Ethiopian Football Federation Fires Secretary General Ashenafi Ejegu


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12 Responses

  1. dad says:

    i think the discision to ato ashenafi is fear .because from his words about the mistak iunderstand that he was thesource for that regard to ato birhanu we should take in to account his contribution to the ethiopian footballi.e his rule froom women foot ball to that ashenafi big error day go go go… the waliya ibex to braz

  2. teshome says:

    The Ethiopian football officials inflicted an irreparable psychological damage to the football loving people of Ethiopia. They just made us to bend our neck in front of the world. We can’t take the embarrassment
    It shouldn’t have taken so long for the secretary general to be fired. We need more and more related officials to resign.
    Even I strongly believe that coach Sewenite Beshaw has no moral obligation to stay in his position. If I were him, I would resign by my self before the people out spoke the issue. He was pleased and showered with prize for the work he didn’t do. His only job is caoch and manage the the Ethiopian national team, how international game had our team in the last one year? May be less than 15 games. What kind of caliber he had to fail to manage them? It is completely disgusting to see this Guy having a role of coach in the Ethiopian national team

  3. Alem says:

    Sahilu should stop scratching his head and resign [if he has any honor left in him]. This is no simple “blunder” but deliberate corruption and nepotism. Dedebit Club is owned by ruling party member and former guerrilla fighter. Dedebit is the carded player’s club. Most players on the national team come from Dedebit. Power and large sums of money are involved. The coach is under pressure to not forfeit his position by not complying with demands of Dedebit owner and ruling party. Ethiopian Federation is corrupt through and through. That’s why many athletes leave the country to run representing Arab countries. Key position in the leadership is filled by incompetent individuals who happen to be Tigrayans [prove me wrong; may not be evident if you are a foreigner]. Solution is simple: flush out incompetent bureaucrats and bring them to justice [if there justice is at all possible in the country]. These individuals are so arrogant and are drunk with a sense of entitlement that they unashamedly talk about setting up a committee to investigate the matter. We know they do this to buy time and retrench themselves. The public on whose back they bask should not allow this to continue. After all, it is public money that is being squandered and used to line pockets of the few.

  4. Wossen Reta says:

    Things do go wrong sometimes. There are times when it’s accidental. There are times when it’s somebody else’s fault. But at the times when you know you are at fault for the problem, the mature and responsible thing to do is stand up and own up to the mistake, accept the consequences, and be part of the solution to the problem resulting from your mistake. But I do not see that in these gathering. All I saw were a bunch of Liars, irresponsible and immature individuals, The Couch Sewenet Bishaw including senior management of the Ethiopian Futball Federation Freaks should go to Jail.

  5. azmatch says:

    I have known Ashenafi for about 35 years and he is the most sincere and committed person. He takes his responsibilities seriously and is very professional. What he lacks is support from the higher ups. His firing is unjustifiable and wrong. He has all the evidence that he has communicated to all concerned and is not responsible for the unfortunate situation. Re-instate Ashenafi and fire the good fornothing coach and his associates.

  6. ilula lemma says:

    Firing people is not enough, the federation need to automate and modernize its day to day activity. less paper work more IT based infrastructure.

  7. alex says:

    What about the coach?

    • Ilula lemma says:

      It is true the coach has some role on this terrible mistake but he made a lot of effort for the team to reach to this stage. I hope he will stay in his position, but he need to be careful not to repeat similar mistake again.

  8. Baitewar says:

    I think this is a good start and it should be extended to coaching staff. Any soccer lover knows the mistake they have committed is so silly it doesn’t deserve our forgiveness . We Ethiopian have to expect better from our elected, selected or imposed leaders in every aspects of our life. Enough is enough for such mediocre and unprofessionalism. Coach’s please for the sake of our sanity resign before the next game since you brought shame to our victory. There is no good reason that will instill soft spot in any ethiopian soccer fans to keep you forever unless otherwise you had us at gun point. In such cases your time is almost up!

  9. dad says:

    letus consider the next game. every thing is on our hand.we should cooldown &prepare for CAR

  10. Ash says:

    Is for u to say resign…this not America if resign u still live confertable life.. If u resign in Ethiopia u will be come homeless destitute…in short u r asking him to kill himself not to resign job..

    The sad thing is we they r on the top they forget they need the job to survive and act like king.. I am not talking this sport official I am talking about any government official they don’t take their job to heart until they lost it.

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