CNN iReport says 25 protesters killed in Ethiopia


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52 Responses

  1. tazabi says:

    What a sad story if it happened. CNN did you even ask why they brought a child to the street when protest can turn ugly anything can happen , they ‘killed aroung the country’ did they run out of something , the story doesn’t add up and the source is one person no proof ,what if it is a lie and not true did you ask yourself. They should be brought to justice for child indangerment.

    • muslim problem of the world says:

      CNN is a terrorist channel as its masters while US laws say runing terroris or extrimist ideas are illegal then when the terrorists kill people including one shaik who was muslim relligion leader then CNN says peace full protestors? where is the peace they killed their leader and peacefull 25 is very little with the way they are acting the couragious and highly diciplined police force should be appriciated for minimizing the fatalists.

      • Aster says:

        Hi Muslim problem of the world,
        I don’t think CNN is a terrorist channel. Maybe CNN made a mistake in this case or not, but more importantly we need to concentrate on the terrorists Muslims who are distributing the people of Addis Ababa. This nonsense called protests must stop immediately.

        • Aster says:

          I don’t think CNN is a terrorist channel. Maybe CNN made a mistake in this case or not, but more importantly we need to concentrate on the terrorists Muslims who are destructing the people of Addis Ababa. This nonsense called protest must stop immediately.

      • Mr nestag says:

        ” 25 is very
        little …….the couragious and
        highly diciplined police force
        should be appriciated …..”HOw dare you that you mock on the life of innocent people! how many is enough for you 100….10000. or a million I don’t think it would be enough for the likes of you…you blood thirsty fascist…you and your. tyrant leading group won’t be able to contune by massacaring innocent Ethiopians. go head and appreciate murderers it’s up to you but you will be tried soon by Ethiopians and the world community

    • Tazabi says:

      I commented and replied using a nick name Tazabi on several other articles. I recommend “tazabi” to use a different nick name as I neither don’t share your assessment of the situation nor do I like it using duplicate a nick name.

      I hope it makes sense to you. Thx!

      • Lemagne Beyene says:

        Why are people see things from the business side. some times any bad news in ethiopia is very very good news for our leaders in diaspora.
        So guys it is not bad for every one. come on even thou the news is lie we can use it as it happen to collect money.
        did you see G7 letter yesterday we are ready for fight. using an app on our mobile.
        technology made it simple to go to war we are a bit of short of money to create the opportunity for our supporters in diaspora to go to war using the new app we are making sitting from there home.
        just give us money. money talk said my brother when i bring it from ethiopia and now he is specialising to become political analyst from azmarinet .
        So forget the above gossip news but use it for your advantage to live luxury life with out working a single day.

  2. Ermi says:

    tazabi (aka …..edited by admin),

    You woyanes are something. you are blaming the victims when you know it for sure you are blood thirsty woyane. You and your likes are wild cyber agents who advocate the spilling of Ethiopian blood.

    Woyane planned to gun down several protesters on Friday. And when the Muslims foiled woyanes plan by cancelling their usual peaceful Friday demonstration, the blood thirsty wild animals killed anyone they found on the street including the a child. Woyane tugs’ days are numbered. I can’t wait to see your likes brought before court and pay for your crimes. All the stolen properties you have amassed will be confiscated. I promise you that. There will never be thruth and reconciliation with you woyanes.

    Peace and love to all!


  3. Ermi says:


    Why do you remove a very important part of my comment?

    I was stating that tazabi and …. are one and same person who is spreading ethnic cleansing on this forum. this person is a woyane cyber agent, using multiple names this person is posting lies and inciting messages for the blood thirsty woyanes to spill the blood of innocent Ethiopians. Please don’t remove parts of my message.

    Peace and love to all!


    (Admin Note: Dear Ermi, we have partially edited your comment due to policy matters. If you come up with sufficient evidences on the identity of Tazabi and his mission, we may consider your claims based on our policy. Otherwise this website doesn’t encourage character assassination)

    • axumawe says:

      hi what ever your name is Ermi so what??? it is not your bessnes how many times he / she uses there name ,just say what u want to say .
      don’t tray to control every body ok!!!
      also know this the editor he can do what ever he wants to do. it is his website ok!!!
      if you don’t behave well,he can wipe you out of his website to, know this!!
      by the way who are u ?to say he is leing
      what maks u you are not a lier ????

  4. Ali says:

    Shout down the radio station BiLLi what ever name.send them to jel.
    They have to respect the low if not send theme no one is above the low. I don’t like killing but if they don’t respect the low go arrest the top top leders and send theme to the court
    Ouer Muslims brothers and sisters they now this is politks
    Ther is no domstation @ mosque or church what kind of joke.
    I support the government they have to protect the citizens and the countery.

  5. AleQa Biru says:

    My goodness, it is amazing to see how emotional many of Ethiopians are on almost everything.

    Please calm down and think a minute before starting to imagine all kinds of conspiracy theories ….

    Reading the comments on CNN under the mentioned iReport on Ethiopia, many are trying to address all kinds of issue (democracy, human rights, ethnic, religious etc) regarding Ethiopia, as if they are talking directly to CNN or the “US government.”

    People, please realize that CNN iReport is a kind of Facebook where anybody can post anything. It could be true or fabricated or anything else in between.

    Don’t just waste your time and energy on everything. Know what is what and focus your energy on what makes sense and useful.

  6. Garbi says:

    May WAQA give its strength to those who lost their loved ones in this outrageous criminal act!
    Why is this news so incomplete? In which part of Ethiopia did this incident take place? How come it was difficult for the reporter to mention at least the names of the towns?
    When it comes to killing by TPLF soldiers, it happens most of the time in Oromia. Whether an Oromo man is a muslim Waqefata, or christian,he/she is the least tolerated in Ethiopia. Soem Oromo brothers and sisters think this government has been interfering with their religion. But the fact is that this government has taken away their country. It has taken you. It has taken your soil. It has taken your wife and your children. Asking to exercise your religion freely doesn’t solve your problem. It will not end your suffering. Stand up to free your country!

  7. Degefa says:

    at Dawit (administrator)
    You are struggling to hid murder and looks worried rather trying to tell us the info might be false. But I guess you have a first hand access to get info from addis. I mean, you get other very sensitive infos before, but you can’t get the info on the death of 25 people. what is shame is this!

    That is the true side of the government you are trying to promote and protect. That is it-just killing people who are crying on the street. Just farmers crying to the government telling it the government itself, not to interfere their constitutional right of choosing what they wish to and used to believe in.

    Agazi, the blood trusty tplf guys, they got good a newjob now. They were idle for many years, since 2005, and they got it now. Let them drink the blood of these poor farmers, but they will pay for it. I am sure they are very happy of their new job. But the murder man was not there to bless them this time and i am sure it doesn’t give them sense to be appreciated by the puppet HD.

    This is government majority of the Tigrie people are protecting. They never said anything when their children kill, when they abuse other ethnicity. They support them rather, when the government cadres wrongly and unconstitutionally stop the current called up on demonstration at Mekele. We see problems in all places to go for peaceful demonstration as the government didnot want that, BUT we never saw anything like what happened in Mekele–totally abandoning demonstration!. I am sorry, it is now becoming clear what a democracy and justice to Tigrie people is. They have no problem as they are progressing in all aspects, economy, education, health, security….no problems, coz it is there sons who assume government! We the poor are second citizens and have to be killed by Agazi, 25 per day. 25 per day is too small for agazi. they need more blood to be satisfied. But day will come and Agazi will pay for the pure blood they are pouring today.

    Kemekelewoch gar gen metezazebachen alkerem.

    I am however keen to the few hero, from Mekele, who never ever negotiate being an Ethiopian. History will respect them.

    • axumawe says:

      but you want to point your finger, point it at the garbeg extremes. not at the people of tegray.
      do you know some thing about the people of tegray? they are heroes,decent,hard working people,and very loyal,determn,sencitve & hamble people live them alon, b/c they are my people!!!!
      inspiet i live in exile i well not toloret my peoples degnety!!!!
      let me tell you some thing the people of tegray when you have enjoied your days they pay a havey price for 17 years of bombardment.2500 in hawzen with in few if you want to point your fingers, point it at those who are sealing you and your likes for 500,000 for arabs,to destroy our country not at the people of tegray!!!!!!

      • degefa says:

        at axumawe
        dear sir,
        You mistake starts from when you categories me as one benefited when Tigry people suffered. Who told you that false facts? You must back and learn from grade 1. In Ethiopia, there was no ethnicity never suffered, yesterday and today! All have passed through. By the way, didnot you heard and knew this fact that, the masacar of Hawzen is due to the deadlock strategy of Sebhat and Meles? Go and ask these geniun Tigres, and you will tell when you are alone, though not in open. It is they who strategically pulled the war to town and the market. I am sure it one you who still struggle to deny that fact.

        The other mistake of you, is that, it is false to think that what comes to ethiopia today is only by Tplf.

        Even i never associated to tplf with tigray people to the extent you did it. That means, tply means according to your interpretation is tigire people. Though it seems to many, i personally believe there are millions of Tigere people who never support the murder government and people like who are happy of people dying. Kile ras neh.

        You do you think is selling ethiopia? is not tplf? who already sold our Gambela? and negotiating Oromia? who sold out Asab? is it not the people you support blindly? By the way is ethiopia is really something to you and your like? did you really appreciate that? if that is true, why you are still tplf after 22 years of governing a country? Do you even answer to this one?

        Yes, i am still raising my question, why Mekele is different to hold on demonstration? Is it becuase everybody satisfied? why that particular city is different from the rest of the country, if the people and the government are different?

        But you said it, we struggled 17 years, so, so—-that is what you kel ras are propagating. You struggled for 17 years, and you have to rule and kill for 50 years, yes? that is we you clearly said.

        But that bullshit and doesn’t take you and distance. rather distinguish between people and tplf?

        I still respect these tigry people who are struggling to keep line between tigry people and tplf. Tplf is murder. No difference between tplf and the deregu, whom i know little due to my age.

  8. kebraraw says:

    the government is protecting the peacefull citizens despite they are muslim or other religion but the terrorists are not even muslims they are powerthirsty recruits of the arabs who want to disteblize the country cince the era of wwr2 there should not be any mercy on such terrorists they should take their punishmnet to the extent of damage they intend to cause

  9. teshome says:

    I won’t take this news at face value unless it is verified by other independent media. It may be an extremely calculated political game to smear Ethiopian government name in the ugliest light possible.
    The big message here for Ethiopian Muslim fundamentalist and for those others who are innocently following them without knowing the political agenda backed….
    Please you are playing with a dreadful fire and you better refrain yourself or be ready for the bitter consequences.
    The ball is in your court and it is about you to choose…

  10. aba_chegora says:

    ethiopia is countrie where christians and moslims have lived in peace in harmony for generations. Radicalism and extremism of moslims is wrong.

    • Jonas says:

      Peace and harmony?
      Because muslims have been /and are in the minority. Look what happens in other parts of the world what happens where muslims made the majority. E.g. EGYPT with christians. This should not happen to us. So think before shooting against the goverment.

  11. Asela says:

    Wahabism, deceptions, laying, killing, death and destruction are the one sides of the coin while the Saudi and Gulf desert creatures evil agenda with oil money to finance it is on the other.

    The right action that is to seen on the film might be news in some other countries but in the so called Arab world, it is the first and biggest part of their life and daily practice with the highest proportion. They know themselves that this is the only way to deal with them. The west needs to wake up and deal with them the hard ways which is the only way they can understand and be defeated.

    Always remember;

    Sharia and Democracy are the two worst enemies existing today where there is no a single reason the two can have anything in common. Political Islam is the tactic the Sunni Muslims are using to get power in the name of democracy in order to implement the Arabs Islamic law which is sharia and that is the worst enemy to democracy. MB in Egypt did the same way.

    When any Muslim that is the sold out to Arabs with Arabs oil money talks about politics and democracy, he is just lying. He doesn’t care about democracy, rule of law, human right, freedom and the likes but using those names in order to get power and act as devil in the name of Islam. Egypt MB is the best example.

    Saudi and Gulf nations that are USA ally’s hahahaha are the main cause of the troubles in Ethiopia and other poor and weak nations turning the domestic look like citizens in to wild and hostile monsters in the name of religion.

    So, it is their daily life and part of their satanic believe. So it must not be different and news when it happens in Ethiopia. They must be wiped out totally knowing they have no leverage at all but living to cause troubles that would danger our country future knowing what is going on in those desert Arab nations including Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and all over the hell desert. Nothing but Sunni/Wahabi Islam is the biggest problem and obstacle.

    So, we don’t want that in Africa as we don’t want any investment, tourism or anything from the demon Arabs while the whole world knows they are very different missions and agendas when they come to the country in the name of tourism, investment and so on. Avoiding the Arabs completely and controlling their movement to the very detail are the only weapons to deal with them including stopping the crimes they are causing in nations mainly the poor and weak using oil money to buy believers/servants of their religion mission which is we know what kind mission it is.

  12. Nobel person says:

    Most of the comments are as usual, immature, racist, ethnicist, narrow,…. people we told you many times, respect the law; if you do not respect law, that is what will happen in any country. The rule of thump is to obey the Universal law. Naming calling of Tigreans or amhara or oromo,… or talking about freedom or bla bla bla will not get you anywhere. In any country in the world, if you do not obey the law, either your be thrown into jail or even get killed. Security personnel has power to take necessary ermja if necessary to keep public interest which is paramount. That is public safety and security. If the public is not safe, there is meaning in having government. Blame blaming will not solve any problem.
    As to CNN: their objectives are to make people kill each other and for the sake of their hidden agenda. You can see this news wushet fabricated by CNN. war in developing countries is like a game for them to watch. They are trying to make conflict in Ethiopia and they wanted to see Ethiopia become like sSomalia. But it is the Ethiopian government which created all these windows for all enemies to use. Why did the government wait two years to stop the muslims from violating the right of Addis abebayans? Addis has become inhabitable for public strife ever Friday. You must be careful. The government is trying to protect you and it may seems okay now; but if conflict religious strife starts, you will not stop it. It will burn Ethiopia. Stop accusing the government everything. The government did not do anything so far bad. No government in any country tolerate lawlessness, violence,… these government tolerated lawlessness in the name of religion for almost two years. you can not do this anywhere or in any country.

  13. Embasoleda says:

    The questions of religion freedom, and peaceful protest have been the main strategical movement that have used by all those fantastic Muslim exterimist jut to cover up their ugly evil agendas. So, the Ethiopian people and government should do whatever it takes to prevent the nation from those extremists. In addition, the war against those fanatica evlils has been going for a while, and all peace loving individuals or groups should contribute their part to restore peace…once again, the peaful protest and religion freedom propaganda is nothing, but a strategy to cover up their evil missions…

  14. Mario says:

    Woyanes/TPLF are now like a rabid dog biting anything in its way. A rabid dog at this stage of the viral disease will never survive no matter what. The same is true with woanes/TPLF. They are in serious quarrel with the Ethiopian people, Muslims and Christians. Like a rabid dog, they are isolated by the day and ferociously in collusion with almost everybody except themselves. Their madness is now beyond imagination and intolerable. The beginning of their end has begun. They will be soon dealt with the Ethiopian people just like a rabid dog is dealt with the infecting Rabies virus.

    Death to woyanes/TPLF!!!

    • EthioZena says:

      I’m very impressed by your comment above.I’m glad you finally understood what woyane government is all about.Yes, Death to woyanes/TPLF!!!

    • Yewelayta lij says:

      I happy to see in street ethiopia deadest and strongest commando in africa. Agazzzziiii. With red hat. We are 7 million aaaaagggaziii show them in action. We never been like those ahiiyoochh in dc.

  15. Gezaee says:

    Why the Ethiopian government refused to listen long ago. I personally warned many years ago. I was rebuffed by Woyane cadres as crazy man? I swear they were calling me crazy or delusion, sick, ill and mad man. Why now cry ? Prevention is better than cure. We told you long; I personally do not lie or do not say things for no reasons. Everything I complain is based on facts and my personal knowledge.

    I rembember two years ago; I raised this issue at Nazret website. But I was abused, insulted, lambasted by woyanes cadres. I think when we speak online we are being considered useless people. you must know you are talking with many skill people on these forums. you do not see the people behind the PC, but many people are genuine and say things based on reasons. Anyway, you have to clean your mess now.

    I warned that removing our people from their land and give away our land to Arabs is/was a suicidal. A personal with the right mind can let Arab into his country and give them land for 100 years. Look what they did in 5 year, what do you think they will do in 100 years to Etihopia? They will make another Suadi, they will even bandon their desert country and completely move to Ethiopia. Why do they need Saudi Arabia if they get Ethiopia without any fighting? Who is to blamed here? I am sorry it is the woyane government that messed up all these. It let them in and gave land in our country by removing our people from their land? This madness of the millennium to be honest. Only stupid, ignorant can hand their country to Arab for money. Anyway, you have to clean now your own mess. You can not develop your country in this, you would only destroy it.

    Time has proved me perfect. Everything I have been warning is now on the table for woyane to work on. You are not as smart as you think. You are foolish. Hard work, innovation is the only way to develop, there is short cut development by selling your own house. What woyanes were doing is selling their own house for money and leaving themselves outside in the cold. Money is not everything. Money without virtue bring disaster.

    As I said earlier, I do not blame the Ethiopian muslims. They must have been protected by their government, but unfortunately, the government subject them to the abuse foreign Islamic missionaries who come with a lot of money. The poor Ethiopian muslims has to die for Arab Imperialism?

    Even now, you must educate our muslims that it is not t heir fault; the regime needs to inform the Ethiopian muslims. I have said this long that Ethiopian muslims are like angel. I swear our muslims were angels; They never even look at you; They look down and they are so humble. It was because Ethiopian muslim brothers I hate protestant and I loved muslim and I studied the entire Kuran by my heart. I did not know the evil Islam outside Ethiopia. You know in Ethiopia you can marry muslim; it is not a big deal. But outside Ethiopia, that is impossible. I 100% believe Ethiopian muslims do not know the outside islam as myself never knew about it. I only found out outside Ethiopia when I tried to be close to Muslims I used to at home. This was the reason I have been always asking the government to protect Ethiopians from islam and to avoid investment from Saudi Arabia. The damage they cause is much more than the benefit they bring. You may not believe me, they are marry Ethiopians teens reproducing like rabbits in Ethiopia now. Ethiopia will be gone. They are already claiming 55 % Ethiopians Muslims? I cannot say this is not true because was fully engaged in destroying the Ethiopian orthodox and promoting Arabic islam and all these in exchange for money? shame

    • hermi says:

      Before you start spitting your usual I know it all grandiosity, try to find out first the veracity of the story. Why would Awramba chose to propagate unsabstantiated story with a 2005 picture (now changed with a mosque) is just wishful thinking. Patience is virtue.

  16. CNN vs. Cnn-irport says:

    This might be a good opportunity to enlighten your readers the difference between “CNN” and “CNN-I report” that have posted this video. Before you are howling mad, the story of the killing cannot be independently verified. This is an individual report or as they call it citizen report where CNN allows to post people whatever they want to an extent. Meaning reporting like this submitted are not edited, verified its accuracy, nor screened. It is like saying whatever you want in Facebook. Again, in this fragile world, Ethiopia got to protect its citizens from terrorists (not Muslims).

    • Dmbulo says:

      Whatever the difference between “CNN” and “CNN-I report” may be, reporting something that is not independently verified is equivalent to bearing a false witness. CNN falls under the category of biased news outlet. You don’t hear from CNN verified reports of killings and arrests of protesters in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia? Of course those countries are “allies” of the West and you bet, they are entitled to crush any opposition that is a threat to their regimes. We know that all Moslems are not terrorists but all the terrorists are Moslems. I applaud the government of Ethiopia for its stand against these terrorists.

  17. Belay says:

    Are Ethiopian Diaspora full of idiots?

    Let me help you… even the picture is from 2005. Check it here.

    • Ninita says:

      Belay Shabia: go to your Shabia land where your security has killed 80 afars in the red sea. The Ethiopian army is your nightmare. It will finish you soon.

    • Ahadu says:

      Thank you Belay!

      They are only FIDO (fools and idiot diaspora opposition). kkkkkkk…

    • galaxy says:

      Thank you Belay for the link
      The post from the so called CNN ireport is a cut and paste from 2005 photos.
      This website awrambatimes should not have posted this trash.
      Dawit, do not do like this. you are lossing your credibility.

  18. Mj Tyson says:

    I will wait and see if it can be verified.

  19. Hahal says:

    Look, this show the religion islam is really primitive and stone worship type. Sex = Allah in Islam, if you do not agree check this:

  20. weyagere says:

    woyane, yalzerut eko aybeklem…

    you played divisons among Ethiopians, yaw lebeloichew tenessetewoil!!!

    Ethiopia survived with muslims for 3000 years in peace…woyane is responsible!

  21. Ethiopia Tikdem says:

    Now you wanted to question the credibility of CNN-i report? How ironic? Self denial of the 21^st century.

  22. Gezaee says:

    To all Ethiopian: Stop hating; enjoy this; we do not realize it but we have a beautiful country; our diversity is our beauty. Listen this beautiful Oromignea song: This song made my day; it is nourishing.

  23. Alma says:

    For those who say there is no wahabisim in Ethiopia check out this video. Listen what the people are saying. For me I believe these people more than those facebook orginized guys in Addis.

    • degefa says:

      At Alma

      but how are you sure enough if the government itself didnot did that—are sure the government is pure from the killing of the person?

      This will take us to wickedness i am sorry for these of you who believe your woyane is pure. They even kill Abune mathias as far as they found it important to their missin

  24. axumit says:

    There is no danger anymore for the muslims outside ethiopia. Its time for them to go back were they come from. Like saudi is a muslim country Ethiopia up to the red sea is holy christian land. So be aware.

  25. EthioZena says:

    This is what we call “government”? woyane is NOT an Ethiopian government at all. They protest peacefully over a year and what they got from the so called government is a Bullet! now, who is terrorist? when you protest peacefully, they will give you Bullets, when you support armed struggle, they will call you terrorist or terrorist supporters.What the F**** man!!!woyane need to go, they need to go soon. It is too much!!!They are tuning in to a mad dog.

    • Soon you see Islamic Republic of ethiopia. Sooner . I live in London uk for years. 80% of Church in London converted into mosque. Same will happen to mama ethiopia. This is not ethiopia government problem it is world wide. Like London eve

  26. yohannes says:

    Goverment is protect our land form arbe & egpt that is right but sorry for the dead people Rip !!!!

    • EthioZena says:


      …”sorry for the dead people” ? you are an idiot and narrow minded woyane. I feel sorry for you. If one of your family member is one of those people that call “dead”, we both know you wouldn’t write this garbage comment above. …”protect our land from Arab and Egypt? what are you talking about? what is the land has to do with the “dead” people? simply put, you are an idiot!

  27. Helen freedom says:

    The dictatorship(TPLF) of the blood of dictatorship has once again proved that it rests only on force. peaceful slogans contrasted weapons. Today, we know who is the main perpetrator – people in uniform. They think.. they will keep the power on force.they were wrong!
    This unheard of atrocity felonious the dictatorial regime(T.P.L.F) virtually signed his own final judgment. Once again it has been proven that the policy of of connivance spacey from fear and hate dictators anywhere in the world… is only multiplies the pain and suffering of innocent old men, women and children. The peoples are paying a terrible toll for crafty speech and actions of politicians who, hiding their true motives.

  28. nameles says:

    ESAT and diaspora politicians should giving support for WHABISTS who dream to create an ISLAMIC STATE as HAJI NEJIB and JAWAR MOHAMMED claimed Muslims are accounting 50 million out of 80 million and they also support the use of MENCHA on non muslims. These WHABISTS are anti ethiopians they already started burning ETHIOPIAN FLAG like woyane

  29. በለው! says:

    በለው! ጃዋር ሙስሊሙን አስበላው ኦሮሞን ለዓረብ ጀወረው!አሁን አረንጓዴ ቢጫ ቀይ መስመር ተጥሷል። የጃዋርያን ግልጽ ተልዕኮ በንፁህ ሙስሊም ጥያቄ አስታኮ የኦሮሞ ሙስሊም መገንጠልን ለማሳካት ያደረገው ኤኢን የአወጣ በጀርምን በካናዳ አሜሪካ በደቡብ አፍሪካ አለው የሜንጫ ጭፍጨፋና የታሪክን ማጥፋት መዘክርን ማፍረስ ሴራ ተጋልጧል። ከእነነፍሳቸው ወንዝ ለተጣሉ ዜጎቻችን ጠላታቸው ተጋልቷል ወያኔ በዝምታ ይህንን ይዞ መቀመጡ የወንጅሉ ተባባሪ ነው።አለበለዚያ አስቸኳይ የዘር ማጥፋት ወነጀልን ክስ ግለሰቦቹ በሰጡት ቃል መሠረት በማድረግ ወደ ህግ መንቀሳቀስ አለበት።ይህ የማይደረግ ከሆነ ኢህዴግ እራሱ ያሰማራቸው ሽብርኞች እንዳሉ ማስረጃ ይሆናል። ሙስሊሙ ኅብረተሰብ በሥሙ የሚነግዱ ዘረኛ አደገኛ ነፍሰጋዳይ ገንጣይ ሙስሉም ኦሮሞን ሊየጋልጥ ሊያወግዝ ይገባ ነበር። በተለይ ዲያስፖራው እንደገና በአስቸኳይ ይፈተሻል!!ኢህዴግ ውስጥህን አጥራ በለው!

  30. Dmbulo says:

    What CNN or any media outlet for that matter, reported doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that the dark forces are working overtime to push Ethiopia descend into chaos similar to what we are witnessing in the Arab world. What the Saudi, Qatar and other Gulf state governments do these days is distabilizing nations for their own agenda. Little did they know that Ethiopia is not Egypt, Syria or Libya. The Arabs or Moslems for that matter should have been grateful to Ethiopia – the country that their Prophet Mohamad chose as a safe haven for his persecuted followers. Sadly CNN doesn’t report what is happening in Qatif, Saudi Arabia or Bahrain where protesters are being Killed and beaten. Then again, the era of unbiased journalism had long gone and forgotten. Unfortunately.

  31. tiqur sew says:

    Kezih direhfetse anbabiwoch ke andi akababi ena yeweyane lijoch sibsib nachuh.yemotachihu.lenanite melis mesitet erasin ziq madireg new.mintihonu weyane yedeqe ena yemote qen. MEchem fikir eskemekabir satihonu atiqerum.yigermal getan eresitachuh weyanen mamilek jemerachuh.yenanten mecheresha yaye sew.
    mote lee weyane dill le ethiopia hizib
    Ethiopia lezelalem tinur!

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