Sibhat Nega Speaks on Post-Meles Ethiopia and Current Events


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65 Responses

  1. Gezaee says:

    Aboy Sibhat, the arrogant man who says Ethiopia must be landlocked? The man who said he will fight any Ethiopian who threatens Eritrean independence? He must be ashamed of himself. Yeritrea guday amnenbetal? Yehzbe megenetatel emenet? Hzbun men netsawet tadia? Haileslassie begid keret siyaskefu, ante degmo begid yebahre kerete yeethiopia hizb begd eyaskefelkuw new. I do not think Aboy Sibhat understand has infringed the right of Ethiopian people and he subjected to pay taxes to buy ports from Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Sudan while they ports are sitting idle? you must be ashamed Aboy Sibhat?

    Yeante yemegnetental emenet leeritrea hzb min ameta? is really you believed Eritrean will benefit being isolated from their own people? or did you believe they are not Ethiopians? or because of Hailelassie you decided to landlock Ethiopia? Ante behailelassie tendadehe new yeEthiopia barhe ayselfghm belih yasgededkew hsbachn? When you are asked why 94 million people landlocked? you said, so what? why not? you are most ignorant despite you are a lot of life experiences you never thought the long run benefit of the people of the north? Even if you hated the Amhara rulers? why did you decided to landlock your Adwa people ? Shame on you, you are very shameful. It is disgusting believes you. Amnehbetal? Hzbus? Amnobetal? weys ante felach korach neh? if it was for the benefit of the people, we can say why not? but what is the benefit of dividing people based on colonialism? Are you sure you were not born during the Italin time? how come you endorsed colonialism and believed Eritrea was a colony of Ethiopia? Instead of changing system and creating system that ensure justice, you decided to believe Eritrea was colony or because you sow some soldiers were abusing civilians in Asmara? you decided to believe they were colonized? I have to be honest, you are very arrogant on the issue of EthioEritrea. As you can, your colonialist ideology only made the two people cut throat enemies, you did not bring anything better. Do you ever ask yourself why 94 million has to be landlocked ? why? Amnenbetal? Amnenbetal? Amnbetal what? even those whom you who were abusing Ethiopia were believed in it like you. Ante Tesasteh sleamn kbet, yethiopia mebet yeleowm mallet new? betam yemiyasafr. Shame

    • Chala says:


      I don’t think EPRDF only to be blamed for Eritrean independence .
      he might have to take the blame share but if we see the whole history.
      1. Menilik left Eritrea to italy for 50 years
      2. then Haileselass didn’t use the chance send them again for ten years with referendum
      3. Mengistu been defeated and left the whole of Eritrea before EPRDF entered Addis.

      So it wasn’t about why didn’t stop Eritrea from separation we blame melas as they already did before he arrived in addis.

      We blame him for not fighting to get Assebe and for making Eritrean to live more than ethiopian in ethiopia after they say we don’t want you.

      • Kiflu_K says:

        History may well be the judge – but to me, what amounts to be the greatest tragedy/ plunder of all our recorded history is that – ‘this’ happens to be the generation which saw to it – the country of people that once driven by a common purpose, fiercely defended their freedom and territorial integrity has now been morphed to fit in it’s new but superficial image, constantly being reminded of it’s fragile ties along it’s ethnic and cultural lines, helplessly disoriented for vanishing traits of common identity, a country that once proudly treasured its fierce independence and integrity bearing a gaping wound of its newly found reality of being a land-locked. Please don’t try to spin your way out of this… No amount of hair-dressing and cosmetics can change this unfortunate stigma. The purpose here is not to assign a blame or point finger at any one group or personality. We all have to critically examine our respective roles going forward and see to it we don’t further become instruments of exacerbating our own peril.

    • Haile says:

      Dear Gezaee

      OOP’s you sound confused,,,,please go and do some history reading assignment,you do not seem tu understand what Freedom means,,,don’t even try to think about Eritrea and its ports,,,chawwwwwwwwwwwww tebahilka ika angerer aytbel kem tub adeka kbets

    • dubale says:

      you are the rudest and silly person I ever know. U insult everybody that u donot like his/her thought. what a filthy person you are dude!! come down dude. relax…this just cyber!

      • Gezaee says:

        Dubale: I am condemning him for land-locking my country and my people. Ethiopia is equally for me, not only for him. I am condemning him for his wrong beliefs that my country has to be landlocked. This is my right. I have no any obligation to worship his wrong beliefs. If this is an insult, then let it be I do not care how you interpret. I did not insult him as a person. I am condemning his wrong beliefs Ethiopia has to be landlocked? This is 100% against Ethiopia? One would not expect this from an Ethiopian man? if you claim you are Ethiopian? then do what Ethiopians do? do not tell me you are Ethiopian and at the same time you believe in something else or in the interest of others. I am sorry I will not forgive woyane for this. Landlocking 94 million people by the force of few people from Tigrai is unfair to the Ethiopian people. It is too much too bear. He is a burden; He thought he liberated us , he has become a burden himself because we have to bear the burden his imposed on us. Why do we have to buy ports while our ports sitting idle? If he does not believe in Ethiopia? what the hell is doing in Ethiopia? He believe in landlocking Ethiopia does not mean, he is right. He himself told us a lot of bad things the Haileslassie regime. They also believed they were doing right too. He was their weakness, but he could not see his weakness. Why he could not see his weaknesses? There is no historical, any reason the country has to be landlocked apart from the reason few people from Tigrai decided to landlock Ethiopia. And now we are told shut up? do not say anything? I am not in Ethiopia. I can not talk my bitter feeling.

        • GezazeSquared says:

          Bravo, Gezaze! That is the attitude I expect from brave Ethiopians. Land locking 94 million people is a crime. The port belongs to all Ethiopians – it was our collective interest. It is treason to give away our collective interest. Federalism means not just our separate kilil region or state interest. We as united states of Ethiopia also have some things that are to our collective advantage on the global regional stages. In that sense the shortsighted tplf diminished Ethiopia by extension each state or region including Tigray by land locking all of us. That is unforgivable treason those involved will pay for dearly.

          • Merih says:

            Forget what Sbhat has said, Eritrea never been part of Ethiopia, look at the Ethiopian history before you start talking about Eritrea you stupid idiots.

        • dubale says:

          Geaze: hold on hold on. OK you claim Sibhat has wrong beliefs that he landlocked your country. you continued by saying 100% Ethiopians are against that. How on hell he be able to landlocked the country if 100% are against him. Is he magical??
          Come’on boy do not be silly. Ethiopia have had very complex history and political issues. He with his other Ethiopian comrades tried their best to bring lasting solution. All Ethiopians may not be happy on that(i donot know), if I were in his place I would not have any other better solution as well.
          My friend, Ethiopian history and politics are not simple as u might preach in here. It is very very complex. Don’t you observe from what is happening in the Diaspora politics. You have to think optimum political solution which accommodate Jawar’s believe, Abebe Gellaw’s believe and others belief’s. You can’t simply say your mind. Imagine, Menelik is hero for Abebe Gellaw, but Menelik is ardent enemy and evil for Jawar. both have their own cause. Think how you can accommodate such extreme believes. This is the white reality in Ethiopia that the oppositions fear to address!!! if we do not address this issue, Ethiopia will be under EPRDF for decades, believe me on this.

          • Gezaee says:

            Dubale, your really a rusty brain. I can not talk with you honestly. All Ethiopians are better than you. you are Hatela; Aboy Sbhat rules Ethiopia by force. He landlocked Ethiopia by force. No Ethiopian wanted to be landlocked. Go somewhere else to teach your stupid cadres theory. you are telling me Ethiopian wanted to be landlocked? What type of chika ras

    • shaebia says:

      the man who made Ethiopia a landlocked country is King menelik not Sebhat you arrogant gezaee. To have access to the red sea port (Eritreans ports)needs to respect international borders not to have 100 million peaples ok!!

      • Sebhat Nega I do not know about him. He is paid by Ethiopian Tax payers, but he is the one made Ethiopia land locked,He is neither Ethiopian or Eriterian I am puzzled by the situation,he is always stands and argue for the interest of Eriteria and why he does not go to Eriteria and lived there. Ethiopia did not have any kind of interest from Eriteria unless Ethiopia has access to the sea freely without pay, otherwise we Ethiopians better of with Jubiti to get the services exporting and importing goods. Furthermore, between Ethiopia and Eriteria there is exist culture different because the colonized mind twisted and enforced them to have colony culture inserted in their mind.

    • Aster says:

      Thanks for your narrative abut Sibhat. It is very interesting. According to some experts who know and worked with Sibhat and Meles, have said time after time that Sibhat and Meles fought resiliently for the independent of the Italian Dogs from Ethiopia not because they wanted to support them, but they did that to construct divisions in TPLF and to attack those who were potential competitive to them. In addition, they stated as a result of that tactic Meles and Sibhat killed many Tigray people and kicked out many TPLF’s members from the organization who could have been great Ethiopian leaders, such as Seeye Abraha, Gebru Asrat, and others.

      • Aster I definitely agree your point of view. Those who split from TPLF are real Ethiopians and I called them Ethiopia’s heroes because they defend the interest and national security of Ethiopia.

  2. bendo says:

    despite i hate some of his thoughts specially about Eritrea I admire his life achievement and this can be inspired millions of young Ethiopians.

    40 years a go he was in university like Dr Birhanue nega and they both decided to wage war against derg. but after 2 years Birhanue gave up and run to USA and married have children and started to live luxury life forgetting the struggle his started. but Sibhat and his friends finished the job with 17 years bloody war.

    and invited Dr. Birhanue from America and gave him a chance to live in Addis peacefully and been working for EPRDF. then letter he become opposition and start to straggle to change gov. but when the game started to get tough he run away again to USA. you know the rest he is waiting some one to change the gov and want to go as a leader.

    So again with my difference on his ideas mostly on Eritrea issue i admire this old guy for his life full of achievement on his believes.

    in this world nothing is free you have to work hard and earn it. don’t expect it as a gift from any one.

    40 years wow. i know so many people here in USA who called them selves as politician and who never worked a day but they live on collection money including Lemagne beyene with his brother.

  3. Gebez says:

    I listened the whole interview and my conclusion is that this man is a real revolutionist. He saw the pain, the misery, the injustice in his society and he had put a goal in his life: Death or Victory. He finally did it. My admiration is limitless. I am happy also that those weird days of weird bravados( ትግራይ ገዳይ፣ጋላ ገዳይ ሽለላዎች) are gone. Aboy Sebhat, we thank you!!

  4. degefa says:

    the confused old man!
    One thing i like from his is that, he is bold. Lenegeru ye Ethipoins hezeb seleminik new yemetaleten yemitefaw, yemilem teretare alegn.

    let me then ask these, if Sibehat’s government is different from the past and even from these in Africa, why millions cry today—are Muslims and Christian cry in Kenya, in Uganda today, if not in Mali?? why still over 10,000,000 go hungry–if you want to see them, just drive some 50 kms in any direction from your town or city and you met them, leave alone thousands on the street of addis? why still armed struggle go in that country—why about 100 opposition parties with us—hahaha is it becuase the government able to answer issues? i hope you are not going to say— inflation is due to economic development, as your man said some time ago, that many opposition party means many democracy? why tplf cadres are messing us up in 1 to 5—and spy if they are different and have that confidence?

    Sebhat is one of the few tplf billion, who has looted Ethiopia to the extent he can. let him enjoy his days with abused schoolchild. We know what they are doing.

    • kebede says:

      U are confused ….u not even close to this brave man
      better wake up…those days will never come back in Ethiopia.
      But U can cray forever in front of ur masters.


    • Mario says:

      Your statistics is directly copied from the files of Ethiopia’s enemies
      ! There is no hunger in Ethiopia , but shortage of food here & there! Remember : nobody is going to die of hunger at this moment ,like during Haileselassie & Mengistu!

      There are no hundred opposition, but 100 power greedy bunches who don’t care about the people!

      There is no armed struggle , but a messengers of Ethiopia’s enemies! You can’t mention any principled armed struggle fighting for a cause!

      You simply are blabbing about economics , but have no idea how economic development works! For your knowledge, read North Korea, Singapore , Japan…. At their early stages of their development & you will find out that the same things are happening in Ethiopia!

      All in all, you have no moral ground to criticize the man who stood firmly for what he believes while others were abandoning Ethiopia!

      Finally, I can understand that, since your natural senses are blocked because of hate , you can’t understand what Aboy Sibhat it talking about! He has been keeping his words for the last 38 years , but we all have seen his adversaries failing every time! You guys have been repeating the same hate politics all along for years, nevertheless, we haven’t seen anything concret developments from your hate politics!

      Ethiopia is crying for viable opposition who can balance the politicaleconomy of Ethiopia! I know it hard to emerge to be as strong as the EPRDF,but no matter what Ethiopia is looking for a good opposition immediately!
      God bless Ethiopia!

  5. beli says:

    Some questions to Ato Sibhat:

    – You said that the people in the “mahil Hager” or central part of Ethiopia were friendly with you. Why then your party or political organization became so harsh towards this population?

    – You mentioned the reasons that pushed you to armed struggle, which are minor issues compared to the situations at this present time in terms of the level of repression and the monopoly in all aspects of the life of the society. Do you really believe that the population are happier now than ever before or you meant a section of the population you provide preferential advantage

    – You brag and boast about the your government’s constitution and went to the extent that it is by far the bast constitution anywhere in Africa. Good, what is written in the constitution could be the best. But, do you think that what is written in the constitution is respected and applied into practice?

    – You raised about corruption. True, corruption is spreading at alarming rate throughout Ethiopia. But, are there two types of corruption measures: one for political deserters and other for political loyalists? Even if the initiative for fighting corruption is appreciated, why the big brothers of corruption affairs (within your government) passed untouched? You and many of high profile people within your government are alleged to passes billions of dollars in foreign banks. How did you get that much money? Please help me do the mathematical calculation how to achieve that level. As you were a teacher, I hope that you might give us the formula so that everybody can get rich like you so that our country can move fast forward to achieve the ambitious goal of democracy

    – You said that you or your political organization has best knowledge about Ethiopia than anyone, be it government or anything else in the past or present days. As a result, you have been able to govern better the country because you knew very well the political direction. Good, but how about the context under which each government played? Some contexts are polarizing and create fertile land for political maneuver where as others are not. What we have been witnessing so far is that your organization has been based on the sectarian and ethnic based political ideology that creates fertile land to the political direction you claim. This has been known before thousands of years and tested in many countries of the world during the stone age. Why then you consider this political ideology as a best direction of your political organization?

    – You raised about education issues and he benefit of trained manpower. Why your organization are at odds with educated people or Ethiopian Intellectuals? Because the educated people can’t be brainwashed with stone-aged politics? You target and want to be very much closer to farmers and non-intellectuals. Is that because they are easy to b brainwashed? Please help? I am trying to discover how politics works as I am illiterate in this field

    I think we are living in different world because what you say in the interview (except your life history) about the socio-economic and democratic situation in Ethiopia feels to be very different.

    – Last but not least, how do you feel our sisters are shipped in containers to satisfy the desire of Arabs? How do you feel if Arabs control the whole of Ethiopia in the time frame of the land lease your government offered (up to 100 years) as the risk of Arab colony may not be limited to the south and south-west part of Ethiopia. They start to settle in these area in the first place and than they will move upward to Tigray and then to Eritrea to control Red-Sea so that they can Sandwich Israel. Is that also your smart politics?

  6. Abegaz says:

    Full of achievement? laughable people!! Did he build democratic instituation? Absolutely not. Did he bring equality between nations and nationalities? Absulotely not? Did he defend Ethiopian interests? Absolutely not. Landlocking Ethgiopia is full of achievement? It is the highest treason ever.Both the Derg and the king have lots of points to brag if they were to hear the likes of idiots like Sebehat.

  7. Tezareb says:

    Old yeller Sibat Nega is a twisted personality that is harbouring hatred for whatever is Ethiopian in general and amhara in particular. What his banada ancestors the shumashes and shuklbashes did to heroic ethipoians defending their county haunts him day and night. However he wants to cover it, it wont go it is a birth mark on his body.

  8. Mario says:

    A man who have accomplished so much through harsh struggle to free Ethiopia from centuries of poverty & backwardness! A man who led TPLF during the testing times of late 60s & 70s Ethiopian calendar & won against all kind of odds! A man extremely intelligent & courageous!

    God bless!

  9. I am Eritrean !! says:

    Hey people you need to worry about your own people Ethiopians are gunned down in a broad daylight by the weyane junta, and you are talking about Eritrea ? Can you guys leave us alone ? We never been Ethiopians and will never be ethiopians. It is an insult to us to call us ethiopians as it is an insult to any nation to be called what they don’t want to be called. So you need to work on yourselve before you talking about someone else. The damn old far Sebhat nega is nothing but corrupted weyane dog, president isaias afork help him and his criminal gangs to be where they are now. So we Eritreans don’t give a damn about that old dog and because we know his intentions but you two bozzos here to damn to understand his politics.

    • hagos Hadgu says:

      You may be Eritrean or not but your idea is absolutely false or you never know about Eritrean history. Eritrea has only 20 years history without Ethiopia. If you are Eritrean your freedom would not have been realized with out Ethiopians even after thousand years.Do not blame Wayane and Ethiopia, blame yourself for you have wrong self-image and for your lack of historical knowledge.

  10. abeselome says:

    For bendo
    Yetigre neger hulgeze telacha, mekefafele tenkole,ect…, ene yemelew yet new yetmarachut? aboy sbehat tigrie chaka yegebaw letegre new lethiopia ayedelem. don’t forget this, maferya neh

  11. teshome says:

    your overwhelming paranoia is disturbing. Above all the political prejudice you have been living with is untreatable.
    We are sick and tired of this hyper-nationalism syndrome. Don’t shy away from the reality. Ethiopianism could be something that would disappear through time. Wait let me give an example, two decayed ago Eritreans were Ethiopians, you see Ethiopianism is becoming something to be seen through time….
    Nonetheless you are still cheating yourself that Eritreans are Ethiopians.
    This is simple mathematically idiot.

    Three decayed ago No Ethiopian could have imagined, the geography and demography of Ethiopia to be the one we are living with. No body knows what Ethiopian would appear some time from now. This is an unfortunate phenomenon and I am terrible sorry but this is the reality we need to face now. More in the emergency of political Islam, and this may happen anytime soon..

    Gezaee, aka Mr. know it all
    please Don’t miss this, every day and every minute, people like you living in the diaspora are becoming a really threat to future Ethiopia. To be honest with, because your political misdeeds Ethiopians are becoming people of different countries who don’t have shared vision.
    We say the Abay dam is woyane dam…
    we say Ethiopian soccer team is woyane team…
    we say Ethiopian arm is woyane army..
    so and so forth…but this seems to be a simple political word acrobat but it speaks the volume what Ethiopia we need to have in the future and more over damage the bacon of hope we were dreaming for our country….
    I have been following your comment for the last many months. it seems that you failed to understand or lacks the mental competence to examine what challenges lie ahead for Ethiopia…
    Rather than engaging in constructive comments, you chose an apologetic view it blame for ill circumstance Ethiopia is in. Now you are left little choice, joining insurgents and the would creating Islam militant in Ethiopia.
    In the presence of sick politicians like you, I won’t wonder if Ethiopia had soon the fate of Somalia

    • Mame says:

      Mr Teshome …I guess ur name looks ethiopian but your feeling is ? …We may disagree on so many ideas,politics is opionion & it happend in evrery nation. However,we shouldn’t doubt that we are Ethiopian,if not we don’t have a reason to talk about. I haven’t ever since any one who diminish his natioion & yet fight for it! If you are Ethiopian be courageous to says so & to defend her from any one,if not stay away from ethiopian issue!!

  12. Alex says:

    ከሰይጣን እና ከስብሃት ነጋ ማንን ትጠላለህ ብባል በርግጠኝነት ስብሃትን እጠላለሁ:: ምክንያቴም: ሰይጣን ክፉ መሆኑን በወሬ እንጅ በተግባር አላየሁም:: የስብሃትን ክፋት ግን በተግባር አይቻለሁ::

  13. yared says:

    Dawit, Min sewuyenun lemasweded tmokraleh, ye tigray hizb techekuno keneber tadia tigrayn netsa awutetewu eziawu aykerum neber, ethiopian lematfat lemin mehal ager gebu, H/Selassie yesserutn hulu lematfat felgewu new enji, egna degmo yessachew lijoch ahun ye sebhat nega intention ahun bedenb geban, eskahun diress sbhat endezih endemiassb alawukm neber, thank you for this crucial information, now i know who my enemy is !

  14. Solo says:

    I like it u call lemang beyene lol

  15. Gezaee says:

    To woyane cadres: You can call me anything you want; I do not really care. I do not really understand why you people call yourself Ethiopian in the first place? I really wonder why?

    Why you blame everything on Menelick? my God, we are living in the 21 century, we are not living in the 20 century? why u go back to hide your own mistakes, flaws 120 years? It is this attitude that is driving Ethiopians mad.

    Who care what you think. Ethiopia is not made by few Tigreans. Ethiopian has been there for many millennia. The country’s name is written on everything. you can not change it. This attitude me makes worry very much. Why you jump to insult people?

    Islamic politics, I did not create it; you created it; why you accuse diaspora for everything? Even for your own faults? oh my God, what type of people are you? Hell, you are not the only Ethiopian people who tell us whether Ethiopia will disappear or not. There is no reality; the reality you created is your own reality. It is not my reality to accept your stupidity. If you do not believe in Ethiopia? then pack and go to Tigrai and leave the others to live the way they want to live. What type of backwardness is this. Why are we supposed to stop thinking and follow you like sheeps blindly?

    What did I say? I critize Aboy Sibhat for saying Amnenbetal? I said it is wrong emnet and it is against Ethiopia, against the people of Tigrai itself. Against his own birth place called Adwa. Why I am supposed to bless this? Admire him, worship him? I do not worship him. He landlocked my country stupidly. This is my right. I am out of Ethiopian you can not control me like you do at home. Why is my country supposed to be landlocked because few people from Tigrai region said so? why? Are not the other Ethiopians Ethiopians who must agree or disagree on this? why two or three from one region supposed to dictate interest of a country of 94 million people?

    I am not sick; you are those who are sick, ill, primitive, arrogant, ignorant,… you do not even know your own interest. All you know is manipulating people. This is ignorance and arrogance. People who have different ideas are being called sick,…

    Teshome, u may not agree with me, you do not quality to have conversation with me, because you are very primitive and backward, behind time. I can not repair you. But you are a liability TPLF. If TPLF leaders are like you? then it is hellish. You are so narrow, and so primitive. You think you know but you so ignorant.

    • FantiGhana says:

      Let me ask you a simple question: When the previous government (DERG) armed with “Eritrea Atgenetelm” slogan was killing Eritreans right and left, do you honestly believe that it was representing all Ethiopians? I for one don’t think so. No government or organization can possibly decide to do or not to do something based only if it is acceptable by all. This is when a democratic instrument is necessary. For this very reason TPLF had a heated discussion regarding Eritrean Revolution in the early years of TPLF and it was decided by the majority members of the organization that Eritrean Struggle is indeed a people’s struggle and by its nature democratic. That decision lead to the eventual cooperation with Eritrean organizations and the on again off again friendship that resulted during the years afterward. So you must understand that when Eritreans wanted their country’s succession from Ethiopia, TPLF, trying to uphold its principle of what it believed to be a just struggle had no choice but to accept it. Had TPLF tried to accept or oppose Eritrea’s struggle based solely on what it would mean to Ethiopia then it would just be one more fascist dictator organization. It may be hard sometimes but you can not make a decision of someone’s freedom based on whether it is good for you or not. By the same token, there is no benefit in blaming Atse Menelik, Atse Hailesellasie, or even DERG regarding Eritrea but to try to understand under what circumstances each one made their decision and why and to learn and grow from any mistakes that may have been made.

      • Gezaee (superman) says:


        If TPLF’s one of its agenda was to landlock Ethiopia? then why waste 65 000 Tigreans youth precious life? what was TPLF for fighting for then? It looks to me, they actually did not have any vision, and programme. The only one programme they have had is to remove the amhra only. Even thier alliance with Shabia converged because both of them detested amhara?

        They did not have ideology; They did not understand the problem was not amhara people. The problem was the sytstem put by amhara elites. The ideology of TPLF must have been to put a better system and to maintain the country as it was;

        I have to be honest; I have struggled my entire life to understand what woyane wanted from Ethiopia. I still do not get it. They are Pro Eritrea; but they claim they Ethiopians? This self-condradictory. Who gave TPLF the right to decide the fate of 94 million people? Do not the 94 million people have any right at all? no right? Few Tigreans gathered 38 years ago in Dedebit and they decided to landlock Ethiopia? And the entire 94 million has to be forced to accept their wrong beliefs? why ? Are not woyane or TPLF human beings? Are they Gods from heaven? In every country national issues are decided by the popuolar vote of the population.

        If what your are saying was the reason; there was no need to have TPLF. It is misnomer; They must have joined Shabia altogether. There was no need for this useless name called TPLF. You only used the Tigrai youth to liberate Eritrea. you do not liberate Tigreans, so TPLF is misnomer. Eritreans are not better than Ethiopian? who says Eritreans have right but not Ethiopian? I always come across Tigreans who stand up from thier seat to argue about Eritrea? why? Are Eritreans better human being? why do Tigreans has to die for them? This is injustice. Apparently TPLF did not liberate anyone. They are just burden to the people. They were burden from the beginning upto now. They disturbed the life of the people and made them refugees all over. TPLF made them die and become refugees. And this was to landlock them in Mekele and not to go anywhere? TPLF leaders have very twisted mindset; they do not even know what is good for them. They are against the very people whom they claim they liberated.

        Eritrea ( name Italian ) are not different human being. No human is above another human. If TPLF believed Eritreans have better right than others, then it must not have used the poor of Tigrai.

        Let us they did to win derg at the beginning? but about after Shabia bombed the entire Tigrai? was the bombing a blessing from heaven or are Eritreans permitted to kill or do anything? if so why?

        TPLF leaders just useless condoms of shabia. They are worthless. I despise them, chenewti, kehaditi, sheyti adi. Atrebum. you are just using the people for your belly. Kebdamat, kebdkum yekeeded. To respect Eritrean right, you to violate the right of 94 million people? Anyway, since you have no ears to hear and have no eyes to see and have heart to understand and since you will never change or even correct your stpudity. you need to be removed. Removing Ethiopia from the red sea a national crime. you have put the country in danger. The access to the red sea is not only about port. it is about our security and national interest. I think it is because woyane never saw a sea or an ocean and they do not like sea or ocean.Shame and they decided to put the whole county in danger. They made themselves as God? TPLF GOD? Aboy Sbhat said to Radio Merhawie?

        Radio Merhawi: Aboy Sbhat, the majority of Ethiopians are not happy Ethiopia , a country of 94 millions landlocked?

        Aboy Sibhat: what is the point? it does not matter whether Ethiopia is 94 million or not. Ethiopia must landlocked? why not Ethiopia must be landlcoked? kkk, this is from him? he is really chika ras, reasi chika. Why he beleive Ethiopia has to be landlocked? why Ethiopain security and strategic itnerest be compromise?

        I am not saying why was mistake done. I under they can make mistakes as human being. But they do bad things to the country on purpose? why? No citizen will destroy its own Navy for whatever reason? This is ignorance and high level of stupidity.

  16. Mame says:

    What do Sebehat Nega says about today’s justice & inequality of Ethiopian & Ertirians in both countries. What do he says about so many oromos in jail ? What do he says about so many journalists who are locked in the jail for the fack reason ? At least the old governments with feudal mentality didn’t say openly antitigray issue;however,TPLF’s leader & the late prim-minster said all oromos “SIFAKU” they are OLF(as melese’s allegation ” A terrorist organization”)& a terrorist race. Here,the difference between us & Sebehat nega is that “We look for freedom to Ethiopian people before the Ertirian cause. But sebahat body is in Ethiopia & his heart is in Ertiria. The old aboy,too much talk without grip doesn’t make him right! U r the losser mr. aboy but we will live with your kids in the new ethiopia where everyone is under the law regardless of once ethinic origion. U guys are too much washed in Communist mentality, U can’t speak a better language than the issue that dated over 50 years ago! Continue the talk but let us walk the walk!!! Change yourself or the inevitable change will bring u down!!

  17. Gezaee says:

    If Woyane does not the do the following, it must be removed:

    1. Allow Ethiopia to use its ports
    2. Cancel Land lease to Arabs for 100 years.
    3. Expel Egytian investors(spies ) from Ethiopia.

    If woyane does not do the above, it must removed as soon as possible. We do not need woyane if woyane has no any ear to hear, and any eyes to see.

    I will not buy the Menelick story; you can not compare yourself with a man who lived in the 20 century. A man was never educated; never travelled; if you compare yourself with Menelick you are dead, much worse than Menelick. This is very weak, weak reason or excuse. you can go 120 years backward to accuse Menelick to hide your weakness. The best way is to listen and correct mistakes than trying to recycling the mistakes done by one man who have lived 120 years ago. He was not an angel; he was human; he was actually brave, all countries in Africa surrendered and got colonized but he at least kept independent the largest part of Ethiopia, except Eritrea. You are making yourself stupid by comparing yourself with a man who lived in the 20 century. You are living in the 21 century. In the age of internet. It is an utter idiocity to compare yourself with a man who lived long ago. Even if we agree he did many mistakes, you can claim or tell us you must recycle his mistakes/ what type of stupid argument is this? Haileslassie annexed Eritrea. Even Eritreans can go, but Ethiopia must never get landlocked. Otherwise, why even your bothered to fight for 17 years if landlocking Ethiopia was one of your stupid agenda? you must get lost if you do not listen and correct your policies. You are messy country by removing citizens from their land and give way land to foreign citizens of Arab origin. you are actual the most evil leaders in Ethiopia. No leader sold or leased land to foreigner, Even Mengistu did not touch the land. Mengsitu was giving Gambela, the fertile land to Tigreans, Eritreans, walleye, Amhara, … to all those Ethiopians who needed it. But your are evil. You are giving the foreign countries? is there any evilness than this? I wonder what type of mind you have to be honest? Are you Ethiopian really? Is your plan to make Ethiopia another Saudi Arabia? You do not understand but you are evil. Giving the most fertile land for Arab is more than crime. I do not know honest what type people you are? I do not see any country giving its land to foreigners except you stupid guys. Shame on you. I have lived in many countries; and I never sow any country giving away its land to foreign citizens, may in Africa?

    Moreover, you give call Egyptians citizens to Ethiopia to give them money to start business in Ethiopia? This is from Egyptian themselves who telling the story? you give them money to start business in Ethiopia? but you send your graduates to cut stones? I honest do not understand what type of human being you are? Why you do not give the money to your own citizens than to Egyptians youth? why make your citizens who graduate with degree to cut stones? why you do not give them money and help them to start business than helping Egyptians? I honestly do not get it. Ere ere

  18. Mario says:

    You guys are simply driving yourself crazy! The man (Aboy Sibhat) has made everything clear! He never failed before , he is well & kicking now & you heard him loud & clear about Ethiopia’s future , therefore, ranting is not going to get you anything …..!

    As I listen to Aboy sibhat’s interview , I see that the Camel is doing well keeping its own way, but we know the Dogs has been barking & will continue to do so wasting their irreplaceable time!

    God bless is in a good hands!

  19. Qebenna says:

    Someone tell this Gezaee man to come down from outer space and get oxygenated. Most of what Ato Nega is saying was the realty at the time, he has nothing to hide, he is telling it as it was and is..
    You can say it is a Tigrean point of view, But it is also an Ethiopian point of view, get used to it.

  20. Abe says:

    I am tired of this customary nonsense of TPLFites – blaming Minilik for land locking Ethiopia as if TPLF received Ethiopia from Minilik land locked. Why do you jump Haile Selassie and Mengistu time. Ethiopia was not land locked during their reigns. I just cannot understand this twisted logic of TPLF Jeles. There is no way we can make intellectual discourse with these kind of people.

  21. Kmarkos says:

    Yezihen worre bileh mawtatih yasgerimal

  22. koya says:


    Eritrea is and independant nation.Assab is no more ethiopia.30 yeras of war is enough.
    With such belief ethiopia will be in trouble for the coming years.It is better to try to solve the number one probleme of the country now:the national question.
    People want strong ethnic federalism,more power to kilil , many official languages not only amharic.And no war for assab

  23. Embasoleda says:

    Most of the diasporas, so called politician are good for nothing. Most of all, they are good at criticizing others’ job. Otherwise, Sibhat Nega is a man of principle that admired by million of people for his strong leadership and contribution during the struggle against DERG and in establishing the new constitution that serves all Ethiopian equally…So, diaspora, so called politician, you are nothing but disappointment to all your followers…

  24. Tazabi says:

    This old liar who regurgitates his old lies about our past cannot be expected to say anything truthful about our present. Neither can he be expected to come up with anything credible for our common future.
    He has such a twisted and mediocre mind although he thinks highly of himself and lectures us on many topics which betray how ignorant he is.
    His narrative about our past is so devoid of truth and so negative and so ideologically selective. His portrayal of Haileselaasie,the ‘Amhara’ king he so much abhors next to King Menelik does not have anything positive to say about the Emperor’s time. Yet he, despite his vacuos propaganda how Tigrayans were badly treated and discriminated then, was given a chance to have a higher education at none other than Haileselassie’s First University.
    Notwithstanding, his deeply feudal ethnic prejudice which goes back to the power rivalry during the era of the princes where he has a big grudge that the ‘Tigrayan’ Yohannes 4th and his descendants’ power was usurped by the Amharas,the period of Haileselaasie was not at all a time of darkness.It was a time of light and shade where much was achieved and much remained to have been done. Haileselassie knew his country better than most. He worked hard to bring it out of medievalism while wrestling with the challenges of Modernity, Colonialism and Neo-colonialism. Haileselassie was a proud nationalist, a man of integrity and AN incorruptible soul who had the betterment of his country and not any particular region at heart. Truth Be told, he could be bad mouthed by the likes of worthless and venal people like Sebhat Nega who have sold our country and have no qualms to sell it again and again to any outside power provided that allows them to stay in power and get their perks.
    Indeed, they have their perks which now amounts to billions of dollars collected in the name of our people which was snatched out of their hungry mouths and deposited in foreign banks in the name of his co-ethnics. So much about the integrity and moral purity of our current rulers who cannot even tie the shoe laces of straight leaders like Menelik and Haileselassie who were never willing to be bought by anyone.

    As a teacher in DebreBerhan, Sebhat tells us that he came across the goodness of and affection of our Amhara folk but he and his group reciprocate that through their hatred of the Amhara which has expressed itself in many ways. This includes their deliberate policy of underdevelopment of DebreBerhan itself which in the eyes of TPLF is a region of diehard Amharas and the impoverishment of other Amhara lands in favour of the development of Tigray. Most notably, the instigation and practice of widespread Amhara displacements from the other regions of the country is the current expression of that antipathy towards the Amahara and their gross mischaracterization of it as a bogyman of ethnic oppression.

    As one of the architects of the most corrupt and unjust systems in the recent history of our country,Sebhat does not have any moral authority what so ever to pontificate about the way he does against our better past peopled with many who loved their country and served their people with distinction.
    As a man who presides over the destruction of our ancient country and the possible emergence of mini states on its demise, this executioner of the old colonial project cannot be allowed to get away with his lie that he as well as his fellow murderers and thieves are more progressive and enlightened than those great emperors who maintained the historic integrity and independence of our nation.
    The old emperors had at least the decency and the justness to bring their opponents under the gaze of Law rather than killing them in broad daylight.
    The fraud that Sebhat and his TPLF comrades have perpetuated about an Amhara rule over the rest of Ethiopia is just a fraud.

    What has replaced it?

    The unjust and corrupt minority rule where elite Tigrayans are favoured and everybody else is treated as second class citizen; a disgraceful neo-colonial entity where our land and liberty are sold at dirt cheap prices!

  25. yared says:

    Kiflu-K: I vote for you to be my country’s president, king or leader!
    Gezaee: You are a positive thinker and a solution finder. Respect for you.
    Chala: You are a confused dude.
    Haile: Also a confused Eritrean.
    Dubale: Dedeb uneducated!
    Gezaesquared: May people like you forever flourish.
    Merih: Confused Eritrean.
    Shaebia: Confused Eritrean.
    Aster: You are a reasonable person.
    Bendo: You need to check your brains; there is a loose nut in there!
    Taitu: Please don’t spoil the name of a renowned person.
    Gebez: You are both right and also very wrong and thus confused!
    Degefa: You quenched my thirst for the need of the righteous, the good and the moral. Respect for you sir!
    Kebede: Change your name to one of those Etho-nationalists like Gebray, Teklay, or another common Tigrean name!
    Beti: I take my hat off for you, I vote for you as the Queen of all Africans! Respect and love for you!
    Lala: Be more specific but I am generally ok with you!
    Abegaz: You just lightened up my day! Go be with you!
    Tezareb: You are my brother!
    Mario: Oh how you made me hate this name, ye talian banda, ye Ethiopia telat ante betam neh.
    I am Eritrean: Respect your opinion.
    Abeselome: You have the heart of many men!
    Yoni: yarada lij nesh wey?
    Ana: You are very right!
    Teshome: I have already warned you that I don’t ever want to read your toxic comments, why do you keep on posting your poisonous commentaries. You are one sad sad person!
    Alex: Ze!
    Yared: The main man in da house!
    Solo: Rass-h lemagn!
    FantiGhana: You are a reasonable person.
    Mame: You are the chosen to be on the good side.
    Quebenna: yerass-h guday!
    Lemlem: Hulgize lemlemi!
    Abe: You have the name of a hero!
    Kmarkos: I strongly agree with you!
    Koya: You stupid, mind your own business.

  26. YeAyet Misikir says:

    Sibhat big lie “Tigre Gedaye” during a rally against Somalia said it all. It was Amhara VS Tigres. He shamefully compares himself with Haile Selassie. Haile Selassie travelled throughout Ethiopia and he knows his country very well. How many areas did Sibhat/Meles visited on their 22 years on power. Not much. They rule by recruiting Ethnic Warlords.

    Sebhat talk of “Balehabte” is Woyane Looters. He told us that EFFORT is the richest company owned by few Tigrean looters. They stashed more than 12 billion in the last decade alone in foreign accounts. They put our country in the bottom of the two poorest nations in the world. “Yelemate Mengiste” by name but its true name should be “YeDehenet Mengist” got Bronze medal in poverty while Niger got the Gold.

    Sebhat “Zerafew” has already passed the loot to his Kids. The wealth of poor Ethiopia is now in China and West. Sebhat Nega has accomplished his mission of Robbery in39 years.

    We pray for Almighty to let him go and join Meles Zenawi in Hell !!!

  27. Mario says:


    Your comment shows that you are a hater! Thank you, You singled out all haters on your own.

    If you don’t understand what Aboy Sibhat is talking about,then your brain is blocked with a hate, so you are simply blocked head!

    Every man is a main man for what everyone believes!

    Remember: the EPRDF & supporters are making history, while you & your friends whom you praise are wasting your irreplaceable time hating!
    እንግዲህ እንዳንተ ያለ ባገራችን ምን ይባላል መሰለህ፦ ለኣይጥ ምስክሯ ድንቢጥ ይባላል።

  28. GezazeSquared says:

    I concur with you on the fact that dialog and accommodation are the only way out for a lasting peace and co-existence. The sooner the Abebe Gelaws of Ethiopian politics understand that the sooner the opposition will start to gather a momentum to pressure woyanne to change course or else toss it to the dustbin of history. That however doesn’t mean that 100% Ethiopians don’t oppose the surrendering of our ports to shaebia. I have no doubt that both jawar and Abebe agree on the fact that woyanne gave away what is their collective property. 100% could oppose something and it could still happen. A negligible minority could still force a majority to accept what they don’t want. Or an external power force the 100%. In our case tplf could be seen as not part of the 100% but as part of an external force (shaebia) against the 100%. In many ways the latter fits what tplf has been doing to Ethiopia until shaebia punched them in the mouth and left them with a deep identity crisis. It’s hard to say you are Ethiopian when you fought to landlock her on shaebia’s behalf. Such an act is unheard of anywhere in the world. Even the Vichy France govt didn’t do something this retard and treasonous.

  29. Gezaee says:

    YeAyet Misikir,

    You are a lier; if you focus on the short comes I would help you but telling me Sebhat made Ethiopia poor is white wushet. Ethiopia was aleady at the bottom of the list, it was number one poor country on earth during your governemnt. Remind , was it during Sebhat reign 3 million perished in wollo? and 2 million people in Tigrai by mass starvation from Haileslassie to Mengitu time? You are blaming every on Aboy Sibhat? why? Taking stoke of your mess too bro. It is you actually who brought us Aboy Sibhat who believe Ethiopia must be landlocked? if you did not inspire him, we would not have Aboy at all. you created him yourself. You created EPLF, aboy, TPLF, OLF, ONLF,… all the FFs. Why blame one man for all your mess and ethnic aparthied where no one allowed to speak their language?
    Watch it man because we know the history of our country.

  30. Abegaz says:

    It is obvious no normal person would cede his territory to enemies. The so called “bright leader”, zenawi wrote to Butros Gali the then UN secretary to help Eritrea Cede from Ethiopia. Can you imagine this from a person of decent upbringing. This is the legacy of idiot gatot agdim adeg meles zenawi.

  31. Ermi says:

    Aboy Sibihat,

    When will you grow up? you don’t seem to realize that everyone knows you are a liar. So you keep telling the same story over and over thinking you are outsmarting everyone else. Shame on you.

    Btw, why don’t your kids go to Ethiopian school if you brought the best democracy and record high development in the country? it is even amazing to know one of your son goes to school in china (lol).

    You are a big fat liar who failed in everything including telling lie. You are a victim of identity crisis who can’t fit either your master Italian or Eritrean.

    you brought shame to to the Golden patriotic Tigre race cause you claim to represent them without their consent.

    peace and love to all!


  32. Tatek says:

    Gezaee and Teshome,
    TPLF old guard, Aboy Sebhat’s, view that Emperors Menelik and Haile Selassie lacked vision for Ethiopia was not only a blind assessment cooked up in Dedebit and kept in the dossier of TPLF diary, but frankly an insult to history. As imperfect as their legacy was, the emperors have never had any intention of intentionally or otherwise sabotaging Ethiopian interest. TPLF’s deeds from their very first days of assuming public office at gun point is one of knowingly destroying Ethiopian identity and trying to sell our national treasures. That being said, I think it is important to swallow a bitter pill also and admit reality that for heaven sake, TPLF didn’t have what it takes to stop EPLF from declaring Eritrean Independence in 1993 without risking a significant damage to its own very existence and possibly throwing itself to a political oblivion from where they may never reappear. Much as facilitating the breaking away of Eritrea and land locking our nation without any national debate was a crime of exponential proportion for which history would never forgive, I would say there wasn’t any plan B at the time at the disposal of the TPLF to reverse the course. I agree with Gezaee that no one was involved in the decision of giving the Eritreans a green light to go, thereby land locking Ethiopia and sabotaging our very national interest and national security, but that is in the DNA of the TPLF anyway. They are people who wouldn’t care as long as their power at Arat kilo is safe. They have given our land to Sudan to appease the El-Bashir regime, thereby making sure that the Sudanese govt wouldn’t give a military base to the Ethiopian armed opposition that could delete the TPLF from office in months, they have given our land to China and India by expelling countless Ethiopians from their land and pocketing the money, they have given Badme to Eritrea and rebuked those who said Badme was an Ethiopian land as Derg sympathizers, and on and on and on. Those who defend the regime no matter what like Teshome and Mario for instance, are only in the business of belly service and for them and their likes; nothing really mattered as long as their belly is full, for theirs is a politics shaped by convenience of survival and belly service and— not national interest and public good. I just called a friend in Mekelle recently and he told me he was not comfortable to discuss things freely— an indication that Tigray has also been a prisoner of TPLF and needs to be liberated from the yoke of TPLF repression. As freedom Icon Nelson Mandela said in his book, Long Walk to Freedom, ‘no one is free until all are free’, the solution to our land, like it or hate it, lies with erasing the TPLF and its entourage from public office for the good of the country if Ethiopia has to be saved from entering a door of no return, and for some of us who cannot see things a little bit further, I just say this: just look at Somalia.

    • Mario says:


      We know you hate TPLF, but hate can only blind you not to do , see, think ….real things.

      Let me just ask you this in front of this open forum;What do Minilik, Haileselassie do for Ethiopia? What was their vision for Ethiopia?
      Remember:I’m an Ethiopian, therefore Yohannes, Minilik, Haileselassie was all my kings!
      You talking about belly because belly is the only thing you know! I tried to tell you that I have never been part of TPLF, but since you can’t comprehend anything, you keep repeating your false allegations! I was forced to support TPLF , & hence, the only choice i have is to support TPLF & I will continue to do so until a better one emerges in the political arena of our country!I told you guys its been over 30 years since I left Ethiopia & I make my own living , but you are blinded with a hate & you can’t move an inch to understand your own situation !So far, these who hated TPLF. Had seen their demise! We haven’t seen any political group who can challenge the TPLFites! You guys say minority, but you can’t win over minority, coz you have no truth whatsoever!
      Aboy Sibhat has been fighting against injustice do everything that he promised to do! We know they have made mistakes because they have no other choices, but all in all, they are doing fine now! Things are not going the way you wished after the passing away of PM Meles! The EPRDFites are principled people, therefore , they are even stronger now! They have done good in the first phase of the MGD, like in the field of health ,agriculture,,,& just started to talk about the second phase of their developmental plans! But you guys are still with in your hate politics wasting so much resources! your leaders On the top of your hate politics are making their fortunes alligning to Ethiopia’s chronic enemies….!
      Tatek, you can only see your belly, what’s wrong with you?

  33. LeHageray says:

    I wish I could forget these past 42 years of Ethiopian history led by Marxism and Leninism ideology. Call it TPLF, DERG, westernizing, the democracy way, it has done nothing but create hate, greed, and killings toward our own again our own brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. At the age of 21 only and only my faith in GOD lets me know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I pray to God there exists someone in that country of ours a person who is a GOD fearing and Loving person, with no blood in his/her hand, a person who is forgiving to the people who before his/her time let their greed and selfishness get the best of them…I know there he/she exists because our history and blessed country had produced such leaders. And only our country founded on Christianity can produce such a leader. Let it be GOD will it happens in the current generation, till such time I shed tears for Ethiopia in her “Darkest Ages”.

    Money/greed/selfishness/hate will never buy us happiness but love will. And love is GOD. what some of these ideologies/atheist/westerners/Europeans and our brothers/mother/sister/father who been affected by this vision of what the world should be and forgetting who our creator is?….lets not forget that
    የጥበብ መጀመሪያ እግዚአብሔርን መፍራት ነው። ምሳ ፩፥፯(1:7).

    Thank you for reading my comment.

    • tn. says:

      my understanding is that the problem was there before marxism. marxism was used to analyze and implement a solution because it was readily available and a the block that was pro-Marxism was in the right direction in contrast to the “god elect emperor and the empire”. if anything, where things went wrong is in its insistence on a mutual exclusivity, of the “elite” of one party over others even when one has the same program as the other and the doctrinal approach used to stand on its own.

  34. kebede says:

    since we have such a big difference interpreting history, can we start from today and look towards the future? to start with lets not insult each other. It is possible to live in peace and harmony with or without being one.

  35. volumeissue says:

    Admin/Edito, most of your multimedia suffer from very low audio volume. Give it maximum volume when you record audio and let the user control it. Otherwise I commend your hard work to balance the ethiomedia et al censorship on alternative views.

  36. tn. says:

    the formation history of china, korea etc is very different from that of Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s base is a conquest of a large portion of the people of the south and the remnant ills…with the exception of variation of type of imposition of group of Abyssinian’s nonetheless the imposition still the same. (0ne imposes culture while the other (TPLF) imposes a severe form of resource extrapolation and a bulking of south’s population for a count towards a larger appropriation of international aid and loan only to expropriate a severely disproportional amount towards the war arrived TPLF.

    fast forward to ehadeg…..unlike china et. al, this predatory nature is openly apparent in the undemocratic nature of ehadeg internally with the disproportional representation of the four parties in the executive which really decides everything in lieu of the face value of proportionality that is seen in parliament.

    unlike TPLF/eprdf…china and other asian NIC’s are extremely democratic internally with an efficient bureaucracy. so too, the time of their occurrence is much different than the internet interconnected world of today with a youth that increasingly takes it for granted that it elects its representatives. (the none chalant

    so too, the new and worst form of landloard of TPLF Inc.,once headed by aboy sibehat is by its nature is predatory with no end in sight. this is really what he needs to address or sooner or later, because of the problem that this ever burgeoning structure creates will find himself with a pole stiff up where the sun don’t shine as that of ghadafi!

  37. yohannse Eshete says:

    sebhat Nega the founder TPLF who deviated from normal thinking and always stands the interest of Eriteria, but not for Ethiopia and he is paid by Ethiopian tax payers and I never heard him when he talked defend the interest of Ethiopia,furthermore, he said that Ethiopia colonizer,even he has no any diplomatic skill to engage with Ethiopians, he always claim that he has the better idea than the other Ethiopians and which miss guided concept he has. Even the Tigria people the hub of Ethiopia civilization did not like when 90 million people land locked because of this man. Sbehat Nega either Ethiopian or Eriterian I am very doubtful,we have real Ethiopian like Dr.Tacola and Dr.Araya who are standing firm for the interest of Ethiopia.

  38. Netsanet says:



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