EU urges Ethiopia to release journalists, revise terror law


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28 Responses

  1. Metema says:

    Teshome…There is a news for you to comment and for Dawit to post.

  2. Hot says:

    Ethiopian parliamentary delegation should also urged A European Union to released all muslims, immgrant and african who r jailed under an anti-terror law, or made up crime law and EU also should revise there the legislation that critics say is used to stifle muslim

    • galaxy says:

      Hot, you are right. Ethiopia should urge the US government to stop arbitrary detention of Islamists by the name of terrorism. Obama should close the GUANTANAMO prison. why it arrests ‘terrorists’ without the decision of the court. why it kills people using its drones???
      EU or US the want to be popolice of the world specially of Africa.

      • Hot says:

        I wish we can do that but we r poor we can do that… The bet we can do is make EU delegation to enter in to contract saying they take all reponsablity if those jail bride caused revolution and a flood of refugee come knocking their door they can’t refused them because they r responsible for TPLF failure …if accept responsibly then we can released them.

    • Ashebr says:

      good comment,

      these big mouthed people who say they lead europe are the dambest of all humman creature,
      question to EU.

      1) who started slavery and who is mobilizing it till now
      2) who started slavery
      3) who started classification of humman beings on classes go and see what happens in UK the royal family has all rights to do every thing while the rest is suffering with unemployment

      finally I would like to say why don’t you europeans and americans look at your own country where human beings are treated like animals here in africa at list we are equal except our poverty which was caused by EU and us we have no problem of equality and democracy so shut your mouth and try at list to bring the EU zone to the level of democracy in ethiopia after that you can talk about Ethiopia.

      God bless Ethiopia and Africa death to the west

  3. Gebre says:

    Extreme AROGANCE. They see themselves above the Ethiopian law and judicial system. I think, these people think that their money is above our sovereignty. We have to tell them in black and white terms that your money can not buye our political sovereignty.

    • bendo says:

      My worry is the way they are asking. who ever is the gov. ordering a country to do things is very rude.

      If they are about freedom of speech and free media and journalist why they are not save the weeklinks finder and snowden from america.
      or why not save the people killed by drones with out standing in court or those in prison in guantanamo more than 12 years with out getting a fair trial .

      funny world if you are rich you can do what you want and if you are poor every one want to order you what to do.

    • Ethiopia Tikdem says:

      @Gebre…go back to school,jst to understand the basics.

      • Gebre says:

        Ethiopia Tikdem!!
        to study what? infact, going to school is always good. I am always ready my self to learn. with regard to the EU friends,the exam is simple, simple like this:
        INSTRUCTION choose the best answer
        a) money
        b) sovereignty. my choice is b. Thus, you need to explain to me if your choice is different

        • Ethiopia Tikdem says:

          @ gebre!
          There is a saying…” awqo yetegna biqeseqisut ayisemam ” you remind me of my childhood teacher.

  4. teshome says:

    EU, for that matter can hold any developmental aid it offers, Ethiopia has a good anti-terrorism law that serves the interest of its people. Period
    Ethiopia is a sovereign country and any foreign institution has no mandate to dictate which law Ethiopia to implement which doesn’t not. Such thought is completely a disrespect, Ethiopia should no more tolerate.
    By the in the last two decayed, EU and America were trying to flex their arms in the poor nation like Ethiopia but the good thing is no of there influence was productive,….simply witnessed as a futile exercise. The current EU suggestions no different but ETHIOPIA AND ETHIOPIANS had no ears to listen

  5. tazabi says:

    Good job European Union delegation! But the only way to get the TPLF regime to hear you is by stopping the flow of funding to its regime.

    Don’t you think it is a shame for an European Union delegation to allow the TPLF regime allow one of its lower level prison guard prevent it from visiting the Kaliti Prison?

    What more proof are waiting for before you decide to turn off funding to this illegal and unscrupulous regime? Do it now!

  6. HIGGGOD says:

    Is Ethiopia a colony of Europe? I am surprised so? I thought we are the freest country on earth who have never been colonized? How come they have to make for us laws?

  7. Neutrino says:

    Please twitt to Barbara, to stop interfering in our internal affaires. Do not insult her. Just ask why is she meddling in our internal affaires. twitter as much as you can. No insult please ; this her twitter account.

  8. Gezaee says:

    There are 80 000 prisoners in the state of California only in the USA and they are held in isolation cells for 10 and more years according to wikileaky. Wikiliki has exposed UK secret of controlling emails, chat media like facebook, google talk, Skype,… there is no freedom anywhere. They are all liers. 100% liers. I oppose EPRDF 100%. But I do not believe EU, USA,…has to make for us laws and interfere in our affaires. Let them go to Somalia and help the Somalian people who have been without government for 22 years? Are Somalians not human being who need government ? Why are the Charlatans or liers worrying about Ethiopia now? Really human right? kkkkk, kkaakkka. Let them go to Somalia then we can believe them they are helping human beings. Otherwise, they are trying to stir things in Ethiopia. Despite, the regime in Ethiopia is antiEthiopia, at least there is relative peace, and economic activities in Ethiopia? Tell them to go to Somalia to respect human right and then they come to Ethiopia to respect rights. It will make sense after that. All human deserve help, not only Ethiopians. Leboch

    • bendo says:

      I will tell them to tell Saudi as well. OWE no they can’t do that b/c saudi is rich.
      Most arab countries they don’t even respect people religion or freedom of speech or opposition political party but you will never here any European or american telling them instead they do good business and encouraging them.

      I am not supporting what the eth gov doing right now. but change should come from ethiopian not by white masters telling us what to do and not.

  9. Abera Gorfu says:

    That is just outrageous to the least! Diplomatically a disaster to the EU. Or shall we better ignore it? We hear here and there that the EU foreign affairs is chaotic shop, but trying to tramp on the sovereignity of a poor country like an elephant just to justify their payed summar trip to Africa or by one irritating experience they had, was beyond my imagination.Hey Ms. Barbara Lochbihler, everyone can understand your furstration if you have got rejected at gate of the prison, while possesing all the necessary documents (which i assume you had with you) for a visit. And it is right to file a complain. BUT your reaction to this is unproportional and simply wrong.Nothing can make you above the law of a sovereign country. I hope you know that and respect it.As a citizin of that country you were disrespecting me, if you are not respecting the sovereignity of my country.

  10. me says:

    the funny thing about the diasppora ethiopians is they painted black their ppl and leader ship,.,.all negative things about our country ethiopia is done by ethiopians,.,.ethiopians are the most selfsh,jealous and shameless ppl around the world,.,.which contry or ppl ask asylum bs the country jailed 5 jornalistes,.,the ruanda civil war wich costs 1.2mill lifs .i dont see them in evry asylum camps.,u ppl like it or not EPRDF is ellected party,.,even if u ppl ask asylum so uppl are the only ppl use what happen for 20 some years stilllllll u ppl are asylum sekeers,.,i am so proud of my ppl,.,but i hate the diaspora poor who blem eprdf and ethiopian ppl,.,shame ON U ETHIOPIANS

  11. Ilila Lemaa says:

    It is a good news to from EU about human right violation in Ethiopia. It is awakening moment. It takes years to tell the truth. Where was EU all this time, Why did not listen to its own elected parliament , Mrs. Gomez, who was an out spoken critic of TPLF. EU still doing business with TPLF in the highest level. If you are series let us see your next step. On the mean time I want EU to stop discrimination against black in all level of the community. It is immoral to cry about human right when people are discrimination daily based on the color of their skin. EU need to stop its double standard and to do its homework as it insist Ethiopian government to do the same.

  12. eshe says:

    It so surprizing for me to see this website is infilterated with weyane mafias who do nothing but sit and wait for comments or articles criticizing of the weyane government and throw thier diarrheal mouth. You guys are shame to the society and entire ethiopians. We know you are paid by weyane to carry out your sensless attaks on any one who opposes the government. Where is it wrong to urge the narrow minded racist government to release these innocent political prisoners and journalists.Every one knows the Ethiopian gov’t doesn’t tolerate any opposition and critism.

  13. Mario says:

    Whether European Union parliamentary delegation said/urged or not, here is the fact the Ethiopian people know. The anti-terrorism law in the true sense is meant to stifle any dissent/opposition and eliminate the possibility of free and fair elections in the country and thereby perpetuate woyanes/TPLF rule over Ethiopia. That is the prime objective of the law.

    With that law, many were/are imprisoned for life, tortured, exiled or disappeared all together. That is exactly what we saw/see since the law became effective. We must fight hard to get rid of this draconian law with or without the help of freedom-loving countries, organizations or human right groups.

    This law is one of the arms of woyanes/TPPLF oppressive machinery that enable them to be above the law and the rest of the people under the law and under subjugation.

    As we all know, NO ONE is safe under this law except those who crafted it and their allies in the first place. Woyane/TPLF dismissal of the draconian nature of the law and its importance to fight separatist rebels and armed groups backed by arch-foe Eritrea is a lie packed for over 20 or more years.

    If Eritrea is an arch-foe, woyanes/TPLF can fight it at their will, but enmity/hostility cannot be used as an excuse to stifle Ethiopian people’s quest for legitimate right to freedom of expression, freedom of association, as well as freedom of religion and belief.

  14. gezai says:

    Hot, you have no money or power to urge the EU to release what you call the Muslims. Ethiopia is a poor country dependent on EU’s handout. Money talks and you watch the Ethiopian government will back down and release the political prisoners.

  15. Kmarkosl says:

    I am confused here, there is another Mario from Eritrea claims to be Tigrean and fight for every word he thinks it is opposition to Woyanes
    Dedebit ideology.
    For sure, Mario that i knew can not write the above statement like an Ethiopian.
    If it is Mario that i know He may say ” EU should be banned from receiving multi-Million from Ethiopia annually” for such article.
    Ha ha ha .

  16. kebraraw says:

    Dear stupid Barbara Lochbihler, let me ask you instead of commenting on your stupid remarks,
    1) is there any difference between a terrorist in the Eu and in AFrica except their skin colour
    2) isn’t it the same national security needed for ethiopa as you Europeans do
    3) why didn’t you comment when snowden is being prosecuted and his passport compromised just for telling the truth is it because who did it was the US your amster
    4) come on you stupid Europeans give us a break try to have democracy in your countries before you jump to africa and try to bring democracy which you failed to fullfil it in your zone.

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