Opposition Groups Urge the Government to Halt its Crackdown on Muslims


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34 Responses

  1. Mohammed. says:

    Go Hailemariam,even put the oppositions in person,they know the truth.they just need power.they will do worst than u.Messengers of Egypt.

    • lintu says:


      Is this kind of nonsense comment which is revolting. First of all, these people are asking to stop aggression on the Muslim population. Asking for that is not a crime. Second, you said they are for power. Well, the regime you support is killing people just to stick to power. Don’t forget that these people are politicians and it is normal that they need power to govern the country. So, where is the problem? Just for God’s sake, please stop this nonsense to criminalize everything that moves. It is counter productive. It is this sort of stupid comments and attitudes are turning away your sympathizers.

      • ygermachuhal says:

        lintu I don’t think you understand what you are talking about do you?
        asking any poletical question is the right of any poletical party but ajoining your self to a salafist terrorist is not asking a question what they are saying really is “just keep quite gov. let them make addiss ababa baqdad let the terrorists terrorise ethiopia as an oposition party we don’t want to see peace full ethiopia unless we are in power” this what they are saying and if you ask any ethiopia muslim or christian or pagan he will say i support the gov. for what ever action it take to protect my country from these terrorists unless he/she is one of the terrorists if any one in ethiopia supports this terrorists let it be known to you the following is what wahabism rule means:-

        1) no woman is allowed to go out of her house unless with a guardian
        2) even with guardian she should wear abaya (burqa)
        3)she can’t talk to any man except her husband and father (if found talking to stranger will be stoned to death)
        4) she can’t go on any vehicle with a man unless with her husband and father (means can’t use public transport only private car)
        5) no comments, association, expression of idea or free speech is allowed,
        6)if found doing one of the lists in #5
        you will be executed by sword
        7)there should not be any law but sharia and it shall be interpreted by the salafist imam (1 or 2 men who have radical ideology)
        8)schools should be segregated female school and male school no sex mixing up in public places
        9)female shouldn’t have any poletical or social power
        10)the list would be 1000 may be people who live in sharia countries can list more but imagine what the terrorists are trying to impose on ethiopians.

        • lintu says:


          This is east-west “lib awlik” analysis. As far as I see the gatherings, it doesn’t corraborate with your description. The religious practice of these part of the population is the same as those who were before TPLF took power. On the other hand, the type of people you have described (face covered girls) have emerged since TPLF held power and probably they grew in number over the past two decades. It is somehow an irony to say “fighting them” now while at the same time the TPLF authorities were closing their eyes (or probably encouraging) when some suspicious mosques were built in many parts of Addis. It is now the same regime who cries fool and criminalize everyone indiscriminately. Because I have this remark, you may call me terrorist as well.

          Labling Ethiopian Muslims as terrorist now is just a make up story to indirectly criminalize non pro-TPLF politicians and charge them as terrorist. If the numbers matter, religious extremists may less than 1% of the total Muslim population, which is about 300000. Mind you, this number are (without exaggerated) are the result of TPLF politics over the past two decades. And I am sure, opposition politicians are not representing or sympathizing this part of extremists. They are for sure talking about the unjustly repressed 99% of the Muslim populations. I also do condemn any religious extremism and the worst those who imprison and isolate girls from the outer world through their draconian confession (forcing girls to cover their face is very bad)

          So, when you point your finger to others, don’t forget that your other fingers point towards you.

          Whatever the case, it is inhuman to kill people for political calculations and benefits. it is also immoral to criminalize others who have nothing to do with imaginary descriptions. The fact of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with the opposition politicians to condemn the repression of TPLF but the problem with you is your fear that opposition may gain political benefit out of it. Even with that, I do not see the problem as long us they do not hurt anyone, which doesn’t seem the case.

          • ygermachuhal says:

            LINTU, can you just tell me what the 99% of muslims are requesting all i know is they are requesting that the gov. take action against the 1% who are terrorists and killing even shaiks in a mosque besides a religious question and political question can’t come together this is the biggest mistake opposition parties are taking as long as you are political opposition it is your responsibility to safeguard and protect the constitution rule #1, then it is clear that religion and gov. are different in the constitution so political parties should not interfer in religious matters as they are considered prospect govs. but unfortunatly some opposition parties don’t understand may be because they know the people won’t elect them they just try to climb the chair with the help of terrorists but what they didn’t take into consideration is that those countries who are financiing the terrorists won’t let them live in peace even so the obeysee pakistan it was the closest friend of saudi arabia now what ???? every day hundreds of lifes are killed who did this is clear …………..
            for the girls i am not talking about the girls who are covering them selves willings but if sharia is the law as per the extrimists wish then it is a must not a will all the list and much more worst thins not mensioned God is a God of will not dictator ………………

        • weywahabi says:

          you forgot one my brother if a girl is raped she will be punished by imprisonment and 200 lashes

      • Ermi says:


        Don’t bother responding to teshome. He is a paid agent working under different identity.

        Peace and love to all!


        • lintu says:

          Thanks, indeed. It is as the saying goes “Awko YeTegnan BikeseKisut Aysemam”

          • Metema says:

            Lintu sew yemiyaweraw ke sew gar new. Kenedezi aynetu fitur gar gzehen mabaken tirgum yelewum.

            Miknyatum yihe sew lemehon gena bizu yikerwal. Yibalal, Yitetal, hodun molto Yitegnal. Yesuntu dirsha ezi gar abeka. Slezi wondme Lintu kendezi aynetu gar le second enkua gzehin atatfa

      • me says:

        @lintu<<<the bigest general of ethiopia SAMORA is muslim and alot of muslims in the federal guvenment,.,why do u ppl want caos in ethiopia. If ethiopians have samme idiologi like the ethiopians in the western world ,.,there will be no ethiopia. ethio is gone get divided by etnic and riligion,.,.u ppl are poor thats why u live in the west u act like u are Rich and smart.u ppl live like dogs nobody care about u how edicated u are first keep ur head upp where u live.live like normal ppl do og vacation og out of the hous.

      • Sintayehu says:

        I kindly admire you. We know so many crimes doing by woyane to secure its authority. Dear Lintu don’t blame oppositions as they raise our problems, if you accuse them you accuse so many Ethiopians which are their supporter. Woyane yibekawal…

    • Ermi says:


      you are so funny. Lol. How much does it pay to be a paid agent?

      Peace and love to all!


  2. Hawaz says:

    የሀገሬ ፖለቲከኞች እባካችሁ ስልጣንን ሳይሆን ሀገርን ታሳቤ አድርጋቸሁ ተንቀሳቀሱ ከዋህብይና ከሳላፊ ጋር ወግናችሁ እስላምና ክርስቲያን ወገኖቻችሁን ለማስጨረስና በየመንገዱ ቦንብ እየፈነዳ ንፁሃን ዜጎች ሲያልቁ ለማየት አትቸኩሉ ታማኝ በየነ እንዳለው የኢሃዲግ ጥይት ከሚበላኝ የውሃብይ ገጀራ ይሻለኛል የምትሉ ከሆነ ምርጫው ለእናንተና በሃሳበችሁ ለሚስማሙ ይሁን እኔ ግን ብታምኑም ባታምኑም አሁን ሳይሆን ከአምስት አመት በፊት ጎረቤቴ በእስላም የእርዳታ ድርጅት በኩል ስልጠና ለማግኘት ፓኪስታን ደርሶ ከመጣ በኋላ የሀገራችን ሰላም አደጋ ላይ እንደሆነ ያኔ ገብቶኛል፡፡ ስለ ዋህብይዝምና ሳላፊዝም አስተምህሮ ስልጠናዎች ወስጀ ስለነበርና ሀገር ውስጥ ነባሩን የእስልምና እምነት በዚህ ለመተካትና በምርጫና ዲሞክራሲ ሰበበ ወደ ስልጣን በመውጣት ህዝብን የመቆጣጠርና ሃሳባቸውን በእስልም ሆነ በክርስቲያን እምነት ተከታዩ ላይ በግድ የመጫን ተልእኮቸውን ለማሳከት ይጀመሩትን ይህንን እንቅስቃሴ መደገፍ ነገ እናንተ ስልጣን ላይ ስትወጡ ዛሬ የያዙት ወይም ሊይዙት የሚፈልጉት ገጀራ ለኛ ቄጤማ ይሆናል ብላችሁ አስባችሁ ከሆነ ፍፁም ተሳስታችሆልና እንደጋና አስቡበት፡፡

  3. ቀብራራው says:

    ኣቶ ቡልቻ ትሩ ስም ሰቱህ ኣባትክ ውርንጭላ ለመሆኑ ኣክራሪዎቹ ምን እንደ ሚፈልጉ ሰምተሃቸዋል ወይንስ ሰላማዊ ሙስሊሙስ ምን እንደ ሚፈልግ ለማወቅ ሞክረሃል ተቃዋሚ ማለት እንደው ዝምብሎ ዝናብም እንዳይዘንብ ብሎ መቃወም ነው እንዴ???????????

    I think it is time for the opposition parties to grow up and mature don’t they understand that they represent the people why now just for a second think of the people whom they say they will bring better governance why not just be political and not beggar had the current ehtiopian situation was in us or uk the oposition would blame the government for not cracking down the terrorists but in ehtiopia bulcha and his associate parties are not satisfied unless they see ethiopia blood sheded and distructed but this will never happen

  4. jgna says:

    The government shall be very very careful not to offend the peaceful muslims (sufi). Otherwise, things will be mixedup and it will not be possible to identify the extreme wuhabists.
    Take care.
    Questions asked by the majority shall be asnwered in as much as possible.
    Why not they organize their own political party. The situation is detorirating from time to time


    • idris says:

      dear there is no leggal question asked so far all that they asking is to replace the constitutionaly elected gov. with radical islamic ruler (sharia rule) so you want the gov. to hand them the power and step down just because 1,000 people being financed by extrimists not at all this will never happen no peace full muslim will inquire the death of his christian friend unless he is radical come on guys instead of just giving commnets with out understanding listen to their request and interest carefully and understand you will find the truth,and the truth is the radical muslims are financed by wahabism countries and are saying there should not be any other religion in the country except wahabi islam and the gov. should be islamic for such a stupid request not only the gov. should arrest but the gov. can even kill every one with such idea in the streets cause a terrorist got no right or dignity kill any terrorist where ever found but don’t touch any ethiopian muslim (peace fullmuslims)

  5. jgna says:

    The government should be carefull not to terrorise people….people need freedom at this timme freedom of speech, free polotical prisoners….Eprdf should do some thing to free all polotical prisoners…unless ethiopia hagerachen could suddenly collapse.

  6. Ibrahim yimer says:

    @ygermachuhal, Mohammed, Idris, Hawaz & likes¤¤

    Guys what happen to you. Muslims are not murderes. Why do you frustrate on muslims. Your phobia(Muslim phobia) which needs immediate admission at hospital is taking you to confusion. We don’t have to need your approval to ask religious freedom which is exactly free of power. And we are demanding the EPRDF gov to respect articles in the Constitution that you guys also stand alongside us bcoz “ALL are responsible for the Constitution”.
    it is irrefutable that EPRDF is in Mosgue to manpulate muslim affairs. I don’t know why you link Ethiopian Muslims to arab, by the will of God we are Ethiopians not arab.
    ~For more info read Qur’an abt sheria,murder or massacre & imposing religion on otherto clear you confusion. Don’t decide in seconds before reading. I hope you will get it very just & democratic

    • Jhonny says:

      Ibrahim Kiray Sebsabiw besiltigna bititsf yishslal. Yout English sucks. DIMTSACHIN YISEMA HA GENZEBIHIN AWATA ZIMBILEH GENZEB AWATA LEBIRHANU NEGA G7. I hope you will go to Eritrea to join the G7 Army kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. Mario says:

    The so called opposition has exposed their power greed by stopping short of criticizing extremism in Ethiopia! I say paid agents of Whabism must be prosecuted!

    The only thing the so called opposition have is:Power greed, but don’t care about the security of Ethiopia!

  8. addis says:

    i think , the gov, should take all the necessary precaution to mitigate the states cue with a chance of muslim wabist (salafis)ethiopian,,this movement is a global one it needs careful cradown b/r it take its root deep inside.all the gov, security apparatus should work from with in. this hooligan-wahabists,can be contained from within , by taking one at a time,a simple confrontaion will infect-contaminate the rest of the community and the violence will flare up,govt, should work as it was quietly from within ,those who are under custody should be registered and should be told, there will be harsh treatment if they are involved in any of this moment,the measures can beevicting from gov, houses, shops,,,Jobs or any of gov,privileges or incentives.
    am advising this gov, to handle this issue quitely, thoughtfully, and wisely.
    as of the oppostion`s sadlly we are not lucky to have one .they could have said something about this elements,but never heard a word from them, it seems they are there to demonize only the gov,they show us their ultimate love and willingness to wine and dine with them. sad

  9. Mahmoud says:

    ድሮ ድሮ ብሔርና ብሄረሰብ ነበር የመታገያ ስልቱ አሁን ተቀይሮ መታገያ ሥልቱ ሃይማኖት ሆናል። ለዚህም ነው ለአመታት ተኝተው የነበሩት የሀገራችን ተቃዋሚዎች ሰሞኑን ነቃ ነቃ ማለት የጀመሩት። ይህ እንቅስቃሴ ወያኔን አስወግዶ ቤተመንግስት ያስገባናል በሚል ፈልጥ ሊሆን ይችላል ። ነገር ግን እንኩዋንስ ለስልጣን ልያበቃ ሀገሪቱን ጭምር መቀመቅ እንዳያስገባት ነው ስጋቴ ። በቅርቡ የስርያ ሁኔታ፣ ዛሬ ደግሞ የግብፅን ሁኔታ ያየ ሰው፣ በእሳት አይጫወትም። ነገርና ነገርና………

  10. Name (required) says:

    ;this thing is not new long time ago , to discribe
    (imported philosophy imposition on the old belifes)
    this peoples are geting fertile ground in the
    structure of muslim which is same as
    government structure (federalism) one of the …
    problem ethnic plus religion …..
    simple definition

  11. Mario says:

    በዚህ ዓለም እየተካሄደያለው የሃይማኖት ብጥብጥ በምእባውያን የታለመ ነው! በኔ እምነት ሶርያ፣ግብፅ፣ሊብያ ወዘተ እና ኢትዮጵያ በታሪክም በሃይማኖትም የተለያዩ ናቸው። ዓረቦች ዘላን ናቸው፣ብዙም ስለ ሰው ክብር የማይገባቸው ፍጡሮች ናቸው። ኢትዮጵያ ግን የሰው ክብር የምታውቅ ክርስትና ሲመጣ እስቲ ውስጡ ምንድነው ብላ መርምራ ጥሩውን ሁሉ የምትቀበል፣ እስልምናም ሲመጣ እንሁ በክብር ያስተናገደች ኣገር ነች! ስለሆነም በዓረብ ኣገሮች ሆነ ማለት በኢትዮጵያ ይሆናል ማለት ኣይደለም! በኣንድ ዓረብ ኣገር የሆነ በሌሎች የዓረብ ኣገሮች ሲደገም ኣይተናል በኢትዮጵያ ሲደገም ግን ኣላየንም!በዓረብ ኣገሮች የሆነውን በኢትዮጵያ እንዲደገም የሚመኙት የስልጣን ጥመኞች ብቻ ናቸው! በዓረብ ኣገሮች ችግር ሲነሳ የኢትዮጵያ ስራ መከላከል ብቻ ነው! ኣሁንም እያደረገች ያለችው ይኸው ነው እና እንደሁል ጊዜ ባሸናፊነት ትወጣለች፣ ኣሜን!

  12. axumawe says:

    for example,haile selase,derg,and know eprdf.
    is it inclusive ? does the constitution represent every body ?that is another matter.
    as a citzen of the land & as a government
    the gov have more responsiblity for the people.any opposition have a mandet to respect the law of the nation.
    they have to do thier duty 1st then ask thier wright as citzen.
    you can’t force a government of a nation
    by cousing anarcithm in order to get power.this is what Ethiopian opposition are traing to do and it is going to be ugly & bloody.then hery go freedom or democracy.
    2nd)listen to the majority Ethiopians. they don’t want the moslum extremests agenda.Ethiopia is the home of moslum & cristians ,we lived in love harmony & respect for years,sadenly some banda arab came to invest or to visit to our country doesn’t mean he/she have the wright to emplement his/her belive in to our people.any person,religion,investment,or ales have to have limets &those people are gone to far.
    also the goverment is na-eve to alow them this far.
    but what ever happen is already happened.
    the goverment i believe needs to be more carefull about who is in Ethiopia to invest & to recrute extremest in general.
    when there is a blood shed there is peoples life involve,peace distracted,financial running,and so on.
    i belive the opposition was worthelesses
    good for nothing. what they forget is, what ever they are suporting to day well hunted them tomorrow if they came the next governing body.but thak god they well never be.b/c the Ethiopian people are watching thier every move.
    at the end i wish Ethiopia well be gove3rned under one party system for a while until our people well become selfe sefishent economicaly,politicaly & technolgicaly.
    this is only my oppinion as i say last time if it was my wish one party system well be implemented in my country.
    also i well use every prison in Ethiopia a guarden.
    i hope the government well bulled big prison some where (in no where and have a big farm that way every crimenal,terorist,extremest well work for his/her expencess)this is me you are lucky i am not the pm.
    the china way do you know chirman MAO never killed a prisnore b/c he send them to agricaltural filled for havey wprk until they die !!!!!
    that is how china became the most power full nation in the world and that is what i wanted for my country!!!!
    as i say you think this goverment is bad??????see look back over 40years old
    age ETHIOPIANS & ask your selfe is this fair ?????to acused this goverment.
    that is why i choose one party system.
    that is why i preferd chinas way.
    it is not that i am not democrat or fair
    it is how we Ethiopians thinck about each other.

    • Ermi says:


      Good job. I like your comment so much. I was reading it while sitting in public restroom and could not stop laughing loud (lol). Thanks for making my day.

      Hope you will do more reading and bring us similar stories to the Chinese mao.

      Keep it up!

      Peace and love to all!


      • Ermi says:


        Forgot to mention this philosopher. His name was Sam clemance (Mark Twain). You might be interested in his writings – he said a lot about fools and smart ppl. Read them, you can find them on line.

        Peace and love to all!


  13. AAA says:

    “So called oppositions” where were you the last 10-15 years?
    In south Ethiopia This RADICAL Group when killd innocent Monks
    Burned Down Church, Resently when they killed 70 years old Elderly so &so.
    Because you Guys & your party has a proplem you come out
    Dimand this? Shame on you will never be full Any more
    We Ethiopians give priority for our country
    Not your chep Politics this is This is a shame and Outrageous
    But you guys you better sit and think what will happen Tommorow .

  14. Nealdimek Kali says:

    Alhauakbar it about time government take action against Salafi wehabi and Qutar mercinaries. Forget this opportunist oppsition Groups save our country

  15. Abegaz says:


    Understand that the muslim question is about electing their religous leaders. They did not say we want sheria law in Ethiopia. After all it is TPLf that brought wuhabists from Saudiarabia and not our sufi muslims. The sufis are demanding religous freedom per the constitution. They want their freedom to pre-EPRDF era which was never known for violence.

  16. eshe says:

    I admire your patience to educate these pain/paid agents of Weyane. You are writing real and these people you are trying to educate know the fact but are here to opposite the rest of people and advance weyane’s policy wrong or right.
    We all know the ethiopian muslims are not terrorist. There was not a time in our history or in the past three decades when global terrorism came to picture a single terrorist act by muslims was observed in Ethiopia. Ethiopian muslims are probably one of the most peaceful and liberal people among all muslims in the world. But weyane we all know how they have terrorized students,journalists,opposition groups,peasants etc. We all know who weyane is from Dedebit to this day. Criminals.

  17. shame says:

    I could not understand the toothless oppositions purpose telling the gov to stop extreemism in Ethiopia. This salafi movement backed by arab countries trying to overtake Ethiopia the only eastern africa christian nation.The battle is not just politics but all the escence of what Ethiopia is for Africa and the rest of the world.Even though i dont agree with the gov with some of its policy on the country I fully support what its doing now against Salafi movment and i better call it Selabi rather because it is trying to distebalise the country and the toothless oppositions trying to use as an advantag to come to power.But what they dont understand is this thing is like a cancer nd difficult to plug it out once its rooted deep.We live with normal and moderate muslims for many years bu this Selabis ketesfafa jemero hagerachin weste churches were tortchured nd amny christians been killed and plainly their objetive is to Islamateised the whole country by charity or by force.I believe the gov should do like Egypt and stop the demos and clean out the Selabis from our nation.

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