“I am confident that America will eventually do the right thing. After all, the new century is the age of democracy primarily because of the United States”


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6 Responses

  1. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Oh Eskinder please stop kissing Americas Ass everytime you write something??? I mean he is doing time in an Ethiopian prison sentenced by an Ethiopian court for a crime an Ethiopian government accused him for. So why is he always saying America this America that. Its either he is trying one last time for his chance with his western buddies (who don’t give a shit about him by the way) or he is delusional and thinks he is getting out of there any minute now….. what ever makes you happy budy boy. What makes me happy is sickos like you to stay away from society and refrain from being contagious! ! So stay there you still have a lot hate in your heart you need to clean. And I heard you don’t like cleaning your jail cell as well, I heard you asked the Ethiopian Government to hire you a maid….ooooh funny. Funny shit. What your next compliant? Is it that you are so unhappy your Jenocide plans on Tigray didn’t work. I bet you regret making that move against such great people now don’t ya!

  2. Gebre says:

    I wish this young fellow to set free from prison, but I believe also on the rule of law. Everybody has to be equal before the law. I respect his world view, his oposition to the government even to the state. At the same time, I do appriciate that he has to depend on the support of the Ethiopian people, not outsiders. This is the key problem with Ethiopian oposition forces. outsiders are outsiders to Ethiopian politics. It is unrealistic to expect Americans for example to loose their security and economic interests just to set free Eskindr Nega or any bodyelse. you have to acknowledge also that the Ethiopian government is not in the hands of America. The Americans have a number of constraints to put presure on the Ethiopian Government. both sides know this. there for, it is advisable to limit ones expectation from them. But, by beging America, you are loosing your legitimacy in the eyes of Ethiopians. The government always discredit the oposition camp as people merely hangout in the Western embasies than provide alternative policies and educate the Ethiopian people.My contribution here is then, all Ethiopian political forces should depend on the support of the Ethiopian. This may not easy, but is is the right way. The right cause has the power to mobilise material and moral support from the poor Ethiopians. Avoid beging outsiders.

  3. Deresse says:

    Eskinder should first propose to diasporans/Ethiopians then maybe to Africans then finally to the rest this idea of sanctioning of the Ethiopian underground economy . Currently the underground economy in Ethiopia is running the Ethiopian economy. Woyane would not make it a single day if all Ethiopians impose economic sanctions the elites know it too ,that’s why they are involved in Capital flight each day getting ready for the day they fall. If the money from diaspora was not sent back home regularly the people of Ethiopia would have stopped mind numbing practices and would have brought change swiftly showing their true nature of resilience without needing others to help them to secure their own G*d given rights. Ethiopian Diasporas fuel Ethiopia’s underground economy more than the government of USA, that is why the diasporas need to be first held accountable for their irresponsble acts of directly or indirectly contributing to the suffering of the people.

  4. Gebre says:

    which underground economy are you talking about? do you live in this plannet? the Ethiopian economy is basically agricultural economy. it is in the hands of millions of farmers. If you are talking about the public money, the government is agresively investing in infrastructure like roads, energy etc… Ethiopia is not producing oil or gas. I am defending corruption but, it is absolutely unfair to describe the Ethiopian economy as an underground economy. USA and other donors are donating money to prevent malaria, HIV/AIDS etc… do you want them to stop such donotions to set free handful criminals. what about the millions who are recieving benefits from such donotions? each of those millions are as important as Eskindir. They may not speak English, they don’t Ferenj friend, still they are human creature. Human being is human being regardless of his/her educational status.

  5. Hana says:

    Eskinder let the human rights watch free you

  6. Nameless says:

    Calling the U.S. a “democracy”?, this shows he has no idea about what democracy constitutes. More than 316 million people are represented by only two parties, common people have no influence on the outcome of elections etc.. The goverment of Ethiopia tapped his phone, his E-mail, his Skype and so on, though the method is illegal the government had evidence, that he had regular contac with G7.

    Now he praises the “American Democracy”? China is more democratic than the U.S.A.

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