President Obama’s Video Message to the AGOA Forum


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6 Responses

  1. Gezaee says:

    Who really care what Obama says? He did not recognize the Egyptian coup as coup? They said, the American government did not call it a coup? haha,… that shows American democracy is fake just to cheat others? Democracy is just a cover of neoliberal package.

    You open a letter from USA about democracy on it, but when you open it, it is not that, it is different. Why are human being so selfish and never stand for truth? guys, mother earth has everything enough for everyone, stop lying to each other and dodging each other for just for material that is not worthy nothing but just to fill that greedy stomach of ours.

    • Sisay says:


      I stand different. Democracy in nature is there, as there is dictatorship—everything in the planet has its opposite, as there is white for every black. In principle, true democracy is there and Americans and many European countries and their citizens are really enjoying it and living it. Democracy among others is, freedom of speech, live and work in any part of your country (in contrast to no Amahara in SNPP as Shiferew Shigute put it clear), and not to be harassed or jailed arbitrarily (as it is with us now)….these are some of the principles and acts of democracy. The question is when you analyze what is the interest of America on Ethiopians politics or economy? in this case, they refrain as far as their act or their wish may backfire their own interest. Otherwise, i donot think their democracy is fake when you come to their own country and citizens.

      But also, Obama clearly put it forward! he unequivocally told us that, the ball is in our own field! He made it clear! It is up to us, to keep the ball rolling and also score goals to to benefit our people and develop our country. When i think of some government such mine, i feel ill and depressed! Why they kill and jail their own people without evidence or when people are too poor and weak to do anything harm to the government? Government is father, is that note? why a government people loot their own country? everything belongs to them as they are leading the country —keman new yemeteserekew?

      But also, my small comment on your point on Egypt? I think Morsi has put it clear he and his party wish to change Egypt to sheria country. As compared to what is in Ethiopia, there is clear and visible evidence in Egypt that, the government and his party is moving Egyptians to Islam politics (not promoting Islam religion, which is not a problem). That is felt dangerous not only by America and EU, but also by Egyptians themselves. As far as America is not interested in losing its long time ally, and as far she got internal support who take over the cudeta, America has to shut up and hope they are happy of that. That is normal. I am far happy men. What makes me unhappy and worry is killing people. One of the bad said of extremists teaching is that, they tell the people to die, not to compromise! That is why we have to take care of and treat it strategically Muslims extremists. You simply can’t stop it by killing, you may even encourage them, as they feel they are dying for Alah. That is how they were thought!

      Do you think China will be interested if woyane lose power? no way! Coz, china is much happy with dictators that open governments such us Meles. That is china’s model, in contrast of western model.

      I stand to be corrected, if i overlooked things!

      Thank the Adm. for posting my opinion!

  2. jgna says:

    Thank you very much president obama for supporting Africa. It is time to recognize the fast economic developments in the continent, especially sub-saharan Africa. You should not treat africa as a victim and dependant but as a partner. Otherwise, you will harm yourself. Africans are now aware of what is good and bad for their respective countries.No more dictation but cooperation. The real supporters are ofcourse the china. It is due to the full engagement of china that the americans are coming to thier mind. Though they are already overtaken. The americans were used to consider themselves as africa’s mentors and police.
    Americans and Europeans have reached this stage not overnight nor in decades but in centuries. They had been so backwar, uncivilized, undemoctatic and all evisl for a very long time. But they learned through time. But now they forget that and tell Africans to become like americans in terms of democracy and the like. They want us to follow all of their philosophies. They should stop that. Africans have complex problems that should be solved through wise and visionary leadership not by prescriptions from the west.
    But Obama is doing well. better than the previous ones.

  3. teshome says:

    I agree with you, President Obama Africa, particularly Ethiopia is rising..
    I can feel the temperature How ESAT and the toxic diasporas, architect of hate politics are depressed by the extraordinary message of president Obama
    Wow, that is pretty impressive stuff.
    Thank you very much Ethiopian government for making this great moment possible.
    Oh I mean thank you very much Woyane government..

  4. Qebenna says:

    All that theatrics- candlelight vigil, fake demonstration, rude name calling( leba, leba, hodam,etc) didn’t work for these toxic losers.
    The government of Ethiopia continues to be recognized by main players for its leadership and for being an excellent example for others to copy.They may not agree on the ideology of the leaders, but recognize their great achievement.
    More Achievement Story to come to the nearest theatre near you.

  5. Helen freedom says:

    America – a democratic country. Accordingly, the President will select all the American people. All of this seems to be great, but It is a country whose people, most of them love only themselves, who perfectly understand that they have always lived well, at the expense of others. This applies to both domestic politics and foreign policy. These are people who do not care about the fate of other peoples and nations, it is people, corrupt, aggressive, cunning and deceitful and greedy.
    All of humanity hates tyranny. All is well remembered German policy late 30’s, early 40’s. All distinctly remember about what led indulgence, silence and cowardice almost all countries of the world. The war unleashed by the aggressor, covered almost the entire planet
    The result is known to all – got everything – the enemies and allies of Germany.Therefore why Your(Abama admnistration) administration support only dicttators regime?

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