A moment with Eskinder Nega in Kaliti (Elias Gebru)


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31 Responses

  1. Solomon says:

    Eskinder is a freak with a twisted brain but I somehow have a lot of respect for this guy. He talks all the talk and he does all the walk within his own country and with determination, totally wrong though. I wish him good luck.

    • eshe says:

      Can u mention why u called this peaceful fighter “freak with twisted brain”? I am asking you respectfully please.

      • bendo says:

        …I read last year on the online sun newspaper in uk that two young british been detained for two years b/c they wrote in there face book people to come out and demonstrate. you can google and check this.

        So me to admire him a lot for standing to his believes whether it is right or wrong he is fighting for it.

        He is not like Dr Birhanue who get down in meles knee and begged for forgiveness saying i will never do this again and run away to USA with his family and from far away comfortable place asking others to go to prison or die for him.

        So This guy deserve big credit not for his thoughts but for his stand for what he believes.

        • Alex says:

          @ bendo you poor guy.. what is the problem of calling people to protest? We all know that Ethiopia never had elected government where as UK had elected government by the people.

    • Solomon says:


      I thought Eskinder was a “”journalist””? Is he a “fighter” now? Why then blame the government for putting him in Kaliti Behavior Improvement Center (kBIC) because he was fighting to overthrow the government in the name of journalism? As a journalist, Eskinder enjoyed 500% the existing freedom of expression in Ethiopia that was realized thanks to the huge sacrifices made by the gallant EPRDF REAL fighters. He wrote and said whatever he wanted and whatever crossed his TWISTED brain. He wrote TPLF/EPRDF that, TPLF/EPRDF this, Meles that Meles this…bla bla. He warned Meles to step down! This FREAK even wrote articles in support of Shaibia’s military superiority from the very heart of Addis. Can U imagine an Eritrean wanna be journalist writing Ethiopia’s military superiority from Asmara? IsaASSSss would just cut him into pieces overnight let alone allow him breath anymore oxygen. Saying and writing whatever he wanted was not enough for our so called journalist and he wanted more. Under the orders of GIMboat 7 & EriSAT, this idiot wanted to create havoc in the otherwise stable, peaceful and fledgling economy Ethiopia. The extremely generous EPRDF had no choice but to calm down this freak for his own sake. He is where he chose and belongs to be – at the right place kBIC. All said, I still respect this guy for his determination, terribly misguided though. Just compare him with Birhanu Lebaw – who begged EPRDF first in 1991 to make him Ambassador to USA, when EPRDF said hell NOOO…and second when he begged EPRDF & the Ethiopian people in 2006 to be pardoned out of kBIC. And we have lady Birtukan M…begging twice, may be on her way to do it for the third. Eskinder, though possess bold and twisted head, he stands much better.

  2. Mussie G says:

    Dear author,
    It is sad to see anyone being detained in prison for 18 days let alone 18 years. But how is it that questions such as this ‘Mandela’ of yours was entertaining very racist articles while he was editor of the “Ethiop” newspaper about 12 years ago? Do you have the gut to raise issues related to this and others that compromise this journalist’s personality and perspective of democracy? His hatred towards one ethnic group was shown in different issues of those years. He or you may referee Daniel Berhane’s blog if the English translations of those articles are needed. Unless of course, you would say that those translations were only the fake stories created by Daniel Berhane.

  3. Kfasil says:

    The most contradictory, sick-mind and stupid analyses I ever seen from all woyane thugs.
    You better learn and plan carefully from the incident in Cairo and what yours and awramba future look like.

  4. Nebula says:

    He is an Ethiopian Osama Bin Laden. He wanted or wished to exterminate the entire 7 million Tigreans because of his hate for Woyane. He is the most idiotic man on our planet in the 21 century. He uses Nazi as model; he claims the holocaust of 6 million Jews right. He must be taken to international court. The Israli government must charge of him with repeated atrocity after half a century. What a narcissi man.

    • degefa says:

      At Nebula,
      You are stupid and mindless! if you call Eskender Osama.Sorry to say, you are dedeb!
      Insult is not the way to disagree with your comment, but i ma not in a position to control myself-too emotional, but i should to stupid people like you!

    • Dragon says:

      Where did you bring the extra 4 million. Did you count Eritrea as part of ‘Abay Tigrai’ … Or the population of Tigrai is also growing as fast as the fake economy??? For the population oc Tigrai to reach the number you have mentioned it needs to grow by over 3 per cent per year & have a fertility rate of over 6 children or more per woman. Even the well known fact faker central bureau of statistics never dared to manufacture this for you yet because they know that if they do no body will bye there bull****.

  5. Gezaee says:

    I read with interest; I do not agree with Eskinder. First, democracy is relative and I do not know which democracy has raptured him. We had people like him who mesmerized Ethiopians by communism. They were telling our people communism is utopia? We sow what communism has done to our people and our country. We all know this. Now we have a gain Eskinder telling us Democracy aka capitalism is Utopia for us. But the truth is neither communism nor capitalism are good for Ethiopia. We rather need to work out our own platform; Eskinder might be imposing this on our country with good intention, but we do not democracy imported like wheat from outside the same way as communism.

    Eskinder believes he cannot achieve democracy without sacrifice? That is wrong; Any social and political development must be achieved by sacrifice of anything. You can not build by sacrifice because even your life is worthy of living; You do not need to suffer for good or you do not need to die for good. Woyanes supporters also believe you have to fight to win; but that is wrong. It is an Ethiopian mindset.

    I do not blame Eskinder since I believe he is brained washed and obsessed with neoliberalism and capitalism. The bad thing is Eskinder wanted to force it on us like woyanes did force their agenda on us.

    We need ideology that is stormed, formed in Ethiopia that fits our Ethiopianness. We do not need to cut, copy, and paste; we are wasting generations battling to copy everything from somewhere.

    The miracle we need is home grown ideology that goes with our social, culture, historical norms. There are many good things we can learn from other countries but it is not democracy. Copy will never serve Ethiopia.

    He said he cannot ask for pardon? he is foolish. I would ask pardon if I have the chance to be honest. What is the benefit of keeping myself in prison? no benefit unless he wanted to be called Mandela? Life is precious and time precious.If I was Eskinder, I would ask Pardon and get out of the dungeon.

    May be Eskinder needs mature people who can advise him to ask pardon if he has the chance. I do not see the benefit for him staying or languishing prison. He has done it already and what is different now. Unless he is proud of ignorance, I would sign the pardon and let myself free if I was him.

  6. dubale says:

    Eskindir was preaching Nazism to happen in Ethiopia. He said word by word, “Nazi must have been angered by the Jewish.” So if the government released him, I know what people might do to him.
    He deserved to be jailed for 18 years. In fact this is minimum.

    • ETHIO says:

      EGZIYABHERN zare enkuwan fra,He did what he believe and I haven’t seen what you mention here. what if the same thing happen to you?EGZIYABHEREN FIRA.

      You can’t change his life because his life is on the hand of GOD but you can change your self. ATEFRED YIFEREDIBHAL.kale kemiyalf semay ina mider biyalfu yikelal said Jesus Christ.

    • helen says:

      to dubale:
      How much money do you get paid the enemies of the Ethiopian people for your libels?

      Why do you write such false texts to justify yourself(TPLF) for your crime committed against the Ethiopian people and stifle nostalgia?

      Where is the “anti-Semitism”?
      Nothing offends Jews in the text Eskindra I did not see and do not have anywhere else.
      Meanwhile, the “Jew” – a stingy miser, usurer, parasite – regardless of race and tribe. (See Glossary(dictionary) Dahl, 1935 edition). So this is not about ordinary Jews.this is only about TPLF Racist groups.

  7. yoni says:

    We Love Eskindir Nega..He is our Hero!!
    @Editor i know you are very good guy…but you better stop inclining too much to ethnic politics… go back to your original track…stop bashing and character assassinating of genius, inclusive and kind individuals like Dr. Birhanu….Believe me for tigrai people Dr. Birhanu more better than meles…Meles blackmailed the tigrai people with his narrow ethnic politics

  8. erthio says:

    too emotional , democracy is not built within one
    generation. it need a lot of generation effort.
    Ethiopia is heading to democracy, one step at a time.
    learn from Egypt

  9. Mario says:

    Nothing can be done through hate! One can not call himself a journalist if based on a hate basis!የኛ ሰዎች በዚህም በዛም ጋዜጠኞች ነን እያሉ የሚፅፉትን ኣንብበናል እያነበብንም ነነ! ሆኖም ግን ስለ ዴሞክራሲ ፅንሰ ሃሳብ ለራሳቸው ሳይገባቸው ስለዴሞክራሲ ይሰብካሉ! ውስጣቸው ነፃ ሳያወጡ ስለ ነፃነት ይሰብካሉ!ባጠቃላይ በውስህ የሌለውን ነገር መስበክ ምንም ትርጉም የለውም!
    እዚህ ፅሁፍ ላይ ነፃ የሚወጣ ነገር በሌለበት ሰለነፃነት ይወራል! የኢትዮጵያ ብሄር ብሄረሰቦችና ህዝቦች እንደሆነ ነፃወጥተዋል! ይህ ፅሁፍ የኢትዮጵያን ነባራዊ ሁኔታ ያገናዘበ ኣይደለም!

    የታሰረው የኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች ባዘጋጁት የሽብር መረብ ተከሶ ሲሆን እሱ የሚያወራው ግን ስለኢትዮጵያ ነው! ራሱ ነፃ ያልወጣ ሰው ሌሎችን ነፃ ሊያወጣ ኣይችልም!
    የኛ ጋዜጠኞች ሁሉን ትተው መጀመሪያ ህዝባቸውን ከተንኮል ከክፋት ከምቀኝነት ከቅናት ከኣጉል ባህል ከስንፍና ወዘተ ነፃ ቢያወጡ ባማረባቸው ነበር! ህሊናው ነፃ የወጣ ህብረተሰብ ደግሞ ኣምራች ይሆናል!በጥላቻ የተተበተበ ፓለቲካ ግን እንኳን ለህዝብ ለራሳቸው ኣልጠቀማቸው! በጥላቻ ፖለቲካቸው የተነሳ ከህዝብ መገለላቸውን እያየን ነው! ጥሩ ነገር ይዞ ገበያ ደወጣ ገዢ ኣያጣም! ከተሻልን ለራሳችንም ለወገናችንም እንሻላለን! ጨው ለራስህ ስትል ጣፍጥ ኣለዚያ ድንጋይ ተብለህ ትወረወራለህ!

    • samuel d says:

      “የኢትዮጵያ ብሄር ብሄረሰቦችና ህዝቦች እንደሆነ ነፃወጥተዋል! ይህ ፅሁፍ የኢትዮጵያን ነባራዊ ሁኔታ ያገናዘበ ኣይደለም!” አልክ;ጉድ ነው ያላየንውን ያልሰማንውን ነጻነትነው ለወያኔ ፕሮፓጋንዳ እያደረክ ካልሆነ በስተቀር ልብህ ራሱ እውነታው ከዚህ የራቀ እንደሆነ ያውቀዋል። ቢዝነስና የንግድ ተቋሞችን የሚቆጣጠረው ማን ነው? መልሱ ወያኔ በተለይም የትግሬ ነጻ አውጪ ግንባር፤ የመከላከያ ሰራዊት 99% የሚቆጣጠረውና የሚመራው በትግሬ ነጻ አውጪ ግንባር፤ ፖሊስና የደህንነት መስሪያ ቤት እንዲሁም እስር ቤቶች ሳይቀሩ የሚቆጣጠረውና የሚመራው በትግሬ ነጻ አውጪ ግንባር ነው። ፖለቲካውም እንደዚሁ 22 አመት በሙሉ ህዝብን እያንገላቱ ከኞ በስተቀር ሃገር የሚገዛ የለም እያሉ ህዝብን በውሸት ፕሮፓጋንዳ ያደነቁራሉ።የዘረኟ ፖለቲካ በሃገራችን ውስጥ እያራመዱ ሳለ “የኢትዮጵያ ብሄር ብሄረሰቦችና ህዝቦች እንደሆነ ነፃወጥተዋል! ይህ ፅሁፍ የኢትዮጵያን ነባራዊ ሁኔታ ያገናዘበ ኣይደለም!” ብትል ዶሮን ሲያታልሏት……….ስለዚህ አቶ ማሪዮ ብዙ ባትደክም ይሻላል እውነቱን የቆሎ ተማሪና ፊደል ያልቆጠረች የቤት ሰራተኛ እንኳ ያውቁታል።ስለዚህ እኔ ያለኝ ለአንተ ምክር እውነት ተሞርክዘህ ወይም ማስረጃን በማስደገፍ ብትጽፍ ይመረጣል እንጂ ጭፍን ያለ ከእውነት የራቀ ጽሁፍ የውሸት ፕሮፓጋንዳ ነው።

      • Mario says:


        በጣም ታስቃለህ! እኔ በሃይለሥላሴም በደርግም ጀነራሉ ማን ይሁን ማን ለምን ሆነ ብዬ ኣላቅም ! ኣንተ ግን የሻብያ ቅጥረኛ መሆንህ ነው እንጂ በሌላ እንዳልህክ ነቄ ብለናል! ካነጋገርህ የምትለው ሁሉ ከቅናት የተነሳ እንደሆነ አውቀናል!

        ሃቅ ሃቁን ትተህ ውሸት ውሸቱንና የጥላቻውን እያደረግክ ነው እንጂ በኣማራ፣በኦሮሞ፣በኣፋር፣በኢትዮጵያ ሶማሌ ወዘተ ስልጣ የያዘ የትግራይ ሰው እንደሌለ ታቃለህ ግን ከሃቅ መደበቅህ ነው! ታድያ ኣይሙሮህ በጥላቻ ተደፍኖ ነው እንጂ ሃቅን ማየት ትችል ነበር!

        ያም ሆነ ይህ ብቻ በጥላቻ የትም ኣትደርሱም! ዎያኔ ከመቸውም የጠነከረ ሁኗል የኛ የውስጥና የውጭ ጠላቶች ግን የሚይዙትና የሚጨብጡ ከጠፋባቸው ቢያንስ 22 ዓመታት ኣስቆጥረዋል!

        ውሾቹ ይጮሃሉ ግመሉ ግን ምንገዱ ቀጥሏል!
        ፈጣሪ ኢትዮጵያን ይባርክ!
        No one can keep up with woyane!

  10. Supernova says:

    I Hope Dr. Birhanu or ESAT people understand now that armed struggle is not needed in this age. Look, Egyptians got rid off Morsi in three days. How nice it is to do that without wasting resources, lives, and money, and time. What we need now is Unity and we can get rid off woyane even in one single day because we do not want our country to be landlocked forever.

    If we unite, we can do it without the loss of a single life, a single cents, and more than one day. We can remove woyane in one day if we unite; But this has to be done without involving the narrow and antiUnity and hateful diaspora, ESAT, G7,… people.

  11. ETHIO says:

    Yewnet Amlak EGZIYABHER yifred.

    We all accused each other and hated each other. EGZIYABHER man tegefi ena man gefi endehon yawkal. It is really sad that when we see a father can’t spend time with hi son and wife.I am sure manem sew yezerawn yachidal.

  12. teshome says:

    This article is completely a wrong narrative about Esikinder. It gives a different and an exaggerated picture about who he was, who he is and who he will be?
    Esikinder was doing all wrongs cos he was assuming himself as an important Ethiopian political figure and journalist and had a strong stand that the international community won’t silent if has been put behind bar. But his assumption was wrong, like any body else he would be accountable for the crime he did and now the international community seemed to be convinced that Esikinder can’t be above any law in Ethiopia and will serve his eighteen years or so behind bars.
    Esikinder is lucky he left Ethiopia as third world country and when he is back from jail…Ethiopians will be living in a different world, a world of middle class society.
    I wish a long age for Esikinder in jail

  13. Dan says:

    This is another indication that shows how great Eskinder is.The Ethno-dictator regime leaders ,the woyannes, themselves truly know Eskinder is one of the few strong Ethiopians who can push them off the cliff that is why they decided to keep him behind the bar.The more they put their hands on him, the better and stronger Eskinder emerges. Thank you Dawit for updating as about Eskinder.You also deserve much respect for your contribution in the Ethiopian free press.

  14. degefa says:

    At all of you above!

    I think you are one people! You wana convince us no democracy in 22 years…hahahah…we herad that enough from ETV, and who are you know to tell us that similar???

    Mindless! what is democracy for you? i think you think democracy is a Dam?..it is nothing but respect, respect to citizens, respect constitution, respect of law…

    Is 22 years not enough to establish geniun Election broad, or we are stupid, so that we need 100 years to do that?
    is it not possible to respect press freedom, so that anybody can speak and right whatever he see truth, but in respect of others interest?

    or is 22 years not enough to enough to minimize the sky rocketing corruption? what is possible to sky rocket it, but not when you come to minimize it?

    Is 22 years not enough for tplf to change name and act as sincere government?

    NOTE: But i see 22 years is not enough to change the mind set of people like you who just jump to write before you know what you are writing!

    22 years are not enough to change the mindset of these of you who are blind to truth and call Eskedar Osama? mind you, even 40 years….ewek yalew be 4o kenu yawekal atewek yalew….

    • eshe says:

      Thank you so much for writing my mind. I honestly think this tigre/weyanes are sick. All of them need to be institutionalized in psychiatric hospital. These cursed people need help from God or any one. How on earth could some one call Eskinder osama??? I am sure none of these thugs read any of Eskinder’s articles. They are just opposing him and write shit about him because he refused to be broken by weyane. You all weyanes go to hell!!

  15. Dandew says:

    Gezae: you are à confused spineless opportunist creature. I wouldn’t dare to call you à human being. Please don’t feel sorry for Eskinder. Truth shall free him one day. I just advice you to search for your self. Eskinder is à hero of our time. He is an exception in à generation. If you only come to your senses and realize it, he is fighting for ppl like you!

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Dandew,

      If I am spineless, let me meet you anywhere you want and I will show you how spineless I am.

      I have no hero; Eskinder is not my hero; he can be your hero. My hero is only Alula Aba Nega .

      Leave alone to liberate me, Eskinder is not liberated for himself. If he was liberated he would not put himself in prison by his own tongue. He is a capitalist who cry for American democracy bla bla, bla…. I am neither a capitalist nor a communist. No capitalist like Eskinder or communist can liberate me. I am a free man now. A dead man like you can be my advisor.
      But he can be your hero; But please stay away from me and stop trying to tell me he is my hero. Have your hero for yourself only. I hope you understand.

    • Mario says:


      Eskinder is nothing , but simply an individual with no profession except hate against the people of Tigrai! What he wrote is still in the archives! He does not even fulfill an iota of criteria to be a hero in the Ethiopian culture! If I’m not mistaken , I think you are talking about the Holiwood type of your hero! To be hero in Ethiopia it is not that easy!

  16. Ermi says:

    There are bandas in this forum who are accusing others of racism while they, themselves, are Amhara phobic, Ethiopiawinet phobic and hodam woyane lovers. These bandas are accusing jornalists and anyone questioning woyane tugs as racists and enemies of Ethiopia. Some of these bandas are easily identified by their names on this forum. They gave themselves Italian names.

    Eskindir Nega is a hero to the voiceless ethiopians. He uses his pen to fight injustice unlike others who used violence to get to Arat killo to rob and break up the country into many ethnic factions. The bandas sold the main Assab port. They got financed by the Arab enemies of Ethiopia to get to Arat killo. They sacrificed Tigray youths and starving civilians for personal gains. They murdered thousands of their foot soldiers for making love.

    Long live Eskindir and death to Wyanes.


  17. Mario says:

    Ermi aka shabiya propagandist, I’m glad to see you with no choice! Banda is one who sold himself to Egypt against his own privileges! I know you are freaking out here & there , but to accomplish nothing!

    Take it easy broda!

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