ESAT and the mystery of Col. Tadesse Muluneh (Yared Hailemariam)


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9 Responses

  1. Bora says:

    Hmmmm, ESAT is bad because they are not reporting about Shabia? Genaa gude yesemal ke woyane gora.
    Ato Yared, thanks to TPLF we are now 2 countrys. ESAT is Ethiopian
    TV. Not belongs to Human rights watch or what ever. They have to report only what is going on in Ethiopia. Down with Shabias.
    As you said ESAT is belongs to G7, then G7 is very huge and strong organisation, you want to tell us this. i dont care u can be a G7 supporter but you exaggerated that they are capable to ownTV Chanel I can’t agree with you. G7 is one of 100 Ethiopian opposition grups .

    • Degefa says:

      Ato Yared

      I appreciate your assessments! But i doubt weather you are doing these to attack the ongoing pro Ethiopia struggle or to encourage ESAT to be independent! As you are assessing ESAT giving very few examples from their year round achievements, let me assess you based on your one and only one interview (discussion) with the two professors. From the few questions you raised to them, one says (should we leave and give time to TPLF/EPRDF as far as the economy is growing?). I am sure, as you are arguing Sisay has done the mistakes you mentioned intentionally/knowingly, you are also asking the professors to comment on that and tried to encourage tyranny, abuse, torture…knowingly.

      You are that a person, who lack simply a moral to assess ESAT! I have no problem with your assessment and would like to encourage you to do so, as ESAT has to be free enough to serve, otherwise, we leave it like that of ETV. ESAT will suffer the consquences, right away when it will be in such a trouble.

      But, let me ask you too, recently you made an interview with shin, are you really not disappointed by yourself, and ashamed for not asking any single important question, meeting that important person related to Ethiopian politics? As you felt sorry with sisay, i felt even several time sorry on you your colleague dawit, for not asking the person any thing important. Think that way, when ever you point your fingure to others, some of them points to yourself.

      When you made several mistake in two interviews and discussions, it might be acceptable for ESAT journalist to make two disappointing discussions from their your round dissemination.

      I think you can struggle with your G/, but leave ESAT. ESAT belongs to Ethiopian people. while i encourage you to correct some flawed things in ESAT, so that it will be sharpened enough to represent us, it is also bad to put all your efforts to damage ESAT. Your arguments are not constructive, rather looks you got something from ETV people.

      But i am really worried with the Colonel issue. I donot know him, but if what Fasil did is true, that is really a worrisome. And he has to clarify it. But i donot share your points, as you also based only on one side info. That is why i doubte all your points, and even ask if you have such a moral. Looks you are attacking ESAT. Let us make it the property of us, the Ethiopians. ETV has been taken by TPLF, o´now you give ESAT to G/, and what is ours? we have to struggle to keep ESAT ours!

      Pls Dawite, post my comment.

      • Mario says:


        Whatever you say, ESAT is owned by E & E, & 7 G is a messenger of Ethiopia’s enemies in this 21st century! You can’t hide an open secret that everybody knows! If you try to , then you are fooling yourself!

        Woyane was there , it’s here & it going to be there ! No could stop it & no man is going to stop it! But woyane stopped so many , & it has the capability of stopping any entity if it wishes to!

        Take it easy !

  2. Teddy says:

    Well, this might sound like one that is written from a concerned citizen. But dig deeper, you’ll find nothing but a Woyane-hack, trying to pass as one who has ESAT’s best interest at heart.

  3. Mario says:

    እሳት በኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች የሚንቀሳቀስ የኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች የፕሮፓጋንዳ መሳሪያ መሆኑን ፀሃይ ከሞቀውና ሰው ከወቀው ሰነባብቷል! ስለሆነም እሳት ውስጥ የሚሰሩ ኢትዮጵያውያን ዘመናዊ ባንዳዎች ናቸው።

    እኛ ኢትዮጵያውያን ወይ እሳትን ወደ ኣመድ መቀየር ኣለብን ወይ ከኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች እጅ ወጥታ ለኢትዮጵያ ግልጋሎት መዋል ኣለባት! እሳትን የምትደግፉ ሁሉ (ከኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች በስተቀር) እያያቹ እየሰማቹ ትልቅ ታሪካዊ ስህተት እየፈፀማቹ መሆኑን እወቁ!

  4. Mario says:

    ESAT is a hate propaganda machine funded directly by Egypt & Shabiya! We heard it from its Leader’s mouth loud & clear!
    ESAT is anti Ethiopia propaganda machine!

  5. nesanet says:

    kkkkkkkk woyane + shabia= Tarikawi Ye Ethiopyyan Telatoch No Woyane No Shabia Ethiopia Le Ethiopywyan Bechaa.

  6. Degefa says:

    you pro tplf guys?
    aren’t the best friend and servant of Eritrea? where do you get such a moral to condommen others, when you, yourself and your woyane gave our land, our people and our port out to few circles such as the notorious ISAYAS: He now end up making his country one of the worlds unsecured, unfavorable place to live in, in the world.

    It is you who made the deal with them, you are friends, but now you are blaming others. That is a clear character of woyane, ie. we have to hate what he hate, and we can only like what woyane like. Which book said, who woyane not like is always enemy of Ethiopia? where did you read this book? even when it is true, who made Eritrea the enemy of Ethiopia? is it not Meles? Is it not Sebhat? when they came from dedebit, they agreed up on the concept that, Eartrea is yours, but we can share Ethiopia…do you think we can forget this—the history where a non coffee producing country become worlds no. one coffee exporter? isn’t it meles who made that?

    he made that coz he they are friends? i really donot see the true enemicity of Ertrea, it is only the game meles and his like play around, to confuse us…period!

  7. Mario says:


    Eritrea was sold by minilik to fascists Italian around 1890s! From the 1890s Until 1961 Eritrea wasn’t part if Ethiopia! Then Haileselassie united Eritrea unlawfully & the fight started! When Tigrai was paying for the mistakes Gaileselassie & minilik made making it a war zone, then Tigrian chose to tell the truth & supported Eritrean independence! Therefore , you don’t know what you are talking about whoever you are! Sebhat Nega is a man who dared to tell the truth! You have no moral ground to criticize him! ኣህያውን ትቶ ዳውላውን ይሉሃል ይሄ ነው!take it easy man! You are not scoring anything here!

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