Letter From Eskinder Nega to The New York Times


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50 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Eskinder said
    “I propose that the United States impose economic sanctions on Ethiopia and impose travel bans on Ethiopian officials implicated in human rights violations.”
    I am always surprise how this guy gives a wrong self image for himself. Some times he equated himself with Ethiopia people and other times he would like to be more than the Ethiopian people.
    How kind of mentality other than sickness could it be to think America will cease providing development aid for sake of Esikinder….
    I can’t stop laughing.
    Thank you Eskinder for making me laugh, as you said the Ethiopian government will soon get a very sharp decision from American government but till then I wish you to enjoy the life in prison.
    your jail time is not too long, it is only 18 years.

    …You complained about the toilet and bath room hygiene. I hope you are not serious. Is that because you meant it to soften the heart of your white readers?
    Eskinder, don’t forget that you didn’t go to picnic to relax, but rather it is a punishment center.
    I would be so glad if ask a transfer to American detention center,…like Guantanamo bye

    • bendo says:

      don’t blame him the people he trusted to take him out prison on G7 are only using his name to collect more money and live luxury life.
      He fooled twice for trusting Dr Birhanue once in 2005 and again when he said he will change a gov. in 6 month.
      He thought he only staying in prison for 6 month would come out as hero with G7 army behind him.
      Unfortunately the people in G7 are only want the party name to use it for income from extremist diaspora and Eritrea and egypt

      Wake up eskindir you have old enough how America policy work no one even read your article they are always after there interest and you are the last one in there list.

      so face the reality and apologies like your master Birhanue nega or face the consequence.

  2. Orion says:

    Thanks for posting and sharing Eskinder’s voice!

    However, I have a problem with “Journalist” or shall I say “Activist” Eskinder….

    Let’s see…he is saying this…”….In May, America’s secretary of state, John Kerry, visited Ethiopia and lauded the country’s economic growth……”

    Mr. Nega sounds that he is really informed while doing time in jail. With all due respect, I thought (according to his own words) Quality is a hell hole with no communication with the outside world. How the hell he knew that Jhon Kerry was in town???? Has he got access to the meadia???

    Here is another qoute… Mr. Nega is proposing that the way to go forward is sanction.

    “….I propose that the United States impose economic sanctions on Ethiopia (while continuing to extend humanitarian aid without precondition) and impose travel bans on Ethiopian officials implicated in human rights violations…..”…..Laughable!! Honestly, who the hell he thinks he is to condemn and punish 90 million souls under sanction just because he is at Qality jail?

    Personally, I do not know Mr. Nega. I never gave him my vote to care or to look after my country Ethiopia. To me, he is just another an unelected idealist activist with immense hate to EPRDF.

    He should simply start his own political party rather than mixing journalism with politix – that would have been a wise move.

    For the record,
    I still do belive tho that he should be set free!!

    • Gelaw says:

      Mr. Eskinder’s letter conveys a very personal experience of the unjust and inhuman set of circumstances surrounding his imprisonment. He also articulated, one can argue about the practicality or utility of such approach, steps to right the wrong. Those who may not agree with what he had to say may do their best to diminish him or sound sarcastic, but at the end, he has clearly won the day. He was credible enough for NY Times and therefore was extended the opportunity to share his views in such a high tiered newspaper with a significantly broad margin of audience, acutely aware of the potential to influence policy making decisions both at the national and international levels. Only time will tell if he is proven right.

      • Mario says:

        Imagine Eskinder can write a letter from prison! Ethiopian neighborhood shares one toilet probably for a 1000 people! Ethiopian’s prison used to be a torturing & killing place innocents , but now , thanks to the EPRDFites getting better by the day! The problem of some of you guys here is : you are blinded by hate politics, therefore you can’t see , comprehend, understand things properly!

        The government gave Eskinder over 10 years to correct himself , but continued with his hate politics , therefore he did the crime & he is doing the time!

        • Romeo says:

          Really, Mario? How many of these prisons have you visited? And with how many of the prisoners did you talk? I recently listened to an interview of a fellow called Aba Mela (sp?). Supposedly, he was quite an insider of the ruling circle in Ethiopia. He stated that almost all of the students who come to the U.S on public scholarship are children of top TPLF political and military class. He added that they are organized (in 5 to 1) to bark at every media they can get on, to glorify and blindly defend TPLF. According to him, the rest of Ethiopia’s university graduates are given AKAFA upon graduation. Tell us Mario, how many of you are assigned to throw dirt at anyone and anything on this site?

          • Mario says:


            are you believing Aba mela? Wow then good for you! How do you know whether Aba mela talked to a legit insider or fake one? Listen to what Aba mela said before he converted into hate politician & after do to understand his credibility!

            Hate is not going to take you anywhere at all! I know Ethiopian from all walks studying here in the USA! You can google & see the names of these students who came here , instead of following your stereo types….!
            It is so sad that Ethiooia’s opposition are overwhelmed by Ethiopia’s enemies ….!
            The truth always prevails!

  3. Girma says:

    This guy needs a villa with wifi and newspapers daily to read in the Kaliti compound. Give 90 million people economic sanction because one person got imprisoned??? nonsense bro u sound like a “kebrara mesafinit”.

  4. Abdulbasit says:

    Eskendir nega, poor minded still. U believe u will be out of prison. Kkkkkkkkk. U r genocider. It is unfair to jail u 18 years as for u it is better to jail all ur life. Did u have a toilet before? U need a toilet with soft? Poor minded lol… Shame on u. U say arab spring in Ethiopia, what a laughable? Ur eyes are blind? Ur human right groups have been silent and ashamed all over the world by cases of like u. Go to hell

  5. Tazabiwsew says:

    Dear Eskindir,
    When ever I think of your wife and your unfortunate son I fell pity and wish you to get out of the prison soon, but at the same time when I see an exgerated ,vicious and irresponsible statements thrown by you here and there I say for my self, let him stray there a little bit long.You said that you are in Ethiopian” gulag”.But as far as I know gulag was a forced labor camp in the old soviet union.Are you really doing any kind of labor in the prison? When you were the editor of a magizin called ASQUAL,you wrote an amharic article under the title of “Get Lost judahe”.And under this article you were using an anology of Jew to Tigrayans and German Nazi to the rest of Ethiopian people.This was how your analogy goes, German Nazy was angry on the Jews because the Jew came to their country and control the German economy.Because of that you believe that Nazi has a right to exterminate 6 million Jews.And you didn’t stop there ,you continue and said just like the German NAzi the Ethiopian people has to get up and exterminate and wipe out the “cancer” tripes and people .By your standard the “cancer” tribe in Ethiopia is Tigrians and you preach the rest of Ethiopians to wipe out Tigrians.Even though your dream didn’t come true,thanks to the decent Ethiopian people,I still believe that you have the Tigrians blood on your hands and you deserve to rotten in the prison.

  6. efrem says:

    First of all, I would like to express my sympathy for you thinking how difficult it is to live in a jail leaving your wife and kid. May God give you the strength and help us all to reconcile our differences. This is my word not only to you but also to those of inmates around you and all over the country.
    Having said this, I would like to present my brotherly criticism for you.
    1. The US knows everything in the country through their scouts, even more than Ethiopians themselves. So, the US doesn’t have information problem nor doesn’t want to play constructive roles. But, in countries like Ethiopia, things are not as easy as what you think. I am remembered by the phrase of one Ethiopian comedian “muz melat arekew eko”. The US has to balance a lot of issues, not only for its own interest but also for our own interest. There are many who support the government, still many who oppose it. The US can encourage us to settle our differences and put some pressure on the government to respect minimum standards, but it can’t be the king maker and fight on behalf of us. More importantly, we don’t need to hide that fact that EPRDF is a strong party and its history would make it more difficult for the US to choose a ‘stick’ than ‘carrot’. A very simple example would to lo look at ‘Shabiya’. With a lot of international and pressures and sanctions for many years, it has never bowed, will never bow to the US and the international community. This is not bravery, it is arrogance. But, that is who they are. And like Eritreans, it is us who will suffer, not EPRDF. EPRDF has many choices to make for any of US interventions and I think we know it all!!
    2. Besides its difficulty, I don’t even think it is necessary. It is true that we have problems with respect to democracy, human rights, corruption, etc. It is also true that Ethiopia has achieved significant progress in education, health, economic growth, and peace and stability. Moreover, achieving strong political and democratic institutions is not easy in countries like Ethiopia, where there are diverse interests and ethnic groups; located in a politically instable region; the history of civil wars and internal conflicts; etc. Well add the Muslim problems too! Given these considerations, it sometimes makes sense that the government focus on peace and stability, and economic growth. However, the government should at least protect minimum standards of human rights, media freedom, religious freedom, etc. The government should focus on building institutions that have public confidence and it should focus on legacy rather that political power.
    3. But, I differ from you with regard to your interventionist thought. As usual, we should struggle ourselves other than calling others to fight on behalf of us. We need to take the courage and the lead. In the meantime, the international community may help us. But, believe me the international community will never take the lead and I think they are right. We claim we are not colonized. But, I think it is somewhat petty to hear such words from Eskinder. I was rather expecting you to send your message to all Ethiopians, especially the young, to demand their rights and held their government accountable for any of the democratic problems. But, you sent your message to the US. That is completely wrong.
    4. It seems your thoughts are feudal thoughts. I am sorry to say this. But, I think Eskinder you should get out of this mess and think constructively what is wrong with you and with us. In that sense, you might play crucial role in transforming our country to a united, strong, and democratic country.
    5. Finally, I would like you to officially apologize to all Tigreans for what has been written in the past, the ‘GET RIDE OF YHUDA’! Although you didn’t wrote it by yourself, you were the editor and the owner of the newspaper neither was it a one-time editorial mistake. I have to be frank with you Eskinder, you will never make us united and we will never accept you as a hero of all unless you apologize for what has happened. Many young Tigreans and many more peace loving Ethiopians will never accept such low standard and idiotic thoughts. We may have political differences, religious and other differences. But, you are supposed to motivate us settle our differences peacefully and stand united and struggle for the betterment of the country.

    • Tazabiwsew says:

      I like and agree with your 5th point. But I thought that article was written by himself.

      • efrem says:

        @Tazabiwsew, txs. You mean the “Get Ride of Judae”? It is written by another guy in, I think, eight weeks series. Daniel Birhane has been clear with that as can be seen from the original Amharic versions.

    • Girma says:

      @efrem, great response. wow!! Its time for Ethiopian journalists to think constructively rather than destructively. We have suffered for too long. we deserve fair balanced reporting.

      • efrem says:

        @Girma, I think so. We need a fresh and fair look. May be our current glasses are either zoomed in or zoomed out, or may be they miss their function.We don’t need to blame anyone except ourselves. Let us hope the better will come soon that will united all of us, settle our differences, and encourage the good works and constructively criticize the bad ones.

  7. ቀብራራው says:

    Dear ESkinder you have got 1/2 of what you deserved so try to be a real jornalist when you finish your punishment if you follow the rules and ethics of journalism you won’t find any place to live better than Ethiopia. besides if i were in your place I would thank ethi gov. cause you tried to terrorise the country and you are only given 18 months see snowden he only spoke the truth and didn’t made any terrorising act and yet he got passport banned and is been chased. my friend try to be the real journalist.

  8. leaveeskenderalone says:

    A journalist express an opinion..that right is abused…Eskender is an Ethiopian who express a view, that does not make him a terrorist 😉 you may agree or not with what he said, but this must be his constitutional right to suggest ideas, as stupid or intelligent one might feel about them…if not , the west would have been full of journalist in jail by now, lol! he did not commit any crime and was jailed as criminal: simply because he is Amhara! Just admit it! ZEREGNOTCH, YANEN TAKEMU MEDJEMERIA!

    • teshome says:

      I think you guys are becoming visibly paranoid of being an Amhara.
      Do you remember what one of the notorious “ESAT journalist” Sisay Agena said when, Ermias Amalgama was temporarily made to be arrested for using a bad check? ESAT Agena, didn’t realize or didn’t tried to look right and left, but squarely blame the Ethiopian government that Ermias was brought under arrest because of His ethnic string.
      Truth eventually shines out, Eriamias Amalga is under the microscope of Interpol, soon or late will be extradite to Ethiopia.
      Remember the excuse you were hanging around by then. I can’t take this embarrassment.
      What a society are you guys becoming!!
      I am so sorry for you guys leaving in a painful world of paranoia.

      • leavealoneeskender says:

        @ Teshome: you see you really need to check yourself…Amhara paranoia ??? really? Are you going to tell me there are no ethnic cleansing policies of Amhara in Ethiopia? how long are you going to live in denial and defend the undefendable? even HDM came out to say it was wrong to destroy the Beni Shangul people and asked investigation blaming on individual!! really, individual or planned anti amhara politics ? do you really think Ethiopians are stupid? Another point you said and I quote you ‘I think you guys are visibly paranoid of being amhara” REALLY? Let me tell since you don’t see it because it is so rooted in your inconscious…your word ‘you guys” is a sign of racial profiling to begin with! you guys?? ma? ene? for that matter , you are you see so focused on your anti amhara agenda , you call me amhara…God is my witness , I am not an Amhara…and I still refuse to function by ethnic groups: I AM ETHIOPIAN AND I WILL DEFEND ETHIOPIANS! PERIOD! That’s what TPLF WANT TO DESTROY: OUR ETHIOPIANISM…YE TIGRE MENGUIST LELAWUN LEGEZA??? NO WAY, MAN! Eskender for that matter is in prison, so indirectly you have proven me that my point made sense : ZEREGNENETENENA BETELEY YE AMARA TELATCHACHEHUN AKUMUT! The evidence are compelling, watch the records released on youtube from some palkalk meetings TPLF gangs did: they were saying and I quote”we hate gonderis because they are DERG”…SOUNDS LIKE NAZISM…Blaming it on Jewish because they were smart…Amharas like it or not, have greatly contributed to the building of our pride and sovereignty! TPLF INSTEAD PLACED ONLY TIGRE ALL OVER AND ETHIOPIANS ARE REFUTING IT! ACCEPT THE BLOW! FREE ESKENDER NEGA AND ALL OTHERS PRISONNERS.Ethiopians are rising, can’t you feel the heat??? DJORO YALEW YESMA! TERIW TELEKOIL…

  9. dubale says:

    Anyways how far you are sure that the letter is from Esknidr???

  10. jgna says:

    He is another liar,
    while i was in addis, i myself recieved, a message by the name eskinder nega with a PDF attachment. The message in the attachment was full of hetrade and racism like the one we are reading in some of the websites. It calls for the people to stand against another people.
    He promoted hetrade among our peoples instead of focusing on opposing the governemt. He tried to use the ‘divide and revolt strategy’, the same strategy which was used by Knijit in 2005. He called for one people to stand another people.
    So, he deserves what he has got.
    The government can not simply see and observe until the country faces a ruwanda type genocide of a group of people.
    And now, this guy, belives on outsiders. He wants to get mercy from the US or some other external forces. If he is released, in that way he will be encouraged to continue his destructive propoganda.
    My advice to him. he should condumn his previous acts and he should ask for a PARDON from the Ethiopian people and governement and not the NEWYORK times or other. Had he done that he could have been released by now.

  11. Habtamu S says:

    I read it and I want to say something about the letter from Eskinder Nega and I will try to give my opinion on it in few details. I start from earlier activity in Ethiopian free press of him that as we all knew he had 3 journals, Minlik, Satenaw and Askwual. In those all journals he always presented an extreme hate towards an individual in political power and even to an individual in investment here in Ethiopia. His favorite articles writer was Tadios Tantuta, a man who wrote many articles against one Ethiopian ethnic which I don’t want to mention which speakers, here. Again Eskender was tried his best to brought great clash b/w to big ethnics by rising a question of name on Wollo claimed for Lacomelza. There for he thought free press only from his business direction without keeping the law of it. As he confessed here in ‘his’ letter that he was detained many times on his arrogance approach on the name of Free press. I heard from someone that he know well Eskender that, when Birtukan Midekesa free from prison according to her letter for pardon, he was very anger about her by showing her application copy before even known publicly.
    Now when I come to ‘his’ letter he live on a prison which have 3 toilets for 200, in a country which have less than 2 toilet for 2000 people. He said that “ The state’s main evidence against me was a YouTube video of me, saying this at a public meeting” this is really a justification of his guilty on his word that You Tube is one of the media and if someone use any media to do a crime in a country, it allowed to face what comes next. What surprised me more is that his advice to U S government about how they take sanction on Ethiopian gov personnel; look this letter is brought out by Temesgen Desalegne ,according to Ethio-Megdeya sorry Ethio-midia; to me Temsegen D is really a best copy of Eskeneder that they are the same for an issue they raised, hunger for seeing civil war in Ethiopia. Again see how they are ignorant {I think the letter was written by more than two} on U S politics that tried to appeal Secretary John Kerry to state department. Hahahahahaah…. Lastly see their ‘ Yarada Fugera’ to named U S ‘ the world’s star backslider on democracy. Thank you

    • Habtamu S says:

      I am sorry for the mistake I wrote about their “Yarada Fugera” on U S government for I used pest copy and read after “Yarada Fugera” as “…the new century is the age of democracy primarily because of the United States.” Thank you very much

  12. Tedla Hippo says:

    IFEX snubs CPJ on Eskinder Nega, expells Kifle Mulat
    Posted by Daniel Berhane
    (Daniel Berhane)
    The global network of media activists and associations, IFEX, expelled an Ethiopian association from membership and rejected the Free Eskinder Nega campaign proposed by CPJ.
    The decisions were taken at the general meeting of IFEX held this month in Cambodia, according to sources present in the meeting.
    IFEX is – a global network of free expression organisations –set up in 1992 in Canada “to coordinate their actions and avoid duplicating each other’s work”, its website explains.
    IFEX members voted to terminate the membership of the Ethiopian Free Press Journalists’ Association (EFJA) in the meeting held this month, according to sources of this blog who spoke on condition of anonymity.
    EFJA is an association established by some Ethiopian opposition journalists almost two decades ago.
    Despite the recognition accorded to EFJA by some western lobby groups and embassies, the organization has been criticized for being highly involved in party politics. The association’s
    influence dwindled with the rise of a number of journalists associations in the last decade and as its chairperson Kifele Mulat made his residence in United States.
    IFEX’s meeting noted these facts as ground for expelling EFJA from membership. However, Kefele Mulat unsuccessfully pleaded against the expulsion claiming that efforts are underway to resurrect the association.
    Kefele Mulat told IFEX’s meeting that he is trying to re-organize EFJA with the support of the United States Embassy in Addis Ababa, the sources disclosed to this blog.
    Representatives of (Committee to Protect Journalists) asked the meeting to keep EFJA as a member claiming that they are assisting its activities.
    However, the meeting voted to expel EFJA noting that keeping defunct associations as members undermines the stature of IFEX.
    Free Eskinder Nega campaign
    IFEX’s meeting rejected a proposal to launch “Free Eskinder Nega campaign”.
    The proposal was presented by CPJ with the aim of launching a global advocacy campaign on Eskinder Nega.
    Eskinder Nega is an Ethiopian opposition activist detained in the second half of 2011 on suspicion that he was plotting an Egyptian-style revolution and related acts of violence in coordination with the pro- Eritrean groups Ginbot 7, OLF and ONLF – which are designated terrorist under
    Ethiopian laws.
    The Federal High Court found Eskinder guilty of crimes of terrorism, high treason and espionage in mid-2012 and sentenced him with 18 years imprisonments.The Federal Supreme Court upheld the decision last month.
    The Free Eskinder Nega campaign proposal, however, faced challenges from several IFEX members in the meeting.
    The meeting pressed CPJ to clarify the status of Eskinder Nega rather than presenting him “both as journalist and
    blogger”, according to the summary of the meeting the sources confided to this blog.
    Participants criticized CPJ for failing to indicate the media house to which Eskinder Nega belongs if any.
    The meeting was not convinced by the claim that Eskinder Nega is a blogger. It was further noted that even if he was a blogger, the case would have to be treated in the context of IFEX’s advocacy works on social media.
    IFEX’s general meeting also noted that there is no logic to focus on this individual issue, while hundreds of journalists languish in Turkish and Iranian prisons, according to our
    The meeting accused CPJ of misleading IFEX into endorsing a pro-Nazi and holocaust glorifier individual citing materials available on the internet.
    It is to be recalled that this blog revealed the genocide preaching writings on Eskinder Nega’s now defunct newspapers by publishing both the original and translated versions
    last October and November.
    However, lobby groups such as CPJ and Human Rights Watch chose to ignore it.
    IFEX’s general meeting dismissed CPJ’s “Free Eskinder Nega campaign” proposal by an overwhelming vote, the
    sources disclosed.
    CPJ attempted to reverse the decision by lobbying members individually on tea-break arguing “what would it hurt you if we endorse this campaign”, “how can we let a dictatorial regime keep a journalist in prison” and “if we all take a united stand Addis Ababa will be forced to release him”.
    CPJ’s representatives went as far as accusing the meeting of allying with Ethiopia.
    However, the participants underlined that launching a global campaign for a terror convict with uncertain media status is making a mockery of IFEX.
    IFEX is a network of 80 freedom of expression organizations from 60 countries around the globe.
    It was learnt that CPJ didn’t make similar motions about Eritrean journalists arrested for more than a decade in undisclosed locations without a single day in a court room.
    CPJ is determined to continue its lobbying effort against Ethiopia despite the setbacks this month, it was learnt.
    Our sources, who are no fan of CPJ or Addis Ababa, advise the Ethiopian government to tone down its anti neoliberalism rhetoric and treat delegates from international NGOs with respect and stroke their ego as much as possible.

    • Mario says:

      Thank you Tedla Hippo for the information you gave us! We know Eskinder is our own citizen , but with barbaric thoughts who wish to exterminate our people! We naturally don’t underestimate people or individuals! Hitler is a single man , but history tells us the distraction that he caused to our world! Remember : Hitler is a single man with unknown father, but was accepted by the German people….though the people of Germany know when it is too late in a way that they can not stop Hitler’s destructive goals! Edkinder should have known that it is internationally wrong to wish the hitler kind of destruction!

      Actually , Edkinder Nega is not a journalist, but a promoter of hate politics! The CPJ, HRW…. Are just for money! The reason that they accuse Ethiopia is because they get paid by Egypt & Issias! CPJ, HRW,some NGOs ….are our modern colonialists who are ready to put us in poverty & backwardness until time allows them to recolonize us once again!As the IFEX’s argument , the so called CPJ never mentioned about the real journalist imprisoned in Eritrean jail with no due court process or nobody knows the where about of him…! Therefore, the CPJ, HRW….are agents who works for money , but not for principles!

      A message to Edkinder : you need to apologize to the people of Tigrai & choose to be a journalist of an opposition political activist! Ethiopia is better of now than 20 years ago! There is a freedom of expression, right to organize, right to protest …if one follows the rule of law! The letter you sent to the USA shows that you have no idea what you are talking about! This shows that you are one of these who are mentally colonized Ethiopian who are working with our enemies to destroy our country just for the sake your empty ego! Remember that we are the poorest people in the world! You will never find citizens of a country begging to live in tens of thousands except in Ethiopia! You have never seen people died of hunger in millions except in Ethiopia! This should have been a time that we should have been working in unison to transform ourselves into the next lever! Imagine what Ethiopia would have been at this moment if there were no Woyane? Mengistu should have stayed in power & could have continued to kill everybody against him! Lets be real Ethiopian & work together with all our differences , so that will be when we can establish democracy in Ethiopia !

      • RetaG says:


        I read some of your previous posts and at times found myself in agreement with what you had to say. But here, it sounded like you are being simplistic – or dare I say, hipocritical, establishing a false equivalency with your notion of Hitler vs Eskinder comparison. I do respect your right for self expression the way you deem fit; however, you will do many who visit this forum such a deservice if you fail to exercise some measure of objectivity in your analysis. My bait is that you would choose to sound credible; you would choose to inform.

        • Alitakida says:


          Eskinder is amhara; you can critize amhara. They are always right. They can do anything and they can say anything. There is now law for them. They are the chosen race with no law. You can see how they are cursing Jawar for the little things he said. But you never see them saying anything about Eskinder who emulated Hitler and advocate the holocaust of 6 million people? I am hating the narrow, blind, selfish amhara scholars. You can not teach them; they are racist but I think they think they think they have a right to be racist and ethnicist. what the fuck. Please do not say anything about Jawar if you do not say anything about Eskinder. Eskinder is much worse than Jawar.

          • Habtamu S says:

            @Alitakida How are you, I want to say something important to you on your opinion on Amhara, you said ‘’ you can critize amhara. They are always right. They can do anything and they can say anything. There is now law for them. “ I don’t know what are you talking about. All comments are forwarded on the letter of Eskinder and his personality but you twisted it on horrible ethnical hatred on Amhara comes from your ignorant. Actually it is not clear what do you mean by ‘ can do anything ….can say anything and no law for them. Are you serious? Stop racisms, otherwise your thinking will stop you sooner or later. Thank you.

          • Mario says:


            First of all we are not talking about the respected people of Amhara working to make ends met around the mountains & valleys of Ethiopia!

            Your second thought is right . Jawar never never said anything worst than Eskinder , but you know they are hypocrites , they only criticize if one is Oromo,Tigrian….!

          • Blachole says:

            Amharas charlans never admit mistake; it is in their blood. They never critize another amhara. They only demonize other ethnics. Why is the big fuss about Jawar all over the world wide web? why there is no single amhara critizing Eskinder Nega who has been advocating Hitler, Jews Holocaust of 6 billion people? Eskinder Nega said Hilter was right? He said Tigreans are cancers and must be holocausted? why there is no single amhara opposing? I think it is better to dismantle Ethiopia than to live with you this idiots; you are pushing people away and you will definitely destroy Ethiopia. You are the most stupid and born racist. You condemn and demonize others, but you are allowed to do and say anything you want. It is true it is not all amhara who are racist; but those of who claim to be educated and own websites? you are all devils. Let me ask you ? what did Jawar say that is worse than what Eskinder said? The criminal, genocidal Eskinder is your hero? but you demonize Jawar ? You are really idiots; Susan rice said it all. you are idiots and born racist. You can discriminate people? you can hate people? you can demonize people who do not belong to your ethnic? but you call Eskinder Hero for saying Tigreans are cancer? and needs to be holocausted the way Hitler holocausted the jews? This is your hero? Abebe Gelaw is your hero?

            What did Jawar do really? he just said he is first Oromo and Ethiopia was forced on him? compare this with what Eskinder Nega stated? please compare it. Why are those who hail from the amhara ethnic allowed to walk on people as they wish? why? are they not human like everybody? did you see any amhara website condemning Eskinder Nega? he is their hero instead? you are all Eskinder which means Hitlers.

        • Mario says:


          My apology if I offended you though! But, I’m not making anything about Edkinder, but just repeating what he accommodated in his NEWS papers! I don’t have any personal problems with Edkinder nor do I know know him physically! I am just attacking his ideas & intentions!

      • leaveeskenderalone says:

        you need to heal yourself from racism.

        AMHARA ARE ETHIOPIANS LIKE IT OR NOT, THEY’RE GOING NO WHERE, ACTUALLY they are coming back 🙂 as a force! Gambellas the same, muslims from all ethnic groups , the same….ende chegeru yetuga new , yehe hulu zer embi sel except TIGRAI???

        PLEASE PAUSE! THINK AND READ Nelson Mandela books…or watch the latest interview of Sir Ali, on ECADF…


  13. zewdi says:

    As a christian I wish I have the courage to feel sympathy for you but your utmost hate to the Tigray people in particular and your view of taking back Ethiopia to the feudalism type of rule is uneasy to forget. If it was in America you would have been jailed for life for your article “GET RIDE OF YEHUDA” and You call the entire ethnic group as a “CANCER” for the country but it may be true if you clearly said it as cancer for your hegemony of ruling the country for eternity.

  14. Altanttic says:

    I always said Eskinder very arrogant person. Actually, Eskinder is a dictator by himself. By the way, it looks like Eskinder has access internet? I am doubting actually there is a prison in Ethiopia? How could someone write articles from prison? Prisioners are isolated in prison cells and can not communicate with the outside world. It looks like the guy is not obeying the prison laws. I would add another 18 years and Eskinder live for another 36 years in Kaliti.

    If I was him, I would have written an article to Ethiopian people, not to USA or new york? He thinks he will be released by American government? He is just stupid man; He has no brain. Because speak and write enlgish, he thinks he the rule of the world? I think the Ethiopian government must removed him from addis and send him far away from addis ababa, please send him to a remote prison. Also add to his imprisonment 24 hours hard labour. He is an ugly person. I wish him more prison years to come; I wish long long prison life and more suffering and distress. I hope he will die there. Even the wonderful Prof. Asrat died in prison for no crime; Compare the way Prof. Asrat was treated and died and with Eskinder?

    I hope the government does something about this idiot man. He has over-ridden the prison law. He has breached another law and need more charges and more jugment to increase his imprisonment. This letter must used to add another 18 years.

  15. Hero Zero Game says:

    Hero Zero Game Manufacturing PLC. http://www.ecadforum.com

    Haile Gebrselassie from Hero to Zero

    Dawit Kebede: From Hero to Zero
    July 5, 2013, by Selam Tesfay

    Tizeta Belachew of VOA


    Henok Semaegzer of VOA: Stop VOA’S Henok Semaegzer Biased Reporting May 22, 2012 Click here to sign the Petition


    Is the VOA Amharic service journalist Henok Semaegzer Spin Doctor or Reporter ?


  16. Ande Ethiopia says:

    Eskinder did not end up in jail for speaking the truth. Let me quote a couple of sentences from his article:
    “There cannot be a peace in a country with a cancer race, tribe or community.”
    “A race, tribe or community that is a cancer for national unity, sovereignty and existence shall be eradicated! The chaff shall be removed.

    The Germans changed the course of history according to their wishes. They took a decisive action against the Jew.”

    For all of you parrots standing in front of the white house barking “free Eskinder” to get your asylum papers approved I suggest you go to the link below. You are supporting someone sympathizing what the Germans did to the Jews and preaching to repeat it in Ethiopia.

  17. hermi says:

    In most US prisons inmates are locked behind a small cell in isolation, made to work for few cents a day, some get raped or killed by other prisoners, only allowed an hour or less of open air,their mail going in and out of prison frisked and read by prison authorities. Other prisoners in states like Texas, Oklahoma,Alabama…etc inmates do hard labor in agricultural fields and highways. If anyone doubts this could be happening, watch the TV program Lock-Up or visit one near you (those in the US).

    In Kenya, (my personal observation in the 1990’s) ones the judge sentences a person, they shave your head (no matter female or male), put on you uniform-No Shoes, they make you work all day in the hills clearing bushes, clean sewers and at times, as a personal house maid for the corrupt prison guards personal benefit.

    What is happening in Mr. Eskinder prison? 3 toilets per 200 what is the statistics for the not convicted Ethiopian population? From previous postings here at AT, he was being visited freely and for hours by those close to him and others who are using him for their political agenda. Un like in the US at least he won’t be lonelyhe would have 200 ears to share his grandiose, hateful speeches.
    As a poor nation Ethiopia spends (strives) to budget a sum to improve the prison system. The purpose of thr European parliament representatives was for this purpose, until they started interfering with the law of the land. If and when the sanction Eskinder is advocating materialise, the government is forced to reallocate (like the sequestration in the US) its resources. Then he will have more to complain.

    The government and the prison system may need to adjust accordingly. Prison is never meant to a better life than the ordinary free person but a time to reflect and regret for the reasons it brought you there in the first place. Advocating genocide and hate among people surely is never one of them. May be Eskinder needs time off and try to help clean up his” warehouse” and may be build more like the habitat project.

  18. me says:

    Ethiopians like this guy makes me HATE the so called human right organizetions who i think doing a great jobb all over the world. ethiopians like u are bad image for HUMAN RIGHTS

  19. Faysal says:

    My parents lived near Kera Sefer, and we shared one toilet with a couple of neighbouring families. I demand that the US government should suspend diplomatic relations with Ethiopia until we all get proper sanitation facilities. (End of Sarcasm)
    Two hundred adult and able-bodied people (most of them convicted criminals) wait until someone sweeps the floor they sleep on? What next? 40 inch flat screen TV, Spa, gym…
    Wake up guy, you are in prison.

  20. Ethiopia Tikdem says:

    Talk about SEMHAR MELES’s NY bank deposited $5 Billion. Wow, i think corruption runs in the family.

  21. Ermi says:

    Omg. All Woyanes are going crazy over Eskindir. Woyanes are not Ethiopians. Period. They are a cancer to human race.

    Peace and love to all but Woyanes!


    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      @Ermi if Woyane is indeed a cancer then its got no choice but to develop, spread, dominate, outnumber other body organs cause great and excruciating pain to ESAT and g7 and finally come out the other end with victory killing the fattest host of them all birhanu nega.

    • Mario says:


      Yes you are right that woyanes are a cancer to haters like you! They have the capability to destroy haters inside out! Remember what Issias did to the freedom fighters of Eritrea! he ate them one by one! But woyane is very helping & caring! Look at Siye, Gebru…

      Remember that Tigrians are the roots of Ethiopia! I’m glad to see you here, coz you have nothing to do where you belong !

    • jgna says:

      one day, in the near future, al shabeya (SHABEYA) will be throuwn to the red sea. And mother Ethiopia will regain its historical rights.
      mark my words

  22. Embasoleda says:

    The Ethiopian government should release him from kelati prison, and give him one way tickit to joined his follow dulusional idiots or the likes of Berhanu Nega in DC. The more those idiots leave Ethiopia, the more peaceful and development for all the nations and nationalities of the Ethiopia people….most of all, let him share some of the the money been provided to Berhanu Nega by Ethiopian external enemies for terrorism activities, because I believe that he is part of that investment….

  23. w.yilma says:

    I wish the government to release him free from jail. However, I do not think he is a journalist. It is better to say an activist with no conscious to analyze events. One of the problem Ethiopia is facing is the rise of “yellow journalism”. It is a danger like radical Islam. I personally do not think we have self conscious journalist who stand for truth and follow the principles and ethics of universal journalism.I know most idiots do not agree with me. because the majority of our public addicted to hear what he want, not what is right based on facts.
    If you call “Iskista werage” and an infantile political activist like iskinder a journalist you are in wrong side of history. It does not help our country to build democracy. Since the start of “free media” in Ethiopia the so called journalist are abusing journalism and follow confrontational approaches with the government. For that matter I do not see the difference between the government media and the so called private media outlets. They both are talking for themselves. In some case I see a light through the tunnel from the government side. On the reverse the private media (except few) are going deeper and deeper to the crises. The Ethiopian people are far a head of them. I support the government to take appropriate measure (based on facts) against those who prefer to be an agents for our external enemies. On the other hand the government should and must encourage those private media outlets who are loyal to their country and people. private media outlets are an eye and ears of the people and the government if they professionally applied the principles of journalism.Last I have the respect for Awramba times.Others media outlets should follow their example. people are fed-up listening and reading information based on gossip and rumors!
    long Live Ethiopia

  24. jgna says:

    Ethiopia is suphocated by Jewar, eskinder Nega, berhanu nega, sibhat nega from inside
    al shebab, al shabeya, al egypt (and their folowers in side)

    But I asure you the country will continue to servive for ever as it has done so for millenias. The secret for its existence and strength is not because of individuals but the people. The people are so, hamble, respectful, tolerant, ethical, godfearing, patriotic.
    irrespective of all saphocations, racist propogands by power mongers and cheaters and money-minded individuals, Ethiopia will continue to survive.

  25. Romeo says:

    You said I can google and find out how many students and from which regions of Ethiopia are studing in US universities on PUBLIC scholarship. Unfortunately my effort didn’t get me very far. Can you please post the links where this information can be found? Even better, why don’t you give out the statistics ( with a reference), please? Also, please stop hiding under “everything is hate politics”. This is a simple question about fairness. Are all qualified students graduating from Ethiopia’s universities are given equal opportunity to compete for such PUBLIC scholarships? As to hate politics, the source of hate politics in Ethiopia are ethnicists. They believe in the complete empowerment of their ethnic group to dominate others, i.e, political, economic, education, military and so on. I quoted Aba Mela who stated that almost all of the students who come to the U.S on public scholarship are children of top TPLF political and military class and the rest of Ethiopia’s university graduates are given AKAFA upon graduation. VERY ETHNICIST!!! Your response was – how do you know he talked to a legit insider? Very childish! But then you seem to be one of the beneficiaries of this disease called ethnicism. BTW, It’s not much different from racism. If you disagree just provide the facts, please.

  26. Mario says:


    you just don’t want to find it! I can even find the list of students from Nigeria, Ganna,Estonia ….!

    Ethicists ? You know there one administrative region for Oromos, Amharas…therefore I believe there is less ethnic division now than ever! There was 4 regions of Amharas that calls names against each other , but now there is one region of Amhara that doesn’t call names against each other!

    I personally believe that the kilils are good to protect the people from Hyenas in a ship skin! Remember: if you play politics you must start where you are known as a person growing up, your character & service to the people! That’s how it works in all democratic countries! A man from Virginia state will never try to run for election as a governor of Maryland! There are criterial fulfillments, like time of residency, number of public services…!

    Finally the ethnic group of Ethiopia was created by God at the beginning! What woyane did was, put Oromos,Amharas …into one administrative kilil so they will be less divided! Therefore , Mr Romeo you don’t know what you are talking about! The reality & your hate politics are far apart! Be reasonable just for the sake of you! Remember:Ethiopia used to be an employment opportunity land of certain elites!

  27. It’s very effortless to find out any matter
    on net as compared to textbooks, as I found this article at this site.

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