Leaked Audio Part Two: The Conspiracy Against “Patriotic Front”


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87 Responses

  1. Gezaee says:

    Dawit; you have become the pearl of Ethiopia. Bravo well done from the horses mouth; no dispute or lies or fabrication; this is bona fide Journalism. Great job!

    • Chala says:


      First time to agree with you.

      I call this is a true journalism. journalism is not about only talking bad about gov. you have to show the people the truth from both sides and the people will be decide.

      Birhanue is trying to play it down and blame the gov. stole this information from his computer. The truth is some one from inside G7 is passing the information to the media not to the gov.
      There are a lot of people inside G7 not happy about birhanue sleeping with shabia and now with Egypt.

      Do you remember the split G7d last time now the next one will be G7E.

    • Gobeze says:

      Yes, Thank you Dawit for the good job you are doing.

      Is it me or does he sound like an emperor when he talks? When I checked Ginbot7d.org last time, I heared Birhanu telling everyone that democracy in for fools. Please post it if you can.

      • bendo says:

        I almost believed Dereje H/Woled Esat journalist says ESAT Accept money from G7 but we will not taking order from any one.
        But you hear Birhanue ordering what ESAT to report and not.
        This is not a news for the majority of Ethiopians who knows from the beginning Shabia, ESAT and G7 all ordered by Isay ASS

    • dubale says:

      how come you havenot mentioned Woyane first?

    • yared says:

      I do not agree with Gezaee for saying that Dawit is the pearl of Ethiopia nor with Dawit’s agenda for posting anti-Ginbot7 comments.

  2. Netsanet says:

    The main problem here isn’t the fact that he is willing to work with the most ardent and historical enemy of our motherland Ethiopia, since he explicitly said he will work with the devil to get hold of power so many times in the past. As Prof. Mesfin said so many times, our history is full of Bandas, so it doesn’t really surprise me that this man is in that list. Prof. Mesfin also said Birhanu as selfish as anyone can get. The real issue here is,
    1) It clearly shows that his organisation is evidently infiltrated, so no wonder why he has been shooting himself in the foot for the last five years. This also means trust is nearly impossible to establish and only the ‘fools and idiots’ will work for such a man as Susan rise put it eloquently.
    2) He has clearly been deceitful, misinforming and lying to the public claiming ESAT is independent while it is being funded by the Muslim brotherhood. So instead of ESAT being the ‘eye and ear of the Ethiopian people’, it is now the ‘eye and ear of the Muslim brotherhood and Shabia’.
    3) He has been advocating for civil war in Ethiopia while he and his family live in comfort and luxury here in the US. It stinks a tiny bit of duplicity and hypocrisy to ask those in Ethiopia to do something you clearly isn’t willing to do. He sends his kids to private schools while he wants to send other people kids to war so he can get the power he desperately craves.
    4) Above all he claimed that he is funding and using the peaceful opposition in Ethiopia, which is now going to make their life difficult. This clearly is going to be the lasting implication of the secret tape’s revelation.
    5) It shows how hollow all the so called agreement with OLF, ONLF, EPPF and all violent groups is as he clearly thinks he is superior to them all. No surprise there but I bet they will be surprised about his arrogance and condescending views.

    In conclusion, the political landscape in Ethiopia has been brutalised and tortured by a generation of egotistical, know it all, deceivers, fraudsters and cheats in all camps. So it is time for these none achiever generation to evacuate the political scene with their poison chalets, to the young generation. The young generation should also be forceful in its conviction to force the dead weight generation out of Ethiopian politics as their achievement is something to be embarrassed about. From overseeing the greatest loss of human life throughout the history of human beings due to famine, to ethnic polarisation and deep seated hatred etc… These are the legacy the dead generation is passing to the young generation. We should say, we are ashamed and embarrassed of you and now it is our turn to overturn and reverse your shameful legacy so we can pass, a prosperous, democratic and just Ethiopia to our kids.

    God bless Ethiopia!

    • Mario says:

      Good job Netsanet, I can’t say it more! This man has never been a nan enough to stand for what he believed! I don’t even know if this guy believes in anything ! He doesn’t have any human sense in him!

      He sold heroic certificate for $500 , which have never been seen in the entire human history ! I don’t know what these who bought the fake certificate was thinking! You can’t buy a heroic certificate , but you can only earn it!

      He bragged that he is going to over throw the EPRDF in 6 months! What I wonder is, these who believed this guy while he deceiving them repeatedly!

      Wow Ethiopia , you have born Alula aba Nega , Belai zeleke, Zeray Deres…. & Berhanu Nega , Almariam,Abebe Gelaw/Belew… As well!

      • Idris says:

        Do not twist what Nesanet is saying to your own end, that is supporting TPLF and Berket. You are really a paid outpost.

        I do not think Nesanet is supporting TPLF, he is expressing his disatisfaction by the generation that includes TPLF and Bereket.

        We are watching you. Change your false name by a newer false name and try again until we detect you again!

        • Mario says:


          You might must be a sick human being! Did you ever hear woyane hiding for some reason? Never!! Woyanes are the heroes & heroines of this century who started their struggle empty handed & won over the biggest Army in Africa!

          Just discuss matters!
          Woyane has been there never been defeated, it is there with more power than ever & will continue to be there eternally, coz it is a Tigrian peoples struggle!

          Idris all you can do is hate & hate will burn you to death!

    • Jawar says:

      Eritrea is broke like a schoolgirl so it is obvious where the money comes from. Plus this evil of a man called Birhanu is only interested in power, power power by any means necessary.

      Something is going down big time in the house of cards called Birhanu Nega’s brown nosers. Time will tell.

      • dd says:

        Nobody understood Berhanu, he is interested in the money, nothing else. That is why he and other like OLF are reorganizing them selves for full time jobs which only requires talking none sense. I hate that other litay litay bay Tamagn also.

    • Neka says:

      Nice one Netsanet,It sounds like Birhanu is saying, out of all the slaves of Eritrea and Muslim Brotherhood I am the best slave because I follow their order very well.

      He cheats,lies, deceives and manipulates those who are either willing or fools and idiots. But I am now awake from my slumber.

  3. Danger says:

    looooool @our meadia including ESAT

  4. teshome says:

    Thumbs up and tip my hat off
    Thank you very much for such an investigative journalism report. This is simply extraordinary performance.
    If ESAT journalists have good brain, this is how they should learn the way investigative journalism is done. Rather than reporting ምንጮቻች እንዳሉን: ከምንጮቻች እዳገኘነው.. የሚል ዘገባ ከማቅረብ. That is why ESAT report is always a lie to the 99th percentile.
    Dawit, Again and again thank you very much. you were so helpful for last couple of months in reporting the truth.

    One of my close friend who was kinijit supporter had always a wrong perception about Berhanu Nega. ….My freind always argued with me ” Birhanu Nega is a valuable asset of Ethiopia and he is also one of the few dynamic political figures.”
    He, my friend still call him Mayor Berhanu. I am now so eager to listen what my friend will react to this evidence of ant Ethiopian sentiment Berhanu advocating.
    አሁንማ ሳስበው ይህ ሰውዬ እንቶ ፈንቶ ነገር ነው
    Berhanu is an albatross around Ethiopian Neck, Our late PM Meles Zenawi was technical genius, he was time and again describing this failed ‘PHD’ and his associates in the parliament and in his interview as የሻዓቢያ ተልላላኪዎች. What else proof we need other than this shocking confession.
    Berhanu Nega seems to be armed to the teeth በወሬ ማለቴ ነው

  5. MMzeleke says:

    Thankyou Dave for latas how is how we proud of you however we will fight them bake

  6. Gebez says:

    እነዚህ ሰዎች ምንድነው እያደረጉ ያሉት? ትግላቸው ህዝባዊ ነው ወይስ ግላዊ? ህዝባዊ ትግል ከሆነ ህዝቡን ማቀፍ፣ክህዝቡ መሃል መገኘት፣ህዝቡን ማንቃት፣ማደራጀት፣ማስታጠቅ ነበረባቸው:: እኛ ግን ትግላቸው ግላዊ እንደሆነ እናውቃለን:: ለግል ዝና፣ለግል ጥቅም ተብሎ ኣንድን የኢትዮጵያ ኣካል መትቶ እና ኣምበርክኮ ወደ ስልጣን ኮረቻ ለመምጣጥ የሚደረገው ያለው ሽርጉድ ያሳስበናልም በኢትዮጵያዊነታችንም ያሳዝነናል:: ከሁሉም በላይ ደሞ እነዚህ ሰዎች የሚመርጡኣቸው ያሉት የውጭ የትግል ኣጋሮች የኢትዮጵያችን ዘላለማዊ ጠላቶች መሆናቸውን ስናስታውስ ያለን ኣማራጭ ለናት ኣገራችን ብለን እነዚህን ሰዎች ተግተን መዋጋት ብቻ እንደሆነ እናስታውሳለን::ወያነ/ኢህኣዴግ በኣገር ውስጥ ከህዝቡ መሃል ሁኖ፣ ከህዝቡ ጋር ተወያይቶ፣ተመካክሮ፣ የህዝቡን ልብ እና ድጋፍ ኣግኝቶ ለሃገራዊ ኣላማ ስለተዋጋ ነው ድል የተጎናፀፈው’ንጂ ማንም ባዕድ ባዘጋጀለት ሓመረ_መርከብ ኣይደለም ኣዲሳባ የገባው:: የነዚህ ሰዎች ትግል ነገር ፍየል ወዲህ ቅዝምዝም ወዲያ ኣይነት ነው:: በህዝቡ ልብ ውስጥ ፈፅሞ የሉም:: ወገኖች ልብ እንበል!!

  7. Ethiopia Tikdem says:


    • joro says:

      me either lol i think Dawit trying to tell us that G7 is working hard not sleeping lol thank u again i hope they doing something!!!! that’s all count !!

      • Tenagariw! says:

        Me too, I do not see any conspiracy or foul! It is rather about setting sound strategy for struggle for freedom! Ginbot 7 is giving sleepless night to TPLF.

  8. GS says:

    Berhanu is opportunist. He can sell ethiopia if he can get his way. We have to start a campaign exposing him. He has extereme ideology and the college staff and the students should be aware of this. Expose him in school paper. Write his EPRP days. His conspiracy to assasinate government officials. His selfish activity to destablize ethiopia hence east africa with aligning with the dictatorial regime in Eritrea. His funding by this regime, these are legitmate issues to raise in the place where he works.

    • Ambshka says:

      You sound a bit confused. Who sold Ethiopia’s access to the sea? Who helped create the dictatorial regime in Eritrea? Who told Berhanu Negga to “go to the bush or accept what we give you”?

  9. hermi says:

    E1. Berhanu single handedly can order ESAT what to air and what not to say. Nothing new for most of us but it was a nice revelation for some.

    2. His organization G7 has no meaningful force and is counting on DEMHIT (a disgruntled rag tag group allegedly from TIGRAY -believed to have been stuffed by Eritreas soldiers) – is all Dr Berhanu is counting on. He is counting on Tigryans- however disgraceful the DEMHIT rag tags are, to put him in 4 killo.

    3. The true boss is the Eritrean gov’t and they are the architect.Berhanu is the errand boy. My question is what happens when the regime in Asmara collapse ? His callous behavior is also a risk (liability) to the Eritrean regime, Asmara is not going to like.

    4. If the so-called EPPF, OLF, AMHARA …are sitting in Asmara and are worthless, why was he and his ESAT collecting money on their behalf? Is DEMHIT another shaebia style for raising funds from the stupid diaspora?

    What Shaebia is doing now is similar to what it did in Somalia. It created and supported all the different groups including infiltrating Eritrean fighters with the rank and file of alshabab and look what happened to Somalia. Asmara is heading similarly and Berhanu is the Tahir Awey of Somalia.

  10. korojo says:

    aye yegna gud meche yihun yemiabeqaw! And tesfa bilich ale senel wediyaw degmo dergim yilal! Min yishalatal ichi ager…

  11. ttuu says:

    One of the statements he made about Esat was very interesting. The “Dr.” said ,”Esat has to stop the news they proved by creating the news.” I was always wondering about East’s news because I never found any metrics to believe their story line. At this information age if an entity don’t back up a story line with facts the story would be undermined for sure. East has line of stories based on he said, she said format. The stories sound like chats Ethiopians raise when they gather in coffee shops and bars.

  12. Mahlet Asefa says:

    This Devil son of Diabilos is signing up young Ethiopian men to Die. I thought he promised to go the battle field himself on his personal TV esat. I guess his enormous Borch wouldn’t let him. Besides we all know he will never ever neveeeer go to fight EPRDF himself. He knows the mighty force of the JEGNA ETHIOPIAN SERAWIT will crash him in a second. And I’m surprised at the numbers of the fighters they plan to send to fight the strongest Army in east Africa…. ’20 Tegadays from Amhara’ 0 from ginbot7 and probably 100 from TPDM aka Demhit. Ooooh no EPRDF should be soooo scared of the 120 men that are marching towards it with fear and most of all very shameful and Disgraceful Disgusting leadership by the ever hodam evil Birhanu. Ooooh lucky lucky EPRDF if not your wise brave KORAT leadership the lazy maferia idiotic diaspora opposition will keep you in power for a long long long time. And Birhanu for whatever reason this audio was released its truly entertaining, ive always thought he would be more successful in comedy than politics.

    • KIFLE says:

      Tesfaye Kifle listen carefully @ 42 sec,3 m 30 sec ,4 m 27sec and z tone in GENERAL . This audio does not RECORD at z SAME TIME !!!!

  13. Meron says:

    In this leaked conversation, Dr. Berhanu clearly said that “…but our media keAhun Behuala including ESAT yelelochachewn neger eyaweta yeminagerew yaqomal …” in his reference to EPPF, and other parties that rejected to join him.

    Now, it is clear who owns ESAT.
    What would some of the ESAT supporters that insulted and ridiculed Dawt of AT (Awrambatimes) for claiming that ginbot 7 owns ESAT?

    • dredx says:

      Te’egre Meron, your problem is you don’t know Amharic well and have difficuties to understand that an AUDIO can be injected or modified by Woyanes for this purpose.

  14. Andargachew says:

    This fool doctor thinks that there are Tigrians (TPDM according to him) that are interested to put him in Arat Killo? Jil!

    TPDM is full of shabia soldiers, and the minute it shoots a single bullet towards Ethiopia, it would be the end for shabia. Ethiopia would attack the weakened Eritrean soldiers, and like the 1998-2000, it would take less than a week to control the whole of Eritrea.

    I am sure dictator Isayas won’t be stupid to end his life. He said he got a life lesson in the last war he arrogantly started.

    • Michael says:

      Anyway TPDM is ready to smash Weyane. After the fall of banda Weyane Ethiopia and Eritrea will form a Federation. The two brotherly peoples will work and live together peacefully. G’7 is simply talking, talking, still we don’t see any practical heroizm. TPDMS are a strong fighters because it’s formed by former Tigray fighters or Tegadelti. Hodam and tultula Weyane cadre time is short.

      • Andargachew says:

        I would have believed you if I weren’t from Tigrai. Did you get ante mogn shabian Cadre?

        As someone who have insider information of TPDM aka Shabia playing toys, TPDM is full of shabia soldiers, and the minute it shoots a single bullet towards Ethiopia, it would be the end for shabia. Ethiopia would attack the weakened Eritrean soldiers, and like the 1998-2000, it would take less than a week to control the whole of Eritrea.

        I am sure dictator Isayas won’t be stupid to end his life. He said he got a life lesson in the last war he arrogantly started.

      • hyohannes says:

        hadami, they can’t do nothing , because they have no enough gut

  15. liyu says:

    I do not hear any big deal in the audio. He says what he used to say in public with regard to working with other parties. As to ESAT’s remark, how about if he is referring to all media except those owned by the ruling party? He doesn’t say he owns ESAT. Dawit, you have changed a strategy, from direct insulting to investigative journalism. If it is your own work, bravo to dig out. If the ruling regime supplied you, then you were just a channel. Anyway, thanks for this kind of work even if you try to stretch it sometimes to make your point (anti-Birihanu and anti-ESAT point).

  16. galaxy says:

    Brhanu Nega’s G7 is confused. they do not have a single soldier in eritera. Shabeya ordered them to merge with TPDM (Tigray people’s democratic movement. Yes, Abraham Yayeh also said like that in his previous interview with awramba times. He said that he can give them upto 100, 000 soldiers. kkkkkkkkkkkk..
    The so called opposition in excile must be crizy. they are only business men, politics for business. Modern merchants.
    How on earth they can bring change through armed struggle? impossible !!!! and not nessariy. oppostion can bring change through election and peaceful propotest only.
    Now egypt is almost submitting. There will not be conflicts of the nile any more. The only target is shabeya. it is possible to kill shabeya easily. it is not a big deal, shabeya can be removed any time.

  17. Bora says:

    Now I realised Dr brahmu is the cancer for The
    Ruling party supporters. I never heard from
    Ethioian politician so controversial as Bereket
    and Dr Brahanu. Where ever u go around the
    Web these both individuals name.
    Some EPRDF supporters expect from oppositions
    to hold a banner with Meles zenawi portrait and
    cry for he’s “legacy”

  18. Dereje H says:

    wey ene Dereje, jabatatek lig. I said in my article I dont lie, but within not more than 3 days dr.Birhanu exposed me. I ask the ethiopian people an apologie because every body knows that we are the puppet of Birhanu Nega zebihere Welkite

  19. Minyewab says:

    I have always thought this guy (Dawit) was genuinely an independent journalist and defended him all the time I argued with my friends about his journalism. I can see now why people think he is TPLF mole although still I personally don’t believe he is. But I can’t understand his obsession with condemning and exposing ESAT and Ginbot 7 exactly the way ESAT and Ginbot7 are obsessed with exposing TPLF. I am not surprised with Ginbot 7 and ESAT’s obsession because they have made it obvious from the very beginning and Dr Berhanu is not denying the fact that he is ready to accept any help from anyone who help to get rid of the TPLF regime. I think this only show his honest commitment to his cause. Woyane did the same while they were fighting Derge. You are not exposing him by releasing his leaked audios. Instead what you are doing is proving what people have been saying about you being TPLF mole. I am not condemning you for being that because you have a right to work for them. But in all these, try to be on the majority of oppressed Ethiopian people’s side. You may call him a terrorist but he was giving a testimony on the Ethiopian regime in the US congress recently. Doesn’t that tell you what US officials think of him? I know ESAT and Ginbot 7 are only focusing on the wrongs of Ethiopian regime. I only understand that because of the lack of free media in Ethiopia which can provide unbiased information to the Ethiopians. Ethiopian Radio and TV talk about the great achievement of the Ethiopian government even when the arrest and kill innocent people. ESAT is only reporting the crime that the government is committing which is otherwise not reported in Ethiopia. This way they are balancing each other. So that is like getting both the bad and the good that the government is doing although it is more of the bad. But my advice to those who don’t learn from history is, don’t be on the side of those who are going down. Look at Russia and China, The stood with Egypt, and then Libya and now with Syria. You can see they are always with losers because they are dictatorial regimes themselves. But look at USA’s and UK’s position. They were with Mubarak. The moment people rose against him; they changed their position and stood with the Egyptian people. It wouldn’t be any different with Ethiopia.

  20. TEREGAGU says:

    Reading most of the comments here I can sense immediately how media can send people mind from north to south! Power of Media…before saying anything about Dr Berhanu Nega, one should ask: how in the hell Dawit got these recordings and who uses him to create the turmoil we see: clearly, the only answer here is those who are seriously anti-Dr Berhanu, aka woyane! 2/ it also show that G7 has still to do some cleaning on its yard since obviously someone is betraying him…oh politics and in b/w here we are, all Ethiopians pro or anti trying to prove dawit’s wrong or right! Who cares about Dawit? he is not any different from any other media…someone is feeding him and he plays with it…now it is very intriguing to see in these tape that sounds keep changing from one meeting to another meeting, as if there was some cutting and pasting to make it sound real and viable , and put also in a context that is not really logic…Dr Berhanu is into politics so he will play his cards as meles did …politics damn politics they will all lie…that is not the issue …why people get excited in stoning Dr Berhanu because he says “our media” could it not be read as “our” because it is definitely not “woyane”??? I do not like the person of BN personally so please do not think am pro G7. I am just being objective here and asking you what is wrong for someone to say “our” media since it represents an opposite voice to woyane? If you ask me this is a serious plot organized by TPLF to divide Ethiopians more than ever…so please oppositions do not be altered by what is being said here and there about berhanu…THE FOCUS REMAIN TO DESTROY TPLF BY ALL MEANS…AND FOR THAT ANY MEANS IS GOOD…SO DAWIT , GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND TRY TO UNIFY OPPOSITION VOICE IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE TPLF GONE! BECAUSE THAT IS YOUR OFFICIAL STAND NO? but you know what, I am more sceptic about you than BN who is definitely clear about his target and choise…you are digging into mud, not knowing if as a tigre, you should advocate a serious anti-woyane news or if you should play in b/w the lines till you figure it out…DR BERHANU , IF YOU ARE SMART YOU CAN USE THIS AT YOUR OWN ADVANTAGE …IGNORE THE MEDIA SAGA AND FOCUS ON YOUR OBJECTIVE OF DESTROYING WOYANE…HELL, AWRAMBA IS NOT GOING TO BRING THAT FOR ETHIOPIA 🙂 YE WORE KOIT

    • kebraraw says:

      you are no more than him bullshit asshole you think you can convince us by trying to defend him while he has confeced to us that he is the worst man in the planet who sales his country and people for some dollars he is an animal and you too teregagu ylal demo wisha mnabah miyaregaga hone ena new mnregagaw you just answered in your reason number 2 saying ” G7 need to clean it self as some one has betrayed him ” ofcourse any one would betray him when he tries to sell the country and recieves some dollar to disstablize ethiopia even his supporters would not accept this as they are ethiopians and no real ethiopian would like to see ethiopea bean jeopordised unless he is like you and dedeb brhanu fuck you once again as you are not better than him mr. teregagu

    • kebede says:

      u act like a good writer…..you better try another shoot..
      When ppls say the truth you guys never swallow it…that’s ok
      we will help you to swallow without having any trouble.

  21. Muzungi Ujuluu says:


    “He(Dr.Berhanu Nega) sold heroic certificate for $500 , which have never been seen in the entire human history ! I don’t know what these who bought the fake certificate was thinking! You can’t buy a heroic certificate , but you can only earn it!” you wrote

    You don’t sound entrepreneural by any stretch of the term. Of course anything under the sun can be sold if it is only profitable and you happen to be from an entrepreneural community with experience for the profit taste, smell, look and touch.

    “War is never economically beneficial except for those in position to profit from war expenditures.” ~Ron Paul 🙂

  22. Zizu says:

    Esat is slave of g7- G7 slave of shabya or morsi which means Esat is not free media or slave of shabya or 2nd Eritrea tv

  23. Seifu says:

    Mission statement of ESAT (Eritrean Satellite Television) – (Not a fake)

    Directed and censored by Dr. Birhanu Nega, the Eritrean Satellite Television (ESAT) is the first Egyptian dependent Eritrean satellite service tasked to produce and disseminate the inaccurate and unbalanced Neftenya’s propaganda and hatred with primary target of collecting money from ignorant diaspora, and destroying Ethiopia for the interest of Shabia and Muslim brotherhood.

  24. Mike says:

    I would like to hear ESAT (Eritrean Satellite Television) journalists including Sisay Agena, Dereje, Tamagn, Tamagn’s brother (i.e. the guy who show-up on TV while he is on drug influence – sorry I forgot his name), and others criticizing journalists at ETV, Ethiopia radio, and Fana radio for taking orders from Bereket Semon and for degrading the standards of journalism.

    You say anything on media just to fill your belly by collecting $ from the uneducated and uncivilized Ethiopian diaspora. You all are junks! You all are fake journalists.

  25. Mike says:

    Mission statement of ESAT (Eritrean Satellite Television) – (Not a fake)

    Directed and censored by Dr. Birhanu Nega, the Eritrean Satellite Television (ESAT) is the first Egyptian dependent Eritrean satellite service tasked to produce and disseminate the inaccurate and unbalanced Neftenya’s propaganda and hatred with primary target of collecting money from ignorant diaspora, and destroying Ethiopia for the interest of Shabia and Muslim brotherhood.

  26. Ermi says:

    I don’t have any comment on Dr. Brihanu’s audio cause I don’t ponder about him that much and there is nothing much in the audio that suggest the existance of conspiracy. But from the the comments above and the title of the story, so many of you seem desperate……

    peace and love to all!

  27. Yetu Awramba says:

    Most of you are bunch of looser, tray to do something then you have a moral to talk to others work. Weyane is destroying the country who is going to pay billions of debt from china and others? The country has the worst leaders ever the new generation become hopeless, fake economy grow doesn’t lead us any where. above all we need freedom, we should stop to accept police state and living in terror.

    • kebede says:

      that’s ok try to keep your anger in low tone….”Woyane” they are hard workers as well if you try to touch without respecting them…they are like bee’s…..so better watch …eat your burger and Tuletulahen Nefa…

  28. Getaw says:


    Out of all these two points come to mind.

    1. That G7 does not have soldiers. They have nothing and Dr B admitted it. So all those years they were basically lying !!!! i felt really sorry for their supporters.

    2. Do you remember EPDM ? They used to be EPRP. They left and they form their own group. TPLF then with the help of Shabia was controlling the whole Tigray. they tried to move south but were defeated. So they needed some group that can do political work among the people,so that they can be accepted in Gonger, Wello, Shewa ….

    They then approach EPDM. Their leader was Yared Tibebu. Tamrat Layne, Bereket Simeon, Andargachew Tsegue ..were all part of EPDM. Shabia basically strengthen militariliy the TPLF and used as a tool EPDM politically. Once they overthrew the Derg EPDM was pushed out and TPLF emmerged for they controlled the military. Yared Tibebu , after forming EPRDF, claiming that he has some work to do abroad, left the EPRDF before they came to power.

    23 years later, c’est dejas vues again. Shabia, after dismantling and destroying EPPF, organized and formed TPDM. They asked G7 to work with TPDM. “TPDM has military and you can do the political work .. so it will good if you work together” said Shabia.

    If G7/TPDM takes power, since TPDM controlled the military, wouldn’t G7 be like EPDM ????? Shabia is repeating basically the same thing . Does G7 knows the program of TPDM ? How come when OLF and EPPF are so weakened and basically vanishing this TPDM is getting stronger ?

    The other item that must not be forgotten is this. Shabia is preparing all these forces not for ethiopia, but incase there is war with Ethiopia, to place them forward as explosive detonators. Eritreans will be at the back and ethiopians will be the first victims. That is the plan of Shabia. For G7 to forget what they did to EPDM and blindly trusting Shabia is beyond my imagination.

    Particularly for Andargachew who was also an EPDM member, to be repeating the same mistake is uncomprehensible.

  29. kebraraw says:

    ውሻ ነህ ብርሃኑ ነጋ ኣያንጋብህ እና የስልጣን እና የ ብር ጥም ብቻ ነው ያለክ ኣንተ ውሻ ቆሻሻ ደደብ ሰውበላ በወገናችን እልቂት ኣንተ ስልጣን ልትይዝ ታየህ ኣደል ኣንተ ህልመኛ ኣህያ ውሻ ቆሻሻ ብየህ ኣለው ይሀም ስያንስህ ነውእና ቆሮቆንዳ ራስ ከንት የማትረባ ውዳቂ ኣገር ኣሰዳቢ ጅብ ወረበላ ድሮውስ ከዚ ኣልፈክ ምት ታረጋለህ ድሮም ማጅራት መቺ ነበርክ ኣሁን ደሞ የኣረብ ባርያ ውሻ የውሻ ልጅ

  30. Alex says:

    hey Guys, i believe Dr. Birhanu`s G-7 is not such a big treat to Ethiopia.
    I also believe that Dr. Birhanu is not such an idiot who thinks that by hurting his country he can achieve his seat at Arat killo.
    what he wants is that he just want to show to woyane some military moves so that woyane will come to the table.
    The real treat to Ethiopia is woyanes stubborn stand against reconciliation with oppositions and diaspora and all ethiopians

    • Helen says:

      Shame on you.
      How many people have to die, how much money must be spent and above all how much should Ethiopia bleed further in addition to what we have seen for the last 30 to 40 years until your Berhanu and you show your military move that is convincing enough to bring TPLF to the table?

      You and your Berhanu, why do not you two go to the jungle and fight instead of immorally wanting others to die for you?

      You are immoral as well as criminal equal to TPLF.

  31. Debit says:

    Looking at the comments, it seems the weyane dogs are trying to make a big deal out of nothing.
    1. Do you really believe that this video was leaked by anyone else than Woyane? The junta is feeding you this news to weaken the opposition. I am sure they laughing and being grateful to you for doing their dirty job
    2. How the hell do think any opposition could defeat such a powerful dictatorial regime, if they were to refuse any external help? Print a fake money? Woyane came to Addis because the support they got from Shabia, Egypt and Sudan. Do you think they would have defeated Dergue otherwise??
    Think Guys! The Woyane is trying to divide and weaken the opposition, and looking at your comments, it seems they have an easy job.

  32. nahimiya says:

    Awra amba
    What is the source of your information. As a journalist refer your source, otherwise do’t try to make a fracture between the opposition. I advice you Mr. Dawit don’t be jealous. This is not the time to talk about those who need to over-through the Woyane regime. I think you have some link with government. You always try to be unique after you got some difference with Abraha Belay and some opposition group, please stand with the people to over-through the woyane.

    • dubale says:

      Please donot make me luagh. Why do u want the source???do not you believe that it is dr birhanu speaking on the audio????

    • Helen says:

      Shame on you too!
      The problem is not Dawit. The problem is Berhanu and your immoral attitude. Go and figure it out.

      Read my comment to Alex, that applies to you too!

      Your immoral days are gone ….

  33. bekele says:

    i don’t see any news here. we already know from the start G7 is ready to accept help from anyone, even from the devil, to throw away TPLF from power.

    • Helen says:

      Oh, there is a big news.
      ESAT’s Editorial is dictated by Berhanu.
      You are blind selectively.
      See my comments to Alex, they apply to you too!

  34. Mesfin says:

    Thanks Awranba for let us know the truth! The media should provide the unbiased information to the public before it is too late. I believe you are doing good job and playing your part! like most Ethiopian, I oppose the current government for the violation of universal human right against its people , however; i strongly oppose G7 for working with Shabia because i have many shabia friends none of them don’t see the strong and one Ethiopia! so their aim is collect Ertrian solders give them a name called TPDM to defeat this government by any means and enjoy their plan ” ERTRIA LEBICHACIN ETHIOPIA LEGARACHIN” . I still believe ESAT can bring changes if they can convince they are not working for Birhanu and Shabi!
    God bless Ethiopia !

  35. dereso says:

    You believe or not Berhanu and his G7 is the night mare of TPLF and its associates. All this is new, Berhanu said it in public several times

    There will be much noise from TPLF and its supporters as G7 intensifies its struggle and intensive pain is exerted on the ruling junta.
    Come on guys come back to your sense and refrain from TPLF’s ethno-fascistic rule.
    Berhanu and Co are doing a good job and they are part of freeing from the yolk of the woyane junta

  36. Labader says:

    Ato Dawit you are one of the TPLF contractor,G7 will do anything to lead all Ethiopians free.Please stop it brother.

  37. Ayele says:

    Am i seeing the first real media from an expected corner is emerging with AT in the Diaspora? Hope Dawit and his team can sustain it and grow it while being independent. At any rate this would be a hall mark in Ethiopian recent media history. Go on Dawit. You have the moral high ground already, and thanks for bringing the light and hope for more to come.

  38. freedom says:

    Dear Editor,
    It seems to me u are moderating and posting only comments you want to see posted. Posts defaming and insulting to individuals specially Dr Birhanu and defaming ESAT.
    I am suspecting u may not consider to post my comment as it criticises your editing and your fans.
    Were you denied employment in ESAT/Genbot7? The way u cover topics looks like u have issue with them.
    You also remain tribal because u prefer defending your kins than take centrer position. Check out all the posts.
    Most are either from pro TPLF/Woyane team or old national guards who have no trust for politicians from another segment of the country or who believe Ethiopia is the private property of rulers from the Norht of the country. Nauseating to read much of the hate posts any way. From my perspective this forum has terribly gone wrong.

  39. sara says:

    where did u get this from? I suspect from the TPLF intelligence. But the guy is a moron.

  40. lakech says:

    Wow, this audio confirms that Dr. Birhanu is not seating idle as many other crippled and “loyal” opposition group. If indeed it is true, no doubt to understand that he is making trouble around those who are in power and their supporters.

    TPLF has ETV. So, where is the problem is G7 has some voice through ESAT? I am sure TPLF want to monopolize ESAT. Is that not sickness at all?

    • Helen says:

      Yes, he is busy doing childish things.
      Yes, he is busy doing immoral things.
      Yes, he is busy doing criminal things.

  41. Dagnachew says:

    What amazes me is why other Ethiopian websites are not carrying this scandal in their news coverage. I have a list here:

    1. Abay Media
    2. Abe Tokichaw
    3. Abugida
    4. Addis Voice
    5. ECADforum
    6. EMF
    7. Ethiomedia
    8. Ethiopian review
    9. Ethiopia Zare
    10. Zehabesha

    Why? Are they not for the people?

    We need answer!!

    We have to thank Dawit Kebede for breaking this news and others for broadcast it!!

    • Omar says:

      They are silent because some such as Abay Media are his!

      Others such as Addis Voice, Ethiomedia, and few more are connected to Berehanu through ESAT.

      The rest such as Ethiopia Review, EMF, are still logically not completely free from their immoral attitude of trying to have it both ways – through peaceful struggle as well as armed struggle.

      I am glad if the editors and administers of these websites come out and prove me wrong!

    • Gedam says:


      Good observation. Yes they don’t care. Most are singing the same old song, uncritical and not independent and professional liers. It is sad, but that is the fact. That is the one reason that the Ethiopian diaspora is so weak and contra productive to themselves and useless to the people back in Ethiopia.

    • Ermi says:

      There is no scandal. The audio has nothing. Moreover, the audio is edited – used his many different speeches to to fool ppl. Yet, it still has nothing. If there is anything the audio tells, then the guy is working and scaring the Woyane tugs.

      Woyane is trying to divert the discussion away from democracy and poverty.

      Peace and love to all!

      • Dagnachew says:

        I know there are who try to defend the the indefensible. If you are an Ethiopian, I call on your “helina” to look at your reasoning and see if what you said makes sense.

        If you are not an Ethiopian, well tough luck, there is zero chance you can distract a single Ethiopian with this type of diversion tactic.

    • Yoni says:

      Because they are anti Ethiopian Elements. Discussing this issue is not in Shabiya’s interest as it is their puppet master via Egypt.

  42. Hailu says:

    Thank you for your courage to stand with the truth. I was initially skeptical about the report. I am convinced now without any doubt that the editorial of ESAT is dictated by Ginbot 7.

    I hereby declare to start a movement ESAT return our contribution.

    This a complete breach of thrust on the part of ESAT contribution collecters.

    Dereje H., I will always remember you for your lies.

  43. Lemlem says:

    All the above are g7; It is not good they are not posting because it tells who they are and what they are for.

    Although, it is good; the traffic will flow to Dawit website because Dawit is now a unique, neutral and professional journalist. The others are not journalists, they hate mongers and they will hide anything that is truth and either make up their own only to tarnish EPRDF. This will make the people ask who is truthful? Dawit is eclipsing everyone. Go Dawit, go , you will set up a new Ethiopian Aljezira soon if you keep up this deep investigative journalism. I encourage you to do the same about corruption within Ethiopia. You will do favour Ethiopian people if you do expose, corruption in Ethiopia in this way. All you need to do is to have underground office in every Kilil and send them miniature hidden camera which capture corruption transactions and you air them. Then you will help the Ethiopian people more than the government does. Please do that.

  44. Gezaee H. says:

    Message to all Ethiopians:

    Please we wasted half a century in war because of Egypt armed Shabia and woyane. People used to migrate to Ethiopia during Haileslassie early days in power according to my reading. People migrating from England to Ethiopia. Ethiopia was in good position then before the famine. But things went wrong when the British became a bone in the throat for Haileslassie policies. Haileslassie, no matter how we hate or accuse him, he had plans set to harness the Nile and to do large scale irrigation. But his plan was hijacked by Egypt and UK and the Americans betrayed him. Then everything went down the hill after that and then Ethiopia became a famine victim that shocked the entire humanity on our planet. This was because of Egypt and UK government interference in Ethiopia’s internal affaires. Then they armed Shabia first and then Woyane indirectly using Shabia. I was born in war and grew up in war because of Egypt.

    My message to Dr. Birhanu et al. is that the bible says fools destroy their house while the wise build their house. If you can not figure out how to struggle without taking alms from enemies, then you have no the capability to lead Ethiopians. your struggle is a prima facie evident you have no what it takes to be a leader.

    Woyane has to landlock Ethiopia to pay its debt to the money it took from Egypt. There was no way Meles could survive without landlocking Ethiopia because they could have killed Meles immediately if he would not do what they told him to do. After taking half million dollars? You are not Dr. Berhanu, you will be the slave of Shabia and Egypt. Because who the hell on earth would give free money for Dr. Berhanu? Do you think Shabia give money because Shabia loves Ethiopia? or Egypt loves Ethiopia?

    I found your agenda laughable very much. I personally happy if woyane or EPRDF can be replaced by better and more patriotic government , but not by the type of you guys who lies and cheat your own citizens and take money from enemies. Taking money from NGOS who understand and help for better change is not bad, but taking money from Shabia, Egypt, is just suicide. You know suicide will not get you anywhere. If you take other people money, you will be the slave and will not have any gut of your own.

    If this all what you do, then you are not different from woyane or EPRDF. They did not do anything different. I have read many arguments that says because Woyane and Shabia did we have to do it? if you believe you have to be like woyanes and Shabia? why are you different from them? Why do the Ethiopian people need you if you are another new brand woyane?

    A house that is built on sand will crumple down easily. It will not last long. We 100% now know ESAT belongs not to Ethiopian but to Shabia and Egypt. It does not even belong to G7. You guys have lost credibility now.

    You can not build or help 94 million people like this.

    We do not like Woyane or EPRDF but we do not want our people to kill each other for Egypt or Shabia.

    My advise to EPRDF: now it is apparent that since there are external forces involved in our national affaires as they public told us and as we can hear with our own ears. The government must do the following:
    1. Ban any part that is in Ethiopia that has links with G7. Intercept emails, communications and apply the law on those who have links with G7. Outlaw all the political parties which are involved with G7. No mercy on those who weave violence in our country. We have lost so much lives and properties , time by war. No sane Ethiopia would love war anymore in our country.
    2. Release all political prisoners
    3. Allow good political parties to come in home even from outside; EPRP is still sound and sane movement that does not sell Ethiopia. I suggest EPRP should be allowed to go home and work as peaceful civil movement.

    Due to the fact EPRP is the people movement and it has the blood print of all Ethiopians; I do believe EPRP has the potential to become the best all inclusive reformed political movement. There are no Ethiopians who did not gave their child to EPRP.

    6.Please tighten the immigration, border, visa.

    7. Governments across the world has cyber intelligence and if you do not have cyber intelligence, you need to set up cyber intelligence, at national level and international level and intercept rogue emails, and communications between violent political movements.

    8.I hate EPRDF policies and I wanted EPRDF to be removed as soon as possible, but I want no war in Ethiopia anymore. It must be done peacefully like in civilized countries.
    9. Please please, stop robbing the country together with foreigner investors; please this is driving us mad ;it is not our fault; your policies are against Ethiopia. Please stop raping the country for money.

    • Dima Dimanco says:

      Thank you Gezaee H. it is a good analyses. we are living in 21st century which the world thinking and the role of government is completely changed unless we accept that change and change ourselves. if we dowel on the past. we can’t go any farther but we can be a toll for others and we will be a beiger for the rest of our survival. in this modern time no body want to go to war unless the have rigged extreme fanatic out look or guided by stubborn me only thinking. to manipulate people by the name of freedom, liberation and so on to hold power is a cover up but people are more wiser now they look dip not the sugar coted words. history can tell us so called liberators turn notorious dictators. you can tell about them from their infant stage they lead and live with out principle which is a foundation and identity for that grope or party. first and for most is not to sell or do any harm for your own people that you claim that you stand for to gain a short time success. from all stable and developed government what we learn about them every single change they make it doesn’t come with single night or abrupt revolution but consistent and evolutionary process. The peaceful non violet civil right movement lead by MLK, Indira Gandhi in India; the great lieder Nelson Mandela; there struggle was none violent but the result they get is substantial and irreversible. two days a go I was listening The Dr. interview with ESAT jest to give him a benefit of doubt and to be fair and independent but the more I hear him the more he was exposing himself how self sintered arrogant he is. for example when he justify about the money “We accept any money unless they attach any thing to harm Ethiopia” what is rely that means. even one elementary child can finger this out. what is there purpose to give him money? to destabilized the country. his mission is done wright there is no need of him or after that. there achieving there goal when he accept that money. from whom are you fighting with your own people.

  45. mesfin says:

    Gezaee H. I am agree what you have written with exception of ESAT.

  46. gud eko new says:

    Mr Bonger must be ashamed to have such a wish- washy for a ‘son’. Lay folk won’t forgive when he said he will sleep with anyone to bring about change in Ethiopia, even the Devil, himself. As an economist, he should have known that nothing is ‘ free’. If he chooses to accept ‘ favors’ he will have to return in ‘ kind’. Will the Doc cede Beni Shagul for a ‘ shot’ at Arat Kilo? I betcha!

  47. ካሳ says:

    ግንቦት ሰባት በወያኔ አሸባሪ ተብሎ ተፈርጇል። ስለዚህ ይህንን አሸባሪ ብሎ የፈረጀውን መንግስት ለመጣል ግንቦት 7 ከግብጽ ይሁን ከሱዳን፤ ከኤርትራ ይሁን ከየመን፤ ከኮሪያ ይሁን ከኩባ ጋር ቢገናኝ ማን ምን ይመለከተዋል? ጠላት ነህ ያለውን አካል ለመዋጋት ማንም ቢሆን የማይቆፍረው ጉድጓድ፤ የማይፈነቅለው ድንጋይ ሊኖር እንደሚችል የተቃርኖ ሕግ ያስረዳናል። ግንቦት 7 ከማን ጋር ተገናኘ ብሎ ነጋ ጠባ የሚያለቅሰውና እንቅስቃሴው እያሳመመው የሚገኘው ወያኔ ብቻ ነው።
    የጠላኸው ድርጅት እንዲያመሰግንህ ትጠብቅ ኖሯል?

  48. True Ethioian says:

    Wow!! Money come From Egypt to Eritrea then handed to trader Berhane. Berhane is now hired agent and has obligation to do his assignment which is to try to destabilize mama Ethiopia. Brothers and sister Ethiopians let us to be sincere and stand the well being of our people back home. Let us isolate this agent by simply staying away from his party and his propaganda machine which is ESAT. May God bless Ethiopia and its people.

  49. solomon says:

    In the first place my appreciation to Dawit is at its highest level, secondly, the reasons suggested as to why and how he came up with the idea of making the episode available to the public is so rational and, also so democratic by nature.
    In connection to Berhanu Nega who in any form, shape or way would move forward by receiving arms, money and intelligence support from any one let alone Egypt and Eritrea, is completely naïve, unwise, so brutal and a notion which is against the economic, political and security interest of our country.
    there was never a time whereby Egypt sleep devoid of a nightmare seeing Ethiopia weakened, starved and devastated; although our God now has brought the time to at least use the water for generating power, so what Egypt right now need is hampering such a project with any possible means, initially if there is an access to implement it through a proxy within the Ethiopians, so at this particular moment, when Birhanu and the likes dare to be poised in the process of such amicable notion is fulfilling the dream of a long standing country and becomoing enemy of Ethiopians more than that of Egypt and Eritrea; by the way, the Ethiopians conscious, the circumstance and other factors will never allow any armed struggle nor will BERESH have the courage to even fly to Cairo and discuss issues with any one.
    one thing is imminent, and that is: the time now is for Ethiopia to flourish; misery, starvation, civil war and backwardness are nearly diminishing to be just history. sorry for you guys who will always be remembered as traitors.

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