Betty Abera will be sued for having sex in public


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86 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    I can’t wait seeing her standing in front of justice.

    • bendo says:

      I think this is a waste of time and money.
      What is the point doing this.
      as far as i know
      1.she haven’t done this infront of public as the rule said. no one was there except camera
      2. There is no proof that sex is happened except guessing
      3. She is not done it inside ethiopia so the rule won’t work for things happen outside ethiopia.
      4. The gov have to sue the tv station not her for broadcasting that to ethiopian viewer.
      I could have gone a lot of reason that this court case is dead in arrival.
      why waste of our money instead use the money to sue the corrupt official that make our people poor.

      • ABC says:

        Afe kurit yibelilih! you must have read my mind:) Even though, I was disgusted by what Betty did, I feel this ‘charge’ is bound to fail. With regard to point no.2, you may watch part-II of Betty and Bolt (not sure coz it has been removed from many links). Otherwise, there is enough reason to believe that the act is in deed done. But again, this has to be something to be associated with the show, like, did they ask they were going broadcast the alleged act publicly.

      • teshome says:

        What more proof do you need than the sexual act and gesture she was doing?
        You are more than innocent to look for mere penetration as a proof?
        Whether she did it in front of public or a camera, the point is she had made an offense to the descent Ethiopian culture and she should be accountable for?
        Well how far this goes in a court to label someone as criminal, that I don’t know and should be left for lawyers who are ready to bring this disgusting young lady in front of justice. Let’s wait and see the due process of justice.
        But from the beginning you shouldn’t try to obstruct the justice system because this has a big connotation to learn for the young Ethiopia boy and girls to live within the norms and values of Ethiopian traditions.

        …You said the government has to sue the big brother TV show. What do you mean? In the first place the young lady was made full agreement with TV station and nobody impose her to act out of Ethiopian traditions. Secondly you may not have any answer if TV owners said it is simply normal in South African culture.

        • Alex says:

          Well said Bendo I could not have put this any better. We Africans seem to waste time, energy and resources on useless issues. What is the government going to achieve prosecuting her? Also the lawyers are suppose to be educated. There is no real evidence that sex happened. Also if it happened it was outside Ethiopia so that rule does not apply in South Africa.

      • Lee says:

        Thank you Bendo…..geez somethings r just overated……..if they hv a problem abt dis they shuld just sue bb not da poor girl……

        Six years behind bars,dats just crazy!!!!

    • one ethipia says:

      መቸም የሽሪያ ፍርድቤት መሆን አለበት ብየ እገምታለሁ::

  2. Tiger says:

    It is rude and impolite but what is the BIG DEAL? After all she owns her body including her nice part.

    • Meaza says:

      @Tiger…that is all? there is nothing wrong? we have variety of people with different value!!

    • Dib says:


      The BIG DEAL is that she harmed the custom and value of the people. Yes, she owns her body (it does not matter whether nice or not). But she cannot use her own body in public in a way that damages the moral value of the people. As far as every thing is hidden from the public, she can do any thing with her body or to her body; that is her choice. Don’t you know, for example, that it is illegal to walk naked in public in Ethiopia (and in many countries as well). In any country people have moral values that are protected by laws and if you commit or omit something against that, you commit a crime.

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks to the lawyers. She is doing this stupid act representing Ethiopia as she said herself clearly. This will be a great lesson to other Betty followers and supporters. They have to know the Ethiopian code of conduct. At this time the world is infected by such kind of rude behavior. The source is from the western countries that don’t have respect to the creator of the world our God. Their evil action is now transported to African countries specially West Africa to demonize the people. This is a new system of colonization.

  4. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Come on now!! These lawyers must be kidding or they have nothing to do. This young lady must be left alone. That is her right and if they didn’t like it they had the means to switch the channel or turn it off. We should stop acting primitive or like the former slave trader Salafists.

    • diw says:

      dude, it is not about the lawyers. It is a question of defending those who can be affected by such kind of acts. You have children and young section of the population who could be easily affected by this kind of acts like animals. Even some animals choose place and time to satisfy their needs. The worst thing in her is that she went to represent Ethiopia. I have never heard of any other Ethiopian doing it openly other than this women. It could not be a big deal if she went to night time sex street and did it like dogs privately. But she cannot taint and paint the good names and believers of Ethiopians. Prison is not enough. She should even be hanged

      • Ittu Aba Farda says:

        To diw:

        Unless that country is under the rule(spell) of Al-Shabaab or the Salafists, she will never be hanged let alone see a single day in court. Which parents are letting their children watch this show meant for adult anyway? And it is one more shameful act if the court in that country let even this case be heard. This young lady must be left alone Yes it could have been a despicable act to have a sex act live on TV and be shown to a yet conservative audience but she should not be taken to court as a criminal. If these lawyers have the guts they should go after the producers of the show in stead going after a defenseless female where women are the most oppressed section of the society. They went after the weak and seemingly helpless one. Shame on them.

        • girma says:

          What u mean by “right”. No law allows such case. As a citizen everyone should be asked for rule violation & responsible to take risk of consequence of what he/she did publicly deliberately or not. don’t try to screen her. No reason to associate case with Alshabaab, but Eth criminal code. dont comment on what you dont have knowledge

      • joey theophilus says:

        Hanged is too rough, dude. I agree we were shocked because we have always believe that Ethiopia is a very conservative country. She really MISrepresented your country, but maybe she should make a public apology.

  5. Reader says:

    Leave this helpless lady alone. I dont have deep knowledge about law and legislation but she didn’t do the act in the country where the lawyers are claiming to accuse her. Let he go back and live her own life I wonder what the lawyers expecting to benefit from this rubbish staff.

  6. Dude says:

    All the prisoners are waiting to welcome her.betty won’t turn them down! I guarantee it. She might entertain 2 or 3 prisoners at a time. Generous betty . go girl!

  7. Reader says:

    Leave this helpless lady alone. I dont have deep knowledge about law and legislation but she didn’t do the act in the country where the lawyers are claiming to accuse her. Let her go back and live her own life I wonder what the lawyers are expecting to benefit from this rubbish stuff.

  8. Gezaee says:

    This Devil must be put in prison at least for 10 years behind bars. She did hurt 94 million people. She is selfish and lewd. She does not even seem she came from Ethiopia. Her rudeness is beyond measure; Selfish, if the government do not put this lewd behind bars, the government is equally lewd.

    The charge must be public offence or public crime. For breaking Ethiopian public sphere moral code. I would be to see the evil and selfish behind bars.

  9. Gezaee says:

    Please do not write sex in Amharic. Look on the video, sex is written in Amharic. Shame

  10. Yoni says:

    Very funny….r we turning to SaudiTopia? Why don’t we just crucify her on the cross? Lol
    So the Ethiopian constitution says that u will be persecuted for having sex on TV abroad? Lol
    Let us Just grant her a15min fame and talk about Egypt.

  11. Aster says:

    It would be sad if Ethiopia’s judicially system allows the lawyers to use the tax payers money to sue the “Big Brother Africa’s 2013” instead using the money on something constructive. If this case proceed it will be a big PR for the “Big Brother Africa’s 2013”.

  12. Alemu says:

    SIRA FET lowyers!!! They better find something worth doing (such as sueing awrambatimes), instead of this nonsense!!!

  13. KMDJR says:

    yebase atasayen new yimebalew. ende berari were kehone, a ketoch garim dirgitun fetsimaleh eyetebale new.

  14. Jema. says:

    This woman should face the real trial so to save our couture and dignity in the in front of the world. What our boys and girls learn from immoral work in front of million people

  15. slick says:

    The so called journalist and lawyers can save their energy and raise their voice to those who are dying and suffering at the hands of Arabs and suffering of voiceless Ethiopians across the Arab world.

    Chart Kami journalists do something else!!

  16. Abraham Admasu says:

    Dear Editor
    The bylaw matching set cluster should not only prosecute Betty, but also the arrangers/ institute have violated the Ethiopian civil rights law and are accountable for the misdemeanour. The legal specialists need to litigate the backer body “Big brother South Africa”, the panel principal and the TV channel too.
    Each and every one of the team has broken the law & a duty of care on social media to the Ethiopian sociocultural hurdle.

    Thanks Abraham Hailu

  17. Abraham Admasu says:

    People like Meles zenawi, Haile Gebreselassie, Derartu, Afework Tekle, Liya Kebede, etc played a key role in showing the quality of Ethiopian people and Ethiopianism, but on the other side you find some cheap game players like Betty Aberra who like to undermine the Ethiopian Culture, ancient history and the dignity of our Ethiopian sisters. Shame on BETTY (BETHELIHEM ABERRA) and I feel sorry for the parent.

    • degefa says:

      at Abrham,
      Pls pls pls ato abrham-never mix things. This is a great mistake to present such list which will never ever go together. Haile, Deraretu, Afework, these the true children of Ethiopia. Meles, as you knew it very well (i am sure you know it) come to addis, when he went to Dedebit to free Tigry, just event helped him and he concur Ethiopia, right away, he sold Ertriea and Asab, and then step by step he destroyed our oneness, sold our large tracks of land to Sudan, and the rest to India, China, and the Arab asses, but in the name of investment. To get these mass of land, he has to massacre native Gambelas, he has to cleans amhara….in general to destroy Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet, he has to disintegrate us, using the face language based divide and concur method. So pls for the future never make such a mistake of including his name to the name of good people!

      Otherwise, i appreciate your firm stand to protect our culture, and betty has to pay it back, for being irresponsible, coz she knew that she was doing it under camera, so that the world watch her! She is Ethiopian and she has to feel sew meneyelegnal! She is a prime product of meles flawed policy.

      Thank you very much

    • abebe says:

      you must be kidding? right? how on earth the ruthless dicatator- the butcher of Addis be mentioned with this victimized girl? you could mention Meles Zenawi’s name only with names like Hitler, Musolini,Stalin…the abusers,the killers…

    • sayint says:

      Thank you brother!
      We have to stand up for our dignity! It is high time to defend the sociocultural and spiritual heritage that enabled our forfathers to defend the nation through hard times! Now a days we have become very loose in our moral fabric! Look at those who defends her under different pretext! (in the name of freedom, and privacy-even she is very very shameless rude woman who thinks that she did the right thing in representing Ethiopia! i heard all of the interviews she gave-and she is a shameless lier, even she redicules the public as if every body is wrong and she is right-there was a time the journalist kind of forced her to ask apology-that is not apology-it does not come from the heart or from feeling remorse for the act that gone wrong! We do not have to entertain such kind of personality and person!
      i do not agree with you on one count-you said meles zenawi showed Ethiopians best-i differ with that statement because you see his kid throwing out on the street after a nite out in Addis-i do not think he is a good example when it comes to social, family and spiritual values!

      Big Big Shame to those who defends her and her acts!

  18. Dima Dimanco says:

    Before I comment on the subject I don’t understand why this issue is given a big attention? jest because all sex related thing can get a big publicity so that you can get more visitors on your website. if that so this is a cheap shot.
    First in what ground and biases this lawyers can sue this girl I don’t understand. Does the low they referring appalling for sothafrica where does this action happen? if the show is broadcasted in Ethiopia by Ethiopian broadcaster/s and if there is a low that prohibits this action then the company well be as equally responsible. on the other hand. this create a cultural and collective Identity issues for some. but this is more personal issue than collective. there is a boundary between individual right and collective or common. the things you do inside your house is this girl is doing her personal affair under the roof of privet house not in public like park or in the meddle of the street move theater halls… this are public pleases. even if she using the company room she is not doing it on public place. it is like renting a motel or hotel. I don’t think that is illegal in any country. in us if it happen in public it is called indecent exposer it is punishable up to four years .
    as to me instead of wasting time and money. why don’t those lawyers and Ethiopian producers create another reality show that way they can teach about family value, a good behavior.
    please there are more issues to talk about. like our poor sisters are raped and manipulated in Arab countries with sub human living standard. so money miserable things are happening to them . why don’t we say some thing about them. This is a spoiled kid she want a negative attention because she fills she is modern. the only punishment I sagest is not to give her the attention that’s what she looking for. we are make her big which she don’t deserve by giving her this attention.

    • Minyewab says:

      I tell you what Dima. This is given attention because all these people who are making it a big deal are morons. Sex is a natural thing that everybody does in privacy. This is not in public. It is only an offence if it is done in public place like on streets or in a park, or anywhere where public see accidentally when they pass by or involuntarily exposed to it why they don’t want see it. This is done in Big Brother house. It is made public because of the camera is in there. The intention of the programme is to show people and make them vote. No body force anyone to see the programme. Sex in public is illegal in countries like UK and France, but these things happened on Big Brother and people didn’t even talk about it. It the same like people go mad in Africa because someone is gay. All these things are personal and it has nothing to do with others, except of course to morons who get upset by everything.

      • diw says:

        I am just wondering if you will do the way she does. If yes, I must stop to comment as you are not different from her. You say that Big Brother camera is not public. From which planet did you come from? Let me ask you about the role of Television? What shed did was not a private video that anyone can choose to see it at his/her discretion. But Television is a public media where the number of people are much larger than the numbers of passer-by if it were done in a park. You said, it is a crime if it were done in a park or on the street. But the television has entertained and affected several millions of people. If you consider doing sex on in a park is a crime, then, what she did is more than that. That would entitle her to lose her life if the equivalent judgement is sought. She may have the heat between her legs but she cannot behave like animals in the mantle of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

      • Supernova says:

        You are sick man; No normal human being wanted to live in your crazy sex world. For you only park is public?TV is not public? denez

    • Supernova says:

      You need to see your doctor Sir; you are not normal; you must teach all these two you kids; I am sure your chidren will be like Betty because you sound wicked one.

  19. Ermi yarada lij says:

    What is wrong with these lawyers? What’s is the big deal? They think that we are living in 16th C. This is 21st c. Do they want to control somebody’s body? This is ridiculous.Welcome to the hypocrite Ethiopia!!! I personally believe that She can do what ever she wants. That is her freedom of choice!!! If anybody has a problem with that kind of TV shows, it very simple, turn off your TV and do something else.Period!!! Have they ever tried to sue other people for showing their body in public-in bars, clubs,etc? Besides,it is unfair for the so-called “mainstream” media in Ethiopia bashing her for participating and doing a “sex” act in a TV show. Unless we are in state of denial, it is a fact that there are people who does the same act in clubs, bars and even in side their cars in street of Addis Ababa and other cities.
    Please, let’s this story to go. We do have other very important issues of national interest to discuss about than this.

    Down with Chauvinism!!! Long live Ethiopia!!!

    • diw says:

      dude, you missed something. She has represented Ethiopia. She didn’t go to make a private sex video. She went to make open sex in a public media called TV. All that in the name of Ethiopia. Otherwise, and of course, she could do anything she wants about her body as long as she does it as an individual without representing the people who doesn’t have this culture of animal-ism. The lawyers have the right and moral ground to sue her. Hope she would get a good number of years behind bars if not life sentence. During that period, she would calm her needs thank to thousands of sex deprived prisoners ready to jump to her.

    • Liyami says:

      Having sex in public is one of Woyane GTP plan: that is why woyanes are here preaching it is okay; it is business for them.

    • Ilula Lemma says:

      What an idea, you just nailed it. I agree with you 100%. It is wasting time and money. it is Ridiculous and non sense action.

    • sayint says:

      Did you say Down with Chauvinism-i will tell who you are-a pimp of our sisters to the highest bidder-yes-you want the public to see it as a normal practice-shame on you-ye shermuta leje-i will kill you if you were saying that in front of me-
      “Ermi ye arada leje”-ye wube bereha arada-sintun ehitochachen layi yetechawetikbachew ye shimagele kelal- the lawyers should come after the likes of YOU! Yes, a generation that defends the moral and spiritual fabric of the society will rise up, and destroy the likes of you soon!

  20. belay says:

    some of us are very stupid who dont know the suffering of our own pain and want to be part of someone’s life, as a result some of you commented that you cant wait to see bettey to face justice while you dont care if you own weyane killers and abusers are dancing in our country for the last 20 years, what a stupid people, therefore MORONS just leave betty, she is just one individual …in stead try to bring the weyane evil racist arrogant criminal members to face justice as they are the one who have been killing, abusing and torturing our people unlike betty who has not done anything to your daily life…MEHAYEM HULU

    • sayint says:

      That includes you-moron power monger-no more power for the kind of you! The present generation does not take assignment from the past two generation who lead the country astray both spiritually and materially-yes they denied God from the on set of their struggle(both the weyane and the derg camp-and those around them) and deprived of the common people to engage in the free enterprise of work that free us from poverty! And you the idiot power monger who want to cling on power only sees one thing-the minilik palace, and try to advise people to ignore this devilish act by a harlot called betty-wisha ye wisha leje nacho-antem esuwam! But mark my word the likes of will not get to that land, and to your dream-power! fandya bisbis ! The present generation only trusts on God-the bearer of true freedom-not the freedom of Babylon(the west-America or europe), and claim back his forefather’s heritage of greatness both spiritually and materially! May Mary of zion of Aksum hear our plea, and give us the strength to defeat you!

  21. Asmerom Araya says:

    Where were you when Meles Zenawi massacred 1000 of Innocent Ethiopian in broad daylight ?

  22. Ilula Lemma says:

    It is rude action to put her on trial. It is a good lesson we learned from this show. We need to be aware for the future but to go such extreme and to sue her is non-sense.

  23. Yonas says:

    Reading comments like ‘ what is wrong with the lawyers?’ make me sick. We all need to understand the balance between culture and individual rights. We Ethiopians are very proud of our rich culture. Anything against our culture and moral values should be condemned. I love the Ethiopian way

  24. jemal says:

    Dear Dawit, you are impartial. I evaluate you how far you are far from biasing as dedicated and professional journalists.You didn’t post my comment several times I wrote you. You are selective like ETV. You are slowly drown to the politics due to you are pressurized from Diaspora. You are soft and easily fragile and broken. Sorry for your impartiality

  25. abebe says:

    does anyone know the names of these so-called moron “lawyers”? these incomptent useless lawyers should be barred from doing their profession. these lawyers are the most non-sense lawyers even in african standards… ziqatchoch…

  26. Haxxe Nigusu says:


    Defending other people from such kinds of act should not be by denying and abusing people who are acting within the boundary of their nature given rights. Did she rob the national bank or being threatened by the national bank robbers?

    If you want to command others NOT TO MAKE LOVE BUT TO MAKE WAR as is customary in such a primitive red neck society then tell those “to be protected” not act the way of beautiful Betty since it amounts to eating the forbidden fruits which is complete heresy and may lead to the ejection from the heavens down here. Those lawyers need to do something to remove rampant corruption that is killing and teasing the country rather than chasing youngsters who are kissing people and making peace rather than tease.

    Nugus negne ikko! 🙂

  27. aba biya says:

    this will help her get asylum grant and will get many offers from nude modeling or ph0rn flicks or movies companies.the girl is like Tamagn beyene attention whore !!!!
    to take her to the court for having sex in public is more public relation disaster for Ethiopia. please leave it alone !!!!!

  28. EthioZena says:

    She deserve six years behind bars!!! I agree.She didn’t even feel sorry for what happened instead she got mad at the rest of the world. She is shame-less and disgrace to Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  29. Supernova says:

    Aljezira exposed by Egyptian opposition as supporter of Muslim brotherhood. Egyptian opposition says Aljezira is not supporting the protest because Aljezira is part of the brotherhood agenda.

    Thus Qatars change of heart towards Ethiopia is cynical and tactical to destroy Ethiopia by befriending woyane and the recent campaign about Oromo is also an evidence Qatar is antiEthiopia.

  30. Lawyer Tebiyewotch says:

    Wey yegna hager tarik mechem teworto ayalkim … ahun endene Eskinder Nega yalu nitsuhan sewotch begif sitaseru minim yalalu “Lawyer” tebiyewotch andit Ethiopiawi ke fekedetchiwu sewu gar ye fikir ginignunet lemin adregetch bilo le mekses merot ejig yemiasafir guday newu.

    You losers, why don’t you spend your time and energy on something positive? Having sex is part of our nature, and stop bullshiting about it.

    Degmo Ethiopiawi sex endemayaderg aynet lemayhon neger medenfat ye fara neger silehone lijituan lekek adriguna eziaw yegubo tire siga eyebelachihu sile sewu ager egir kuas bitaweru yishalachual … maferiawotch.

  31. Taye Lema says:

    On live TV, I cannot believe that she let him enter her from her behind. And she looked at his dick after he pulled out. And she let us see her hairy lady garden.

  32. zoom says:

    1.Betty has sex in a democratic country (S.A)
    2.She had it inside the house
    3.It not betty’s fault that you allow you children to watch Porn at night
    4.Light were switched off meaning she didn’t think people were watching
    5.Again it not Betty’s Fault that you are not getting any.

  33. Teshale says:

    The lawyers are saving our young children from being spoiled by the cheap whore called bety or something. This whore should stay outside the country and continue her porn career. But if she ever come back to our country, she should definitely be tried for dishonoring us by her shameful act on international forum.
    Dear Lawyers you have our support in any way we can.

  34. onoja willy says:

    Betty was in a house and not in public.does it mean that her absence in the Big Brother program would have prevented others from watching the program?other people too are having sex in the house (like selly n Nando)..they have no right to sue her but Big brother (if they must).prohibitions were made before the program and that does not include not having sex, plsss

  35. jobles lawyers says:

    oh come on guys what is This all about though her deeds were wrong she did it
    On herself did she use any once organ or she used hers
    So what is this all about besides? It was done in a room not
    In public it was the camera that brought, if she is going to be
    Accused then all the prostitutes in the city of ADDISS should
    Also as both did that for money full stop

  36. Gedion sissay says:

    Good to know that we have stupid lawyers.

  37. Serves her right! She chose to open her legs for someone that doesn’t care about her and continued having sex with him,how horny can you be? Just three days! These are the people killing our morals and culture in Africa! Sue her for all I care!

  38. Shemsu says:

    This is gross human right violation.Let her conscious guide her through not the iron fist.

  39. M says:

    Why not sue the government who is rapping the country in front of 90 million people over and over again. She is a whore but suing her when there are far worse criminals in the country is outrageous.

  40. Alegnta says:

    Dear Mr Dawit,

    I am a little annoyed by your sensationalist journalism. I really do not think you should have posted the VIDEO. Is it because you want to attract more visits? This story has already been discussed and hardly merits to be at the center of our national discussions at the moment! The lady was misguided and had an error of judgement but the involvement of lawyers is totally unnecessary and not an important story, even if it were true. I am all for freedom of expression and reluctantly read the idiotic drivels of of some of your readers including Mr Gezaee; however, you job is a responsible one, and one I hasten to add that you have thus far exercised wisely but am afraid I have to beg to differ with the posting of current Betty’s story and video!

    • Supernova says:

      Alegneta ?

      Dawit is doing fantastic,Dawit has become a rare Ethiopian asset now; He is not your buddy; He does journalism work, he damn care about your opinion or personal bigot. Get over it.Journalist do Journalist work, it is a professional that can not manipulated by manipulative people like you.

  41. Abraham Admasu says:

    Literally, and I assume Mr Dimo has got one way ticket for Betty. Either he has got the wrong end of the stick and the value of the intact Ethiopian the social order Or does not understand the social value of the Great Nation “ABYSSINIA”?
    It is true the program was broadcasted from South Africa. But there is an International code of practice that governs such deeds. There were Big Brother programs deserted by few countries for misdemeanours and the organizing companies were put under heavy retribution.
    Apart from that Betty Aberra has used the Ethiopian distinctiveness as an emblem. She has been talking some miniature matters about the nation rather than be swollen with pride of her beauty and future hurtle. She has violated the value of the homeland and its people. She has acted in a revolting mode against the uniqueness of those Ethiopians in Diaspora and around the world and those she embody. Apart from that, she said on the mass-media, she can’t wait to see that Sera Leon colossal man to take advantage of her and use her for his sexual contentment. She has no wits.

  42. eish says:

    What the hell Is wrong with people in this life? It’s her body it’s her life she’s free to do whatever she feels like .. Does Ethiopia or any of those lawyers own her body? NO! Those people should just get a life and leave the poor girl alone..instead of carring about more important things they would rather focus on something that most people don’t even care about

  43. easter says:

    by doing all this this foolish girl who do not have any respect for herself is, is getting publicity, she now have followeres who are condoning what she had done. She did not have the decency, nor the remorse. She was given an opportunity to reedeem herself , on the contrary she said that she does not give a damn what people say about her. therefore , there are more important things that we should focus on this girl sold her body Balege nat, there are some people like Dr Berhanu Nega who is selling his country for money they both are prostitute, one is selling her body the other one his country and all for money. which one is worst selling a country or selling the body you guys be the judge. turn all this energy you wasted on this sid balege, to Dr Berhanu Nega who is there to destroy the very land that he was born and where his embelical cord buried and sell his soul to the enemy. folks focus on traitors

  44. what? says:

    I saw this coming, Betty from Ethiopia and Bolt from Sierra Leone were attracted to each other from the first day. Why is Ethiopia so backward when other African countries understand that whatever someone does in a reality show represents themselves and not their countries? That it’s their body’s after all? Ever since Big Brother Africa started, many couples have had sex in the house, but while they’ve entertained or disappointed their fans, they have never been threatened with prison. Even the guy from Tanzania and the girl from Ghana have had sex but no one wants them dead. Last year, a South African guy had sex with a girl from Zambia and he still won the whole thing.

  45. Tes says:

    Maybe Ethiopia’s still not at the level where they can enjoy this kind of reality show and they should stop sending representatives all together. BBA removed one of the smaller countries to give Ethiopia a chance this year but that is proving to be a mistake. Most of the countries in this show see things the same way because they were colonized by the British. Or Ethiopia should just send male contestants from now on because Ethiopian men are not considered attractive in other African countries the way Ethiopian girls are.

  46. Tamiru Taye says:

    When will some of these lousy Ethiopiopians and even much more lousiest and shameful self styled so called uncivilized cave dueling lawyers come out of their backward red neck schauvinist blind corner patriotism and STOP prosecuting innocent and weak individuals while their type of criminals are walking the streets freely day and night. They need to be arrested and placed in jail for the gross violation of human rights.

    “Is freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish? Nothing else.”~Epictetus

  47. Haile Megreb says:

    Come on, find something serious to do. Like working out how to end hunger and poverty that continues to be an identity of Ethiopia.

    Did Betty Abera break the law even when she was doing it in South Africa? Is that what the Ethiopian law says.
    These guys are somewhat backward. Use your energy to get rid of hunger and poverty!

  48. Abraham Admasu says:

    Ato Degefa
    I don’t want to be impolite to you, other than utter about affairs of the realm. I could say to you that there is a transformation in Ethiopia which our ancestors didn’t dig up during the preceding cream of the crop resembling – from Mengistu Hailemariam, Emperor Haileselassie and Minilik etc.
    Ethiopia has revealed a swift economic augmentation by MELES ZENAWI’s Engineering. If you can’t see it you should get your ticket and move around the nation. Please don’t be deceived by those infinitesimal ESAT destructive forces in Diaspora. Be a fact finder yourself. And Meles is an unconditional HERO.
    And Betty has breached the rule & must be disciplined via the law.

  49. Dima Dimanco says:

    The reason I post this is I don’t want some of the negative remark and insult some people make when they can deliver there idea or they are rushing to make a snap judgments with out even complete a sentence so Instead of insulting back and put my self on there level I want to post some thing educational how to present yourself with out offending someone. I bout betty case I don’t want to go back and discuss about it because it’s west of time.

    How to Disagree and Persuade without Offending

    persuasion.jpgDisagreeing with someone without making him mad is an art form. So let’s talk about how to get your point across without getting into a fight.

    The 6 strategies of persuasion below are best utilized when you want to be heard, understood, and considered, when you seek productive exchange, when your goals involve truth and clarity, and when you want to change someone’s mind without landing yourself in a heated argument.

    Strategy #1: Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble.
    Strategy #2: An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a worthwhile idea in it.
    Strategy#3: If the world were a logical place, men would ride sidesaddle.
    Strategy#4: Just the facts
    Strategy #5: Sometimes, it’s what you don’t say that counts.
    Thank you Dima.

  50. Dima Dimanco says:

    The reason I post this is I don’t want some of the negative remark and insult some people make when they can’t deliver there idea or they are rushing to make a snap judgments with out even complete a sentence so Instead of insulting back and put my self on there level I want to post some thing educational how to present yourself with out offending someone. I bout betty case I don’t want to go back and discuss about it because it’s west of time.

    How to Disagree and Persuade without Offending

    persuasion.jpgDisagreeing with someone without making him mad is an art form. So let’s talk about how to get your point across without getting into a fight.

    The 6 strategies of persuasion below are best utilized when you want to be heard, understood, and considered, when you seek productive exchange, when your goals involve truth and clarity, and when you want to change someone’s mind without landing yourself in a heated argument.

    Strategy #1: Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble.
    Strategy #2: An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a worthwhile idea in it.
    Strategy#3: If the world were a logical place, men would ride sidesaddle.
    Strategy#4: Just the facts
    Strategy #5: Sometimes, it’s what you don’t say that counts.

  51. Abucato says:


    Now you are saying and wishing that all of these hot sexy lawyers will keep your daughters verginities and dignities intact and in place? On the contrary they will do what should be done but in secret and hiding.

    In fact why all of them got heated and were interested in the Betty case is because they are too jealous and wanted to revenge on Betty when they could not crash on her. It is what these lawyers don’t really say that counts but not what they are saying about her. 🙂

  52. Mesfin says:

    By the look of things, Ethiopia will always remain backward, lagging behind other African countries. Betty is her own woman, free to do what she wants with her own body. What we’re seeing here is sexism of the highest order. Why isn’t the guy (Bolt from Sierra Leone) being attacked? Is it because he’s a man or because his country has no time for pettiness such as this which should be an individual’s own business? What’s embarassing is not Betty engaging in a very natural act, but the reaction in Ethiopia, which seems to be a few hundred years behind everyone else.

    • Alem says:


      If you can know, Ethiopia is still an exemplary and a leader country in Africa. Where do you think that we remain behind the other African countries?
      Don’t you think the naive actions of Betty in front the camera that has been shown to the public have some sort of public indecency? Even in the west, where there are millions of money hungry companies that strive to use any and every opportunity to make money, public exposure and indecency is not acceptable. We still maintain our precious culture and traditions. The reaction and anger are reflections of our strong foundation. However, all these are not necessarily about Betty; the people do not want her to be a role model to the Ethiopian young women and men. There is not doubt in my mind that she was taken advantage of by the owners of the show and may be by the man participating in the show. Public nudity, pornography, sexual scenes.. are not even par of the culture of the west society; they are the creations of some companies that use anything to make money. Do not be taken by the wind; that will not help you.

  53. Name (required) says:

    this is d worst law suit i have ever heard of in my life…i believe d lawyers are just fame hungry desperate lawyers. Such a law suit will sound soo lame in Nigeria and other democratic countries.despite the fact that Nigerians are culturally sensitive people we are still rational beings. The people who are against her should also learn to be rational and stop being insultive

  54. Atirupa says:

    There is nothing wrong with sex , use your energy ,to stop war ,and hate and intolerance ,instead

  55. ALEM says:

    This is just a commercial show and Ethiopia doesn’t send people to be represented in such a show. The young lady represented her self only. Her blunder could be that she used and displayed Ethiopian flag during the commercial show as if the people of Ethiopia would be happy with her actions. The sex act can be considered pornography and may have negative impact. Betty future in Ethiopia is at stake and she will be considered a disgrace to her family and the people.
    It seems the organization encouraged the sex activity and used it for commercial purposes. And this may indicate that Betty was used and exploited by the organization and the African man. Hopefully Ethiopian will ban its naive women from participating in such shows. They will only be preyed by the young men and the organization that will use that opportunity. I hope Ethiopian young women will learn from this lesson.

  56. Denekew says:

    Alas! Supernova thinks TV is not a public media.

  57. nde says:

    I think most of you who supported betty are member of invisible pornstars or lasbians living in ethiopia and abroad and you fear your rights would be affected if betty is going to be punished and your fear the same fate for you. if i were the lawyer, i would send her to hall not to prison. you see how idiot girl she is !!!

  58. llsa says:

    our basic problem is not to see or to listen something abnormal but to be racist whenever something happens. Unless we act as a one,we wouldn’t let bethelehem to jail.This is not the time to talk about meles and hayleselasie or mengistu but about the disgusting woman bethelehem………….

    • teshe says:

      our basic problem is not to see or to listen something abnormal but to be racist whenever something happens. Unless we act as a one,we wouldn’t let bethelehem to jail.This is not the time to talk about meles and hayleselasie or mengistu but about the disgusting woman bethelehem………….

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