Top Landman detained on Corruption Charges


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  1. Habtamu S says:

    What I want to forward my comment is not on this suspected man but what makes corruption in particular and morally wrong responsibility in general have seen in this country? Why it becomes so loud in the last 10 years? Who is responsible for such behavior? How can we correct it? In what mechanisms? In my opinion the last 10 years are a period of takeoff time for our economy and in such period it is expected to see some individuals to control illegal wealth that they never seen before. A very responsible legal person to control such misbehave act is the government. But to control grand corruption done in a country couldn’t stop by the governmental offices and personals only but it needs the support of the people in general and the media in particular. Look in last 20 years most of our ‘free press’ had been doing a lot to alienate the people from the state of Ethiopia by making hopeless to his country only for their personal whish comes from hatred towards individual in political power.This makes some individuals to use their office time only to have wrong wealth comes from wrong doing for their terror on the coming days. On doing this they or the free press “journalist” and articles “writers” are done their unwise approach for their people successfully. But we should need to see the difference between individual in temporal political power and the state which continue to exist for long time. Thank you.

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