሆናቸውን በግልፅ ከዋናው መሪ ኣፍ ሰምተናል!ስለሆነም ግምቦት7ና እሳት ኢትዮጵያን ለኣደጋ በማጋለጥ ከኢትዮጵያ ቀንደኛ ጠላቶች ገንዘብ እየሰበሰቡ ናቸው እንጂ ለኢትዮጵያ ምንም የላቸውም! ከተገባደደ በኋላ ኢትዮጵያን ከፍተኛ እርምጃ ወደፊት የሚያራምደውን የህዳሴ ግድብ ከኢትዮጵያ ቀንደኛ ጠላቶች ጋር ኣብሮ መቃወም ማለት በኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ ታይቶ የማይታወቅ ከፍተኛ ያገር ክህደት በመሆኑ በነዚህ ከሃዲዎች ኣካባቢ ያላቹ ሁሉ ልብ ልትሉ ይገባል፤ልብምስላላቹ የግብፅና የሻብያ መልእክተኛው ብርሃኑ ነጋ ከኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች በግልፅ የተሰጠውን ገንዘብ በኣፉ ሲናገር ቀድታቹ ኣስደምጣቹናል ይህም እኩይ ተግባራቸውን ያጋለጠና ከፍተኛ ጀግንነት በመሆኑ ላደረጋችሁት ሁሉ እጅ እንነሳለን እናመሰግናለን! እነብርሃኑ ነጋ፣ኦባንግ ሜቶ ወዘተ ኢትዮጵያን ነፃ እናወጣለን ብሏል የሚተባበሩት ግን ኢትዮጵያ ነፃ እንዳትወጣ በኣንደኝነት ከሚጠቀሱት ነው!

    በውስጥ ሆነው በእውነት ለኢትዮጵያ የቆሙ መኖራቸው በተቃዋሚ ጎራ ያሉ ሁሉ የዜሮ ድምር ፓለቲከኞች ኣለመሆናቸውውን ያሳያል!

    በመጨረሻም እኛ ንደኢትዮጵያውያን ባገራችን ጥቅም ኣንድ ላይ መቆም ይገባናል!

    • EthioZena says:

      you said G7 is working with “shabia” so what? He clearly told us that when they form G7 but you probably wan’t born. G7 said “they will work with anyone” anyone means anyone including “shabia” the funny thing is YOUR so called government “woyane” was working with “shabia” for more than 17 years so what. If ANYONE, ANYBODY wants to help to get rid of ‘woyane”, they will take their money including yours.The Audio that Dawit post is helping G7 as a matter of, we know G7 is doing something to get rid of “woyane’ and they are getting at-least 500,000 every six month.I hope they will do something Good with it. meaning getting rid of “woyane”Go G7, go,….

  22. teseema says:

    Thank you ato girma. Good article. i checked ethiomedia and others but did not post such important article. They may have been afraid not to loose readers.

  23. Gezaee says:

    Dear Solomon, I loved your biblical parable of the tree and heart.

    I do not think Dr. Berhanu will apologize; reason, simply we Ethiopians are not used to admit wrong doing. We are adamant and defensive and reflective. We never correct mistakes. Apology is weakness among Ethiopians. You can see woyane refusing to admit doing mistakes landlocking Ethiopia and still insist shamelessly Ethiopia has to be landlocked.
    I strongly believe Dr. Berhanu will admit; we would rather make up many defense mechanisms to deny. You can see his supporters saying because woyane and shabia did the same thing, they also have to do the same thing. They even call it universal political principle where every freedom is supposed to do. As I said many times, this is dead from the beginning; Because it is not a struggle driven by ideology and enlightenment but driven by hatred, revenge, vendetta, anger,… with no clear objectives. But I am admiring the Egyptians they able to penetrate into our weakness and exploit it. Otherwise, why we did not do the same to Egypt? Nubia is colonized by Egypt? Ethiopia has been helping African countries to be decolonized. Why we did not help the Nubians to be decolonized? They have been colonized by Egypt now for about 1500 years. they culture destroyed, language, religion, … destroyed by Arab Egypt. We did not do the same?

  24. Mussie G says:

    Alemayehu Gebremariam has been strongly opposing the construction of the Renaissance Dam and defending the historical ‘right’ of Egypt on the Nile Water. He has been writing piles of straw week and week out for the last two years. He is the board chairman of ESAT. Now after Berhanu Nega recent telephone scandal, I can see the reason why he was acting as hired lawyer of the Mursi’s Moslem Brotherhood in his capacity as Law professor. It is really so difficult to understand the logic of this man and other anti-Ethiopian government individuals. The diaspora oppositions have been smearing TPLF’s name for sabotaging with Ethiopia’s historical enemies and yet it is appropriate strategy when it is done by them. Is it not hypocrisy? I wonder if they could have delivered tangible evidences for TPLF’s collaboration with the Egyptians during its 17 years struggle with derg.

  25. Azeb says:

    Ato Girma why do you worry about G7 and Dr Birhanu ? Forget about them. They are irrelevants. Dont spend time on them. Focus on what you used to do; supporting Semayai, UDJ and pushing for the release of prisoners. Your valuable times ought to spoend spend on relevant matters.

  26. mario says:

    rigtht on Solomon Tibebu! but even if Berhanu Nega apologizes to the Ethiopian people,he is still criminal caught red handed trying to terrorize Ethiopia! Remember!there is a death penalty waiting for him in Ethiopia!Now He admitted in his own words that he accept $500,000 to terrorize Ethiopia from it’s chronic enemies! this is a proof of that his G7 & ESAT is funded & operated by Egypt & its dog shabiya! Remember G7 & ESAT never criticize shabiya & Egypt’s politicians!another proof!

    The Gerd will be built,then Ethiopia will have enough electricity to transform itself to an industrial country,the industries in turn will create hundreds of thousands of employment opportunity changing the Ethiopian demography for good! finally the Ethiopian forests will revive their heavenly nature just to look like the garden of Eden! then Ethiopia will revive its regal legacy!

    God bless Ethiopia!

  27. WOW says:

    It is so pathetic the politicians with no spine and wisdom such Girma Kassa and the like keeps talking in the virtual world but accomplish zero. Ato Girma even addressed himself as ‘We’ like in Royal talk, what a sad state! I have been to Ethiopia very recently and visit frequently, talk to average people from all walks of life, I have still yet to find a single person who know anything about Ato Girma. The truth of the matter is that Ethiopians have give up on exiled politicians long time ago. My kind advice to the likes of Ato Girma is just live your life in quite or if you so choose to participate in the lives of Ethiopia and its people, pack up and go there.

  28. Mekonen says:

    Ato Girma kassa I respect your opinion on your letter. In some issues I agree with you particularly on the issue of protecting Ethiopian interest and the unethical political activity of Birhanu Nega toward his mother land. But when it comes to ESAT media you are also misleading the Ethiopian people .Mr Birhanu by his own word admitted that he funded $200,000 to ESAT media and yet you are attempting to protect ESAT media as independent and truthful media. shame on you. I will tell you this ESAT= Birhanu Nega.

  29. Gezaee says:

    Woyane Tigrai wanted to develop Ethiopia by marginalizing Ethiopians and by treating them as second citizen and by reducing them to slavery? by removing them from their land and handing their land to Arab? if this any crime done on Ethiopian? There is no any high degree of crime done like that of woyane. Who would think the people who lived in caves for 17 years sleeping on dust, with thrist, hunger, cold,diseases,… will become the most corrupt on our planet earth? No one would think such corrupt sprouts from those people who were fighting to die to bring change? Who would think the survivors of all that suffering become the most corrupt leaders on earth? Shame on you woyanes, Kebdkum yekeded, Kududate kebdiye, Kehaditi adi, sheytati adi. We have to tell you in public, the Ethiopians population is hating you too much. It is just the population is suppressed. you have made yourself the enemy of the Ethiopian people. Ethiopians were happy when you arrived because they thought you could be much better than the derg. But your refused to listen to the people of Ethiopia and you decided to force yourself on the people instead and treat your citizen as second citizen. Do you think I am cynical I am saying all these? I am living with Ethiopians who are crying by the things you are doing to the country. The bible says arrogance and ignorance comes before downfall.You have become haughty, obstinate, arrogant, ignorant, stubborn like never before. You only wanted show you are powerful and invincible and refused to listen to public out cry, and public grievances? rigidity is your way, do not blame when people hates Tigreans because your are using your ethnic to shield your betrayal and ill-treatment and marginalization of the population? How can we tell you ? you will never listen to the public? It is sad. Imagine, a poor country Egyptians giving money for free for Egyptians to start business in Ethiopia? what type of high level stupidities is this? This is suicide. Why you kill the Ethiopians generation this way? if you hate living in the country why you do not leave it like us than engaging selling the country to anyone? Shame on you disgraceful.

  30. Habtamu S says:

    Really nice article that give us detail and solid facts. They should stop using an old and cave man political motto that ‘’ the end justify the means’’. But believe me conflict will start soon among them when they divide it.

  31. sam says:

    If you believe that things will change through peacefull struggle you don’t need the help of Egypt (actually it is illegal) as you are bound to work under the constitution.

    If you are convienced that the peacefull space is closed and the government is not going to change, then you have two options: stay out of struggle if you think the damage the government is making is law compare to armed struggle or you have to raise armed struggle to oust this barbaric and dangerous group. Once you raise arm you are free to chose from whom to get support, how and why. But you have to make sure that the support doesn’t come with strings attached. The way I see it any help from Egypt will only slag the development activites and it will not be comparable with the FREEDOM and RIGHT you are aspiring to win. It is better the economy slag than the people dehuminised by weyane, and it will actually shorten weyanes time.

  32. Mario says:

    Finally the only way Egypt can do is:cooperate with Ethiopia! minilik,Haileselassie , Derg scared Egypt like a fire, but this government is dedicated to promote Ethiopia’s interests & no one can stop its win win strategy!

    The reason The somalilanders are supporting Ethiopia is, because of Ethiopia’s win win strategy

    Egyptian paid so much to separate Eritrea from Ethiopia , but the win win strategy of Ethiopia paid only deplomatically to separate south Sudan from Sudan ! We are all peace with our neighbors , but Eritrea & Eritrea can only live in peace accepting Ethiopia’s terms & conditions !

    God bless Ethiopia!

  33. Aba alem lemene says:

    For a long time I was trying to stay away form our counters polities. because I realize one thing a collective madness nobody listen every body is a preacher there is no listener. there is no lieder. respect, tolerance and objective thinking looks a history of the past. sincere love of you country is considered like foolishness. political and any gathering by the name of people become business for few. what is wrong with us? how are we preaching some thing we ourselves don’t practice. how money generation well suffer because of our impromptu dispute? for how long are we confined ourselves with hatred and vileness? for the sake of younger generations for the sake of mothers that wares about her child coming home safe. for the sake of a poor farmer how don’t have any idea about your polities. for the sake of a little girl collecting lives to feed her families. for the sake of shoeshine boy on the city street. for the sake of little girls how are going to river or pound to carry water. for the sake of the shepherd boy on the mountains. for the sake of the factory laborer how want to put food on his family table… work for a peace!!!

  34. Gezaee says:

    How is civility possible with people who remove people from their home and the land to foreigners? There can be civility with criminals. Legese might have killed people, but did not remove people from their home to sell their home? A crime is a crime whether it is done by legese or by woyane. People crying and weeping. The creator above sees what you do. There will be pay day. As Legese has lost all his virality, you will not be different. The day will come for you too; looters, thieves, hodamoch,hodachu ykeded, Dem blue, erkusoch. You think of fighter jets only, people do not need fighters jets to get rid off you Kehadiwoch. Everything you do is evil and unEthiopian. It has become hard now even to believe you came from the Ethiopian society? I know in Ethiopia when people used not even take money they find on the streets. Now theft , corruption is dubbed as civilization by woyanes/ where did you get this culture of corruption? The poorest country on the planet loses 12 billion dollars? oh my God, if I were you I would hang myself than to call myself a government. If there was law in Ethiopia, the leaders must be taken to court and hanged alive for the crime against the country. Shame, civiliy for what? civility of theft? corruption or bribing, civility of please never say anything? shame shame woyane. You have no worse enemy than yourself.

  35. Samuel says:

    Dr.Birihanu is a true son of Ethiopia.He is doing the right thing to save Ethiopia from TPLF Gangs.If he is able to get money from any source that is fine.It tells me that he is doing something palpable.

    Most importantly those who are supporter of TPLF,do not have moral ground to accuse G7 or Dr.Birihanu.Dr.Birihnu is doing what he supposed to do to get his freedom back and to make his country better place for all Ethiopians.
    Thank u Dr.Birihanu.Do not give up.U are doing the right thing at the right time.

  36. Mario says:

    Gezaee ,was living as Eritrean & voted for it during the hay days of Eritrea ,93-97&1/2! He cursed Tigrian Tegadeltis in the streets of Asmara! As an Ethiopian grew up in Erirea, I personally knew what Gezaee was at that time!

    Gezaee,ሞኝና ወረቀት የያዘው ኣይለቅም ይባል የለ! The card that you vote for is still there! We can find it as soon as Eritrea gets a better government!

    You keep barking here irritating people! You know who woyane is! Woyane deprived you a space to play politics because you have no stand!

    Reread my comments & you will find out that I have one stand! I’m an Ethiopian , never tried to attain other citizens hostile to my country like you…..! Take it easy! Woyane means the blood of the people of Tigrai, no less! They made a lot of mistakes as humans, but they are still ours! I’m wondering if you blab woyane during your dream!

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