The Unspeakable Crime of Eskinder: Speaking Truth to Power as a Free Human Being


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34 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Eskinder has only one option to be free, to ask for second and last time a sincerest apology from the government for a plane crime he did. I Knew his hypocrite supporters won’t accept this because they believe it would be a worst defeat for them.
    They were running heaven and earth to put a pressure on Ethiopian government for Esikender to be released from jail. They were knocking every single Embassy in Ethiopia, they were infiltrating the so called “Human right organization” to use them as an instrument…but all these were futile exercise.
    Both the solution and the problem is with Esikinder, to ask pardon from my government. At this point it is good to learn from unfamiliar politician Birtukan Medekesa. She was almost in an identical position what Esikinder Nega had.
    It is good to remember , when the toxic Diasporas are always are the acting as an advisor in politics, it is a disaster.
    For instance, Almayehu G/Mariam is one of the toxic scholar who decided Esikinder Nega’s life not to ask a pardon from Ethiopian government. I am 1000% sure, if Alemayehu was in Eskinders’s shoe, he wouldn’t pass a single night without asking an embarrassing pardon…
    So I am not a fortune teller but Eskinder and Bitrukan medeksa political life cycle would be identical…I am so eager to see that

    • MMzeleke says:

      Betam teru hasab thinkyou TESHOME

    • kmarkos says:

      Eskinder would apologize to you and the people of Ethiopia if you can prove him Woyane is a democratic governor of Ethiopia .


      -Not like 99.9999% win on election.
      -Not like 99% public offices and major decisions are made by one party /tribe.
      – Not like government own all medias.
      -Not like establish terrorist law where as there is no terrorist but
      journalists and activists write about dictator government.
      -Not like several innocent gambleans are killed by gov army and no one charged as responsible.
      -Not like using public fund to one party election expense.
      -Not like government involving in different religious task and sabotage in their leaders election.

    • Ki says:

      Is your government planning to free Eskinder by pardon? Is your government torchering him as it did Birtukan? For me, it does not matter if he get free with pardon. The fact is he did nothing wrong.

  2. Ringstone says:

    Eskinder must rot in prison because he is a …mercenary who preach us day and night about America. I abhor and detest Eskinder Nega, a self-appointed despotic. I prefer OLF, ONLF,… than Eskinder …

    • bendo says:

      I admire Eskinder for his stand for what he believes he is a real man. unlike Birhanue and friends who are go down in there knee to ask forgiveness from meles.

      What wonders me is Almariams love the name meles. if you Google his weekly commentator you will found meles name more that 50 times in each week.
      It is bad to say it but I think the guy love meles too much. he called his name more than his wife name

      • Gebre says:

        dear bendo,
        good observation! do you know why? he is simply hate monger and he has no ideal to enlighten to all of us. Great people always discuss and enlighten novel ideas, not people. I admire his command of language, I love to learn from him but he is poor in ideas. He always insult people including departed ones.

      • Sisay A says:


        you noticed correctly. I have been asking the same question about Almariam love of the name meles.

        It is america free country there is a right a man can love a man.

        He and ETV does they know meles is dead and there is new PM in the office.

        What wonders me is while he insulted all African leaders as dictators for the last 3 years you will never find one single time mentioning Issaya. is it because he too is in issayas payroll as well or he doesn’t count Eritrea as a country.

        Whether you are a professor or Dr you can’t say no to dollar ha.
        Birhanue and Almariam know Shabia dollar is coming from Egypt or stolen from poor Eritreans but they don’t mind to sell there mouth b/c it is hard to say no to dollar.

        • Anbessa says:

          Long live Eskinder. As far as Meles’s concern, “it is indeed a DEAD issue” kkkkkkkkkk!!!

          • Gebre says:

            don’t you know Meles was a mortal human being like you. But, Meles is eternal for his legacies. He never defame individuals even those engage in defaming him.He always focus on ideals like peace, democracy, development and renaissance to Ethiopia. But, look at this professor and yourself, no body will remeber you except your immediate familiy and friends. Because, who cares for your insult and extreme hatered. If anything, professor Almariam will be remebered for his language skill to insult and defame others

      • MMzeleke says:


  3. እኛም ላገራችን ሚበጅ ህግ ኣለን says:

    I support freedom and specially freedom of speech but I don’t mix freedom of speech and act of terror. what the us says when this in saint man was jailed was that he exercised his right while he had no evidence about what he spoke in which his speech caused the lose of innocent Ethiopians due to his false and provocative act and lets compare him with snowdeen the us it security contractor who exposed the truth that the us government is spying on us citizens and he has all evidence and he spoke the truth and yet din’t make any provocative or terrorist or speech that can offence or arise terrorism and snowden was condemned by the us for death and his passport is cancelled the reason the us gov. gave for this was national security then when we come back to isknder all his deeds were baseless at least he couldn’t prove what he was saying and his speech was false and misleading to the Ethiopian youth, so lets then conclude and say on your opinion comparing isknder and snowden and keeping in mind that isknder is a journalist and has the responsibility to delivery and be abide by the law and ethics of journalism while snowden is computer profesional was the US decision or the ethiopian decision right???????????????????? don’t we africans need national security too or it is only the us that need national security

  4. Kebede says:

    Dear Ringstone,
    Do you know why you abhor Eskinder? Exactly for the same reason why the devil abhors the holy water. Eskinder preaches peace, justice, freedom. Your ilks flourish in repression, missery. I am sure at your heart of hearts, in fact, there is no moral compass to tell you what is just and what is unjust in the sense that every decent human being would understand it. For you, as long as it helps fill your belly, anything and everything is permitted. Why wouldn’t you abhor Eskinder?

    • Gonfe says:


      When did you here Eskindir preach peace? He always been asking ethiopia to be like Egypt or Syria even while he is in prison.

      If he is not ready to be in prison how came he ask other to die? the people who die won’t get a chance to see there child as he does now.

      I am not against gov. change. but to change one power monger with another one i don’t want poor people to die for them.

      Remember 2005 after those all people died people like Birhanue they didn’t even visited one family they just run to get the collected money in america .

  5. kebraraw says:

    isknder’s justice was death penality that would much his deeds. but the ethio gov. is kind he only gave him 18 years impresionemnt very little for iskndrs deeds. dear isknder no one can take you out of the law and supermacy of law as the law is above you and below you.

    if incase after 18 years you are released remember and don’t forget that the law is always suprem.

  6. Gebre says:

    I support freedom of speech but should not be as the expense of state security. we all have to be mature enough to balance the two. It is the ABC of politics that humanbeings willingly looses some of our freedoms for the sake of security. But, security should not be an excuse for tyranny. Our problem is the government, as any government in the world, emphasis on security while the oponents are demanding more freedom even at the expense of security.

  7. Gebre says:

    In reality though, there is no security without freedom and no freedom while under threat. To come to this article, I am not sure about this brother Eskndir Nega but I know one thing that is we are living in a complex security environment. Every body knows about the Egyptians and Isaias conspiracy. Everybody knows also about the relationship between some Ethiopian insurgent groups and the sworn enemies of the country. Add to this the toxic nature of the diaspora politicinas like the writer of this article. Add more to this the similarities of political affliations between the hostile elements, the toxic diaspora politicians and insurgents Vs the peaceful opposition. This includes some journalists

  8. Gebre says:

    In this context, it is unfair to critcise the government as represive and it doesn’t serve the best interest of the people. I think, we all have to have the courage to see our own contribution to our democratic quest. Take for example this article and this writer. Any body can see the level of hate not only to the behavours of the government but more of to individuals. He always defame Meles, he tried to associate the name of Meles with prison in a communist and fascist cadre style. Can any one tell me the purpose of such hate driven writings and does really this help for democratization?

  9. gamo says:

    It is you and the like of you that would have faced the death penalty under the derge junta. You are lucky to be alive and open your flithy mouth to say a human being should be dead. This is nothing other than an act of blood sucking. We may see a time that you may be on the recieving end. Illiterates like you are problems in Africa. Humans in appearance but animals in behavior. Digusting.

  10. Sali Yenus says:

    Al Mariam, I use to call you Letemariam. In nut shell you are boring. No one reads your long and non sense articles. Please learn from Salih Yenus ( how to write readable, effective and to the point.

  11. Mario says:

    There are no political prisoners or imprisoned journalists , but haters & Ethiopia’s enemies messengers who preached evil against the people if Tigrai! Individuals who have no principles of democracy & freedom!

    You guys always get everything wrong! Ethiopia’s enemies Re lounging at you now! One way you ask the government to respect the rule of law, the other way you protest to release imprisoned criminals! Unbelievable! When are you going to be better? I can’t believe it!

    Instead of helping the people & the government who are wiring day in day out to extract themselves from poverty some of you in the diaspora are wasting too much resources in the name of Ethiopia , some of you are wasting your time!

    An Almariam who have done nothing for Ethiopia is blabbing here for nothing! Mr Almarian, we don’t know you, therefore, go where you grew up & see for yourself if you are accepted! You can’t represent the nations, nationalities & people’s of Ethiopia! How do you represent the people that you don’t know ? This is ridiculous at any level! ኣልማርያም ሳይጠሩት ኣቤት ሳይልኩት ወዴት ዓይነት ግለሰብ ነው! ኣሳዛኝ!

  12. eshe says:

    I came to know Eskinder Nega though his nicely written series of articles he used to post. I read some of them and didn’t find any thing which instilles terrorism.He writes articles critical of government.What is wrong with that?? As Ethiopian is he supposed to support government? or is that a law? He always writes about respecting constitution and developing democracy? I am just reflecting from independet point of view. Can some one write help me find any artiles of his which spread idea of terrorism? or for those of u who wrote critical of him can u just throw some evidence?

  13. Ande Ethiopia says:

    DC politicians have a reason to make Eskinder their headline, they use it for their cheap political agenda. They know well what Eskinder wrote to end up in jail. Let me quote a couple of sentences from his article:
    “There cannot be a peace in a country with a cancer race, tribe or community.”
    “A race, tribe or community that is a cancer for national unity, sovereignty and existence shall be eradicated! The chaff shall be removed.

    The Germans changed the course of history according to their wishes. They took a decisive action against the Jew.”

    For all of you parrots standing in front of the white house barking “free Eskinder” to get your asylum papers approved I suggest you go to the link below. You are supporting someone sympathizing what the Germans did to the Jews and preaching to repeat it in Ethiopia.

    • helen says:

      This term is particularly misplaced as a label for anti-Jewish biases, attitudes
      because the attempts to parse these symptoms remind “digging into the dirty linen” than typically engaged in the TPLF radical nationalists.
      1)most of all – the meaning and the semantic load of the term “Jew” … corresponds to its specific understanding in the form in which it is expressed in the official doctrine of the Orthodox Church. The word “Jew” is used in the conventional sense, in the Orthodox Church as a characteristic of religious extremists and fanatics, Satanists, Christ haters, actively practicing racist and christ fighters provisions of the Talmud and Schulhan-Aruch. In much of the world’s political and historical literature, in particular – in Russian poletical literature from ancient times – are understood by the Jews under the godless descendants of those who demanded that the Roman governor Pontius Pilate to the Jews of Jesus’ death.
      2)In the Orthodox understanding of “Yids” – a Satanist, the absurd. The term “Jew” in the Orthodox Church is not his understanding of the definition of national identity. Not all Jews – Yids. Conversely, not all Yids – the Jews. There may be a “Judaic” French, Chinese, philipinnes, Itlians. “Jew” is also not a definition of religion, religious affiliation. Not all Jews – Yids. And, again, not all Yids – Jews. Judaic be apostates and among Christians.
      3)Yids- is not a nationality, but a man of special moral principles.
      4) “Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language” Vladimir Dahl this is irrespective of the nationality of the name of the self-interested person, enriched by extortion, underpayment, excessive interest. In other words – a very shameless person of any nationality.
      5)be a Yid – is to strive to parasitize, strive to get to the other that you did not earn, and the parasite is required to view an honest man. The latter condition is necessary because if you just steal and not to show claims to have called a worthy man, then you are not the Jew.
      አስታውስ: “አይሁዶችን በስራቸው እንጂ እምነት የሌላቸው ሰዎች ስላወሩ አይደለም” Ben Grion(former PM Israel).
      ስለዚህ እስክንድር ከስር ቤት እንዲለቀቅ ኢትዮጵያዊያኖች በጠየቁ ጊዜ፡እሱ ከዚህ በፊት የጻፋቸውን ጽሁፎች ጠምዞ አጠማዞ ማቅረቡ ተሰሚነት አያገኝም።

      • Helen_satanist says:

        Helen: you are really another evil person. No one is twisting what Eskinder has written. It is there forevery to read. It does not matter how you understand Jew or Jews or Isralites, bla bla theory of yours. Eskinder deserve either death setence. You must another mentally ill person. Fuck you, idiot. You tell me I am twisting while what he has said is in black and white infront of you? then why you do not get Eskinder out from prison? Your another Hitler. I prefer woyane than people like you. Ugly.

        • helen says:

          to Helen_satanist
          אל תהיה צודק – תהיה חכם ”
          “Do not be right – be smarter”
          (Jewish proverb)

          At first consider each of his opponent a fool.
          When you make sure that it is not, start to pretend yourself fools. If all this does not help pretend you do not understand what the trouble is or jumps in a completely different domain.
          To debate, to condemn someone to disagree, and save at the same time a certain respect for the opponent – is not included in your traditions(culture).
          you lack strong principles, core beliefs and moral responsibility at all. If you rationally, then you no matter what no good, as are deprived of deep feelings, if you have them, then you’re just a rag, because you lack the higher rational principles. Your original properties do not matter – you need to find what you are given, and trample me in the mud, going from that.

      • Ande Ethiopia says:

        I appreciate your comments but with all do respect not all of us are scholars like you to do an extensive analysis of what Eskinder meant nor the article is a scholarly article found at a library of research. The article was written on a news paper intended to reach regular fox, and they will understand it with its literal meaning. For me when someone mentions the story of the Germans and Jews it means the Holocaust, the most gruesome and horrific story in human history. To wish that to happen again is insanity. Eskinder actually belongs to a mental institution not prison.

        • helen says:

          to Ande Ethiopia. thank you for answer!

          For example: Why did I certainly should support TPLF racist and why I have no right to dislike them, that is why I have no right to be anti-racist? I’m not only racists do not like Nazis. I do not like prostitutes, drug addicts do not like. But there is no prostitute, not a single addict did not even occur to me to have to write a statement to the prosecutor to go to court, “Helen does not like us, we demand to bring him to justice.” And one only TPLF considers not only possible, but due to demand the right of prosecution, trial, forced me to like and support them. TPLF wants me to support them by the court, prosecutor’s office, that is, by force … That’s where the real criminal act! Absurd? Brad? Of course, absurd! Of course, nonsense! But we tolerate this nonsense from 1991 (1983) of the year and allowed the TPLF to fix this nonsense, this nonsense in the Criminal Code of the TPLF. In fact, nobody’s interests, except TPLF, this article serves.With Esikindr happened the same story.

          • Ande Ethiopia says:

            The discussion is about Eskinder Nega and the article he wrote, not sure why you shifted the discussion to TPLF. What he wrote is wrong by any standard he is lucky he is in Ethiopia to just be in jail. If he was in the middle east the article he wrote would get him beheaded in public and if he was in America he would have ended in Guantanamo bay treated like an animal.

  14. Paulos says:

    Eskindir is not a poliician but an extremist amara fanatics, a hate moger. He cannot enlighten any ordinary citzen. Let him free himself from hate and from being instrument for Shabia. Good for nothing and chauvinist.

  15. Mario says:

    The bottom line is: haters can not be journalists or anything else , but simply haters! Therefore, the reason Eskinder is imprisoned is:1) he is a hater! 2) he was caught red handed planning terrorist acts funded by Ethiopia’s enemies! This is the reality, therefore, take it easy until he finishes his term! By then he will learn a lot!

  16. Teshome fact&argument says:

    It depends on how, where and when you express words!
    1 Nation
    2 swearword
    3 individual
    4.traitor to the motherland(Ethiopia)
    This text Eskinder to use the word for TPLF ie Betrayers of the Motherland.
    “Yehuda” in Amharic means traitor “ke-ha-di”
    And here’s an interesting linguistic aspect. In the Czech language there is no other word for the Jews, but to “Jew» – «žid» (who do not believe – please refer to any dictionary of the Czech language).
    And most importantly, no linguistic expertise will not help – or “Jew”, or not at all. And therefore have to endure. By the way, in Slovakia and Hungary, Yugoslavii, Bolgarii, Rumania, Poland, too …
    The word “anti-Semitism” was coined in 1879. German agitator Wilhelm Marr (Wilhelm Marr) to refer to anti-Jewish campaigns that took place in central Europe at the time.
    this definition is incorrect as it applies to discrimination against all Semites. Arabs are also Semites,Also Tigre,Amhara,Gurage semites but they are not yet targeted by anti-Semitism, as it is often understood. This term is particularly inappropriate as a label for anti-Jewish prejudices, attitudes or actions of the Arabs and other Semites. ”
    If we understand the word “Jew” in the modern sense (the Jews – one of the Semitic peoples), that Abraham is not a Jew. He Semite, but not Jewish. The Bible clearly states that Abraham – the ancestor of many Semitic peoples, not just one Yid people.
    I’ve made ​​a covenant I made with you – God spoke to Abraham. – You will be the father of many nations … Very thee fruitful, and I will make nations of thee “(Genesis 17: 1 – 16).
    therefore If Eskindira from Semitic origin, how he can against yourself?
    In general in our country no exist anti-Jewish. We have been and will relate to Jews friendly!.
    Free Eskinder!

  17. Zega says:

    Dear friends,
    I don’t know much about Eskindir Nega.
    But I came accros this article on Wikipedia.I copied it to you, I am confused, did he realy thaink that way????
    Through a column featured in the now defunct weekly “Askul” which is owned by his wife [[Serkalem Fasil]], Eskinder the editor-in-chief and the real force behind the newspaper has preached hate against the people of Tigray. On the column serious titled “Get Lost Judea” which run uninterrupted from 2001-2004 (about 150 publications), Eskinder consistently focused on condemning and vilifying the Tigray people. He went as far as calling for the extermination of the Tigray people for supporting the EPRDF government and for being the causes of all evils in Ethiopia past and present.
    We, Habesha people, didn’t learn from the Germans. We couldn’t even preserve the history of our fathers. We are humiliated. Indeed, very humiliated. We should have acted with determination to eliminate racists and traitors from the face of Ethiopia. If we lacked the courage to do that, we should have at least preserved our territorial integrity and sovereignty. But we didn’t. History recorded this as a bad failure. [Askual newspaper May 2004]
    He suggested the people of Ethiopia should learn from the Germans [ he probably wanted to say Nazis] and eliminate the cancer tribe(he meant the Tigray ethnic group) from the face of Ethiopia.
    The German people have achieved a miracle. It held the Jewish accountable for the evils that befell on every aspect of the German life. A people has the right to go in any direction it believes in. Who can hold it liable? The German people’s experience proves the need for popular participation to eliminate a tribe or community in a country. Like it or not, ethnic cleansing is carried out with popular participation. It is a lie to attribute an act of genocide to a single party or group, leaving the people alone. That would be covering up the truth. A genocide campaign always essentially represents the stand of the people. In any country, a cancer race, tribe or community shall be exterminated. It shall be done whenever it is necessary for the preservation of a country.[Askual, May 15, 2004]
    The original columns written in Amharic can be found here.
    When asked to clarify about the column, Eskinder said the newspaper was owned by his wife who herself is from Tigray, he was not the author of the column and couldn’t read everything published on the newspaper who he is the editor-in-chief.

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