ENTC On the Formation Of Transitional Government (Press Release)


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30 Responses

  1. Ande Ethiopia says:

    Dear Dawit
    Do you really think this is news? I really admire your work but very surprised that you actually believe this children game. Kinijit, Aregnoch ginbar, Esat, ginbot 7 and now another group of scammers trying to profit from the hard working diaspora. You are a responsible journalist and should know better. You need to expose these people and let people know that they shouldn’t give away money to finance the travel and luxury life of these scumbags. This is not rocket science tamagne is taking himself and family on a vacation he never thought will come real in his lifetime, I don’t think birhanu nega is even teaching anymore. Dawit you need to do a better job on this.

  2. Gedif says:

    Dear Editor,

    These are exactly the real idiots and fool extremists who are just making the laughing stock of themselves. I don’t think they know what they are dreaming. Anyway I like the phrase ‘Removing and replacing the current regime’ that usually appears on one of ‘entonie’s web page.

  3. Mario says:

    እንዴ! ይኼን ያክል ኣብዷል እንዴ! ደርጎችና የዋሽንግተን ዲሲ ታክሲ ነጂዎች ተሰብስበው ሁሉን ኢትዮጵያዊ ያቀፈ ተባለ! ወይ እብደት! ድካም ነው እንጂ ሁሉን ኣቀፍ መንግስ እያለ የኣንድ መንደር ጓደኞች ተሰብስበው ኢትዮጵን እንወክላለን ኣይባልም! የእቃ እቃጨዋታ መስሏቸዋል! ከትከትከትከትከትከት!

    • degefa says:

      at Mario

      You are still in fear of dereg?! That is why i say you are a confused tplf, even after 22 years exaggerating non-existing deregu. We were youry and your likes victim, but have totally throughn out that type of confusion. Now derege we know before 22 years was not any more there, but the new double derege, the worst dergue, who not only kill, arbitrary jail, but torture—-by the way, if you have still small left over geniun mind, go and listen to the interview with the youth recently out from the slaughter house of your tplf. Then you know who is real dergu. selling Ethiopia, dividing us to the extent we can’t reconcile, damaging our culture, love, spoiled our religion….this is dergu-tplf. Otherwise, never associate any gathering who struggle for justice as deregu-stop your confusion.

      • YOHANNES says:

        mr.degefa your never united your were alone thinking of unity. for example during the derg and Haile selasie regim I never feel to be ethiopian and what is ethiopia but know I know ethiopia is a country of maney trips and several languages.( multi-nation) for several years all these nationes was only selves in theier owen country, thanks to those you are calling them selling ethiopia , dividing it has been achived ethiopian unity willingly, if you want to make saves ethiopians this time please forget it, the time is passed

      • Mario says:


        If my fellow Tigrian & allies defeated Derg & took over from AK to the Midern Mig fighters, I don’t have any reason to fear ! What I’m talking about was, Dergist are leading the empty diaspora politics , that’s why they fail every time!

        TPLF slaughter house? Your lies & fabrications will never end ! It is all about internal & external enemies of Ethiopia trying their best to stop the Ethiopian renaissance in their motto of “እኔ ከሌሎህ ሰርዶም ኣይብቀል! The good thing here is: TPLF is at its strongest stage at this moment! TPLF loves haters, because they make it stronger! TPLF will live on as long as there are haters! It’s been a while now since you guys are a hostage of Egypt!

        Degefa, shabiya’s propagandist! Take it easy ! You can’t bit TPLF , you guys inside & out are just wasting your time!

  4. Mehret says:

    The confused confusers.

  5. whoarethey? says:

    The 94 million Ethiopians are in Ethiopia, not in Washigton; I live in addis ababa, I do not recognize them. They are not my leaders and they can never represent me in anyway. How is that a few people claim they represent 94 million people? Well, …

    • yoghannes says:

      they are failed peole, they became rich buy begging money from doners, since ethiopia have a strictly police to eliminate the pooverty and to give dignity to the ethiopian those people they dont like it, because they could not begg any nore money from the donnors.
      Normaly it is usuale in ethiopia to makee blind a normal person for begging purpose. those people are those actually sing they want to liberat ethiopia from the ethiopians .

  6. Anbessa says:

    It seems like these ppl @ENTSC are day dreaming. What transition are they talking about??? What the hell is this BS? Is this they way how they BS and collect money to support themselves? I can’t believe this!!!

  7. Yani says:


  8. Dave says:

    Another mafia group based in DC. Folks, watch out the next move by this group.Dr Fisseha is well known how to take money from your pocket.

  9. Dan says:

    Who do you think you are? Woyannes fought and died in the land because they had a real cause unlike you living in comfort zone and expecting others to die to bring you to power.

    Any wrong doing of the current government is all due to lack of democratic opositions. Democracy starts from within. Anyone who has a different view is your enemy ..is this the kind of democracy you are dreaming to introduce? (Of course you are dreaming not struggling)

    • Dechasa says:


      Do you think, there is no enough reasons in Ethiopia to fight against tfpl led mafia in addis?

      Do you know that meles was at university the time he left to dedebit-but today thousands of youths are arbitrary detained, killed, jailed, abused, and forced to leave their country?

      Donot you know what happening to many today is more intensive, systematic and extensive criminal compared to what happened to the generation of meles and his group?

      I tell you, today is more worst and it is more than enough to go to forest…but i remain firm that as tplf has no public base, peaceful struggle will diminish them and no need to dedebit for same purpose. That is what these group are trying to do now—-mechem aygebahem—aweko behodu yetegna beterut—-nacheu ye tplf abalatoch…

      • yohannes says:

        so go to forest , and we shall see you if u can do something like tplf.
        please be a little bit objective. Go and see your country how it is changing . you are betteen the people who don’t to do nothing for ethiopia. our eyes are injoing to rising constructions , dams and increas in electricity water and health where ethiopians never dream. thanks to tplf if you are writting and reading my brother or sister

  10. Gebre says:

    VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This people must study the ABC of politics

  11. Alegnta says:

    What a bunch of comedians! This would have been so funny if it weren’t totally bonkers! These people are certified loonies but I do feel sorry for their followers if they have any.

  12. Dan says:

    Dawit, are you being paid not to post comments

  13. zulu says:

    I look the so called ETC with suspecion. However, if TPLF forms a goverment why not ETC? In what moral aspect is TPLF better than others? In looting and robbery? Before criticizing others look yourself in the mirro. That is how a mature human being is supposed to act. As about cab drivers, there are many educated people who did not want to sell their soul to TPLF bandits and became taxi drivers by choice. If TPLF cadres were to be in exile, I would bet that they would not qualify to be a dish washer. After all,what else TPL ites know other than shooting innocent people and looting? Chavnism and parochlism are the biggest problems that people of easten Africa nation suffer. Demonizing and belittling others while thinking in one’s way is the right way. Sad.

  14. betty says:

    minew weyane arrogant geredoch tenchachachu….who says that weyane is a lgegitimate govt except his arrogant and stupid bonehead supporters..anyway regardless of your endless echo…ethiopians will soon remove the weyane racist group

  15. galaxy says:

    This is just to sack Dollars from the innocent diaspora.

    Esat + shabeya + g7 + egypt spies + criminals + …, to set transitional government of Ethiopia. kkkkkk, ….

    How many times have these day dreamers cheated thier followers by using a varity of mechanisms? Going for another money looting?

  16. gtz says:

    do they know the meaning of transitional gov’t.This is pure “day dreaming” and wish them god’s mercy!

  17. Mario says:

    በጣም የሚያሳዝነው እኮ በግልፅ ወዳጅና ጠላት እያየና እየሰማ ነው! ወዳጁ ኢትዮጵያን የመሰለች ኣገር እንዴት እንደነዚህ ዓይነት ዜጎች ታፈራለች እያለ ሲያዝን ፤ ጠላት ደግሞ ምነው ወደእርስ በርስ ጦርነት በገቡ እያለ በመፀለይ ላይቭ ፊልም ለማየት በእሳት ላይ ቤንዚን ለማርከፍከፍ መዘጋጀት ነው የቀረው!

    የሰው መሳቅያ እኮ ኣደረጉን! እነዚህ ፖለቲከኞች በእውነት ለኢትዮጵያ የያዙት ነገር ቢኖራቸው ኑሮ ከቅንጅት ጊዜ የበለጠ እድል ኣልነበራቸውም! ከህዝብ መሃል ገብተህ ከዚያም ህዝቡን ተጥሎ ተሸሽቶ ከ20,000 ኪሎሜትር በላይ ተፈርጥጦ ህዝብ እየተባለ የኣዞ እንባ ማንባቱ እንደ ጦጣ ቀልድ ሆኗል!በውስጣቸው ከስልጣን ስስት በስተቀር ምንም ሳይዙ ቀረቡ ፤ ያየሚሰድቡት ወያኔ/ኢህኣዴግ በተጫወተው የፖለሊካ ዘዴ ተፈረካክሰው ብትንትናቸው ወጥቶ ለኣንድ ኣፍታ እንኳን ባንድ ላይ ቁጭ ብለው ትግላቸውን ለማስቀጠል ሳይችሉ በመቅረት እርስ በርሳቸው ተወነጃጅለው ይኸው እስካሁን ዓይን ለዓይን ሳይተያዩ የሰው መሳቅያ ኣድርገውን ቀሩ! በግብፅና በሻቢያ ይደገፉ እንጂ ያው ኢትዮጵያውያን በመሆናቸው በነሱ ተሳቀ ማለት በኛም ተሳቀብን ማለት ነው! ይኸው ኣሁንም የኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች ምክር በመስማት በውጭ ያለው የተቃዋሚ ጎራ ለኣንዴና ለመጨረሻ ጊዜ ቆሻሻ መጣያ ውስጥ ለመክተት እየተዘጋጁ ነው! ይኼ እስኪደርስ ልብ ብላቹ ተከታተሉ!

    የኢትየጵያ ጠላቶች በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ጠንካራና ኣስተዋይ ተቃዋሚ እንዳይፈጠር የተቻላቸው ሁሉን ነገር በማድረግ ላይ ይገኛሉ!ጀሮ ያለው ይስማ!

  18. Tazabi! says:

    I am a bit disappointed with the new government for not including the Assab question on the draft. Could it be that the newly anointed government being cautious not to upset Esayas Afeworki so he won’t withhold the next 6 months $500,000 budget?

  19. ዘግባ says:

    የኛ አገር ፖለቲካ የተለየ ነው። ያሳዝናል! ሰዎች የግል ኑሮአቸውን ማሸነፍ ሲያቅታቸው፤ ከሥራ ሲባረሩ፤ ጤና ሲያንሳቸው፤ ንግድ አልሆን ሲላቸው፤ ቤተ ክርስቲያንና ፖለቲካ እየገቡ ይበጠብጣሉ፤ የራሳቸው አሮባቸው የሰማንያ ህዝብ ችግር ካልፈታን ብለው ይነሳሉ። ለመሆኑ እስከመቼ ድረስ ነው ያገራችን ፖለቲካ በቆማጣ እጅ እሚፈተፈተው? እኛ የተማረ፤ የተመራመረ፤ እንደ ግርማ ዋቄ እንደ እሌኒ ገብረመድህን ሰርቶና መርቶ ውጤት ያመጣ ሰው አያምረንም? እንዴት ቢንቁን ነው ከየፓርኩና ከየጋዝ ስቴሽኑ ተሰባስበው እንምራችህ እሚሉን? ጎበዝ ተቃዋሚ ያስፈልገናል ግን እነዚህን ስም የለሽ ሙያ የለሽ አውደልዳዮች ማለታችን አይደለም። ስታርባክስ ተሰብስቦ መቅደድማ ማንም ይችላል።

  20. Kulfo says:

    I’m confused by three issues here:

    1. How many conferences are needed to explain what the “transitional government” means. Wasn’t is explained in the last conference?

    2. Where is Dr. FIsseha Eshetu. Wasn’t he is the torch bearer of “Transitional Government”? I haven’t seen him in pictures and interviews. Has he departed the party by himself? Or … fired forced to the back seat?

    3. Wasn’t the objective (goal) of this party to bring down woyane in 6 months? Why are they still taking about future conference?

    Please enlighten me about them.

  21. GASHU says:

    I support any effort directed to challenge tplf in anyway possible. Atleast one of them will bear fruit.

    But I afraid you can’t change the government by remote control. only those fighting on the ground have real chance. I don’t think they will activate this transitional government that doesn’t include them. how are you going to coordinate with those fighting (peacefully or otherwise) on the ground??

  22. Habtamu S says:

    What an old politician from ‘YA TIWELED’ great mistakes is their needs to see a removal of the existence individual in power comes from great hatred that happened on their high school and collage time of that revolution time plus a great regretting seeing individuals on power comes from juliennes . Dergu removed all intellectual officials of Hileslase’s including Aklilu H/Wollde, who fought his entire life time at the diplomatic arena for Ethiopian national interest and security. Then comes EPRDF, they also dispersed not only WPE officials but also individuals scholars whom they suspected pro-WPE or ‘ NekekI’. The tradition of an exclusive holding power still seen in the so called ENTC when even on their very opening period. You know I need to see a very strong opposition with comprehensive political question of the people. But what much opposition lost is they have no such question. Kifli Taddes of Ya Tiwled said on one of his interview for the question of ‘How Derge win over you?’’ He replied that ‘ Dereg answered all the big question came from the people of Ethiopia like ‘ Meret Larashu… and, we / EPRP/ stand without any substantive and compressive question. Now what is your question on Ethiopian government other than taking power? THANK YOU.

  23. Hailu balcha says:

    Every body written with the Ethiopian nicknames they are all from tigray region they are supporters of the ruling party TPLF/EPRDF….they act like ethiopians they are using amara or oromo nick names for example like, Habtamu , no body couldnt trust them they are supporting the ruling party TPLF who are Genocide our people and selling our lands , selling our women for prostitution

  24. Meron says:

    Dr. Fisseha Eshetu deseperately said that he wouldn’t win against Woyane in his last years speech. Imagine, it was when Meles was alive, and now EPRDF is strong as ever, he must be totally hopeless: LMAO


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