Burkina Faso, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria qualify for CHAN


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7 Responses

  1. Gezaee says:

    This is really we must celebrate; nothing is impossible; it is all about training. If you train yourself to do anything with passion, there is nothing you can not do.

    I had a discussion with my Nigerian friend about about Ethiopian soccer players. He scoffed at me telling me Ethiopians are not fit for soccer but only for running. He jeered at me.

    The government must give them 100 000 dollars it promised. This is a good omen, Ethiopia is rising despite the naysayers. The naysayers must understand that Ethiopia will rise to the stars with or without EPRDF.
    I will be waiting to hear what the anti EPRDF will say about this? They will say it is because TPLF stole the game? do not you think they will come with such stories? Are they not telling us Semhar Meles have a 5 billion dollar cheque? Are you sure woyane did not steal the game ? kkkk

    • Bex says:


      1) The gov’t didn’t promise them $100,000 to qualify for CHAN. That promise was if they had won the African cup of nations in February.
      2) You shouldn’t expect anything from the anti-EPRDFs. Responsible Ethiopians should refrain from bringing politics into a Unifying game like soccer. My advice to you is to only respond to the offenders rather than initiating a political conversation over this. Do not try to use this as a political tool. It will only hurt us. So, please refrain from that.

      Congratulations to all Ethiopians!!!

  2. Aster says:

    Ethiopia’s soccer team congratulations!!!! We are proud of you. You are example of our UNITE and ETHIOPIAWINET. We wish the entire player and coaches’ strengthens and successes at the African Nations Championship. I would like to dedicate the Ethiopia’s soccer team accomplishment to all the Ethiopia’s enemies including the Italian dogs and the rats Muslims’ terrorists who wish and dream the worse for Ethiopians. Ethiopians are making history at different levels and we are back to take our roll at the globe level.

  3. UnGezaze says:

    Mr. Gezaze, Please tone it down a notch. We are tired of the divisiveness from all sides. Why inject politics into apolitical things? Did you see the picture Dawit posted a hike back where ppl were celebrating the football victory together with the Federal police? That is the country we long for.

    • Gezaee says:

      you idiot hiding behind pc, you are abusing my name by writing the way you wrote because you thought you got me physically? Primitive, where did you get Gezaze? primitive

  4. galaxy says:

    The continuous success of Ethiopian football teams is not simply coming as a blessing from the sky. It is a reflection of the economic development in the country. Players are well paid now days. clubs has significant sources of funding.
    Our country Ethiopia is registering success in all fronts of life. The only problem i see is that of the islamists. And that is an international problem.
    They use democracyn as a pretext. ahbsh is a sort of religion that they should fight (the muslims) themselves. They are blaming the government for not banning a religion called ahbash. But did the government ban on protestants to protect orthodox. H/mariam himself is a protestant. So, what that is his personal right. So, how can the government ban ahbash. But the whole isuue of the islamists is not ahnbash but a political one. They want to install islamic government step by step. the government shall be aware of this.
    We shall say yes, to FOOTBALL but not to extremism.

  5. Mario says:

    Good job our team & congratulations! Ethiopia is in a better position at this moment! All Ethiopia needs at this moment is:our ultimate unity! Unity straightens Politicians! If there is unity, then politicians will know their limit & purpose to serving the people , so they could have a high probability of getting elected, therefore unity should come first for us to succeed in every aspects!

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