Ayman al-Zawahiri says US behind coup against Mohamed Morsi


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  1. teshome says:

    It is a pity to know Egypt was governed with Al Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahiri. It is shame for America to squeeze billions and billions of dollars from Tax payers to nourish indirectly the Al Qaida net work
    …. It seems Every corner of the world, Muslim fundamentalist are mushrooming. The very disappointing thing is, no Muslim in the world openly condemn such jihadist mentality but rather hanging a frecking excuse that THE RELIGION ISLAM MEANS.
    Where in the world did we see a little truth of this slogan???? Absolutely no where.
    It is completely disheartening to see what kind of societies are we living with.
    Ethiopian case was no different, Two or some years ago, our late PM Meles Zenawi said ” the first time Al Quida cell was found in Ethiopia”, but no body special from our western allies listen seriously. Even some of them were playing with fire in supporting Ethiopian jihadist in the name of Human right abuse and questioning the government for closing a level playing field for he oppositions…REALLY WAS THAT THE CASE
    Last few days, thank you very much Ethiopia oppositions for showing your true colors?
    With our any dilemma you were demanding the immediate release of Ethiopian Muslims terrorists, I weren’t imagine what would the American government reacted if its citizens demand the immediate release of Guantanamo bye prisoners…..
    I candidly ask my government to dismantle the Muslim fundamentalist network and have a closer look at the so called oppositions..
    I believe the first step should to ban all this useless oppositions from operating in a legal county like Ethiopia…This is not new thing recently we have heard Indonesia had ban an opposition party from election.
    So Ethiopia has a good group to ban some opposition parties which believe they are security threat for the country..
    Indeed we have plenty of evidence…..

  2. teshome says:


  3. Helen freedom says:

    perhaps, has come it is time to re-read Barack Obama speech which it has said in May, 2011 in Cairo.
    Let’s remind some positions of that speech.
    « The USA welcome changes which assist self-determination of people and creation of favorable possibilities ».
    Obama has called up leaders of Libya, Syria and Bahrain to stop cruel dispersals of demonstration.
    The president of the United States promised the milliard help to the governments of Tunis, Egypt and other middle-Eastern countries, wishing to pass to democracy.
    Libya as the operated state, does not exist any more. overthrew Gadafi, including, and groups of Islamites. In general, “have gained independence”. But where promised “democracy”?
    Against the government of Syria from supply, including America, political and information war is conducted. The role of infantry on district is executed also by groups ” Brothers-Muslims “. Whether want Syrians “self-determination” and “democracy” on their bayonets?
    The financial help to Egypt and Tunis so there also has not acted – « promised three years wait ». Will wait with “democracy” – will live half-starving. The main thing that “have gained independence”!
    In Washington publicly accept leaders of “Brothers-Muslims” – conductors of new Middle-Eastern “democracy” and future “self-determination”.
    So, the middle-Eastern countries, « passing to democracy », it is not visible even in a microscope.
    For what struggled?
    But, what beautiful words then in Cairo was are told!..
    In interview « Fox News » the analyst of a department of state of USA Laszlo That explained a TV channel a situation: « Many countries, old allies of the USA, have objectives and the problems contradicting that fragile and new democratic movement which occurs now in the Middle East. Neither the Europe, nor Israel are not interested in the Arabian democratic governments. In fact, they – contra. And we have come to the conclusion: new friends and partners in the Middle East are necessary to us. And we have found them ».~Muslim brothers.
    In all this history of cooperation of Washington with “brothers” there is an obvious strategic sight. Having told about details, we shall pass to prospects. What today want the USA from “Brothers-Muslims”?
    In 1950th years of the USA secretly concluded the unions with “brothers” on such varied questions as struggle against communism and reduction of intensity between the European Muslims.
    President Eisenhower in 1953 (for a year before “brothers” have been declared in Egypt outlawed Nasir) has met with their representatives in Washington. Among visitors was Said Ramahdan.
    http: // http://www.nybooks.com/blogs/nyrblog/2011/feb/05/washingtons-secret-history-muslim-brotherhood/
    In other words, the USA look for allies in the ranks of the Islamic organizations for struggle against other Muslims.
    « Divide and Rule! »
    Therefore, the U.S. international diplomacy relations are hypocritical.

  4. Gezaee says:

    TO all Ethiopians: Non-muslim plus muslims,

    Some people are quoting me as if I am anti muslim. Please do not make mistake. I am a person who never believe in discrimination on any base. Trust me, I hate no one on this planet. I love all people regardless ethnic, tribe, religion, race, colour. If I oppose I only oppose ideology. I oppose 100% political islam( Arab Imperialism).I have good reason for doing that; it is not based on prejudice, biase, hate,… it is based on pure reasons and scientific line of thought only. I also do oppose American imperialism. But I love American people. It is the ideology of only us I oppose. Arab ideologist say only us; American ideologist or imperialist say only us. This is not good for our world.
    I love a welfare or community based government like the Canadian government which looks after people. I love country like Canada that believes in diversity that treat black, white, yellow, … equal. I also do not subscribe to any political faction based in or outside Ethiopia. None of them appeal me or interest me.

    I also believe the islamicist problem in Ethiopia is caused by Ethiopians government. The Ethiopian government have been sleeping with Arabs for money. That is the cause; it is not the Ethiopian muslims. The Ethiopians muslims are victims. They were supposed to be protected by their government from Arab cultural imperialists. However, the Ethiopian government decided to sell everything in the name of development. It opened Ethiopia wide to everyone bad and good. Now the people of Ethiopia are endanger. Only you need to go in Ethiopia now is money; Ethiopians officials sell visa for anyone who want to go to Ethiopia. Other country do a lot of clearance to let in people. But Ethiopian government does not care. They let in anyone who has money. He or she can be devil. This is the problem. What do you expect when Wahabists were let in to Ethiopia and given land, and everything they need. They trained young Ethiopian muslims. Do you accuse the young brain washed Ethiopian muslims? no, it is the government that exposed them to evilness because the government wanted money.

    Let us not accuse the Ethiopian muslim but the Ethiopian government which exposed Ethiopians to this extremism and other things which are not acceptable. There are other things happening in Ethiopia because of the government wicked policy, not because Ethiopians wanted them.

    The other suggestion I have: Why we do not destroy all the religions and all of us believe in one God? I am serious. Why we kill each other in the name of God? He created everyone of us; he did not create us to kill each other. God can not waste time designing this sophisticated human machine for killing. it is wrong.

    May be we need to destroy all the religions and we all agree to worship one God. What is in a name? whether you call him Allah or God or Johova, Yahw,fetetari, egziabhir, … it is all human name. We do not even know God is male or female. For instance, all religion consider as Male? who really know the gender of God? Why is Allah Male? Why is God male? why is feteri male? I am Christian, the bible does not tell me about the gender clearly. The bible days God as male in English? in Ethiopia God is called is creator which could be male or female. This is to say we are fighting against our own imagination. God did not create us to fight and kill each other. My argument is that if God was to walk on earth, I do not believe he would discriminate us according to our religion. I do not believe he would say, all muslim come to heaven and all non-muslims go to hell. That is only the Arab Islamic belief. Let us use our brain instead of killing each other. Why would God allow Muslims to do this: watch this please:


    Must we tolerate this? why?

    • ETHIO says:

      Thank you for your good comment.
      Please let me honest I suspect you a little bit,According to your previous comments,I think you hate Amhara people.sorry to say this.What have those poor people done?and why is government everyday attack them everyday for 40 years?

      why is this on Ethiopian website? we all know what is going on in Ethiopia and else where. we(Ethiopian)have enough problem we don’t want to walk through where we walk today. Wahhabism start in Ethiopia through individuals in 1990’s and the government did nothing to protect the country instead working with them. coffee export and importing good’s from the meadle east was on their hand for more than ten years.what we have seen insulting Christianity and burning the church killed the priest and distributing some DVD’s which were very dangerous for public safety,this all happened in-front of the government. We are at risk to go to civil war and former pm denied it many times instead attacked good opposition whom are different with tplf. Both the government and opposition’s(olf,g7 onlf) infected by terrorist it is fact.this will be very expensive in term of economy,security and some years to come.It needs all Ethiopian to work together including the government and opposition,but both of them are not ready to work together. The government is the first to blame(they did agreement with al-Qaeda infected onlf but not with Medrek,AEUP etc) Sham on Ethiopian government who is very busy attacking Amhara’s and friends of Amhras(the true Ethiopian never hate any ethnic in Ethiopia because we all Ethiopians) but the government hate amharas very much and love any one but they love corruption).

      • Gezaee says:

        Ethio: Trust me, I have pure heart; leave alone for Amhara who are my own people because I know our history well; hating amhara will be hating myself; I hate no human being on this planet. Even Arabs I love them. I just hate their ideology. I hate no Ethiopian. I have to admit I sometimes become narrow when I react to narrow people. I can refer you to the Habesha, some articles posted at the Habesha are really bad, racist and such racist article push people to the extreme end. When you respond to racist you become racist. When you respond to ethnicists, you become ethnicist. I agree the government is a disgrace for us; unfortunately the TPLF leaders are taken over by greed for wealth, money which is their God. Our GOD is God; their God is money. That is a big problem. The TPLF leaders sleeping with everyone like a prostitute for money. But when you prostitute for material, you may get killed in the process. That is what history says. Greed does not get you anywhere. Virtue is the only that sustain us safe. Greed is a cause for downfall. Greed also blinds people mind, heart.

        I doubt TPLF will change; they just do not understand and are not willing to listen. Gambling with islamicist for money is just playing with fire. They exposed the poor people to Arab islamicists. I do not blame Ethiopian muslims. They are trained in the past 20 years. What do you expect? who do we blame? I do not blame muslims. I blame TPLF leaders, money worshippers. They put the country now in danger. Even the opposition is using that now. I am afraid, for the opposition it might look advantageous to use it, but if conflict flares up, Ethiopia will be much worse than Somalia. Neither the government nor the opposition seems to be prudent. What can we do? you can only talk to people if there are people who have ears to hears and listen. But if people can not hear, listen, see, understand? you can hardly do anything. Arrogance and ignorance is the cause of all conflict in this world. Some people never see and get blinded by their own egos and put in danger the rest of society. There is no way you can teach TPLF leaders. They are perfect, always right; if you tell them the truth, they will tell you many bad names. Now the enemies are inside Ethiopia. But the problem is islamicist will not choose they will kill every non-muslim in Ethiopia and they will not select the Wahabist TPLF leaders. We better call TPLF Arab People liberation front. There is the computer Jargon called GIGO: garbage in Garbage out or Good in Good out. In short, what sow is what you harvest. Money worshippers need to think twice with greediness.

        • Biruh says:

          I read both of your above postings and very good comments.
          You said it “Virtue is the only that sustain us safe”, I agree.
          All the mistakes are created by the Ethiopian government because they give land for every request of building a Mosque. God knows if the Arabe do humanitarian aide on earth rather than helping build mosque!
          Today, in Ethiopia, many Ministers are Muslimes…to tell you some of them:

          Suffian Ahmed
          Redwan Hussein
          Mukhtar Kedir
          Junedin Sado
          Aman Abdo (yasabidewuna)
          Kasim Fite

          These are some of them whom I can remember thier names but they are more than dozens

  5. Jemal says:

    How this guy with long bread of symbol of Muslim with AK-47 considered as Muslim. This act has challenged Muslim religion as “peace”. Ours Muslim boy shouts “demistachin Yisema”. But their long vision to be Ayman al-Zawahiri. So the government should have plan to keep Ethiopia save for all citizen not for 5 years or 10 years 50years 100years. Long live sustainable Ethiopia should be planned in 1000 years. Ethiopians should be smart to excel Arab rats mind to make foolish us by pumping oil money to buy Ethiopian Muslim Mercenary to Arabized Ethiopia

  6. Lalibela says:

    But Woyane promoted Islam to neutralize amhara. That is the mistake done. They did more damage than amhara they accuse. I better be a slave of any Ethiopian ethnic than to be ruled by Arab. Ethiopia is now out of the hand of woyane. Ethiopia is controlled by Suadi King that is where the money comes from. It is development for woyane. I heard many times woyane cadres saying they will lease land to anyone. It is this high level stupidity and ignorance that let in Arab islam into Ethiopia. I personally believe the cause is woyane policies, not Ethiopian muslims. If I was to be trained like the poor Ethiopian, I would do the same. We know Ethiopians become protestant to get money. The same happens with islam. Money is doled out and people converting to islam everyday because of money. I do not honestly understand what the woyane wanted. I hardly doubt they have any national agenda apart from collecting money. But the bad things, what are they going to do with the money after messing the country? This is complete betrayal to the about 60 000 Tigrean who died. They did not gave their precious lives to sell Ethiopian land to Arabs and to sell national asset to any bidder. This is historical disgrace which must be condemned by all Ethiopians. Why foreign citizens give everything and citizens treated as second citizen in their country? do you know EPRDF gives seed money to Egyptian entrepreneurs. Young graduate Egyptians go to Ethiopia and Ethiopian government give them seed money to start business. Nowhere on this planet does a government pay money to foreign citizens to start business. No where on this planet is such stupidity. May be it is time to put woyane leaders in the pit they have dug. Woyanes you are ugly, repugnant; You really traitors at highest level. What do you want from the country? What are you going to do with the money after destroying the country? Shame

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