Scholars’ Debate On Current Political Events (Video)


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37 Responses

  1. ewentewent says:

    1. Question (to Mesay)
    – Have we had a leader who admits his mistake, can you name one?
    – Have we seen any demonstration (peaceful)except that of UDJ, in any of the previous regimes including Meles
    – There has never been legitimate government in Ethiopia (Minilike, Hail Selasi, Mengistu, Meles etc their constitution was not legitimate or accepted by their people that is why are in this mess). Since it is being accepted or supported by some sections of the society Changing the constitution might be a bad idea; rather amending might work.

    My opinion:- Even though small we have seeing changes (changes for good as well as for bad).

    To Dave:- is that all? it seems the debate is interrupted?
    I would like to thank the host as well as the guests. They seem to be principled and respectful.

  2. teshome says:

    Dear Listeners
    Isn’t that sickening to listen these discussions?
    I heard mountains of confusion and political paralysis. Seriously, it was both ridiculous and depressing to witness our scholars gravitating to such level. Rather dealing issue by issue, they blame and name everything what happened in Ethiopia by and for Meles Zenawi. What do we expect from the Ethiopia scholars who plug their ears to avoid to hear truth.
    When I watched these professors, Oh my God I missed meles, he would have dissected such a political issue to an amazing level.
    Meles Zenawi was uncommon leader, he is an Ethiopian Hal comet who light the change in Ethiopia. He was acting as one of the best midwife in the birth of new Ethiopia.
    OHHHHH my God Meles Zenawi was my life and my religion. You will always be remembered

    • Alex says:

      Teshe, Do you really miss Meles? Well, he can’t come back; but you can go to meet him any time.

      • ewentewent says:

        If not polite, it is a good answer.
        You better watch ETV and read Addis Zemen. Sorry! Even Ethiopian Reporter is not your league. This is not a disrespect to your beloved leader but . You yourself can be a better leader. Why do you dwarf yourself? Don’t be flattered by the WEST, they had better words for Mobutu than Meles, while they whole world knew that he was…. so my bro you can be anyone you like to be………

      • tes says:

        Alex , in my opinion Teshe would have long gone to anywhere where he wants to be , but the problem is , he does not want to live ethiopia to loser professors like the ones in the discussion and their cohorts like you.

    • observ says:

      clever was Meles – yes he was. But he brought an identity crises in the country to an unheard of proportion. Now we have confused idiots who can not even agree on the existence of the country itself.

  3. assefa says:

    awramba home of the confused.

  4. Gezaee says:

    Bravo Dave; great job. I am proud of you. You are dwarfing your detractors. Be steadfast, solid, strong, and fight to death for truth; Never give ears to your foes. When you do the right things, you do not need to force anyone. People will follow you.They see only your action. Talk less and do more.

    Keep up the good job

  5. አለም says:

    ዳዊት፣ ይህ ጥሩ ጅማሬ ነው። ምሑራን የተባሉ ሲጣሉ ወይም አንዱን ወገን ይዘው ሲራገሙና ግራ ሲያጋቡ ነው የሚታወቁት። እንዲህ ዓይነት መድረክ በብዛት ያስፈልገናልና በርታ።

  6. Teshale says:

    Dawit, thank you so much for this wonderful interview. I am anxious to hear the second part. This interview can serve as exemplary for both ETV and ESAT. They never dared to bring opposite views in one forum and let the listeners decide what they want. Please thank your guest interviewer for a job well done.


  7. efrem says:

    With due respect, I would like to say few things in relation to the debate. My appologies for strong words.

    1. Although the personalities are scholars as per their cv, I don’t see any scholarly debate. Even it can’t account for a debate let alone scholarly debate. One may raise the limited time that they are given. But, these are shcolars who know how to present their ideas in a concise manner with in 15 minutes. So, I don’t buy such argument either. May be part of the blame could go to Ato Yared for not directing them to ……….

    2. Let us accept it as a speech by two scholars. I am very disappointed by their speech. No creative and innovative ideas! No scholarly insights! Nothing new, old wine in a new bottle!! Really disappointed.

    3. None of them presented constructive evidence besides their belief. Thier belief is their won belief not Gods word and no one is going to belive on their belief unless they susbstantiate it with evidence, at least scholarly intuition, to make us belive in their belief.

    4.I read few of the writing of (on Ethiopian political issues) these profs. Basically, I am not their fun when it comes to such articles. Although these guys are big guys with sufficient academic knowledge and experience, I can’t see anything that can be useful to address the current socio-economic and political problems of the country.

    5. I would like to remind these profs that they shouldn’t be disappointed by my comments and there are many things that I am proud of the profs. But, definately their political view is not one of them. They shouldn’t also feel bad by my choice of words as these are the only way that I could say things straight. Ofcourse they are not the Ethiopian way! But, neither is that works fine always.

  8. TeferaMola says:

    A.T. great move. Thank you for opening this great venue for constructive dialogue! Eager to see more of such! May be also on current national (and global) issues.
    Thanks shall go to these gentlemen too!

  9. moe ageshen says:

    i totaly agree with audience’s those two scholars very knowledgable about their fields,but today they sound very average and didn’t have enough substance.i read thier articles alot. i didn’t see that today,but i really thought the problem was the host. he seemed very confused didn’t know what ask and how to ask,he has no set agenda,he wasn’t prepared at all.

  10. Melat says:

    Thanks for your time Professors,the above Professors need to be given gratitude for the concern they showed in Ethiopia’s issue. The above two Professors are better than countless other scholars we hear about in diaspora that are going around condemning whoever does bring up Ethiopia’s socio-political issues towards them as a backward illiterate who is boring them.

    The above Professors are different from most scholar diasporas because most diaspora scholars keep on running away from engaging in discussion regarding the future of Ethiopia because they feel like they got better thing to do with their time rather than sacrificing their time and knowledge in Ethiopia’s issue. Diaspora scholars whether they are younger ,older ,male or female spend their time worrying about where they plan to raise their own children rather than Ethiopia the country of their past.

  11. axumawe says:

    hi to both of you prof,es!
    ( ltkmach smay krbu now)alu abatoch-
    prof Tekola as you say if you left your country ,when your country sent you for higher education is this what your country deserves from you prof ?
    prof Mesay,it is true as you said, power is some thing you go & grab it, no body well ever hand it to you!!!!
    the quetion is do you have the intelect, stamina & breavery to have it ?if so your friend economist doc,brhanu nega may need some one like both of yous.
    b/c yous all are perfect people,perfect leaders,so mach educated,political analistes and so you ever thought of the pesants of Ethiopia that covers 80%of the population ?
    have you ever think of the Ethiopian society is merging from a feudal system when you tried to implment a democratic society ??
    let me ask you this to both of you with all do respect don’t the government of any nation have to have the basic nesesity of life? like food,water,clothe to his people 1st ?
    then education,helthe,roads public sectors and side by side democratic value
    this are the steps i believed well take my country to fully democratic nation the government is doing a superb job.
    you proffesors can say what ever you have to say, but it is what it is and there is nothing you can do about you now why ? b/c you don’t have what it takes to be the brave Ethiopians!!!!
    wright or wrong breaves are the one who give there life for others.
    breaves are the one who are doing the best to the level of exelency to change the life of there people at home !
    my freiends, you & me let have enjoy the exile life where ever we are,b/c me and yous, we don’t have what it takes to be self-leses b/c we are selfe-shes,O but we can tell every body that we know it all.good by die hard feudals.
    your country may,i say may….. use your skill,i believe you are if the country didn’t need your feudal mind
    the pension you get well help the local economy the bars & resturantes and so on. and it well be good for yous to brag about how wonder full life you use to have, when you are in America,how you teach students when you are a prof at this and that school and so on.
    OPPS am i bad ?
    what do you expect from 70 year old man any ways.KKKK

    • Nita says:

      Axumite or something; you are rubbish on this website; I do not understand why Awramba allows you to make his website a venue you. I hope awramba do something about you. U have been insulting people on this website all the time. Awramba has not even warned you.

      What does the age of these two respectable individauls has to do with with what they say? You are ugliest person online. Please awramba send this ugly and Arogit woman to Tigraionline. She is always here to insult people. Again, Awramba do something about this one. You website is unique and clean of insults. But this low life individauls is making your website cheap. Is it possible to ban people who do not know how to respect adults ? Please

  12. Jacob says:

    Some of Professor Mesays’ typical opposition words: ኣይመስለኝም፣ኣላምንም፣ኣልሰማሁም፣ኣላየሁም፣ግን፣ኣላውቅም፣እገምታለሁ and more conspiracies.
    To Professor Tecola: Prime Minister Meles did not prohibit any peaceful demonstrations. Actually, the biggest political peaceful demonstration(ሚያዝያ 30/1997) took place during Meles’ time. More recent demonstrations took place as well. e.g: the last 3 years, there were many demonstrations including the one in Mekelle(by those whose houses were demolished) and an almost weekly demonstration by muslims. So, let us be fair.

  13. germognal says:

    I like the fact the two political science scholars discuss the current issues in Ethiopia. I completely agree with the ideas put forth by Professor Messay Kebede since he seems to speak the truth as he sees them.

    On the other hand, Dr. Tecola Hagos seems to be a likeable person even though I completely disagree with all the rambling responses he provided to the questions asked. Dr. Tecola Hagos said that bringing changes takes time even though we, the Ethiopian people, have waited for more than 22 years and we haven’t seen any changes yet. How long do we have to wait before we start seeing changes? Please stop saying, “it takes time.”

    In addition, why is Dr. Tecola Hagos oblivious of the fact the TPLF is a regime that throws journalists into prison, comprises of only one ethnicity that is in control of the major sectors of the economy – Defense, National Security, Finance, Information & Communication, and Foreign Ministry? Why are Fifty-eight (58) out of the 61 generals in the military are from one ethnicity? Why is Dr. Tecola Hagos oblivious of the fact that there is only one government owned TV station in Ethiopia, one radio station, one newspaper, and one Internet Provider? Above all, the TPLF regime and its adherents are determined to destroy all the values of Ethiopianism which we all cherish and love.

    Dr. Tecola Hagos, please wake up and call the facts as you see them.

    Thank You!

  14. Benyam Berhe says:

    Are they really profeser’s? I don’t think they know them self as well thanks God they are not in Ethiopia because Ethiopia will go backward Dawit can you interview some who know and Love there country better than those prof.who doesn’t know any thing about Ethiopia .God bless Meles Zenawi and Ethiopia

  15. Kebede says:

    i really have hard time to understand the educational analyses from Prof. Messaye…cause the question the he had been questioned was different from the answer that he gave…I am not an expert but this is not rocket science to figurer out …..In addition to that He has no good intention for the future of Ethiopia. I don’t my be his is so old or something else…”ENE KEMOTEKU SEREDO AYEBEKEL ENDALECHEW AHEYA. ” The good thing that will be a day dream for such kind of knuckle head.I suggest him to keep dreaming ……

    Prof. Tekola
    You are the true educated based on knowledge not hate as well power monger. Keep you positive attitude the will be an example for the new generation to follow. GOD BLESS UR GOOD HEART.

  16. Mario says:

    ይሄ ጥሩ ጅምር ነበር ሆኖም ግን ኣቶ መሳይ ከበደ የደሮ ህልም እያወራ በመሆኑ በጣም ያሳዝኖ!

    ኣቶ መሳይ ከበደ ለኢትዮጵያ ምንም ሰርቶ የማያውቅ በመሆኑ ህልም ከማለም ኣልፎ ሌላ ቁም ነገር የለውም! የትኛው ህዝብ ነው የሚነሳው? የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ዓረብ ነው እንዴ? የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ የተሻለ ምርጫ ሳያገኝ ኢህኣዴግን ኣይገፋም!

    ኣቶ መሳይ ከበደ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ቀበሮዎቹን ኣስወጥቶ ለጅቦች በር እንደማይከፍቶ ከወዲሁ ላረጋግጥልህ እወዳሎህ!

    የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ የተሻለ፣ትሁት
    ፣የተጠየቀውን መስዋእት ለመክፈል ዝግጁ የሆነ፣ለህዝብ በመነሳቱ ላላማው ፅኑ የሆነ፣በእስራትም ይሁን በመስዋእት ከዓላማው ፈቀቅ የማይል ሲገኝ ያኔ ሁላችንም ይሄ ነው የሚመራን ብለን እንነሳለን! ኣሁን ያሉን እንኳን የኢትዮጵያን የመሰለ የተወሳሰበ ህብረተሰብ መምራት ይቅርና ራሳቸው የመሰረቱት የፖለቲካ ድርጅትም መምራት ተስኗቸው ሲበጣጠሱ እያየን ነው!
    በዚህ ውይይት ኣቶ ያሬድ ጥበቡ ውይይቱ በቆንጆ ሁኔታ መርቷል፣ኣቶ ተኮላ በጥሩ መንፈስ ለመወያየት ሞክሯል ፣ ኣቶ መሳይ ከበደ ግን ለውይይት በማያመች መልኩ ደምድሞታል!ኣቶ መሳይ ከበደ ያወራው በእውቀት ላይ ተመስርቶ ሳይሆን በጥላቻ ነበር!

    በመጨረሻም ኣቶ ያሬድ ጥበቡ ኢትዮጵያዊ ጨዋነት በተሞላበት መንፈስ ውይይቱን በማካሄድህ ቀጥልበት፣እንዲህ ሲባል ነው ወርቅ የሆነ ሰው የሚገኘው! ከደርጎች የሚጠበቅ ነገር የለም እንጂ ኣቶ መሳይ ከበደ እግዚኣቢሄር የሰጠህን ኣይሙሮ ከጥላቻ ወጥተህ በተገቢውን ብትጠቀምበት ሁላችንም ማስተማር ትችል ነበር! የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ይነሳል፣የዓረብ፣የምንትሴ የምትለው መቼ ነው የኣረቦች ታሪክ በኢትዮጵያ ተደግሞ የሚያውቀው? ኢትዮጵያ ይብዛም ይነስም የራሷን ታሪክ እየሰራች የመጣች ኣገር ናት!
    ዳዊት እንደገና ቆንጆ ጅማሮ ነው!
    ኣቶ ያሬድ ጥበቡም ቆንጆ ጅማሮ! ነፃ የሆኑ ሰዎች ብትጋብዙ ብዙ ትምህርት ይገኝበታል የሚል እምነት ኣለኝ!
    Dawit & Ato yared Tibebu you did excellent job!
    Please explore citizens who might be hidden treasures of Ethiopia!

    Good start!this might continue to grow to be the Beggest TV show in Ethiopia !

  17. Dandew says:

    Dear admin,
    Your page seems to be infested by confused Eprdf symathizers try to negate everything against Eprdf/tplf. They are so nervous and fearful of the future. Please try to tell them to call down in case you have à secret forum. I say tjis beacuse it it the same very fel names like Teshome, Mario, Melat, kebede, axumawet and Gezae WHO helplessly and aimlessly fire empty words. Poor them!

    • axumawe says:

      HI COLONEL MENGESTU this is not the 80/90
      this is 21st c,people have the wright to express there view. live the editor!
      he is serving as, me,you & every one ales
      we should apprecited him.i could respond to you, then i realiz you are not worth my time,but i well say this to you and your likes LONG LIVE WOYEN-LONG LIVE EPRDF!!

    • Mario says:


      Your problem is: you don’t know who Woyane is like your fellow empty opposition! If you really want to know the truth , every entity dreamed to destroy woyane has been destroyed not to comeback again! The stick of woyane is very sour! The other thing is, woyane loves haters. You know why? Because , haters don’t have the mental capacity to what they brag will do! Therefore , you have better to know what you are talking about than showing us your empty braggings here! Remember : EDU,EPRP,Jebha/aka ELF/, Derg ,kinijit, shabiya, Islamic court,Alshabab… ! Do you understand? I’ll bet you , you don’t !

      No matter what, woyanes are the children of the people of Tigrai, therefore, you can’t touch it!

      Remember : nobody has ever intimidated woyane through out its history!

      Face the reality!empty dreams won’t get you anything ! Be reasonable just for the sake of you as a human being !

    • kebede says:


    • KEBEDE says:


  18. ሳምሶን says:

    ዳዊት (አውራምባ ታይምስ) በጣም ጥሩ ውይይት ነው። ብዙ ግዜ አነባለሁ እንጂ መልዕክት ፅፌ አላውቅም። ዛሬ ግን በጣም ረክቻለሁ። የምፅፈውም በአወያዩ በያሬድ ጥበቡ ስለረካሁ ነው። እነዚህን አይነት በርካታ ውይይቶች ማድረግ ይጠበቅብናል። ሁለቱም ምሁሮች በተስለፉበት ሙያ በርካታ ፅሁፎችን ያበረከቱ ናቸው። የምርምር ውጤታቸውን በመረጃ ያቀረቡ። ባቀረቡት ሀሳብ የሚስማማም የማይስማማም ሊኖር ይችላል ገና ብዙ ውይይቶች ይቀራሉ። በጣም የሚጎለን ስርአት በሞላው መድረክ መወያየት ነው። ቀጥሉበት ሌሎችንም ምሁራኖች በባትሪ እየፈለጋችሁ አቅርቡልን እናዳምጣቸው።

    ቸር ይግጠመን

  19. Gezaee says:

    Dear Dandew,

    You are another extremist or as they call you toxic. How the hell you put me together with Mario, Teshome, axumawet,… who are by default woyane cadres and I myself have nothing to do with these Woyane dogs. You do not see them insulting me all the time here? You must able to differentiate who is who instead of lumping everyone into your woyane box. While you are accusing Dawit, your committing crime by accusing people wrongly. Do not be stupid please. Think before. I never attacked anyone. I just give my opinion and I am always open to be corrected when I am wrong. Unfortunately, there is no single Ethiopian who can argue and give reasons; You are one of them; you have no clue who Gezaee is but you are accusing him as woyane?

  20. Habtish says:

    Thumbs up Awramba Times! This is the kind of stage Ethiopia despretly needs these days. The media should engage itself in relaying information from those who have it to those who need it. The current situation is that the media and those who are in it do the jornalism, the political analysis, the economic analysis, the historical analysis, u name it which is indeed a huge mess. So the media outlet (specially those which are base abroad who claim to be the “free” media) know ur limits, understand ur job. And only do just ur job. Otherwise, instead of helping to solve the country’s problem u will be a problem.

  21. axumawe says:

    TO Danew & nita
    Afencha cemeta-ayen yalksal,
    you may not understand what those prof,es are dinaing the progress of the nation in general. my comment for them is based on the explanation they gave as proffesors.
    b/c i have been listening and watching lots of prof,es giving lecthur.about thier profation,specialy in world curent affiers & political since of the world.
    but i am not in any way to buy any of you cousins respond as a prof,es !!!!
    if you don’t like it to bad.
    also i respect there view. including yours, that is me i am not going to insalt you at all b/c it is the levle of your mind,this is how you think.
    @ GEzaee as i said it to you time & again
    you have no stand to any thing at all you are (LEKBATE,LEKBET-BET-ENABELKA,GZEKA WEDE).

  22. Gragn Ahmed says:

    Will we be Mandela nation? Sad.

  23. solomon says:

    where is part 2? even if it has not any new substantial idea that help to build good politics for our country, it is fun to hear it

  24. Ali Nora says:

    Denkem! Scholars!… Is this what we have as scholars feel sorry for ethiopia

  25. Amen says:

    What is wrong with the above commenters? This is not a cadre talk or like what you hear in most pall-talks.May be it is beyond your comprehension. Please change your attitude, and learn to respect others’ opinions.
    Prof Messay and Prof. Tecola are accomplished scholars and they debated in a very civilized manner. They gave very good analyses of the situation in our country based on facts they see. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. I appreciate Dawit for inviting them and encourage him to continue with other cool headed Ethiopian scholars both in the country and outside.

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