Egypt’s Interim Vice President ElBaradei resigns while clashes leave 278 dead


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38 Responses

  1. Gezaee says:

    My views:

    I feel so pity for the loss of human being for no good reasons;

    1. Military coop wrong
    2. Dispersing them by killing them wrong. They were not killing anyone, but the military shot them like this? The military is responsible for all these mess.

    Regardless what Morsi stands for , he was only given 48 hours to respond? and they did the coup and now they caused all these mess.

    I am a Christian; I feel sorry for the loss of any human life like this.

    One things I want to underline; Islam and democracy just do not go together. It is not the fault of the people. It is the teaching of islam that is the problem. The main problem is mixing two things that does not go together and end up in mess like this.
    Those country who are Islamic, it is better they stay Islamic until they are educated and know their natural right. But mixing up two things that does not go together is results in this mess. you can fire with grasses. Can you? no, you put fire and dry grasses together. The fire will burn the grass. Putting democracy and islam is like putting fire in grass.

    It is sad primitiveness kills lives like this. If TPLF refuses to stop the Wahabism, that is going to happen in Ethiopia soon. As long as the hodam woyane keep on taking from Wahabis, there will be a pay pack time sooner or later. Hodam hula,

    Egypt will never get peace after now. The Morsi supporters will take arms now. They will get support from Qatar, Saudi Arabia. Dumb headed military messed it up and caused the death of all these souls.

    • lintu says:

      Oh, I didn’t know that your are pro-Egypt for showing your sympathy to those killed by the military. Any normal person doesn’t want to see the lose of human lives. It is good that you are such a human person to extent that you sympathize the Muslim brotherhood.

      But, but, you have evil attitude when it comes to Ethiopian Muslims. Under such normal descriptions, it is called “traitor-ship”. Under TPLF description, it is called “Terrorist”.

      I am not like you or any other cadres here to judge, criticize, or accuse you for your ideas and comments. But, I condemn anyone who play games on human lives for political benefits and to stick to power for ever. It is equally disgusting and primitive to show double face and double standard. If you were such a “patriot”, you would have cried and sympathized equally when Ethiopian Muslims are found themselves under such sever repression despite their impressive patience and discipline.

      I am not naive and know very well that you guys do this deliberately. As a result, you will never provide the right answer or question yourself as long as you have taken it as a full time job. But, I will not hesitate to say what is universally right and true.

      • Gezaee says:

        Dear Lintu,

        You can call me whatever you want as long as you are far away from me;

        I care about all Ethiopian without any discrimination. I do not damn care about muslim only. You are Ethiopian? are you? live like other Ethiopians. If you do not want then leave Ethiopia. I do not damn care about you being muslim or Christian. Keep your religion in your house. Do not talk to me about your religion. it is your religion and it does not concern me. All Ethiopians have no problem with their religion. If you have problem with your religion? it is your problem. I do not damn care about religion. Do not cry cry about muslim. I repeat I do not damn care about your religion. Do not drag me to your low level of thinking. I see all people equal, no more or no less. I do not want to talk about your religion now. If you have brain, look around and learn what is wrong about your religion. There is cause and effect; If there is no cause, you must not have a problem with your religion.

        You also do not know me. You must stop telling me who I am. I do not wana says bad words. But you must stop telling me I am this and that. I do not damn care what you think of me and what u tell me I am. I do not tell you who you are? Do not tell me who I am. If you have problem with the government? go and tell them please. I am not government. you are talking to the wrong person.

        I am not pro Morsi or pro anyone. I did not say I am pro anyone. Stop faking things. I expressed by disgusting about the death of human being . I did not care about Morsi or anyone. All I said is my anger on the death of all those souls.

        You said I am evil? well, cool, whatever, you can call me worse, it does not mean anything to me. Learn, use your brain instead of crying crying crying crying crying, and cursing people and behave like human being and respect others. I will not treat you differently because you are muslim. I do not damn care whether you are Muslim or Protestant or Catholic or budhist or Bahai ,… as long you live like everybody else. I repeat again, I do not care damn about your religion or Islam as long you do not breach law and rights of others; And the government you are accusing handed the entire country to your disciplines, but you are selfish, you still wanted to control everything in the country? Evil that, not me.. Live with your religion like the rest of other religions by obeying laws and respecting others. If you can not live with others, you better go to another planet where there are only muslims.

        • lintu says:

          This is from your words “I expressed by disgusting about the death of human being . I did not care about Morsi or anyone. All I said is my anger on the death of all those souls.”

          I didn’t question you on that because it is the reaction of a normal person. I was asking you why you don’t care about the death of people in Ethiopia if you care so much the death of Egyptians? Very strange, isn’t it?
          It seems that you have the privilege not to be labeled as “terrorist” as a result of your sympathy of Egyptian deaths. If it were someone else other who said as you did, s/he will not only be labeled as terrorist but also receive harsh penalty. Justice has to view everyone equally.

          Disclaimer: am neither Muslim nor politician. You say you are a Christian. I too am a Christian but I don’t care about you being Christian. I do not party with religion. I party with people as humans. Period. Act like humans. Don’t hate others because your own hate does’t give you peace. Love is stronger than anything else. As you do care about Egyptians, give some care about Ethiopian Muslims as well. Why you try to radicalize them? Why you call them names indiscriminately? The extremists are very little compared to the rest of Muslim population. Jawar is a living example representing them from abroad. Why don’t you care about his cells?

          If there is any chance that things get out of control, it will not be Albert Einstein who descends from Celeste to solve the problem you instilled. Because, no one will be spared if things go out of control. The issues have to be addressed peacefully. Violence has never been a solution. In the same way, politicians must not be labeled this every time they mobilize the population. If you guys call your self Ethiopians, I don’t see why others can’t be so. It means, Ethiopia is a country of all Ethiopian citizens.

          I read you saying you grew up with wars. Isn’t people like you who could be ambassador of peace not to see again other wars?

          • idris says:

            You are talking about deaths in Ethiopia?
            LOOK what happened in egypt. Since the muslim brotherhoods could not agree on any negotation, the death of 600 people become inevitable. It is something that you can avoid it. You can not clap with one hand.
            The same will be true in Ethiopia. If the wuhabists continue to protest illegally with out securing permission from the government, the rule of law is erodded. That will definately lead to deaths. Any type of measure taken by the ethiopian government on the wahabists from now on is acceptable. Wuhabists shall be eliminated from Ethiopia by any means before they eliminate our country. It is not some thing that you can talk in terms of democracy blabla…It is a question of life and death. Either they will eliminate the country or they have to be eliminated. Thus, death to wahabists.

          • lintu says:

            you say “It is a question of life and death”

            question of life and death to grip on power for sure. That, we understood

        • Omar says:

          Gezea, Teshome,and Mario

          You three guys are danger to Ethiopia. I am sorry we am living in such a country producing these kind of hired TPLF mouth-pieces. I am sorry the tax money collected from Merkato (Addis Ababa) is paid to this agents as a monthly salary to destroy a country.

          • Mario says:


            Your problem is you don’t know what you are talking about! All these Tigrian who paid their life to free Ethiopia never been paid a penny! It is better to say you opinion rather than talking something that you don’t have any idea! Just be better for the sake of you!

    • Sisay A says:

      Ethiopia will be like this to bring democracy to the people. we will give every penny we have to G7/ESAT and will make woyanne life short with in few months.

      I know G7 is working underground and will see the result soon with big demonstration. to take woyanne out of power we don’t care how many hundred thousand people die. we are determined. as the boss said if necessary he even will go the war but i don’t think he need too there are millions ready to die and we need our leader DR. Birhanue the visionary to lead the country after woyanne so no need for him or the top all to risk there life.
      I know woyanne days are numbered with using ESAT like Al -Jezzera soon addis need to pass through the road of freedom like Cairo or syria.
      I heard most of our members in paltalk talking how committed they are to give every penny to this blessed idea if necessary our life but that will not be necessary.

      • ethiopiawi says:

        Sisay you are ergeman actually. You moron you don’t have any idea how we live in Ethiopia. You want people to die so that your boss Jibu birihanu and you can come back to our country? You are stupid and those who follow you are him are also uneducated stupid morons. You stay out of our country and stay where ever you are eating you fried chicken and McDonald. Ebet neh. Ebet enquan til yaferal ante kezam yalteshalk neh. maferia!

    • Ermi says:

      It is sad the military resorted to coup and massacre to regain its power it had during and before Mubarak’s rule. But to say Islam is the problem is wrong. Morsi was elected in a fair and real election. So the people had to wait for his term to end or find a constitutional means to rid him, if they don’t like his leadership. Bit to side with the military was and will remain a fatal mistake.

      Now, speaking of Islam, if the majority of people want Islamic rule with protection for other minorities, then so be it. That is what democracy means. So Islam and democracy can live together side by side.

      Moreover, the Morsi gov has done nothing that is extreme. They didn’t enact law to force women to cover, Christians convert to Muslim or impose sharia. It was just the false propaganda by the military that turns the people against Morsi.

      The same false propaganda is spread by woyane talibans in Ethiopia against Muslims these days. It was propagated against the orthodox in the past. The same thing against the independent media. So this is a tactic by brutal Woyanes to attack, torture and kill peaceful citizens to sustain their power and continue looting wealth to finance their kids education and living in Italy and China.

      Peace and love to all!


    • Aster says:

      I hope Ethiopia’s officials you are taking notes from the crisis in Egypt. This is how Ethiopia will look like soon, if you don’t eradicate those rats that are flitting Addis Ababa.

      • Mario says:


        Ethiopia isn’t Arab, & hence it has its own way of making its own history! Extremists have no place in Ethiopia in anyway!

  2. teshome says:

    There was noteworthy difference between the current Egypt bloody situation and Esikinder Nega was dreaming and planning to import to Ethiopia…
    Esikinder had said it in his words, he had unshakable stand to bring such life drama to Ethiopia.
    Thanks to my government police and security apparatus, all this plans were prematurely aborted.
    Look now Egypt, today was a bloody day and even tomorrow gonna be worse. The country is now totally parlayed, there is no right and wrong, the rule of law is severely fractured.
    I am sure the people was completely unaware for this turn of events when they threw Mubarak and later on.
    Ethiopians had passed such a revolution long time ago during red terror, now we don’t have an appetite of Arab spring style revolution. That only exists in a mental disorder politicians like Eskinder and his followers in diaspora.
    I wouldn’t imagine the kind of blood shed if this case was brought to Ethiopians, who had taken too massive dose of hatred-filled politics.
    Again and again Thank you very much for tireless work of police and security apparatus for providing us the peace we cherish now

    • abey says:


      When ever you open your mouth you are making more people to hate the gov. thinking people like you are behind every decision.
      you are the same as those toxic diasporas my way or high way people.

      If i was the gov. who are paying you i will stop and fire you as you become a liability.
      you are full of hate. I hate extremism of politics or religion. people like you and the extremist diaspora are the same both want don’t care to see others to die for your trust of power.

      I hate the sit and talk hate people in paltalk from extremist diaspora and i hate the sit and talk paid agent cadre like you.

    • lintu says:

      My comment to Gezaee above is valid to you as well. I have the impression that ‘Gezaee’ is the other other jacket of ‘teshome’, lol. By the way, they (the jackets) were made from which country by the way? Made in China is a la mode these days. How do the Chinese imperialist look like by the way? Which civilization is better, Chinese or Western?

    • cadreGerafi says:


      You are a certified idiot. Whatever outrageous parallels you want to draw like the people in Egypt who are hard pressed to justify their coup against a democratically elected govt they will fall in deaf ears because people know who is innocent and who is acting like a mad dog to stay in power. You treasonous bunch who sold our ports to shaebia are the enemy of Ethiopians. As such the people are waiting breathing under your neck to give you what you deserve. You may kill 100s or 1000s but you won’t stop what is coming on to you. You will rip what you sow.

  3. habte says:

    Islam as such is not the problem these days. Moslems and non-moslems lived in peace for ages.

    The problem today is the fanatics that stir hatred in the name of religion for personal gains. It is that simple. Those that are blowing themselves and others are simply tools for the few crooked power hungry.

    No religion cherishes the cruelty we see everyday-all in the name of religion.

  4. Mario says:

    They better stop killing each other! Ethiopian was dying because of Egypt’s proxy war against Ethiopia! They may not know internal war, but we know it! This is how it feels!

    Who cares Whether Morsi is in power or not! They are all the same shit for me as an Ethiopian!

    God bless Ethiopia!

    • Ermi says:

      Selfish morons like you don’t think about others . They only worry about their hod as they are called hodam Amhara, gurage..

      The people of Egypt are God’s creatures. But you don’t know God. You only know your hod.

      Peace and love to all!


      • Mario says:


        Just waste your time wishing Ethiopia’s destruction! Ethiopia is protected by God! I don’t hate Amhara because I’m partly Amhara…. What I hate haterindividuals like you who are paid agents of Ethiopia’s enemies….! Anyways , I grew up with manner, therefore, I won’t answer you in kind! Take it easy, you can’t beat woyane in anyway!

  5. wavettore says:

    It should be clear. Even if many are paid to generate confusion.

    “Many simultaneous rebellions stirred up in Arab Countries will benefit in
    the end only the State of Israel with the expansion of its territory
    in Europe and in the US, the financial resources “like magic” will
    disappear through bailouts, tax cuts and elaborated emergency maneuvers
    which will be ruled only to appear beneficial for those Countries but
    instead appositely designed for their collapse (except for England that
    will push Europe over the precipice).”

    There is only one Solution.

  6. Ibrahim says:

    The Western,copes & the military massacred human beings. Morsi, a democratic leader overthrown illegally. He followed all democratic procedures like democratic election, referendum…

  7. ظارق says:

    as long as protestors are not peaceful and do their protest with responsiblity then there will be blood shed I really am sorry for those dead and wounded but what we have to learn from this is is the military only responsible not at all what the muslim brotherhood leaders are saying even after seeing all this destruction makes muslim brotherhood terrorist organization they don’t care about even the lifes of their supporters they just only care about how to come back to power which they lost due to their lack of compitence and responsiblity back one year when mursi came to power The first thing they tried to do was just to radicalize the country neglecting
    They have come though the mutual revolution of Muslims and Christians
    And they caused the death of many Christians and Muslims and now I would
    Accuse more that the military the Muslim brotherhood military has called so
    Many times for negotiation and discussion while the Brotherhood kept calling for violent
    Demonstrations and Muslim brotherhood should be solely responsible for the loss of lives

  8. idris says:

    I like the following from your post above
    ……”there is no right and wrong, the rule of law is severely fractured”…..
    We should prevent our country from being like this.
    AYBELEW’NA, if such violence starts in Ethiopia, it will be of the worst in its kind in the world
    The good thing is: the Ethiopian people are so ethical and have good respect for people and their country. The are not drived by emotions.
    Ofcouse g7(ESAT) is trying to start the fire, but they will not succeed. Esat has borrowed a NILESAT for 24/7 propoganda of racism and for provoking civil war in the country. Shabeya is the advisor.

  9. Rosli Bin Yaakop says:

    With due respect, if you are saying the coup is right, you are indeed a sick man. You betray Egypt by working on the side of the Israeli-European-American axis whose aim is to see Islam will not come to power in Egypt. You are indeed working for the enemy of Islam. You removed Morsi simply because he wants to put Islam to its rightful place in Egypt. You don’t like it as much as the people you work for don’t like it.

  10. Alegnta says:

    Thomas Campbell remarked “Coming events cast their shadows before”. This a warning to us Ethiopians that if fail to see the glaring threat of religious fundamentalism (extremism)we will suffer the consequences. The current religious unrest in Ethiopia has to be handled delicately to garner support from the the majority of our Muslim brothers and sisters who would like to live with their Christian neighbours in peace as they have done for centuries. However, there should be no compromise with those who have a veiled Jihadist agenda.
    It is now glaringly obvious the destructiveness of what ESAT/G7 is preaching! These people want power at any cost, and any reasonable person who has the best interest of Ethiopia can not support this view that will lead to chaos if not questioned.
    I believe that EPRDF with all its imperfections is still the best gov’t we can have. However, with great power comes greater reponsibility, and it must make tangible moves to democratise the country and tackle corruption. I believe democracy can’t be imported over night but if the will is there we can develope our oun blend of democracy/accountability that will eventually lead to a change of gov’t. We need collectively to exercise wisdom in how we interact with eachother, putting the interst of our beloved country above all else. With unity and a great resolve there is nothing that can not be surmounted and our country can once again be great! With division, selfish agends and intolerance comes destruction as is unfolding in Egypt.

  11. Begashaw says:

    @Thumb-up Teshome

    The daily activities of G7/ESAT/Shaebia is to instigate such type of violence in Ethiopia. Shame on Berhanu Nega and those illiterate “journalists” of ESAT. If such violence happens in Ethiopia, the degree of bloodshed will be doubled and the death toll will be in millions and no one will get the power. Mark my word!

  12. Ahadu says:

    Sorry for the loss of life!

    Thought Ethiopia has bled for long time as a result of decisions by Egypt’s ruler in their wish to see weak Ethiopia and guarantee unhindered flow of the Nile, we should not wish the great Egyptian people such a tragedy. In fact we need to stand by their side in such a sad time for them!

    Having said that, is ESAT reporting on the current situation in Egypt? I am curious.

    Finally, for Dawit:
    Thank you for the great journalistic work you are doing. I also recommend you post articles by Diacon Mulugeta W/Gebriel. He writes exquisite articles in Amharic on current event, especially related to ESAT. I urge you to give him the change. You won’t be disappointed.

    Here is a latest article by him:

  13. Embasoleda says:

    We are waiting to hear from the Islamist mouthpiece, Alemayoh Gebremariam who have been advocating against Ethiopia’s developmet or predicting about what Egpt will do to the Ethiopia’s dam. I also wonder if Egpt will continue to fiancé the G7, and ESAT which are Berhanu Negas’s money making organization…regardless, they all are dead meats and they have no power to stop Ethiopia from moving forward in all aspect of developments…

    God bless the world!

  14. Mario says:


    I grew up with a manner, therefore I won’t answer you in kind! The sure thing I can tell you is: we Ethiopian will be united sooner than latter, but you will be left alone with nothing to intefer … & finally you will regret about the time you wasted in the affairs of a country you abandon on your own willing!

    The woyane that you hate had finished from EDU,EPRP,ELF…. As you see your PFDJ living isolated & left with the only choice to kill innocent Eritrean who wish to live in peace with their neighbors, Egypt’s messengers like Akshabab….! Once you mess around woyane, you will never see yourself better! Egypt is Ethiopia’s chronic enemy, therefore it’s alright for me & my fellow Ethiopia when Egypt is paid back what it deserves! All I can say is sorry for the innocent Egyptian! But you assured us that you are a puppet of Egypt hhhhhhhh!

    Take it east! Your hate won’t get you anything! It can only irritate you from inside!

    God bless Ethiopia !

    • Ermi says:


      You claim I hate. Who do I hate? It is true I hate woyane and its paid agents. But I love all people of the world from fragrant to Amhara, from Tigray to wolayta, from Egyptians to Americans. You see, I love everyone. But I hate injustice.

      But you, as you clearly claimed, you hate Amhara, eritreians, Egyptians, all Ethiopians oppositions, journalists, and any conscious person. And moreover, you hate Ethiopians people like Muslims andchristians if they resist woyane.

      I hate woyane for their crimes and selling away Ethiopians land and port. And lastly, I hate woyane paid agents because they are hodam and selfish.

      If Editor won’t delete this comment as it does in the past, then you could learn from it.

      Peace and love to all!


      • Mario says:


        Look at yourself blabbing! Yeah, you are just wasting your time! The same thing I hate you & your likes, Egyptian politicians…., but Eritreans are my blood brothers, the only difference we have is, Eritrean was sold to the fascist Italy by Emperor Minilik!

        You can hate woyane, but you can only irritate yourself! Thanks to you haters woyane is stronger than ever & supported by millions of people! Your hate propaganda won’t matter to woyane, you will continue to see strong woyane as you have seen it in the last 38 years! Woyane will be there as long as there are haters like you!

        Dogs like you will continue to bark , but has kept on its own way!
        You are talking about port as well! The ports belong to Ethiopia , it’s just a matter of time! If Ethiopia couldn’t use the ports, then they won’t be useful even as drinking ponds for Camels!

        Woyane was there, it’s here as you see it & it will continue to be there with a strong influence in Ethiopia! Remember your braggings in 2005? These who bragged so much inflated like a balloon , but couldn’t even stand a simple political trick of woyane & ran wherever they came from & they never sat in a round table & eye to eye to this day!

        Ermi, your writings are laughable at all level!

  15. Helen says:

    Ethiopians should stop paying tax altogether because it is to people like Teshome and his TPLF propoganda agents.

  16. Tselote says:

    Addis Ababa must not pay tax to TPLF. Tax payment is one of the political support pillars to TPLF. If tax payers withdraw their cooperation to pay Tax to TPLF, TPLF will have problem paying its online propaganda agents like Teshome, Gezaee, Mario, its security, police forces …

    Withdraw Tax Payment!

  17. bekelech says:

    weyne englizegna alememare
    ehen ezeh lay yetsafachehuten hulu benebew endet des balegn neber. Tadia men yaderegal. Kunkua endesure aterogn…

    enji ye hageren boletica bezeref bezerefu etenetenilachehu neber.

    ke woyane abalenet eske halafinet, kezam lemekedate mekiniat eskehonegn mekiniat bezerf bezerefu awereredew neber.

    men yaderegal—enanete demo hulachehu ferenj honachehu. amarican menor endeh ferenj yemiadereg kehone ye libian bereha makuwarete ayeker yehonal. Anbesa kalbelagn.

    lehulum seteweyayu lehager yemitekemew lay atekuru. ehe sew ayayegnem eyalachehu yemetesadebuten akumu. ande wedaje senegregn, ye taxi serawen sicherese komputer lay teletifo mesadeb endemiwed negerognal. huwala ehe begom aydel. ende egna eko ethiopiaweyan nen. Chewa yasadegen. lenegeru ahun balege menegest getemon egnam belegena mededenet lemedenal.

  18. Gezaee says:

    Dear Lintu,

    I never said I hate anyone; you are making it yourself. Again, you must stop telling me who I am because I can never be whom you want me to be. I do not know you and I can not say much about you. I do not talk this and that. about others; I only attack ideas of people.Stop telling me you fake theory about me. Stop defining me who I am.

    I never said I wanted war or never advocated war or violence or force. You are making up all these by yourself. Can you quote where I said I wanted war, violence or force? I hate people telling me lies about things I never said. Please desist from telling me thing I did no say.

    Again: I care about every single Ethiopian. I do not damn care about muslim based on their religion. I see them and will treat them like every Ethiopian, period. I did not kill Ethiopian muslim. You are dragging me to something that has nothing to do with me.

    You are not christain? you are not muslim. It is not my business who you are or what you worship. I am Christian; I have nothing to fear about it. It is my way of life. I have a right to be or to follow or worship whom I ever I want. I can be devil if I want as long as I do not violate your right. You know there are devil worshipers but they never get your way.

    In short: Your beliefs must apply to you, but not to everyone. If you are supporting or part of the terror group in Ethiopia; if you are supporting the terrorism? you move on with it. Good luck. I will not follow you. Muslim have no problem in Ethiopia apart people like you wanted to use their religion to get to Arat kilo.

    Again: Muslim have no problem in Ethiopia. Muslims are enjoying rights which they have never enjoyed in Ethiopian history. They never had the opportunity they have now in the entire history of Ethiopia. Of course, Wahabists have problem. If you supporting Arab Wahabists? then good luck bro. But you are making a mistake of your life. But it is your right to be their follower.

    In short: Muslims have no any problem in Ethiopia with this government. But it is true people like you who could not do their politics in a politically way are trying to fish from the wrong river. It will not get you anywhere. You may create more problem for Ethiopia. But you will never bring changing in Ethiopia by attaching yourself to fanatics.

    • Gezaee says:

      About Egypt:

      Lintu, you may not believe me I have many wonderful Egyptian friends. They are sad about their country. I share their sadness. I have to tell you; I have no enemy. If there is anyone happy about the mass death in Egypt? then , that person is not normal and must see a medical doctor. All those Egyptians who got massacred are innocent human being. They may belong to brotherhood. But it is not their fault man. They found themselves in it. It is the system where they are born into it and about it.

      I do believe the Islamic teaching has problem. But the people are not to be blamed.

      Actually, the militaries are dumb headed they massacred their own people like this? I do not understand what dick headed military they are. I am afraid, these dump headed military will not hesitate bombing the entire addis abebians if they are not happy about Nile. This is a good lesson for the Ethiopian military what they should do to protect Ethiopia.

      Look: you can not kill people like this. animal is better than these folks. 600 people shot dead and about 4000 injured. Oh, my God, these are savage.

      The Ethiopian islamicists must thank to EPRDF who tolerated them for almost 2 years disturbing addis ababa? If it was in Egypt, they might have been killed them long ago.

      Anyway: If I could I would have stopped them from doing that. I even tried to convince my Egyptian friends to write a letter to the president. I did that a week ahead. We sat together. I advised them to take it seriously and the military to stop. I told them the military done mistake by prematurely usurping power by taking chances. I knew the brother hoods will insist on the protest because it is Islamic culture, they will insist and even die for their followers. Since the brotherhoods are dedicated muslims and they do not easily yield to external force because of the Islamic teaching they received. I knew this and warned and advised my Egyptian friends to write letter.

      In short; what happened in Egypt is heartbreaking to be honest in this age. Nowhere on earth in this age must people die like this

      I do not know how to express my deep sorrow about the death of all these souls. It is heartrending and heart-breaking mass death of innocent people like this. No matter what problems we have with Egyptian politicians. You can not condemn civilians to death like this and by their own people.

      I hope the extremists in Ethiopia will be rooted out one by one from Ethiopian soil and will not lead our country to this type of problem. But if TPLF continues playing with the fire; Ethiopia might head that direction.

      Final message to Lintu:

      For your problem with the Ethiopian government? please consult the government. As I said it already I am not government. Whatever you complain , complain to them. I am one simple person who have nothing to do with the government in Ethiopia. Do not waste your time talking with me about EPRDF , it will not help you.

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