Ambassador Donald Booth on Islamic Extremism in Ethiopia


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58 Responses

  1. Abegaz says:


    No he did not say “justifable.” That is not the real message. In fact the message he sent is it is all wrong the EPRDF government is doing.

    The government should not force peoples to change their religion. That is the message.

    The muslims did not demand governmental power. All they need is religous freedom per the constitution. Allow muslims to elect their leaders, simple and plain. Why the need to twist things. It does not cost the government anything.The EPRDF is risking its future power by not accepting the Muslim question. The muslims will die for their religion and soon they will attack the government using sucide. Mark my words!!

    • Aster says:

      Hi Abegaz
      We Ethiopian should not look for an outsider to endorse or confirm the exceptional relationships that exist between the Christians and Muslims in Ethiopia. The fact of the matter is that the Muslims have lived in Ethiopia way before the United States was instituted as a nation. Ethiopians are more experienced in creating a fair law that respects all religions and cultures than the United States. Perhaps, we might need to go back the future and re-evaluate some off the laws that worked for all the previous Ethiopian leaders and reconsider some of those policies, since back then the Muslims were satisfied with the law.

      • Soqraaxis says:

        “Muslims have lived in Ethiopia…” – what do u mean? It’s Ethiopians who embraced Islam, of course from “Arab” teachers, as Ethiopian learned “Christianity” from Arab Saints who translated the Bible from Creek to Ge’eez!

    • Faysal says:

      He clearly said that there is a danger of religious extremism in Ethiopia, and the government of Ethiopia is trying to stop that. Don’t put your filthy words in his mouth. Read again:
      ይህ ሃይማኖታዊ ፅንፈኝነት ወይም አክራሪነት ሊባል ይችላል፡፡ የኢትዮጵያ መንግሥት እየጣረ ያለውም ይህንን እንቅስቃሴ ለመቀልበስ ነው፡፡ ምክንያቱም በሕገ መንግሥቱ ላይ ያለውን የመንግሥትና የሃይማኖት ግንኙነት ፅንሰ ሐሳብ የሚጎዳና በአገሪቱ የቆየውን የሃይማኖት ብዝኃነት የሚያደፈርስ በመሆኑ ነው፤

    • Abi says:

      YOU SURE? And you don’t have another issue to tell us than talking about terror?

  2. idris says:

    Mr Abegaze
    1) where did you read the word “justifable”? is it from your mind.
    2) the ambassador admitted the presence of danger of muslim extremism in the country. He also said the government is taking measures to reduce or prevent this extremism.
    3) thirdly, he said, while taking measure, the government shall be very careful not to favor one faith over the other.
    Do not distort the ideas while every one can read for him/herself from the attachment.
    during the old days i was used to hear muslims are “truthfull”. I think nowdays this is changed ‘thanks’ to the new wehabism. The indiginous ethiopian islam which was truthful and peaceful is being infested with the new one called wehabism. The new one is chauvonist and radical. according to the new one anyone who does not follow the faith shall be sluaghtered. The slaugher also goes to heaven.
    We will fight against this new extremist undemocratic and unticonstituational faith. it is null and void.

    • Faysal says:

      well said. Bravo.

      • mohammed says:

        faysal and idris

        why do many Tigrians treat fellow Ethiopians like kids? You do absolutely any thing to protect the Tigray dynasty, including disguising as Muslim, appearing like a professional journalist ( case in point Amare Aregawi of reporter, Dawit of awramba times, yohanes of Deutechewlle)

  3. Gezaee says:

    Dear Abegaz,

    The ambassador did not say the government is imposing another religion on muslims. The ambassador is saying Government may decided to do that to protect the constitution since he saying the extremists are trying to impose their own believes on others.

    Here again: They must take the case to the high court and that is the purpose of having a judicial system. You can not sit on the streets for years refusing to obey the law. You are saying they will start suicide; it will be their demise. It will eventually destroy islam in Ethiopia. They are not above the law. They must under the law and use the law to protect themselves, they cannot use force. You must know the Christians also defend themselves. If they do not obey the law; if they try to take the law into their hand, the other will take the law into their hands. it will mess and it will be much more worse than Somalia and we will have a failed state. There will be a winner in this war.

    If they have truth, let them take the case to the court and truth will win over falsehood. If the case is handled in a public court it will be a good lesson for everyone. But violent means of solving problem does not solve any problem. you must also know; it will be easy to start anarch but it will be difficult to stop anarch if we can learn from Somalia. Ethiopia will need 500 000 UN soldiers to be stabilized.

    Anyway, TPLF has a lot of work now to do; TPLF has no enemy; itself is the enemy of itself anyway. As I said always, if TPLF fail, it will fail by its own means. If this was the case, why are the Tigrean muslims asking the government to take action against the extremist? I am sure if the government is trying to change all muslims to Alhabesh, then it will doing on all muslims. But the Muslims in Tigrai has been asking the government to take action. They were saying their freedom cannot be taken away from them because they fought for it.

    Court is the solution if there is a case.

    • girue says:

      First of all, you are mixing things. By your own account, all Ethiopian Muslims (except those fabricated by the government) are Islam extremists. Your brain must be suffocated with lack of fresh air.

      You say protesters have to bring their case to the court? Who is the chief of the court? The court has no an inch of independence from government interference. So, again your brain has failed you miserably.

      Muslims have been protesting peacefully for more than a year and half. Again, you guys do not have an inch of discipline the Muslim communities have showed so far. You mulso know that Ethiopian Muslims are Ethiopians, no more, no less than anyone else. If truth be told. They have more love to their country than people like you who jumps here and there and talk nonsense.

      Disclaimer: I am not a Muslim.

      • yoghannes says:

        yes they look like Ethiopians, but they burn Ethiopian flag, some of them they don’t feel Ethiopians. Look I have never seen in any country a citizen burn and cut his Owen flag. should we consider them Ethiopians those who are acting like this. I would like to tell you those Muslims are not Ethiopians they are Arabs and Arabs are not Ethiopians and Ethiopians are not Arabs.

        • Gondar says:

          yoghannes, You are sadly misinformed or intentionally blinded by your own prejudice and hate. It appears you did not hear the report of the guy (Muslim) that tried to tear up the flag. Or the one (christian) that attacked praying muslims a while back. Man is not perfect there are bad elements everywhere you included. Those are the exceptions thank God. All of this division came about after 9/11 no thanks to Alqaida and George Bush who declared “crusade” & “Jihad” on one another.

          • Bilal says:

            @aster what does it mean muslim lived in ethiopia? pls correct it . ethiopiam muslims are as old as ethiopa like the other belivers both crstianity and islam are are not indignious both came from arabs but the same ppl accept it at different times

    • Helen says:

      You are talking about the Ethiopian court as if Ethiopia has a judicial system that is free from politics. You must be living in another planet. You are not serving TPLF well these days.

      You are also creating division between Muslims in Tigray and the rest of Ethiopia, you are danger to the country.


  4. mamo says:

    Can any body answer to me how many mosques were built in the last 21 years? And compare to how many churches. It is always important to see the facts. And the fact is muslims have got too much support from the filthy Saudis to make our country a muslim only nation. These people dream of destroying christians. We are not the only nation facing muslim extremism. The toxic diaspora thinks they may get an opening but these people are blinded by hatred and thirst for power. If the muslim extremist get their way, We are all doomed.

    • meta says:

      at Mamo
      common, donot go that far to support your claim. It is woyane that supported them more than the abarb world. I tell you, it is woyane who allowed Ali abdo to work day and night to support Muslim build mosque. I remember in Borana area where they were allowed to demolish Protestant church and build Mosque.

      You people are so ignorant and always wanted to move the blame from its right source to others which´you can,t do anything or little.

      Such labeling others is one of the old orchestra of woyane—confusing at least few via telling them fabricated facts!

      Forget what the ambassador said (though it has lot of implications, but Unless we will be agreed on the exact causes of the current problem, we are rather going to complicate it than solve it!

      Woyane has to swallow its wrong policy direction, then we will join for solution! What they are doing now is panicking, look at how the PM talk. Coz, it is not from his heart, and or either he is lost a master of talking fabricated things like the then meles, he is really panicing, and repeating same words as much as 51 times.

      Poor haile…please back to your own and be man of your own. You have full right of being the PM of Ethiopia and forget the fear surrounding you, that tplf will eat you. No they can’t do it anymore, otherwise they will loss everything.

      Dear all,

      Though there are pushes from the arab world to convert Ethiopia (and that is historical), our peaceful muslim community were brought to this current level and ideology by woyane itself. This time particular, they asked the government pls out of our religion! that is what they said, what they asked. the poor PM is telling us about the constitution he is totally abandoned.

      The Muslim never asked him goverment, rather religion. It is his police who went to their place and killed them. It is he who ordered election of their religious leaders in kebele. Let me ask this simple question! Kebele belong to government and it is the smallest administration unit of politics. Then how they serve as election of religious leaders? let us honest to our own mind? who interfered now, the government or the Muslims people?

      Even it is not allowed in the constitution, to use government/public resources such as kebel(though woyane is not public rather property of few), if the Muslims people may ask the government to use the facilities in Keble to elect their leader.

      Hence, woyane has to stop killing people as this rather take our country to the eye of Alqaida, hate from arab world….the new know looks Ethiopia is killing Muslim people….Ethiopia is killing Islam…unless this is what woyane wanted, let them stop the crime they are doing now and discuses issues genteelly.

      But i fear, woyane may need to send the message saying—Ethiopia is killing islam…so that will call up on arab worls and make our country the target of extreamists—hence, that will help woyane to keep it ally with america to withstand the current grass rout move to up root them from the chair they are assuming forcefully. But that may not take them any long. That could be the thought of the old dog Sebhat Nega and the like! Who hate Ethiopia!

      • idris says:

        please do not talk to much.
        Mosques can not be places for election.
        because 1) many millions of people has to vote. it is not a gathering of a few people.2) mosques had become a battle field of the extremists. Most of the extremists are young “educated” individuals with long chain of networks and with a lot of saudi money. No fair election can occur in the mosques. In the mosques, the extremists are the police, the judge, the decision maker. they are everything. No one can oppose them. Mosques were used as hiding places for thos extremists. The peaceful muslims have also asked for the election to be conducted out of mosques; they also argued reliously. mosques are for prayers not for “power struggle”.

  5. yohannse Eshet says:

    Please do not deny that there is extremist Islamic agenda to destroy Ethiopia and to Taliban style or sherian Islamic to established in Ethiopia and we Ethiopians we do not go back to 14th century era.

  6. Gezaee says:

    The Ethiopian government must do profiling Wahabist activities in Ethiopia in the past 22 years and inform us.

    I suggest the government kick out all Islamic NGOS from outside. Only local be allowed. Kick out the ones from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt,… the problem there.

    Clean the country from NGOS like Essays Afeworki. I do not think the NGOS which meddle in politics are important or helpful. The damage they do is worse than the benefit they give.

  7. Gezaee says:

    I am sorry to generalize; Wahabists do not admit anything; they deny everything. Even if 9/11 ; it was not them. It was somebody else. You will hear Muslims lying that Ethiopian muslims are more than Christians. Even I read Saudi saying Ethiopian muslims are 55 million now. Lying, murdering, cutting head, cutting hand, stoning, shooting,… is part of Wahabism. Doing all that murder is a ticket to heaven.

    My argument; Islam has come out the most primitive and the most violent religion on our planet; there is no religion that is terrifying humanity than islam. And they still insist Islam means peace? where is it peaceful? on earth or on another planet which we do not know? Anyway, TPLF guys have now faced a tough job after 22 years. Back to the struggle board. May be the people in the palace need to call back the retired ex TPLF like Siye, …Mistakes has been done long ago when Mr. Meles save Shabia and split his party into two; That created a lot of breeding grounds for external and internal enemies. I do believe this a design of Shabia,Egypt, Suadi Arabia and Qatar;

    • D says:

      yes! bring back Ex TPLF Seeye and alike

    • sulaiman says:

      you people lack fairness. The fact that few muslims commite sucide doesn’t mean Islam encourages them. Those people associate themselves to Islam to win acceptance.Try to open ur eyes. For 2 years ethiopian muslims have questioned the gov’t to stop interfering peacefully. Have u heard or seen any bomb accidents? Were they,as u say,on terror activities,all ur churchs would be destroyed. what did Yohanes do? He slaughtered many muslims at Boru meda only b/c they followed Islam. What did the crusders do? They killed 14 million people in Europe alone more lives than WWI and II took. Study history. Islam is the only creed that encorges its believers to co-exist with others in harmony. The name literarly means peace. Open ur mind for truth, distance hatred from u. This will help u stick to facts.

      • Dmbulo says:

        The notion that the government shouldn’t interfere with religious affair should no longer be valid. When Wahabists, Salafists or any followers of extremist and twisted type of Islam, try to impose their doctrine on others and desire to introduce their barbaric law, then the government has responsibility to intervene and stop it. Before this cancer spreads and destroy the fabric of society, those groups or governments that support and fund them should get a clear message from the government that Ethiopia will never fall to their evil plan or twisted religion.

      • yohannes says:

        dear sulaiman.
        can you tell me who is killing the good muslins, and burning churches and killing priestess, crusades is not our history. read history of the other people and don.t transport to our country. Ethiopia never have been against Muslim, but Muslims yes . they don.t like peaceful consistence.

  8. Hailu Balcha says:

    @amerikan Gladiator ambassador wushetam neftegna

  9. Abegaz says:


    ” 3) thirdly, he said, while taking measure, the government shall be very careful not to favor one faith over the other.”

    That is the core of the ambassador’s message. And that is what the repoters newspaper put it as a title head, man.

    • idris says:

      You read the sentences that favor your opinion only. Why? This is not fair.
      What you have to do is ‘read all and try to grasp the whole message’
      What is ambassador said
      1) there is a danger of extremism. That extremism is wahhabism, imported from somewhere, saudi. extremists want to replace the indiginous and and peaceful islam. They are impossing he said.
      so, this is the first mistake. The wahhabists can advance their faith for themselves like the protestants do against the orthodox; but they should not impose. Even, they can built their own separate mosques. last time in gambella, the wahhabists, make their EID prayers in a separate place. That is possible. But imposition, intimidation, creating chaos in mosques and killing of old religious fathers is not acceptable.
      That is what the ambassador oppossed.
      2) the amb. also said the government is trying to prevent this. While taking preventive measures the government may commit some mistakes. It can happen.
      3) but in general ethiopian muslims have all the religious freedom than ever. every religion is treated equally. This does not mean that there are no problems. But the problems are common to all: orthodox, muslim, catholic, protestant and others. nothing special on muslims.
      The reality is
      The Wahhabists having an ‘international’ agenda of ‘muslimizing the world’; Ethiopia is among their targets.
      We Ethiopian whether muslims or christians shall be aware of this fact.

  10. abegaz says:


    Make muslim leaders’ election free and fair. For me that will solve the problem. The rest is just controlling. EPRDF should not control every aspect of our life including our religion.

  11. Al says:

    Hope these are translations and only clumsy translations – read it carefully and see the tone if different from what woyane and likes say about all these issues – Dawit the ‘balanced’ reporter, thank you

  12. w .yilma says:

    Because some Ethiopian societies especially in Diaspora want to hear what they want, they always never want to hear the facts from any group or person. This people are sick and need to look psychiatrist. The problem is the person who have psychological problem never accept he/she was sick.
    I totally accept what the ambassador has said. If we denied the rise of radical Islam we must live in another planet or if we want to ridiculed the government efforts to combat it, we must be enemy of Ethiopia. If imported radical Islam want to change the course of our history, I will not hesitate to stand with the government. Those who denied what the ambassador has said are those who do not want to hear the fact. These people other than dreaming the demise of the current government they do not have an agendas for Ethiopia. The same as our sworn enemies, they are enemy of our people.
    This is what we have seen and observe how some the so called political parties both outside and inside the country mishandling the situation to get a short term advantage. This is the mistakes Ethiopian oppositions failed to understand for decades. They follow failure after failure. The Machiavellian doctrine my enemy enemy is my friend is not working at this time. Our world is very dangerous place at this time. Unless we look carefully our political steps, the oppositions are working for themselves, but for the government. Because of very silly and stupid mistakes they strengthen the government camp. Because we Ethiopian never have a history of giving our country as a gift for our enemy because of differences with the present government. There are ways we should play the game to bring positive changes.
    I personally want a change of government. But I should not be denied the truth what is good and what is bad this government has done for the country.
    Is Ethiopia a democratic country? The answer is NO! but there are many positive changes we all as a society should protect, and there are many issues that needs our collective and active participation with open minded. Instead of doing the right thing, the easiest work what the oppositions are adopted is blind condemnation, motivated by hate. Building democracy is not only the responsibility of the government in power. We all have a responsibilities to do our home work towards this goal. Does our so called opposition know what democracy is? If they know, Ethiopia would have been in a better historical place at this time. Look the media outlets functioning outside the country, and owned by “Ethiopians”. They live in democratic country with civilized people, understood what democracy means. But ours so called journalist (I called them yellow journalism if it fit for them)living in the dark age. Being a propaganda machine for political party does not mean a free media. Free media is beyond this. It is a means of education with the sense of responsibility, find the truth and aware the public about the facts of the events. Except few most of them are afraid of the truth. In some case if you send them an articles to express your opinion, the majority failed to post that article if it does not reflect their point of view. If we continue this way building democracy will be a dream for Ethiopia. It is a matter of perception, which most Ethiopians do not want to look at to themselves. It is not a matter of education. The problem wide spread among the so called “educated Ethiopians”. look what they are writing and talking. It is rubbish! The reason they afraid the truth , therefore easy for them to deceive the public. Because there is no intellectual honesty, our country problem will go from one problem to another.
    God save Ethiopia from enemy within.

    • Bilal says:

      what about the radical chrstyans who says one country and one religion? dedeb neh there is no radical muslims in ethiopia but radical chrstyans

  13. tazabi says:

    Mr. Booth is suggesting that the government is cracking down on the Ethiopian Muslims because they are allegedly trying to impose their belief on others. If that is the case, how did the Ethiopian Muslims do that? Mr. Booth should not make such statements without providing us the evidence that extremism is happening by answering the Who, What, Where, When, and How questions regarding the alleged Ethiopian Muslims extremism. I am not a Muslim, neither am I here to defend Islam. I am a Christian, but I hate to see my Ethiopian Muslin brothers and sisters being treated so harshly by the Ethiopian government, with the tacit support of Mr. Booth without any credible evidence. Mr. Booth, if you have the evidence of Ethiopian Muslim extremism, bring it out; don’t just make vague and unsubstantiated comments about the Ethiopian Muslim extremism.

  14. meta says:

    pls have listened to the talk the PM have made? look the provocative questions the stupid and so called limatawi journalist asked him? even she knew the truthers are different!

    And is this what a PM should talk—he looks he is talking on village coffee with his mother. Yesefer were—count how much times he is repeating similar things!

    This show that haile may not part of the current decision to crackdown of Muslim community. He rather exposing the government—by firmly explaining the constitution. But the government openly entered to religious phenomennon. Suported officially and invited other sectors to use and make their teaching. His goverment ordered the form of election of religious leaders….

    i am sure, if Protestantism is the laboratory of fabricated false, and if there is a genuin protestant, he must tell haile to stop laying. But is he going to join is colleagues at his church? what he really feel when he pray

    I remember (endew mut wekash ayaderegegnena) our pawlos never prayed. When other father pray, he just site, or tell them —i am now bit sick ortired and do it latter—he just escape.

    • idris says:

      You are trying to deny the presence of extremism in Ethiopia?
      Please, remember the saying “GMEL SERQO AGOMSO”.
      You can steal a camel but can not hide it.
      Extremism is an international phenomena. Ethiopia can not be imune from extremism. Ethiopia being the second most populous country in Africa is the target for expansion of extremist wahhabism.
      Nigeria is already targetted: BUKO HARAM is killing christians, destroying churchs; they are trying to destroy the country. Despite, being rich country, nigeria is under chaos.
      Ethiopia is also currently threatened.
      The current extremist movements may develop into the BUKO HARAM type destructive activities, not to mention al shabab of somali.
      we Ethiopian muslims never want to go to war and destruction.

  15. Gezaee says:

    The TPLF government has to recall its Veterans and deal with these issue decisively. The whole western world is with the government. I am against the government but on these I am with the government.

    The TPLF government must do the following:

    1. Outlaw all the opposition who are directly and indirectly involved in the religion. For example, Semayawit party, Andent party the best candidate to be outlawed. These opposition has no programme and agenda. They just wanted to use the Islamic religion. They are self parasite who do not care about the country but about their power thirst.

    2. The Ethiopian government must seriously ask the government of united state to draw a clear line. American cannot claim they are allies while they have become a terrorist breeding ground for Ethiopia. Ethiopia is not benefitting from American double face alliance.

    Dr. Berhanu in 2005 refused to join parliament and went to Kaliti. He spent two years in Kaliti. He signed a paper he did a mistake. But right after he was released he run to unite state. He joined a university and he is a Professor at one University. At the same time he is a part time political leader. This man can not even leave his professional job to do his politics. I am sure even he was to be elected to be the prime minister of Ethiopia he would not abandon his academic career. He will try to be a part time prime minister. This means Dr. Berhanu is selfish, careless, unethical, unprofessional and greed person.

    He and his family live in America life. A comfortable life. The same Tamagne Beyene, they live comfortable life on earth. Their children go to school and have no fear everyday. But Dr. Berhanu and Tamagne Beyene wanted to use religion to get to Arat kilo? hahaha, this is filthy and dirty minded people agenda. If you do not have your philosophy, leave alone to lead 94 million diverse Ethiopia, you can not lead your own life. It is high level stupidity to use religion for selfish purpose. Religion is sensitive issue and can not used for personal agenda.

    Tamagne Beyene said he would take money from Egypt? from anyone for that matter. What his audiences did not ask Tamagne? How is Tamagne going to pay back the money he takes from Egypt? Because there is no free money from anyone. you have to pay back the money.

    Dr.Berhanu could not work with his kinjit and he could not even get along with his Kinjit members in prison and he split his kinjit into many factions. How is this dude going to work with Islamicists? is he going to tell the Ethiopian people have to accept Sharia law?

    I am sorry to say this; but the Dr.Berhanu generation is really a cancer of Ethiopian people. The government has to put aside democracy for now. The TPLF government must black out democracy for now.

    First thing first, second thing second, third thing third. First Ethiopian people need bread on the table, water, electricity, food security, school, universities, safety, security, clinics, hospitals, infrastructure and democratic institutions, judicial systems.

    You can not have a house with out walls, roofs,…

    The government has to outlaw any protest.Ethiopian need bread now than anything. I am not going to eat democracy. There is nothing Dr. Berhanu did to help Ethiopia to secure food security than fighting for power. I am sorry but people are elected in the rest of the world based on their contribution to their community. They are not elected because they have PHDS.

    I myself I oppose the government for other reasons. I did not like the democracy prescribed from outside by USA, NGOS,… people from outside do not understand the Ethiopian state of mind.

    Anyone who has grievances must use the Judicial system and anything outside the judicial system must be declared illegal. The court is there to solve cases of grievances. If the muslims have a case, they must file their case in the Ethiopian high court and include in their application their case to be televised and be conducted in public court. Then they will get solution for their problem. Otherwise, their religion is being now misused by selfish people like Dr. Nega. Even if they have a case, their case is being bad because they are being supported selfish people like Tamagne, Dr. Berhanu Nega.

    I do not like EPRDF but Dr. Berhanu and Tamagne boils my blood. They came to united state to live comfortable life but they wanted other people to kill each other for them to become leaders? Greed greed greed greed, greed blinds the heart, the mind, the eye, and deafens the ear.

    Tamagne said: ” I will take money from Egypt.” Tamagne were you not accusing TPLF for allying with Shabia? so what is the difference between you and TPLF? There is no difference. The only difference, TPLF were not in Europe, USA, … they were fighting on the ground. But you are smarter because you life the most comfortable life on earth, and you are taking money from Ethiopia’s enemies for your selfish Ego?

    Tamagne Beyene, do you see anyone taking money from Etiopian? do you see Egyptian opposition taking money from anyone?

    Dr. Berhanu is a loser of all time;This is called Melkeskes or lksksnet. you can not become a leader because you are good being mischievous. You can not be a good leader by being deceitful and mischievous. Virtuousness, trustworthiness is the only way to be a leader. you are cheating at this level. you will cheat on the people even when you become the leader. That is your quality.

    Anyway, I hope the government will do all what is needed to ensure safety of the country. The government must know safety of citizen is paramount than anything. Anything thing that challenges the safety of the citizen must be countered without any if and but.

    • lintu says:

      You must be very kind and generous person. To be fair, you should have asked to stop free air in the Ethiopian territory so that no one can breath without your friends permission.

      Where did you learn this generosity? I envy your understanding of facts, depth of your analysis, etc. Wow, wow, wow. What are you doing here with your top brain instead of doing some excellent research and exploration in another planet? Wow, man, you are very smart and very intelligent.

      Dr. Birhanu, Tamagne, Andinet, Semawyawi, etc are people and organization still living on the earth. But, people like you have finished analyzing all the secrets of the Earth and are apt to deal with another planet. So, why worry about this people. Just ignore them, go and navigate through your dream planet, your fantasy one. Which planet do you target by the way?

    • Hailu says:

      You kidding? You are not supporter of TPLF government? You are member of the government assigned on misinformation mission. That is why we see you everywhere on online discussions supporting the government.

      You sound here even worse than the The passed awayMelese! Scary!


      • lintu says:

        Gazaee changes his mind depending on the temperature of the current issue. These days, he is very busy to create inter-religious violence. O what a pity, he has abandoned his cover-up subject like zeraf bring Assab, zeraf no land sells to Arabs, zeraf zeraf, zeraf ene wondu

        Of course, he is a cadre who is assigned to play a special character.

  16. lemma says:

    i Think it is time to say enough is enough. things could be out of Control with out conscious and the so called opposition Groups are fuel the condition for political purpose. It could be Irreversible‎ and it is a kind of denigration the historical religion of the country. we have been living for centures with out problems. here is our history of religion started,Details of the Axumite Kingdom, never abundant, become even more scarce after this point. The last king known to mint coins is Armah, whose coinage refers to the Persian conquest of Jerusalem in 614. An early Muslim tradition is that the Negus Sahama offered asylum to a group of Muslims fleeing persecution during Muhammad’s life (615), but Stuart Munro-Hay believes that Axum had been abandoned as the capital by then[27] – although Kobishchanov states that Ethiopian raiders plagued the Red Sea, preying on Arabian ports at least as late as 702.[28]

    Some people believed the end of the Axumite Kingdom is as much of a mystery as its beginning. Lacking a detailed history, the kingdom’s fall has been attributed to a persistent drought, overgrazing, deforestation, plague, a shift in trade routes that reduced the importance of the Red Sea—or a combination of these factors. Munro-Hay cites the Muslim historian Abu Ja’far al-Khwarazmi/Kharazmi (who wrote before 833) as stating that the capital of “the kingdom of Habash” was Jarma. Unless Jarma is a nickname for Axum (hypothetically from Ge’ez girma, “remarkable, revered”), the capital had moved from Axum to a new site, yet undiscovered.[29]

    • Gezaee says:

      Sir, Mr. Lemma, stopped your faking things. There was no Muslim Negus in Ethiopia. We do not care what a European writer says. The history is written on the stones in axum. You go to your Saudi Arabia and fake such type of history. Islam has nothing to do with axum apart axum accommodates the islamicists who are now making trouble in the entire world.

      The topic about terrorist; it is not about axum bla blam. We are not betting about our history with you. You go wherever you want with the book you read.

    • lemma says:

      wow !you reaction is very intellectual and i hope you will be the next priminister of the land

  17. galaxy says:

    Ethiopia seems to have been over taken
    look and listen at the vedeo below.
    May GOD save our country!

  18. dessie says:

    tigrays are exascerbating ethnic/religious differences only for their own gain. Divide and conquer

  19. Abebe says:

    As a journalist and Ethiopian I have great respect for you but the outgoing ambassador he didn’t say what in the Amharic news as you now some have there own interest to put their opinion when it comes this kind of issues you need to post the English version to be true.
    What is also your take on the current fallout between the Muslim community and the Ethiopian government?

    I think Ethiopia is a land of multi-ethnic and multi-religion people. And the constitution also established the freedom to worship, and that, on the other hand, ensured the separation of the church and the state. This is a concept that the U.S. had more than two years of experience in. However, there might be some people who want to change this condition and impose their religious believes. These are what we call radicals and religious fundamentalists who think that only their religious views should be one that everybody should adhere to in the world. I think this is what the government is trying to counter; they are trying to defend the separation of church and the state. But, how to handle such threats as government is a quite difficult matter al together. So, we have tried to watch how the government is handling the matter. We also have been visited by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom to follow up the case. We have followed the trials of those arrested in last year’s protest. I think the main thing should be for the government not to fall into the same trap that it is trying to counter by imposing its own views on others. No religion has only one philosophy or teaching; in Christianity as well as in Islam it is all the same. There could be many different teachings. But, no one view should be imposed on the other. That is where the problem starts. So, the government, as it tries very hard, should also be careful not be accused of imposing its views and hurting freedom to worship. We do know, however, that it is a very tricky business and needs care when handling.

    • idris says:

      we do not need wahabism, my dear. if you allow wehabism by the name of freedom of religion, that you are allowing al quida to operate in the country.
      wehabism = al quida
      the government shall prevent wahabism by any means

  20. lintu says:

    I admire reg to end up corrupting foreign diplomats so that they serve as reg’s PR agents.

  21. Mario says:

    The good thing in Ethiopia is: Muslims & Christians live scattered all over Ethiopia! Because ;1) Ethiopian Muslims & Christians are blood brothers from the beginning! 2) Islam & Christian came to Ethiopia on their legs walking, but not on a horse back or by sword & spears. That’s why we don’t see separate regions for Muslim & Christians!

    The bottom line is: Ethiopia is protected by the Qur’an, therefore, any Muslim who attacks Ethiopia for unjustifiable reason fails! We have seen Egypt,Iraq,Syria….failing! Had they care about their people instead of spending millions of dollars to destabilize Ethiopia , they could have been better of now! Thanks God ! always,What goes around comes around !

    This is the end of Muslim extremism in Ethiopia!

  22. getu says:

    Guys ..We missed the big issue & we are repeating the same mistak again & again ..we are always running after the mistake of Eprdf & after a long battle they will let it go by freeing those prisoners & they will take another one to jail ..our cry is endless & our effort isn’t united ..following after Eprdf problem willn’t move our collective effort to the desired end. WE MUST HAVE A COLLECTIVE GOAL! BRINGING DEMOCRACY TO ALL PEOPLE & IT SHOULDN’T BE IGNORED BY FREEING SOME PEOPLE OR BY GIVING IT PARTIALLY! OUR PAIN SHOULD BE COLLECTIVE & WE SHOULD FEEL THE VOICE OF ANYONE WHO CRIES AGAINST EPRDF!THERFORE,THE CAUSE OF OUR MOSLIM BROTHERS IS ALSO OWR OWN CAUSE & OTHERS CAUSES SHOULD BE THEIR OWN CAUSE. THERE IS NO HALF DEMOCRACY,WE SHOULD BE FREE TOGETHER,AND WE SHOULD STAND TOGETHER!THE QUESTION SHOULD BE DEMOCRACY FOR ALL! Move the question bigger than evreybodys individual question! Bringing democracy for all!!

  23. Gezaee says:

    dear lintu;

    You are sarcastic man. I do not care what you call me; You can call me EPRDF, cadre or TPLF, Shabia or … EPRDF are telling me I am shabia. You are telling me I am EPRDF? I cannot be what people want me to be. I am who I am; you telling me this and that will do any minus or plus on me. It is me; Neither EPRDF nor opposition likes my position? why? it is because I speak truth. And truth is hard and painful. I understsand your pain that forces you. I am not a cancer. I killed not even an insect or anything that has breath. I am pure, untainted, no blood in my hand. I am not with modern banda opposition like Dr. Nega, Tamagne Beyene, …

    I am a pure Ethiopian with with no blemish on me; clean like morning water. Pure hearted. I am mischievous who collect money from enemies for power. I am not a parasite to anyone. I have lived in war torn Ethiopia because of the cancer generation. Tamagne was/is a war monger. Who was rounding teenages to go to war in his prime age. Old habit die hard, he is still a war monger and war artist. Dr. Nega is a violent and anarchiest who caused the death of 200 people in 2005. He is a doctor who believes he has to kill people to get freedom? Dr.Nega refused to become the mayor of addis ababa? He refused to join parliament? he went to Kaliti for two years. Then he signed a paper and was released and he run to America and now he want to go back to Addis Ababa through Asmara, Cairo, White house? which is one is better? to become a mayor or become a member of a parliament or to become a warrior and Modern banda?

    You posted on your websites telling us about a Tigrean banda called Gugusa Haileslassie whom you posted on your websites with a photo with Italian soldiers?

    Is Dr. Nega better than Gugusa? Gugusa at least did not have PHDS? Dr. Nega a modern banda is taking money from Ethiopia’s enemies? Is he not a banda? what is the difference between Gugusa, Tamagne, and Dr. Nega? Gugusa is better according me because he was not educated; Tamagne Beyene and Dr. Nega are modern Gugusa Haileslassie of Tigrai.

    How can you liberate me by selling my country and my people?

    You tell me you can do what Woyane does? then what makes you different from woyane if you do everything what woyane does? No difference?

    Where did you get democracy anyway? you just brainwashed to think about it. it is not your idea. you do not even understand it. If you were not understanding you would not call me EPRDF. I am not banda man. I am pure Ethiopia; I will not beg like you beggars, banda ascaris hula.

    Yes, Ethiopian do not have bread now. They are starving. You can not feed them. Hodam? why are you in America? why you do go home then if you are not in USA to live better life? You are not feeding any Ethiopian? Ethiopians are starving. No food , now water; no proper housing.

    I can not your paper democracy which you still do not know. If you knew democracy you would not beg money and you would not ally with enemies, you woudld not use religion or you would not cheat, you would not lie. You have no clue democracy. Democracy is not the art of con artists. Democracy is the art of serving people selflessly and Democracy is not the art of self-deceit.

    Ethiopians need food, safety before anything. Can you think of other things before food and water?

    Ethiopia is endowed with cancer generation. A generation that remove people from their land and sell the land for foreign countries? A generation that begs money, food, condom, … you are the cancer generation.

    • lintu says:


      I appreciate your analysis because you entirely based on your imagination. May I remind you that the abbreviation ‘EPRDF’ contains democracy? From which generation do you belong? You must be either to the Old or the Young generation. Ok, may be you are in the middle generation. If not, then from which? From three or four generations away? Resurrected from “Dinknesh”/aka Lucy?

      I haven’t said cancer. But you are calling everyone cancer generation.

      Ok, you have your own idea, which is respectable. But if your idea is to stir violence, that is condemn-able. I do condemn it. Violence has never been a solution. I am sure the people who are protesting for their religious freedom are peaceful citizens. Of course, there may be some cells of Egypt agents like Jawar who are ready to cut heads. Even with that, people like Jawar are probably paid agents for the current operation against Ethiopian Muslim population. This operation shows that the government intelligence service is very weak to identify possible infiltrators. Instead, it found easier to to attack everyone in mass.

      Every time you attack Dr Birhanu, Tamagne, etc, well, it shows your weakness. You attack the victims but not the one committed crimes.

      I do not belong to any political group but stand for what is true, and remain against any inhuman acts.

      So, please do not do something bad on others the same as you do not want somebody does something you do not want. May be you are paid to do that.

  24. Gezaee says:

    No single Ethiopian has ever engaged with me based on reason and logic. Except telling me I am EPRDF, Shabia or defining me who I am. All useless or devoid any logic and reason except naming calling.

    I wonder what name you could give me If I murdered people like Dr. Nega and if I was a war artist like Tamagne and If I was Woyane who destroyed Ethiopian Navy and made Ethiopian ladlocked and took away land from people and sold it outside. If I was Dr. Berhanu who subjected 200 souls to death?

    I can boast 100%; Because my hand is clean. I did not kill any single life so far. I never took any single cents from any Ethiopian so far. I am clean, clean. No liess, no lezebtegnea, no khdet, no machberber,, no melkesks for money. No melkesks for power.

    I am neither with regime that is destroying the country and I am nor with the modern banda or modern Gugusa Haileslassie. I promise and I mean it from my heart, if any single person get to Arat kilo via Asmara, white house, or Cairo, … I will be your enemy number 1.

    Ethiopia is poor because your poor mindset and poor attitude. you never even learn from wherever you go. It is not me who call Alakubur just to beg money? Shame, why do not just join Alshabab then? you feeding teenages to cannon fodders during the long prolonged war, but now you put suits and become democtract. Why you never asked for democracy when you bombing the entire Eritrea and Tigrai?

    Asafiri twild, what have you done in your 22 years politics? what did you achieve ? what policies of EPRDF did you challenge and change? nothing? 22 yearss? losers, you do not even assess yourself at all. Do you assess yourself? do you evaluate yourself? do you ask yourself what have you done in the past 22 years apart from knocking at the gate of the white house gate and house of commons? Susan Rice said it all: she said idiots? why did she say that? she is not Ethiopian? she a top officer in the United state? why would she say idiots? There is a reason why she said that.

    Tamagne said: We will take money from Egypt because the government is taking from everyone? you are telling me you will be better than the regime, but you tell me you have to do because the regime is doing it. Anyway, this a good indicator you have no programme, plan, vision. You are attaching yourself to Islam like a parasite. you wanted to use them to get to Arat kilo? But it will be a dream to use Islam. You will pay the price of your neck.

  25. Teke says:

    You finally started talking about murder. Scary!

  26. Abegaz says:


    As one example, look at the report of former REST director, Tekleweyni. You could see clearly there how Ethiopians are not treated equally. Tigrians are not lazy people. Why are they afraid of competition and improving their life through hard work. If there is competion, the country will be better, they still can make a living

  27. amel says:

    As Ethiopians do we have to believe what the americans say about our country as true. I dont think that our muslim friends want to impose us their religion on us. As the history tells us both religions come to ethiopia peacefully.
    it is on this last 20 years that our christan and muslim leaders speak politics than own religion. I dont think this is acceptable.

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