Hailemariam calls for open dialogue in Egypt to avoid violence


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9 Responses

  1. wubit says:

    To PM HaileMariam, why don’t you call or allow all inclusive dialog in Ethiopia? Is it not a very hypocrite of you to say so for Egypt while you are sitting in a country ruled by your sole party where all descents are chased till they kept immobile? Don’t talk double talk.

  2. Birtu/can says:

    ** Silu semta….
    **yemilushin besemash gebeya balwetash.
    **lemayawkush tategne.
    **yerasua eyarerebat yesew tamasilalech.
    **dinkem ete…
    **bemegemeria ayneh weste yalewin gudif awta.
    ** yeayete miseker dimbit.
    **please!!!!give me a break! you don’t have the morale capacity to advise anyone.


  3. Aster says:

    Good job Hailemariam for being a role model in Africa. You are right Egyptian authorities need to come to their senses and be like Ethiopian authorities.

  4. Gebru says:

    To Wubit

    What you are asking is like asking Obama to sit and talk with al qaida.

  5. germognal says:

    As the current chair of the African Union, PM Hailemariam extended the following admonitions to Egypt:

    1. Engage in national dialogue
    2. Engage in an all-inclusive dialogue
    3. Maintain national reconciliation
    4. Involve all political groups in a spirit of responsiveness, cooperation and partnership

    Oh, Ya? Mr. Prime Minister, why don’t you implement those things in your homeland Ethiopia first and then ask the Egyptian to do the same. Otherwise, your advice is considered hypocritical.

  6. Mario says:

    PM Hailemariam Desalegn:

    First thing first. Keep your own house in order before telling others. “Yeraswa siyar yesew tagelabtalech”!!!

    Being the current Africa Union (AU) chairperson does not give you an exclusive right to meddle in the internal affair of others. Leave Egyptians affairs to Egyptians. If not, it is like being more Catholic than the pope.

    May wisdom outlive human stupidity!!!

  7. Bibi says:

    “Hailemariam calls for open dialogue in Egypt to avoid violence”

    አቶ ደሳለኝ

    ባንድ አፍ ብለናል:: I hope you will also call for open dialogue in Ethiopia during manifestation to avoid violence of Agazi.

  8. Mario says:

    Good job PM Hailemariam Desalegn! Keep exposing Egypt’s evil politicians!
    Ethiopia is strong now where no one can intimidate it! Dialog is the best solution to solve problems & the round table is the only choice for Egypt’s politicians!

    Good job Mr Prime minister!

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