Dimtsachin Yisema Washington, DC denounces the tragedy in Kofele


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14 Responses

  1. Comet says:

    The united state has become a breeding ground of terrorists against Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government must do something about its relationship with USA government. The Government of the United State has become the worst enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopian development. OLF is based in USA; ONLF is based in USA. G7 is based in USA; Islamiscits organized and funded from USA soil. The danger this country poses on Ethiopia is outweighs the benefit; It is the most callous country that is destabilizing the entire planet in pursuit of greed or American interest. Why is the government mute about USA complete ignorance and meddling of USA in Ethiopian domestic affaires directly as well as indirectly? If the government does not take any measure; USA will make Ethiopian another Seria and Egypt.

  2. bendo says:

    Ha the diaspora wing Hajj Najib the leader who he think Muslims are 80% of Ethiopian population and according to his speech with Jawar Mohammed the 20% Christians should be killed.
    Thanks God the 95%muslims in Ethiopia are peaceful and are against those secessionist and extremist.
    ESAT is supporting this thin just by calculating short term interest to collect money.
    You can see how far the go G7/ESAT for money and power. as they been preaching one religion one country one language now they become a slave for Shabia and Extremist.
    As Lemagne Beyene said for money he said he preferred to die with Muslim extremist mashate.
    he been a slave of Alamudi before just to get money for his wedding.
    isn’t be good to work than become slave for every one with money

  3. galaxy says:

    The government shall be firm in fighting terrorism. 99% of Ethiopian Muslims are peaceful and are fighting against the terrorists and agents of shabeya and egypt.
    Thank you very much Ethiopian muslims for not being fooled by the traitors. These few extremists are selling their country just for arab money; they burnt its flag. They are real enemies from inside.
    The egyptians have already said it ‘sabotaging ethiopia by interfering in its internal affairs’. one of the reasons for deposing Mursi was for exposing them of their tricks on an open media.

  4. ambesaw says:

    us is known for the creation, mobilization , training and helping terrorism and terrorists since the end of 2nd world war and it uplifted its support for terror since the mid of cold war in the middle east and south asia now it is trying to bring its terrorists to africa as you can see in nigeria, mali and somalia and finally it is trying to distublize ethiopia death to terrorist USA AND UK GOVERNMENTS

  5. Ermi says:


    Where do you live? We know Sibihat’ kids live in Italy and China.

    Peace and love to all!


  6. Gezaee says:

    Aboy Sibhat played Harlot with those who died for equality; He must have been a model.He must not have sent is kids abroad if he has confidence in the system he has created. It is part of corruption that higher official sons and daughters study abroad while people have no bread to eat. Aboy must have become a model to show people that Addis Ababa University is not less than a University in China or in Italy; Alas, he does not believe that and he sent his kids to Europe and Asia but the people of Tigrai are still covered by dust and abora. Shame on him; He is not a good model leader as he thinks.He does not know this is corruption. Corruption started from home.

  7. Dani says:

    Dimtsachen Yisema is an organization that is is being led and funded by Haji Najib( who is the leader of First Hijrah Foundation). Haji Najib is funded by Saudi and Gulf Arab Wahabis who have been lusting after Ethiopia for centuries. While he lives in his big mansion and drives around in his Mercedes Benz, innocent Ethiopia Muslims are being used as tools to fulfill the mission of Ethiopia’s historic enemies.Haji Najib,who left Ethiopia over 30 years ago and is half Arab, is now telling us that he loves Ethiopia and is fighting for human rights and democracy. The fact of the matter is, by any measure, Ethiopian Muslims have enjoyed great freedom over the last twenty years and the current fabricated crisis is not a struggle for equal rights but rather for political power. All peace loving Ethiopians should wake up and realize that Haji Najib and his cohorts have a sinister agenda that is backed and funded by enemies of Ethiopia. At a recent meeting in Washington DC , hosted by First Hijrah Foundation, an Egyptian Imam called openly for Jihad against the “Christian Government” in Ethiopia.Some opposition groups ,who have made a “deal with the devil”, are now working hand in glove with the likes of Haji Najib.I have listed several links that expose their hidden agenda and I encourage every one to do their own research and make up their own mind. The likes of Haji Najib should not be allowed to be the face and voice of peace loving Ethiopian Muslims.

    (1).Ethiopian Orthodox Church Vs Islam Jihadists – by Deacon Daniel Kibret :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFqOJrx10DQ
    (2).Ethiopia: The influence of wahabism-by Rev.Archbishop Berhaneyesus D.Souraphel, CM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVXEy4bVVgo
    (3). Haji Najib’s Wife declaring that Sharia Law will come to Ethiopia and the whole world: Ethiopia- Wahhabism private and public face exposed : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCLyDaBa8ko
    (4). Wikileaks : WAHABISM IN ETHIOPIA AS “CULTURAL IMPERIALISM”: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2009/07/09ADDISABABA1674.html
    5).AbujaDeclaration :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abuja_Declaration.

    • Name (required) says:

      pls tell them the fact again and again by any mass media for those who dont even know what the idea is but just follow the wind . tnx bro

  8. GirumTeshome says:

    leboch lemin yekoselu polisochin atasayunim werada wishetamoch nachihu.

  9. Mahlet Asefa says:

    I suppose if all the patience of the government didn’t work then I think its only right to defend the constitution by whatever means. Its sad that lives have to be lost especially the ones protecting the peace. I feel really bad that police forces have to die by the hands of street vagabonds. I think for the sake of Ethiopia the government takes stricter measures to stop this madness.

  10. Ermi says:


    What is stricter method in your dedebit constitution? Anything like the method used to prevent sexual relation among the woyane foot soldiers in Dedebit?

    Peace and love to all!


  11. I am agazi commando says:

    We should continue work hard for peace and tranquility and development. Prosperity. For ethiopia together. If few radical Muslim they have stop making problems. If not send deadest commands in East Africa. Who crash al shebab Islamic court Somalia. Just send aaagggaaazzziii commandos with red hat. We will make change addis Abeba like grozni fromm agazi

  12. Mario says:

    Nobody can listen to liers & haters! Whatever they say is a lie at any level! ” Dimtsachin yidema” is constituted by haters , greedy individuals who cares only about their belly!

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