Will Ethiopia’s ‘grand’ new dam steal Nile waters from Egypt?


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32 Responses

  1. Ermi says:

    This dam is not well thought project. Ethiopia would have benefited more if it builds micro dams that can relieve the shortage of power accross the country n relatively shorter time.

    This dam not only takes too long to deliver any benefit, but also cause insecurity in the region. Moreover, it hinders the development of any other irriga
    tion projects along the rivers that feeds the Nile.

    • Mario says:


      You are wrong! How many dams are you going to build to satisfy the growing economy if Ethiopia ? Suggestions based on hate is useless! The GERD was constituted by so many professionals , looked thoroughly through different dimensions!

      Ermi, exit out of your hate so you can see things properly!

      • Ermi says:


        I rather build two dams that can be operational in the next 4 years than attempt to build GRED and never see it finished and functional in the next 30 – 50 years. Remember, maintaining the dam for the next two decades before it even generate a kw of power is also cosy.

        Now, I want you to know that I always operate based on economics and not hate or emotion.
        economics deals with the allocation of scarce resources that have alternative uses. In this case the scarce resources are money and time. Ethiopia, as you know, does not have much money to venture on grandiose ideas for political consumption. And power shortage is dire at this moment, now, than any other time. It is pulling the indestrial growth backward. So it can’t wait to add one more mgw of power today than wait for many more decades.

        Now, let me ask you to get out of your emotional love for woyane or hate for Amhara and see things from the economic perspective.

        Peace and love to all!

        • abdurahman says:

          Mr Ermi u are comletly wrong. In my opinion u are giving this comment blindly. u have to know the current ethiopian economic situation and the current progresses of the GRED. Don’t worry, you will see that in the near future the dam will begin power generetion. Don’t be emotional. think out of the box.

    • Ilula Lemma says:

      your point is exactly what Egyptian advised us to do.

    • aba_chegora says:

      I dont think you have an idea abouit what you are talking about. Ethiopia is working on the dam to generate energy both for itself and export. There is nothing wrong with it. Egypt needs to understand that the water is first and formost ethiopian and Ethiopia has the right to use it in any way it wants without harming egypt and sudan. The problem is i think the egyptian mentality. They think they can initimidate Ethiopia .I think that is a historic mistake. Ethiopia is too big for any arab country.

    • Tazabi! says:

      Don’t write a comment that is above your head. How did you know it was not a well thought project? That insults our intelligence and specially those who have done so much for making this long awaited Ethiopian dream to become a reality. You just writing a comment scavenged from all over.
      Leave the topic to the pros! Thx!

    • Tazabi! says:

      Don’t write a comment about a subject that is above your head. How did you know it was not a well thought project? That insults our intelligence and specially those who have done so much for making this long awaited Ethiopian dream to become a reality. You just writing a comment scavenged from all over.
      Leave the topic to the pros! Thx!

    • melash says:

      Well thought. It is the stupid
      propaganda that will impede the completion of the dam.

  2. Ilula Lemma says:

    What a crazy title by crazy writer to start up. How some one think stealing something from him self. This is part smear campaign by Egyptian to assume they have full right on Abay(nile).The Title Should read “Ethiopian Grand Dam make an end to Egypt stealing Abay(Nile) water for centuries.

    • Alula Aba Nega says:

      Alex, I told you guys; brother or sister, bla bla bla,… will never work. The only solution is to cut the blue nile 100% and sell them the water by cup for a dollar. Brother, sister, uncle,… they are not ours; We have no any other enemy than Egypt. Egypt is our mortal enemies. Egypt must wiped out from the face of the earth by chemical and biological weapon. They are parasite to us. Parasites kills you. They have been killing us. No win win with the savages. They will do everything to control the water. They have started campaign and all Ethiopian need to do is build its Army and get the latest Air defense system from Russia, s400 surface to air defense system and advanced radar locking system. No deal with Arab Shintum,

      • Ahmed says:

        Why is that , we are Egyptians like Ethiopians so much , the matter is controlling the water but this Nile is a gift from God to all people not Only Egyptians , its water comes from God. You can make a dame to have Energy it’s your right but you must know that I can use my rights without hurting others , Buldings that so big dam will produce energy yes, but it is more than you needs and other people will suffer from water lack
        If water rain decreased _ God saves us – what will happen In Egypt and sudan and Don’t say it doesn’t oncern ethiopea but it concerns any human being
        we are not your enemy , Let Governors reach a suitable solution for all but keep people love each other.
        God keep peace on your heart man

  3. Lemagne Beyene says:

    Breaking News

    Dr Birhanue Nega is now decided to be with the people side and he will send his children to Eritria to make him understand the feeling of the families of those poor young refugee he sent from sudan and south sudan.

    The news comes from reliable source close to his families who want to be anonymous for security reason tells us his wife is furious saying how come you think to send my children from this luxury life to Eritria that a country thousands of people a day flee.
    one of his sun who is driving a brand new Mercedes asked him which state in america is Eritrea is and he would love to visit if he guaranteed him 5 star hotel booked.

    We tried to confirm the news with the Dr and his phone is not answering and when we try to his office his secretary told us with sexy sound he is on the phone with egypt president and asked as to call another time.

  4. Mario says:

    A wrong topic !

    If it is yours , then you can use it! The Nile belongs to Ethiopia until it exits through the Sudanese boarder, belongs to Sudan until it exits to Egypt ! Therefore, it’s ours so we can use it!

    The thing here is: an equitable distribution among all riparian countries!

    If it is yours you can’t steal it, but use it!

    • yst says:

      The irony thing is this saying,
      “The Nile, called “God’s gift to Egypt,” helped the nation become one of the first agricultural civilizations, and it still supports most farming there.”
      For how many years that ethiopia has to struggle for basic necessities and at the same time it is okay for egypt to do whatever they wont on nile river. Nile river is also a God’s gift for ethiopia!

  5. Alula says:

    Ultra neocolonialist, terrorist islamicists shedding tears about their Nile.

    They do not know the Abay is our private property. We do not know even what Nile is about. We do not know Nile.

    Narrow colonists, liberate yourself from superiority diseases. You worry about Egypt but u do not worry about the Ethiopians who die of hunger? you tell me Egypt has to get 55 billion cubic meter because of 1959? f… you arse hole called hydrologists, they better call you racists instead.

    Ethiopia will use the Nile not only for power for generation, but also for irrigation without asking Egypt.

    All Ethiopia need to do is build its army like North Korea and protect itself.

    If you are worry about give her water from UK, Norway, USA.f…you racists.

    Woyane rocked all the colonialists and terrorists. Go woyane go build and harness the Nile 100%. Let the colonialists cry and let the terrorist cry.

  6. Yosef says:

    Apparantely,world can judge us to benefit from our resourse with out harm other……our people live throughout history with out electricity & power,its enough to live in darkness we need change.egypt must conceive or understand us.We have a dream for the prosperious of our beloved country,ethiopia.

  7. teshome says:

    Mr. William Davison
    The title of the article is wrong and sends the wrong signal to Egyptians.
    Why after all Ethiopia has to steal its own property? The concept of Nile is a gift for Egypt and Egypt is a gift of Nile is an old fashion song and had no place in 21 century thought.
    Aside from the title of the article, I like the scientific analysis of the Impact of GERD on Nile flow and Egypt itself. We are saying it is this fact that should bring Egyptians to come to negotiation table, putting aside the dram of war.

  8. Mulugeta says:


    Awash river is on the verge of getting contaminated permanently forever. The Awash river sustains the lives of millions of people which happen to be mostly Oromos. Go figure why the longest river in Ethiopia is not being given the necessary attention it deserves. Ethiopia need to forget Abay and concentrate it’s resources in working towards saving Awash. Ethiopia need to quickly dam Beseka lake which is about to spill into Awash river and contaminate it with salt. Otherwise millions of people might get be displaced into Addis Ababa which is already having problem with over population and lack of homeless resources.


  9. yst says:

    Ethiopia has a right to use blue nile as irrigation systems or hydro power generation dam like this one. Egypt and the rest of the country are envy because they are scared that ethiopia would grow faster than not only egypt but also any other developed country.

  10. yst says:

    The irony thing is this saying,

    “The Nile, called “God’s gift to Egypt,” helped the nation become one of the first agricultural civilizations, and it still supports most farming there.”

    For how many years that ethiopia has to struggle for basic necessities and at the same time it is okay for egypt to do whatever they wont on nile river. Nile river is also a God’s gift for ethiopia!

  11. bere bersho says:

    during 2005 Ethiopian and genbot sebat after election the weyane police come to arrest Dr. Berhanu accidentally he peed on his pant. and then after that one day when the prisoners where going to court one of a lady prisoner notes DR’s wheat pant and ask him ” what happen?” O it’s jest water he answered the he come to us and invited to testify on congress. and his beloved wife ask him what he is going to do about his pee and he said I got smart this time” I got a dipper”

  12. Gena Alem says:

    @Fellow Ethiopians: The evil greedy panic Egyptian mind is not yet dead. We Ethiopian should be prepared for heard and unheard evil attemptes from there in every direction, directed at out religion, our diversity etc. We should be on guard. GERD 1 to GERD 10 will all be built!!! And do not forget to contribute, so that it can be done quickly.

  13. seble says:

    Guys It’s Ok to write comment here or other Ethiopian websites but The best way to help defend our rights would be to let the writer’s or So called experts know how unfair their articles are by commenting on the original source websites that the articles are being contributed. Lets us tell them we contribute 86% to the Nile but denied and being threatened not to use any drop of water.Egypt contribute nothing but use almost 100% of the Nile.When we comment in this websites or other Ethiopian sites it’s just for Ethiopians only.

  14. Mario says:

    The writter chose a wrong topic! How do I steal something that I have? One can’t even make a proper English sentence from this concept! It is totally wrong topic! A topic that doesn’t give any sense!

    We can use the Nile as much as we want ! Some writers try to create some writings I hopes of being chosen by Egypt for money!

    Some journalists are a source of problems for our world! They are more of a problem than a solution to our world !
    እግዚኣቢሄ ይህችን መሬት ሲረግም ጋዜጠኞችን ፈጠረ! በዚህ ዓለም በጋዜጠኞች የተነሳ ብዙ ጦርነቶች ተከናውኗል ብዙም የሰው ህይወትና ንብረት ጠፍቷል! ይህ ስል ግን እንደ ኣውራምባ ታይምስ የመሰሉ ድንቅ ጋዜጠኞቻችንን ኣይጨምርም!

  15. Alemu says:

    Nile happens to originate in Ethiopia, which is a natural blessing. It is not a fabricated lake or dam, but God-given water resource. Egypt can benefit when Ethiopia’s historic, geopolitical, and socioeconomic needs tied to the river are met peacefully. Ethiopia will not be interested in denying the Egyptians access to Nile, but maintain due respect to its national sovereignty and strategic geopolitical location and the amicable right to use its natural resources as it sees it fit. The purpose of the Dam is not meant to deprive Egypt or any other country in the region access to the water, but to optimize the benefits of the water to the deserving Ethiopians, who have suffered a series of natural and man-made calamities for so long.
    Of course, internationally recognized experts being requested to study the implications the dam may pose to the environment. Ethiopia has not just commenced the construction of the dam haphazardly, without prior consultations, internal studies, without gleaning from diverse factors related to the river, its environmental and ecological implications of the project. To optimize this process, the country has expressed willingness that an additional panel of experts comprising of: Egyptians, Ethiopians and international groups carry out a joint assessment. Thus, this Dam Project should not be depicted as if commenced in the darkness overnight. Ethiopia, being one of the oldest nations and the origin for more than 85% of the Nile, it has an immense natural and geographical knowledge of the implications, opportunities and associated logistical challenges the dam in progress and its implications and benefits to its neighbours .
    The best solution will be to enjoy its natural resources without any desire to undermine the needs its Egyptian neighbours, along with others located in the flow line. Ethiopia has shown willingness to share this historic resource with Egypt and others, including the Sudanese. There is a Goose, who lays a golden egg per day that goose is the Nile and happens to originate from Ethiopia. The country knows that if the goose is killed there will not be a daily golden egg for any one to enjoy the benefits (which means, Nile is only useful to all who need it in a peaceful context) based on, preserving its natural environmental and ecological beauty, which assure sustained rain fall and flow of the water to all who are naturally tied to the river. Egyptians should realize that a peaceful, economically developed, and politically stable Ethiopia is the best option for Egypt is continuous and secure access to Nile flow. We do not have to blame the West or the East, because, these two countries have important history, geopolitical, peace and security roles they can play in the Horn of Africa in particular, but also, Africa –wide and globally. It is not the war we need but a win-win cooperation, collaboration and dialogue, to solve the problem peacefully. Though politics twist and pollutes the truth, however, science does not lie. The issue is not if Ethiopia will be allowed to have the dam built, but to optimize its benefits to the natural neighbours and set an example for the future generation that cooperation and dialogues are better alternatives for economic development and peaceful co-existence.
    We remember past politics in our region that we used adore our leaders and used to wish them an eternal throne. That era has passed and the current slogans are democracy and human right long live, not, dictators. Like wise, the colonial past mandate to guarantee Nile to just (Egypt and Sudan) ignoring Ethiopia, the natural owner of the river, cannot be argued and no international court can sustain such a mandate in this century.
    Consequently, a sensible negotiation, arriving at a mutual understanding, sharing the goose’s egg, instead of killing it, is essential to move forward, with economic development and peaceful co-existence. No, country should and can celebrate when its neighbour is instable and suffers insecurity, because it will, eventually spill over to all who are located in the area. Africa has enough of conflicts and we now focus on economic development and sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

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