Ethiopian Reggae Singer Eyob Mekonnen Dies at 37


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25 Responses

  1. Orion says:

    what a tragic loss!! So unfair!

    I am deeply sad. He was quite unique.

    How fragile we are….?

  2. Mussie G says:

    Very sad news. I am sorry to hear this.


  3. Misrak says:

    feeling so bad! RIP for Eyob

  4. Chala says:

    God put his saul in heaven and give a strength for his all close people.


  5. nate says:

    u’ll be remembered Eyoba !!! God Rest ur soul

  6. Bob says:

    mengistesemay yawariseh

  7. Alegnta says:

    What a trajic loss of a young life! His music will live on. RIP

  8. Murad says:

    RIP dear bro! You were an inspiration for many! What a personality he had! You will be dearly missed Eyob!

  9. Kal says:

    I am very sorry he is a young musician he died very early. Miskin lij new. Let God rest his soul in heaven.

  10. galaxy says:

    Rest in peace my brother!

  11. yohannes says:

    my dear bro Rip i am so sad sad

  12. DetailGeologist says:

    EYOB ?!!

  13. Mario says:

    I.R.P Eyob ! My deep condolence to his family & friends! God bless your soul Eyob!

  14. Gezaee says:

    RIP our brother. I wonder why God does not keep long the good people and he take them away while they are still so young. Why he does not take the many older cancer generation who are battling to kill other humans. I watched his interview; I felt he was an angle like person. They way he speak, the way he reason, what a wonderful young man we lost. He said yenie Sra yemiyants mehon alebet ale and positive mehon albet; Enie negative alfelgim. I wonder if there is a system in Ethiopia that empowers beautiful person like him.

    My condolence to his family and his friends. His interview, his mellowness, gentleness aches your heart. Rest in peace. That is the destiny of every mortal human.

  15. Nebsun begenet yanurate says:

    Egzabhir Nebsun begenet yanurate

  16. Solomon says:

    Tragic and shocking! Rest in eternal peace my brother!

  17. lela says:

    am fell so bad may god give reast

  18. axumawe says:

    so sad, RIP y-Ethiopia lej.
    my condolesses for his family.

  19. A.M says:

    We lost another smart humble guy in Ethiopian music. R.I.P

  20. Mitiku Tamene the Dawro says:

    Even though it was very very very pain full event it has its own positive sides b/c it teach & warn us to have the habit of regular check up of our health status !!! Let us keep in mind some of the silent killers like hypertinsion, myocardial inferaction………..!!!!!!

  21. tes says:

    R.I.P EYOB

  22. DM says:

    Could this be a reggae spell? Bob Marley, the king of reggae, also died before his 37th birth day.

    Comfort to his family and friends, particularly his kids.


  23. rahel says:

    so sad! he was such a unique singer, I pass my condolence to his family.

  24. Ash says:

    I want to say to thing

    One Ethiopians must checkup their health once a year…every on no exception…

    Second:- we all should have life,and health insurance..instead of collecting money in emergency …his life would have saved if we didn’t wasted time collecting money to send him to Kenya hospital.

    For the health insurance to work we should make health checkup our tradition..

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