On Meles Zenawi’s first year commemorative events (Girma Seifu)


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61 Responses

  1. sol says:

    ዎያኔ የሰራው ልማት :- መንገዶች እና ዩኒቨርስቲዎች በ10 ቢሊዮን ዶላር + መካከለኛ ግድቦች 5 ቢሊየን ዶላር + አባይ ግድብ 5 ቢሊየን ዶላር = ድምር 20 ቢሊየን ዶላር
    ባለፉት 22 አመታት ዎያኔ ባጠቃላይ ያባከነው እና የሰረቀው :- 12 ቢሊየንዶ ዶ ላር ተዘርፎ የወጣ + 40 ቢሊየን ዶላር ለወደብ ክፍያ ማለትም ለጂቡቲ ወደብ : ለኬንያ ወደብ : ለሱዳን እና ለሶማሊያ ወደብ + 5 ቢሊየን ዶላር ባድመን ለሚጠብቅ የኢትዮጵያ ወታደር= ድምር 57 ቢሊየን ዶላር

    ስለዚህ ኢትዮጵያ በዎያኔ ምክንያት ላለፉት 22 አመታት ባጥቃላይ 37 ቢሊየን ዶላር አጥታለች:: ህዝቧ በዘር እና በጎሳ ተተብትቦ እየተናቆረ ይገኛል:: ፍትሃዊ የስልጣንና የሃብት ክፍፍል እንዲሁም ዴሞክራሲዊ ምርጫ የሚባል ነገር በኢትዮጵያ የለም:: ወደብ የላትም :: መሬቷ ለሱዳን ተሰጥቷል::

    • Hagos Kalu says:

      Sol, I can see you have no point to stand on, you just bluff out of mere hatred, for the one who lived for the lives of millions, there is nothing I can say, but just SHAME ON YOU!!

    • galaxy says:

      You are trying to put your fabricated numbers, but the point is not the statistics. It is the number of people that has been taken out of deep rooted poverty that matters.
      Thanks to your chauvinist older systems millions of ethiopians were used to beg wheat. You made Ethiopia an exa ple of famine and poverty. A beggar country !!!!
      The Woyanes were delivered a beggar country. A typical example in the dictionnary.
      Now that is history. No more wheat begging.
      Sol, you were a veguard of poverty and famine. Woyane is trying to change this. And they are very successful.
      According to the IMF Ethiopia has grown more than 10% for the past ten years.
      For get your self fabrucated numbers and lies.

      • galaxy says:

        a) During the old regimes
        Dictionary: What is famine?
        Answer: Lack of food in countries like Ethiopia, india etc
        b) during woyane
        Ethiopia is no more an example of famine. The Ethiopia is scrapped from the dictionnary.
        c) so, who was the GUARD OF PVERTY????
        surely, the old regimes were vanguards of poverty. They were obsessed with WAR and OPPERSSING their own people.
        Woyane is about peace and development.
        Trash individuals like GIRMA SEIFU can talk like a hell but the reality on the ground will not be changed. Meles’s legacy is already owned by the majority of Ethiopian people.

    • Abba Nega says:

      god bless you everything you said is fact and they all this fact…Free Ethiopia

    • yohannes says:

      Mr. sol you disgust me, you are shallow

  2. Sara says:


    Please make up your mind. Why do you print what enemies of Ethiopia write. You sound lime Ginbot 7. Meles is the best leader for Ethiopia Africa and the world. Period.

    • Ermi says:


      Dawit prints most of the comments because he is a journalist and not a Woyane banda.

      By the way, what are you doing here reading this web site, Awramba Times? Didn’t you block this website in Ethiopia?

      What is stupid about you is that you have the nerve to ask Dawit to not publish the comments you don’t like. If you don’t like the comment, argue about it. I know why you don’t like Girma seifu’s note and the above comment by sol. They tell the truth.

      Let me add more truth here for you: Because of the Moron Meles, the Great leader, Cell phone subscribers in ethiopia is only 2.2 million out of 80+ million population. In Uganda, it is 6 million out of 34.1 million.

      only 2% of Ethiopian population have access to lousy and unreliable internet, while Kenya’s 40% population have access to a reliable and fast internet access.

      Hundreds of millions of Dollars is washed down the drain to build a stupid Tekeze dam that hasn’t generated a single KW of power since its completion 15 years ago.

      Addis Ababa, a diplomatic city, was taken backward many decades and now it has no electricity the majority of the time. Your moron’s leader explanation for that is drunk drivers are knocking down electric poles at night – never heard of an explanation as stupid as this one..lol

      I will come back to you with more if you feel this ain’t enough for you.

      you have tried to silence Dawit in the past by jailing and harassing him day and night. Now he is in a free world. Get used to it.

      Peace and love to all but Woyane!


      • axumawe says:

        respect comes from self respect,but the Ethiopian opposition leaders have non in this mater.
        that is why i love to see one party system in Ethiopia like china.and those politcians like germa i well send them life time hard work in to farming.
        this is me,only my opinion !
        i feel so sad & asheamed for the party who is reprsented by this person!
        i wonder why there is no opposition party in Ethiopia.
        mark my word Eprdf well rull Ethiopia for the next 100 years!!!!!!!!
        do you know why ?
        look the pesants,students,army,womens,youth,kids
        and so on.it is a grass root movement.
        That is why.
        long live Ethiopia !
        Long live EPRDF !
        Long LIVE WOYEN !
        germa sefu,22 years a go you never have a voice you should tank to EPRDF for alowing you to speak freely.
        for you to speak freely 65000 eprdfs gave thier life,un tankfull(ungreatfull)
        worthles pc of sh..t.

        • Ermi says:


          How are you? Nice seeing you with the above comment.

          You said 65000 eprdf people gave their life. Do you know how many of them were killed by Meles and Sibhat for having sex during the struggle?

          Peace and love to all but Woyanes!


          • Mario says:

            Aye Ermi, your thoughts are zero! One thing you need to know is , Ethiopia is not going back to square one! It’s getting better now & it can only get better!

            Ermi, if you are Ethiopian, you have nobody better than the EPRDF! You can’t mention any political entity better than the EPRDF!

            We understand you hate woyane, you can’t do anything! Not even these armed themselves to their teeth could challenge woyane! For your reference , read the history of defeated entities, from EPRP to Jenha… Shabiya & learn!
            Take it easy broda!

          • Ermi says:


            Every time I read your comment, you sound like a phone receptionist that say what is written in front her when answering the phone. Can’t you even use numbers and statistics as our good friend axumawe does. He also express his opinion without any fear. But you, you just repeat the same mantra over and over. Your comment has no educational value.

            As o told you before, you should read more to be useful to woyane. Look axumawe’s comments. They are full of analogies. He is clearly a better reader than you. I learn from his comments a lot.

            What did you learn from his story about China’s mao?

            Peace and love to all but Woyanes!


    • Bex says:

      This is what I like about Dawit. His postings entertain different reasonable ideas. I don’t know why you thought this article was written by enemies of Ethiopia. I support the government of Ethiopia but I completely understand where this guy is coming from and he has every right to let readers know about his view. That’s what democracy is all about and the government needs to listen.

    • Helen says:

      I am shocked to see you are promoting censorship in the 21st century!

    • Tselote says:

      Wow, it seems you are saying Meles is Ethiopia and Ethiopia is Meles.

      Meles is not Ethiopia. Ethiopia is not Meles.

      Yes, there must be a clear distinction between government and party. So the government should not do Tezkar for a party leader. His party should do that.

    • abba Nega says:

      sare please get your shit striaght pls

  3. idris says:

    This guy ‘girma seifu’ do not what to speak and what not to speak. BE’EWUR BET ANDE AYEN BIRQ NAT NEW NEGERU. Because he is the only opposition he is feeling like a ‘big player’. He talks too much. But when one looks at his speech he is simply nonsense. First of all he is unethical. He is a parliamentary but he never knows how to behave. He is simply an attention seeking person. By the way he must be less educated. He must be below the diploma level. OR what we call 12 plus MLAS.
    Anyway he is enjoying his democratic rights; irrespective of the content of his nonsenses.
    In the next elections such individuals shall not get the chance to create havock on the great people.

  4. Tekle says:

    All I and the entire world know is the fact that in Meles’ birth Africa was born again. In Meles’ dexterity Africa was able to climb up onto the world forums and was heard loud and clear again for the first time in its existence. In all of his interviews he was a masterpiece!!! In all his deliberate pow wows with all of the leaders of the most powerful nations of the world he was a masterpiece. He proved to all of them that Africa also has the oomph and intelligence to move its people forward to take them all out of abject poverty. He ascended the pulpit and summoned his people from Bab El Mandeb to Nouakchott from Alexandria to Cape Town and asked them to follow him to the Promised Land. And they all did!!!! The only ones who did not heed to his sacred clarion calls are those down town loafers who made sitting on the corners of 9th and 18th streets and complain about everything all day long their romance of the season. He never offended anyone except those who started hating him even before they saw and heard about him. Those are bigots of the third kind just behind the Nazis, KKK’s and terrorist because they would not stand a chance against him if he is still around. I really missed him!!!! The poor of the entire world is missing him!!!! I know where he is. He is sitting right next to Jesus up in the Heavens!!!! I am calling upon the leaders of our Tewahedo Church to canonize his Holiness Meles and bestow sainthood upon him as soon as possible. Like now!!!!!!

  5. Mario says:

    ኣቶ ግርማ ሰይፉ

    ኣንተ የትግራይን ህዝብ ትግል ልትንቀው ትችላለህ የትግራይ ጭቁን ህዝቦችና ባጠቃላይ የኢትዮጵያ ጭቁን ብሄር ብሄሰቦችና ህዝቦች ግን ይህን ቀን ያከብሩታል! መለስ የመራው ትግል ህዝቦችን ነፃ ያወጣና ከ150 ዓመታት በላይ የግፍ ኣገዛዝ ኣስወግዶ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች ራሳቸውን እንዲያስተዳድሩ የብርሃ ጎህ የቀደደ በመሆኑ ሁሌ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች ነፃ የወጡበት እየተባለ ሲከበር ይኖራል! የኛ ተቃዋሚ ተብዪ ፅሁፍ እንኳን የህዝብ ተወካይ የፃፈው ፅሁፍ ሊመስል ይቅርና ተራ ድሩየ ከሚፅፈውም ኣይስተካከልም! ብዙ ጥላቻና ቅናትም ጭምር የተሞላበት ፅሁፍ!ይህ ፅሁፍ ከኣንድ በህዝብ የተመረጠ ኣንደበት በመውጣቱ በጣም ያሳዝናል! ይህ ፅሁፍ ኣቶ ሰይፉ በውጭ ያሉት በኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች ገንዘብ የሚንቀሳቀሱት ተቀጥያ መሆኑን ያረጋገጠ ሆኖ ተገኝቷል! …..የጦጣ ፖለቲካ እየተከተለ መሆኑን ከምሳሌ ኣሰጣጡም መስክሯል!

    ብቻ ይህ ሰውየ እንኳን ህዝብ የወከለ ሊመስል ይቅርና የመንደር ዱርየም የወከለ ኣይመስል!
    ሰማእቶቻችን ለዘላለም እየተከበሩ ይኖራሉ!

    • Metema says:

      Weizero Maria tey enji. Anchi hodsh kemola min chigr alebsh

      • Mario says:


        You are an immature person! Your comment shows that you didn’t grow up like a man! What we do here is, chat no matter whether we are wrong or right! If you are are a man talk like a man! Astedadeg yebedekeh sew timeslaleh! BeEthiopiachin astedadeg yebedelachu gle seboch endalachu yigebagnal! Tifram sitibal nureh ahun woyane netsa awtahna afhin mekfet jemerk!

        Take it easy! You are talking to a man who has passed so much!

      • galaxy says:


        • Metema says:

          Wuy Stasaznu. Sew yemtmeslu gin min endehonachihu be tikikil mawek yemaychal lela negeroch nachihu,.

          Maria kensh dersoal. Yihe yemusna ena yegif sirat siyabeka yanchim hod tirkim blo yizegal. Maria yangze gudsh fela.

          • galaxy says:

            uncivilized MOTEMA: you are using a female as an insult. backward neftegna

          • Mario says:


            I know how you grow up , therefore, astedadeg yebedekeh! Bekifat betenkol, bemiqegninet yadegk bemehonih Betam aznaloh! Tifram sitibal yeneberkew woyane netsa awetahna ahun yadegkbatn ezih melefkef jemerk!
            Degmo yehidih neger ayaschilihimna hod hod hod tilaleh!

    • Kmarkos says:

      I can see from his tone because I have Eritrean friends to like him.

      Dear Mario, The only way Melee will always be remember is if he established a free democratic country like Abrham Lincoln or else.
      Your pm died fighting for his racist dictator tribal rule.
      Of course ..Yes, he will be remembered to be a secret Eritrean agent and mastermind to make Ethiopians land locked.
      Wheather you like or not you will hear and see this for the rest of your banda life if you have some left over.
      It does not matter how many years you celebrate ….statue of Lenin and Stalin in addis was not a short time story in Ethiopia. You know what happen at the end.

      Historical facts dictate, Dictators story and their gadget tarnishes soon they leave power.

      • yohanne says:


        Ethiopia have never have access to the sea, it has been land locked by Menelik saling it to Italians and Frence. Ethiopia have never have it. if you are talking about the Axumite empire I can say yes but after Ethiopia had no any accesses to the sea, wyanye had no any responsibility of locking it. Emperor Manlike is responsible for it and on the same time the Amhara nobility . actually you want to give the responsibility to wayanie . Did Johannes sold Eritrea to Italians or Djibouti to France.

  6. Dude says:

    Those who are anti-woyane, please let Melese zenawi rot in peace!
    He is in hell paying for all the crimes he commited against Ethiopian ppl. Let that son of a female dog rot underground and his soul burn in hell!

  7. Embasoleda says:

    The more this foolish, so called politician opens his mouth, the more his stupidity exposed…LOL. I’m sure that Girma saifu is a stupid enough that has been used by those diaspora idiots to damp their usual trashy propagandas in his name…

  8. mame says:

    If you don’t tolerate a single person in the whole parliament what else do you tolerate. Democracy is bitter but it is beautiful for everybody. We should march together in building strong democracy where we independent court,neutral army and free press. We work to build strong independent presses & institutions which are a pilar to the well being of our nation. limiting our action in ethinic circles & leaving others as, “yours is your own”,will not help us in making a a strong nation. EPRDF should have learn quickly to fix the visible grivances of the public,if not change is always comming!

  9. w .yilma says:

    Every head of states have their own history. prime minister Melese is not perfect. However, instead of focusing on what went wrong, let’s focus on the good side of him. I do think the afforestation activity going on in the name of late prime minster should be appreciated. I agreed with the writer, other ceremonies should be limited.
    Regarding the jailed “journalist” as an individual I have a sympathy for them. But what we should not forget is this:

    Because of the advancement of media technology, we are now at the information era, and message is becoming more powerful than anything else at this time, and if not scrutinized carefully it will cause harm and danger to any societies. When I said here scrutinizing, I do not mean a censorship need to be implemented to control the media. What I mean here is that the media outlet should not be immune from legal issue if they cross the line. If media outlets have an upper hand and continues to mingle carelessly as they are practicing in the developed world, the developing countries including Ethiopia fate will be in question. This field is now dominated world wide by western corporate media out lets and their puppets organizations you name it. These western media outlets have political, financial and well established “brand “names to dominate the politics of the world. They play a pivotal role in shaping their native governments policies towards the third world, including Ethiopia. They also have a power to create chaos in any developing nations by disseminating false endless smearing campaign and wrong propaganda, mainly by targeting the government in power (their aim here is not about democracy, it is about dismantling the country they are targeting).They are persuading the developing nations local private newly emerging media outlet sectors to copy their models, without taking into consideration the objective realities of that particular country. The huge and very rich western corporate media outlets are joining with other developed nations organizations, like Human Right Watch (HRW), International Criminal Court (ICC), International Crisis Group (ICG), NGO’s and others to promote their governments Geo-political interest. Because of their financial and political powers they are now at the stage of hijacking the developing Nations infant media out let, and influencing them to promote the developed nations interest. Because of the support they get from the western corporate media, and other sources, the infantile third world media outlets are now become a hostage and are promoting the developed nations interest. The Ethiopia case is an example. Some Ethiopians own media outlets, especially in Diaspora they are hand and glove with foreigners to promote negative propaganda against Ethiopia. Continues and persistent propaganda campaign is going on against the large scale agricultural development, hydro power, and social and other economic policies the country is now pursuing. Implementing socioeconomic policies in any country is not a smooth road. There are issues that could open for criticism. However, the motive of some Ethiopian private media and their surrogate, western media outlets with regards to Ethiopian issues is way beyond limits. Therefore, both the government and the private media outlet have a responsibility to carry their duty with accountability. Instead of blaming the government the private media outlet should follow their journalistic ethics. Both the opposition and the private media are wasting their time in spreading gossips.

  10. Nana says:

    Mr. Seife,

    You are a dictator; you do not want the ruling to do what it must do? why? this is chauvinism. You are telling they have to do everything to fit your whims? what an arrogant man/? It is their right whatever they want. They can worship or praise Meles. It is their right.

    You tell Eskinder was preaching peace? aha, I am laughing; you are a lier.Eskinder said 2004 was the end of EPRDF. And he planned Tigrean holocaust? Is that peace Mr.? Man,get the vote and then you can change things to your whims, but you can not force the ruling party to follow your dictatorship.

  11. ASRAT says:

    After GIRMA seifu got al little cash from the Haji Nejib group in the name of his book sales. He has been very serious in deleting the terrorism law. Funy now he uses it in the name of Andulem arage who called him hodam for entering Parlament

  12. axumawe says:

    i have this question for grma sefu ?
    you seem un happey for our great leaders 1st years commemration, it is your wright.
    what are you going to say when the Ethiopian people are going to have his pictur on there money (birr)?
    what are you going to say when we re named the great renaissance dam (pm melese dam)
    opps!!!!!!you are going to burn a live kkk
    well eithere you like it or not grma siefu
    you well never come closed in to his shoos pm melese well live for ever and ever,in the other hand you,when your term in parlament is over, no one well ever remember you ! b/c you are just for your self.

    • eden says:

      I always appreciate your comments…
      Your ideas excel any person in this forum. Awramab times must be glad to have individualls like you taking a part in this forum. Keep up the good work
      please Take this as a sisterly advice, Unlike few others in this forum, my comment is straight and my intention all is not to induce offense.
      Vitrually in all of your comments, you don’t care about how to correctly spell English words.. you know what, whenever I read them it gives me a kind of discomfort.
      If you don’t mind, would please double check your comments before you post them and secondly I advice you to use the dictionary on the microsoft word…
      Sorry for the inconvienence this comment might have caused..
      Have a good one

  13. yohannes says:

    I am very sorry for this man called Girma Seyfu Maru, he lost his precious time to write about the late prime Minster Melese Zenawi. For me it usual most Ethiopian intellectuals and scholars are enemy of Ethiopia and they predict poverty. I have seen them during the Derg time, they where killing each other between Heile Fida, Brhane Miesso,eprp etc. Most of these stupide Ethiopian have passed away and they are still alive some of them hidden in the democratic world where they were predicting that it will pass and die as soon as possible, instead their world of communist is finished and died .
    Now they are hidden in the democratic world and as usual they are writing and writing about the prime Meles continuing to confuse the Ethiopian people. Mr Girma Please stay in the World you like, Ethiopians have been humiliated and killed of your confused idea, know they are ready to eradicate poverty. Ethiopians are commemorating the person who give luminescence to them. Prime Minster Meles Zenawi is a luminary man. thanks to him people of Ethiopia understand him and they are commemorating his death. What is wrong on this. Mr. Girma Seffa Maru in this case you are only happy man because you have write a lot of garbage’s in Amharic language to send a message of hate rage to your Amhara brothers. please stop this chauvinism.

    • Yared says:

      I don’t think Meles Zenawi is, as you say it, a “luminary” man and i am an Ethiopian ! Does that mean i am an Amhara Chauvisnist ?
      One thing is for sure, you are a fool to think like that !
      One day i will come out and kick your ass for insulting my people !

      • yohannes says:

        yard, I am not insulting the Amhara people which I respect as people and nationalities but for those who are inciting the hater age between nation and nationalities, those are the amharised intellectuals and scholars from where ever they come they are in the same campus ,you can find specially amhara, tigrians ,ormo and they have the same interest to predict poverty and death of Ethiopians. Go back some time to the Ethiopian history and you find them in the western world crying. and they are dirty because they are using dirty words like you.
        most unable people are always insulting and they know only dirty words and they are uncivilized. you stay with black Americans too much they broken your ass that’s why you now this word.

        • yared says:

          I either don’t insult anybody unless someone insulted me, i grew up respecting and being respected. But i don’t believe in the biblical saying if someone slaps you in the face, give him the other one ! I will equally respond to counter the content of anybody’s post whose intention is to demean myself and those who think and look like myself !

          • yohannes says:

            that is how to be, I don’t know you, you don’t know me. we are writing in this in that website to help and to give peace to the country. Ethiopians have suffered a lot, and they have been humiliated in the front of the world, and it becomes the synonymy of hanger and poverty even though have brave people and hard workers. As you can observe there is no agreement between the Ethiopians how to resolve their problems. To fuel the oil are the Ethiopian elites, and they are coming from very ethnic of Ethiopia. don’t think the nobility belongs only to Amhara , but they are scattered in all Ethiopian region. non of this elite take care of the poor Tigrain, amhara, ormo, Somalia o afar but to dye first are these people. this is the reason we write on the website to construct the nation and the nationality and cohabitate in peace harmony.
            God bless ethiopia

  14. galaxy says:

    what a garbage staff. It is a waste of time. is he parliamentary! shame

  15. kebede says:

    I hope we will not see this edit guy in that respected parliament….

  16. Mehret says:

    I like the fact that this guy is speaking his mind. But I dont agree with his ideas most of the time. No positive comment is expected about the late premier from the opposition camp generally. But I also dont forget that there are some who are misled by the hate camp. Time will tell what Melese really means to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. It is a curse not to be able to appreciate such a gift. May the Lord forgive our ignorance….

  17. Miriam says:

    Dear Leader’s death will be used as a propaganda tool to galvanize support for some time to come. If you have nothing concert for the people. Like jobs and good education and affordable housing and food, you have to keep showing up white elephant projects like the Nile dam and repeat dear deceased leader’s praises. This was what the soviets did to Stalin after he died, tried to immortalize him. But the damage he did to the soviets was irreversible, by irreversibly killing socialism at home and abroad. No system of government should be based on individual leaders or on white elephant projects.

  18. Dear readers, I am writing not on meles’s achievments in the past. As to me he is a courageous person who tried his best to implement democratic principles in uncivilized and diversified cultured country. He is successful in this regard and for me he is a prophet for the country to calculate the exact time to start projects such as the great reinesance dam. He was a person who has a revelation for the comming decades.
    But I will use this site to tell a hidden truth about the rebound four star hotel, SODERE Resort hotel, that has been privatized in July 2003 EC. Since the he owner has been trying to build and expand the hotel to fulfill what has been signed between the gov’t of Ethiopia and him. As u all know, the hotel has been built in the time Emperor Haile Sillassie, mainly for relaxation.
    The surprising thing here is the LIQUID WASTE disposal method. The previous houses do dispose the liquid waste to AWASH river. This might be due to the lack of environmental pollution knowledge at that time. But the investor, while expanding the hotel, is doing the same mistake. U couldn’t emagine the 18 wide tubular swereges are disposing tones of contaminated liguid waste from showers, swimming pools, and human waste from latrines and kitchen waste. The write of this document has been exploring this burning national essue and supportive data that will be forwarded to environmentaland health institutions around the world. Photos of people fetching water to use this contaminated water for drinking purposes. The people living around the resort hotel knew the detail, but have no option other than drinking the water which is mixed with human disposals. I am ready to respond for any enquiry via my email: sodere2013@gmail.com

  19. FantiGhana says:

    Awramba times 2013-08-25
    Ato Seifu
    It is of course yours and your constituencies’ very right to reflect your observation about government activities and inform The Ethiopian People, what is taking place, what needs change, correction, or improvement. However, most of your articles seem a personal nature and almost always it is about an individual leader. At the heart of Meles’ Memorial is nothing but to encourage those who value his contribution to his country to continue his legacy while still fresh in their minds. As an individual I do admire your tenacity and your courage to take your time to educate our people but please do it in such a way that informs and helps all of us to grow. There are too many who wish our country to disintegrate and its people to waste time and energy bickering at each other as it is. We don’t need additional “personal vendetta” from individuals in high positions like you. By this I don’t mean you shouldn’t have said what you said in this article but I am saying that you should have said it in such a way that is constructive. For instance, since this is not a national emergency and it is the first of its kind, discuss its relevance in parliament first, advice parliament to adapt a law governing these kinds of activities in the future, and if all fails bring it to the public including the result of your efforts. Unfortunately, you are the only one so called opposition member in parliament at this time and that is a heavy burden to carry. So please, be responsible and a good example of other opposition members that will be members of the parliament some day.

  20. lintu says:

    Those who cry fool because of Mr. Girma Seifu’s comment, from a lone political person, it speaks a lot about the lack of tolerance for anything that gets out of the ruling regime’s working frame and agenda.

    They know that this lone parliamentarian will not have his voice heard in that assembly no matter what he says. And what he said is right in the sens that it is useless to force people love someone. It cannot be sustainable. The love must come with the will of the population. That day, the population doesn’t need organized events to remember someone who did good things. For Meles, it is too late. He passed without correcting the agendas and the mess he created.

    Those who are alive and are in power would be best advised to work something that brings the population without any cadre intervention. I know that I am arguing against the cadres job but a peaceful country where everyone lives, works, and entertains freely is more enjoyable that living under uncertainty in case one day the regime collapses and the particular person will be held accountable for any breaches or crimes he/she committed.

    The irony, the ‘D’ in ‘EPRDF’ mean ‘democratic’. I am wondering why EPRDF doesn’t remove ‘D’ at all.

  21. Mario says:


    I’m more of into your hate against woyane that to statistics or your numerals! Woyane lives as long as haters are!

    Now, what I want to assure you is; Ethiopia can only get better & there is no better by hating woyane! You can’t mention if Ethiopia have a better opposition that can replace woyane! I see you are getting cheaper & cheaper,,,,,!
    Take it easy!

    Eternal woyane! Means the struggle against haters will continue!

    • Ermi says:

      What is your point in participating in this forum. Are here to campaign for woyane and convince potential supporters to its side? If that is the case, then heed my advice and discuss about woyane’s policies and achievements through its policies. That is why I say you need to do a better job for your salary. If I were your boss, you would have been fired long a go.

      But then Gain, your boss bereket is moron. That is why it is reflected on you.

      Anyways, what policy of woyane will increase the reliability and speed of internet in Ethiopia? If you don’t know the answer, don’t worry. You can copy it from Somalia.

      Peace and love to all but Woyanes!


      • Mario says:


        My role here is to tell haters that they have nothing to offer more than the EPRDF , in your term woyane can, not even 1% of what woyane can give! Ermi, (1%) ohhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaa! , you c I’m learning how to use ur statisticshhhhhhh! The EPRDF in ur term Woyane succeeds more than 60% , while ur empty opposition fails 100% every time , therefore , u guys are # 1 in failure! 17 years of successful fight against the biggest army in Africa , which they won 100%,21 years of fighting against poverty , external & internal enemies, which they won so far & no doubt that they will continue to win! Almost 50% of their GTP plan is complete in the first phase of their GTP plan, they are preparing their GTP plan 2 so to implement in the end of the first phase the GTP plan!

        Ermi, that’s when they said “the Dogs are barking , but the Camel has kept on its own way.
        Take it easy broda!

  22. yared says:

    I wonder what new ideas can any member of the Ethiopian parliament present to entertain the thought process of the political system and make the ruling Ethiopian body the most efficient and intellectually the highest entity in the country so that they could earn the trust of the Ethiopian people. People like his Excelency Ato Girma Seifu must be encouraged and given more coefficient in the parliament descision making process because they do not align to the majority and could counter balance the effect of one party domination and maybe save the country by implementing smarter and less Gorilla oriented kind of policy to to the Ethiopian political system.

    • Mario says:

      Didn’t you read Ethiopia’s agreement with two Chinese companies signing contract to speed up Ethiopia’s communication technology recently? Your problem is you are soaked in a hate politics, you feed yourself a fabricated hate propaganda to fulfill your false hope! The worst thing is: to pretends as if you don’t know while you know what’s happening! My best advice for you is , use your natural senses that God has given you properly so you can see real things! I doubt you are Ethiopian , but if you are, then you know that you have nothing better than woyane & I don’t think you can have anytime soon! I’ll bet you the EPRDF will be in power at least for the next 20 years! You could see what I’m saying clearly if you get out of your false cocoon that you are in!

      Take it east though! We are here just opining!

      • yared says:

        Mario or whoever your name is, thinking about what you just said, it is not out of random intentions that you are keeping on repeating the term hate, people who have been abused in the past or grew up being hated or being preached about hatred keep on manifesting their true inner self out to the open whenever given the opportunity, if you grew up being loved and cared for i don’t think you would shield yourself with these bad karmas and negative thoughts ! I am sorry you’ve had a sad past !

        • Ermi says:


          He’s been given a written template to repeat it as a mantra. His boss bereket Simon is the one who gave him the mantra. And as you know, woyane paid agents are famous for not able to think independently. So forgive him if he repeats the word “hate”. That is all he knows. Even if you ask him for his name, the first word to come out of his mouth is hate.

          Peace and love to all but Woyanes!


        • Mario says:

          You can’t find anything that says “I hate” in my comments, I akwsys say “your hate politics” ! the term “your hate politics” denotes their political thoughts, But Not them as a people! You just don’t know what you are talking about! For sure there are haters that you can see here & I’m talking about their failed hate politics!

  23. mol says:

    The only opposition in the whole parliament,is he ? yes he is !!
    And you talk about democracy,fairness,justice ..etc ..even you are tring to silence the single voice …you see how dictator u r …at least act as if u r democrat ..u ownd everything but not public trust!!

  24. Habtamu S says:

    What are Girma talking about is really very inconsistent and disagree each other. If one take time and see different articles written by him, one can get how this guy does not know even where his stand is. You know writing on a political issue needs long reading and experience and is not taking for grant. Look some of his compare and contrast that doesn’t relate in any ways;
    Network vis seedling
    Gusts came to attend the ceremony vis Addis traffic jam
    ‘’Agricultural specialist’’ by commenting on the month selected to seedling vis Mesir and Shimbera.
    The incident on # 11 vis the western #13
    Violence in Egypt vis there CD and individuals in prison. Etc…etc
    Please I advice you that examine different books , again read, again read more and more then come with an issue or ideas and stop shouting on individuals. Ya I know you are politician by accident but you can still use your accidental politician wisely.
    Thank you

  25. Seble says:

    A system as corrupt and racist as woyane regime is will not last more than one or two years in ethiopia, mark my word !

    • yoghannes says:

      sable , I mark you words but you are wrong, I don’t know how old you are but you will dye before Weyane dyes

  26. Feker says:

    He is gone he is not coming back let the guy sleep,Ethiopian people pray at the end all of them will join him, love & peace.

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