The Wounded Ethiopian Nationalism and Its Insecurity Dilemma


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31 Responses

  1. Ermi says:

    Mark my word, Teshome will comment below.

    Peace and love to all!

  2. Jacob says:

    Quite often, I am frankly ashamed of the so-called Ethiopian scholars. The writer of the above article is talking about ‘Ethiopian nationalism’, ‘Ethiopian nationalists’ e.t.c. This shows how shallow the knowledge he has about what exactly nationalism is. The notion of nationalism premises ALL of the following preconditions in a society: Consanguineous(common ancestor or blood), Coreligionistic( common religion), Homotropon( the same habit or life style), Homoglosson( the same language). So, one can not talk about, for example, an ‘American nationalist’ or a ‘Canadian nationalism’ or an ‘Ethiopian nationalism’. So, there is no ‘ wounded nationalism’ in Ethiopia as there is no something called ‘Ethiopian nationalism’. Ethiopians do not complete the above criteria as they descend from different linguistic, religious, ethnic, cultural back grounds. Let us not confuse the public.

    • Mike1 says:

      where didyou get this definition?

    • amhara says:

      Jacob like your name you and EPDRF are industrial products of Brussels and Washington. we have quiet different history standards regarding to nationalism. thanks for global powers they imposed their version of nationalism and their long term objectives though TPLF (BANDA) collaborator

  3. eden says:

    Dr. Messay I have sincerest question for you. Why are the Amhara people like you have hyernationalism syndome. This article is a symptom of this horible syndrome.
    Either the rest Ethiopian people 69 million i.e minus the Amhara people is wrong which impossible or the Amhara sydrome of hypernationalism is true which is possible… that case I think there is no remedy and we will let you to suffer from it

    • sayint says:

      son of a bitch like you suffers from narrow nationalism which soon will die with its own making-your form of nationalism will die as it does not suit the weyane exploitative mind set once the minority junta stripped of its power-and as such it will look for the so called the most detested form of Ethiopian nationalism in order to shelter itself so that it can eat what the minority junta accumulated in the span of 22 years. That is why the elites within the party (weyane)circle were talking about the idea of a transformed eprdf party to be an ethiopian nationalist party at the last Bahir Dar meeting-did you read the reporter published article lately?

    • Ethiopia Tikdem says:

      @ Eden: Try to think outside the box. dont fear conversations and ideas that you cant produce. Try to embrace them and learn from them.

  4. Mario says:

    እንግዲህ እዚህ የማናውቀው ነገር ኣለ! ስለሆነም ጠይቆ መማር የተሻለ ይመስለኛል።
    1) Mr Legesse, who are the defeated nationalists you are talking about? ኢትዮጵያ ከ1964 እንደ ኢትዮጵያ ኣቆጣጠር ጀምራ ኢህኣዴግ እስኪገባ ድረስ በረሃብ ድህነት እርዛት በዓለም ፊት ተዋርዳ የኖረች ኣገር ኣንደሆነች የማይታበል ሃቅ ነው ስለዚህ የተሸነፈው ናሽናሊስት ማን ነው? ኢትዮጵያ’ኮ ኢህኣዴግ እስኪገባ ድረስ ምንም ኣልነበራትም! ራሷን መመገብ ኣቅቷት የነበረች ኣገር የሚዘርፋት እንጂ የሚያስብላት ኣልነበረም! ሁሉም ነገር የጀመሩት ኢህኣዴጎች ናቸው!
    እኛ የኢትኒክ ወታደር ወረረን ብለን ኣናውቅም! ያም ሆነ ይህ ብቻ እኛ የማናውቃት ሌላ ኢትዮጵያ ትኖራቹ ይሆናል!
    ባጭሩ እዚህ ላይ ላቁምና መልስ ልጠብቅ! ኣዲስ ነገር መማር ደግ ነው!

  5. Alex says:

    @Mario why you choose to be kefo? I will say there is real growth in Ethiopia if there is an industry which manufacture cars, tractors,different machineries and if there is a mechanizing agriculture etc..the current buildings in addis are built by slave trade..Every day woyane is selling our sisters to arab countries and they built G+ buildings in addis. That is all. Even Meles has wittnessed this that if we are not involved in industrial sector we will not have a country at all, wewill be a people with out country.

    • Mario says:

      I know you are on the hate politics side , therefore, you can’t see anything real! Ethiopian airlines, from 300 MW to 2000 MW, the road construction all over Ethiopia, major projects, the doubling,tripling of farmers production….the 30 universities built in the last 20 years,over all the nations, Nationslities & people’s of Ethiopia governing themselves …. What’s going on broda? You can’t see all this accomplished by a poor country? It is so sad that you are blinded thus far on your own willing!

      The thing here: still there are no political entities better than the EPRDFites! Get out of hate politics funded by Ethiopian’s enemies if you want to be a real one!

    • yohannes says:

      Mario, I think Alex is correct, Why u don’t want to recognize the wonderful work of Weyanie, the whole world is testimony of their tentative to change Ethiopia . what is your contribution, instead criticizing.

  6. teshome says:

    What are these so called Ethiopian scholars telling us!!!!!!
    I can feel and listen the background voice of denying being an Ethiopian and sense of Ethiopianism…
    You said “Ethiopian nationalism is wounded and seeds violence”…Which Ethiopian country are you talking about. Definitely you are not referring the Ethiopia I knew and lived….
    Why you don’t simply tells us you wish to be born as a Kenyan, you wish to be born as a Ghanaian, or an Arab heritage Egyptian.
    It is so embarrassing to see Ethiopian scholars gravitated to disabled mentality.
    Honestly I didn’t go through your writings, it is so nauseating and didn’t come up to the level of my dignity

  7. Gezaee says:


    Nationalism is human construction or engineering of social structure or social organisation. Nationalism is not based on language or tribe only. The word nation means people who share culture, language,… and who live in one designated land. Jacob is trying tell us there is no Canadian or US nationalism? I do not know where your live, but there is no country that is called country without nationalism. Canadians live under the Canadian country(nation). American nationalism beyond your understanding. You can not compare Canada with Ethiopia. Canada is a melting pot of race, ethnic, tribe or colour. In the new Ethiopia, there is no Ethiopia but tigrai or oromia or … tribal and primitive communal enclaves. Ethiopia is now a country where people can not move around to do work and live. it is a scary and a no go country. In a sense, Ethiopia is in a complete bizzare ethnic political system that needs to be torn down and rooted out. I do not want to live in today’s Oromia for the rest of my life. I wana live anywhere in my country. There is no one who can ask where to live in USA or Canada or anywhere. A country is not made of one ethnic group? there is no country that is monoculture or monoliguae on this planet. This is very narrow agenda.

    It is true few amhara elites think Ethiopia belongs to them and they can even give and take Ethiopian nationalism. But the truth Ethiopian or Ethiopianism belongs to everyone who live in Ethiopia. The name Ethiopia is not EPRDF’s making. I am sure EPRDF has the most weird mind on this planet. The truth, EPRDF brought this ethnic rule not to benefit people, but divide and conquer people of Ethiopia which based on cynicism only. If ethnic rule was really designed to guarantee freedom of ethnics, or tribes, EPRDF would not uproot people from their land and sell their land to foreigners. Ethnic politics in Ethiopia is a cynical scheme to rule people, not to benefit people.

    By the way, the ethnic problem or inequality was addressed by Mengistu Hailemariam. There was no ethnic problem in Ethiopia during Mengistu. He liberated ethnics, women, and nationalized land. EPRDF or woyane just brought ethnic politics to advance their divide and conquer agenda. They did not change anything. Derg addressed the ethnic question, woyane brought it back and made it more uglier than any time in history. There is no country that divide along ethnic line. People from amhara region can not go to oromia region now or vice versa. This is cynical and inhuman and cruel to discriminate people based on ethnic or tribe or colour. If the world could follow EPRDF, the world could be a hell to live in. I would not able to live in USA or Europe. I would not able to get job or have no place in any society out of my ethnic land. This will be hell for me. I can not go back to Ethiopia to live in hell now. This is not for the 21 century. May be this ethnic enclave could be good to the stone age people. Ethnic name is not in your blood. Look into your soul, your soul has no ethnic or tribe or colour or region or birth place. you are three:
    1. Soul
    2. Spirit
    3. Flesh

    Your soul has no race or ethnic or colour or tribe or religion or birth place or ethnic land. Your soul never die or has no physical structure, texture, bones or blood. It is a life force beyond your understanding. You soul has boundary where to live or not.
    2. Your spirit: your spirit is your non-physical means of communication with other souls living and dead or human or animal or physical environment.
    3. Your body; your body is made of clay or organic matter that can decompose into soil; you body a shell of your soul and spirit.

    All these three is you and all these three has no ethnic or race or colour or … your ethnic name only exists in your mind. You are a computer programmed to speak an ethnic language from early child hood. You are born naked with no name, with no ethnic or with no race or region. All your name, your behavior or your dress code, dancing, … is only a program installed into your brain as an operating system of your ethnic programme.

    It is true your flesh has blood relationship; but that does not say you are different from other humans or you have to live enclaved. All these ethnic or tribalism came to exist because of war, conflict and people has to gather to defend each other and shared common means of communication, language and mode of life.

    EPRDF ethnic politics does not belong to the 21 century. It belongs to the 1 century or stone age.

    • Paulos says:

      I know Gezae in person. He is an Ethio-Eritrean who is suffering from an identity crisis. So he wants to erase everyone’s identity to make everyone equal. Gezae, we are sorry for you. Leave us alone to call ourselves whatever we like. We are not ashamed of our identity; in fact Ethiopians are celebrating their diverse identity, culture and so on. It is only you who is dreaming the impossible. In the country you live, there is a law for minorities, colored people, Indians, Irish, African Americans etc etc….Isn’t this an identity? Identity cannot be erased, and the best way to address this confusion is to accept with pride and give recognition to the identity of others. Denying it is fulling yourself. Be proud of your Eritrean identity.

  8. Gezaee says:

    Because Ethiopia was made poor because of bad administration, you do not have to divide people on ethnic line. Ethiopia did not become poor because where not divided into ethnic enclaves. The cause of the poverty has nothing to do with ethnic per se. It has a cause and that cause is mal administration. The culprit of the mal administration must be the past ruling elites Haileslassie. You can not blame the whole amhara ethnic for that. I do not think Prof. Messay was a ruling elite then. He has nothing to do with the mess of Ethiopia. I do not think he was a policy maker at that time. Bad administration could have been solved using many ways than dividing people. What do the people has to do with the problem of poverty? it was policy problem of rulers, not people problem. If there was good administration in Ethiopia, food was rotting in Gojam, Wollega,… and others places when people were dying in Wollo and Tigrai. The other Ethiopians in the other part of Ethiopia were not even aware their people were dying of lack of food. There was no communication. Ethiopia did not become poor because people were living together. It became poor because the politicians failed and brought national disaster. Ethiopia has longer history than the history of famine. You can accuse the name Ethiopia for being poor. It has nothing to do with the name. Ethiopia national integrity benefits all Ethiopians, not only Amhara. Strong and prosperous Ethiopia is a plus for every Ethiopian regardless ethnic or tribe or religion or race or region.

    Prof. Messay Kebede did not make people poor or die of starvation or did not still 12 billion dollars or did not sell land to foreigners. Even derg did not do such things. Everything you do is right? everything others says is wrong?

    Those of you from Tigrai? if you believe in ethnics as you do? what the hell are you doing in the other part of Ethiopia? why you do not live and rule only in Tigrai? why the hell are you telling other Ethiopians how to live? work? walk? If you believe in your narrow agenda? why do you need the rest of Ethiopia? if you do not believe in Ethiopia? why are you sitting in Addis? are you in addis because Ethiopia was made poor? self-contradiction? you hate the name Ethiopia? but at the same time you wanted to tell other people how to live ? If you do not believe in Ethiopia? then pack and go somewhere else. What the fuck are you doing in Ethiopia? Ethiopia is not made by amhara? is it made by amhara? Ethiopian history dates back to time immemorial and there is no history that parallels this country.

  9. haftom says:

    Jacob, you are very right, Ermi is a reader, Eden is confused and Mario is the complete bullshit !

  10. Werner2010 says:

    Dr. Messay must first come clean withe his own past. He writes “The dreams of the generation of the 60s and early 70s have been squashed by the victory of the Derg whose dictatorial rule decimated its morale and that of their offspring. Both were offered nothing but the humiliation of a massive exodus.”
    Dr. Messay was in fact one of those who gave the intellectual justification for the red terror. He was lecturer of Marxist Leninist philosophy in Addis Abeba University and he was personally responsible for the expulsion of thousands of brilliant students from campus.
    He should begin with himself and do some self-examination, then write an honest book about his role in Derg times and in the red terror era. I know this is too much to ask.
    to put the fox in charge of the henhouse

  11. Abegaz says:

    The articles smells the likes of Jawae et al. Who cares about these idiots who think that they have authority to decide on the fate of Ethiopia. First of all majority nOromo ethiopians did buy their theory. Even if they do, they are only 30%. They need 21% extra to decide Ethiopia’s fate.

  12. haftom says:

    Abiyotawi democracy le ethiopia kahun behuwala yemiyametaw minim aynet lewt yelem, ahun yalew yezeregn-netna ye gossegn-net poletica kene zer manzeru menekel alebet.
    Afework Agdew – ETHSAT TV

  13. Tammirat Bogale says:


    Messay Kebede knows all of these you are talking about the diversities of nationalism in a diverse multinational state.

    “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” Chinese proverb

    He is only trying to fool you all over again because as an amara elite he knows that amara ethnic dictators ruled for over 130 years over all the other good ethnic groups with barbaric cruelty and tyranny trying hard to completely destroy and eradicate from the face of the earth all of the non amara beautiful, diverse and natural ethnicities, identities, languages, religions, names, fames, etc. and replace them with amara religion, amara identity, amara language, amara self serving narrow nationalism, etc. code named “Ethiopian nationalism” to hide the cruel robbery deep under ground.

    How can you ask an OLD DOG partially deaf to learn new tricks, especially when the OLD DOG is such a good student of the OLD ancestors spirits?

    The reality on the ground is that our existing diversities and pluralities needs to be seen as positive strenghts whether in the areas of region, religion, ethinics, etc. to be blessed sources of all the diverse innovations and creativities in times to come. Even the great amara people can have great roles in the process if they are able to undress their primitive medieval ingrained unrealistic super race superiority complex.

    “YES WE CAN” needs to be the optimistic and realistic winning motto but NOT endlessely whining rhetorics of the Messay style. 🙂

  14. kebe says:

    “የሚዘርፋት እንጂ የሚያስብላት ኣልነበረም!” LOL

  15. Hailu balcha says:

    By Leggese A. Gurmu………… are from tigray idiot dont play with ethiopian nick names idiot…you cant be smart at this time time is over for you woyanoch/tigray

  16. Abegaz says:


    Egzi-abher yistilign on your good piece.

    I remember one time when Timirat layne went to Diredewa and telling those area people how they were forcfully annexed by Amharas. I said to myself if he/EPRDF really care about these people why not he/EPRDF give them their freedom now as a PM of Ethiopia. This was the best thing to do than hipocracy.

  17. Abegaz says:


    This is what EPRDFite and OLFites of the likes Legesse Gurumu want us to be. Read the link!!!

  18. Ewunetu Bogale says:


    Except for amara extremists life has always been even worse than those Ethiopians migrating to the middle east and suffering. Amaras came to be aware of the situation also as participants only now when their unitary dictatorial regime fell on its nose and forced them to be equally sharing the burden of being Ethiopiawinet with out the luxury of exploiting others and living high and fast.

    To be honest it is neither the EPRDF nor the OLF who may keep you running to Arab countries and beyond for your sweet lives and limbs but your brutal unitary centralized system of exploitative government still in place and function by other means.

    So please try to discover yourself so that you may see the correct light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

  19. Gezaee H. says:

    Message to all Ethiopians:
    We must not waste time talking about Ethiopia. Ethiopianian nationalism is written since ancient time. There is no Ethiopian who can change that whether we like it or not. Even if we change it, there is no point. The ancient Ethiopian land mark and unparalled history is a pride even for non-Ethiopians. Black people across the globe take pride on our history. I once met a young South African. The young boy was consumed by Ethiopian history. I have to admit I did not learn about Ethiopia as much as he did about Ethiopia. He told me he was upset despite the fact Ethiopian history is so rich but Ethiopians do not use it. We do not use our good history as inspiration. We only use the bad thing against each other.
    We must stop this self-incrimination attitude.
    All of us have to accept we are mortal human being on this planet. Our life on this planet is a shadow, very short. It is precious and we must not waste it.
    I have to admit I regret the war Shabia and woyane waged for 30 and 17 years that consumed tons of lives.Derg could have been removed without all that blood being shed and all the time, resources wasted. People suffered. The entire Tigrai and Eritrea became a battle ground. 30 years no development except war. War is evil. I do not know who started war. The one who invented war is evil man, I think men started the war as game. Because of war the entire Eritrean and Tigrean population become refugees.
    Past leaders did mistakes knowingly or cunningly or shrewdly or cynically or unknowingly. However, there is no point blaming the past and present. If we want change, we need to change the way we think and the way we deal with each other. We must use reasons than ethnic biases to do any judgment. We must stop ethnic politics algether. Ethnics become only a problem when ethnics are marginalized the way OLF,ONLF, TPLF,…were created. If everyone is recognized, and if there is national consensus, and if there is national supreme law and if there is transparency, the limit must only our merit to our achievements.
    I am asking people to move forward from the past and to work, think, to discuss for the future. The past is past; yefesese woha aytafesm. Wrong done is done. We can not reverse the past. It is now a must we have to base our selves on pure reasons than on the weakness of other humans. If even you put me tomorrow in Arat kilo, I will make mistakes. So we need to recognize each other as human .We need to get united for our common and shared national agenda that guarantees merit, quality, virtue, impartiality, justice, equality, egalitarianism, fairness, selflessness, truthfulness, sincerity, good faith, love,… for better future.
    I assure you one can twist woyane or EPRDF in one day if we unite for a common national agenda which means we need to think bigger and above our ethnic interest. We have to accept every human needs bread, water, shelter. There is no any ethnic that needs more than the other about basic things. The only solution to our problem is to unite, stop lame blaming and perpetrating vicious and endless conflict. I am against any armed struggle and any conflict that cause the death of human lives and the destruction of properties.
    We need to cut the vicious cycle of conflict and start brand new ideology of Ethiopianism. But I only distance myself when people try to give and take my Ethiopianism to me as if they own it. Ethiopianism must be interpreted as loving every Ethiopians who live in Ethiopia. Ethiopianism that does not respect and recognize all those who live in it can not be Ethiopainism. Ethiopianism must give and guarantee love and recognition to every Ethiopian. If everyone is recognized, I do not believe we can have another olf, onlf, tplf, eplf,…. all such things come to exist when they were not recognized. We need new way of doing and handling our affaires. We must not prolong our misery by following bloody path. Please think in line with the 21 century. People will tell they are right but that is what they know. You can not do anything about it. The only way to change people is to educate them. You can only change me if you talk to me nicely and educate me. If you reject me and attack me, I will be defensive and I will not consider your ideas even if they are good. That means you can not change things by violent means. you can not change by force because they will defend until death, it is mot or shret or death or life. In the past 22 years we could have done alot of things, but we wasted and achieved nothing. We wished derg will go and things become better, but still wanted to the current rulers to go and get better leaders? That means there is no guarantee Dr. Berhanu who believe in bloodshed or ally with Shabia and Egypt can bring any new change. Woyane allied with Egypt and Shabia. So Dr. Berhanu is doing the same thing. There is no gaurantee that Dr. Berhanu will do different thing in Ethiopia even if we put him tomorrow. EPRDF compares itself with derg and Dr. Berhabu will compare himself with EPRDF. His supporters are saying they have to ally with Shabia and Egypt because woyane did the same? self-contradiction here. I do not understand how they are different from woyane or eprdf.
    Anyways, please think new way. This way is really only Kisara.We need progressive ideology than we have with those war mongers.

  20. Paulos says:

    On Mesay Kebede, not for the author.

    You called the Dergue army “the Ethiopian army”, while you call the fighters (which are the nations and nationalities) an invading army. Mesay, we know who you are and why you took this extreme position. But we want to remind you that Ethiopia is redefined for ever. The Ethiopia you are dreaming for will remain a dream. Believe me, no Ethiopian will allow you and your friends to change the status qua. We are doing fine without you – pessimists and hatemongers.

  21. Mario says:

    In pessimists & hatemongers term , Nationalism means serving specific elites forgetting the majirity! The problem of Messay Kebede , Tecola Hagos,Almariam & the likes is: time bygones are gone forever not to comeback! Time is the most precious that noone can buy back…. Once it is gone , it’s gone!

    These elites had wasted so much time & resources just like that! There is nothing that they instituted to serve the people, nothing visible!
    እኔና ጓደኞቼ በየ ኢትዮጵያው ምግብ ቤት እየዞርን ከ55 በላይ ዕድሜ ያላቸው የተነፋፈቁ የድሮ ጓደኞች ሲያወሩ መስማትና መቅዳት እንወዳለን። ወደ 50 (a group of 50) የሚሆኑ የድሮ ጓደኞች ሲያወሩ ኣዳምጠናል ባይገርማቹ ባጋጣሚ ሁሉም የመንግስት ሰራተኞች እንደነበሩ ያመለክታል! ሁሉም የሚያወሩት ባዲስ ኣበባ፣በኣዋሳ፣በናዝሬት፣በባህር ዳርና በመሳሰሉት ያሳለፉትን ጥሩ ጊዜ ያወራሉ! ወሬያቸው በኣብዛኛው ተበላ፣ተጠጣ፣ተደነሰ፣ተበዳ ወዘተ እንጂ ስለተሰራ ነገር ኣያወሩም፣ምንም የሰሩት ነገር እንደሌለም እናቃለን! የሶማሌ ሰራዊት ኢትዮጵያ በወረረ ጊዜም ኣገር የሚጠብቅ ሰራዊት ሳይኖራቸው ቀርቶ የኩባና የየመን ወታደሮች መጥተው ኢትዮጵያን እንዳዳኑ እናስታውሰዋለን!
    ያም ሆነ ይህ ብቻ እነ ተኮላ ሓጎስና መሳይ ከበደ ለኢትዮጵያ ምንም ሰርተው ስለማያውቁ ባሁኑ ጊዜ ተጠይቀው ሲመልሱም በምንም መልኩ ከኢትዮጵያ ተጨባጭ ሁኔታ ጋር የማይመሳሰል ሆኖ ኣግኝቸዋሎህ። የኢትዮጵያ ባላገር ተመሳሳይ ጥያቄ ቢጠየቅ ከምሁር ተብየዎቹ የተሻለና የኢትዮጵያ ተጨባጭ ሁኔታ የሚያንፀባርቅ መልስ እንደሚሆን ለኣፍታም ኣልጠራጠርም።ድሮም ኢትዮጵያ የቆመችው በባላገሩ ነበር ኣሁንም ነው። ስለሆነም በውጭ በተለይ በተቃዋሚ ያሉን ምሁራን ለኢትዮጵያ ምንም ፋይዳ የላቸውም። የምታጠግበኝ እንጀራ ገና ከምጣዷ ኣለ ያገሬ ሰው! የኛ ተቃዋሚ ዋጋም የለሽ ፍሬም የለሽ እንደሚባለው ነው! እንደ ኢህኣዴጎች በተግባር የምታሳዩት ነገር ከሌለ ዝም ብላቹ ኑሯቹ ብትኖሩ ይሻላቿል በማለት ልደምድም!

  22. getu says:

    We have seen the last 23 years the good,the bad & the ugly sides of the ethinic federalism. I guess,the young & immature students of the 60s have taken us to this level of national issue just driven by marxist ideology. Now,it is a moment to work together with any group in any issue with good Faith agreed on one common purpose: Building our country Ethiopia! We should begin from our common identity i.e being an Ethiopian.It is a reason to common understanding if not we will not have a common field to do collectively. Ethinic based parties shouldn’t afraid to say we are Ethiopian while demanding their equality within a nation of us!

  23. yohannes says:

    Ethiopian nationalism, which nationalism, amahara nationalism. During the march of weianie to Addis Abeba, friend of mine an Amhara fellow asked me where are they going this tigrians ( this weianie) my answer was to liberat their country from brutal dictator Mengust Hailemariam. His answer ” was only Tigrie Aygezam). For most Ethiopian scholars, the only Ethiopians are the Amhara, and all their analyses about Ethiopia is based on this idea.I would like to ask the professore, the Somalia’s was feeling Ethiopians, Eritreans , the gallas or the ormo how you call them now was considered Ethiopians all the Ethiopian trips . professor please reduce your heavy wait scholar and help Ethiopia .
    Ethiopia needs you if you are out from narrow nationalism yourself. I am sure you are ” tigri Aigezam” but I would like to remained you next time the president or the prime minster of Ethiopia will be from Somalia, afar etc don’t get angry .

  24. koya says:

    Ethiopian nationalism? For the majority of the lowlanders conquered by menelik+haile selasse Ethiopia or ethiopian nationalism means amhara nationalism+orthodox religion.An afar never calls Ethiopia,it is HABSHA?the same for others southerners.
    To build ethiopia,the ethiopian nationalists must first consider there are nations whic are not accepting the name ethiopia because they are not.They have the identity they had before conquest.Why not ask by referundum what they want .Ethiopian nationalist are loosing their time by talking nonsen.Solve firs the question of identity,colonial question ,who are we.Jawar has given the response and the direction.Others like democracy,blablabla will not drive us no where.

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