Egypt crisis: ‘Scores killed’ at Cairo protest


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7 Responses

  1. Gezaee says:

    Very honest interview; The lady is very open; She said it clearly. USA is always after interest only. Even if they wish, they can not do anything. It is only Egyptians who can solve their problem by themselves.

    However, having political Islam on the side, and a few enlightened non-religious Egyptians, it is not feasible Egypt will at peace easily.

    The Military did a mistake in deposing Morsi quickly. They should have done it slowly than in 48 hours ultimatum. it was a mistake and miscalculation that stirred anger among Morsi Suppoters. The military must have supported the protesters and take longer time to remove him than the way they did it.

    rastic actions are always risk ones because they are done without thinking and planning to overcome problems.

    It is impractical to have democracy where there is Islam. Political islam and democracy do not go together. Look any muslim country? there is no single Islamic country that is democratic. Islam forbids democracy and 100% against freedom of individuals and groups.

    But political islam is trying to adapt and use democracy to advance Islam. Those who think where there is genuine islam there will be democracy is totally wrong. The teaching, beliefs, doctrines, tenets of islam have nothing to do with freedom.

    Ethiopia is heading to that direction with Woyane becoming more and more islamicist for the sake of money. Dark days are waiting ahead for Ethiopia unless God himself intervenes. A poor country flooded with Arab investors, Arab political Islam is taking over Ethiopia. Directly or indirectly Woyanes also depends on Islamic monies. That is the big problem in Ethiopia. You can buy any Ethiopian by money, ruling party plus opposition take money from political Islam. It is historical suicidal for Ethiopia. Woyane funded by Arab directly and indirectly. Blue party, Andinet pary, g7 funded by political islam and money taken carelessly without thinking is putting Ethiopia in danger. A house built by someone else’s money is destined to fall down. You have to build your house yourself, if you can not build your house yourself, you will not have a house.

    Shame to all Ethiopian ruling party, opposition. You are all the scumbag of Ethiopian history. Shame on you all.

  2. Aster says:

    Screw Egypt, However, looking at the Egypt capital city’s picture Dawit posted, it took me back to Bahir Dar, the city where I was born. The picture reminds me of the great potentials Bahir Dar has. I believe Bahir Dar could look like that picture in the near future if not better than that. We need to invest in Bahir Dar. We all could build our houses and high rise building nearby the Tana and Blue Nilerver lakes. We could do it!

  3. idris says:

    The results of the every-friday-after “prayer” protests are
    -permanent divisions among people,
    -hetrade, luck of trust between people
    -chios in the societies dailylife
    -economic deterioration in the country
    -civil war
    -disintegration of the country
    The so called every friday protests had lasted more than one year in Ethiopia. but they are still continuing.
    They had started killing individual mulims who oppose to their extreme ideology (the example of dessie)
    I can not understand what their questions are. The ask the government to protect them from a religion called “ahbash”. I do not think this the job of the government.
    The job of the government in Ethiopia should be to protect freedom of religion of any sort.
    So, I advise the so called extremist muslims in Ethiopia to stop violence and ask their questions properly.
    The majority (more than 95%) are peaceful and are fighting against the extremists.
    The government shall take strict measures

  4. getaneh says:

    what goes around, comes around!

  5. Babile says:

    If EPRDF has any good will for Ethiopia, this is God given opportunity to build up the air defense system and make it an unassailable and inpenetreable to any enemy. This is not amazing opportunity?

  6. Trust Peace says:

    Humans never learn! These people want to destroy their good country who is a mother of all civilizations and take it back to the barberian middle ages with no buildings, infrastructures and any services and nominal securities left.

    Only arid impoverished sandy desert land. On top that Egypt’s traditional life line, the Blue Nile may be cut causing complete tragedy or the last nail on the coffin.

    The Mubaraks are hitting back with rage and and hard. But the country’s salvation lies in the elected Mursi going back to the palace and the military going back to the barraks. FULL STOP!

  7. Mario says:

    Egyptian chose to kill each other, but Ethiopia has been bleeding because of Egypt’s proxy wars! This is when they say , what goes around comes around!

    I think Egyptian politician will learn from this & understand that every human being’s blood is the same chemical composition created by God, therefore, a drop of water is not equal to a drop of blood! Water flows no matter wether blood is spilled it not, but when an artery is hit by a bullet, the end of the process of secretions of blood! & hence Egyptian politicians & their supporters, see how it feels when blood is spilled & understand….!

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