Ethiopian Military Aircraft Crashes at Mogadishu Airport, Killing 4


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42 Responses

  1. Feruz says:

    Bad News R.I.P!

    • kebraraw says:

      the incident looks exactly the same what happened to ethiopian plane on lebanon there should be a hand of the arab gov’s. be sure hope the govt. of ethiopia make proper investigation this time. no plane ever seen to burst due to normal fault or crash unless heat by a misaiel or an explosive explode inside it. really sorry for the dead and my condolence to their beloved once

  2. Ali says:

    It was carrying arms? I thought Somalia is on Arms embargo. This shows that Ethiopia is violating the arms embargo.

    Sorry for those who lost their lives.

  3. Aster says:

    This is tragedy to the Ethiopia’s heroic military. My condolences go to all the people affected by this event. Long live the Ethiopian military! We love you and we are proud of our Militaries!

  4. Mario says:

    Any lesson to be learned from this tragedy? For woyanes/TPLF this sad story gives the wrong impression to the world that they are out there for regional peace.

    Whether they keep peace or process peace, nothing good will come out of that as long as they interfere in the internal affairs of other countries in collaboration with their master, the USA.

    Woyanes/TPLF, fix your own domestic problems first before you even think about solving other countries problems. When that is done, then things will sound right.

    • Alegnta says:


      You have to ask what is the alternative? An Islamic militant state (as happened for a brief period) dominated by Al Shebab and a focal point of Al Quida from which neighbours are going to be destablised (rather like Eritrea)? There is no internal security without an unfortunate involvement in such conflict. Granted the US has its interests but Ethiopia has its interests too and must do its share of peace keeping. RIP to our troops.

    • Mario says:

      Shabiya , why don’t you stay where you belong? Whether you like it or not Ethiopia is a big power in east Africa, therefore , it is the major player! Don’t you remember when Ethiopia punished your pfdj left it with out a choice but to hold innocent Eritrean on the neck & kill every Eritrean who wished good for Eritrea ! You are just wasting your time interfering in Ethiopian politics for no benefits!

      • Alegnta says:

        What kind of logic is this? Stop being ignorant and argue your case with evidence! People are fed up of idiots like you who label people instead of making reasoned arguments!

        • Mario says:


          I don’t have any reason to reason when it comes to the internal & external enemies of Ethiopia, did you get it broda? Ethiopia is a super power of East Africa , therefore, what it did & doing to keep the peace of our region is very important! Defeated internal & external enemies of the people of Tigrai fell apart & are doing everything they can to create havoc , but thanks to our martyrs that everything they did & they are doing is to no avail!

          Alegnta, this is how I’m expressing myself,& if you don’t like my comment, ignore it!

          Finally , I’m sending the word “idiot” back into you, because it belongs to you!

  5. Gezaee says:

    Accidents can happen; but please pay more attention to safety before take off.

  6. Gojeew says:

    Essey Essey Anjete kibe Teta I hop those who died are Tigres And I wish it will happen again egzabhair yemesgen!

    • galaxy says:

      trash, you are killing your brain cells by your hetrade. evil mind

    • samuel d says:

      a mentally ill person !

    • getachew says:

      Do you recognize, what you said at the end of your sentences ‘egzabhair yemesgen!’. God is not a God of revenge, if you believe in God first don’t try to segregate and separate people, God creates Adam and Hewan, nothing else; he does not create Tigre, Amhara, Oromo, Afar, Somali, Eritrean, Sudanese or other ethnics, wherever you go in this world, whatever religion you follow all human beings are from Adam and Hewan, nothing else.
      All those issues of ethnics are politically designed, if you really believe in God and you say ‘egzabhair yemesgen!’ from your hear; please pray this kind of tragedy not to happen to any person anywhere in this world. So my advice to you is not to surrender yourself by those evil words segregate and separate of human beings.
      God bless you

    • Getachew says:

      Do you recognize, what you said at the end of your sentences ‘egzabhair yemesgen!’. God is not a God of revenge, if you believe in God first don’t try to segregate and separate people, God creates Adam and Hewan, nothing else; he does not create Tigre, Amhara, Oromo, Afar, Somali, Eritrean, Sudanese or other ethnics, wherever you go in this world, whatever religion you follow all human beings are from Adam and Hewan, nothing else.
      All those issues of ethnics are politically designed, if you really believe in God and you say ‘egzabhair yemesgen!’ from your hear; please pray this kind of tragedy not to happen to any person anywhere in this world. So my advice to you is not to surrender yourself by those evil words segregate and separate of human beings.
      The other issue which shocked me is by the word you said here ‘Tigres must go away from the face of the earth we Ethiopian hate them’. Who is Ethiopian, if you really do love your country, you have to love Tigre, Amhara, Oromo, Afar, Somali, Gumuze, Gambela, Gurage, etc equally, otherwise you can’t say we Ethiopian, without them there will no Ethiopia and Ethiopian.
      God bless you

  7. galaxy says:

    It is not a violations of the arms embargo. Read it gain guys; the plane was carrying arms for the 17 000 African peacekeeping soldiers in somalia not for somalians themselves.
    Anyway, i am very sad with the event. it is a great loss for our country.
    Our trained pilots and other technical personnel lost thier life.

  8. Raza says:

    Once again it is a tragic moment to the unwanted former Ethiopian air force crews, Still after 20 yrs they are the one paying their lives under Ethiopian flag.

  9. Hamid says:

    It is one of the many karmic retributions yet to come for what TPLF has been doing to the faithful.

  10. Joshua says:

    May god keep your soul in heaven. for those who r working 4 humanity

  11. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Dying for a cause, while serving your country with a heroic act of protecting even your neighboring country. I wish I could die that way sometime in the future. What courageous souls. Rest in peace. We loooove you and will never forget what you did for us.

  12. Ermi says:


    I hope you die like your wish. Woyane won’t even recognize your death and spare the people’s wealth from compensating your family as it did for all the sacrificed in Brake and Somalia.

    BTW, Aboy Sibihat’s kids are enjoying their lifes in Italy and China.

    Peace and love to all!


    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      @Ermi, I don’t care if Aboy Sibhats kids are enjoying their lives in Italy and china. That will not stop me from serving my country. See the difference between you and me is that I don’t compare and compete with others or waste my time by thinking about what others are doing and where their kids are living. I don’t give a shit. And unlike you I’ll not use that as an excuse not to help my country. I try to use my brain. If you know what I mean. And if you are sooo jealous of Aboy Sibhats kids lifestyle maybe you can plan a trip to both china and italy. Good luck with that Rage buddy.

      • melese says:

        at mahlet
        Endew setoch setebalu

        hasabachehu hule ende shintachehu beten yale new.

        To use your barain and help your country is one thing and good. But how you can do that, when people like azeb, the mother of corruption take your mind’s output for her self and her girls, but you did it for your country!

        Hence, mahlet, you can’t be ignorant of the nationwide, state scale looting of the country. Your effort will be multiplied by zero if we can’t stop what the guy mentioned to you, and if we are all ignorant like u. This is not something like jealous, as u may think.

        So, as far as you and your family didnot yet put thier name in the long list exposed by etv last time, as corrupted or suspected people, pls donot be ignorant to corruption.

        good luck.

      • Ermi says:


        “Let’s be thankful for the fools and morons, for without them the rest of us (Woyanes )could not finance our kids’ living and education in Italy and China. ”

        Aboy Sibhat.

        Peace and love to all!


  13. Habtamu S says:

    They were in heroic mission that asked their life to all peace lovers. And as military men they knew that death is always around them for their profession is living for the people. R I P

  14. Mario says:

    Alegnta and Mario (from Ohio):

    You always talk filth and nothing but filth. Calling others names hoping to silence them. That is a futile attempt, but you never get it. Do you?

    Woyane/TPLF and you their agents are almost done with your lies. Every single lie is falling on deaf ears nowadays. This is in spite of your effort to change lies to fact/truth for 22 or more years. Not only this, every single fact/truth coming from you, the agents and woyane/TPLF is also falling on deaf ears too. The Ethiopian people are now at the stage of not accepting any truth or fact coming from you guys, but love to see your eventual demise. That is a perfect example of a natural course, a course mother nature is taking us to.

    For those who have dwelt on lies and fabrication and labeling people with all sorts of names, how can they have good taste for logic and reasoning? You live on lies like a staple food and at the same time try to feed others your lies. That ain’t work anymore buddies.

    Now I said that, it is time for you to gang-up on me and others in the hope of silencing the voice that is negating your lies.

    Hear is the big deal. You tell your lies and the rest of us will tell the truth. Dare to ask again, “What kind of logic is this?”.

    My wisdom/rationality outlive human stupidity!!!

    • Mario says:

      Remember: EDU, Jebha(ELF),EPRP,…….& finally your PFDJ & it’s messengers had seen their demise while wishing the extermination of TPLF! Your PFDJ. Had bragged so much in the hay days of 1994-98 , armed to the teeth! But look at it now, you be the judge!

      Lies , fabrications…..? Yeah! You can’t see the reality unless & otherwise you get out of hate! I know what you are talking about though!We have heard so much allegations in the past, but non of it had ever held any water, so please don’t live in your false hope!

      The problem of woyane’s enemies is: they don’t know who woyane really is , that’s why they lose everytime! You know why? Woyane’s enemies don’t like to follow logic! they prefer to see things through their inflated empty egos!

      Take it easy though! We are just chatting here….! Woyane was there, you see it is here & it continue to be there ! You can’t stop it! Woyane is from the people to the people! People dies, but their struggle continues! Don’t live in a false hope Mr!

      Here is a formula : one who hates woyane=never live to be better & lives in a regretting life! Don’t get the karma that has developed in the last 38 years!

      What are the lies you talking about though? Mention!

  15. Gojeew says:

    Once again this idiot beggars and cocroch Tigres must go away from the face of the earth we Ethiopian hate them they are killing our people every single day so why do I care? KOSHASHA

    • Embasoleda says:

      Such kind of you subhuman idiots are good only at bluffing their nonsense and wishful thinking against the heroic Tigray people…

      • Ermi says:


        Just because all woyane beggars and cocroches happen to come from Tigray, it does not mean all Tgrians are Woyanes and cocroches. So don’t associate Tigray people with the wild blood sucking Woyane banda like Aboy Sibhat who finances his kids’ living in Italy and China with the looted wealth of Ethiopians.

        Peace and love to all!


        • Mario says:

          Thanks to Tigrian enemies, now 99% Tigrian supports woyane! Now woyane has more educated & young Tigrian to back it than ever!For woyane it doesn’t matter if defeated entities cry from every direction! All woyane do is: wait until its enemies inflated, then blow their inflated ego! We have seen this process for the last 38 years! ዎያነ በኣጉል ጉራና በትእቢት ቀርቶ እስካፍንጫቸው የታጠቁትም ያልቻሏት ሃይለኛ ድርጅት መሆኗን ጠላቶቿ ኣያውቁም! በጥላቻ የተሞላ ፖለቲካ ምንም ምንም ፋይዳ የለውም!

          God bless woyane

          • Ermi says:

            Morons like you open Tigray ppl for attack by claiming 99% of tigrai population supports woyane. The truth is woyane is hated by 99% of Tigray ppl; contrary to the false propaganda, Tigray is still the poorest and underdeveloped region in Ethiopia; Tigray is an open prison where ppl are deprived of free press, electricity, freedom of expression, and the right to worship. That is why TPDM is flourishing.

            Woyane killed Tigray youth for having sexual relations during the dedbit struggle. Priests were executed in public by the icons of woyane(I.e. arkebe equbai known for executing priests) . In short, woyane is a Marxist taliban. They sacrificed Tigray youth to liberate Eritrea.

            So stop your empty propaganda to subject Tigray population for slaughter as you did in Hawzen.

            Tigray ppl are Ethiopians and woyane is wild banda animals (not humans).

            Peace and love to all!


  16. Mario says:


    Believe me, Tigrian might have their own reservations , but when it comes to your kind of haters & enemies 99% Tigrians are one, that’s why they win all the time!

    All in all, I’m advising you not to live in your false hope! You need to leave some reservations for yourself! You seem you worry about Tigrai while we know you hate Tigrians from your core!

    Tigrai is better of now than ever, but the only thing you follow is the lie & hate propaganda machines like ESAT, Ethiomedia ….funded by Ethiopia’s chronic enemies!

    In Tigrai, any corner that can reserve water had been dammed & farmers are producing excess fruits creating favorable conditions for manufacturing different types of juices! Farmers have been at least tripled in the last 6 years..!

    Finally, I’m sending your foul word “moron” back into your mouth , because it belong to you!
    Ermi, please stop living in your false hope just for the sake of you! You don’t know what you are talking about at all! All anti woyane from your PFDJ… To your colored revolution/Kinijit/, /Arab spring,Alshaban, Egypt is almost a failed state now….what else? Take it easy man

    • Ermi says:

      If Tigray was developed as you falsely propagte, then how come Aboy Sibhat’s kids live in China and Italy?

      If you hate shabia so much, then why offer them 250 mgw of free electric power?

      If you believe there is democracy, then why is Awramba times banned in Ethiopia?

      If EsAT lies, why was Meles dead and buried rather than coming back from his vacation for NewYear? Man this one is funny: Bereket Simon pregnant with

      Lastly, if all ruffians are one and support woyane and benefit from the false development, then why then you and many other tigrians including brothers and relatives of woyane icons seeking refuge all over the world – some with looted cash. Rumor has it Azeb gola is running away from Aboy Sibhat she is desperately looking for a place in Italy or USA.

      Peace and love to all!


  17. Mario says:


    I’ll let you live in your illusion & false hope until you get out of your cocoon! When you are out of your cocoon , then you will see the reality & you will be stunned losing your mind!

    Finally, your lie & fabricated propaganda don’t deserve my answer! Meles died not because your lie propaganda machine said so, but it is natural process!

    It’s been a year since Meles died, but you see Ethiopia continuing to grow as usual!

    • Ermi says:


      You see how you became defensless defending the woyane crimes? You became mute in the face of truth…LOL

      Empty rhetoric is empty. All I can infer from your comment is that you are unprepared paid agent. Didn’t I tell you in the past to go to school to become more useful to woyane?

      Peace and love to all!


      • Mario says:


        Believe me, your lies & fabricated propaganda is not going to reach you anywhere! What truth do you have though? You have no truth whatsoever! Woyane knows you guys can do nothing! All woyane do is, wait until your empty ass is inflated & blow it up ! It will take over 10 years to reorganize to inflate your ass again to just blown up by woyane as usual!

        Remember: woyane will never come here to argue with your nonsense! You are talking to a Tigrian respondinug to your hate politics! When I became a real woyane, you will never see me here arguing with your emptiness!

        Ermi, you still don’t know who woyane is! Try to understand who woyane is so you don’t waste your time!

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