Ethiopia’s Muslim Activists Pave a Path for Nonviolent Political Activism


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25 Responses

  1. Ali Nora says:

    Zero knowledge on the issue. No such thing as non violent Wahbi/Salafi. Check every Arab country they are all on fier.-Nigeriaali etc. that is how they start. The ethioSalafi must be doing democratic jihadi according to Lyons.

    • Ali Nora says:

      Zero knowledge on the issue. No such thing as non violent Wahbi/Salafi. Check every Arab country they are all on fier.-Nigeria mali etc. that is how they start. The ethioSalafi must be doing democratic jihadi according to Lyons.

      • bendo says:

        My friend told me from Addis people gave them name *MISSED CALL* to the muslim demonstrators as they shout ones in a week or once in 3 weeks and with out getting answer they stop.

        Missed call is better than putting in silent like G7 with this all money collected.

      • teklay gebrekidan says:

        your dad has female name? or you were born from mother alone just like Jesus Christ?I know noura is popular Muslim name up north, but its hey its gurlie name
        too bad haji nora 🙂

  2. Gezaee says:

    I thought the problem was about religious right? I did not know it was a political movement as the writer is telling us?

    We do not need Muslim or Christian political movement. If we have to have we need a non-religious civil movement that use no religion or ethnic or race or colour.

    I am 100% against politics based on race, tribe or ethnic or religion or gender or colour. This is an illness. Every human being must have equal right regardless tribe, race, ethnic or colour or religion.

    I am 100% opposed to this Islamic or Christian political movement; it is not healthy for any society. Politics must never be based on discrimination. This politics is being promoted to be used by selfish opposition and foreign enemies.

    The effective way is all inclusive movement, all inclusive movement regardless race or colour or tribe or ethnic or religion. Every human being deserve the same right. There must never be a special law for special people. People can have their own home based law.

    Stop using religion for politics. At least learn from Egypt, Tunisia, Seria,… please, listen. I am not saying this because I hate muslims. I do not hate any human being for any reasons. But stop using religion for your selfish agenda. Our people have a lot of problem in their hands to meet their basic needs like water, food, and shelter.

    If want politics, develop ideals and ideology that benefits all. Do not tell me about your religion. I do not wana hear people telling me about their religion. It is religion that has consumed 1000 souls in few days in Egypt? unless you are cruel, you must think of all those people perished for no good reasons. Please stop using religion for your greed. Our life is short on earth. Stop creating havoc. If you want to change the government, you can do it without using religion easy way. I hate Semayawi party, andenet party, g7 for using religion. Please if you do not have politics, please stop using religion. You will regret because this is serious issue. Are you in position to stop conflict if start killing each other on the basis of religion? Please think ahead what can go wrong. It is easy to talk but it is not easy to stop conflict if it starts. I hate UDJ, Semayawi party and g7, because they do not have ideology to unite people, they want to use religion? shame on you.

    • menen says:

      I personally appreciate your comment.political parties run only for their interest not for for the society.we,the Ethiopian people know who is doing the right thing,we evaluate one day takes its proper action if things going not on the right truck.

    • SinayL says:

      Interesting perspective, but as you keenly pointed out, I find it hard to imagine politics as being divorced from these commonly shared and wide ranging values of the human society at large. It seems to me policies and politics everywhere are construed in regard to these same values (race, color, gender, etc… ). And, for the contrary argument to be true then we ‘humans’ have truly evolved.

  3. Gragn Ahmed says:

    George Mason is good University and has a lot of interfaith activities.

  4. Dexter says:

    Good news…learn from Egypt. Nothing is fruitful from violence. Advocate peace!

  5. Gezaee says:

    Look humanity: This is the Allah, a killer Allah:

  6. Gezaee says:

    United state is not less terrorist than Bin Laden., united is supporting this killers. American legalized terrorism.

  7. teshome says:

    Mr. Terrence Lyons
    I would say You are less informed about the current situations of few Ethiopia’s Muslim activities.
    You called them they are nonviolent, we call them they are the most violent protesters who had blood in their hands. Who soon you forgot, the death of Shike Nuru from ‘Wollo’
    You need to look right and left and had a good information before you put your fingers in your lazy computer to defend ‘Ethiopian Talibans’…
    I am extremely happy by the action of my government to silence the few Muslim Friday protesters. It doesn’t matter how they are silenced rather the government you keep its momentum not to give any breathing space for these ‘Ethiopian Talibans’
    I have no doubt that Tomorrow’s ‘jumaa’ would be the most peaceful religious ceremony we ever experience in Ethiopian History…
    The Ethiopian Tlibans are made crippled from Addis to Desse and from jimma to Harara….

  8. Name (required) says:

    Our huge problem is poverty. To be sure let you stop funding your activists. Including the writer all of you are benefited from the enemy of our country. Leave destablizing Ethiopia, work in peace, then you will get more and bloodless money.

  9. Gezaee says:

    What surprises me: Why American citizens meddle in other countries affaires? why? is it not arrogance and ignorance? Why American love getting involved in every country? I know they are on mission. According to Washington Consensus, hired journalists and American Universities are the Messiahs or Jesus Christ of neoliberalism. The Arab Wahabists wanted to Islamize the entire world.Americans like Terrence Lyon wanted to Americanize the entire world. This means American government and Arab governments have the same agenda, but for different interest.

    We do not need Americans citizens meddling in our countries affaires as we damn care about their internal or demostic affaires.

    Mr.Terrence Lyon, get lost please. Stay away from our national affaires. We do not damn care about you being American. I ask you to mind your business. Your country is messing the world. You created Bin Laden. Now you creating and supporting many Bin Laden in Seria? You never see your follies. You are most ignorant people who is disturbing the entire world in the name of American interest? What do American need? money?

    Please leave alone my country and mind your business. I hate ignorant people like you. I am wondering why American government and American citizens think they are a right to interfere in every country , culture, religion, …. It is them who brought us these terrorism. There was no such thing before. It is them who trained Bin Laden. It is them who invaded Iraq and made more Bin Ladens? Someone has to tell them they are messing the world. Now they are supporting and fuelling a bloody war in Seria?

    Why? It is about stupid American interest. American interest is making our world a violent planet to live. We are insecure of American greed. Get lost Mr. Terrence Lyon.

  10. Mahlet Asefa says:

    EPRDF works to bring a Tolerant society, a society accepting of all diversities with in its society and outside. The end result is a society that is able to accept any individual or groups with out imposing thier ideas on them. A modern society that is focused on peace and development and modern justice (not animal justice).

    But for the wahabi and the like their justice is cut off heads, stone women to death, kill whoever belittles your religion. If this is the case how on earth is a society suppose to live. Especially here in Ethiopia where there is a huge majority of Christians and a growing number of muslims.
    My advise to everyone is chill out and think what this really is. If we ever allow this to continue Government will have no choice but to act accordingly. I don’t want this muslim protest to end up ugly but I don’t want to be stonned to death by men because I’m not covering up myself either. If you know what I mean. I urge the Government to do something to solve this problem from the very source.

  11. DA says:

    The violence usually comes with those with guns, police state and soldiers. The Muslims in Ethiopia has neither.

    The struggle is for religious freedom, not political power, however, if there is no rule of law, there will not be religious freedom. That is the case in Ethiopia.

  12. teshome says:

    Dear Awramaba times Editors
    You guys are doing a remarkable job. I can’t spend a single day without visiting your website. I am simple drunken, drugged, addicted and God knows what else…with your web site.
    In the diaspora we were getting every day a massive dose of mis-information and disinformation but thanks to Awramaba times, it brings for us all the remedies for Diaspora hatred politics and ‘Mamo’ kilo stories.
    With exceptions the disciple of comment thread is extraordinary and I can feel How Awramaba times is becoming the champion of Ethiopian politics information…You guys are doing a great job. Please keep up the momentum.

    I have one question for you, How are you guys reached at? I don’t see your email address on the web site. Would ‘please send me on my personal email on file or post it here. Either way works for me…
    Have a good one

  13. Jihad is the Pinnacle of Islam says:

    Terrence Lyons
    , you are telling the world that your so called Muslim Activists (aka agents of Ethiopia’s enemies) are peaceful, remain nonviolent, won’t practice the pinnacle of Islam called Jihad. However, Islam without Jihad (the pinnacle islam) isn’t Islam at all. Muslims with out Jihad practice, without all kinds of islamic values, rules, laws, fatwa, suicide bombing,…etc aren’t ‘Muslims’ but they are ‘Infidels’.

    Jihad is the Pinnacle of Islam.

    Terrence Lyons & Ethiopia’s Muslim Activists that remained peaceful & Pave the way for Nonviolent Political Activism don’t practice Jihad (Islams Pinnacle), therefore, you are Infidels.

    How come the Infidel Terrence Lyons designate Ethiopia’s Muslim Activists as nonviolent, will remain peaceful, won’t carry out their religious fatwa “Jihad” which is the pinnacle of Islam ?

    Can you show us Muslim Activists like for Ethiopia on the world that refused from carrying out winds Jihad (pinnacle of islam) & their islamic religious masters in the Arab world consider them as the true muslims that are practicing the right religious practices ?

    Jihad is the pinnacle of Islam. Muslim without Jihad practice isn’t Islam/Muslim.

    Therefore, arabs don’t consider muslims in Ethiopia as muslims & muslims in Ethiopia don’t consider themselves as Ethiopians.

    Infidel Terrence Lyons, you are infidel in the face of Islam. So get the hell out of this topic. Leave this for aljazeera even though, aljazeera didn’t get any bad news (massacre, suicide bombing, killing, burning,…etc) in ethiopia & being busy in the arab world.

    Jihad is the Pinnacle of Islam.

    Tekbir !

  14. Winds of Jihad says:

    There isn’t nonviolent Jihad in the world.

    Sodomy okayed to “widen the anus” of would-be human bombers…
    A leading Saudi Arabian Islamic cleric has issued a fatwa (religious ruling) allowing Muslim girls and women to sexually sacrifice their bodies to rebels fighting in the Syrian Civil War, as reported by the Assyrian International News Agency(AINA) on June 24, 2013.
    Sheikh Muhammad al-‘Arifi has
    issued a fatwa allowing women from throughout the Muslim World to travel to Syria and give up their bodies to rebel fighters as so to relieve their pent-up sexual frustration.
    Considered a legitimate jihad by al-‘Arifi and other likeminded Muslims because the girls and women allowing
    unknown men having their way with them will result in the men being better able to concentrate on combating the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
    As cited by the article, the females are in fact, making sacrifices– sacrifices of “their chastity” as well as “their dignity.”
    Falling back on justification within the Islamic Koran, al-‘Arifi stated:
    ”Allah has purchased of the believers their persons [their bodies] and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain (Yusuf Ali trans. 9:111).
    Al-‘Arifi holds the position of the chief imam of the King Fahad Mosque at the Royal Saudi Naval Academy located at the Persian Gulf coastal city of al-Jubayl.

    Rape Also Given The Green Light…
    News Max magazine reported
    on Jan. 10, 2013 that al-‘Arifi
    gave the theological thumbs-
    up to rape Syria’s Muslim
    female population.
    But rapists must first meet
    certain criteria:

    *** Rapists must not have had
    sex for at least two years.
    *** The actual rape itself should last no more than “a few hours in order to give each
    fighter a turn.”
    *** Muslim females shouldn’t
    resist due to the act of being raped “boosts the determination of the Mujahideen in Syria.”
    *** Any Muslim woman is fair
    game provided she is “at least 14-years-old, widowed, or divorced.”

    You can google and have varieties of winds of Jihad.

    Jihad is the Pinnacle of Islam.


  15. Belete says:

    Americans sleepless to control Ethiopia by taking over Ethiopian Telecom, and Ethiopian Bank. You know Telecom in USA is reserved for USA citizens. Why do they want our Telecom? why do they want our bank?

    Why are Americans sleepless about Ethiopian Telecom and bank? These two national businesses are the stamp of Ethiopian indepedence. USA controlling Ethiopians Telecom and bank means no Ethiopia. Let them cry L

  16. Stop Double Standard says:

    Poverty can not be tackled while the human blood drinking flesh eating-woyane keeps being the obstacle for development of Ethiopia. Woyane’s goal is to make only woyane prosper while the majority of Ethiopians live like zombies depressed with no hope, subjected to live life as a second class citizen in their own country subjected to death in their country or while trying to find a better place where their freedom and rights are respected.

    Please see the video below to understand the consequences of the double standard practiced by the elites in Ethiopia right now

  17. Ermi says:

    Woyane savagely beat Ethiopians Today In Addis Ababa. Please see this youtube video:
    All Ethiopians, please record all this atrocities with cell phone and any recording device. This will be used against Woyane thugs and their enablers (agents). This is pure terrorism against civilians.
    Dawit, please post this youtube video as it is news.
    Peace and love to all! and death to Woyanes!

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