Pregnant Ethiopian Olympian dies, but baby survives


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6 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    What a shocking news!!!!
    All Ethiopians are gripped with massive sorrow and saddens….
    Oh my God how a completely health person went to chill in a restaurant died suddenly…. my eyes were flooding while typing this comment.
    I would like to extend my deep condolence for her friends and relatives. May you come out easily through this hardship moment.
    Meskerem, Our Olympic hero, you rise our flag high in the sky of the Olympic village, it was really a tragedy to loss such vibrant young athlete in such unfortunate event
    Meskerem, you were our really hero and you would be remembered for ever.
    May you rest in peace

  2. guest says:

    sad! God bless her soul

  3. Aster says:

    This is a big lost to the Ethiopian community. My condolence goes to her kids and her families.

  4. Mario says:

    Extremely sad story! My sincere condolence to her family & friends, especially to her miracle baby!

  5. TX says:

    How terrible,and disturbing to watch this video. with a bad heart you never know when its your time to go, Rest in Peace and your children will be taken care of…

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