Protesters in Gondar and Dessie Call for release of jailed politicians and journalists


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23 Responses

  1. Miriam says:

    Journalists, Please do your job and provide the public with images and videos of the protest. that is essential to creating democracy. The free and unimpeded dissemination of information is key. I want to see moe images and videos. If you can’t provide this please get out of journalism

    • Michael says:

      Miriam! you say right but Dawit is now tired to aired the mass protest over EPRDF corrupted rule. Our journalists are very tricky what they did is based on their likes and the opposite. I was very eager to see the peaceful protest of our people in decades.

      • bendo says:


        It is funny to see you criticising Dawit who gave you the chance to put your idea. your Shabia puppet ESAT who you been donating money thinking it is a free media won’t give you this chance. unfortunately they are for sale to the higher bidder and Shabia bought it with $200,000.00 for six month so just come and open your smelly mouth here.
        The opposition back home are far far better than people like you who are sit and talk and wish some one else to do your job. or called jeginaw just for speaking on five star hotel meeting.

    • chala says:

      I trusted h/mariam from the beginning. and here you go the change started surely and slowly.

      I thank the gov and the opposition for the peaceful demonstration. If it was ESAT/G7 wish they want people to be killed and using that to collect more money. or they don’t want to see any demonstration at all as that will undermine there propaganda and that might be less money to them and more to the opposition back home.
      So we need to support home grown opposition that is not a puppet of shabia or egypt like G7

    • axumawe says:

      hi miriam don’t blaem them, if they have the support witch claims the number, they well love to use it, but 20,000 they claim does it look like 20,000 people to you ? for me it looks exactly what the Etvs number it is like korto ketle abebe gelawes videos,with wish full hope.
      also is this what opposition of Ethiopia looks like ? i am glad i support EPRDF.
      LONG LIVE EPRDF i agree with prof,tekolas the way we need people like prof tokola not that extremest mesay.

  2. Yigermal says:

    Shimelis Kemal, hager hulu yemiawkewun Eskinder Negan ena leloch nitsuhan zegochin terrorist eyale yemitera ayin yaweta wushetam, zare be reporter gazeta “Ye gilesebotchin sebawi mebit yemiastebik committee abal hono bemengist meshomun geltsolinal. Wey hager? Endet tekelidoal jal?

    Ene endiaw yihe gize alfo, endene Shimelis Kemal yalu lehodachewu yaderu sewotch be adebabai enen yayeh teketa yemilubetin ken betam enafikalehu …

  3. Mario says:

    Slowly, but surely fear is giving way to courage. Just to borrow FDR’s saying, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. Not woyanes/TPLF, of course!!! If we defeat fear, the downfall of woyanes/TPLF will follow automatically.

    I say great job to the parties who showed the courage and did it by example. Preaching freedom without collective action should end. Hope others will follow those examples.

    • kebede says:


      • Qelele says:

        Dear Kebede,

        You think no one has the right to express his view the way he wants without attacking anyone? It seems unless we Bark and insult others one can not meet the criteria of commenting on this blog. hmm what can I say? kids of daughters of the regime are scared of loosing their privileges. soon or later the wind of change under Ethiopian skys are blowing. No one has the right nor the ability to stop that ! Let alone the Opdo dogs sniffing under the table of woyane table, even the woyane itslef ! (Tsegur Ke melasse yenekel) watch !!!!

        • Hailu says:

          Dear Qelele,
          Why do you not apply to yourself what you preach to others? you were criticizing kebede for his comments on Mario. You in turn did the same thing, using trash words. Everybody who does not share your opinion should not be given a label. Please learn to respect the opinion of others. Coming back to the demonstrations this weekend, it is nice to see that pepole can express their opinion peacefully and in orderly manner. Unfortunately, often we see these demonstrations infiltrated (hijacked) by extremists of one sort or onother. Kudos to the Ethiopian government for creating the space for the demonstration.

          Long live Ethiopia!!!

          • Mario says:

            Yeah Broda! The demonstration shows thatEthiopian are growing politically! It is nice to see that thousands people demonstrated , but nobody died! Thanks to the government , & thanks to the people, even though the concerns raised by the demonstrators was all wrong!
            They could have asked about gaining our own port, criticizing the opposition for failing to be a good opposition…! But all in all it is a good start!

            Qelele, stop your empty dream, empty dreams hurts as time goes! Therefore , don’t put yourself in an illusion !

    • Queen says:

      Derg leftover keep on dreaming :):)

    • Mario says:

      Empty dreams won’t make any change! Woyane brought the change,therefore there is nothing anyone can do with out woyane! Woyane was there, it is here & it is going to be there, you can’t stop it!

      If there is anything better than woyane , then they will give a yield sign & they(woyanes) will know !You still didn’t don’t have anything at hand that could make you hit the drum!

  4. Meron says:

    There are salafist/wuhabist extremists every where: in Saud Arabia, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, etc, and it is raising in Ethiopia now. This is for sure. The Sunnis who lived in Ethiopia are peaceful, but this salfist/wuhabist are very intolerable and extremists. The Ethiopian government understands this, and that is why he has been trying to control it. Those of you who condemned the Ethiopian government without knowing the real story, watch what the self-appointed political and religion analysis Jawar said recently.

  5. ewentewent says:

    Hi Dave
    This one is a more balanced report than the previous one. Good Job. Everything is concluded peacefully. Let the politician from both side do their homework like civilized people.
    Hoping the Government and the oppositions are getting matured and one day we see democracy through process not through revolution. Sorry I hate revolution. Anyway thanks for the news.

  6. Mahlet Asefa says:

    1500 protesters in tota!!l in both cities!! oooooh scary. Whats next, 5 people protest against government at Asosa. This silly silly numbers show majority of Ethiopians still love and adore their Government. But I appreciate the fact these were both peaceful. I thank the government for the class its continuously showing. So proud. And by the way did anybody notice how Addis Ababa is magically changing from a slam squatter city to an amazing vibrant modern day city. Thank you TEGADELTI!!!! Precious lives that were sacrificed for the sake of peace, freedom and equality. Always in our hearts. Always remembering what you did for us. Even the opposition thank you for your sacrifice. Because lets face it if it was MENGE still we would have 1500 corpses in Gonder and Dessie……… if u know what I mean

    • God bless ethiopia says:

      if negaso see 1500 corpses he would be satisfied with the democracy but as far as it is peacefull he won’t admit that there is democracy cause he is power hungry let me ask negaso kedada one question why didn’t you try to bring change when you were in power you were a president for 5 years and you did nothing except wishing to stay in the position longer no change come by wish but by work no fame comes by bad deed learn from meles and try at list to do a quarter of what he did and you would be respected.

  7. teshome says:

    we didn’t see Olympic size protesters but Olympic size lie…
    …..ESAT and the toxic diaspora oppositions have no clue what 50,000 crowd means.
    The toxic oppositions media out let were completely quite and embarrassed by the reactions of Dessie and Gonder people.
    This public rally remained me Tamagne beyene led rally in DC, they are really few in number but their noise is laud.
    I am glad to see such a replica rally in all states and regions Ethiopia

  8. Abegaz says:

    I think it is good to ask people like Kemal reflect their views or that of the government. Calling the likes of Eskindir “terrorists” is defamation. Such evidences must be collected and documented. When EPRDF falls irresponsible officials like kemal can be privately sued even if there is pardon for EPRDF officials.

  9. ኢትዮጵያ ትቅደም ! says:

    1500 ስራ ፈት ሲንቀዋለል ዋለ ተብሎ ቢዘገብ እንዴት ገላጭ ነበር መሰላቹ ኢሳት ማ ጭራሽ 50 ሺ ብሎታል ትንሽ ግብጾችን እንዳይቆጡ ብሎ መሰለኝ ያሁላ ዶላር ለ1500 ብቻ እንዳይባል:: ኣይ ኢሳት መች ይሆን እንደው ከሆድ ሌላ ማሰብ ምትጀምሩት????

  10. Dandew says:

    Mahlet & Teshome,
    You are good- for-nothing subhuman creatures. Your fear and iferiority complex is consuming you. You are miserable humanbeings. At the end of the day truth, freedom and justice shall overcome. I know tjis is à bitter pill for you. Poor you!!!

    • axumawe says:

      @ mr dandew
      ata wedikomaret !!who gave you the wright to say what ever you want to say, but others have no say at all ?
      do you think we are going to let you insult as & our people like be for ?
      do you think our 65,000 bothers/sisters life is in vain ?
      we well be respect full for those who disrev it,but for some one like you,we have a longer tung than yours!!and we are proud of our history,patrriotsum,b/c we are woyanes,we are TPLFS,WE ARE TEGARUS,SO BE IT.KER KALH KERARE TETA!
      personaly you can talk to me politics,atices,history,or any thing at all.but we need to grow up.
      know this when you point your leba tat (finger)at some one remember there are 3 fingers who points at you,or what you give is what you get,or what goes around well come around !!!
      so watch it.
      adios amikos!!!!

  11. Mario says:


    Shabiya propagandist you can’t gain anything by interfering in Ethiopian politics! If I were you I’ll respect what I chose!

    You know you can’t bit woyane! Once you mess around woyane,you are done not to be better anymore!

    Mahlet & Teshome are here talking like you!
    Dandew ,Take it easy ! you can only cry!

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