UDJ’s Public Meeting in Addis Ababa (in Pictures)


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38 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    I believe it is a useless argument to consider UDJ party as a political party. Its members are in a completely disharmony and are growing confused about the mission what the party stands for. One of my close friend told me the structure of UDJ party, is not better than a social gathering …’EKUBE’ OR ‘SENEBETE or what have you. I knew it is dangerous and patently unjust to label a person but I am sorry there is no other choice. UDJ is A to Z suffocated with chauvinistic Amharas and now are backing Whabism. They are simply a living dead. They had having an affair with all historical enemies of Ethiopia.
    This is what psychologists called group regression
    But the most disturbing issue here is, this party is operating out of the frame work of the constitution. And our government failure not to bring all these craps under law is something difficult to ignore. We distinctly remember every bits and pieces what this party was standing for.
    I am perplexed and I don’t know what evidence our government is looking for worse evidence than burying your country to the highest degree …..
    I am hoping political surprises are at the store and it won’t take long to see these people under the law.

    • Menen says:

      With due respect, I think you are the one who is confused from day one you start working for TPLF.

      We know what we are doing! Stay tuned!


    • Bogale says:


      You always try to criminalize every idea that is not pro TPLF. It seems that is what your mission is. Sad!


      You are not living in this world even 90 years, please stand for the truth not for your belly!


      • teshome says:

        Don’t get me wrong…I am speaking with my full conscious
        OLF and your party Ginbote 7 are dangerous but UDJ is evil.
        It sounds like a magic but UDJ wouldn’t have a different fate other than chauvinistic party ‘Kinjete’.
        And it would hardly comes as a surprise, if all UDJ, Semayawi and red party are made behind bars…
        I am feeling the political earth quake, EPRDF planning to induce and I don’t think your crap party is not aware of the incident which can bother them at any phase of their life…
        We will see if Americas or Europeans or the Chinese will rescue this party

        • luki says:

          “…UDJ is evil. It sounds like a magic but UDJ wouldn’t have a different fate other than chauvinistic party ‘Kinjete’.”

          Evil? Do you know the definition of evil? How much do you earn per character or paragraph? What is your earning today for saying evil words? Evil to TPLF power? May be.

          If I were you, I would go to one of the monasteries to cleanse my sins.

        • Bogale says:


          Do not worry a bit, I do not get you wrong a bit.

          Even though I am not a member of Ginbot 7 nor OLF, being a member of any political party is a right not privilege, you should get this?

          As far as Chinese, Americans, and Europeans are concerned, they have been bussy rescuing your TPLF that came to power through the barbell of the gun!

          UDJ is using only pen, paper and speakers. That is why it is earning the support of Ethiopians. That is a very important aspect of democratic evolution in a country with zero democratic experience and ruled by dictators like you guys!

          You called them crap? Well, that is how shortage of idea is manifested.

          You have shown us who you are more than we want! You offered us too much information about yourself.


        • lenin says:

          So called Tshome? why do you use other ethnic names? actually this questions goes out to the Government supporters ie cadres sitting in front of labtop all day trying to confuse people. leave your later ego and come out with your real name…. its too late to play this gave almost all ethiopians including peace loving Tigriayns are against this government now days… you are just another scholarship cadre some place in Ameraica

        • Thomas says:

          If udj is evil, you and your TPLF payers are country salers and deserve to be killed by hanging.

        • abdi says:

          If udj is evil then simply TPLF and you are invaders and need to leave!

    • Kagnew says:

      You are the crap and all you have to say is rubbish. You are the most retarded person I have ever come accross. It is so amazing that Dawit allows you to post your racist comments. Your hate and fear to the Amhara ppl is boundless. Dedeb!

      • teshome says:

        Misquoting is bad…
        I didn’t say Amharas but rather a chauvinistic Amharas. The two terminologies have between an ocean and a sea difference.
        I felt sorry for you. I know this notion exists and you are not the only person who believe this kind of crap.
        In None of my comments I didn’t cross the boundaries of individual dignity but the degree of your and your likes ignorance is at record level.
        Anyway, it is completely an absent minded mistake to drag my self into such conversation and I feel that I would prefer to have descent dialogue with those who raise the bars of Awramab times political discussion..
        By the way I happy that people at your wave length were and are politically excluded for the good of the country

    • keyo says:

      I Think teshome is one of who hate the gov. he is making more enamy of the gov every day when he opened his full of hated mouth.
      What is the different b/n you and the extremist diaspora? both of you think any idea different than you is evil.

      it is b/c of people like you and the extremist diaspora ethiopia is now stand in the wrong path

  2. kebraraw says:

    call the meeting millions for slavery not freedom the ambition of changing the democratic Ethiopian government with an Islamic government is not freedom request would you get the freedom you have now when sharia is the supreme law? is it freedom to request 90 million to be ruled by 1/2 million? on your perspective these organization need to be labeled as terrorist cause its agenda and ambition are terrorist and against humanity, personally i don’t have any problem if any one is a muslim or doesn’t have a religion but this is as long as he/she don’t try to force his/her belief on me other ways i will also stand for my right
    and imagin what happens when 89 million fight 500,000 oh better not to mention if those terrorists are thinking that Muslims are with them they must think again and take proper assessment as the Muslims are more than 20 million but those who are extremist are only 1/2 million what a shame it is to be ruled by your stomach just for little money to sell your dignity death is appropriate gift for such people don’t you think so???????

  3. Mj Tyson says:

    First mistake, going against the anti- terrorism law. Now you have aroused the governments suspicion. For that law was implemented to counter external and internal illegal or terrorist activities,organizations and anti peace elements. One little slip or one shred of evidence of any connection with outlawed organisation,or illegal activities, its all over.

  4. bendo says:

    My hat off for those people who are really trying to do there bit for there country inside with there people.
    There is no question i have some reservation on some of there agenda or polices but to fight for what they people with there people get them my big respect.
    I heard people called a hero here in diaspora for running from there country and talk from far and collect money and live luxury life .
    this is funny world those who are dead fighting become no one and those who begged and asked forgiveness and now live in luxury with collection money called a hero.

    • bendo says:

      They need to take care as well from used like a condom by G7. Those people are only collecting money and doing nothing and they are expecting the muslims or the opposition back home to change the gov. for them and want to go as hero for talking the last 22 years.

  5. Ermi says:


    Now see below comments from woyane paid agents denouncing your peaceful struggle and labeling you terrorist.

    Woyanes hate such activity as public meeting where people indulge in peaceful and civilized discussion. They only understand bullets and blood.

    Peace and love to all!


  6. eshe says:

    What is that about? Are u trying to gather video informations to enable the government to accuse them of plotting terrorism? What is the point of this video anyway.
    Just tell me who u are?
    3.Independent journalist
    Why you hate ESAT? Berhanu Nega? We want you to be #3 as I couldn’t find any independent site who covers about Ethiopian politics.
    Appreciate your response.

    • Mario says:


      What’s wrong if Dawit edited whatever is available? Dawit is just a journalist of the best kind in the whole Ethiopia , though he inclines to the opposition a little bit!

      You guys cry free speech, but I guess you don’t know what free speech means! When we say free speech , it is meant for everybody no matter right or wrong!

  7. Mario says:

    UDJ, you are lying! You don’t even know what human right means at all! Do you mean “one million voice” to take Ethiopian back to slavery! በማያውቋቹ ኣገር ሂዳቹ ብትዋሹ የሚያምናቹ ሰው ኣይጠፋም ነበር!

    • Helen says:

      Yes, UDJ means what it says. It is not like TPLF and Ginbot 7 preaching one thing and practicing another!

      Yes, one milion voice for freedom!


      • Mario says:

        Helen, you said one million voice for freedom, & I said one million voice for slavery, therefore, nothing wrong with it. But UDJ have nothing for Ethiopia at all! They don’t care if Ethiopia burned in fire as long as they are not in power !

        The last time I know UDJ & it’s cronies are useless was , when they refused to take their seats in 2005, aka their time of colored revolution! You can’t hide from the reality Ms Helen!

        • Helen says:

          I agree with you that they should have taken their seats in 2005. It is lack of vision and people like Berhanu who generated that crises.

          But UDJ is not the immature Kinijit in thinking and in political culture.

          The UDJ you are seeing today is different. Wait and See!


          • Mario says:

            Helen, believe me, there is nothing to wait & see from these old Dogs! As you can’t teach an old Dog a new trick , all they have is their old attitude! If they can’t use the seats that the people gave them , what else are they going to do? Nothing! They didn’t have any vision for Ethiopia & they don’t have any now! In their meeting, they concluded short of criticizing Muslim extremists who are disturbing Addis! Sad!

            There is nothing that Ethiopia can get from the old Dogs called UDJ or else! Sorry! Ethiopia don’t have a hope from them!

  8. Bogale says:

    You are now off-line. Do you deny they are Ethiopians? I hope you do not! So please let them alone. We like what they are contributing to the democratization process in Ethiopia.


    • Mario says:


      They are Ethiopian , but they said nothing about extremism in Ethiopia , therefore, they are just a bunch of power hungry individuals! In my opinion, they are contributing nothing to the democratization process, nothing at all! They know Ethiopia’s enemies are spending millions to create chaos in Ethiopia, but they didn’t dare to talk about it,don’t you think do?

      Bogale, this is my opinion, & hence it is not off line broda!

      • Kagnew says:

        You are simply “kil ras”! No more to say.

        • Mario says:

          At least I said something, but you are the “kil ras ” who have nothing to say!

          Hey man,Instead of using foul words learn & understand what free speech means & respect other people’s opinion!


  9. Lion says:

    This is the time where all of us, new generation of Ethiopians need to pay close attention to our future. Those who sacrified their lives since the beginning to the very latest of EPRDF have contributed some positive to their county. Therefore, the question becomes what are we going to do from here on out.

    If one truely believes in his/her Ethiopianism, then we should look ways to impove our qaulity of life, democracy for all, prosperity, eqaul justice, respect the rule of law, and development to eradicate poverty. If we all agree in these fundmental issues, then we can create a strategic formula to achieve them all.

    Now I ask you to be open minded and have patience to here out! Most of the opposition parties are an impediment to bring about a better government. Their job one should have being to challenge EPRDF with creative political and develpmental ideas. Instead they are an obstacle to our future of entertaining a new ideas. They are gambling with our future. There is no question in my mind EPRDF is way better than any opposition party of there. But I know we can do better than EPRDF.

    It is never have been an idea or prudent political phylosophy to demonestrate against the imprisoned individauls. Conversely, it displays lack of new ideas. To oppose for the sake being an opposition is not a winning strategy, it never has been.

    Do not jump into a conclustion, I am NOT saying they are useless, maybe it is a question of capacity, I am just saying to have an effective opposition is important to our progressive ideology. Most importantly it keeps the ruling part in check.

    • axumawe says:

      hi lion i salut you, this is what Ethiopia needs.brelliant younger genration. i was in Ethiopia 2 mounthes a go, i am so proud of the younger genreation ,yous need to learn to keep the love & unity of our nation. it is on the shoulder of all of yous.
      as you say you may find 5% truth on the shaby old mens mind free of heat politcs.blive me go back and read every book of Ethiopian history.start from zemene mesafent.look at the stragle & chalngs of king tewodroses time,look at king yohaneses,minlik,haile selase,mengestu,and know eprdf.this is the past Ethiopia but craet new ETHIOPIA it is your life and every young ones.
      as you say strong honest opposition is a chalenge to the rulling party or governmen, i agree with you.avoid the toxic diaspors politces they don’t cear about the young people of Ethiopia. they just want yetem fechiew dooketun amchew.
      if any one stands for the people of Ethiopia not from her from exile it have to be from there with the people,who he/she well represent.if not it is not pieuer trust me.but good job,good mind!!

  10. Zerubabel says:

    UDJ must be disbanded; UDG is G7 Ethiopia branch where you know or not. UDJ is part adn parcel of G7.EPRDF is now surrounded by UJD inside and outside.

    Disband them; they are asying you must relieas terrorists. UDJ is a terrorist G7 in Ethiopia.

  11. duri says:

    When I see all this nonsense comments, it fnd it hard to believe that Ethiopia is packed with a significant number of brainless people.

    Whether it is UDJ, Semayawi, EPRDF, or whatever, just leave the people alone to support whatever they want. Those of EPRDF cadres are very sick that you must get psychiatric advice as early as possible. You are trashing the website of Dawit.

    Dawit, those who do not believe in freedom of speech are telling all nonsense here. I wish these people learn something from the freedom they have on this forum.


  12. Jilab tora says:

    UDJ in power through democratic jihad will be good for ethiopia coz ye merkato leba will get 600 lashe drink tej during Ramadan will be 200 lashes. Gays will get the the knife just like Saudi arebia. Negaso gidada will start a pente revolution and find a Tora Bora in Wellga

  13. Abegaz says:


    Eprdf cannot convince the ethiopian people that it is a better party than UDJ. So its instinct, and that of yours too is always to arrest UDJ members. If EPRDF is a good party and thinks it has mass base, why you guys bother? The issue is what Meles once said to the BBC journalist, “we took a calculated risk and allowed the CUD to have acces to the electorate and they gave us a painful lesson and we would not ever make such a mistake again.” Poor Meles and Teshome!! You know even a lay politician like me can defeat Meles or any other EPRDF representative by 75% margin. All I need to prove is I am a nationalist Ethiopian who has never been involved in landlocking Ethiopia.

    • Mario says:


      Which Ethiopian mass are you talking about? The Ethiopian mass loves the EPRDF! If you think the EPRDF is there by force , then you are insulting the people! Remember: Derg armed to the teeth couldn’t stop the 4 million poor Tigrian struggle! I know you are just talking with out principle!

      You know now , if you play politics, you must start where you are known & your service to the people! Oromos , Amharas, Tigrians,Afars…. Prefer to elect their own person & they did…! You don’t know what you are talking about !

  14. axumawe says:

    hello every one !!!
    don’t get mad at me i am just speaking my mind.
    1st my country Ethiopia don’t need medble party !!!
    Ethiopia needs one party system like china!!!
    do you know why ? b/c listen to you extremest & wehabist what you are asking
    do you remember why EPRP(ehapa)wiped out of the face of the earth ?
    b/c of there freedom know slogan.
    (there is time for every thing in this earth)there is time to eat,to sleep,to lough,to cray,to speak,to shut up,to ask to listen,most of all the faier you light up today may durned you back any moment.so it is up to every one to not play with fair.
    the most embaresing quation from those who think they have PHD or doc/rt is what ? freedom ? what is freedom look like in Ethiopia ?iam 100% shur you are not gona tell me western freedom is ging to be implemented in ETHIOPIA if any one thinks so you don’t know your own society. but those who are fulling you miss guiding you are the most greedy,selfesh,cowerd peoples i ever now.
    look the situation in Ethiopia where is dr negaso,wher is gebru asrat,where is seye,where is petros,wher is bertukan ?
    you well never find (see)them in any illegal protest or hall meeting but look who is shouting and dimonestrating ? the poor.
    the inocent little kids.is this fighting for freedom ,is this how this people reprsent the Ethiopian people ?
    where is there plat form ?
    how are they better than the rulling party ?
    how are they going to govern Ethiopia ?
    what is there long & short term plan if they take power ?
    why can’t they speak about the people of Ethiopia in general insted of dominestrating to free Eskender Nega or the girle journalist what ever her name is or few extremest muslim.
    just like there masterS her in the USA,like lemagn & brhanu heat based politces !!!!
    when you heat people remember those people are back firing at you!!!!!!!!
    either way heat based politces is bad & bloody,ugly.DO YOUS HAVE THE GUT ?i doute it !!
    trust me we exprianced it, we lived it,
    and this is the main reasone for our todays life.so every moment have value in Every Ethiopian.we are strong when we are united,i am talking about as diasporas,look at as,we are completly desorganized,divided,by ethnic and religion,we can’t even go in to one church sham on as!!!!!
    yamara church,yterge church,oromow alon,tegrew alon,amaraw alon,aderew alon,
    guragew alon what a shame but you are talking about unity?????????
    how are any opposition group gona unit
    Ethiopians then?????
    maibe today is a good day for some one,
    tomorrow for another, you have your days
    treat others the way you want to be treated!!!!!what goes around comes around.tomorrow is another day.long live Ethiopia,long live Eprdf,most of all long live woyen (TPLF).

  15. Gebez says:

    I do not see any future for this party. Its leaders are not not progressive. Neither do I see a future for the Blue party for the same reson.

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