My Take on ESAT, Ginbot 7 and Dr.Birhanu (Girma Kassa)


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13 Responses

  1. EthioZena says:

    Why you care where the money coming from? If anybody wants to support ESAT they can and they will.If you care about Ethiopia and Ethiopians why don’t you ask woyane where the 16.5 Billion dollar went? it is all over the news.People are talking about G7 and ESAT and ignore the real issue that we are facing in Ethiopia.While you are asking ESAT and G7 where the money is coming from,…woyane is taking your money…robbing Ethiopia in a day light.Whee is your take on that? where is your take on woyane??Let ESAT and G7 do what ever they doing…woyane was taking money from Egypt and others and still robbing us after they got power and all you care about is where ESAT and G7 get the money from?? why don’t you run for a president?

    • yohannes says:

      ethiozena, do you have ever see any construction going on by the terriorist like Mr. Burhanu Nega, I don’t know if he is a dr or student . form he is a student who need assitence by his teahcer poor ugly man. Mr Buranu is stupird

    • seku says:

      EthiZena, Wether we like it or not woyane was, is and will be the only hope of ethiopia. You might not like it but chew it. You can only oppose woyane if you are by the people and for the people as woyane did on the strugle time. what ever you bring an excuse for G7 funds, it won’t justify. Government or woyane of Eprdf might be corrupted but you can;t expect ethiopian people to trust you if your taken a fund from egypt.

  2. T.Goshu says:

    If you are intended to tell and convince the people that the inner circle of TPLF (including Bereket Simon under the cover up of ANDM – a very foolish cover up) are more Ethiopian patriots that Dr Berhanu and others who are trying to help the struggle that shortens the horrible situation going on in our country, I do not think you are making a convincing sense at all.

    I have to tell for sure that fooling the people with a very ill-written and badly performed propaganda in this 21st century is doomed to fail!
    Do not worry about the question of whether Dr. Birhanu and those who stand with the people are getting this or that support from this or that body or force . It is too late to reverse leave alone stop the march for freedom and dignity!

    Have a good none buddy!1

    • Mario says:


      How is Berhanu Nega a patriot? Because he ran abandoning the struggle some 35 years ago? He & others failed in their colored revolution in 2005? they were praying for the Arab spring revolution ,but still no way to 4kilo,come on T.Goshu!?

      patriots are these who fought to free Ethiopia from individuals like you who have no sense of anything except greed & hate!

      calling individuals who have done nnothing for Ethiopia a patriot is totally ridiculous !

      for your knowledge, Ethiopia is doing fine with the EPRDF!The Ethiopian people are not interested in removing the fox & replacing it with a Hyenas!

      shabiya was punished not even to turn its face to Ethiopia let alone to try to fight Ethiopia!but His Dogs like Berhanu Nega are trying… as you can see it Berhanu’s color has been exposed openly in front of the people!

      If you mess around woyane,you will never ever see yourself better! check EPRP<EDU,Jebha,Derg & finally shabiya!

      T.Goshu, there is nothing to reverse though! Berhanu Nega & et al aren't standing with the people, but with Egypt & shabiya!can't you here the audio still there. you like to say the people,which people are you talking about? you don't represent the Tigrian,Oromos,Afar…! I don't know which people are you talking about! if you play politics you must start where you are known as a person! the Nations,Nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia have enough people to take their own affair on their own,they don't need your help!

      you guys have better to leave political stage for a young & sane Ethiopian to take over!the likes of Berhanu Nega are an old Dogs who can't learn a new thing!

  3. Tsion says:

    Ato Girma. I like your articles. I understand why you wrote about Dr Birhanu. The guy has lost my respect as a political leader. I don’t think he has principle.So do not waste your time on him. Please focus on more important items ….

  4. Mulugeta says:

    Dear T goshu
    I think Dr berhanu need to be ignoreForever,because he dosn’t
    Have respect to Ethiopian people also for the dsispora . Pls don’t Supprt him

  5. Mario says:

    ሊበሏት ያሰቧት ኣሞራ ጅግራ ጅግራ ይሏታል ብሏል የጥንቶቹና የጧቶቹ ኣባቶች!

    እኔ ግርማ ካሳ ብሆን ኖሮ ዳር ዳር ለማለት ባልመረጥኩ!

    ኣቶ ግርማ ካሳ እሳት ቲቪ በኢትዮጵያ ቀንደኛ ጠላቶ ገንዘብ የሚንቀሳቀስ ለመሆኑ ፀሃይ የሞቀው ግልፅ ሆኖ ሳለ ለምን ዳር ዳር ለማለት እንደመረጠ ሊገባኝ ኣልቻለም! እኔ የእሳት ደጋፊ ብሆን ኖሮ በግልፅ ገንዘቡ ከየትም ይምጣ እል ነበር! እሳት በኢትዮጵያ ቀንደኛ ጠላቶች የሚደገፍ ለመሆኑ ከፈረሱ ኣፍ ከመስማት የበለጠ ማስረጃ የለም ሆኖም ግን የኛ ምሁር ተብየዎች እየሰማን ኣልሰማቹም እያሉን ነው! በጣም ያሳዝናል!

    እሳት ቴሌቭዥን ምንም የዴሞክራሲና የነፃነት ፍንጭ እንደሌለው እየታወቀ እሳት የዴሞክራቲክ ፕሪንስፕል ከተከተለ ብላ ብላ ተባለ! እሳት ተሳስታ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ያለውን ጥሩ እድገት ዘግባ ኣታውቅም ምክንያቱም ግብፅና ሻብያ ይቆጣሉ!
    የኛ የተማርን ነብየዎቻችን ከውሸት ሃቅ ከማዳላት እኩል ማየት ከጥላቻ ፍቅርን ወዘተ ቢመርጡ ጥሩ ነበር!

    ወያነ ደርግን ያክል ግዙፍ ሃይል ገንድሶ የጣለው በፅኑ እምነት የተመሰረተ ዓላማ ስለነበረው ብቻ ነው የደርግን የጦር መሳርያ ቀምቶ በ17 ዓመት ደርግን ያሸነፈው!
    የኛ ተቃዋሚ ይኸው እንዳሻዋ ሲከመሩና ሲፈርሱ 22 ዓመታት ኣስቆጥረዋል! ከንግዲህም ምንም ዋጋ የላቸው! ኣሁን ደግሞ ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ የሚባል የወጣቶች ምንትሴ ፈጥረው ከጀርባው ለመፈናጠጥ እየታለመ ነው። ያም ሆነ ይህ ብቻ ሃቅነት የለለው ነገር ኣይደርስም ለቁም ነገር ነውና፤ኣይጥ እኛም መክረናል ጉድጓድ ጭረና እንዳለችው ነው!

    የኛ ምሁሮች ያላቸው ትዕቢት ነው ትምህርታቸው የሚሰራው ደግሞ እንደ ኢትዮጵያ ባለች ድሃ ኣገር ሳይሆን እንደ ኣሜሪካና ኣውሮጳ ባሉት ወንዶች ባበጁትና በተደላደለ ኣገር ነው! ካገራቸው ሆዳቸውን የሚመርጡ ምሁሮች ነው ኢትዮጵያ ያፈራችው!

    እዚህ በውጭ ያለነው ኢትዮጵያውያን ያሰባሰበ ኣንድነት ለመፍጠር ያልቻሉ ብዙ የሚጠብቀው ድሃ ህዝብ ምንም ኣያደርጉለትም!
    ከንግዲህ ፖለቲካ የሚጫወት ሁሉ በሚታወቅበት ቦታ ሂዶ ፖለቲካውን ይጀምር! የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ በበግ ቆዳ የተሸፈነ ጅብ ኣይፈልግም!

    • ethiopiag says:


      የሙሉ ቀን ስራህ/ሽ እዚህ አውራምባ ግረ ገጽ ላይ ወያኔን መከላከል ነው እንዴ? ኢሳት ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ያለ ልማትን እንዲዘግብ የምትፈልገውን ያክል ኢቲቭ ዘመኑን ሙሉ ሲዋሽ አይቆጭህም? ስለዚህ አንተ እንደተለመደው የስርዓቱ ሎሌ ዘበኛ እንጂ ህሊና ያለህ የህዝብ ወገን አይደለህም:: ብትሆን ኖሮ ዛሬ የተራ ዱርዬ የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ በየቀኑ የሚዋሸው ወያኔ/ኢቲቭ ነው:: ቆይ ያንን ተከታታይ የሁለት አሃዝ እድገት ኢሳት ይዘግብልህ??

  6. axumawe says:

    germa kassssssa
    you may full few people like you,not the Ethiopian people.not me either. you or others like you,witch means Esat,g7 any opposition,you carry our national flag as Ethiopians,you Esat,g7 and others brag about Ethiopian history for the past 3000,5000,1.5 million years & SO ON.
    listen to me carfully…………that history is not yours,main or any body ales that history belongs to our ancastors,to our great..great..great grand parents.
    this is ours. mine yours & the 85 million
    Know her is my qqqqqq ?for you & for those your likes, regardless of our views, believes have we done any positive contrbution to the country we say ,we brag, about love & fredom democracy and so on???????
    if not pccccc of//////////////// Ethiopia ateshetm atlwetm,,,,,abay wdedkem tlahm ygedebal.

  7. Zege says:

    Berhanu Nega has been a renegade through out his life. Some years back he betrayed EPRA to come to USA. Then e joined EPRDF to return to Ethiopia. After that he joined Kinjit but he repeated his betrayal against Kinjit, and now he betrayed Ethiopia in favor of Egypt & Shabyia. Berhanu is a power-monger and willing to do any conspiracy to destabilize Ethiopia for money and to thrust his quest for power. Half a million dollar is an amount that one Ethiopian, during this time, can afford to donate Berhanu if he has a good cause. ESAT is the same trumpet.

  8. beles says:

    I also would like to appreciate Dawit for standing for journalistic principles than for crumbls from woyane or Berhanu Mega. (Like his friends be Tokichaw did).

    We are many who injured the onslaught of Berhanu Nega and his attack dogs and survived. Berhanu who was the friend of Bereket and Meles character assassinated so many young and dynamic Ethiopians. Ethiopia has lost great many leaders and the striggle set back by many years. Berhanu introduced an evil political culture that would cost Ethiopia dearly for years to come.

    This man who is willing to sleep with any enemy, who is willing to sacrifice Ethiopians while he is living in comfort, a man who was the friend of the people that are terminating Ethiopia should not be accusing others of being woyane.
    Dawit had the opportunity to share the main course of woyanes loot. But he refused and paid the price. While Berhanu was given frifari and thrown out when his usefulness ended like every likiskis. Berhanu has neither the character nor the moral to accuse others of being woyane.

  9. Name (required) says:

    Mr. Kassa your major problem starts with the false image you gave for yourself. You think that you are wise, civilized and above all intellectual. Before you comment on a popular organization like G7 and It’s leaders, ask yourself if you are capable to give comment on them or not. I think you don’t have a moral authority or capability of commenting on them.what ever you say no one listen you. You know why because you are Girma kassa. Meaning the poor girma kassa, afriend of dawit kebede and Tplf vampires!!! I can smell that the total essence of your writing has two mission:

    Presenting g7 and ESAT are working against Ethiopia’s national interest and to discredit them.

    Second, presenting yourself as concerned Ethiopian who cares about democracy and national interest.

    Please poor girma don’t fool yourself. You can’t mislead a single reader about g7!!! Anyways I tired of commenting on trashes like you!! Mother fucker go a hell !!!

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