On Jawar’s Ethnocentric Sentiment (Mesfin Negash)


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18 Responses

  1. degefa says:

    Egna sefere 99% Muslim selehonen, lelawen kena bil Angetun new Bemecha yemenekortew-Jawar Mohamed.

    Indeed, that is what jawar means-lover and adimior of throat cutting! Now what can Tizeta Belachew of VOA and these in ESAT say! This is a big challenge to you all. Indeed, i have seen Jaraw and his like has cut the throats of many when tplf came to addis. But later on, they (the throat cutters) found themselves cut. I mean, you can’t keep cutting, without being cut!

    So Jawar, you better stop this stupid and irresponsible, and sadistic thinking and propaganda! This is not what we the great Oromos wanted. Oromo is Muslim, Oromo is Christian, Oromo is Wakefeta, Oromo is Attest. We are not different from others! Oromo is proud Ethiopian. We suffered past, and suffering now, and we keep struggling to get our freedom. We struggle not to cut throat of our brothers! No to get out other citizens, brothers and sisters from Oromia as you put recently. Though you are Oromo first, believe me, million Oromos are Ethiopia first. Never gauge us in your little and wrongly advocated mind set up!

    You are one, we are many, even if you are many, i defiantly sure, you are far less than us, Ethiopian Oromo! Long live Ethiopia. We keep our struggle to make Ethiopia the mother of all!

    But this America should stop to be home of terrorist such as you!

  2. Habtamu S says:

    HI my dear brother Mesfin, I always engaged in great silent when I thought you, Addis Neger and the team for it was the best journal and really miss you. Now I heard that the free journal becomes a play ground for ‘ Lomi ’ unfortunately. Any way how you doing. I wont to say something about your article and Obo Juhare. You know Mesfin, we been heard a lot about Oromo people how underestimate by others. Even thought they told us {the elite of such story} for their own individual’s lust for power in the name of Oromo people it was accepted by assumed ‘others are others’ politics. But in the last 20 years and in more recent past years shockingly a vast underestimate towards Oromo people has coming from an individuals who called themselves the ‘best Oromo.’ Look those individuals whom they brought a ‘question of Oromo people’ in the last 20 years leaving abroad become understood that the great people of Oromo are forgotten them and it leads them to add the word ‘Islam’ for it may bring some attention from the extremists around the world. Then after setup such connection they { Juhares} will beg for money and keep on a luxury life there. Otherwise how on earth a young man whom leaving on the same planet asking peoples to kill peoples for something unworthy thing? I wonder if one day he would ask for justices for his agitations and insisting peoples to commit crime of Genocide the activist for ‘free speech’ will sand with him and will say on a slogan free.. free Juhare. Thank you.

  3. degefa says:

    Ato Administrator!
    Pls donot down my comment! I know the blog is yours, but without us it is nothing.

    Thank you, if i am too sharp, and if my comments donot contribute to fixing problems, i will orient myself in he future1

  4. Mario says:

    የኛ ችግር ያለፈውን ነገር ሳንጨርስ ወደፊ የመሄድ ኣባዜ ነው!
    መሪዎቻችን በኦሮሞ ህብረተሰብ ላይ ያደረሱትን ግፍ ተጠቅሶ ስህተት መኖሩን ተጠቅሶ የኢትዮጵያ መሪ በግልፅ ይቅርታ በመጠየቅ ወደፊት ማለፍ ተገቢ ነበር! ያለፈውን ሳይዘጋ ወደፊት መገስገስ ኣስቸጋሪ ነው! እንዲያውም ብዙ የውስጥና የውጭ ጠላቶች ባላት ኣገር!

    ኣልጀዚራ ጆሃርን ኢትዮጵያዊ ነህ ወይስ ኦሮሞ ብሎ መጠየቁ ኢትዮጵያዊ ነኝ ካለ ደስተኞች ኣይሆኑም ኦሮሞ ነኝ ካለ ደግሞ ብዙ ገንዘብ ይነሰነስለታል! ብቻ መጀመርያ በኦሮሞ፣ትግራይ፣ሶማሌ ወዘተ የደረሰውን ግፍ በግልፅ ታይቶ ቢታለፍ ኣረሙ እንደገና እየበቀለ ኣያስቸግረንም ነበር!

  5. geleta says:

    I’m not 100% agree with you, anyhow I like your reasonable impression; you are the first critical thinker and very wise person than the so cold Drs. Professors, and journalists, most of them are working hard to burdened there irrelevant idea on the others. “A wise man makes his own decisions; an ignorant man follows public opinion.”
    Thank you!!!

  6. Oromo says:

    At least one reasonable Amhara.

  7. ABISHEE says:

    Dear ato Mesfin,
    As much as or more than yours the so- called Award- winning journalist, our Jawar always remain the Hero for Oromos and for none- Ahmaras for his intellectual input respected around Africa for his a well balanced analysis on Africa’s so-cio political affairs. The difference between you and Jawar is that you as the neftegna son you are deeply masked by Naftegna Cosmo- politics by defending only Ahmara interest while Jawar not only for Oromos, but for all including Ahmaras . But the true on the ground is that as much as you hate all those who oppose the ahmaranaization agenda, Jawar knows your sadistic mentally ill and fired back your declaration of war on none Ahmaras. It is not so too strange to witness such a one sided attck on Jawar for being expressing himself as an Oromo. Do you remember ever how many Oromos, Eritreans, Tigreans were selectively massacred during your chauvinistic regime?. Yes you do remember when you were watching as a horror film for that matter while it was/is a national painful for none Ahmaras . But today when the neftegnas feeling as a broken society for ever, you are crying to save the criminal neftegnas, but never ever you can impose Ahmara supremacy on others by hiding behind the award- winning to mislead the world. You are trying to spread Oromo- phobia, as the response Ahmara elites are responsible in citing social conflict against none Ahmaras. For Ahmara elites , the world is an evil if it cannot accommodate only the Ahmara interest, for evidence look the reality what hapened to Dawit kebede from hero to zero and even banned from chauvinist website and now our Jawar became the most evil on earth. To do what??, take it as only a senseless voice from grave.
    Jawar sent a very clear message: to save the dying neftegnas, the Oromos never ever compromise on their identity- we are Oromos!

    • Yirdaw says:

      Leave Mesfin alone! I am not from Amhara tribe but I fully agree with Mesfin. His assessments reflect the positive and genuine attitudes of this generation. The problem behind every contradiction in today’s Ethiopia is the hate monger generation of 1960s

    • Tazabi says:

      What planet are you living on? You’re carrying too much baggage than your small head can handle, man!

    • Mario says:


      You are right broda! The points that Johar/Jowar raise reflects the reality more than the so called award winning nonsense journalists! Therefore , Jowar remains a hero for the nations, nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia !

      Jowar has the right to speak his mind! But you bunch of so called crooked opposition was elevating Jowar a few weeks ago, but you don’t like him now, right! Yeah! This is how you are! Jowar deserves an award at this moment so you can burn yourself more!

  8. Yasin Mohammed Ali says:

    @Mesfin Negash I think u don’t understand the principle of individual rights before state and after state or u have still old fascinated argument of Amharas. we are still talking abut our country Ethiopia and Ethiopians. but u r going meca. this means that still u have the mentality of yuhans not accepting muslims as Ethiopian. firstly u are talking abut Ethiopians but when u come to the right of Muslim Ethiopians u gave us the answer of yuhans. that why Amharas and others will not agree on the basic principles of accepting Ethiopia as a common for all.

  9. Dima dimanco says:

    There is one saying “You don’t expect any thing original from an echo” Jawar was a five years old boy when EPRDF/TPLF get in power he was raised with out any positive thinking. Like how to live together and respect others despite your differences instead he was feed Meleses only 100years Ethiopian history. How Amara oppress him all the negative history to destroy Ethiopia. Now he is reflecting (Echoing)what he was consuming for his thirty some thing life. It is not surprising because you don’t expect a chicken from snake egg. but what surprise me most of the times is the so called opposition’s groups with out any principle who are collaborating with him with out asking ones intension. That is why they don’t last long. when I was a teenager I was supporting EPRP movement agents the brutal military regime. Even though I have a different view now one thing I learn from that life is to live with discipline and principle. which is the main strength identity. what the opposition’s deficiency is believing in status like Dr. such and such or a good attention sicker, hollow only emotional orator and a Hollywood like empty glamor. they never discus abut subjective issues ethnicity, economy or any current issues that affect Ethiopians. instead they are busy on there propaganda and only negative message about Wayne. That give Wayane more strength. and most of them went astray from there initial truth because of this they always fall on weaynes trap.
    The beauty of Ethiopia is it’s diversity. it’s a mosaic of all language, religions, cultures…not only one ethnic group. From Oromo’s Harer, Welega, Bale, Gemma, Selale, Arsi… they all have their own dialect and beauties in different aspect. if you live with this deferens within Oromo’s. How can you build your dream land islmo oromiya.
    Long live Ethiopia!!

  10. Ejersa says:

    Talking nonsense “Islam is majority in oromo socity” and cutting human beings throat because of openion differences.
    Hey extrimist you don’t full us around go and full ESAT ,VOA or Aljezira.
    as an educated person you were suppose to help in narrowing differences and bring people together.
    I am Oromo but I am one of those 20% oromos you were talking about who belive in living together side by side peacefully. That is the only way peace will be achived.
    Jawar your mouth is big but your brain is so useless because you forgot where you live.
    this is america where we live together peacefully with our stupidity.
    you need to see yourself calmly. shame on you and you smell like your friend said.

  11. getu says:

    One of reasonable assesment of the situation with jawar. Justice is color & race blind. No should be cut his nack without the rule of law. If stand for equality of human being,let us see our action in fair & balanced way. An oromo thief can’t be better than an amehara good man and v.v. Our question should be for equality,fairness,humanity & justice for all. Don’t use your race to hide your weakness!!

  12. Abishee says:

    Thank you for your constructive opinion to build a tolerance society on such forum for fair dialogue and a reconciliation approach for our common problems. But the core enemy of our country/chauvinists/ always as a greedy opportunists spreading even the none-existing conflicts among our society via their: ECADF, ESAT, Moresh ahmara and others for their nostalgia. Needlessly noise, their wild dream had had dead for ever and the new vision must move forward as the true federation by determined forces. Otherwise Imiyee Ethiopia or death is ONLY an empty slogan as we know!.
    Thank you bro, any more?. Finally, you started to swallow the truth . Yes, I do feel living on a planet whereby NO Chauvinism policy imposing on us any more. Void for ever your myth: as one nation, one language, one culture and myth history-written by your debteraw, of course the ahmara’s.

  13. Mario says:


    Now , the Ethiopian society has been changed in the last 20 years or so! One can only be better than the EPRDF to take hot sit at 4kilo! Now 4kilo isn’t a place of comfort for families, loyalists , in laws & stooges, but a place of an immense hard work & responsibility! The Ethiopian people had suffered so much under the hands of their own leaders! The people had said enough is enough! Therefore, playing the chauvinists style of dirty politics is over! If there is anything better, the people , including I , will never waste anytime to take it! We are thirsty of a choice political party! Now we see the so called empty opposition, who are the same chauvinists that doesn’t constitute any part of the nations , Nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia covered in a sheep skin!
    Chauvinists, the people are laughing at you! Please be better!

  14. Lenjiso says:

    The Oromos will never be foolish more. Enough is enough. But why all Amharas have the same mentality. All are the same from the professor to the ordinary farmer. Still they believe in the fake history Ethiopian civilization that they create. To be free from this ignorance Oromia must be free.

  15. tn. says:

    i choose not to read amharic, when it is used as a tool of entitlement for the blind agenda of abyssiniansism.

    there are plenty of exciting discussion articles that are posted on http://www.gulelepost.com/
    http://opride.com that answer the sophomoric arguments that abysiniansim brings forth as an argument.
    finally i would like to recommend the writings of frantz fanon (1)wretched of the earth and (2) black faces white masks..for the psycho political over reaction on any correct but assertive oromo action including the two tier punishment system of the ethiopian empire. i.e shoot the oromo muslims while relatively tolerating the northern/addisababian muslims.

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