My Take On Jawar’s Personal Opinion On Ethnocentric Politics (Abraha Desta)


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38 Responses

    • Alex says:

      @Beafe Yetefu Belefelefu…I saw the video it is really sad to see those so called useless OLFites shouting all day “Ethiopia out of Oromia” kkkkk lol where they are going out of Ethiopia? do they want to go to Europe? they didnt even learned from shabia that egypt used to tell shabias that you are not ethiopians, you are whites and then shabia started to be white dresser like arabs but at the end shabia got nothing from arabs..not a single dollar or food..instead shabia makes his people to die in the Sinai desert

      • HERO says:


      • bendo says:

        I think this guy is smart. He change his view according to the situation. he talk as Ethiopian to use the opposition media and when act as Muslim representative as well.
        Now after he heard the Egyptian meeting he want to use that to get as much money as he can to olf before birhanue take it all.
        so he is playing the game according to the situation. real politician ha

  1. Gezaee H. says:

    Dear Dawit:

    This article is very low standard; this is just gossip or she said this and they said this; Brother Dawit please focus on bigger issues than on this type of she said this and he said type story. Ordinary people talk about people, great people talks about great ideas.

  2. tyuu says:

    kid get a life

  3. Alex says:

    @Gezaee i agree with you, it seems that dawit sometimes engages in low level issues…what is the point of focusing on individuals like Jawar, Tamagn, Dr. Birhanu? with out a mass movement of people those individuals cant do a single thing.
    I wish our country to be banda free, corruption free, hatred free and become a nation of beautiful minds….

  4. Kifle says:

    When it comes Jawar, I just dont understand why people give him thst much attention. If you listen to Jwar’s opinion between the line, his speech contradicts to each other. Invite him in an Ethiopian’s media he will talk about Ethiopia. When he is invited in etheno centric room he will insult unity and talks about his narrow thinking. If got access for mainstream media he pretends beyond his understanding. I ve listen to him too much, and this guy is not worth the time.

    However, he might be more and more visible in our political arena just simply because we only have similar trashed politicians any way.

  5. Tatek says:

    Dear Abreha,
    I read your article with utmost joy and respect. Perhaps it is one of the very few shared here without any bias against Jawar or the other panelists in particular, and the Oromo people in general. I have AN ISSUE here that in my opinion Jawar’s opinion is not only justified, but also well reflective of the realities in Ethiopia. I am a proud Ethiopian and never identified myself as an Oromo, a Tigre, an Amhara, a Somali or any other. That is my choice, but it is not up to me, or anybody else for that matter, to tell people to swear any allegiance to anything— a country, a political party or a religious organization. Jawar’s comment that he identifies himself as an Ormo and not an Ethiopian first comes from his view that he never became an Ethiopian by choice—-this happened at gunpoint. To me, much as I love Ethiopia, Jawar’s point is one of refusing to deny his identity. I think this needs to be respected, mainly by someone of your stature who I believe categorically rejects Revolutionary Democracy. The fact that the victims of Ethiopia’s dark past and present systematic exclusion, marginalization, impunity, and heavy handed rule are not confined to Oromos doesn’t, by any stretch of imagination, change the reality that Oromos are peculiar victims of the excesses of our brutal past and present. We need to respect people and their opinions. That’s how democracy works. On the issue of unity you raised here, which we desperately need, and to me can’t be sacrificed no matter what, I think we can only make it work through the collective will of the people for at the end of the day in politics, unity is, anyway, an ideology of dictatorship and diversity on the other hand an ideology of democracy. What Jawar and others are saying is they can only bow to Ethiopian Unity if it embraces and celebrates diversity and I believe we all need to appreciate that and work to make sure that this becomes a reality, and mark my word for it, as long as we refuse to do this, we can’t preclude our nation from boarding a sinking ship.

    • NASSIR says:

      your comments are far away from the reality for any one in any democratic country lets take us for example if he denies he is a us citzen and says he is olny claifornian then he don’t have any citizenship right then lets come to this dog named Jawar he already confesed he is not ethiopian but oromo is he the chadian oromo or ethiopian oromo ???? and you said this is justified by the way what we have to know here is not all the oromos think like jawar only some but the main point here is ethiopia is for ethiopians if you are an ethiopian oromo you are ethiopian citizen if you are not ethiopian oromo then may be search some place in egypt for you cause you don’t belong to ethiopian oromo and don’t represent us we ethiopian oromos are on the side of our government and country and we don’t want to be represented by pupets like you who work for food we are already represented by our regional government we can’t be represented by ONLF who were killing us for so long so mr Jawar just represent your self not all of us cause you are not authorized to represent us you may have 5 followers but we are 40million and we are on the side of EPRDF

  6. galaxy says:

    Al jazera seems to have been determined to serve egypt.
    Egptian politicians said they will sabotage Ethiopia by interfering into ints demostic affairs specially by mobilizing the “oromo”. Al jazera is now given the assinment. Aljazera did not even want to waste time, they just start the assignment quickly.
    We already know who Ethiopia’s enemies are. supid arabs, permanenet enemies.

    • Tolosa says:

      @Galaxy,you are right the issue is Al Jazeera, not what this guy said or not. He was invited to incite devided between Ethiopians and he did what he can. We should be ready and prepared for more attackes of this kind from Egypt.
      Ethiopia shall prevail!

    • samuel ddd says:

      you are right ! “Al jazera is now given the assinment from egypt”.
      Deliberate misrepresentation of TV viewers and radio listeners media – a common phenomenon. Media bluffing in order to obtain the economic and political benefits to both customers and performers.
      Profitable customers, the media may be policy, Egyptians, the enemies of Ethiopia. In order to achieve economic and political dividends media workers are able to go to any methods of error. It should be noted that the media still has a decent employees who are not amenable to this kind of provocation.

    • Ahadu says:

      Good observation.

      Here is a good article that shows who the agenda setters are at Al Jazeera.

      Here is also another

  7. koya says:

    JAWAR SPEAKS the truths.What is wrong when people struggle for self determination.The liers want to mix the Ethiopia-egypt Nile probleme ,with the genuine strugle for freedom of the Oromo people

  8. Gezaee says:

    Tatek and your friend,

    Diversity does mean you have to rewrite history. You have to accept the default history whether you like it. Jawars line of thought is not for the 21 century. The guy has gone down the hill these days; I know many wonderful Oromos who pine strong Ethiopia. Jawar does not represent Oromo. He is an islamicist. An islamicist is an islamicist. You can teach tolerance or coexistence to an islamicist. There is a non-islamicist oromo like Jawar. Our Oromos are gentle, kind, peaceful people in Ethiopia. People like Jawar are toxic islamicists who have now found their way to an Islamic Media Aljezira because they are muslims and to advance Irab version of islam.

    Why Aljezira or Egypt or any Arab islamicist for that matter does not help Somalian muslims who have been without government for 23 years now?

    About this called Abraha Desta, He is all day and all night on facebook. Someone who does not even manage his time and who have clue what he is talking about. This is a man who is campaigning Betty and Bolt did the right thing?

    Anyway, Jawar story or Abraha story is low level.
    we want progressive and enlightened people, but we do not want illusionists in our country.

    He said Ethiopians must go out of Oromia? where is Oromia? Oromia is the invention of woyane tigrai; there is no history of oromia in the entire history of Ethiopia, nothing written or oral. Out of the blue you invent a new country with in Ethiopia?
    I am not surprised woyanes created this sense of illusion by inventing ethnicism.

    Anyways, we do need ethnicists to be honest. In the 21 century ethnicists are needed. 21 century is amalgamation century; A century of mixing and living together; Not a century of primitive communal society. We are living in the age of higher social state of consciousness and enlightenment. Race, ethnic, tribe,… is not for this century. Even religion has to reform and go with this age. Religions will die if they do not reform. Internet has broken the walls of barriers. you can not use religion or ethnic or race to isolate people today. For those of us who see the big picture, I am happy a Saudi young girl coming to North America and refuse to go back to Saudi Arabia.
    It is changing and dynamic. Primitive religions will die soon; they killer is internet. Jawar better study other things than thinking the unthinkable. Jawar Islamic tennets and Aljezira will not help anyone but might create problem.
    Jawar must know there are 94 millions of Ethiopians who are ready to defend their history and legacy and tradition. An islamicist demanding freedom does not make sense. The Oromos are Ethiopians as long as they are living in Ethiopia. Ethiopianism or Ethiopian citizenship is acquired, but not owned by anyone. Anyone who deny Ethiopian citizenship, Ethiopia must him as its citizen. It is a simple as that. If you do not like Ethiopia, then pack and go somewhere else where you think you belong. But do not speak for genuine oromo. I even watched utube islamicist saying Ethiopians did not exist and they said they want to change the name Ethiopia. But I blame woyane which paved this craze by empowering islamicists in our country. Anyway, we do not want war; we neither want an Islamic Ethiopia nor an Islamic oromia. Actually EPRDF has to dissolve this ethnic federalism. The signs are not good. EPRDF has reform the federalism to non-ethnic federalism.

    • Meaza says:

      @Gezaee…Very sweet article written with full of substance. My comments are already written here…so I don’t need to repeat. All should understand Oromo and Ethiopian case in this way, as you wrote it. Forget Jawar ..he is idiot OLF….we will see where he will end up. He will bark day and night his slogan of free Oromiya and he will die before he see anything.

  9. tolla says:

    How about this Ato Abraha:

    Do you think that Oromia is for oromos , as the current Oromia constitution declared ? Jawar was leading a dmeonstration and saying ” ETHIOPIANS OUT OF OROMIA” …Whoever revealed this audio has done really good service to the people.

    it is good people found out who Jawaar is for we shall repsond to him accordingly.

    His politics of the so called oromia is defeated !!!!!

  10. Meron says:

    Fair article from Abraha Desta. I almost agree with him. Thank you Dawit for sharing as always.

    In the mean while, the life time loser Dr Berhanu Cheleme said As president Obama has been a disappointment, and now to add some disappointments more, he has planned to spread electricity in Africa.

    “The White House said six countries will participate in its first phase: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria and Tanzania. Those nations have committed to making energy sector reforms that will encourage outside investment, officials said”,0,1234807.story

  11. Dima Dimanco says:

    One thing that always bather me most things are going to astray with in three decides. a generation how talks a lot but know nothing about his own history a hasty generation that don’t ashamed but talk loud his emptiness, arrogance; ignorance. my Juhar brother is one of them how entertain the attention he got from his masters and full followers. first the name Ethiopia is not given for one particular tribe or ethnic group. it is a Greek word with a mining of burnet skin. given for the black people including Oromo’s, Amaras; Tigers and so on. like any developed world our nation had its own pro and cons for each historical moment and area. like Americans had slavery civil war and in Europe holocaust and so on but what make them different now is they accept the dark point of history make them united strong and take their history as it is not to repeat that mistake again. where us the so called self proclaimed annalist want to preach us his distorted history. this is a carbon copy of Colonial powers and Egyptians use to divide Eritrea by dividing us with ethnicity, pesedo self awareness from the rest now they are repeating it again by using our own brothers. we Oromo’s and the rest of the tribes in Ethiopia shear the same value of culture and physiological make up. for this evidence we don’t need a man made falls history but our dress, musical instrument like masinqo; kerarr, our weeding ceremony our the similarity of our foods…all those are evidences for our oneness and unity.

  12. Dechasa Gebre says:

    I do not think Jawar Mohamed can reach any further than teaching Political Science 101 at one of the universities in the states after he did his PHD.

    However, cannot wait to see the Egyptian mercenary, Jawar Mohamed’s, guns starting firing bullets faster than his annoying voice and liberate MY Oromo people from the hands of the TPLF.

    As the TPLF and the ELF were hired by Egypt to deter Ethiopian development for the last more than one hundred years. And now Jawar Mohanmed and company are hired by Egypt to deter Ethiopian development by another century.

    Did not the TPLF dead leader Meles said that for Jawar kind of people he would not use more than a belt.

    Jawar, I assure you that we will not use more than a belt on you.

  13. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Jawar instead of flapping his mouth to his idols he should be asking the following question:

    Up until the 1880’s slave trade was in full swing by Arab traders for more than a millennium and a half. Boat loads after boatloads of slaves were taken from Africa by Arab traders from ports in the entire Eastern African coasts most of the time on a weekly basis. Where are all those Africans who were whisked away as slaves? What have they done with them? What happened to them? This is a question we should all be asking. I have lived among them in the former Aden and other Middle Eastern countries both as a student and growing up as a young boy. I have seen the shorelines and entry disembarking points where those dreaded slave ships used to anchor and unload their human cargoes. Where did all those African slaves go? What happened to them after they were traded like pieces of clay? They did not go to France or Rome or Japan. I can go to Columbia and find descendants of slaves in their millions and also in Panama, USA, Brazil and every nation in Central America. If I visit any of the inhabited islands in the Caribbean, I will find people of the African descent in their majority. But if you visit every Arab country of the Middle East, you will rarely find people of African descent who have been there for centuries. Most of them are new comers. This issue and question have given me bad taste in my mouth just thinking about the fate of those millions of African slaves taken away by Arab traders. That includes those of my own Oromos. Were they used and got discarded just on whims? What happened to them? This is what every historian, white or black, should always ask and investigate. That is what this missionary cake drunk should do in stead of making a fool of himself.

  14. Fechew says:

    Every time the Oromo name mentioned, it is usual to see some people going mad. Does anyone know why?

    • Ethio says:

      Because people are tired of listing your narrow-minded and selfish village politics. Ethiopia belongs to 90 million Ethiopian people. There are over 80 language groups of local indigenous people of Ethiopia. Every indigenous people of Ethiopia has to be treated equally. Oromigna speaking people are one of the 80 language groups. So dont shout laud only about Oromos as if they are the only important group that exist in the country.

  15. Ewnetu says:

    I have no quarrel with opinions of individuals.They are entitled to and owe it to their principles. What amazed me is the intention of Al Jazera. The way it framed the topic leaves a lot to be desired. There is no deliberate and Oromo targeted policy in Ethiopia. Why single out Oromo? Is Aljazera promoting an agenda given to it by some foreign forces who always do not whish strong , united and stable Ethiopia? This is not the first time. What is its policy toward Ethiopia? That is the question to be answered. It has in the past waged negative campaign against Ethiopia and this is no different.If Al Jazera has the will to do this in a professional and ethical, way it could have done it differently. The channel is not ready to engage the wider Oromo community what position they hold regarding the issues discussed. There is no representative and balanced approach and opinion at all. What do you expect from those who publicly oppose the system? The system can only be judged by Oromo people who are proud Ehiopians and who are administering themselves and managing their resources. At the same time they working hand in hand with their fellow Ethiopians to realize one political and economic community under the Federal constitution of Ethiopia. The Oromo people do not require any patron. Al Jazera talk to the Oromo people if you wish to hear the view of the majority. Three opponents of the current system do not tell the whole story and indeed the reality. Get your acts right.

  16. betty says:

    very chilidish and non sense garbege that has no value except talking childish tantrum …i feel sorry for wasting my time reading this garbege

  17. Ujuluu says:


    History is always rewritten. Mengistu rewrote Haile Sellassies’s version of history and placed most of the writers in jail so that they may not keep writing false and fake history. Wayane came and rewrote Mengistu’s version of history and put the writers in jail. So did the German government after the NAZI rule who rewrote NAZI version of history even though the Nazis were saying that their version of history is forever and must abe accpted as is. 🙂

    • Gezaee says:

      Hi Ujuluu,

      History is not faking; history must be genuine based on facts and evidences. You can write history just because you are ruling or a ruler. If you rewrite history? then it is not real one; it is fake one. Fake is fake; it does not work.

      In this day and age, you can not fake anything because we have now what we call genome war. Genome war is history written on the DNA of people. No more faking history. I have a friend who has called himself Dutch for his entire life. But now he discovered that is not Dutch but he is Russian blood. Now you can trace yourself even one million years backward your family trees. If Jawar says Oromia is my country? we can easily find using DNA mapping Technology if Oromia is on the DNA of Jawar. The places where your ancestors lived, what food they ate 1 million years ago can now be read on DNA sequence. You can know your great great father of 1 million years back in time. Jawar may be studying politics, he did not study the politics of genes and genome. No more lying and fabricating history.

      We can know exactly who lived in Ethiopia not recently but 1 billion years back in time. We can just excavate one Oromo dead body and study the his bones and know where Oromos came. If the Ethiopian history that Oromo came from outside is fake? then it is possible now to refute it scientifically using Calcium dating in your bone.

      No more faking history.

  18. Debebe Zabarga says:

    “ETHNOCENTRIC POLITICS?” Kkkkkkkkkkk….

    Ethiopia has had some 130 years of Amara etnocentric rule and Ethnocentric politics.
    Ethiopia has some 21 long years of Tigrain ethnocentric rule and ethnocentric politics.

    To be honest does this mean then that it is allowed for the above jolly guys and gals but forbidden for Jawar and others?

    Sounds typical self centered self serving chauvinist phrasmongering bent on isulting public intelligence.

    Zabarga negne ikko! 🙂

  19. Misrak says:

    Abraha Desta

    1. Your title is not good enough.
    jawar has or is well endowed with what is termed as ethnocentric politics. To say I am oromo first is bein ethnocentric. no covering up please
    2. He has the habit of beating about the push instead of answering questions directly
    3. His stand and analysis on current and future politics in Ethiopia does not show political maturity
    4. He is not afraid to lie about few facts which we know about very well.
    5. He targets the amhara as enemies when we know it is the system where eritreans and tigrayans had a fair share
    6. His history begins from 100 years ago, and times to appease from 500 years
    7. He inefficiently used aljazeera airtime, his presentation was poor (it happens when there is no opennes and lies)
    8. I would have asked him if he were first muslim or oromo. If Islam was imposed on him. it was nonsense.
    9. He has not come up with his own independent ideas except repeat what he has been taught.
    I agree there are some extremist elements who deny whatever he said about the past, and are engaged in using anything to discredit him. they repeat his mistake and therefore no better. Major problem from this quarter is the attempt to bury what Wallegn Mekonnen gave his life for.

    I hope Jawar learns from his big mistakes. Most of all lying in politics never helps!!!!

  20. Mestewat says:


    “Every time the Oromo name mentioned, it is usual to see some people going mad. Does anyone know why?” you asked and I answer 🙂

    It is because we want to keep the 45 % Oromos of the Ethiopian population in total darkness like always both under amara ethnic dictatorship and now under tigre dictatorship in order to unilaterally exploit their abundant human and materal resources we are badly lacking. If you don’t like us the cunning foxes dressed in sheep skin busy like BEE and keeping you closed in darkness and you try to go to Aljazeera in order to remove the darkness overyourself please expect our outrage before the light starts shing for you at Fitche or other places. We are really mad at the emntioning Oromo and Oromia since we have only Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet. You just try to be equal with us but resources are not enough for all to make good life. After all madness is an undestatement since I couldn’t even overcome it and gain my self control with out the Great Oromia BIG CUP OF BLACK ORGANIC COFFE that calmed down. But please don’t call me neftegna only because I love good life. 🙂

  21. Gezaee says:

    The 130 years amhara ethnocentric( corretion:Amhara elite ethnocentric ) did not help or made Ethiopia competitive in the world; that ethnocentric did not do good but it kept Ethiopia in darkness.

    Even now the Tigrean ethnocentric( correction: the woyane ethnocentric) is not good for the 21 century. Thus we need better system that fits 21 century instead.

    Jawar lives in the 21 century not in the Mohammedian century, 6th century. Jawar is young man; he must think better than this; The bad argument among Ethiopians is because he did that and she did that, I have to do it? that is wrong; two wrongs do not make anything right. you do not need to go back 130 years to repeat wrong things? you do not need to repeat the wrong things done by some people. Wrong is wrong.

    And please desist all of you from talking on behalf of amhara or tigrie or oromo. I do not think OLF represent Oromos. Leave alone OLF,even woyane does not represent Tigreans. Get your theory right. Leave the ordinary people alone. Do not tell us your represent Oromo or amhara or tigrie while you were not chosen or elected by the people. You can only speak on behalf of yourself.

  22. HornofAfrica says:

    Sorry, did not know that this is strictly a pro-TPLF/woyane site. I would not have wasted my precious time trying to comment on this site. I see no other reason for dumping my comment.

  23. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Morsi was just told by the military this: ‘Your tail is grass!!’. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! Those Salafists and ‘Jihadists’ who have been salivating to divide up Egyptian women among their members better look after their own skin. To them women are nothing but something to be be used in decorating their hareems. To them women are made to stay home and rear children. And if they rebelled they will be taken out and stoned to death. Egypt!! Yalla!! Yalla! Yalla!! Show these idiots the door back to joint they came from. Bravo!!! Bravo!!!! Bravo!!!!

  24. alem says:

    i hate ethiopian poletics becouse of such kind of person like Jowar mohammed,he is living in this democrtaic and free land but his mind still thinking like he was in arese forest.This is 21 centurey,world has no place for your ethincity,language or any thing.every person is judged only by his personalty .

  25. Gezaee says:

    Language for whose Audience in the Ethiopian context? A Message
    to PM Hailemariam Desalegn
    IDEA Viewpoint
    Tigrai Online
    By Ghelawdewos Araia, PhD
    June30, 2003
    This viewpoint is intended to critically appraise the mode of communicative
    language Ethiopians use whenever they want to express their ideas in the form of
    speech or writing. The majority of educated Ethiopians (high school to advanced
    degree levels) like to either speak in English or in Amharic or other Ethiopian
    languages bombarded with English language, even when they address illiterate
    peasants who don’t understand English at all. It has become increasingly
    fashionable for urbanite “educated” Ethiopians to use Guramayle (English and
    Ethiopian languages) to exhibit that they are civilized and modern, but in doing so
    they have utterly disregarded the majority of Ethiopian people, who apparently are
    uneducated. They speak without due consideration of their audience, and most
    importantly they seem to have forgotten that the most sophisticated educated
    people are those who communicate with their audience in the language that the
    latter understands.
    I watch Ethiopian TV nightly news almost every day and I am dumbfounded to
    witness that almost all journalists, member of parliaments, ministers, government
    bureaucrats, regional state governors etc speak in Guramayle. For instance, the TV
    anchors in Amharic and other Ethiopian languages almost always say
    ‘transformation’, ‘construction’, ‘investment’, ‘budget’ etc but they may have
    inadvertently ignored their audience. Do they think the Ethiopian peasants really
    understand those English words? I suggest that the Ethiopian TV anchors go
    through some sort of introspection or self-examination and rethink some of the
    English words and employ Ethiopian words instead. For instance, they can say ስነ-
    ህንጻ instead of ‘construction’ መሰረታዊ ለውጥ ወይም ስር-ነቀል ለውጥ instead of
    The other day I was watching a popular Ethiopian comedy show known as Betoch
    (ቤቶች) and in one of the episodes where the parents decided to allocate stipends for
    their children, the lady of the house said, “announcement Aለን”, a typical
    Guramayle instead of simply saying የምንነግራችሁ ነገር Aለ (we have something to tell
    you). This, of course, is a comedy show and the use of Guramayle may not be
    offensive, but the Ethiopian comedians must utilize Ethiopian language if indeed
    they want to transmit messages to the Ethiopian people. In one other episode where
    the youngest girl in the family got furious because of the cutting of a tree, Betoch
    sends a powerful message to all Ethiopians and while I criticize the use of
    language I also would be remiss if I don’t acknowledge the educational messages
    being conveyed by Betoch and other Ethiopian shows such as Sewlesew.
    At a more serious level, this viewpoint is intended to send a message to Ethiopian
    leaders in general and the Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in particular. Like
    I watch Ethiopian TV news and comedy, I also watched the recent interview of the
    Prime Minister by Ethiopian journalists. The journalists forwarded to the PM many
    and diverse questions ranging from the issue surrounding corruption to the
    controversy in relation to the Renaissance Dam, and most of them have used
    Guramayle instead of straight Amharic language.
    Interestingly, but quite to my chagrin, the PM also extensively employed
    Guramayle in addressing the questions. The PM, in fact, was quite articulate in
    addressing specific questions and eloquent in explaining relevant issues to the
    questions. However, since he used too many English words in response to the
    questions asked, quite obviously the Ethiopians who are not educated but who
    happen to be listening to his interview would be completely lost. The transparency
    of the PM is to be admired, but I am afraid it could be compromised by lack of
    effective communication.
    During the course of his interview, the PM have used the following words and
    phrases, but the listing below is only part of the overall usage of the English
    language in an Amharic interview:
    Figure, consolidated budget, fiscal policy
    በ fiscal policy ያለው ማEቀብ
    Inflation ማውረድ ችለናል
    Investment, mechanism
    በ practice ወይም በ ተግባር
    የ trade deficit ከውጭ ምንዛሬ ጋር የተያያዘ ለመሆኑ
    ዘጠና ከመቶ capital goods
    Comparative advantage
    Export ለማድረግ
    ባስቀመጥነው limit Eስከሄድን ድረስ
    Panel of Experts ያቀረቡት recommendation Aለ
    Environmental Impact Assessment Aስመልክቶ ግብጽና ሱዳን Aላቀረቡም Environmental
    deterioration, oligopoly, equipment lease financing, efficiency
    Auditing Defense
    በAንድ agenda ዙርያ
    ይህ Aንዱ part ነው
    የIኮኖሚ Eድገቱ political economy ው በሚቀየርበት ጊዜ…
    በAማርኛ Eንዴት መግለጽ Eንደሚቻል…በEንግሊዝኛ ግን no appreciable harm ይሉታል
    Realistic የሆኑ ጥቅሞች
    በተወሰነ design, capacity
    Sub-base ዩ ካለቀ
    Aገልግለቱ cost ቢደረግ
    የተወሰነ የ cost calculation ላይ
    After the interview ended, I said to myself “language for whose audience?” In an
    effort to render a constructive feedback to the good Prime Minster and other
    Ethiopian leaders, thus, I like to briefly address the purpose of language and/or
    communication for the consumption of an intended audience.
    Any speaker or writer addressing a certain people must first and foremost
    understand that s/he is in a multi-dimensional space, that is to say s/he must
    recognize that there is an audience for whose purpose or benefit the language
    (spoken or written) is used. Language gives the speaker or writer a very clearly
    organized prism, which s/he can use in order to communicate with the audience.
    The speaker or writer also must understand that language is social and it logically
    follows that communication is also social. Particularly in face-to-face interaction
    (e.g. interviews, meetings, addressing a parliament, addressing the nation etc) the
    speaker must first and foremost anticipate the level of comprehension of its
    audience and ask, “What language should I employ in order to effectively
    communicate with my audience?” Language in the latter context means the use of
    an Ethiopian language and it also means the use of diction and elocution,
    choice/selection of words and manner of speech respectively.
    The above concern of mine was addressed by anthropologists, linguists, and social
    psychologists as “the ethnography of speaking or ethnography of communication”
    in the early 1960s. One of the early ethnographers, the Polish anthropologist
    Bronsilav Malinowski says, “language functions as a link in concerted human
    activity,” but if people use languages that the intended audience doesn’t
    understand, they are not communicating with the people and they altogether defeat
    the purpose of language.
    In a chitchat or conversation format or what Malinowski calls “Phatic
    Communion”, people engage in order to recognize each other and a good example
    of phatic communion is the PM’s interview by the Ethiopian journalists and they
    have indeed established mutual recognition but they have failed to extend the
    communion to the Ethiopian people.
    I have no doubt in my mind that the Ethiopian journalists and the PM are honest
    people and they had no intention of deliberately confusing Ethiopians, but since
    communication proposes answering questions as well as explaining and clarifying
    what the intended audience does not already know, both the journalists and the PM
    have an obligation to communicate with untainted Amharic.
    Admittedly, sometimes, we all are tongue-tied when we express ourselves and we
    tend to employ English words in order to overcome the problem, but we must
    always bear in mind that we must strive to instantly recover from our incoherence
    and use the language that the people understand. When we deliver a speech or
    address an audience, we must seriously consider that the speech is intended to
    inform (empower) the audience and not simply lecture them. And when we speak,
    we have to be precise, concise, and to the point so that the audience grasps the
    essence of the message conveyed. This is what linguists call ‘comparative
    principle’, a fine principle that helps the speaker to be as informative as possible.
    In the case of the interview of the PM by the Ethiopian journalists, social
    psychologists would label it ‘discourse structure’ that involves ‘adjacency pairs’, in
    which the PM is expected to specifically address and clarify each question. In
    doing the latter the PM was successful, but in terms of comparative principle he
    was not, because he was not reaching out the larger Ethiopian society in areas such
    as Afar, the Somali region, Benishangul Gumuz, or the remotest parts of Tigray,
    Amhara, and Oromia.
    One colleague of mine at the City University of New York by the name John
    Chaffee once said, “The more you think about your audience, the more concerned
    you are about making yourself clear, the better your writing will become. The real
    skill lies in writing so clearly and coherently that your audience will receive
    exactly the same message that you intended to send.” Furthermore, Chaffee says,
    “Effective writers are able to put themselves in their readers place and view their
    own writing through of their readers’eyes. This perspective-taking helps them craft
    their writing so that it will best communicate the ideas and emotions they are
    seeking to convey. In other words, they think about how much background
    information their audience will need, or won’t need, to understand the intended
    message. Anticipating possible questions that may come into the audience’s minds,
    they try to answer the questions at appropriate places. Understanding that the
    audience may have strong feelings about the topic, they take those feelings into
    consideration when they write.”
    If the Ethiopian journalists, Ethiopian policy makers, the PM and his cabinet, and
    other leaders at all levels try to understand my concern and consider Chaffee’s
    advice, the first thing they should do is liberate themselves from Guramayle and
    begin to refine their mother tongues and the lingua franca of Ethiopia and
    effectively communicate with the Ethiopian people.
    John Chaffee, Critical Thinking, Thoughtful Writing, Houghton Mifflin
    Company, 1999
    All Rights Reserved. Copyright © IDEA, Inc. 2013. Dr. Ghelawdewos Araia can
    be contacted for educational and constructive feedback via

  26. Michael says:

    The calculation of Jawar is the same as the calculation of Weyane. But still in history we never see such kind of philosophy, a tribe comes first and a country second. This fake philosophy was invented by dictator Meles in need of to separate Eritrea and to form Article 39 in the constitution, in general,this philosophy was aimed to disintegrate Ethiopia into tiny tribes. Always a country is first identity of people in the world. There are seven continents in the world and Africa is one of them. Africa has more than 50 countries in which Ethiopia is one of them. Ethiopia also has 80 tribes in it. The Oromos are one of the 80 tribes. In this calculation, if Jawar is a non Ethiopian Oromo, himself and others who have the same idea, have to find where their origin is because they are living in a country where they don’t belong to them, may be better to go to Madagascar or some where else. We Ethiopians don’t like such kind of UFO creatures to live in. The oppression of the past rulers was for all 80 tribes in the country. We can’t marginalize by giving numbers or ranks out of a percent. As the oppression is the same for all, the solution Should not be by denying Ethiopian Citizenship and prioritarazing Tribalism. The solution is easy if we have bright mind (that is free from hate and condemning each other), forming a democratic Government in unison.

  27. Tatek says:

    Mr. Gezaee,
    This is a short reply to a comment you directed at me on June 30. You mentioned a couple of points that deserve some kind of clear air as far as reality goes. You mentioned that the myth of the existence of Oromo history and what is now called Oromia was created by Wayanne. Truth be told, if Wayanne were up to anything in regards to this, their attempt would be to erase Oromo history and not to create it. Even your darling dead Master, much as he was a master of political manipulation, a smug and a successful hypocrite posing as a paragon of virtue, he never said his TPLF created what is now called the Oromia region. This is a fruit of the struggle of the Oromo people, but TPLF had only defined it by the time in a desperate attempt to buy Oromo support to OPDO, a Government puppet Oromo party. The same applies to other puppet parties in the unholy coalition called EPRDF. If history tells us anything, there is no such thing as a meaningful democracy in countries where there are only single parties or single dominant parties. So, an analysis that the TPLF created an Oromia state within Ethiopia is not only a manufactured lie that is disowned by the TPLF itself but an exponentially magnified slanting of the truth. The other issue I want to touch here is the issue of if or not the TPLF have the support of 94 Million or so Ethiopians. This is also only as true as the TPLF/EPRDF— which were defeated land slide in the 2005 elections, won 99.6% of the total votes cast in the 2010 General elections. No party has won anything like 99% in any nation, and practically speaking this is also more of a manufactured lie than having any piece of truth in it— mainly when we see TPLF record of governing the country in the run up to that particular election or before that was summarized by a legacy of broken promises, bare truths— if not outright lies, and evasion of responsibility from covering up heinous crimes, institutionalizing corruption, patronage, impunity, exclusion and iron fisted rule. I believe in differences of opinion and honest criticism as they are healthy signs of democracy, but directing personal attacks on individuals just because of the fact that they refused to confine themselves within the premise of Revolutionary Democracy is not only frivolous, but an idea which has no room in the 21st century. I assume it is within your very right, the right of your political Masters as well, to wage a war on any one under the planet, but frankly, pitting all Ethiopians against Muslims, Oromos, Saudis, Egyptians, Aljazeera or Qataris is frankly not in the interest of Ethiopians and if you and your darling Masters are up to facing them by yourselves, Ethiopians will only wish you, Bon Voyage.

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