Tirunesh Dibaba wins; Ethiopians around the world Celebrate the victory


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30 Responses

  1. Kassaye says:

    Our hero, Bravo!!!

  2. Gezaee says:

    This is really the hero. This young lady is doing much better than any of the politicians. She is better than Dr. Nega and Tamagne Beyene; It is this type of people we need than the cancer generation of Dr. Nega and Tamagne Beyene. Tamagne the blood thirsty who was the war monger and war artist now become human right activists. Leboch, enante tnatna stserut yenebere rstachu ahun democrat honachu, wushetam bicha.

    • linen says:

      I don’t get it. you always have to twist everything to Politics. And you are twisting this one to your side….. Now you just insulted tirunish by saying you are better than DR, TB bla bla .. she is not a politician she is just an ethiopian with her own opinion so no comparison what is so ever but no you have to claim everything to your side by trying to laminate sides….. what do you mean my you are better than them anyway? doesn’t that undermine her as a person who thinks? what are you saying you didn’t expect her to think better? And what give you the right to be the judge anyway? See this is the mentality you guys have… You think you know it all…….. Trust me you will find yourself writing opposing what you are writing now when the next government is on place… Blood tiristy? wow why don’t you say that about the solders and their masters that are killing people in broad day light? Did you call the government that on the day of EID? you guys are sick sick sick

    • gezeh says:

      You are lost. You don’t know what you talk about it. Why you are mixed up with politics . you should learn the difference between sports and politics.

  3. Alegnta says:

    Tirunesh signifies what we as individual Ethiopians and our country at large should strive to achieve! Humble, who has not forgotten where she came from, but full of confidence and determination! She has achieved what no other female long distance runner has – and as the commentator kept mentioning “she has truly made history”. We are so proud of you and you are a great role model for all of us and our children – that with hard work and commitment anything is possible. Congratulations!

  4. jgna says:

    With So many LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEES to all our heros and heroines
    1. Tirunesh Dibaba —10,000M—-gold
    2. Belaynesh Oljira—10,000M —–bronze
    3.Ibraim Jeilan—–10,000M males–silver
    They are doing their best to their country. Everyone of us shall learn from them.
    Oh, GOD BLESS you, our herros. you make my day.
    This success in sport (athletics) brinings all ethiopian to the same spirit of oneness and happiness irrespective of their differences in politics.
    Can i say, sport is one of the strong bonds that ties Ethiopians together and make them share the same moments of happiness irrespective of their differences.

  5. Solomon says:

    Well done by the real Ethiopian queen! She is a true legend. She is in my list of modern day UNIQUE Ethiopians – Tirunesh D, Meles Z, Haile G, Al Amoudi, Teodros K Eskinder N, Eleni G, Gebesa E,…and few more. We only hope that IsaAsss’s GimmmBOAT 7 & EriSAT will not lie and deny the fact that Tirunesh just hit the GOLD MEDAL home. Victory to all Ethiopians! Down with Ethiopian enemies inside and outside!

  6. Mario says:

    Congratulation yegna Qonjo!
    We love you our heroine!

  7. mesele says:

    at Gezaee
    hahahaha—-i really laugh whenever i see your posts. You have really toooooo much time, hiding behind your PC, writing tooooo long, in most cases contradicting essay—-

    AND most importantly, known for mixing issues! Over riding! You compare incomparable!hhahahaha—

    where in the hell you studied to compare athlete with politicians?

    you just jump from idea to idea….you stretch tooooooo much—and that is why before you finish appreciating Tirunesh, u immediately jump to your unfinished cooks….your friends—As you may know, at home i am not allowed to call the name of these guys you mentioned as blood…, as it is not allowed to name them by law….woygude enezih sewoch yesew seme enkuwan meterat atechelum new yalun leka.

    by the way, is the amercian are denied by law to call the name the guy who really attached them? i mean, will they be in jail if they call Binladen? pls diasporawoch esti bakachehu negerugn. Keza kes beye menegesten betam lemikerebu leguwadegnoche mastekakeya endiaderegu enegerachewalehu.


    important also, you compared her with these guys you named and concluded she is better than them, but you never compared her with your own—another politician PC politician. shall i take for grant you are better than her and —-hahaha

    You really make me laugh—i spent stressed day driving long distance between Goba and Adama.

  8. eden says:

    You don’t know what to compare to…
    Why you bring Azemri Tamagne here????

    Tirunesh is Ethiopians Gods and stars…

  9. Helen says:

    Even though I do not like Berhanu’s politics, you are here comparing apple orange.

    It seems you are a confused politician.


  10. Hailu says:

    Thanks for posting the piece. We need to know the background of our athletes including how they perceive themselves and their future goals. Keep up the good job.

    Passingly, I would like to make a comment on Gezaee. He is everywhere making comments that do not make sense. Now how one can suddenly jump from sport and this beautiful lady to politics and makes such a comparison. It seems he is an assigned person but he does not how to do it!

    Thanks Dawit for the piece!

  11. Ermi says:

    Lol. Gezaee,

    Take it easy. Don’t take out you frustration with the politics on a wrong place and topic. This is about sports.

    Peace and love to all!


  12. wosenseged says:

    berkkke ye Ethopia lig neshe. Akurteshenal. Tanxs Teruyeee!

  13. Wedi Zana says:

    Proud of you as always . May God bless you , your family and Our Beloved Country

  14. prof charles dumas says:

    You go sister. We are proud of you. Africa is proud of you and the world celebrates you.

  15. Gezaee says:

    Abeyet Abeyete, Yewoyane ashloklaki hula weredebugn. You are bandas ascaris. Woyane plus Dr. Nega plus Tamagne, I call you all cancer generation.Do not think I am fond of woyane; you are all cursed and cancer generation. Acherbari hula, leboch. There is no even one single person who is not leba, ashloklkai, aderbay, kehadi, banda akatariwoch. You are indulging on the achievement of this young lady. if you are not on the web how did you see all my posts? Rkash and degenerated Koshasha generation = cancer generation. We lived in war all our lives because of you cancer generation. you must at least shut up.

  16. Galaxy says:


  17. meron says:

    at Gezaee
    i worried bit–manene new endeh yemetewerebet….i worried bit, coz, you repeatedly mentioned cancer—looks you are victim of that dangerous disease. But treatable, in case not too late. I am sorry, such personal cancer can’t be treated however. Hence, you lost one! wey wondeme—ehe deset ateba yehonal endeh yaderegeh. Ayzon ande ken echin hagar melekam hager aderegenat antem temeleseh tefewes yehonal.

    pls pls stop too bad insult. Sedeb eko newer new.

    Ante eko Ethiopiawi neh. Tplf yezeraw wef zerash kalehonik ante man neh? awy woyane, endeh yale tewelid weterachehu!

  18. FantiGhana says:

    Thank you Tirunesh for being a good role model to your generation and I wish you a good luck with everything that you do.

  19. Ermi says:

    Dear Editor,

    My reply to Gazaee did not make it to the forum. I wonder why?
    All I said was that “I love Gazaee for his straight shooting”..

    Peace and love to all!


  20. Mahlet Asefa says:

    I hear Gezaee screaming through my own computer lol.
    Tirunesh Congrats Ambesa and thankyou for making us proud.

  21. Hafiz says:

    U people why u write bad words? just celebrate by the victory of our golden sister

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