Year After Leader Dies, Ethiopia Is Little Changed


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20 Responses

  1. Alegnta says:

    When a football team is winning you do not change the team. Change is reserved when the team is complacent and not acheiving success. I think Ethiopia, under PM HMD leadership is continuing on the legacy left by MZ.
    A year on since the untimely passing away of MZ let’s remember the remarkable man who transformed Ethiopia and had a major impact on regional and African politics. I think most, sincere and honest Ethiopians will agree that Meles was a bright and highly cerebral politician that deserves a distinguished place in the annals of Ethiopian history. He stived to change the destitute image of our country to a country with pride and optimism. He knew the long game of this transformation required economic development at its heart and laid out a cogent startegy (hydroelectric power, deveolping infrastructure – roads, doubling food production etc). Ethiopia also massively increased its schools and universities and cut infant mortality substancially. His massive presence in African (regional mediation, leadership on the climate change agenda etc.)and World politics represnting Africa led to his wide spread respect. But perhaps my greatest admiration for him is his incorruptibility, personal integrity and a simple life and above all his incredible hard work advancing his personal education whilst transforming our country. Now, Meles was a human being and has made mistakes. For example, in his early years he did answer questions quickly and filippantly. But overall, I believe history will judge him favorablly as he made Ethiopia wake up from a long and shameful sleep as a symbol of starvation to seek its rightful place in the word, an ambition yet fully unrealized but with conviction and example that he left for us and our children, WILL BE!
    Former UK Prime Minister, H.E. Gordon Brown, recently made an excellent speech remarking that “no one did more to eradicate the evil of poverty than Prime Minister Meles.” and added “But for Meles growth had to have a purpose, economics was a branch of ethics”, this meant improving the lives of the many millions of Ethiopians with the opening of innumerable clinics, schools and the slashing of poverty rates. Mr Brown added “There will be statues, streets and schools named after PM Meles, but perhaps his best memorial will be the future millions of people in Ethiopia who will have chances that they could not have had without him.” Why would one of the smartest chancellor and later PM say these words if they didn’t have a grain of truth in them? Why would the HE Susan Rice give such as moving tribute to him at his funeral?

    I leave the judgement for you.

    Finally, RIP our hero MZ – with the kind of detrmination our athletes have shown (I think 6th in the medal table in the world) you dream will be realised

    • Sisay A says:

      Are you telling us those political expertise in ESAT are full of idiots. They predicts ethiopia to be like syria or somalia and even asked the saviour Birhanue Nega in the interview he made with Sisay Agena if he ready to take over the power and make peace in ethiopia and he told us he is more than ready.

      Wow now after one year Birhanue still collecting money in DC hotels.

      I was saying as meles is the smartest of all he would put all the necessary tools for peace after he left and he proved me that.

      advice to for G7/ESAT you need better remote control than ESAT to make change from DC hotels

  2. slick says:

    “Year after leader dies Ethiopia changed little”……. Correct! It could have been the same or worse. We thank God the little change we made. As I always said Ethiopia is better off workout its former leaders, His Majesty, Colonel Mengistu and ofcourse Meles. We are happy today than yesterday.

  3. teshome says:

    From the early days to Modern Ethiopia No leader in the History praised both life and death. Meles is unique on this regard..
    Meles played mid wife to the birth of New Ethiopia, As George Washington to America Meles is for Ethiopia.
    Meles is our Martin Luther, our Abraham Lincoln and he is our Mandela.
    Beyond his political leadership, Meles we knew is a champion of the poor who is profoundly human and down to earth.
    Meles has assumed the role of Angel sent from God.
    I am happy that while Meles loss is pound and Ethiopia’s greatness is undiminished. I wished we pay a memorial service by saluting 21 gun every day…

    • meta says:

      at Teshoma,

      Oh you have no idea of Minilik who called Emiye Minilik.

      can you tell us by how many figure Melse is better than Mengistu? I am you are not going to hide both are killers!

      But many say the number of people killed by meles outweigh than killed by mengistu, who was identified as murderer.

      How many killo meters of land Melse give away compared to menegistu?

      Also tell us the distance between amhara and oromo, or oromo and tigire ethnicity during meles time and mengistu time? I am sure you knew it better the rift created between us during meles.

      Tell us the number of people displaced from the area they live in, during meles and menigistu?

      What type of indicators are you suing to call him like that??????

  4. meron says:

    I have no problems with the event, lave along a PM, even poor person, his family prepare a mimoral events such as 12, 40, mute amet—-

    The difference is that, they do it with their own cost, but the one for meles is in the cost of Ethiopians. I pay tax i never ever wanted my money to be invested for his mimorial, and his loyalist celebrate that without asking us, the tax payers.

    Let me leave that for z time being!
    But back to what make me sad with almost all woyane cadres in that, they are simply duplicate of one!

    Be it spirituals or non, they are just one!

    When i saw the vidio, i wanted to listen to the guy standing there, as i always give due attention to such a person who stand to speak out the word of God.

    Unfortunately, i can’t move on as usual, as the guy is some one like Sebhat Nega who with his tplf cadres entered Waldeba pretending he is a monk and strated to divide the church fathers, as tigre and non, and steel the property of that historical place. This current guy pointed out the importance of truth! And all of a sudden, he said, truth is Meles. In the Bible it is written clearly that, Jesus is the truth. Why i said woyane cadres are one or similar, you remember what HD said at his first speech—he said, meles is Alpha-O-Mega.

    I am sorry! Indeed, this sudo pricher put it clear, that, meles has lot of photo copies, these who can’t stand by themselves, rather pretend to look like him!

    He also said, meles yesemay betachew asenadtew new yehedut—-I trust God is the one who judge us. But as Bible says, a person who could be said prepared his life after death is the one who has a faith! Meles himself said this he is not a believer! why are you cadres are laying more than your father? Ye weshetam lijoch selehonachehu new? This guy said let us say trueth true and false false, but he made a talk full of false, but also errors according to the Christian believes.

    He is sure, that Ethiopia will never get a person like a meles, even in the future—listen to him. I will be very happy if she loss that type of person. A person who divided her to several pieces, who sale her land for centuries, who made her portlets, who made her a country whose people see each other as enemies!

    Egezeabher yeker yebelachehu,

  5. Mario says:

    Wow! No doubt that Meles is amounted to a saint for Ethiopia & the majority poor Ethiopian! The smartest Ethiopian leader ever!

    Meles during his reign helped built 32 universities & colleges, hundreds of thousands of elementary & junior high schools, tens of thousands of high schools, tens of thousands of health centers,many hospitals in all kilils, a wide range of agricultural development that helped our farmers to double or triple their annual production, Ethiopia’s desertification was sometimes scary , but thanks to Meles Ethiopia is reforesting itself in a vast range…& many more!

    Meles’ policy deprived Ethiopian greedy elites who know only how to eat,enjoy a women & takecare of themselves a space to play their filthy games!

    All in all, Meles has left us a promising country working day in day out to extract itself from abject poverty! Anyone who want to help Ethiopia must join Ethiopia’s fight against poverty now! Foul crying from afar is not helping Ethiopia! Sooner , Ethiopia will become a middle income country, & therefore , whoever helped at this time will have a credit in the future politics of Ethiopia!

    To the empty opposition, side with Ethiopia! Don’t cry democracy while you are not democrat, don’t cry free speech while you don’t allow Ethiopian with different political belief to speak freely in your media! Don’t cry Ethiopia , Ethiopia , Ethiopia…while you have no love for Ethiopia! Help Ethiopia & Ethiopian & be real Ethiopian!

    God bless Ethiopia!

    God bless his soul!
    Rest in peace my dear!

  6. Alegnta says:

    I thought fellow Ethiopians may wish to read this report by Professor Nicholas Stern (Lord Stern of Brentford) to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the passing away of former PM MZ.

  7. Saif al Salat Man says:

    During & after the death of Ethiopia’s long time leader, Self appointed Ethiopia savers, intellectuals, freedom fighters, political/social/economical analysts, activists…etc used to tell us this/that will happen to Ethiopia, the people, the ruling party, military,…popular uprising, Syria like conflict, Arab Spring, realization of the Islamic Republic of Ethiopia, Egypt will destroy due to GERD, opposition party’s will reborn again and take power, Dimtsachin Yisema gained momentum & on the way to install sharia law, ENTC can take over power & its established chapters can soon take over Ethiopia’s embassies responsibility,… Ohhhhh. That was the big change proposed, propagated, preached, tried to put in action. However, we achieved little, changed little or not changed, because we ethiopians refused to follow our self appointed intellectuals, scholars, religious leaders, activists, rebel leaders, opposing parties,…all other damns damn call.

    Oops. Oops. Oops.

    Dawn for enemies of Ethiopia!

  8. Gezaee says:

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  9. galaxy says:

    Well said Aba!
    GOD bless you

  10. Oumer says:

    Kenya got worse hospitals than Ethiopia. He should have gotten his treatment in Ethiopia from the loving and caring Ethiopian doctors. He would have stayed alive if he stayed in Addis. The journey itself takes a huge toll on a sick person. Let this be a lesson to all of us who thought the hospitals outside Ethiopia are better than the ones in Ethiopia.

  11. DANI says:

    IDOL WORSHIP: Not Good for the Mind & Soul!

    To begin with I would like to thank the admin for posting this incendiary speech. If this was an audio clip, I would have never guessed the speakers second job was that of a priest (outside of his day job as a TPLF cadre). The late PM has a mixed legacy among Ethiopians. The current polarized political and social climate doesn’t lend it self to objectivity and history and future historians will be the judge. Ethiopians don’t need a TPLF cadre turned priest to tell them that the late PM is not dead and that he is ‘the truth’! Dead he is (may his soul rest in peace). Truth he is not! Infact, to say he had a loose association with the truth will be an understatement. Calling the Ethiopianflag flag a piece of cloth, denying historical pride to the rest of Ethiopians when it came to the Axum Obelisk, co- authoring and advocating for the secession of Eritrea and making Ethiopia land locked, reducing our long and ancient history to 100 years, the list goes on. When it came to freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, due process before an impartial court, fair and free elections, Ethiopia was always found wanting and leading from the bottom by all international standards. This all happened under his leadership. Let history be the judge. The current idol worship of the late PM by TPLF members is a sorry attempt at saving their own skin. They have lived the good life for the past two decades and they want the good times to keep on rolling. As clearly seen in the clip, they are trying to make a’ saint’ out of a sinful humanbeing(like the rest of us) who never made a public profession of faith (unless we count Karl Marx, Lenin, and Engels). This is a sign of desperation that I am sure even he would have found to be amusing. Members of a tribal junta, whose primary goal at inception was secession, are now preaching nationalism to the rest of us. They have even hired a cadre/priest to do their dirty work. All God fearing Ethiopians should call out such individuals and expose them because they do a huge disservice to the cause of religion. We need true servants of God that preach repentance and reconciliation together with love and forgiveness for healing to come. May God raise up His true servants and may He heal our Land and Bless our People! AMEN!

  12. meron says:

    Tnx Dani
    I used to serve Ethiopian Orthodox Church very close. I grew in there and wish to remain, while also progressing with my career. In my long experience in this church, what i learnt very well is that, the detail plan woyane had developed to diminish the church and hence its followers. Woyane think we can’t access what they deal when core cadres and their leader gather. We hear it right away, sometimes, while the deal is ongoing.

    Some months ago, some of my woyane friends were called to their forum, where one of the discussion was on religious issues. That discussion was one of the very challenge to my friends, they told me. There was a (priest) who have given with the first chance to talk to the attendants and he said, Eslame ena Mengesten bewananet eyabetabetech yalechew yegna orthodox betechritian nech….(the church is one of the major responsible agent for the current stress between the stat and the Muslims communities), and as this is completely a lay, many raised hand to ask more clarification from him. But the chairman never give a chance for the attendants. The priest cadre continued explaining why he said he has evidences—-and these are 1. Christians rather than supporting the government are supporting Muslims
    2. Most Christians are members of opposition parties than being woyane members
    3. Christians when we meet in church we rather talk about Ethiopia, not about Oromia region, Debub region…
    4. These all is happening because most church positions are assumed by amharas—ye derege nafakiwoch….


    He was introduced as a priest from one of the church. I asked my friends about the conclusion! They were very sad, more with the conclusion. The chairman told to the attendant Christians go and teach to your christens to improve what has mention by the priest. Church has to condom-en Mulism demonstration. Go out and watch these church leader who work with opposition and tell us and we will put then in jail.

    Since these days there are clear pressure in our church, as too many cadres invaded the church—-what i wanted to say is that woyane is like that. So the current preacher like man is one of the cadres trained by woyane for this purpose. He say i am not a politician, be he is! So, we Christians are talking about Muslims, while woyane has totally messed up our own church. We have to start taking serious.

    we have to say no woyane, no government in church affair!

    • Meron says:

      Meron, it is true; the orthodox church an amhara church; You can not even pray in you langauge. But this must have been done long ago. One ethnic using one religion is not fair. You only point fingers on Tigreans. You do not see how church is controlled and used by one ethnic group still.

      If we want a good system; we have to see all the problems and solve them. The Ethiopian Gog now can not understand other language except amharic. This is like Allah can not undersstand human if human does not learn arabic.

      Amhara elites, stop crying crying point fingers on Tigreans while you never see what you did to the country. You made it one religion and one languagee country. Now you defeaning us accusing Tigreans/ You are even telling us Meles stole 3 billion dollars? but Meles yet did not even meet his relatives in 22 years leave alone to give them money. Amhaara elites means seflish, ignroant, racist. You must stop this Tigrai bashing please. Are you entitled to discriminate people? Is God for you only? Even if a Tigrean is not TPLF, you will call him or her a TPLF. But you must understand people have right to be TPLF. Reespect that and if there is probvlem focus on the problem. Do not come here to tell us your stupidity. you tell us every Tigreans is stealing your money. You had nothing to be stolen. you made the country the pooret country. Give it up and stop your racism.

  13. Atela says:

    Guys, stop being idiots anad associating everything and everyone with TPLF and making enemies for yourself. Do you know priest have rights too? Your politics is just rubbish and filthy. Aye aye, minaynet denkoro hzbenw. Does everyone has to use your dead brain?

    • Dani! says:

      Atela, what a name! But, it goes perfectly with your comment, which is full of “atela” and no substance. We are not talking about individual rights. We are talking about separation of church/mosque and state(i.e. Politics)! That is why the admin posted the video ATELA. If you had taken the time to read the TPLF constitution, you would have understood that the cadre priest had crossed a line. Next time, before you insult others, do your home work ATELA!

  14. Tom says:

    Oh you have no idea of Minilik who called Emiye Minilik.

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