Ethiopian Police Warns “Religious Extremists” Ahead of Friday Prayers


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41 Responses

  1. Gezaee says:

    The government has to outlaw any non-religious activity in the mosque completely. This is against the religion if the religion is about worship, the place worship must not be a place of anarchy. They are abusing their religion and give it bad name. They are misusing their religion for their political agenda.

    If they want to rally they have to follow the legally procedure of doing it. They are violating the peaceful life of other citizens who are interested in their toytoying.

    • Mussa says:

      Listen that country is ours too! It is not the private property of the unelected TPLF/EPRDF invader holigans and their supporters like you.

      Putting the fiction of TPLF/EPRDF aside, no political activity has been conducted in any Ethiopian Mosques by the protesters.

      On the contrary, it is TPLF/EPRDF that is using mosques and churches as its political support pillars.

      I can go through a list of TPLF/EPRDF political pilicies that are being preached by TPLF/EPRDF priests and Imams!

      • bendo says:

        Come down people. the demonstration is cancelled. we have to be wise here and don’t play with fire.
        extremism in religion is not even helping the one who started. like Saudi, pakistan, Afganistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, Syria and even egypt.
        They are enemy of all human being. They kill each other on those counties calling Allah name.
        So they use religion to kill even muslim. so we have to be against extremism in any form and name.

        • Ali bira says:

          From what we know from Iraq Syria Yemen and now Egypt Islam is killing Muslims and destroying each other. If so why bother about them

      • Gezaee says:

        Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopian; to all religion; to all tribes or races or colours or ethnics; You have to coexist with the rest. You will not be given any special treatment or special law. Abide the national law. That is it; Your beliefs are only for yourself, you can not or have no right to force them on others. It the teaching of your religion that is colliding you with every human being on this planet. Apply your brain and accept other humans as God creation. Than blindly only me me me belief of ignorance.

      • Gobeze says:

        Well said Mussa!!!
        @ Gedaee, I can’t believe u run out of words to respond to Mr. Mussa. Kkkkkkkkk

      • Gebez says:

        You used the term “UNELECTED ‘invader’ hooligans”. This is 100% political expression. This is why people like me believe that your question is 100% political. You want to apply political Islam in Ethiopia. Hey guy, be sure that you people have no place in Ethiopia. You will be crushed. Islam will live forever but Islamists have no any future any where in the world. And, why are you calling the TPLFs invaders?

      • Ilula Lemma says:

        do not be mistaken, Muslim extremism has no place not only in Ethiopia any where in the world. The extremist movement in Ethiopia is extending the life of TPLF regime .Muslim extremist has no sympathy for there own country rather they are dreaming about SAUDI ARABIA and SHARIA law day and night.

      • axumawe says:

        aieee musa
        tplf didn’t get the power as a gift!
        they earned it by paing a havey sacrefaies
        to be specifec 65,000 brave youth tegrians.why dont you protest today then ?
        b/c you don’t have what it takes don’t play with fair !!!!!
        adios amokos long live EPRDF,LONG LIVE TPLF,
        Wedy komaret

      • ዋሃቢዎችመጥፋታቹነው says:

        DID YOU GET 2 KILO OF RICE AND 50 DOLLAR FROM teh arabs? why are you telling us it is white while we all see it is black requesting to bring sharia law to the country is not poletics? your religion is yours only not mine you have to understand this you have what ever you want to have but don’t tell me to have what you have or belive in your false book bullshit terrorists.

    • Mahari says:

      Is this the real Gezaee or some one is abusing his name? The comments seem to indicate one of the propagandist of the so called government put it out. In this forum Ato Gezaee has been nothing other than the reasoned critiques of the so called government.

  2. teshome says:

    Oh I was right, yesterday I guess the coming Friday would be the last day for this useless protest.
    It was too late, Anyways Thank you very much my government. you made it my day.
    I hope that will be the end of the political melodrama we have been bored for more than a year.
    I can’t wait to see what will happen tomorrow.
    emmm..the challenges have inevitably growing more complex beyond the limits if these few fundamentalist.
    Well the attempt of the government to clear out the protest may cost some life but I am sorry…that is the way it is

    • Fuad says:

      Congratulations for knowing the oncomming bloody suppression of TPLF/EPRDF ahead of others. We know you are one of them anyways.

      Which government you are talking about? Ethiopia does not have a legal government.

      • Gebez says:

        You said: ‘Ethiopia does not have a legal government’. This saying is 100% political and 0% religious. Read the reply I wrote to Mussa(if you are a different person)and that applies to you too.

      • axumawe says:

        fuad seems saudi name
        if i was you i weel wrap up with bomb and blow up my self but i am not you.
        you like some one else to die for you ,then you well become emam,
        like brhanu nega he run away when he can be the moyer of addis b/c they are going to arrest him,but know he want to be presedent of Ethiopia,& tamagn pm,a-lmariam forgn minester & mesay education minester,
        if you have what it takes come and tray it extrem neftegnoch,
        Long live Eprdf,Long live Tplf

    • Degefa says:

      at teshome
      you see that is how you are and that is why i said you are a paid propagandist.

      You donot care if people killed while demonstrating peacefully. Based on your comment some days back i thought i have to regenerate for the words i used commenting on your flawed comment.

      No No that is wrong. You are one who never mind to kill people. You may have also info from inside that police is doing something behinde that will able them to fire and start their street kill—-but it is already an eaten derama….thanks to the wikileaks now we know.

      You are eager to see deads on the steer and you said you can’t even wait tomorrow. Happy to see blood! You are blood trusty! i am sorry to classify you so, but you are.

      Oh i am really wasting my time with you.

      • Sisay A says:

        This is a good opportunity now for ESAT. Finger cross there will be shooting and killing we might need more reporters now.

        I am tired getting paid by shabia so we been waiting for this for too long. we been praying and doing our job for this kind of things to happen for the last three years and inshalah now we can all be happy.
        If this getting worst and help to change the gov. me and Lemagne Beyena promised to convert to muslim.

        Every body knows we preech one ethiopia one language one religion. but to get to the power for now we can be all muslim extremist.

        Come on police do some thing and make our day and help us to collect more money in the next 5 star hotel meeting in europe and america.

      • axumawe says:

        Mr degef
        WHY IS if some one have a deffrent view than you,a propogandist ??????
        don;t i have the wright to desagre with your point of view ???
        i am 100% eprdf,tplf supporter why is it a crime ??????
        you have the right to exprese your view
        when are you people,so called opposition
        going to use your brain if you have one ?
        if EPRDF is lestning to me i like one party system like china !!!!!!
        forget the usless so called opposition party in Ethiopia.
        look what they are saing & asking under the wright of freedom !
        they are lucky i am not the pm of Ethiopia b/c every extremest in exail well be in ethiopian preson by know.
        tank good i am not pm ,kkkkkkkkk
        in my rull there well be no domenstration any where, i like china
        this is me, i have the wright, you should respect that! what do you expect if brhanu nega is pm,if moslem extremest banda is pm worst than mengestu !!!! know this
        eprdf ,tplf is the best thing ever hapend to Ethiopia !!!!!
        by the way extremest did you her the newes that the breav son of Ethiopia well be in the Ethiopian birr nots !!!
        you know who ????
        well it well be a nightmehr for all of yous i know,even so worest when you go to Ethiopia you are going to carry it in your pocket,wores than that he is going to ster at you every time you sow the berr,his legacy is not only the renassance dam it well be the birr to kkkkkkkkkkkkkk,long live EPRDF,LONG LIVE WOYEN

    • Dani says:

      Teshome, what are you barking? I know you are one of them who like to Quench your blood thirst and paint it with the poster of terrorism. But, it is about time. You will be prosecuted and jailed with your genocidal dream.
      Just time!!!

      • axumawe says:

        YOU KNOW EHAPA(eprp)THEY ARE THE OTHERE face of trotskey,where are they know?
        no where
        you see mengestu,he killed so many young Ethiopians,he was armed the most advanced
        millitary meshingans where is he know he is farming in zembabue.
        do you know brhanu nega hyave you seen him argewing Ethiopian parlament if he stayed he could be the opposition leader but empty brain just shouting then when he find out that there is no place for him in Ethiopia he run away where is he know collecting money from you & poor Ethiopians like you.
        we don’t bark we work.
        we don’t run,we face our challengers.
        we don’t bow,we resist.
        we don’t sreender we die for what we bliev.
        we don’t follow we lead.!!!!!
        we are leaders!!!
        if it is nessesary westing some west for the beter to come is not a crime !!!
        you know what i mean.
        adios wedikomaret!!

  3. Kmarkos says:

    I am afraid the above letter may not be the best solution but to get it to worse and It was not what Moslems have asked for which was very 3 easy questions.
    All religious sect issues have smir formula to re-solve means not the way Gezaee, Teshome, mario, Dawit and all other thugs commented.

    Previously Dictatior, Meles released all prisoners including some thugs not because he was kind but he used to as strategy to stay in power.
    If current Woyanes wishes to stay on the horse back, would may have to do similar formula because deep in side all thugs very well awarekn the right ways won’t leave room to any of them.

  4. addis boy says:

    diaspora opposition and their horse, whabiya,please stop your noise.
    they do this every JUMMAA,at friday. you guys sleep in your worm bed,drink you beer this and that ,and you want my poor brother to die for you ? plssssss !

  5. Ma'zen says:

    @teshome and the rest of your flock

    The ‘federal police”/TPLF plan was to plant some paid thugs and fanatic EPRDF youth forum members within the peaceful mass on selected places with camera already in place. Then the instruction for chaos and mayhem is given by the security (dehninat), then the drama will begin with stone throwing and destruction of properties. Some unfortunate “federal police members” will be put in “danger” for camera consumption to “justify” the police ” reaction”. In fact the real “reaction” was a premeditated and preplanned massacre of innocent civilians, just “to teach a lesson” for the rest of Muslims and be used as a “warning shot” for the opposition political parties which are mobilizing for mass demonstrations. A selected peace will be used as an input for the next episode of “akeldama- jihadawi harkat”. Of course it will be used as a “show case” for the “dangers” the country facing from “Muslims”, to the diplomatic community and also to some non Muslim Ethiopians who are not closely following the movement.

    Planting thugs is not new for peaceful demonstrators, it was used against Martin Luther King during the civil right movement, used by Mubarak during the early days of Egypt revolution and in Ethiopia during 2005 massacre, at that time even stun grenades were made to set off at some palaces to justify the “police reaction”. The current Muslim movement leaders are not that much dump not to learn from previous TPLF tricks. They decided to cancel today’s protest on time to avoid bloodshed and deny TPLF the propaganda fodder it wanted badly. Mind you the best way to avoid a mad dog from biting is by staying away from the rabid canine. The rabid tplfite on this website, “Dr teshome” (above) wrote “….Well the attempt of the government to clear out the protest may cost some life but I am sorry…that is the way it is….” that says a lot about him and his murderer party.
    Dr teshome, this movement is a peaceful movement, as they have been saying again and again and again ” WE HAVE NO REASON TO KILL BUT A REASON TO DIE FOR”. This doesn’t mean the people will put themselves as a sacrifice just to satisfy your blood lust.

    • eshe says:

      Well said Ma’zen. These weyane thugs are everywhere and spread their poisonous politics and propaganda.They don’t have ears to listen nor do they have brain to think. Where is it wrong if the muslims demonstrate peacefully? I am not muslim and have been following the situations carefully for the past one year. This government has a big problem. Why don’t they listen to the public? why don’t they try to solve the problem? They have to realize that they are not in jungle any more. They are leading 80 million people and should be able to know how to solve rather than creat problems. I have no dobt in my mind 1/2 of Ethiopia people are not extremists. There is no shame when you lable 40 million people extremists? Grow up weyane for the sake of the country.

    • axumawe says:

      lwer manblowchuh,wergnoch,if it was my choise
      lesten to me carfully i love to see Ethiopia under one party no more no less,
      that is how Eprdf be came the power !
      it is not a gift from you or from some cawerd neftegna,
      if you have the got come and get it !!!
      since when do you die go to your grand father read your history!!!!!
      who died in mekdela ?
      who died in metema ?
      who defet the battle of adwa not minlik it is etege taytu &ras alula,
      who run to england ?
      who run to zembabu ?
      who died with out a day break morthan 38 years ?
      the selfless son of Ethiopia you cawerds!!!!!!!!
      long live EPRDF,long live woyen!!!!

  6. Yes says:

    Go ahead police! We need peace! Do your job! There few terrorists must be wiped away!

  7. Degefa says:

    at Gezaee
    please let me ask you a simple question!
    In case you are a believer in God, and if someone come and told you, no from today onward you have to change and believe in that or that rather—then what do you do? should you simply accept? had it been election, ok you might accept it thought you know your right have been taken, as it happened to us 1997. But this is believe. Then, where shall these poor people go and tell their appeals, don’t you think that their mosque is not their save territory?

    Should they go out to the streets to be killed by agazi, loyal to tplf Ganges? Who are also millioners and also determined to sweep you in a second

    Pls answer these question putting yourself and family in it?

    or are their questions are not so simple? pls the government leave us, it is up to us to elect our leader? it is up to us to believe the way we like….why you think the government entered to this turmoil? it is simple coz, it seems america has some how done about terrorist and may not keep supporting tplf, and the then man thought he must pass a message to america that terrorism has strated in Ethiopia…while we fight it in Somali…this is too cheap and i donot think it help. rather it is back firing them. Now they are confused and donot know what to do with it. Jehadawi haract…alseram.

    It is also same in my own church. The Orthodox. But tplf was able to divide us in to several smalls, so that we are not able to come together and demonstrate like the Muslims and the pain even much bigger in our cases. But i tell you Christians also soon come together and defend their religion and right.

  8. ewent says:

    በመሆኑም እነዚህ ምንደኞችና አክራሪዎች በነገው ዕለት በሀይማኖት
    ሽፋን በመስጊዶች ውስጥ የሚያካሄዱትን የጥፋት ድርጊት ለማስቆም
    ፖሊስ ተገቢና አስፈላጊውን እርምጃ የሚወስድ መሆኑን የፌዴራል
    ፖሊስ ኮሚሽን በጥብቅ ያሳስባል፡፡

    This looks predetermined. It does not look warning but decision is already made to take action.

    • Ilula Lemaa says:

      What are you talking about, do you know about intelligence. The police need to be aware of what is going on in the society in ahead. especially,This Muslim extremist sabotage need to be watched closely.

  9. AleQa Biru says:

    This is an unfortunate news. Obviously the EPRDF government has no intention of solving the issue with Muslims in a proper and easy way: by answering the simple and legitimate questions of the Muslim community. Rather it is choosing for a very dangerous and bloody confrontation with a significant part of the Ethiopian population which by the way was, ironically, part of EPRDF’s support base.

    I really do not see the point of wasting time, energy and most importantly human lives on this issue. Why not just release the prisoners who were peacefully demanding some questions to be answered? What will EPRDF gain from this except maybe its power if civil war errupts in the country?

  10. galaxy says:

    The EPRDF Government being very patient for more than a year, the extremists showing more power. They also get more and more support from egypt, saudi, UAE, qatar, and al shabeya ofcourse.
    Now, it is time to directly confront them.
    Ethiopian can not be a battle field of extremists
    we need peace and development.
    The daily life of citizens (think MARCATO of ADDIS and its surrounding) is highly disrupted and insecure. People are frastrated and their rights violated due to the every friday prayers.
    Government can not tolerate anymore.
    If EPRDF can not take action the people themselves will start to take action. And that will not be good for Ethiopia. It will become like that of egypt. street fighting will start.

  11. Alibira says:

    Me zen and others, where have you seen a peaceful protest by Muslims in Syria? Yemen? Afghanistan …..tell us

  12. Gezaee says:

    Dear Degefa,

    Thank you for your comments. I have to be honest with you because I hate pretending or I do not attach myself to anyone. I am not in the game. I apply my mind. I am also now very well about the nature of islam. I have learnt islam by heart because I was curious about it. I know it very well. I have read the entire Kuran which no Christian would do.

    On top of that, look how Islamic teaching has messed up Somalia for 23 years now. Somalians are 100% muslims, but you can see them without government for almost 23 years killing each other. Look the entire middle east is on fire. Muslims women are migrating to USA, Europe, Canada, Australia,… in search of freedom. They are throwing thier hijab away and enjoying life.

    You do have a problem with the islamic teaching. That is an open secret to the entire world. you do not admit wrong doings or never condemn wrong doings if it is done in the name of Islam. You do not respect law and order. You do not accommodate others. You do not recognize other religions. You never listen, but insist and persist on your islamic teaching which does not respect others.

    This is putting you into head on even among yourselves and with the rest of humanity, not only with Ethiopia. You can see the Egyptians detest and rejected islamic governement. Islam is not for this century brother.

    No religion has problem in Ethiopia except Islam. Why? because they have wrong islamic teaching that put them into head on collision with others.

    To answer your question :

    The EPRDF government has been pro Islam because of money. It is now harvesting the fruits of its investment in islam.

    I do not believe the government forced you to abandon your God. You do not want to accommodate in Ethiopia an other islamic teaching except your version? is it not that? You must know other reformist can come out from Islam. I personally think Islam needs reformists because the Kuran a version of the Christian old testament. If Christian did not reform the old testament into the new testament? we would have been cutting the head of people now. We would have cutting the hands of people now. We cannot live with old testament now. Living under the current Islamic teaching is like living in the time of the old testament where people stoned, cut, maimed, burnt, buried alive, hanged and all that crazy thing in the name of God. Islam is doing that now. So I am sensitive to you because I do understand your feelings; it is not your fault; it the fault of Muslims; it is the fault of islamic teaching.

    As such, you only have one choice; that is to obey the law of the country. If you have grievances, then you have to use the legal system. The court of law. you can not force the government to be an Islamic government. No one wanted an islamic government in Ethiopia, leave alone in Ethiopia, even muslim countries.

    It is inconceivable in Ethiopia to have islamic regime. The government has been committing suicide by promoting Islam in Ethiopia. But these must change now. Muslims are not special human. Your God is the God every religion worships. Worship your God like others by respecting others and respect law. You can not bend the law to suit you.

    I wanted the government to draft a new law that completely outlawed religious politics in Ethiopia, be it christian or muslims. We do not need religious political party. The government must completely outlaw any political activity is either in church or Mosque. If the church or Mosque engages in political or non-religious activities, the church or mosque must be closed with immediate effect. I do not any God that discriminate people on the base of religion.

    Enough is enough. The government has tolerated so far. Enough is enough. You must thank EPRDF for all the freedoms you are enjoying. You never had all these freedom in Ethiopian history. These came at the cost of many thousands of Ethiopian youth. During derg, you were not even allowed to fart, leave aloen to protest.

    Anyway, I believe the government must end this Islamic game.

  13. Ande Ethiopia says:

    I am very disappointed at the government that it let these extremists run loose. These people are vowing to pursue their extremist ideologies day and night, from Washington to Addis, why the silence? Is the government waiting until they start chopping our heads off? force us to convert to Islam? bomb our shops and schools? I just don’t get it. All peace loving citizens should fight them at all cost and I urge the government to take action immediately. What is the wait for? why the silence? Its a matter of life and death.

  14. Ilula Lemma says:

    You Muslim extremist, we are not part you. Do not play with fire, the government has every right to dismantle you from your root. You, useless extremist, you are dreaming Saudi type rule for our peaceful Ethiopia. Never, ever this will happen on our watch. You want to return us to the forth century uncivilized Arab world.

    God bless Ethiopia

  15. Reyot Alemu says:





    • axumawe says:

      @Reeyot Alemu, you just came from saudi with some reiad money,know you became activest for moslim.
      lmhonu edmesh sent now?

    • Alem says:

      Reyot Alemu,

      Can you tell us who particularly are the Ethiopians rising up against the government? The Tigrians? the Amharas? the Oromos? the Gurages? the Afars? the fanatic Wuhabists? And you people wishing the demise of EPRDF, who do you think your represent? Is it the whole people of Ethiopia? The core of the problems lies here. Now days, it is really impossible to organize the people under your umbrella; and the whole Ethiopia will never be your umbrella.

  16. Reyot Alemu says:

    @ axumawe:
    – Dawit did not give his audience space for comments that are rubbish, and to write for ever: comments are to be short and not tell all your inner sickness here infected by woyane thinking (who is going to read you and Gezaee??? get a life please
    – change is inevitable: only woyane kids things they can cling to power internally: continue to believe that it your prerogative…
    – WOYANE TPLF is a sick party moving by force and fear: Ethiopians are rising!

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