Inclusive Discourse: A Prelude to National Reconciliation (Teklu Abate, PhD)


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19 Responses

  1. eden says:

    Rather than seeing my government holding a reconcillation with toxic daispora, I would prefer Ethiopia having the fate of Syria.
    We are sick and tired of them as they are, let alone invited in Ethiopian politics.
    Thank you my government for excluding these rubbish from the political system of Ethiopia.
    After Meles Ethiopia had a major political shift, new faces and youngesters are coming to the political leadership. We want them to keep the momentum of Meles legacy of immense economic growth and champion of regional autonomy….

    The toxic oppositions are telling us time and time again EPRDF political life is numbered but we are bored of hearing this political melodrama and our party is getting stronger and stronger by the day

    • teshome says:

      I can understand your disappointments but you went too far to comment as such.
      This is not something we have been hating from the Toxic diaspora, political extremism.
      One thing I would like to tell you, EPRDF is not a collection of Angeles living in paradise, at same time it is not wild as the toxic oppositions either. It is good that you strongly support your party but it is also ugly to have such attitudes for oppositions.
      Politics is not something black and white, it is simply an art of compromise.
      Mam, please take it easy, don’t be hard liner.

  2. AleQa Biru says:

    One practical problem to hold the proposed “inclusive discourse”: WHERE IN HELL will it be organized? If it is in Ethiopia, how can you guarantee that the government will not direct the “guests” to Kality?

    If it is in a foreign country, I see lots of logistical problems: hotels, transport etc for all the stakeholders mentioned (elders, youth, NGO, etc)

  3. teshome says:

    Ethiopia oppositions are both the problem and the solution of the current Ethiopian politics. For the last two decayed oppositions parties were suffering from a disease called extremism and this was manifested with political illusions and delusions. Till their politics was unable to recover from this serious illness and I don’t think this will happen any times soon.
    The most funny thing, including the writer of this article, many toxic diasporas are failed to reach level of being conscious of this reality.
    Anybody opposing them is name and blamed, how many times each of us received a full dose of bigoted vicious and degrading verbal abuses for merely having opposite views. They preach about democracy, they themselves are the most undemocratic. The big problem is still they are unable to avoid such an axis of evil thinking.
    So long as toxic oppositions have such something for nothing mentality, we will not see any time soon reconciliations.

  4. Benee says:

    The theory of Inclusive Discourse is good but how can the divided and weak opposition who talk about democracy and inclusion but practicing exclusionist authoritarian politics of NOT talking to political movements now come to promote discourse with the ruling part enjoying absolute political, economic, military and other monopoly benefits?

    If you are serious about the Inclusive Discourse you should have first and foremost practiced it yourselves among all the opposition parties and political movements so that what you are preaching may have the credibilities and viabilities in the eyes of the government and its supporters and through that force them to the Inclusive Discourse coffee table.

    As for the COFFEE supply, even my grandmother’s prime coffee free offer may save the day for all parties to the Discourse. 🙂

  5. efrem says:

    Thank you Dr. Teklu for a seemingly nice idea. Here are my brotherly comments:

    1. At first glance, Dr. Teklu’s idea seems nice and necessary. Our elites should upscale such ‘kudus’ discussions and come up with a workable recommendation. The national reconciliation call has been there for many years and suggested by many Ethiopian elites, but none of them has come with workable solutions and clear intentions including Dr. Teklu’s article.

    2. I think we have to ask ourselves the immediate outcomes of such reconciliation. Dr. Teklu’s article clearly puts the objectives and goals, more or less having a united and strong country. But, in order to have such country, are the discussions sufficient? What elements does compromise include? What type of understanding is needed? I think, there should be specific and immediate intensions and outcomes, otherwise the whole process is simply void and leads to what Dr. Teklu himself put them as challenges.

    3. A 101 definition of national reconciliation says “National Reconciliation is the term used for establishment of so-called ‘national unity’ in countries beset with political problems” (Wikpedia). Wikipedia also state national reconciliation might lead to adoption of new constitution. I could imagine, such reconciliation may include different elements depending on the necessity of different countries and/or what is agreed by the stakeholders. Let us start with two assumptions, which are thought to be the immediate outcomes of any reconciliation.

    a) If the discussions that Dr. Teklu highlighted lead to the adoption of a new constitution, are we going to see a united and strong Ethiopia? Is our problem related with the contents of the constitution? Is the Ethiopian constitution anyway a problem at all? As far as I am concerned, I don’t think we have a bad constitution. Despite some controversial issues (which is expected in any country), I think the Ethiopian constitution is among the top constitutions in the world. It guarantees everything you can imagine in a democratic country despite the few controversial articles and I don’t think it is difficult to remove/replace them either. Therefore, if such discussions are intended to come up with a better constitution only, then that is simply wasting money. We better finance schools and health centers than spending the limited finance on the beers of our elites…..hmm! The point is any association of Ethiopian elites can recommend and convince the government to change the controversial articles. We are supposed to have a lot of experienced elites in different areas and if they have the good intension I am certain the government can be convinced to change some of the controversial articles, may not be at once but for sure it can be done. No need of calling all types of rebels (domestic rebels, jungle rebels, internet rebels, MacDonald rebels, Mosk rebels, church rebels, etc.). The association that I suggested can contact them to address their grievances.

    b) Let us again assume it leads to power sharing. Will we have unity with power sharing? Will such power sharing bring democracy and transparency? Will it lead to steady economic growth and strength? Really?? I disagree!!! I don’t think power sharing can lead us to a democratic, strong country with strong economy, military, diplomacy…….!!!!!! So, if the immediate outcome is power sharing, I think we are only solving the problem of power hungry elites and remember we can’t solve all the problems with power sharing since we have tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands power hungry so called elites.

    c) What else can we assume? Watching on tv the smiles and sitting together of our elites……..oh my God.

    4. As I see Ethiopia, the problem that we have is a system failure, accumulated over many decades if not centuries. And such failures can only be reversed/corrected via hard work and intended reconciliations that can avoid misunderstandings, not via reconciliation for power sharing. And such hard work should be supported via innovative ideas of our educated section of the society and they should help their country what they can regardless of who is ruling. They should politely suggest solutions, physically contact our leaders and motivate them for better ideas. I can understand the importance of discussions in avoiding misunderstandings, but discussions and reconciliations that target power sharing………………hmmm! Look at our history and other country experiences.

    5. I call up on all Ethiopian elites who support reconciliation to unbox what is inside the reconciliation. What does it include? What it is in it for the average Ethiopian. A vague and broad ‘mena’ of national unity doesn’t help!!! I can be corrected if I misunderstood things!!

    • AleQa Biru says:

      Good points. I agree on most (if not all) of the points you made. I suggest you rework your comment and submit it as an article in response to Dr Teklu Abate’s article. It is good there are people who explain things logically and in practical terms without using too many emotions (insults, bravado, accusations, praises etc). Emotions just get in the way of logical thinking, avoiding them as much as possible when having discussions makes a lot of difference in a positive way.

  6. Gezaee says:

    The proposed reconciliation must be:

    1. EPRDF clean its dirty system and corruption and treat every Ethiopian as equally, fairly, justly.
    2. Allow Ethiopia to use its natural ports
    3. Stop balkazing Ethiopia into ethnic enclaves
    4. Stop removing people from their land and give their land to Arabs or other foreigners.
    5.Stop selling national assets like Telecom, Banking systems,power systems
    6. Stop defiling Ethiopia by introducing things that are not acceptable in Ethiopia society. You do not have to do what others do to be civilized. You can be yourself and develop.

    7. Build democratic systems
    8. Integrate professional code of ethnics, obligations into the administrative and education system.
    9.Job must be given to people based on merit and it is true you can have assign your ruling political members to political offices, but not to professionalism.

    There is no need for others reconcilition. If you do the right things, then reconciliation will be done by default with no need for halls or logistics.

  7. Mario says:

    Mr Teklu

    The opposition are been paid & has been held as hostage of Ethiopia’s enemies, therefore I don’t know if Ethiopia’s enemies could allow you to to bring the empty opposition into the right path! All the opposition except EDP are there to satisfy their power thirsty , nevertheless , have nothing for Ethiopia! We have seen them that they have no unity in their own political party, but we all hear them crying about ethiopia’s unity!

    What you miss in your writing is: the EPRDF inherited a country thrown to rot in poverty & backwardness, & an empty coutry country with no money, a complex & closed society! Therefore , an educated man as big as you has missed to write the most important times of Ethiopia in the last 2 decades! You talking about reconciliation , but you are biased! You put these who has been doing everything they can to extract Ethiopia from abject poverty & these who have nothing for Ethiopia in one square! It is unbelievable! These EPRDFites who saved Ethiopia from the wraths of its enemies have no credit inside you! These who chose to stay in their country & fight for its freedom can never be equal to the empty opposition who have nothing to offer at all! I thought we have a better educated individuals , but we don’t! So far the best we have are these who are working in Ethiopia to extract it from poverty!

    Wow ! Do sad!

  8. Embasoleda says:

    Reconciliation with who? with all those snior citizens or with useless diaspora angry idiots?! NO!!! It will be a wast of time for the Ethiopian people, and government to consider recondition with all those bunch of detuched criminals. So, let them cry and preach hate for what they are good at… Oh yeah, let them continue to demonstrate against Ethiopia’s development….most of all, they are already gone, and the young generation of Ethiopia will be just fine without them!

  9. Gebre says:

    I think, maturity is coming at the end. This article gives me the impression that polarity of the 60th and 70th is gradually fading away. we have to avoid finger pointing on each other and find middle ground for all of us. The government has to accept legitimacy comes from the citizen and it has to accomadate others’ voices to the extent possible. oposition parties has also oppose reseanably for example they have to respect the law of the land, admit security imperatives etc… Thank you Dr. Teklu Abate

  10. Leila says:

    Where did UDJ get all these money? UDJ is home based G7? UDJ needs to be outlawed now if EPRDF is smart. EPRDF also must draft new and urgent law that bans mosque to be used as the office of terrorism.

  11. Helen says:

    It seems you are still contemplating armed struggle (Civil War) has to be organized and waged at a higher level to balance TPLF’s injustice in Ethiopia.

    This backward comment of yours puts your Phd under question.

  12. birtu says:

    I really do not understand this “reconciliation” bla,bla.This is not the first time- reconciliation, raised as an issue, I am mean I have a problem of grasping this idea of reconciliation. To start with the government have already pardoned the death penalty charges of the convicted murderers of the dergue regime and have actually released them. What is noble other than this humane act, unlike them denying any sympathy to the king and his ministers?

    Now we know 85% of the Diasporas oppositions are people from the old guard, what is it they want? To grab power? If so, renounce violence and join the peaceful route to power. Actually. What should have been noble is for the opposition to apologise to the Ethiopian people for the 17 years of miserable life and then to join the democratic route.
    Other than that I have no idea of this reconciliation staff?

  13. birtu says:

    Admin,Why have you remove my comment? It was not vulgar or remotely bad language?
    Do you know you free speech starts from home? thats all falks!!!

  14. Ilula Lemaa says:

    You Muslim extremist, we are not part you. Do not play with fire, the government has every right to dismantle you from your root. You, useless extremist, you are dreaming Saudi type rule for our peaceful Ethiopia. Never, ever this will happen on our watch. You want to return us to the forth century uncivilized Arab world.

    God bless Ethiopia

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