Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam testifies in defense of Temesgen Desalegn


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10 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Temesgene and ‘professor’ Mesifine will soon reap the price of hate politics.
    This is my personal perception, I am very happy that Temesgene was made out of the free press. It was simply unbearable to watch and read his hate-infected news paper. Thank you my government and my party for defusing Temesgene’s bomb of hate politics.
    I am not sure how Professor Mesifine is eligible to give his word in front of the court, taking into account the climax of Dementia and Alzheimer in his age. I am damn serious

    • Endegena Sahale Seged says:

      Facts only, Hate is one thing that does not exist in his articles. you reminded me those two American philosophers who call this kind of argument as “Argumentum Ad Odium” (Argument from Hatred). unless the reader is blinded by Tribal hate and stone age mentality, his articles are only facts on the ground. tell the truth to yourself, you will sleep well.

    • degefa says:

      at Teshome

      as usual, it is a wast to read your lair! I am sure you never ever read a single paragraph of FETEH, otherwise, and if you are healthy, i can’t reach that conclusion. FETEH never ever preached hate, rather exposed, crimes in the country, and also showed paths to fix it. It was evidence based and that was why the gov feared it more than even rebels.

      You are pretending to deny that! But believe me no one, even tplf loyal are not going to trust you. I remember several time, when my many friends who are also getting money for their belly from tplf told me about that newsletter—they always wonder how he get info

  2. Zebehere Bulga says:

    Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam, Ethiopian prominent human rights activist ?

    Can you guys prominently display Professor Mesfin’s activism records during Feudal & Derg regime? ageing activism ? His activism records during red terror to save victims ?

    Did he serve the people of ethiopia as a human rights activist at the time of red terror ?

  3. Dandew says:

    This is a short reply to the retarded comment you posted above. For an enslaved person like you it is very difficult to think freely.You are under bondage and therefore whatever comes from your little, retarded and god-for-nothing mind is just rubbish. You and your masters are the mother of hate. I feel sorry for you. Compared to the giant personalities you try to say something, you are nothing, inexisting and an empty tin. Temesgen and the giant prof are struggling to free their ppl including morons like U.

  4. teshome says:

    Why do you air your dirty laundry in public? You are completely disrespectful to call a person Moron. I would have react like for like till you notice diarrhea in your pant but this is a public forum and sane person should know what to say and what not.
    We are very unfortunate, A person like you are the ones who are packed like sardines in the toxic Diaspora camp. It is hard to tell the difference between you and mentally dysfunction individuals. The pervasive mental limitation and disintegrative personalities needs priority than the sick politics you been in for long time.
    Man, this is a brotherly advice, politics is above and beyond your limit and it is the weakness of your friends and families to let you type in public forum rather than seeing you being institutionalized. Don’t inject a political tone into already worsen health status. Do you?
    Thank for being a good witness for the symptomatic manifestations of toxic diaspora politics.

    • Dandew says:

      As i said you need to find yourself. You are parroting what poisnous individualism like Ayte sibhat told you. As for me, don’t worry. I know know exactly what I want. There is nothing called “toxic diaspora”. Don’t believe your masters. The 80 mill Eth belong tis category. Your masters can no more cheat or intimidate anyone. The time of fear has gone. The oppressed ppl shall free themselves soon. What has benen taken and looted Will be reclaimed. Yane yiblagn…

  5. Mario says:

    It is one thing to disagree with the decision of the federal high court allowing Prof. Mesfin Wolde-mariam to speak in defense of Temesgen Desalegn. It is totally another thing and irrelevant to talk about hate on the issue in hand by sick minded individuals like Teshome and Zebehere Bulga, both woyane/TPLF agent provocateurs.

    Having said that, it was a great moment for both Prof. Mesfin and Temesgen Deslalegn. When they speak and write, every body listens and reads. Prof. Mesfin said, “Temesgen’s articles were reflections of the actually occurring in the nation and were written for the benefit of the general public”. He said it all and no one on earth can take it back. Thank you Prof. Mesfin.

    Who would deny what the professor testified, except individuals like Teshome and Zebehere Bulga who were/are stuffed with hate and know nothing but regurgitate anything woyane/TPLF pushed down their throats for a good number of years.

    May wisdom/rationality outlive human stupidity!!!

  6. Jacob says:

    Mesfin Weldemariam a prominent human rights’ activist? If this is not an insult for us Ethiopians, what is it? This man has blood of thousands if not millions of innocent citizens. I do not even understand why he is allowed to live freely!! On top of that, he is a man who has failed miserably in his life. He has achieved nothing. All his attempts brought him no result and you people are awarding him this noble title on your own? He is a loser, a criminal Geographer. He used to sleep in the same bed with all the previous regimes. He even tried to approach the current regime but fortunately was not welcomed. Temesgen Desalegn should leave us alone. He better educate himself rather than making fool of himself. For me, he is an attention seeker lazy activist wanna-be zombie.

  7. Habtamu S says:

    I have no problem with Pro.Mesfin for his stand on protection of Temesgen D.But Temesgen D is really an extrimly irrisponsible peroson come from his ignorance and lust for to be hero and I have seen no dif with ethio-megdeya sory ethio midya and his articles.Thank you.

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