Ethiopian Police Foil Plan to Attack Addis Ababa Airport


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19 Responses

  1. galaxy says:

    The government shall tighten security, instead of crying latter!
    The extremists are already active in Ethiopia.
    Take care
    so far gov. is doing well

  2. metema says:

    Ene teshome, mario, bendo, melat, ena yemesaselut fitretoch yet hedew new yihe yehonew?

    Woyane be endenene tesehome aynet agasesoch yetemola ye asama dirjit slehone Ethiopian egziabher ke ers be ers metelalek yitebkat malet bicha new.

  3. Freedm says:

    Hummmmmmm! Must be the muslims???!
    I thought it was woyane trying to do it and cry foul play later on! As usual. Per wikileaks “the gov’t” is able to do that.
    I know you won’t be posting this either because you are balanced editor lol!

  4. solomon says:

    We will find out how tplf rats implanted it to implicated others from the next reveal of Wikileaks, the same way we found out tplf planted bombs in Addis.

  5. Degefa says:

    Dear Dave,
    How far are u sure about such a report of ETV and our police?

    I am sure you better know and have info than me who is far to it, how our police works. I am sure you are not going to overlook what police did last time such as exploding bombs—-just to lay its plan of jailing you and the like after the 2007 election. Though i am worried of such a reports, but how can i believe that is something not done by our police, just to attract attention of the international community and may be to jail some of the opposition leader?—-

  6. Minyewab says:

    There is no doubt, 100% Woyane’s job. They are at it again. They can’t full anyone anymore. Even the foreigners learned their tactics. A couple of weeks ago when Western countries closed their embassies due to terrorist alert, the Ethiopian regime was warning them expecting them to close their embassies in Addis. But because they know the Ethiopian public is peaceful they ignored Woyane’s warning and maintained their embassies opened. Woyane must be the only regime asking the West to be considere terror risk country. But they know the only terrorist in Ethiopia is Woyane. How embarrasing it must be for them, nobody trust what they say anymore

  7. Habte says:

    I don’t trust woyane.

  8. shemesu says:

    Surprising that how could be the bomb travel to air port that was big device. I am really this is the shame about TPLF.Is the TPLF government? I do not think no one believed this TPLF tragedy.This is intimidation and brutalized government behavior.This is a black mailed of people. Any ways TPLF LOST International diplomacy relation.

  9. Mahlet Asefa says:

    This is not a new happening people. The police force is saving your ass everyday from this kind of attempts. Please be greatful and shut your mouse. I’m so tired of stupid conspiracy theories. This is Ethiopia what you see is what you get.
    Thank you police force again and again for saving our lives.

  10. Nameless says:

    Some of you morons are filled with hate and racist ideology, that you can’t see anything beyond your own bankrupt political groups.

    Anything said other than by your own political group is a lie, that makes you political donkeys. Try to see things for what they are instead of rejecting everything and anything said by others in this case the government.
    Have your own opinion and do not be racists specailly, while you live abroad as a second or third class citizens. Grow up!
    Don’t go again Woyane Woyane.. woyane.. Woyane..The sun don’t shine today it’s Woyane’s fault.

  11. Negash says:

    my advice for such incident the security should approch those criminals who ever trying to inter to the airport not only checking through x-ray but the body language of the terorist some feels be emotional,afraid,sweats,even some clever to avoid such intimdation they took drug or even get drunk.

    so the goverment better to look this sort of way to tackel such crime.

  12. Berehane says:

    My biggest problem for such tragic news is that I have long ago lost the trust on the Ethiopian government. I hardly believe the news from government sources. This is unfortunately due to its repeated records. Pls refer to the wikileaks among other facts.
    How can we Ethiopians then be on red alert when there is a real danger? This reminds me the story of the sheep keeper. I am and will be really sorry for would be failed actions against evil deeds and their outcomes in the future.
    My advice to the government is to work hard to regain the hearts and minds of its subjects by being patriotic, genuine and respecting its own constitution and laws.

  13. Getyoh says:

    May be you genius conspiracy theory guys are correct. Woyane police might have burned the Nairobi airport too.

  14. samson says:

    The “reliable” source of the previous Wiki Leak cable accusing the GoE was DR Merara Gudina !!!!!

  15. Mario says:

    The Dogs has been & are barking , but the camel has kept on its own way! Whatever chronic external enemies & power greedy internal enemies of Ethiopia wishes/says, Ethiopia always emerges victorious!

    God bless Ethiopia!

  16. Ajire says:

    Few days ago “two gas cylinders” were ” found” in the airport toilets. That was a miserable cheap tactic of weyane which made itself as always a silly figure. Now is another round of trial of weyane which as always fails and we will laugh again.
    Oh God, what type of people are governing my country?
    It is a pity for those people who follow them, including medias like aigaforum, awramba times and so on.

  17. GOITOME says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ….dawit …we know this is woyane job……do you think Ethiopian people stupid?…we know everything…Bomb kkkkk

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      You wouldn’t be loughing so hard if you or your family blow up sometime now would you. Remember there will always be terrorist acts and I’m sure you have families in Ethiopia. So please spare us the conspiracy theories and be greatful for the heroic selfless acts of Ethiopian police force.

  18. Debebush says:

    It’s hard to blame who, but I can guess few… Eritrean gvt? Al-Shabab? Egypt? or the new Ethiopian muslim extremists? all these are Ethiopia’s enemies and people have to be vigilant in every direction.

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