Obama: ‘Trayvon Martin could have been me’ (+Video)


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9 Responses

  1. TX says:

    Walking while Black is not a crime, but it’s enough to get you killed if you’re 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. On February 26, the honor student was killed by community watch volunteer George Zimmerman on his way home from a local 7-Eleven store in Sanford, Florida. Zimmerman told police the Black teen looked “suspicious, but critics of the shooting say Trayvon was racially profiled by Zimmerman and question how suspicious a teen holding only a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea can look. Trayvon was not the first African-American to fall victim to racial profiling, however. look back at a problem that has plagued minority communities for years. Of course the PR was right, that was the Travesty of American Justice system…

  2. Gezaee H. says:

    America is not what they tell us. Aparthied is deeply rooted in America. I actually have been told there are states who follow no black rule. The apartheid in South Africa is gone. But the Apartheid in the United states still alive. You know US used to run a research on biological weapon in South Africa during the apartheid era. The project was run by South apartheid regime to develop viruses and bacteria that can wipe out the black race from our planet. The doctor death told was brought to the truth and reconciliation commission to confess. He admitted he was developing viruses to wipe out black race from our planet. The project was funded by USA.

    Americans were giving to blacks in ghettos blankets which were sprayed with killer bacteria impregnated in the 1970 and 80s.Racism is deeply rooted in USA than anywhere else.

    What wonders me, why they meddle in the affaires of other countries while they did not even clean their own dirty houses. Is this not duplicity? Why they care about tribes in Ethiopia while the tribes in their own backyards treated like dogs. I can not imagine this to happen in the country that flout so much about human right, freedom ,democracy, bla bla bla,… all duplicity, cynicism, wushet, hypocracy, arrogancy and ignorancy based superiority complex. I have no problem with any race helping any race or ethnic or tribe for freedom. What pisses me off is why they do not the house cleaning first than meddling the houses of others? America is the most violent, unequal country but we are deafened by their duplicity and ignorance. Superiority complex ? you better clean your house before forcing yourself to be model. This is why I say America can not be our model. it is far behind Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, it is the leaders who oppose citizens, it is not the people. In America it is the people who abuse each other. Ethiopia must teach about community.I know they will not like to learn from us because we are in Africa? but if we teach them they benefit.

  3. galaxy says:

    The majority of American people shall be respected because they proved themselves non-racist by electing obama as their president. However, this does not mean that racism towards and discrimination of african-americans is over. There are many who always downgrade blacks.
    the same is true in europe, look at the footbal players. they call them ‘monkeys’.
    Even in south africa, though the black are on power (politically), the majority blacks are under economic apparthied. They are still leading a miserable life. they only serve the whites as lebourers. They are mentally tortured. most of them are either submisive and servants of the whites or they are involved in violent activities like theft. that is the reason why there is more insecurity in most cities of south africa.
    What makes the matter even worst is these colonial whites what to extend their domination to Africa even in the future. they want to manipulate us. they want to manipulate governments.
    However, even obama himself is serving that purpose. he is just a copy of the whites when it comes to his policy towards black africa.
    Look, he very well knows that egypt and Ethiopia are disputing over the abay issue. but, his government is arming the egyptian military by modern fighter jets. My Poor country Ethiopia is trying to buy planes from Russia using its scarce budget; which has a direct impact on the daily living of our people.
    Many black africans including all the sub-saharan countries and even the AU has supported ethiopia on the abay dispute.
    Black africans shall work even more to support and defend themselves. In this hostile world, black africa shall not look towards support from the west. the best alternative is countries like china, india, brazil, etc which have no colonial mindest and were victims of colony themselves. these countries come for manual business only. they never want to manipulate and spy africa.

  4. samuel d says:

    No, some justice in America, of course, possible only if this high-profile cases that have received publicity. In normal practice, judges are rude, late for a meeting, steal documents from the case. Theft of documents judges generally the standard of judicial conduct in the United States. Calculated everything that’s judge a document stolen, and you then for years, decades to seek justice.
    Many processes in the Americas do for decades. For example, the process of the authorship of the integrated circuit was 40 years old and only recently ended. Lauer generation lived on it! .. The point of relatives killed Martin Luther King, Jr. against the government is almost as long as the King was killed, and it happened in the 1960s. Only now the government has recognized – but could have been a conspiracy. After another 40 years, you see, pay compensation to relatives …
    for example: U.S. views on democracy-
    Only one single newspaper in the world(www.libertyforum.org), amid all the blue, “free” from all press information, reported the death of a woman by the name of Shedinger, which filed a lawsuit against President Bush in 2002 for isnasilovanie committed by him in his time. A woman was killed in September 2003 from a shot to the head. The official death – suicide. Before filing a lawsuit against the Bush administration, she thought of suicide in the end the head never came. Is a cover of the paper with the information. This is a local black newspaper in London, with a circulation of 25 thousand copies.

    • samuel d says:

      correct a mistake: “isnasilovanie”
      “which filed a lawsuit against President Bush in 2002 for rapes committed by him in his time.”

  5. Tx says:

    The President correctly addressed the issue from his unique perspective, but the issue also divides along progressive/regressive political lines, since gun rights are involved.

    The issue is decided for us when we imagine if Trayvon Martin had been the 29 year-old on neighborhood watch, who got out of a van after police told him ” we don’t need you to do that ” and then gotten into a tussle with a 17 year-old George Zimmerman.

    We hope the travesty of the jury instructions given by the judge get the verdict overturned and the case re-tried.

    When people say, “Get over it,” like Republican Congressman Andy Harris did, it usually means they don’t want to put any thoughts into their words. It’s just a fad phrase which certainly won’t be remembered like the Gettysburg Address or Washington’s farewell. Most politicians don’t want to be statesmen anymore. They might as well tweet everything they have to say.

    Thank you President Obama’s addressing this important issue I myself have been through many challenge every since I moved down this country. It’s visible particularly when you are in a professional position that’s what I’m still struggling in my position just ask simple question why is that, just b/c we are colored people…
    Those who are not a black men Do not share our life experiences since You are not African-American. I’m a proud Ethiopian American

    The President spoke from the heart about a subject that has been on everyone’s mind this week. I applaud his honesty and his eloquence. As a black male I know what it is like for a person of color to navigate our way through life in America. I know the suspicions that follow young black males or the assumptions made about us because of the color of the skin. Race will always be the underlying “issue” in this country because we refuse to speak honestly about it. The President opened an important conversation today. That he is being attacked viciously by the reactionary right wing news media means the President did the right thing.

  6. Mario says:

    People can be in fault in many ways, intentionally/untentionally or by accident. But, what exactly can you do when the justice system (meant to protect us all) fails you because you are black, minority, underprivileged, etc? This is the crux of the question.

    It is not only those serving in the justice that we must fight for their wrong doings, but the justice system itself that fails us in the first place. I will never expect justice will be served as desired as long as I am profiled for what ever reason. George Zimmerman (walking free) and Trayvon Martin (dead) will remind me that for the rest of my life.

    What would you say about a Florida mom who was given 20 years for firing warning shots against her allegedly abusive husband? Now you can see who the justice system fails in the same state where Trayvon was shot dead and the murder was let go. Please read on: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57433184/fla-mom-gets-20-years-for-firing-warning-shots/

  7. Supernova says:

    The jets given to Egypt are not really modern. They are probably 50 years old. They are not used by USA at this stage; They are used by medium countries only. They dumping them to Egypt in the name of military aid. I would not bother about the old jets give as alms to Egypt.

    I think the woyanes must have invested in modern weapons before starting the dam. Meles may have told them there is no need for that. But everything Meles said is not correct. If I was the prime minister, I would have spent the 12 billion dollars stolen on modern weaponry and then start the development work. Security comes before any development. If there is no security, there can never peace. If there is no peace, there can never be development. I think woyane have bad understanding about politics. They say Ethiopia’s enemy number is one is poverty. But the truth is poverty has a cause, poverty does not come out of the blue with no cause. Woyane aka EPRDF misunderstood the enemy number one is not poverty, but the cause of the poverty. The cause of our poverty is our enemy that is Egypt. This must have been know before everything; now win win bla bla is giving them the wrong message that Ethiopia is weak.

    Please do not say you poor. You are poor only mentally. No one is born with money. You have to make money. In this century, your wealth is your mind, not anything else.

  8. Gezaee says:

    What Obama spoke reminded me my life in South Africa. When a black man enters an elevator, all whites run out of the elevator. When a black man enters a shop? white watch men surround him. When a black man enters a white owned hotel. you will be dragged out like dog. When a black man wants to rent a hotel, he will be denied. When a black man get employed, he does not get paid equal with a white; When you look for an apartment to rent, you communicate by email and make appointment. When you go to see the apartment, they peep throw the window slits or through curtain of the window? when they see you are black? they will not respond when you press the siren. Universities dormitories in the University of Cape Town are divided into white and black dormitories, black put on dirty, filthy, ghetto dormitories. When I was in Ethiopia, my mindset was about white people was too biased, because I used consider as angels, honest, fair, kind, sincere, caring, wise, clean, loving,… but my life thought me, I was wrong. There are bad humans all over the world. Skin colour does not matter or race does not matter. Primitiveness is shared across cultures, tribes or ethnics or races or colours.

    My ideology is do what is right, but never judge people by their religion or race or colour or ethnic or tribe or … there are good people in every culture, society, country. All white Americans are not evil. All white Americans are not good. All blacks are not good; All blacks are not bad. Primitiveness is across culture, race or colour or …

    We must not generalize always because that is wrong. it is the white race that saved Ethiopians from mass starvation all these decades. Is it touching when little white kids offered their lunches to give to Ethiopia? No Asian, Arab did that. We must stand against bad ideology from any corner. But we must not accuse whole race. We must be wise; government do not follow citizens as Ethiopian government does.

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