ESAT 3rd Anniversary (in pictures)


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64 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    The collapse of Egypt regime will be bad news for ESAT. I don’t think ESAT get the promised $200,000 from EGIPT. DO they?
    Isayas by himself is unable to finance ESAT and Ginbote 7. They are now look to be in a hard time, may be will have certain financial support from ESFNA?
    We will see

    • Issa ye ASS says:

      Me the leader of Eritrea the democratic country in the world would like to scarify all my money i get from egypt for ethiopians to get democracy and free media.

      I don’t want any thing from ethiopian in return of my money i just love ethiopian and i want them to get free media and democracy.

      We have now managed to open ESAT with the same model of ERI TV and in the future when we get rich we will love to spread the word of free media and democracy to European and usa.

    • Aster says:

      When, I see the EAST 3rd Anniversary’s pictures the first thing comes to my mind is 21st century salves. These Isaias salves don’t require lot money they are cheap, so Isaias will use them without a lot of expenses.

    • mul says:

      Mr. Dawit; as you said ESAT is sponsored by G7or the organ of G7 ,so what is the big deal? Did you expect ESAT to be sponsored by Weyane? You may thought that you are escalating such an important issue, but it’s a crap I don’t know what is wrong with you. Try to be sensible!

      • ሰንስለስ ኣላለም says:

        Here you are making too much sense and now you become sensible Mr. Mul, being financed by a terrorist group is nothing ya and doesn’t make sense to you? but it makes sense to you and is wrong on your perspective to be elected by your people and administer democratically what a wast are you. G7 is a terrorist group mobilized by isayas afwerki and ESAT is finance and administered by G7 now it makes sense doesn’t it oh if this doesn’t make sense then you must be sense less go and check in case your IQ is less than 40

  2. Mario says:

    This is the anniversary of a hate propaganda machines funded indirectly by Egypt’s politicians! I can see all the hate politicians in the picture with no results after years of promoting hate against the people of Tigrai!

    Ethiopia’s internal & external enemies had tried to create havoc in in Ethiopia & are trying at this moment but to avail so far ! G7 has been lying to his hate supporters as if ESAT is an independent media, nevertheless , time has exposed it that ESAT & G7 are funded by Egypt & other Ethiopia’s enemies! Trying to support a ly propaganda machine is the most sinful act any Ethiopian can commit!

    God bless Ethiopia !

    • Supernova says:

      Mario, you are chefn woyane who is the opposite of ESAT; We do not need you and ESAT. You do not have any moral ground to accuse anyone; you are the one who landlocked Ethiopia together with Egypt. You did work with Shabia and Egypt too.

      • Mario says:


        Hey man , as a Tigrian , I have a great deal of moral to oppose these who have never done anything for Ethiopia & it’s people! You see the Tigrian struggle liberated Ethiopia from the jaws of the evil Dergists ! Every one ran abandoning Ethiopia , but TPLF & it’s allies stood their ground as their forefathers for the sake of their country! We never worked with Egypt , but yes we worked with shabiya to defeat the greedy & blood sacker Dergists!

        For your knowledge, ESAT & G7 will never get anywhere through their hate to us! We heard their hate loud & clear ! We had seen them in 2005 failing , we see them failing now! They are just wasting the resources of innocent individuals like you, but they can’t accomplish anything!

        Remember, Atse minilik is the one who land locked Ethiopia! That’s why Eritrean fought for independence! Your fabricated lie propaganda never held water, will never!
        & also remember though Eritreans were sold to The fascist Italy by Atse Minilik for military hard ware, dont forget that they are my brothers! Sooner or later we will be united !

        Hey man I never asked you to need me! you don’t need me , I don’t need you as well!

        • Dechas says:

          at Mario
          You are of course mindless, it is people like you mindless, operating tplf and the country. when you come to addis, we thought people came, but….you know something like you came.

          We waited for you to change to be at least like a people, we never demanded you to be people, but like…but still awre—never call and use the name of the great Tigiri people, they never strugled to end up in such messes! You knew that you lack abse and trust in tigiry let alone at other regions. Now keep killing, jailing, that is what you can do, until your day to grave will come soon.

          • Mario says:


            Take it easy broda! I believe Ethiopia is in the hands of its rightful owners, the nations , nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia! Whatever you say or how much you hate Tigrian, you can’t change anything! Hate can only consume you, but Ethiopia will live on in prosperity !

            I don’t wish you a grave, but remember that everyone who prepared a grave for TPLF was buried in his own grave that he prepared for woyane, therefore , be careful! You might be preparing your own grave! We have never seen lie, hate, greed … To win anything in the entire history of human being! Didn’t you see shabiya being buried in a grave yard that they prepared for Ethiopian ? I bet you , you did !

        • rita says:

          u can say whateever u want,but the reality is esat the most watched satilite tv in ethiopia.the peple cant wait to get dailly esat dosage . they know all oppresion ,tplf theregoons crimes aginst humanity,stolen money,propertys,soon or later u all crimnals will pay for it.

        • Easy says:

          Thanks for TPLF, who took every kind of aid from countries who want to see Ethiopian demise, we are land-locked. We loss 40% of our income every year to pay access for sea. That was not just enough, now they are selling Ethiopian land piece by piece. Let me remind you Mario, when you worked with shabiya you agreed in advance to make Ethiopia land-locked. Let’s assume Ginbot7 is taking aid from Egypt, what would you think the worst think they can agree with Egypt for victory over TPLF? Nothing they would do can’t be even close to what Woyane has done.

        • Helen says:

          Supernova and Mario,
          Shame on you guys.
          You said, the Tigrian struggle liberated Ethiopia. That is utterly wrong. Where is the democracy? Where is the free election?

          • Mario says:


            There won’t be democracy & freedom for haters,these who wishes Ethiopia to fail in their motto of “እኔ ከሌሎህ ሰርዶም ኣይብቀል! ” & power greedies whatsoever! But there is a freedom for these who follow the rule of law of the land!

            Helen,take it easy! Ranting will never help you who ever you are!

  3. Chala says:

    Where is the major contibuter or sponsor of ESAT? with his $200,000.00 shabia should be seat in the VIP area of the audience? or is he represented by Dr Birhanue?

    World is full of jock. Thanks Shabia to pass the order to ESAT by dr birhanue not to report lie about Arbegnoch ginbar saying (esat will stop reporting yalsirutin seru bilo makirebune)

  4. bendo says:

    How many 5 star hotel meeting will change the gov? as far as i know there is one in every week. that means 52*22 is more than 1100 hotel meetings and money collection happened with promising to change a gov. in six month.

    Woyanne controlled the whole of Tigray with in 10 years of real fighting.

    If you get there tape of the meeting 20 years a go in this hotel you might found 70% of the same people on todays meeting except the 30% added are muslim extremist that are a new client to collect money from.

  5. Gezaee says:

    ESAT aka G7, first do not cheat people. Be honest and tell us ESAT is founded by G7 which is not bad at all. G7 must be admired for doing that if it was meant to help Ethiopia. But it is not helping Ethiopia now. It is destroying Ethiopia because ESAT is lie machine now. Secondly, who owns it must not be hidden; We do not need any hidden agenda anymore or hidden ownership

    Thirdly, G7 is wasting resources on ESAT to sow hatred, conflict among Ethiopians. And at the same time, you are wasting resources by collecting money from the Ethiopian people. The money could have been used for do good things in rural Ethiopia where there is no water, electricity, clinic and even food. If you could use thee money to help your own by setting up multipurpose centers in rural Ethiopians where the multipurpose centers could include clinic, schools, kindergartens, rain fed microDams that can help people to do permaculture,agrofestroy, viticulture,apiculture , sport center, spiritual centers,… the people could have voted you. I know it is hard but that could have been the easy way to overthrow EPRDF from its roots than wasting money, wasting time , wasting money to promote hatred, conflict in our country.

    You could use the money to build multipurpose centers in the heart of addis ababa what includes modern facilities for the youth and other many good things that could have starved EPRDF votes.But what you are doing now is wasting money, time, resources, sow hatred, conflict,…. your way is bloody way.

    You can learn from Egypt; what is needed is to be honest, unity, ideology. People are tired of hate, worie, wushet. But anyway, Dr. Berhanu Nega lost the game when he refused to become the Mayor of addis abeba; He decided to go to Kaliti, then to USA and then to Asmara and then to Egypt? This is all madness. He could have done better from addis as mayor than from USA, Asmara, and Cairo? which is closer to Ethiopia? Asmara?USA? OR Cario? Now you are celebrating three yeaer Jubilee of ESAT? Well, nothing to celebrate of wasting Ethiopian money while you could use the money for good. Ethiopians migrating to Arabs and hanging themselves after their arrival? Why you do not have any project that helps Ethiopians either at home or outside than only battling to get to Arat kilo by any means bad? The people must see what you can do? Anyway, no Ethiopian would hear me. Every Ethiopian is right in what they do. EPRDF is right, g7 is right. No one is wrong. It is a perfect people country, Ethiopia? but the reverse is true anyway.

  6. Tebale Ende says:

    Woyane is spending millions of dollars at Empty RFK as we speak, ESAT has millions of audiences with huge financial support from Diaspora. What is wrong getting money from outsiders ?
    Woyane asking yesterday for 20 percent of its annual budget from foreign sources. USA is talking with Taliban and Qatar is paying for Taliban. Nothing new here. If ESAT git money from outside sources be it.

    Why not we talk about the late Meles Zenawi fortune of more than 2 billion dollar.Who gave him ? Meles gave the gold to Al Amoudi and Al Amoudi gave the money for Meles Zenawi. Now he is dead his wife Weizero Musina is having good time.

  7. gelam says:

    Imagine, Imagine, just Imagine:
    –If these people were discussing about Building Health centers,
    -If these people were discussing about Building schools,
    – If these people were discussing about transferring knowledge to their motherland,
    -If these people were discussing about building roads,
    -If these people were discussing about Investing business in Ethiopia,
    -If these people were discussing about Building the hydro DAMs,
    -If these people were discussing about creating jobs for the youths,….

    Unfortunately they are sewing hatred among the innocent, kind, religious, loving Ethiopian citizens. A line of hatred does not take to Arat kilo instead an asphalt road (or Ethiopian Airlines).

  8. Yonatel says:

    We love u (ESAT TV ) long live 95 % plp in Ethiopians they love u 3 years wow Good JOB

  9. Gezaee says:

    Taking money from outside means, you have no basis and grounds to liberate people; It means you are not better than you wanted to replace.

    You have to have your own ideology, principle, model than modelling yourself as Taliban, Alshabab, Woyane, Shabia,…

    If you do what woyanes were doing as a rebel? you will definitely end up doing what they are doing even now in office. This means there is no difference between you and woyanes and Shabia.You are new Woyanes and New shabia who just wanted Arat kilo.

    You can bring grass root revolution based on charity or alms from Shabia, and Egypt. By the way, there is no free money anywhere. You have to pay it back in one way or another.

    Woyanes and Shabia destroyed Ethiopia. You do not know how many civilians died in Tigrai and Eritrea during the 17 and 30 years war. The war killed one generation and held Ethiopia hostage from development. Ethiopia was ahead of every country in Africa and even Ethiopia used to be a green pasture even for British people from their own stories read during the early days of Haileslassie. But the violence that engulfed Ethiopia threw Ethiopia to be the laughing stock of human being.

    Ethiopia does need new ideas; May be when the times comes I have to do it myself. I do not even see anyone thinking in good direction. You are all devoid of ideas and ideologies. All of you know only hatred and criminalizing each other and dividing people on the basis of ethnic lines or religious lines. You all think you are all right. This is shameful in the 21 century. You do not accommodate each other or you never listen to each other but you all wanted only to be heard and but you do not want to hear anyone. Everyone has to be with you or not. If someone has a good idea, your chase them; you accuse them; you give them names based on their ethnics. When you become racists, ethnicists,… it is okay, but when people react to your racism, ethnicism, you accuse them racist, ethnicist, tribalist?

    Well, Ethiopia needs brand new paradigm that is not capitalism or communism, but pure Ethiopianism that galvanize everyt Ethiopians regardless ethnic, race, colour, tribe, religion, creed, … the time is coming for that. You will all be thrown into the dustbin of history. God bless Ethiopia

    • ajire says:

      as always I read only maximum of 3 lines from your “effort” to fight “for” tyranny and chaos.
      We, true sons of Ethiopia, fight for truth (unlike the ever cheating and liar cheap Woyanne clan), for dignity (unlike for submissive and inferiority-complex-infested- group), and we fight above all for the majority of ethiopians unlike you who fight only for the few overpreviledged and idiots.
      You know who shall win, of course
      we, the true sons and daughtersb of Ethiopia shall win!!!!!!! not the bandas!!!!and that will be soooooooon!!!
      Dawit Kebede of Awramba, if you do not publish my comment as always, it is enough and satisfying to know that you have read it well!

    • gelam says:

      Nice analysis, I like it!

  10. Ethiopia Tikdem says:

    @ Admin
    Hate isn’t Journalism!!

  11. Bla bla says:

    I’m supporting ESAT by paying $20/m proudly.
    You guys you can talk what ever u want,
    One thing is sure, you can’t STOP the train.
    ESAT is moving very fast, no back quick ,
    quick and quick.

  12. Tayetu says:

    Dave whatsup with that.
    I don’t care If G7 or G77 is running ESAT! TPLF is running ETV! You are one of the courageous My generation journalist I used to admire. If you have difference deal with them In civilized manner. Whatever you say about ESAT trust me is not changing anything except making yourself bad!

  13. Alex says:

    @Editor? I wish you also to start AWRAMBA SATELITE Television …We Ethiopians need Media democracy..we need to create a mass media system that informs and empowers all members of society…that turns a passive audience into active participants
    የምትሰሙት እና የምታዩት እኔ ብቻ የምፈቅድላችሁን ነው ከሚለው የዎያኔ የድቅድቅ ጨለማና እና አፈና መንገድ ትንሽ የነጻነት መስመር እያሳየን ያለውን ኢሳትን እጅግ እናከብራለን::

  14. Hagos says:

    Let woyane suppoters be honest. Woyane, shabia and Egypt made Ethiopia land-locked but not G7. Egypt is a friend of woyane. Meles had an office in Cairo, Sudan and somalia during his battle for eritrean independence and shame on you. woyane was getting a dollar and weapons from egypt and other Arab states to made Ethiopia land-locked and divided Ethiopians based on ethnic, religion and language. ESAT is doing well and long live .

    • kalu says:

      From Lybia too until at least they took office in Addis. Lybia’s assistance was part of the package of the Arab world to muddle in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. Now, Aljazeera is muddling in Ethiopian affairs by transmitting the propaganda of disgruntled OLF cells like Jawar in the hope to destabilize Ethiopia as exposed live TV meeting of Morsi and his members by arming the a few terrorist cells of OLF who are rejected by a big part of the progressive OLF people. Mind here that Aljazeera has always been sympathizer of the Muslim brotherhood of Egypt, the base and constituent of Morsi. Ethiopia has to be very careful of Qatar and its media outlet Aljazeera

  15. Tenagariw! says:

    What is the problem with the editor of this webasite?

  16. EPRP says:

    I do not see esayas Afeworki. Is he not a gust speaker.

  17. solomon says:

    Dear editor, it is encouraging to see that you are getting closer to the truth in describing ESAT and the chairman of Ginbot 7. I this article you have moved closer to the truth by presenting him as the “unofficial” organ of ESAT. You used to put it a more blatant and unsubstantiated claim. good for you sir.

  18. Mario says:

    The money these individuals are wasting could have been used to to help Ethiopia jump one leap foreword instead of fattening the pockets of these greedy individuals!

    We know wide openly that Berhanu Nega is the soul leader of G7 & ESAT , hence the diaspora politics is led by a man who failed repeatedly in his empty political course! EPRP=Qeste Damena= kinijit=G7 we know he is failing , & I hope G7 will be his final failure !

    • kalu says:

      Don’t make white lie. Birhanu Nega has successfully won as Addis Kentiba, the first and the last (until today) democratically elected mayor of Addis Ababa in the history of Ethiopia. Those who denied that reality at that time were the losers. The English people say “bad losers” when someone do not accept defeat and leave with grace. If he indeed helped the establishment of ESAT, again, that must be one of his great success. You do not talk about other opposition groups but spend 24h/24h on Birhanu. The reason is clear. In fact, he must be getting strong by the day you guys deny the reality.

      For the rest, it is politics, you can bash and trash anyone if that gives you some moral support.

      • Asaye says:

        Ato Lidetu has confirmed that the claim Dr. Berhanu was elected mayor of Addis Ababa is a lie, as far us the procedure for electing mayors is concerned.

        If you ask me I trust Lidetu way more than this moshlaqa leba!

  19. eden says:

    Who was then lying Dawit or ESAT itself?
    Neame Zeleke who is the PR of Ginbote 7 is also a managing director of ESAT. Thank you very much, this information was coming from the horse’s own mouth.
    Please toxic and confused daispora don’t tell us ESAT is owned by Ginbote 7.
    It is so funny, Neame zeleke came with a different cloth to tell us ESAT is a free media…lol

    They said “ESAT is a free, genunine and satellite TV.”
    All the three coined words to describe ESAT are lie….
    – ESAT is free by any standard
    – ESAT is lie machine
    – ESAT is not a satelite TV

  20. Asaye says:

    Gug man gug tesebsebo be Areb dollar beyashkaka ena be Ethiopia lay bidolet, fukeraw ke hotel ayalfem!

  21. Meron says:

    It has been clear that ESAT is Ginbot 7 and Ginbot 7 is ESAT. Thank you Dawit for proving us this.

    In the mean while, the extremists in Ecadforoum have started defaming you (dawit) because you exposed to the world that ESAT is Ginbot 7’s mouth piece. Look their recent article.

    These people at these Yetela Bet Mesay paltalk room are very amazing. They speak about democracy and freedom 24/7, but someone is their enemy if he doesn’t sing what they say. They are little dictators. I have been to their paltalk room few times, and they block you immediately if you have slight difference of opinion than theirs. Dinqem Democracy!

  22. Ermi says:

    Is ESAT only three years old with amazing maturity? If a media organization can be made by Ethiopians to such level, then what is wrong with the ETV, Walta and other woyane controlled organization in Ethiopia to grow out of the lying factory business.

    Peace and love to all!


    • Degefa says:

      at Ermi
      I asked a basic question, but Mr Bereket was killed, i mean lost his place in recent reshafle, after he was critically challenged during the inner evaluation…where the PM told him that you (bereket) has made ETV lay tooooo much, kit yata weshet…so that the people including our memebers lost trust on us, the government, hence no one trust what is reported by ETV and Addis emen.

      Had it been bereket is there, he could have answered your basic question….lenegeru esat yelase wetat weshetam metoal..esu yemeleselhal

    • Yoni says:

      Good point but ETV isn’t funded by Egypt via Eritrea. It’s funded by poor Ethiopians.

  23. Miriam says:

    When it benefits them TPLF takes money and support from anyone even sworn enemies of Ethiopia. Don’t forget history, TPLF was getting support from Shabia 100 and that was only 25 years ago, it’s really not that long ago by historical standards. They were also partly armed by the Arab regimes of the late 70s and early 80s. Today TPLF depends on all kinds of foreign donors to survive. However when G7 or any opposition seek the same strategy practiced by TPLF the cause a big brouhaha!!. I say stop the BS. Politics hS always been a short term game. G7 has every right to seek support from outside nations, just as TPLF has every right to do the same.

  24. Mebratu says:

    All you ppl who say it’s immorall to take money from outside nations like G7 is allegedly doing are immature political novices. Real politics demands that we make allies accross the globe in order to bring change in Ethiopia. G7 has every right to make friends with Eritrea,Eygpt, or Israel. This is how politics has worked for thousands of years. What makes you think it ain’t right. Every political movement needs to network and part of that process is working with surrounding nations. This is normal and it’s nothing new. Nothing to be ashamed about here.

    • Yoni says:

      Of course you are entitled to seek help from anyone you wish…
      We are just shattering the so called patriotic umbrella you were shielding yourselves with while sleeping with the enemy.

  25. Mario says:

    If you guys think that you can bring a change by aligning yourself with chronic Ethiopia’s enemies , then you are dead wrong & that’s why you can’t move an inch anywhere! That’s why you continued to fail in all directions fragmenting into pieces every time! Remember a few dedicated Ethiopian are worth more than a bunch of hateful hyenas in a sheep skin! If you play politics you must start where you are known as a person! The old days of appointing families, friends,in laws , stooges … is gone for good! Ethiopia is changed for good , nevertheless , you can’t see it coz you are blinded in a hate politics & greed!

    • degefa says:

      At mario

      dear sir
      it is you and your like who made Eritrea and Egypt the enemy of Ethiopia. Ethiopia don’t have enemy, it is leaders who made them enemy, hence via building a democracy, and by making Ethiopia enough for her all children, it is easy to make her enemies her friends—really mutual friends.
      There is no such constant friend or enemy—America was no our friend during mengestu, but Russia, but america is our friend today more than Russia. It is how you approach it!

      • Mario says:


        Every time I tell that Minilik is the one who sold Eritrea to the fascist Italian , but you have no answer! I think you have no idea what you are talking about!

        Bye Bye

  26. Gezaee says:

    A message to all Ethiopians:

    If you really genuinely wanted freedom, equality, egalitarian, fair, impartial,… Ethiopia? you all need to dissolve all your FFFs, and fronts, factions, … and form a brand new civil movement that can unite all the people regardless ethnic, colour, tribe, race, religion,… with the following policies:
    1. To give land to the owners in Gambela region and others
    2. To allow to use its natural, historical outlets
    3. To form non-ethnic federal system
    4. No revenge, vengeance to past, present leaders

    Then we can remove EPRDF even in one day. It is possible to remove EPRDF in one day; we do not need to invest in armed struggle to kill our own people and waste time and resources of our country.

    I have been saying all the time. All we need is unity to do whatever we want. Are you brave enough to dissolve all factions and form brand new civil movement now? if so do so, if not EPRDF will stay forever. No hate talk, tribal, ethnic bashing will remove EPRDF. Again, I repeat it is possible EPRDF to remove in one single day. I have been saying all the time this. The only thing is I have never been involved in politics so far.

    Are you ready to dissolve all your hate factions, your EPPRF, OLF, ONLF, G7,… ?

    If you start doing that, EPRDF will start shitting on their pants. The strength of EPRDF is diving Ethiopians on ethnic lines and it is called divide and conquer. It is a test military, economic, engineering, computing strategy. You will never win EPRDF divided. The past 22 years is a testament to that.

    Are you ready to dissolve all factions 100% and form a brand new all inclusive civil moment that can topple EPRDF in one day or you still wanted to continue with your divided or ethnic based factions ?

  27. Gezaee says:

    A message to all Ethiopians:

    If you really genuinely wanted freedom, equality, egalitarian, fair, impartial,… Ethiopia? you all need to dissolve all your FFFs, and fronts, factions, … and form a brand new civil movement that can unite all the people regardless ethnic, colour, tribe, race, religion,… with the following policies:
    1. To give land to the owners in Gambela region and others
    2. To allow Ethiopia to use its natural, historical outlets
    3. To form non-ethnic federal system
    4. No revenge, vengeance to past, present leaders

    Then we can remove EPRDF even in one day. It is possible to remove EPRDF in one day; we do not need to invest in armed struggle to kill our own people and waste time and resources of our country.

    I have been saying this all the time. All we need is unity to do whatever we want. Are you brave enough to dissolve all your factions and form brand new civil movement now? if so do so, if not EPRDF will stay forever. No hate talk, tribal, ethnic bashing will remove EPRDF. Again, I repeat it is possible to remove EPRDF in one single day. I am ready to devote myself to a brand new civil moment that eliminates all the parasite factions like olf, eplf, tplf, onlf,eppf,g7, and The only thing is I have never been involved in Ethiopian politics so far.

    Are you ready to dissolve all your hate factions, your EPPRF, OLF, ONLF, G7,… ?

    If you start doing that, EPRDF will start shitting on their pants. The strength of EPRDF is dividing Ethiopians on ethnic lines and it is called divide and conquer. It is a tested military, economic, engineering, computing strategy. You will never win EPRDF if you continue divided because EPRDF has a ready made strategy for that. The past 22 years is a testament to that. You have to know the strength and weakness of the opponent. If dissolve all your fronts, then It will be easy to make EPRDF a house of cards.

    Are you ready to dissolve all factions 100% and form a brand new all inclusive civil momevement that can topple EPRDF in one day or you still wanted to continue with your divided or ethnic based factions ?

  28. eshe says:

    What is wrong with you? Are u anti ESAT independent journalist????Why are u trying so hard to tie ESAT to G7. U are playing cheap politics now.Your website will never get a popularity of ESAT sites however hard you try. ESAT is public ethiopian media and most people know that. We will never believe you. Be honest and back off this accusations before it is tool late otehrwise it is not gonna be too long before you close and start working as parking attendant.

    • Gebre says:

      please read again what you have wrriten. Do you see how undemocratic you are? you threat others simply they say what they think and you are threaten them to the extent you can. what about you guys come to power, g7, blue party etc… I can imagine ORANGE TERROR, You did already red and white terror by the Derg and EPRP. Remember, Birhanu was ones EPRP member.

  29. Hailu balcha says:


  30. Alegnta says:

    Dear readers:

    Ignore the bunch of idiots from ESAT/G7 wasting their time. Please see this exciting report:



  31. Alemu says:

    I am writting this knowimg fully well that my comment has little chance of making it through the censership of awramba times.My take regarding awramba is that:although I am not a suporter of g7, anyone who has lite sympathy fot g7 is watched with an eagle eye.Dawit seems to spend much of his time on what esat does than what the government is doing to Etholpians.Dawit, please be fair and let everyone know that you very different from the one’s you accuse by both sides of your readers have their say if you want everyone to believe you are independent.

  32. Gebre says:

    ETHIOPIA promoting hostility is the easiest thing to do. ESAT is adding nothing new value to our country except promoting hostility and agravating our polarized politics. To my mind, we are not in short supply of it and we don’t need it any more. Egyptians and Isaias are funding ESAT because, it is spreading divisive propaganda among Ethiopians to ignite communal violence so that they make sure that they use the Nile water with out any competition from the upper side of the river. Wise investment in their side.

  33. teddy says:

    We love Dr. Birhanu, ESAT/G7. We need him to do whatever he thinks to eliminate this stupid stupid woyane. He is doing very good job no one else done like him, and and I belive his idea is supported more than 85% of the people. He is the right person and he knows what he is doing and we know who is doing that and we know who is woyane.

  34. Kifle says:

    Dear Dawit:
    I have had a plasure loving you once and you have taken away from my heart. As long as it satisfies you, keep what you are doing. I am not going to speculate that you weren’t imprisoned and abused. I still believe that you have suffered from this non-sense Diaspora politicians, and trying to revenge them by annoying them. However, I don’t think this will help you in the long run and might affect yourself in near future. ONLY DO WHAT MAKES YOU REALLY HAPPY!!! DO NOT DO SOME THINK JUST FOR THE SAKE OF REVENGE! I still love you and feel sorry for you. BUT I hate Weyane so much.

    • Mario says:


      Dawit web sight is telling the truth that we can see so far, but why are you accusing him of revenge? Because he is telling the truth about the government & the opposition with out any partiality!

      You hate woyane doesn’t mean anything at all! You hate TPLF, we love TPLF! As long as there is a hate against TPLF , there will be an equal love that balances the hate! Remember : for every action there is an equal & opposit reaction! That’s how the world works no matter what you think! Your hate is strengthening TPLF! You guys are the one who are keeping TPLF! TPLF loves haters , coz it gives them strength & supporters!
      Take it easy!

      • Idris says:

        Wow, the law you used is physical Law not emotional like love and hate. It is Newtons’s third law. Newton is a scientist in mechanical physics not human emotion. Anyways it is amazing to see your tireless effort to defend your employer (TPLF) by any means.

    • ቀብራራው ደናነኝ says:

      Mr. kifle telling the truth is not revenge bringing the true story to the masses is a courageous act which can be done only by dignified people so before jumping to judgment you better try to understand the truth besides you said you loved dave once a time was that when he was speaking about the ethio government and now when he speaks and exposes brhanu and his criminal group you hate him very funny grow up man mr. Dawit did only what he should do and is bringing out the truth to the public for your surprise even with video and audio evidence and you call it revenge? revenge on who on Brhanu or ESAT ? no body will be willing to wast his preciouse time revenging on those lame cripled ppl just the masses need to know about their madness and their hunger for power and money end of story no body revenges on a walking dead. kakakaka ምያሳዝነው መለስ እና ብርሃኑ ያንድ ኣገር ልጆች ስለ ሚባሉ ነው ህይወቱ ላገር የሰጠ ና በ 100ዶላር ኣገር የሸጠ

  35. Thomas says:

    Don’t worries we are organising a petition to govt of Eth not to broadcast esat to us. Uffff

  36. ኣተርፍ ባይ ኣጉዳይ ኣሉ says:

    ብርሃኑ ነጋ መልእክትህ ሳታደርስ የላኩህ ተበታተኑ እሰይ እግዚኣብሄር ኢትዮ ሊበትኑ ያሰቡትን እንደበተነ ኢሳት እና የብርሃኑ ጭንቅላት ተበትኖ ያሳየኝ

  37. Mario says:

    The only change we see in these hateful individuals funded by Ethiopia’s chronic enemies is: more grey hair on their heads, more failure, more hate….!

    The third anniversary of ESAT & G7 has become a stage where ESAT & G7 are owned by Egypt indirectly & as a proof , Egypt just donated G7 $500,000 grant to create havoc in Ethiopia ! Therefore, G7 & ESAT are proven to be for Egypt’s propaganda machine, but not for Ethiopia at all! How many failures? EPRP,Qeste Damena, Kinijit,G7…what a waste!

    Hey Berhanu Nega & other haters Cheers for failing repeatedly !

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