European Parliament identifies Wahabi and Salafi roots of global terrorism


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31 Responses

  1. chala says:

    Most of Arab spring revolution been supported by Saudi and qatar. are those two countries pro democracy are they really want others to have democracy?
    The answer is simple they change the gov in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and now in Syria to instal extremist islamist state .
    they are working in somalia, nigeria and now in ethiopia.

    I am sure that majority of muslims are against this. b/c if you see who is really affected by this is mostly muslims.

    see in nigeria, somalia, iraq, Afghanistan, syria, Pakistan, hundred thousands muslims are killed by muslims with saying i am more muslim than you.

    so if the extremist win most muslims will be the victim.

    I am against muslim or christian extremism as i believe God will never ask you to kill some one for him.

    • NONAME says:

      European union is saying that the wealthy arabs are terrorists then what? why not take measure why give shelter to terrorists then it is not the arabs actually the main terrorist mobilizer is US, US is the one behind the arabs unfortunatly now it is turning its face from them leaving the middle east vunerable soon we will see those who financed terrorism being burned with the flame of terrorism


  2. Berehan says:

    “…Despite the overt threats emerging from the oil-rich Arab states, governments across the globe continue to ignore the security imperative and instead are busy exploiting the oil-, and at time times, blood-soaked riches….”
    That was and is exactly what the TPLF doing. Land to Saudis, knowingly lett Money flows to some “new Muslims” in Ethiopia.
    I don’t see (until now) any threat what so ever from our Ethiopian Muslims related to the Question with “Dimtsachin Yesema”.
    The main problem with EPRDF is that it has lost the trust of the majority. The people of Ethiopia do not know whom to believe (as the government used to say not only “bere Welede” but also deliberately fabricates false allegations.

  3. Ezra says:

    Chala, you are very coward; your heart has died in you. Why you say Christian extremism? where did you see Christian extremism? did you ever see Christian killing people in the name of their religion? Please if you can not stand for truth, you must shut up your mouth.

    Here my message: Wahabi is global. Wahabi is not a small sect. Wahabis runs a huge project underground, a project of about 25 trillion dollars. It is called national building project. It is funded by Suadi Arabia, Qatar and others. Bin Laden is/was supported by all Wahabits. They are working to make the world an Islamic nation. An Islamic nation refers to the entire earth converted to Islam. Wahabist are working underground in UK, USA, Australia, Scandinavian, Asia, Africa,… their objective is to kill all infidels and to clean mother earth from infidels( Kafirs) and make earth only for muslims. They do not do this using modern weapon. They do everything underground; Only Wahabists know the secret. Wahabists cadres recruit members by preaching and asking young and old to submit to Allah. There are recruitment missions and conferences carried across the globe. In those recruiting conferences people are coerced to join by obeying Allah and submitting to Allah. Once you submit to Allah, you can not ask any question. You just go for mission where you are assigned to do Allah mission. After submission, you ready to do anything to make Allah happy. You can kill any non-mulisms. In the mission, there are two objectives:
    1. To bring back the lost sheeps, lost sheeps are muslims who are not Wahabists, but are called the first targets. The soft targets can be tamed and disciplined to obey Allah.

    2. The hard targets, are the infidels or kafirs. Kafirs can not be brought to islam easily, but can be corrupted using money or if not they can be killed. Killing them is Allah’s will. You can not do deal with Kafir or you can not do business with Kafir. You must stay away from Kafirs. Allah hates Kafirs than anything on this planet.

    Now underground Wahabist missionaries are in UK, USA, Africa, Asia,… they do not use modern weapon or conventional weapons like internet, radio , cellphone, TV, … if they use those media, it is only designed for the consumption of the infidels which means lies and pretences.

    You will see if you live, in few years, they try to remove the government in UK, USA,… and build only a planet that only accommodates muslims. This the message you must take to your heart and do something before you are finished. Democracy bla bla, bla, … you are cheating no one but yourself. The majority of muslims support this agenda. Do not cheat yourself saying Muslims do not support it ;

    • ewentewent says:

      25 trillion is GDP total of USA and China. Is all your write up based on fact or fiction or you are like chala…..

    • Freeman says:

      Chala, read history. In fact Christians have killed way more people in the name of religion than Muslims. All religions are the same. They all are backward traditions of backward society. They have nothing to do with the creator of the universe. Of course if there is such a creator.

  4. Jemal says:

    Really Ethiopia is the number one severely suffered country of Arabia charity work by teaching young Ethiopian young Muslim dislike Ethiopia and love Saudi Arabia. The vision of Saudi Arabia king family would want becoming the king of King of the world after they captor all countries under their Wahhabi and Salafy influence. Ethiopia has been struggling all this for more than 100 years through proxy war. Now the present government should chase out all charity NGOs of Saudi Arabia and any other country collaborating with Saudi Arabia. Who nurture and nurse Alshaba from childhood to young-hood arming and training with not only whahabi religion ideologies but also suicide bombing in Somalia? Who is training and arming BocoHaram killing children and teachers in the schools? I prefer being poor to Saudi Arabia investment in my country. I know how can I defend my country when I was poor and there was no investment. Before investment my country and peace should be prioritized.

  5. Nehema says:

    Do not tell that to TPLF. TPLF would go for Wahabi than for anything as long as there is money. TPLF does not care about anything but money. They do not care whether Wahabi kill people or not, all TPLF wanted is just money. Jemal, you will be in trouble if you oppose Arab NGOS, and Arab investors because Woyane cannot live with Arab. You know Almouldi looks after TPLF leaders or EPRDF leaders using Wahabi money. EPRDF cannot live without Wahabists; They live on Wahabist money.

    Do you know the Wahabists believe Allah gave them oil because he loved them. They said, there was no oil in Saudi Arabia when there was no Allah there before Mohammed. Now Allah is giving Ethiopia, not TPLF. They cut the heads of all EPRDF leaders. EPRDF leaders are corrupt and rotten and smelly. By the way, this is the byproduct of corruption. Almouldi has 68 companies in Ethiopia? Ethiopia is gone bro.There is no more Ethiopia. Ethiopia is now called AlEthiopiaAlrabiya. Do not even think you have a country anymore. It is gone and sold for cash by woyane, the sons of Gugusa Haileslassie.

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      Aye @nehema. KELAWACHU. Did you write this comment while you were sleeping or are you one of those DERG generals on dyalisis.

  6. Zemene says:

    Take action
    Those people are dodgers this government not lesson the ppl of Ethiopia
    -close the awalia
    -send them to the court
    those are anti fore countery and religions
    Pls now take action

  7. Googgle says:

    Do not tell this to Tamagne Beyene, the world expert of begging money? Do not tell this to Dr. Beer aynu( aka Dr. Berhanu ). I have called Dr. Berhanu after now Dr. Birr aynu or Dr.Dollars eye

  8. galaxy says:

    “Saudi Arabia alone has spent over $10 billion to promote Wahabism through Saudi charitable foundations”
    —This is a quotation from the report above by Eropean parliament.
    Ethiopia is the number one culprit. Saudi has envaded ethiopia by the name of investment and or NGOs.
    What the government should do?
    1) answer all genuine questions from the majority sufi Ethiopian muslims
    2) idntify and develop a list a a profile of the most urdent wuhabist/salafist groups
    3)Communicate the results to all powers including the European parliament and the USA, russia, etc
    4) scrutinize the so called investors and NGOs from Suadi, UAE, qatar, egypt, kuwait, iran, etc. And cease all agreements if neccessary
    4) coordinate its efforts with countries like Kenya, nigeria, uganda, south sudan, sudan etc
    6) tightening the overall security of the country. Alerting the police, intelligence, millitary and the general public
    7) Creating discussion forums across all the Ethiopian medias. allow people to express their opinions and forward solutions. Educating all the Ethiopian people in this regard. Telling the consequences of wuhabism/extremism to all the public.
    8) Maintaining the anti-terrorism low
    9) creating great awareness on journalists and activists.
    10)Establishing a body which follows only this issue; follows day to day developments nationally and internationally and their implicatios; gives recommendations; Members can be scollars, sociologists, political scientits, historians, etc. Establishing a group of elders and relious figures to advice the government on this matter
    11) creating a sense of urgency
    If we keep on silent, we will not get the current ethiopia just after three years.

    • galaxy says:

      Continued from above………
      12) Government shall bloack travel of young Ethiopians to Saudi arabia, UAE, Kuwait, bahrain, etc. Because they are returning being radicalized (brain washed by wahabists).

  9. Amos says:

    The man in picture looks he is hungry to kill people. May be he is a Wahabist killer

  10. addis boy says:


  11. Embasoleda says:

    One of the fanatic Islamist’s tactics is hiding behind women and children. How on earth a grown men would do such kind of crimes? Therefore, there world should criminalize those exposé children to denger! Let children grow free of hate!! I’m sure the peaceful Ethiopian Muslim values doesn’t encourage such kind evilness, and lets keep or orotect the endogenous religions of our country, and say no to all the religions of hate and terrorsst values?!

  12. Mario says:

    Most of our Muslim brother understand that what’s happening in the name of Islam is wrong, therefore , Ethiopian Muslims should reject this unislamic movements right away!

    Where I grew up, our mothers made through the bad times of fight against the brutal Derg with the help of shop owners Muslim brothers!
    Now, the oil rich countries are instrumental in creating chaos all over the world through charities established to help needy Muslims!

    The real case here is, any Muslim who attacks Ethiopia for unreasonable purpose will pay the price, because Ethiopia is protected by the Qur’an! We see now that these who have been brewing anti Ethiopia sentiments are paying for it dearly! We remember how much price our brothers & sisters paid to protect our motherland against invaders through Somalia & internal insurgency in Eritrea! Now they are paying for it, though I feel sorry for innocent citizens who are suffering for the cause that they have nothing to do with!

    We have power hungry Ethiopian who wish to gain power by any means too, but what they don’t know is; they will never have a chance to sit at 4 kilo through their evil intention! Ethiopia belongs to Muslims , Christians, nations , nationalities & peoples! Power had been distributed & the only way to gain power is through the ballet box.

    God bless Ethiopia!

    • Alitena says:

      Mario, do not blame others always; blame your parasite TPLF leaders for making the country to be invaded by Arabs.Do not blame others please. No one will hear you. Yerashe tfat eyedebeq, lela sw meksses? why?

      • Mario says:

        Hey, is it TPLF who is creating chaos in Egypt, Lybia,Syria,Yemen ….you don’t know what you are talking about at all! እንዳንተ ያለ ጥልቅ ብዬ ይባላል ባገራችን! ምንም የምታውቅ ኣትመስልም!

  13. Sisay says:

    dear all,
    i am still on board to hear from you, honest commentators of such a sensitive issue, extremist Islams, not from these that are simple puppets of woyane.

    Since long time, it is crystal clear that the arab world is doing under ground to make Ethiopia Islam country, as making Ethiopia Islam is more than 80 percent done to make Africa pure Islam region.
    That of course was what i learnt when i was a high school student from my friend who visited Jidah for his religion purpose. My dear friend back home with a totally changed attitude, perception, and plan. He decided not to eat with us as usual. We thought that is normal and waited for sometimes until he become cool as before. One day he told us that, Allah thought him not eat with kafirs, i asked him who is kafir and what does that mean. He told me it is me, his best friends. Friends, i tell you i was shocked. As we are together in the village and at school anyhow, one day he told me his plan, that Alah ordered him to work towards making Ethiopia land of pure Islam and he had a plan to re-introduce what they did at the early years of woyane government. He is bold and courage when he told us that. Then we went to the zones OPDO secretary, as he is the right person to inform (i donot mention name and place), and he told us that we are rather Christian extremist and have to go away, if possible to semen shewa. We asked him why, and he told us that, semen shewa is the right place for us, not the place we born and live that time. We were worried.

    Through our connection to the top leader, we were able to inform that underground plan and simply told we have to step back. Soon, policy caught a vehicle carrying a poisoned knifes to be distributed to killers and lists of the Christian and soft Islam leader in Gonder areas. The government and the anti-Ethiopia etv dropped that serious issue as simple thing and life went.

    later, police assisted Islams killed children, women, and men in so so terauble manner (asekaki gedia) in jima areas, burnt many churches, and forcefully converted over 400 people to Islam telling them, they will be killed if they disobay the order.

    Now, all crystal clear Islam attempts and dids were brought to the table of the then PM. They rather did what they did before, simplified things, just said—yes those who made the prob were in jail…you wonder, these forcefully converted people are still Forced Islams, but some are able to escape and migrated. This all is happening under the eyes and ears of tplf security and woyane.

    I tell you woyane never ever care if extremist Islam invade Ethiopia, rather using all means to maintain their chair!

    Islam was there in Ethiopia since 1000 years. rather, wohabia islam was cultivated by tplf, encouraged by tplf and woyane!

    Look, woyane is now saying these extremists are using money that come from abroad. But woyane is taking money from Soudi giving them away some of our fertile land for 100 years. hence, they are getting a breading habitat, teaching in rural areas, building more mosques—-

    Most of the awramba guests are blaming some oppositions, who are saying just we have to respect right, but not tplf who was, is and will be sponsoring wohabia and giving them breading place.

    We better target, send the blame to its right sources, and them try to fix the problem. I am saying this, becuase, it is wrong to try to solve such a sensitive and underground plane, if the one who made the mistake was not identified and confirm to not repeat the mistake he or she made. Woyane has to come on board and accept! Otherwise, all the effort will be futile, as we are not going to trust etv and the government! Alone the government can do nothing than just killing and jailing, which will give the extremist even more advantage!

    • Gezaee says:

      Sisay Thank you; It is good there are very few like you who are awake. You are right TPLF is the main problem. You can not repair TPLF it is beyond repair. They have ears, but they are deaf; they have eyes, but blind. They have heart, but no understanding. There is no hope from woyane or TPLF.

      The opposition are not even closer, they are worse. What we need now is the Mahbre Kudasan of the orthodox church and mobilize our people, the USA must wake up; it is their future. opposition, TPLF, … they all belong to the cancer generation. You can hardly recover a carcinogenic cell; ones the cell develops cancer, it will not recover; It takes its time and die. TPLF and the oppositions, the cancer of Ethiopia will go away as time comes. But the youth of Mahbere Kudasan must wake up. We have to defend our country and our indentity. TPLF is a curse for Ethiopia. It is leaders rotten corrupts.

      The hope now is the new generation. Yenat tut Nekashoch, Mengistu yeshalen nembere kenezhi yenta tut nekashoch, kehadiwoch. Afer beltow wymtu, dedeboch, denezoch, bandowch, rkashoch, yetarik atelawoch. afer belitachu mutu, hodamoch. Hodachu yekedede, sgebgeboch

    • FantiGhana says:

      You are saying that TPLF brought wuhabbism and nurtured these extremists but the extremists are blaming the TPLF/EPRDF for denying them their religious freedom so since you and the extremists both can not be right at the same time, which one of you is telling us the truth?

      • Ermi says:

        sorry for interjecting in your conversation, but I just want to say that we haven’t seen any extremists in this Muslim protest. The extremists the Woyane media and agents are referring are non-existent. The questions raised by the Muslim community is the question of right to elect their own spiritual leaders and the right to worship without government interference. Woyane politicized the election of their leaders by forcing elections to be held and supervised and counted by Kebeles for the first time in the history of the islam religion in Ethiopia. Woyane also brought some foreign ideology from lebanon and forced it upon the Ethiopian Muslims through its agents. These two simple yet fundamental questions are the source of the current peaceful protest in Ethiopia.

        However, Woyane seized this opportunity to stir rife and chaos in the country to sustain its power and the looting practice to realize the independence and creation of greater Tigray that TPLF struggle and died for.

        Remember, Woyane never believes in Ethiopia and Ethiopianess. They just haven’t robbed enough wealth to declare independence as they can’t survive without the rest of Ethiopia.Economically, tigray will never be viable. Tigray population doesn’t support woyane at all. In fact, they are patriotic Ethiopians who will never accept separation from the resto of Ethiopians. So Woyane’s only chance is to make Tigray people hated by the rest of Ethiopians so every Tigre will be scared to venture out side the protection of Woyane. But all the fear mongering waged on Tigray people and the incitement of other ethnics could not have succeeded so far. So the above two reasons, the economic issue and the lack of support are hindering the independence of Tigray. Otherwise Woyane has already separated Tigrai from Ethiopia. They have seen what happen to Eritea, all the Singapore dream within ten years after independence had been washed down the drain and all there is left for them is Nakfa and sekoka.

        Peace and love to all!


  14. SenayL says:

    This article highlighting the findings of the European parliament is quite compelling and a step in the right direction towards understanding what’s proving to become an increasingly difficult and complex affair. Reading through the whole report could even offer a deeper mechanistic insight into the problem.

  15. Gezaee says:

    G7( ESAT) rents NILESAT, Egyptian satellite TV broadcast services, for 24 hours 24/7. These are naked bandas much worse than TPLF. Kehadiwoch, you will never succeed; Yenat tut nekashoch. This is nothing than madness. Much much worse than woyane.

  16. Name (required) says:

    Hey all you who support the opperation of Ethiopian Muslims by the EPRDF are really double blinded. Why do you shiver when you see muslims. All you are impacted with global Islam phobia. Whatever your comment here we are millions with clear agenda (no deep or surface agenda) to ask the EPRDF gov to respect the constitution. Because your spectrum of thinking is narrow i don’t blame narrows. Come to ground & see the demand of ethiopian muslims,it’s free from what you are bombarding. Be rational

  17. Habtamu S says:

    European parliament is really to late too indentifying them as a means to international radical Islamism and terrorism for they did not have direct endangered to them. Actually the western and US are got their hand for their mistake on dismantled socialism in the world only for their unsatisfied hunger for wealth without thinking what filed the vacuum of a socialists power. Unfortunately this vacuum has taken by radical Islamism whom they got everything from the western and US. Thank you.

  18. Mario says:

    These Arabs are savage backward people who have no humanity inside them, therefore, enough is enough! The west must take action before it is too late!

  19. ewentewent says:

    I tried to google about this issue for tge last two days. Could not find such news in any of the mainstream news outlet. Even the european union should have posted their findings on their web.

    Is it the writer own idea? If he is commisioned to do such kind of study by EU should be mentioned.

    Dudes and dudets (joking) the news and the info is …….. but I am not saying there is no danger…..

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