Mohammed Aman of Ethiopia wins 800-meter gold medal


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40 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Woyane Athlete made History…..
    Never ever Ethiopia won any medal in short distance race in big Competition like this……
    This is one of the sign Ethiopia is rising in every sector….
    I am 1 million percent confident,
    Woyane air force
    Woyane air lines
    Woyane military and security
    Woyane football team
    Woyane Athletes
    Woyane Economy…
    are gonna show us more and more Miracles..

    • jemal says:

      Dear, Teshome, please don’t be extremest Weyane. Have seen what religion extremism is going and bring about to Ethiopia.

      • teshome says:

        you are making a fool out of yourself.
        Mind you all these adjectives were not mine but borrowed from hatred intimate Toxic Diasporas..
        Are you denying you never heard these terminologies??? You are simply a hypocrite.
        You remained me a story my dear friend told me some time ago.
        The guy was one of the top officials of the useless opposition party and he promised to himself not to use anything done and brought by Woyane. While he was driving to his private work, he has to chose between the roads built by ‘Derge’ and Woyane. He never used any road in Addis built by woyane and whenever this is not possible he has to park his car way beyond his destination and has to walk. This is no fiction but plane truth.

        It was not long time ago your crippled ‘Kinjete’ party was boycotting woyane Industry products.
        If there was undue button in life, I wish Ethiopia name to be replaced by the name Woyane. This is the reality we have been living with.
        Do you forget How our all time Hero Haile Gebresellasie was mistreated with the unschooled and untrained toxic diasporas?
        The chauvinistic ‘journalist’ ESAT Agena was calling him Woyane Athelet….so other hero athletes are not immune of this maltreatment.

        • Mussie G says:

          I like it Teshome. Interesting and funny story. You are a good story teller.

        • degefa says:

          at teshome
          my stupid story maker!


          Lat time you were blaming Jawar for saying Oromo first or ethiopia first

          hahahah you stupid useless, this time you are woyane first and Ethiopia second—-
          wusha bebelabet yechohal—this saying really is for you and your like. I told you several days ago, that you must be one who hide in one of the embassy abroad and vomit your cancer!

          We know you now better than before!

          you have through my yesterday’s comment to this person. Tnx also for throwing this one

        • ashebr says:

          mr. teshome don’t just blame all diaspora to be radicalized or kinjit there are alot of diaspora like me who support any gov. in ethiopia if that gov. is of development and you have to remember how many bonds have been purchased by diaspora that can easly show you dont just say diaspora in general and don’t also say muslim in genral when you make comments specify the real target instead of saying muslims just use the extrimist or radical muslims and instead of diaspora the ESAT member diaspora as all radical diaspora is directly or indirectly member though their number is negligent and their contribution also useless

    • duri says:

      Some defines “woyane” as fascist. I do not know if the sports men and women are fascists.

    • Gebre says:

      Dear Teshome,
      politicising every aspect of life is not very huch helpful. I always appriciate your coments but this one.

      • teshome says:

        Thank you very much for your kind words.
        One moment please As I said it earlier all those adjectives were not mine…

        ESAT and few toxic Diasporas who are now expressing their anger told us time and again
        We had woyane flag
        we had woyane Dam
        We had woyane military
        we had woyane air lines
        And recently Haile was labeled as woyane Athlete..
        So it is rather an imperative evidence to call Mohamod Aman as Woyane athlete by the definition of Toxic Diasporas..
        Don’t forget Mohamomd was carrying woyane. Wasn’t he?

        I need you to understand me from this perspective and I apologize for the inconvenience my comments might have brought on you.

        • Gebre says:

          thank you for your civil response. I can understand why you comment that way, but we have to leave that level of discussion for those who run out of idea. I hope you will agree with me that we, the responsible citizens, must keep high moral ground and always avoid to be draged to the low level tit for tat. When those fellows say Woyane Airline, Woyane Military, Woyane atlet, dam etc… they may think they are undermining the legitimacy of those entities, however, they are actually promoting Woyane. Because they are associating the word Woyane with succuss. The Ethiopian Military is one of the best militaries in Africa. The Airline, the Athlets etc… are the same. these are national institutions and every Ethiopian can rightfully proud of them. If ESAT and others choose otherwise, let them do. Thank you again for your response.

          • teshome says:

            Good job man. I stand corrected.
            Thank you very much for being understanding. Thumbs up, You are a mind reader too.
            I believe You are one of the most likeable person In this forum..
            Your soft words spoke the volume who your are in real life.
            Much appreciated for taking a part in this forum.
            Take care

    • Bogale says:

      Where are the people?

      For Teshome, it is only Woyane because it is Woyane that feeds him!

      I think on this one, Woyane itself will not appreciate it. Woyane, at least in words, preaches that it is the people that make history! On this one Teshome is hurting not helping Woyane.

      You see, in politics, you have to have cadres (agents) in the field that attract people towards you (Woyane). However, Teshome is pushing away people from Woyane. Maybe it is time for Woyane to review the performance of bad agents like Teshome. Maybe advise, or warning or dismissal is in order here.

      Most importantly, mixing politics with sport even before the news has reached many can be interprated by observers that Teshome is starving to get credits. It also reflects on Woyane. Therefore Teshome is a bad employee!


    • Idris says:


      You are too loud just to please your TPLF not to tell the truth.

      From the list you displayed, I am certain you do not believe in what you are taking. You are just putting in your two cents to keep the flow of your monthly salary.

      If Mohammed Aman hears what you are saying, he would not be pleased greatly!


    • Menen says:

      You are an empty person!
      People make history not group!

    • Yilma says:

      You and your woyane are invaders and leave. So far we have tried to be accommodating but now you guys have to leave …

    • lintu says:

      You must be entertaining us. You must drink some holy water to help you open the other side of your brain. No one will be disappointed if what’s good in the country is good for everyone.

      O, you have forgot other records you broke:
      – number of girls exported to Arab countries, the number never seen before in the history of Ethiopia. The painful part of this story is that these girls are exported through official channels

      – the number of people purposefully addicted to chat. Number never seen before

      – the number of gays and lesbians increasing in the country, something never seen before

      – the number of street children and homeless people, something never seen before

      – the number of people leaving the country to avoid prosecution or economic hardship. Many young men and women end up their lives in oceans

      – not to mention the other aspects of betrayals such as making the country land locked, selling arable land to Arabs and other countries which are enemy to Ethiopia, displacing indigenous population and replacing them for money,

      I cannot listing everything. I wish all what you said is true. But it is all false because if there is anything good, it is serving some circles. Period.

      Go and drink some holy water. It will help you find your conscience.

      • teshome says:


        You must be ‘kintu’
        Don’t bring old wives tale here..
        ….Ethiopia was a rich country and even Hailesselasie made her richer…

        For the sake of Hailesselasie or for the sake Sellasie…
        Boy, We are not living in a fool paradise.
        ..what is wrong if our Girls work in Arab countries as a housemaid???
        I believe I am not wrong…you might be working as gas station associate or cabbies or parking attendant. And there is nothing wrong about it. But your questioned would have been sensible, if you had accused the Arab countries’ government for the barbaric style treatment our women.

        I am rather impressed by your new innovation of economic growth indices. The number of Prostitutions in America was immensely growing for the last two decayed. This was partly explained by the growth of social media net work.
        What has this has to do with American economy, American values, American customs…
        Boy you are like ball which lost in the weeds…You don’t know what to relate or what not

        • meron says:

          at teshome
          donot fuck up idea and questions. What Lintu asked you is clear, she never asked you about housemaid working in arab world, rather she asked you why the little sister determined when she heard her older sister is suffering and may her dead body come soon?

          why mother in the woyane regime become that cruel to their daughters and keep sending them to the zone of death, while also attending the funeral of the already dead body that came recently from libannon?

          is it not the wrong woyane policy and intimidation made them decided that, to take all that big risks?

          For you teshome, i am sure your sister may be in China, and that is the only reason you cary loud for your woyane, not for us Ethiopians. You knew you will not going to get your pieces if are not crying that loud.

          But day will come when you will fell sorry for your current dead closed mind set up. But woyane closed like that, and am not sure if you will be open sooner—menalebat be siol

          • no brain don't comment says:

            hahahahaha meron is really funny i wish to see stupid peaple like you every day so i will laugh at them look guys she said “why mother in the woyane regime become that cruel to their daughters and keep sending them to the zone of death, while also attending the funeral of the already dead body that came recently from libannon” and then it is because of woyane because woyane is forcing the families to send their daughters
            እባካቹ ሰዎች ጭንቅላት ያላቹ ብቻ ሃሳብ ስጡ ሌሎቻቹ ከቻላቹ የሚሰጡ ሃሳቦች በመረዳት ብቻ ተባበሩን ::
            በጭንቅላተ ቢስ ተናጋሪዎች የተማረረ

      • lintu says:


        You said that there is no problem with you Ethiopian girls are exported to Arab countries to work as housemaids. There is no problem they work as hows maids. However, the problem lies when you brag like “woyane economy is growing” astronomically (somehow) and the way these girls are exported and treated once they are in the hands of barbaric Arabs:

        – if your “woyane” economy was as good as you paint, why these girls go to suffer in the Arab hands in the first place? Even if there is some changes in terms of the volumes of money transaction, who is in fact using all the money? You see, if everyone was benefiting from the “growing” economy, if any, these girls wouldn’t be sold as house slavery through official channel. The fact seems to me that these girls are being used as another financial source like other commodities. These are the stories you try to hide.

        – as to the prostitute and economy in America, be aware that prostitution is not only economic in developed countries. Prostitution can be way of living and done for sexual desires. If you are married and once a time you go to see other women secretly, these is also called prostitution.

        – When we work at gas station or as taxi drivers, not to mention many who are working at top level, I don’t see the problem as we do work and get paid for our sweat. We are not paid to distort information and misinform others. What we do is free from any trouble of conscience.

        – now, how do you reason for other national issues like the ports, lands sold, peoples displaced, etc. Where is your take and say on that?

  2. Zerubabel says:

    Well done bro. But this guy is a pure Ethiopian; why Arab name Mohammed? We must use own local name. God does want an Arab name Mohammed or Bin Laden. I feel my people are colonizd by Arab. God does not care about an Arab name? why do our people have to call themselves Mohammed or Amina or Fatuma? It is an Arab name.

    Anyway, I am prod of my brother; our hero.

    • jgna says:

      Please avoid unnecessary words. And we should not always talk of politics.
      Make a “Cease fire” for a while, ok

    • Gragn Ahmed says:

      Shows your envy?? what a loser you are.

    • Misrak says:

      You are so damn arrogant ! It is very sad to see your kind of ediots this time . Who in the hell gave you the right to choose a name to others you damn arrogant !
      This guy run for his country , where every one has the right to be named as he likes . If you hate Muslims go and hire yourself to the FP . You belong there and kill innocents

  3. Embasoleda says:

    Mehames Aman, congratulations!! God bless you!!

  4. jgna says:

    Mohamed Aman is so great. He is just one of our heros and heroines. Second gold for Ethiopia. Thank to Mohamed Aman Ethiopia stands 5th from the world till today. we exoect more golds from Mesi and others! Listen to Mohamed’s wonderful interview. He said

  5. Abegaz says:

    It is this kind of muslim ethiopian, the TPLF wants to kill because he wants to remain sufi muslim rather than alhabsh. TPLF has nodescency when handling basic rights to worship religion of choice. Allow muslims to elect their religous leaders, and deal separately if you feel there are extremist Wuhabist.

    • jgna says:

      Please stop your nonesense. We are tired of your lies.
      Sufi = Ahbash= majority (>95%) and peaceful Ethiopian muslims. We love them very much.
      If they want to elect their leaders again, that is possible. But it should not be dictated by wuhabists. It should be sorted out. The majority are asking for the government to take measures against these wuhabists who are drived by saudi’s money. And they want to destruct the peaceful coexistence of our peoples (muslims and christians)
      Please understand it that way. government do not have any special interest except ensuring the peace and security of the people and integrity of the country.

      wahabi = selafi = Al Qaida = BIN LADEN = terror. we will fight them till the last drop

  6. Mario says:

    Wow our hero Mohammad! Good job & well done! Our country is expanding all out winning!

    Ethiopia has risen from its ashes reviving its regal history!
    God bless Ethiopia!

  7. Tselote says:

    For TPLF’s agents like Teshome, Mario, Gezaee and others, you post their comments as far as they want. For others, only once. We getting a feeling about you …

    • teshome says:

      Girl, there are no facts but interpretations…
      It is such frecking excuse and deep rooted paranoia that resulted in engagement of unproductive political dialogue and failure to nurture tolerance. You are a good example here.
      Dawit has given you all the privileges which you were denied by your favorite web sites from ESAT TO Ethiomedia …from Ethiopian review to ECADF.
      I think some times it is good to give credit, when it is due.
      If Dawit intention were to favor EPRDF supporters, the simple thing would be to ban you for ever…
      By the way this isn’t wrong cos Dawit is not a government but rather a public forum web site owner and whenever you are not respecting the rules of the forum, we won’t see you again.
      OKAY girl

      • degefa says:


        i was the first commenting on your first post, but dawit didnot posted it. Do you mean that there is no censorship? there is! And that only known by these who face it not by you, unless you are the one who work on the forum!

  8. yemane says:

    Dear Teshome, let us celebrate this great victory with great joy and happiness. Do we have to intertwine every aspect of our life with poletics?

  9. Ermi says:


    I have the same concern as some of the above. Woyane agent teshome’s comment is always posted first. Are you favoring him or what.

    I know he is a full time paid agent whose sole purpose is to misinform the readers and public, but him making it to thefirst all the time with his moron mind is impossible without your help.

    Peace and love to all!


    • Mario says:

      Degefa, Ermi…why don’t you go to your own country’s web page? Nothing good to talk? You shouldn’t be here at all! Shame on you! You need to be grateful that Dawit has accommodate your hate filthy writing! Nice to see that you are desperate ….blabbing like a mad dog!

      We know you have been training well , spread all over Ethiopian cyber space, to disturb our discussion! But we know you failed & will continue to fail!
      If I were you, I will a man enough to stay where I belong! Shame on you!

  10. meles says:

    at no brain no comment

    as your name indicate, he have no mind, hence anything commented by someone make you laugh.

    try to show you are better mind and idea than meron!

    but i share her worries—
    you and teshome loyal to woyane should answer the question why our girls flood the arab lands, and why they determined to cross one of the most risky deserts to reach arab world? is it not the woyane pushing them, pushing them make a decision to die while walking then die waiting it in Ethiopia?

  11. Ahaz says:

    Why our brother has an Arab name?why he can not have Ethiopian name? This is sad so. God is not an Arab. God has no name or sex or culture, or language, or hijab or turban. God has no tribe or race or … I am giving a new name to Mohammed. I am calling Ayalew Gobez. Arab name not good for human. May be good for ants,lol, lolilala, laslaitana

  12. ashaa abdalla says:

    Wooooooooow godjob muhammada aman mashalla

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