Ethiopia: Journalist Serkalem Fasil Fled to the United States


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67 Responses

  1. bendo says:

    Once she settles in DC the gov. will release Eskinder and he will give a reason saying to join his family and will become ESAT and leave the country and join ESAT to work for G7 and get paid from Shabia.
    I hate to see all games have the same end like american movie.

    He would have been a great guy if he wouldn’t have chosen a puppet to Birhanue and only work with the real opposition back home.
    Working for birhanue only teach you how to beg and down in your knee and ask for forgiveness and run to USA.

    I wish her all the best in her diaspora life. and i wish the husband join her soon and that will be good for both for them and to ethiopia.
    as he preaching violence for people to kill each other his stay at prison will be nothing compare to what he wished to ethiopia and ethiopians.
    there would have been a lot of blood shed if it was going on his wish and after millions poor die his boss to from dc to come to power.
    I hope the opposition back home will learn good from here and work hard to change the gov. peacefully with out becoming a servant to G7/shabia

    • kebede says:

      why is it every issue is connected with ESAT and Dr. Birhanu? It looks like the existance of ESAT the beggest problem for some people. why don’t you leave it for us
      (the general public) to decide? I like AwrambaTimes regardless of the owner. The same applys to ESAT or anyother media. Do not underestimate the wisdom of the viewers/listeners. when you do, it says something about you.

      • Seyuom says:

        Let the people decide, great point! No one has full ownership of the facts. No matter how hard we try to keep them as our own little dirty secrets, we do have our own little biases that sway the conversation in all angles. As we become more and more informed, our perspectives don’t remain stuck where they were – they evolve. Thus, that’s why we need more media outlets, not less. Let the conversation flourish, don’t muffle it up… At the end, as you succinctly summed it up, we should all learn to trust the wisdom of the people in making the right decision.

    • zeru says:

      why are you do you hate eskindir? when did he try to promote violence in Ethiopia? you do not have a respect to the truth what so ever. how can you label a peace loving citizens to fulfill your blind support to your government

      • Mekdes says:

        Zeru no one hates humanbeing exept zeregna kkks Eskindir and his friends. All articles he was writing was spearheading on one ethnic group Tigres. I don’t know if you read his article or not but,the guy is full of hate. Those people are who gave him his freedom to right to write what he thinks. If it was Derg era which he was advocating for, would have burry him long time ago.

        As a matter of fact, his wife Serkalem Fasil was the same despite her tigre blood. She was spreading in KINIGIT TIME false information on ASRAT RADIO IN WASHINGTON DC. SHE WAS CAUGHT RED HANDED WHEN SHE WAS COMINICATING WITH ELIAS KIFLOM AN ENGINEER OF TEGBAR. SHE WAS DOING THIS WHEN SHE WAS PREGNANT. BUT BEING PREGNANT will not give right to promote vjiolence. I think no one hates Eskinder but his ideas. For your information read his articles.

    • jobir says:

      Rubbish. Tplf is allergic to smart people. Eskinder is a brilliant young writer and thinker. His being kept in tplf gulag has nothing to do with Esat, G7, or Shaabya. who is more pro shabya than tplf itself?

      • Zola says:

        I hope nobody denies how amazing Eskinder writes in both English and Amharic. But writing skills happens to be not enough for journalism. Journalism does not give you a freehand to bypass the law. To me, he is genocidal:: He published for years plain calls to exterminate the people of Tigray and justified Nazis’ horror on the jew. However you see it,that is beyond enough to lock him up. Also he called for a violent change of a constitutional system, which happened to be illegal in Ethiopia. I feel sorry for his family, especially the innocent child of his. But, I feel no sympathy to him.

        • leaveeskenderalone says:

          You should not call yourself ZOLA!


          Take the name of Meles…would be more appropriate to your comment!

          Eskender has never asked the killing of Tigres’ but seeing what meles did in the name of TIGRAY, would you blame him had he had said that ? Half of the Ethiopian habitants, are fed up with TIGRE you know that, why blame it on one individual…we travel, we talk to people: people are really fed up of TIGRE MENGUIST AND ZERFIA…YEP!TRASH TRUTH!

          • Paulos says:

            leaveeskenderalone, likihn yematawk DEDEB neh. Meles bante yemesele shintam yemitera meri aydelem. Alem yakeberew extra ordinary inteligent, ager kadanu wud lijoch andu new. Eat your tongue.

        • Garo says:

          In the old South Africa they had law and constitution. Whose law and whose constitution was it? Now if the black South Africans had stopped their struggle just because the whites had laws that were meant to oppress blacks, there would still be apartheid today? In those days the freedom fighters were the law breakers. And aren’t we glad they broke the law?

      • asghedom says:

        as usual corrupted politician hidden behind journalist to create cause in Ethiopia. these people are terrorists to terrorize Ethiopia and Ethiopians. where ever they go the people of Ethiopia will never give them chance to destroy the country. Yes he is good in writing evil things, but he is not able to write constructive things . in time of Derge or his grand fathers time he was already hanged, but weyanie have done a mistake to give freedom of speech to this dog in Ethiopia. they are mouth was closed for several years by their brothers and now they start to shout.

      • me says:

        No body say the Nazi was stupid.but they are evil

    • Sierra Gulf says:

      @Bendo, you live your dream and wrote your dream. You created a case, made analysis and reached on a conclusion. A conclusion based on speculation is a complete fallacy.
      No man can compare with Eskinder Nega, a decent gentle man who sacrifice his life for the freedom of the people. A peaceable man who wants to change the stats-quo in a peaceful and civilized manner.
      No worry Bendo, Mandela was branded as “terrorist” once up on time, the sun will rise over Eskinder Nega and he will shine forever…this will happen in your life time and you will witness the power of truth over waywardness.

  2. Mario says:

    Now , journalism is being used to searching for a better life ! Now every young Ethiopian is wishing to be a journalist , so could have a chance to go to the west for a better life! Our fake journalists are faking their way to the west! Very sad!

    • Mengesha says:


      If you know whre Eskinder used to live and what his and his value are you would not comment like this. Sew mechem belebu yelelewen menager aychele.

      • Mario says:


        If one goes beyond the rule of law like Eskinder Nega did anywhere in the world , at least one will lose his license & credibility! There is nothing free in the world , therefore, everything has a limit! This is What our fake journalists are missing, the limit! Like speed limit, power limit, alcoholic limit….!

        There are stages of transforming oneself into different levels! There is free self expression in Ethiopia , but if one use in a useful way! With out causing damage to our society! Our journalists thoughts are only concentrated on how to make money!

        Ours are just using as an opportunity to better their lives! If you love the people, be organized & struggle right there with the people!!

        For me, Eskinder had zero value! Edkinder is a man who promoted the extermination of my family from the face of the earth like the Jewish in the Second World War! Therefore , understand that something valuable for you might be valueless in my case!

        • kebede says:

          Selam Mario
          It was nice if you give us some examples. Which jouralist ‘goes beyond the rule of law’? Which line was crossed? how? when?
          It is not help full to insult all who disagree with your line of thinking.If you think about it, everything you said means or feels the same from the other side.

          • Mario says:


            Like Eskinder for example , tried to create conflicts for a while but the government was patient & been closing his news papers! What Eskinder did was publish another news paper using another name! For more information , check the archives of NEWS papers blocked legally!

            Kebede, you can see all the opposition are useless , meaningless ….! They have no unity; EPRDF can play them very easy, no vision except hate against woyane….! All in all the opposition we have can’t even lead the political organization they created , let alone the complex society of Ethiopia! You & I are a witness that these oppositions have nothing for Ethiopia! Am I right broda Kebede?

            All individuals in any political party are defeated individuals from the last 38 years, & failed repeatedly! Now they can’t even think properly as they are in a stage of “ካፈርኩ ኣይመልሰኝ”. I have been with them for so long,therefore I know them very well! It’s not about Ethiopia , but money!

        • tefera says:

          Mario if you have carefully observed about ethiopian opposition poleticians and activist-journalists they break knowingly the norm of freedom of speech and the ethics of good journalism. They do that with intent of going to jail at least for sometime and then they ask pardon to be released and then they would apply for poletical asylem due to harsh treatment of journalists and polticians by their government. They are clever and cunny enough to fool the western governments, and they usually succeed in getting the green card or residence permit. Start from birhanu nega , Birtukan mideksa, sye abreha,andargachew

          • Mario says:


            You are right Broda! That’s what we were saying all along! Our not journalists, but political activists think that they can cheat the people all along! Western politician think of Ethiopian people as poor, uneducated, hungry people , but don’t understand the crookedness & trickery that these so called politicians & fake journalists are playing!

            It is taking too long though! 20 years of hate politics in a civilized world!

            Now many Ethiopian are wishing to be journalists , so they can write fouls,get arrested twice & flee to the west & they are accepted immediately!

            Anyways, Ethiopia is doing fine without them & the Digs are still barking , but the Camel has kept on its own way scoring consecutive developments in a time when some European countries economies are falling apart !

            God bless Ethiopia !

      • Jhonny says:

        He was bum in DC so he went back to Ethiopia. Even he didn’t join University. He became successfull by the opportunity he was given by the present govt. Would you tell which University he graduated from? Lemayawkish tategni.

    • EthioZena says:

      Fake Journalist? Those people who you are calling fake, is more Educated than you are.When your government won’t allow them do their job, yes they will go to USA or other countries to get a better life like Dawit and you call them fake? why do you think they will go to USA? why do you think Dawit is here??? he told us himself on his interview he CAN’T live in Ethiopian anymore. Yes, i don’t agree with him sometimes but I never call him fake.There is NO fake journalist. They may have a different view but NOT fake.There is NO such a thing!!Why you hate Eskinder Nega? and love Dawit??the only difference between Eskinder and Dawit is, Dawit is here and Eskinder is NOT. According to Dawit, they both hated by the woyane government (your government) but you are a narrow minded idiot and don’t understand this. the only fake in here is YOU calling your self Mario. Mario is NOT even an Ethiopian name. What a baby!!!

      • asghedom says:

        ethioZena, so you admit all journalists who create cause in the country and preach tribal violence, you want to kill all the tigrians like the Jew in Germany as Hitler did. you are not able to differentiate between evil and mistake. Evil is evil and Eskender is evil wither like it or no. A journalist who preach the elimination of the inter people of one nation is a terrorist and should not be tolerate . if you think there is a freedom of speech in america you are wrong. no journalist write about the terrorism practiced by America in the world. All terrorist are in America and England including those who Have killed a lot of Ethiopians during the Derg time and most of them they still continuous to suck the Ethiopian blood through evil writers like Eskender. my friend let to be carful the world is changed. 90% of Ethiopians they don’t read what are written by these evil people thanks God for this otherwise they have brought already cause to the country

      • Faysal says:

        I live in Europe and I know at least three people that have succeeded in getting asylum status claiming to be prosecuted journalists back home.
        Three common things you observe talking to them:
        1. They hate Tigres
        2. They don’t want to here anything positive about Ethiopia.
        3. They cannot argue in a civilized manner, therfore the moment you try to start a discussion with them, they start calling names and shouting insults.

      • Mario says:


        In terms of Ethiopia , education means nothing! So far, one farmer is more beneficial to Ethiopia than any Phd, professor….in the west, therefore, as long as they are not doing their doty, I give them zero credit! Remember: Ethiopia has been going with the help of the uneducated! You can not recall anything accomplished by your so called educated & shit! I don’t want to get wrong here! There are fine educated Ethiopian who are helping their country’s struggle against poverty! I’m not educated man , but proud Ethiopian man!

        Dawit might have come for better opportunity here, but what matters is; Dawit gave us an opportunity to express our opinion here, therefore , Dawit has more to offer to the Ethiopian public than other fake journalists in ESAT TV, ethiomedia….!

        As you can see, others are fake , but Dawit had something to offer to us! Can’t you see the difference?
        Remember: I’m not woyane, but was pushed into woyane by haters! I can’t fulfill the criterias to be woyane! To be woyane, one must be brave! But I’m not brave enough to be woyane!

        Finally , I’m sending your foul words back into your mouth! Take it easy! Try to understand what free speech means!

        • EthioZena says:

          …”I’m not educated man”…my point exactly!!But I will educated you what free speech means since you admit you are NOT educated man.
          Free speech by definition means “…to speak without censorship or limitation” can you do that in Ethiopian with out going to jail???Dawit might give us an opportunity to express our opinion that is why I visit his website but can he do the same thing what he is doing in Ethiopia? NO WAY. awrambatimes is one of the 65 websites that woyane blocked. why is that? you call that expressing your opinion? you call that free speech. All websites that doesn’t support woyane is Blocked. so where is your so called free speech?
          …”To be woyane, one must be brave! But I’m not brave to be woyane” that is what you comment…well, I’m glad you are NOT brave.Thank God for that!!If you believe blocking 65 websites and other blogs and many others make you brave,you are wrong. woyane told us they won 99.6 if that is True, then why they care what others say or write? why they don’t want you to read or comment on the site that you and me have an opportunity to express what believe in?? the answer is they have no confident. the so call 99.6 victory is fake..if Ethiopian people vote for woyane 99.6% they should not block any sites at all but you call it being “brave”
          Again, “Brave” by definition means, “capable of dealing with danger or pain without seeming to be frightened” If you don’t believe me look it up it is between stupid and idiot.

          • Mario says:

            I see your ignorance all along your writing! When I say I’m not educated, I mean , I have never accomplished anything with my education! Therefore, studying for many years doesn’t make anybody anything , but if one created an opportunity to his people & the world at large! Look at your Almariam,Messay , Berhanu….they are educated , but for Ethiopia , one farmer is much better than these bunches of educated individuals! Your educated bunches can only brag from a ready made country like the USA,Europe…! Whereas, wearing a ready make clothing is very easy! Whereas , making one’s own clothing from scratch takes a lot of time & energy! Your educated individuals have no sense of educated human being at any level, except inflated egos!

            Free speech has never been cooked just like that in any country around our world , but grew up slowly in the past century, therefore, there is a free speech in Ethiopia , but at its infant stage , but for sure growing every time!

            Yes , to be woyane one must be brave enough to stand for what one believes! Therefore, I’m not brave enough to join woyane from the beginning! I know you don’t understand the correct term of the word brave! In your term, brave means one who brags based on hate politics,lies,greed….!

            The Ethiopian people elected the EPRDF anyway, therefore you have no proof whom the Ethiopian people had elected! Nevertheless , if you think the EPRDF is ruling by the barrel of gun , then you are wrong! Remember , the biggest army that the Dergists build couldn’t even stop the struggle of the people of Tigrai & was defeated by freedom fighters from Tigrai!

            Finally,If people has a choice party , then no gun is going to stop them from their choice, but as you see, the supposed to be a choice party, don’t even have a strength to lead their own party let alone to be a choice party! Remember that woyane started its struggle among the poor people of Tigrai with nothing but courage & bravery !

            Reminder:please don’t try to teach me anything , before you teach yourself something valuable!

          • Mekdes says:

            Do you that on ESAT?

        • tutuue says:

          yes you are not woyanne Kkkkk….oh kkkkk…..ohhoohh kkkkk….

      • Paulos says:

        There are many journalists and private papers being published in Ethiopia. What is prohibited is fascism in the name of FREE PRESS. Askual, Minilik, Nebelbal, Satenaw, Kibrit, Tobia, etc were owned by fascistic and chauvinist Amara elite who want to continue owning and destroying Ethiopia. These people changed Ethiopia into beggar nation registered in a dictionary. Ethiopians from all corner defeat and turned them to ash. Now, they changed a jacket and preach democracy and human rights as if they know it. Hey chauvinists, Ethiopia is redefined for ever.

  3. Bini says:

    Dawit, I think this report is premature. I highly doubt that Serkalem would leave her husband in Ethiopia to come and ask asylum in the US. She probably came to visit or on other business and I am sure she will be back. I don’t think she will let Eskinder languish in Kaliti with out her and his son support he needs her and his son… if indeed is true I will be disappointed

  4. gedle says:

    I am sure it is a very difficult decision for her but it may not be a bad idea. She would do a better job of awaring her husband’s circumstances to the west from a better position and in the mean time providing better healthcare and education to her son, who may become the future leader.

  5. Aster says:

    Now that she is in the states, i wonder if she is going to be Isaias Afewerki’s slave like ESAT, or is she gonna to be an independent woman and be a real journalist like Dawit? Time will tell.

    • Mengesha says:


      Wow, what an immature comment! Please learn to look in different direction. The world has a lot to offer.

      • Aster says:

        Hi Mengesha,
        I hope your predication about Serkalem is right. I wish noting but the best for Serkalem. Nevertheless, I am saddened with lot of the Ethiopian journalists in exile for supporting Ethiopia’s enemies, instead their people and their country.

      • Mario says:


        You seem that you dont want to read any truth! Aster is telling the truth! Journalist serves everyone, the good & the bad! Journalists the good works of the EORDFites & the bad nature of the zero sum opposition …!

        You called Aster immature for telling you the truth, right? Yeah! This us how you guys are!

        If she establishes her own like Dawit , then we will have another choice media !

        • Sierra Gulf says:

          Mario, what is truth? When you are driven by your interest, truth would become instrumental – not normative.

    • ayeee says:

      Ahun antchi set tebayalesh?? Erashen Aster belesh teterialesh?? maferia…you should be sensitive towards a brave women who stand the evil force by herself with a son under-aged , standing with dignity and bravery. Antchi gen erashen be computer debekesh, lela set tesedbialesh/wore tawerialesh…Egziabeher yemelseshen ferdun antchi lay yamtaw!

      She is standing for the oneness of our Ethoipia….which TPLF is working hard to disintegrate…kenu yedersal, Ethiopians will reverse Histroy! Balegue!

      • Paulos says:

        Ayee, do not tell us the so called journalist is standing for Ethiopia, we know that she worked hard for the supremacy of Amahara, which is a dead case. We have Ethiopia equal for all. Thanks to the TPLF/EPRDF.

        I am glad that fascist journalists are leaving the country. We will demonstration in front of white house will bring what you dream.

  6. kebede says:

    I am glad these guys leave our country ….I don’t know how they see themselves.. They think: they are above the law of the land….

  7. teshome says:

    This not a breaking news…
    She just finished the political life cycle of Ethiopian opposition journalist….Any ways it is difficult to call them journalists.
    Serkalem, I am happy for your dream come true to live in USA, the best earth on earth.
    I wish Eskinder ask an embarrassing pardon and join the toxic Ethiopian journalists.

    I am so eager to listen how this news is goanna be read on ESAT you tube….
    I am really surprised, all Ethiopian opposition journalist are award winning.
    It is difficult to mention any body who didn’t have the award.
    There are two possibilities here, either Ethiopian journalists are all above and beyond any African journalist, which is impossible. OR All the award are so fake and had a political motive but not related to the professional competency, which is possible.

    Serkalem, welcome again and see you in the hatred Epi-center media….ESAT

  8. koster says:

    Should I trust this Information? Dawit say no to woyane ethnic fascists so that you will get trust and affection from the Ethiopians who are languishing under the home grown fascists.

  9. Gezaee says:

    Dear Dawit: what is the breaking news? because of 1000s of Ethiopians become refugees everyday. This is not something new, and this is through Bole, not through moyale? kkkk which means voyage tres facile a’ Americana

  10. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Poor Eskinder poor poor Alexander the great who is rotting in jail for his unbearably filthy mouth and jenocide writtings, and now the love of his life leaves him behind in looking for better life and better husband. Poor Eskindir now would be the time to put the knife on your neck and commit suicide. Remember the knife (Qonchera)you wished on every Tigraway ….ye that one.
    I so hate this monster Eskinder, I wish not only his wife to leave him but all his family. No good luck wishes for this sorry ass person!! Slowly but surely he will lose his mind because his sin is far more worse than that of borcham birhanu.

  11. Mengesha says:

    It is also hard for me to believe she left for good. Someone from the governmbet may want to leake false information so that she may panick to go back home. If her departing for good it true then she may be convinced by her brave husband that the best way for both of them is for her to write about the plight of her husband in particular and Ethiopia in general from a safe place.

    May God bless Eskender and his family! May He continue to safeguard our bloved country!

  12. addis says:

    Am not a racist or anti -freedom of expiration or writing, rather am for the freedom of all human values. When it comes to Eskinder,or his wife serkalem fasil or Other amhara Journalist to me they are too blind to criticize the oppositions or the extremist diasporas.
    It seems to me they are there or born or become a journalist to demonize, vilify ,criticize only the gov, I had never read or heard atlist once to appreciate what this gov, has done or plans to do , or achieved. now a days Journalisem in ethiopia becomes unexit visa for a better life in the west ,LOOK @ abe tokechaw ?? for GOD sake is he a journalist ??plz…..Do not give me a YES, which is not .( is nt he a handsome funnt guy for a TV–>he looks like a scary movy part 1…kkkkk)
    How come this wanne be a journalist called a journalist , to me they are not , this gov,should keep eskinder nega for life if he keeps on breaking any law`s .
    abebe gelaw, abebe belew , tamang beyene, alemayehu g mariam/prof…..neamen zeleke, seleshi….elias kifle, ayalsew dese/100 aleka…tadese muluneh /, haile..The list goes and goes . What do these ppl have income ??? any idea ?? Wondering if u all knew what i know..hmmmmm

  13. Wonitokatano says:

    Which one is very bad :

    1. Jawar? or 2. Eskinder?

    Eskinder is more satanic than Jawar? but look Eskinder is Hero for amhara? But you see all amhara are out cursing Jawar? why? Why do amhara think they are above others? No amhara condemn Eskinder, but check all website, amhara website crying crying crying about Jawar? why amhara cry about Jawar if they can not condemn their Jawar1( Eskinder).

    Stop cursing Jawar if you not curse your Jawar1. Stop it, racist.

    • tefera says:


  14. w.yilma says:

    For whom these journalist are working. A show off for foreigners to get award.the west are now in a new phase to colonize Africa again. They are propagating an enemy within to destroy the country. a good strategy for the 21st century. now the meaning of Banda is changed. I think it is a good idea to become a journalist or opposition to get visas for the US and western country.

  15. T says:

    wel come to the united states of america

  16. betty says:

    Ato Dawit,

    when ever you dont post my comment it makes me very happy as it tells that I wrote realities that touches your soft spot. And glad that I discovered your weakness as easy as this and yet you cant stop me from addressing my views by keep trying to silence me, instead if you have the gut just come out and let us have an open debate, however you are accusing others as if they try to silence you while the fact shows that you are a notroious dictator who is the next Meles Zenawi that will not hesistate to silence others…..ayee dawit…kkkkkkkk

    • bambam says:

      Betty ….Tipical amhara insult and Intimidation …empty bravado .(bado Kererto na fukera )when ru guy`s gone stop????

    • Mekdes says:


      The issue is not about Dawit, its about your hero Eskindr’s wife. This is the problem of all opposition groups, you always jump out of the topic. We know that Dawit is against this govt but, as a journalist he will entertain both sides. If you need your kind of journalism you can visit ESAT and listen your echo there.

      Dawit keep up this, I gurantee you, your website will populus wensite. People in diaspora especially, the large nunber of the population / silent majority/ is tired of lies and b/s. Thanks God, you exiled and realized their true picture from within. Thiese are the people who want to lead Ethiopia. What kind of debate she need with you? May be her boyfriend is not as hundsome as you are? So don’t blame her.kakakakakakakakakaka

  17. yared says:

    Welcome to the blessed United States of America. May you become prosperous and full of happiness in this land of the hardworkers, braves and honests. May you fight evil from the grounds of the angels and save your loved ones from the hands of the cursed !

  18. genet says:

    I thought that “TERAROCHEN YANKETEKETEW TEWELED” endezeh be ande sew yenketeketal beye algemetem neber, Yawem yetor mesaria yaliyaze. Ewenet yelelew hulu yadenaberewal, ESAT yadenaberewal,tekawami yadenaberewal,selamawi self yadenaberewal,ato girma(the only opposition in parlament) yadenaberewal …etc ..Yedeneber degom kehulu gar metalat new ..til yelelebet,hulachenem ke zer bezelele be sewoch ekulenet ena sebeawinet yeminamenebet zemen yamtalen!

  19. mem says:

    I hope east get her a jobb

  20. addis neger says:

    Dear friends!
    The Awramba times headline, “Serkalem Fasil Joins Ethiopia’s Exiled Journalists”, is misleading. According to my confidential sources, She didn’t flee into exile, she’s just in US on personal break. it’s not her first time in US.

  21. Tigist says:

    Dawit is that “SEKALEM” OR “SERKALEM” ? Correct it or delete it !

  22. Solyana says:

    Eskender is a genius.He is all educated and sacrifide himself to the well-being of Ethiopia and his beloved country.He is from a very affluent family.Bework mankia kemebelabet beteseb new yadegew.However he is very humble, human, rational, religious and positive.Above all he is Ethiopian and ardennt proponent of Ethiopianism under the auspices of equality, justice, democrfacy, mutual respect, unison. He has never preached divison against unity,hatred against love,tyranny against democracy,ethnicity against Ethipiansis.
    Why do you want to attach alot of things that are totally unrelated to him?He is pure!!!

  23. Tazabiwsew says:

    It is good for her and her kid to stay away from such lunatic ,stubborn and irresponsible so called”husband”.I advice her to divorce him too.

  24. Habtamu S says:

    Serkalem, I am sorry to say but whether you are ‘journalist’ or ‘activist’ now you become an immigrant. Don’t expect any honor from any one after a month. May be you will have an interview here and there only for a week then everybody will forget you and start thinking about her/his bill. In the immigrant world the difference is only in income not in position. Thank you

  25. Ash says:

    I just waiting for Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and CPJ to give award to Mr. Sonwden and give him amnesty in USA where freedom of speech is supreme.

    My next point is thiopental government is big fool arresting rumor mill reporter we are giving the American visa..the best way to punish this people is give the more freedom to hung themselves.

    Let me give u few Example:-

    We can use mengistu haile mariam, method when EPLF member captured they r forced to say down with EPLF after this announcement no one will follow them therefore the become damaged good.

    Today we can’t force mr.Eskinder but we can make him volunteer his demise.

    Ask mr. Eskinder in English language few incrementing question.

    Q1 do u believe pm meles is Ethiopian

    Q2. Do u believe pm meles is ur leader

    If answer yes, it look bad

    Q3. Do u believe removing the government using revolution

    Q4. How many collateral damaged in human life do u think might be lost? And how many would u tolerated

    Q5. Would u be in street fight the revolution? If yes how about ur children would u mind being killed or soft question would u allowed ur kids to demonstrate in the street( in he add teenager kids)

    (This one is very tricky because if he say I don’t mind being killed then u look like crazy person. But if he say I will mind then people will ask
    him how come u sending other people kids to street )

    Q6. Do u think Assab belong to Ethiopia? If yes would u get it back even it mean war

    (This question is for Eritrean so that they will know where they stand if cud win)

    Q7. Do u allow Oromo to be spoken in Oromo region about oromo flag..

    (This question also to tell where OLF stand)

    Q8. Do u work and get help from Egypt, Eritrea

    Q9. Do u support Nile dam

    Q10. Do u support what nazi did

    Now to In force this question reply as truth from him without any forced admittance ethiopian government allow him to go to al jazeera get the interview

  26. Ash says:

    If I am Eskinder I would not trust this old white man with my wife..just look the white old man …Miss Serkalem Fasil might looking for free speach, but the old white man might looking or free wife..

  27. Jhonny says:

    Solyana, which University did he graduate from?what family you talking about? He maybe from Debre Tabor royal family. The guy is filled with hate. Ethiopia is not only the resourse she has th mountain and rivers but the people. Ethiopia is the land of humans. Without loving its people you can not love Ethiopia. He hates Tigre, Oromo, Gurague and etc…For him Ethiopia is only Amhara, I am sure if you go a little further in his ancestory you can find oromo blood or Tigre blood in his bliid line because both ethnic groups were in Gonder, were he is from.

  1. May 8, 2014

    […] FM Journalists Worrying, Police Should Investigate First POST: Harvesting Ethiopia: Journalist Serkalem Fasil Fled to the United States The Folks Who Sell Your Corn Flakes are Acting Like Goldman Sachsand That Should Worry […]

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