The Ethiopian Civil Rights Movement: Promising Developments (Alemu Tafesse)


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15 Responses

  1. Wannabe says:

    Dear Dawit: what is your objective posting low level and wushet article. The guy is mad man. He is trying to fish in the murky water. He thinks the muslims will him to get to Arat kilo? What a stupid fela? he does not know even why the muslims are protesting. He is teaching his myopia of civilil activism? Can I ask this dedeb and idiot?

    What evidence do you the government killed the prominent muslim leader? can you give to Dawit the video, the evidence you have that the government killed the leader? Wushetam, lier,… you are begging us to believe you because you hate EPRDF?

    If the government is dictator how is the muslim protesting every Friday? As you hate EPRDF I hate you dog and wusha. I do not the support EPRDF. I hate this type of parasite who attach themselves to anyone to tell us how they hate EPRDF. If you think EPRDF will removed using the terrorists and you can get to Arat kilo by short cut? then you are dead man. Thank you EPRDF for allowing the muslims to exercise their rights so far. it is because of your tolerance and maturity you allowed them.

    We ask the government to take a serious measure upto now. Even closing the mosques who change their mosque to political movement center with immediate effect.

    If diaspora join islamicist? then I will join EPRDF. You have no any agenda, but you wanted to be a parasite of the terrorists? you think they will get you to arat kilo by short cut? This is dream; You are parasite and teletafi. I am with EPRDF and we will see if islamicists get you to arat kilo? Leave alone this islamacist, EPRDF has broken the backbone of shabia. you keep on dreaming you dedeb and ahya.

    • Askale says:

      And your name is Wannabe?

    • DES says:

      wannabe, calm down, my woyane friend, calm down…i know it’s a bit tough for a supporter of tyrant to read any critic of that tyrant. But just take it..and nowhere does the scholar who wrote this piece claimed it the definitely the gov’t that did the killing. He just reported what others believe and then said, for some reasons, it is not difficult to take their argument about the killing as valid. Read what he wrote, not what is in your mind.

    • zelk says:

      we Ethiopian Muslim need peace and democracy we need to lives with non Muslim together we don’t need shriea law in Ethiopian what we don’t want it to accept
      interference of the government
      Did you choice you pop by keble
      whye we forced to choices our leaders to choice by keble instead of mosque you choice in church why me in keble this is one of the Muslim QUSTION

  2. Askale says:

    Your name is Wannabe?

  3. w.yilma says:

    Very cheap and deceived article. The purpose is to promote radical Islam in Ethiopia or to create conflict between the peace loving Ethiopian Christian and Muslim brothers and sisters. This is the attempt by demoralized Diaspora politician conspiracy to use the radical Islam as a ladder to to achieve their political agendas. There is no history in the world that teach us religious movement bring peace and harmony the country where practicing different religion like Ethiopia. Because the author knows there is no way to harm the EPRDF, he need a hole to pass through using religion as a tool to weaken the government. He never understand or does not want to understand the repercussion of his action. No matter who said what we can’t deny the motive of these radicals. It is foolishness to think religion in any form could bring peace in Ethiopia. Diaspora politicians could do everything that could weaken the current government. It is here in Diaspora churches are divided based on ethnicity and political outlooks. No one is taking the initiatives to diffuse this dangerous move. Some even encouraged to do so. So it is foolishness to think Diaspora politics could bring peace to our beloved country. Thinking for country is secondary for the majority vocal diaspora and the so called politicians. As if there is no important fields that people can participate to help their country, it become a dilemma to see why the majority of Ethiopian, especially in Diaspora pretends to be “politicians” . There are a lot of opportunities we can contribute to our country. If Diaspora continue to play a dirty game in helping the terrorist, I will no hesitate to join the government effort to get rid of them. There is no joke to play when my country is in danger of Radical Islam.I am sure except few hopeless Diaspora and some messengers, the majority of Ethiopian will support the effort of the government in combating with radical Islam in Ethiopia. I some times think are we Ethiopian some times use our mind to think or we have another brain under our leg? It doesn’t need education to understand what the motive of radical Islam in Ethiopia! It is global efforts to destabilize our country period!
    Why the world is worried about Egypt? Is it not because of radicalism? Why we Ethiopian think our country event is different? Because we don’t like the government we have to give our country as a gift for radical Islam? Only those who do not use their mind or those who do not care other than to see the demise of EPRDF think the other way. Thanks God Ethiopia has always heroes who never hesitate to sacrifice when it needed!
    Long Live Ethiopia!

    • abel says:

      You have created your little lilliputian thought in your brain and determined to unconditionally support the current Tigray bureaucratic feudalism without questioning,and you also expect all of us to think like you. Most Ethiopians know their brutal, partial, corrupt, dictatorial regime, and citizens are determined to change the Tigray bourgeoisie with any cost. It is inhuman to live under slavery, and bureaucratic feudalism in 21st century.

      Shame on you! please try to join the boat of struggle to bring equality in the country!

  4. Gragn Ahmed says:

    I do not know if the above commentators are Wayanes or real Ethiopians.

    The writer has aptly demonstrated the real face of the movement. Unless you are clouded by ethnic myopism, the movement is now supported by many political parties who are practicing protestants or orthodox. We expect some denial from people like you at this time. But the government is now feeling the heat and that it can no longer monopolize Islam for its own sake by preaching fake harmony or freedom for Muslims. This denial will never be the solution. Now, all peace loving Ethiopians should get inspired and get all they have to line up for hard work ahead and forge a better strategy. Diaspora should be careful by foolishly commenting as if they are leading the protest. The protest has one author and that is the leader in prison. Christians should model after us using adarge or Eskinder as their symbolic leaders. This is not about Daispora coming to power. If anybody has illusion to get to Arat Kilo in diaspora then that will cause disaster. Instead Diaspora should voice their concern by explaining to media that they want what they want for themselves here in the West. Once we have democracy anybody can be leader. It is possible that some people will try to exploit this movement but one has to know that the movement is solid both spiritually and strategically. What we need now is for example to protest in front of the Federal Ministry of Affairs demanding freedom from ethnic oppression, and religious freedom. In short Christians should get involved in planning the next form of protest or sit in. this we must do. Today, Wayane has reached a level where it can not say NO to our demands. All we need is of course the implementation of the Law. Wayane has so far failed to apply the law and has refused to scrap the “terror Law’. Let us protest a million man march against the terror law. Let us get petitions. Let us talk about the next brave and spectacular strategy for all of to move to democracy. Let us show to the world that our people do not like wayane. Let us show it in a very sophisticated and creative manner like the Egyptian Tamrood movement. Let us come with a name.

  5. Gragterrorist says:

    I am laughing Gragn talking about democracy? Islam and democracy are against each other. Islam and democracy are like water and oil. They can not go together. This writer does not understand the islamicist will cut his head if they get chance.

    The Ethiopians government now need to draft new law that puts restrict what Muslims can do in their Mosque.

    1. praying or doing any activity that is religion.

    2. Anything like they are doing now every Friday must be outlawed by the parliament. The government needs now a new decree or no bill to pass that political activity or protest in mosque must be outlawed and any mosque that entertain protest or sin it or anything that is political must be considered a crime or terrorism. They are terrorizing non-muslim addis abebians every Friday. They are violating the right of others by closing streets and shops and creating havoc.

    Actually this EPRDF wrong policy of promoting islam in the first place in the name of democracy that brought all these. The government was told many times that they are handing the country to islamicist. I hope now they get it.

    Brother or sister, bla bla,… does not work. Islam is islam whether it is in Saudi Arabia or in Ethiopia or anywhere. Islam needs to be hit on the head like a snake. Even the Egyptian Arabs could not live with it.

    • HU Si says:

      It is typical Wayane reaction,they can never think straight nor discus but resort to violence.
      Mosques and churches are part of society and should be free to desiminate and discuss any ill that society suffer otherwise dictators will thrive by cheating people of their rights.
      Let these places be judged by their congregation but no Wayane beneficiary.
      Last but not least Wayanes used to beg for help in mosques, please dont forget that.

    • Gragn Ahmed says:

      Sorry I can not help you if you are wayane. Mesjids are political economic and social life of Muslims. I understand that the Tigre led wayane is panicking now. But you should cool down and think back. It is too late to say what you said. You called us snakes, we will never forget that. If you are thinking like the Yohanees IV, it will not work. More than ever Ethiopians will not be divided by hate filled Tigres of the North. Every Ethiopian must know that Tigres are evil and they must be dealt it. We can not suffer for this lunatic people. I have admiration for real Ethiopians like Blue Party.

    • zelke says:

      you make a mistake be patient ask any Ethiopian Muslim what he want and listen from him not from ETV.

  6. abel says:

    I thank the writer for the very articulated analysis on the current political dynamics in the country. It is true the struggle, the resistance toward totalitarian regime is going forward. All citizens from all walks of life should join the struggle to bring the foreseeable, sustainable political environment where all of us will live in harmony without quarrel in a democratic Ethiopia. The current TPLF/EPRDF government crafted a Tigray bureaucratic feudalism tantamount to the one that disposed in 1966. We have to say no to Tigray bourgeoisie, and all citizen have to march together to bring equality in the country.

    May God bless Ethiopia

  7. "Fair" is not the eye of the beholder says:

    Hey Dawit
    There are thousands and thousands of pictures which were taken from addis and other regions in Ethiopia. Why do you select this picture, which is not from Ethiopia or Ethiopian demos in diaspora? Why do you select a book to represent “mass movement”? Where did you get this picture? Is it from the demonstrations in one of the Arab countries you always try to associate the movement in Ethiopia? or is it from Pakistan demonstration?
    By the way its not the first time you did such kind of overt and obvious (for you subtle) depiction of the Muslims in Ethiopian. You always try hard to throw mud to the movement while claiming to be “fair”. The line is not that much blur between journalistic bias to stretch things to one direction and a deliberate attempt to disseminate misinformation and lies.

  8. Addis says:

    The weighter has to be appercieted for his truthfull observation of the movement. But there r some people who can’t swallow fact just bcose they didn’t grow up in an open society. The movement is the one and only way to go beyond our division and bring about a more divers and well educated people. I hope that Ethiopian will have the brightest future that any modern and developed country wish to have. There is one point that I have to mention. It’s not only the Ethiopian Muslim who deserve credential ; so too the Christians. If its wasn’t for there patient the Muslims wouldn’t reach these time. They the Christian has given time to the Muslims a chance to see what there ambition is. And the Muslims has shown there goal. Now the whole Ethiopians have approved the movement and are on there way joinning for the bright future of Ethiopia. God bless Ethiopia protect its people. Amen.

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